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Pre Wedding Photoshoot
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Tiannahs's funny skit
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Tiannah's Empire
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Elegante By Tiannahstyling
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  • Damola Bolarinwa
    Damola Bolarinwa 15 days ago

    This is the lady who on instagram live categorically stated that “Kim Kardashian helped boost Kanye west’s career”. And when a far more knowledgeable follower stated she was wrong and Kanye was a Grammy award winning multi platinum artist and producer way before he met Kim, she (tianna or wtf her name is) started cursing and abusing this poor follower and his mother. Firstly, the follower wasn’t wrong at all as he stated absolute facts and Tianna abusing his mother only shows that tianna’s mother failed at parenting her appropriately. Your mother had just one job to do and she failed at it, giving rise to a redundant, retrogressive, nuts 🥜 for brains 🧠 woman such as tianna. Your mother is very very uncultured, deranged in thinking and she probably smells like a fish market🐟..... and she kept calling the person “spliff” when his handle clearly said “spiff”. Now i doubt if mild illiteracy isn’t particularly part of your problems. Tianna is a backward thinking person just like numerous people in her societal class and she dresses her son up to look like the last man or ex who dumped her, making her son look like a battery-powered caricature who hopes to look like his dead beat father. When you’re wrong and absolutely off point or clueless about a particular topic, you listen, learn, seek knowledge and seek understanding. Not cursing at people because they’re stating the obvious, when in fact you’re barely literate and can barely intertwine a coherent sentence to suit a narrative..... I’m only stating facts here, ki enikan teri sii... lmao 😂🤣😭😩😭

  • Eva Makanga
    Eva Makanga 26 days ago

    Love the hardworking lady but the daughtershould be taught to sit like a lady.

  • salamat salamat
    salamat salamat Month ago

    I just love you too much aunty toyin😍

  • Esther Osho
    Esther Osho 2 months ago

    Wow, awesome.

  • Oyinade Ekuola
    Oyinade Ekuola 2 months ago

    I don’t understand what she means by she’s not black? She’s clearly black? If she was meant to say she was not dark skin she needs to be clear and say she was not dark and not black...comes out as if she’s a colourist or not proud being black

  • Sweelen Simpson
    Sweelen Simpson 2 months ago

    Haters get tired of hating but don't trust

  • Sweelen Simpson
    Sweelen Simpson 2 months ago

    That little boy is a star so handsome

  • Sweelen Simpson
    Sweelen Simpson 2 months ago

    Ur son can dance,my dad was a tailor he just died

  • Sweelen Simpson
    Sweelen Simpson 2 months ago

    This grl is amazing

  • Sweelen Simpson
    Sweelen Simpson 2 months ago

    Ur son is gorg,and that blue suit

  • Sweelen Simpson
    Sweelen Simpson 2 months ago

    Th daughter is th bosse at dancin

  • Sweelen Simpson
    Sweelen Simpson 2 months ago

    Im jamaicam and i love this grl

    MERCY PETER 2 months ago

    God is always by ur side, Many more grace to u.

  • Esohe Okeigun
    Esohe Okeigun 2 months ago

    Love you so much

  • Esohe Okeigun
    Esohe Okeigun 2 months ago

    Wow 😮 olamide cool guy .he actually seat 💺 and wait for you.so nice .pls continue with this pls may God bless you mama

  • Tam me
    Tam me 2 months ago

    and thats how you do it

  • Olabode Oyinade
    Olabode Oyinade 2 months ago

    I love you so much...tiana..God bless you....please want to meet with u

  • Dee
    Dee 3 months ago

    Yes o...we want more of the shows pls

  • Ray
    Ray 3 months ago

    When are we getting more episodes of the show !

  • Diamond Blk
    Diamond Blk 3 months ago

    It a HE OR SHE

  • Nit Ra Sit
    Nit Ra Sit 3 months ago

    Just so freaking good I just can not!!! Go Toyin you slay. Cheers from NYC💋

    SUNPRAISE 3 months ago

    Love ya

  • Joywealth Thompson
    Joywealth Thompson 3 months ago

    So beautiful

  • Suzan Efe
    Suzan Efe 3 months ago

    Wow nice dress

  • emenike paul
    emenike paul 3 months ago

    I love you God bless

  • GertieCreativesWorld
    GertieCreativesWorld 3 months ago

    Very inspirational doc. God bless your work Toyin. And to more blessings and empire's growth. Cheers.

  • Victoria Isokpehi
    Victoria Isokpehi 3 months ago

    this is so interesting...the designs are beautiful. there is so much joy on this runway,I would gladly love to be on this runway.

  • kennyk otudero
    kennyk otudero 3 months ago

    You're d bomb sweetheart

  • Betsy Michael
    Betsy Michael 3 months ago

    I love you here..this your makeup ,hair and outfit...lovely

  • Dabeauty Miesty
    Dabeauty Miesty 3 months ago

    Wow ma you really inspired me. First time running in to ur video and honestly I am wow at ur HARDWORK even as single mother.

  • Opeyemi Janet
    Opeyemi Janet 3 months ago

    I'm inspired

  • sylvia8503
    sylvia8503 3 months ago

    Woman crush. You look so young and innocent without makeup 😘😘😘😘😘

    DORIS WRIGHT 3 months ago

    She's an asset to Nigeria. So proud 🙌 of her.

  • janga kollie
    janga kollie 3 months ago

    I'm inspired wow this is just my dream... keep it up darling lol love the show

  • blessing nehizena
    blessing nehizena 3 months ago

    Strong woman. More blessings 🙏🏾😇❤️

  • Angelia xavier
    Angelia xavier 3 months ago

    These are the fashion show that should have millions of views..Bravo💕💕💕

  • herom lovely
    herom lovely 3 months ago

    Is her son naturally light skin or is it bleached

  • Mary Dayo
    Mary Dayo 4 months ago

    I love the black dress u wear wit Tiannah it so gorgeous

  • PPE TV
    PPE TV 4 months ago

    why nigerians fort when them talking lol

  • Ehis Eddboy Ejiro
    Ehis Eddboy Ejiro 4 months ago


  • vivian micheal
    vivian micheal 4 months ago

    I just like this channel

  • Amaka Adaeze
    Amaka Adaeze 4 months ago

    I wish to join you please

  • Ola Mao
    Ola Mao 4 months ago

    Please teach children how to swim very important

  • Ola Mao
    Ola Mao 4 months ago

    Why are our designers like this ? So you have to be behind every staff to get things right? The reasons I can’t invest my money in Nigeria

  • Ola Mao
    Ola Mao 4 months ago

    Could you believe I travel to Benin Republic to make my dresses? Our Nigerian tailor finishing is horrible

  • Bridget Nadoh
    Bridget Nadoh 4 months ago

    I like the way u relate with ur staff's

  • Kelvin Nathan
    Kelvin Nathan 4 months ago

    Anna his so beautiful

  • Hunchizi
    Hunchizi 4 months ago

    If you do not take care your son will follow Bobrisky’s footsteps some day

  • TriniRoyQui Reyes
    TriniRoyQui Reyes 4 months ago

    Wow you have a BEAUTIFUL place Cool vlog cool channel lovely kids ,you inspire Toyin

  • ngozi grace
    ngozi grace 4 months ago

    Wow, I have always heard tiannah empire but for once I haven't put interest both on instagram and every where you were spoken of. After today the way I see you changed, you are a naturally good person. Nice one ma'am. Hope to meet you one day. 😍

  • Sharon Love
    Sharon Love 4 months ago

    You have really inspired me so very much.. I just love u so much and you are also very simple

  • Adeoti Queensly
    Adeoti Queensly 4 months ago

    Do you enroll teenegers. I want my daughter to learn.she is in love wt your person.

  • Abimbola Rasaki
    Abimbola Rasaki 4 months ago

    I love you tiannahsplacempire you are too much, am your add fans of you. Omo ni e joo 🔥🌟♥️💃😍

  • Ayo Yode
    Ayo Yode 4 months ago

    Never knew you are this fun..nice one

  • charlotte iyiola
    charlotte iyiola 4 months ago

    I'm also an entrepreneur, I got to learn from this video. Thanks for inspiration, and would love to meet you in person to learn business from you. Thanks in advance

  • Uwoghiren Kindness
    Uwoghiren Kindness 4 months ago

    Am so inspiring right now with your word of encouragement

  • Olamide Omidiji
    Olamide Omidiji 4 months ago

    Hi Toyin Lawani, i am so sorry i don't know if i should call you a Miss or Mrs. i don't know what to say or how to address you i hope what i just did doesn't hurt you. I love you, who you are and i really hope to meet you someday i have been a fan for a year+ now from IG to TheXvid. God bless you and the work of your hands.

  • Joyce Marilyn
    Joyce Marilyn 4 months ago

    where is daughter

  • Joyce Marilyn
    Joyce Marilyn 4 months ago

    the boy does not need earring

  • Owolabi Olumide Rapheal

    I'm looking forward to be like her...I swear

  • Olivia Shawa
    Olivia Shawa 4 months ago

    That your aunty looked upset

  • Yawah Viskinda
    Yawah Viskinda 4 months ago

    I really love to young woman that don't stop at just one thing girl keep up the great work GOD will keep on blessing u love.

  • Sandra Uche Oma
    Sandra Uche Oma 4 months ago

    I just came across your shows..and loved watching you make positive contributions to our country by creating jobs and doing what you know and enjoy. But safety when ever you are in the car pls.🙏💖

  • Pearl Kwafo
    Pearl Kwafo 4 months ago


  • Olivia Shawa
    Olivia Shawa 4 months ago

    This is inspirational

  • Emmanuella Georges
    Emmanuella Georges 4 months ago

    Very beautiful 😘😘😘❤️

  • Sharon Blizz
    Sharon Blizz 4 months ago

    I never new she was this beautiful and down to earth 🌎 and a successful business woman 👩 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love you ma

  • Comffy Comfort
    Comffy Comfort 4 months ago

    Tiannah would you consider opening up your academy to teenagers? If so what would be the training duration, I believe for adults is 6months shey. I think it’ll be a great business opportunity (potential customers both at home and abroad). I think Nigeria needs more people with the vision and work ethic that you have and I believe the equipping of the next generation with Real Hand Skills + a well trained mind is paramount. We need CREATORS and the best time to cultivate this is whilst they’re young.

  • Ruth Tabi
    Ruth Tabi 4 months ago

    May God continues to bless you ma

  • ShayBear Peter
    ShayBear Peter 4 months ago

    Plzzz for the future, name/title your episodes. Give us an idea of episode darling, producers, directors...the sun glasses when ur sitting on the interview chair::: we'd like to see YOU. The eyes speak "REALITY" ...Kudos boss lady👏👍

  • ShayBear Peter
    ShayBear Peter 4 months ago

    Each episode should have a title/subject.....eg: episode 4 should be called The Awards

  • Jhoana Bastien
    Jhoana Bastien 4 months ago

    Congrats I really admire your strength dear, keep it up!!!🔥🔥💪💪💪

  • Nkemdii Emenike
    Nkemdii Emenike 4 months ago

    Madam Toyin is so funny

  • Ihuoma Osuji
    Ihuoma Osuji 4 months ago

    I love dis woman

  • Uchenna Joy DNP
    Uchenna Joy DNP 4 months ago

    Dis woman nah Igbo woman with her moni o

  • Florence Preachir
    Florence Preachir 4 months ago

    May the almighty God continue to protect bless you with more

  • queen deravine03
    queen deravine03 4 months ago

    Who else thinks the intro is too extra

  • Tamara Ben
    Tamara Ben 5 months ago

    Please how much to pay for her Sch

  • Tamara Ben
    Tamara Ben 5 months ago

    Omg she trained swanky jerry

  • Cathy Nestor
    Cathy Nestor 5 months ago

    I am inspired...

  • Olajumoke Omotosho
    Olajumoke Omotosho 5 months ago

    Hello sis, my name is olajumoke, please can you send me your Phone Number? So will can talk about business thanks

  • Sweelen Simpson
    Sweelen Simpson 5 months ago

    Make sure nextime car start promt,not good for ur status

  • Christopher Excel Sandra

    You are a very strong lady and I like you for that.

  • Unekwe Faith
    Unekwe Faith 5 months ago

    Very intelligent.

  • Shasha Bae
    Shasha Bae 5 months ago

    Am from Ghana but i well like to work with you

  • Shasha Bae
    Shasha Bae 5 months ago

    Tiannah is so beautiful and lovely mum may god bless you

  • matma01
    matma01 5 months ago

    Your daughter is beautifully blessed and doesn't need "toning!"

  • The Lit Chronicles
    The Lit Chronicles 5 months ago

    Wow..I just ran into this lady's channel and i really really like her, very intelligent and a true boss!!!stay blessed!!!

  • TheFinemocha
    TheFinemocha 5 months ago

    I love you

  • Toyin Ogundipe
    Toyin Ogundipe 5 months ago

    See goose pimples all over my body You're indeed an inspiration Madam..This is my first time coming across your video...I envy you big time Keep growing ma

  • Befe show
    Befe show 5 months ago

    Where have I been on TheXvid that I have never seen your channel. Chaiiiii you are amazing. You are the kind of woman I want to be around all the time. You are amazing. Please I will be honoured if you pass through my channel. God bless

  • Michael Edusah
    Michael Edusah 5 months ago

    What her snapchat?

  • Mimi Chou
    Mimi Chou 5 months ago

    If I could like this video 100 times I would wow this lady is an inspiration 👌🏽

  • kanu family Vlogs
    kanu family Vlogs 5 months ago

    I love your beautiful dresses well done😍😍😍💞💓❤💖🙏

  • kanu family Vlogs
    kanu family Vlogs 5 months ago


  • miss glamourous
    miss glamourous 5 months ago

    i feel like her..omg gosh this is me ooo...pple will see onnly the glam side..sometimes i speak until,i feel like im made

  • miss glamourous
    miss glamourous 5 months ago

    im so inspired now

  • Tosin Soga
    Tosin Soga 5 months ago

    Just know Ma that when you are dearly loved by God, you will be hated by many.

  • Carine Kaya
    Carine Kaya 5 months ago

    She's an amazing women 💅👸🏽 but wait...😂😂😂 @13:04 am I the only one?

  • stella Onwuoma
    stella Onwuoma 5 months ago

    Lovely lady u are still the best