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  • kokorin
    kokorin 7 days ago

    Heya. I don't really comment on the Chris Chan videos, but I just wanted to say that the work you're doing, making a extremely in-depth, but also very entertaining on one of the internet's most known figures, is amazing. I'm honestly blown away by your writing and dramatization of the happenings in the various CWC sagas, which for me before watching your documentary seemed endless. Once you're done with the documentary, I would love to watch more documentaries. They don't have to be about internet people. Just keep making documentaries, you are amazing at it.

  • luke
    luke 9 days ago

    These videos are disturbing yet I can't look away. Hope part 10 is coming soon

  • FL
    FL 13 days ago

    Your work is brilliant. I've never seen Chris Chan's story told in such detail, it's impressive that you can cover so much history with frequent updates. I'd love to see you cover other topics one day as well :)

  • SammyTheKat
    SammyTheKat 15 days ago

    Will we be given episode 10 today?

  • Ashley Triplett
    Ashley Triplett 16 days ago

    This is SO GOOD. Very well done. I can't wait to see the rest.

  • salty_doge
    salty_doge 16 days ago

    Loving your content, bro. Chris Chan is a fascinating specimen and from the start I was cheering for Clyde in his attempts to make Chris do ordinary daily tasks (clean your house, get a job, pay your bills.) But at this points, I've learned there is no heroes in this story. Only the person telling the story.

  • Mike's Arkiv
    Mike's Arkiv 24 days ago

    C'mon mate, gimme the next episode please, don't be a wanker.

  • TomMSTie1138
    TomMSTie1138 27 days ago

    Hi, great work on the Chris Chan documentary. I eagerly await further installments.

  • bright.stripes
    bright.stripes 29 days ago

    Missed today's episode. I hope you'll put it up soon. I'm addicted!

  • GrumblesLeCube
    GrumblesLeCube Month ago

    part 9 pls?

  • David
    David Month ago

    Part 9 when plz?

  • 1NMI 武
    1NMI 武 Month ago

    Subtitles in spanish please. (and more money in your pocket)

  • lindinle
    lindinle Month ago

    need to make up for 2 weeks

  • Nick Walters
    Nick Walters Month ago

    Great work Geno, keep it up.

  • Callum Sparrow
    Callum Sparrow Month ago

    I apologize in advance if you've been asked this question in mass, but how many total parts of the Chris Chan documentary are there going to be?

    • GenoSamuel2
      GenoSamuel2 Month ago

      I reckon there could be around 20 in total.

  • Ian The Thot Slayer

    part 8?

  • Dustin Trips
    Dustin Trips Month ago

    Where you been bro? Wheres parts 8 and 9 =[

    M. SKWAWKS Month ago

    Best most in depth look at the legend that is Chris-chan, you're doing god's work Geno

    OPEN HEAD Month ago

    where is part 8 pls daddy geno

  • ladyz0e
    ladyz0e Month ago

    What a great and comprehensive series on chris-chan! I feel this series will really do him justice and tell his story in a good way. Youre doing a great job. Alot of people think CWC is just a problem and a troll, but regardless of peoples opinions he has to be remembered in a good way as an example of growing up in an internet age, and how that can affect a person to such a degree when everyone can see everything. Especially when dealing with conditions such as autism. Again, keep up the great work! you got yourself a new sub :^)

  • valormeer
    valormeer Month ago

    Now that Dragonball Super is finished, This is the best anime of the season

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Hey man. I remember hearing from your Q&A that you really liked the Father Call from the Liquid Chris saga. It's one of my favorite bits of Christory too. I remember first hearing about it after a year or so of being into Chris. Neither of the documentaries I had seen about Chris nor my previous readings from the Cwcki had talked about this so I was surprised that it existed and I didn't know about it. I don't want to be too intrusive as I understand that in both of our interests to just let you do your own thing, but how much time do you intend to dedicate to the Father Call? I'm just curious is all.

  • J. Alvarez
    J. Alvarez Month ago

    Honestly this is the best most informative info compilation available, just the facts, this is high quality content.

  • bobodahobo321
    bobodahobo321 Month ago

    Legit, Netflix needs to give you a slot. Your docs are amazingly well done and your research is awesome. SUBBED 4 EVR.

  • Bear Bones
    Bear Bones Month ago

    When Chris Chan is done, do Shia Lebouf from humble beginnings to him currently

  • GenoSamuel2
    GenoSamuel2 Month ago

    Hey, I'll be AWOL for the next 4 days so Part 7 won't be out this week. I'll try my hardest to get it done for Saturday March 31, but it's also possible that it won't be up till the first Saturday of April. Apologies for the inconvenience.

    • 1NMI 武
      1NMI 武 Month ago

      Subtitles in spanish please

    • Dustin Trips
      Dustin Trips Month ago

      Looking forward to it my man. Its starting to get into the crazy sagas. The g00d st00f.

    • Kyr Ydonas
      Kyr Ydonas Month ago


    • Chris Brabzilla
      Chris Brabzilla Month ago

      Looking forward to it Geno.

    • yoder bird
      yoder bird Month ago

      thanks for the info, you do good work and have stumbled on a good nitch in the youtube world. i don't know what you are in school for, but, if you keep doing this kind of work, you may have found your calling. also, do GG. that guy was 100% hardcore.

  • Eugene Solario
    Eugene Solario 2 months ago


  • Bradey Deetz
    Bradey Deetz 2 months ago

    First off let me start off by stating that I have only seen your Chris Chan series but I do plan on watching some of your other content. I love your ability to tell a story that is unbiased and transparent. I find myself being the judge in this whole story of Chris V. The People and you tell Chris Chan's story as honestly and as straight forward as possible. That being said you don't have to say "colon parenthesis" when you see a ":)" you can just say "Smiley Face". I think that your content is important and entertaining so please keep creating this type of content. I refuse to spell check this, eat it chodes. Thanks for being able to talk about an interesting internet personality without creating drama. Cheers, YoyoItsBradey

  • Adorador do Demônio
    Adorador do Demônio 2 months ago

    Can't wait for part 6.

  • Sin
    Sin 2 months ago

    I am your 一番ファン!Luv u 卵くん <3 <3

  • Nyanamo !
    Nyanamo ! 2 months ago

    Your series looks like something that would be on netflix or something. Its VERY GOOD please keep it up! I can't wait to see more!

  • Clay3613
    Clay3613 2 months ago

    Part 5 soon?

    • Almighty Rance
      Almighty Rance 2 months ago

      awesome! thanks for working hard on this and I really enjoy the consistency

    • GenoSamuel2
      GenoSamuel2 2 months ago

      In a few hours :)

  • Stank Mane
    Stank Mane 2 months ago

    yo, epic vids mane, i rarely subscribe to stuff lately, but yo, great stuff!

  • Nicholas Kessler
    Nicholas Kessler 2 months ago

    Once you've finished this series you should seriously consider bringing the completed work to a film festival. I've watched plenty of documentaries I'd consider good and what you've made here stacks up well beside them. The general public may well find the same fascination with your work and the subject material of it that your current viewers do. I'm sure plenty of people would pay to see this in a theater as it encapsulates a fascinating slice of internet history that will surely surprise the world at large.

  • Ondor's Lies
    Ondor's Lies 2 months ago

    I've literally never heard of chris chan. I was browsing youtube clicking on random suggested, as one does, and saw this and clicked with a "what the hell" attitude. little did I know! Sir, your videos are very good and I was enthralled right away on a topic I've never had an interest in. Well done. Well done.

  • Rejected Autobiography

    Great content.

  • Chef
    Chef 2 months ago

    The documentaries about Chris Chan are the only thing on your channel yet but they are fucking gold, and I share these videos with all my friends. Keep it up, its impressive.

  • DollyNipples
    DollyNipples 2 months ago

    When's the next video going to be out? I can hardly wait!

    • DollyNipples
      DollyNipples 2 months ago

      Thanks! Your Chris-Chan videos are awesome, and well... reading about him and other lolcows helped me to stop being a lolcow almost fifteen years ago. I'm glad you're not mocking him. Poor guy seems to have lost hope, really.

    • GenoSamuel2
      GenoSamuel2 2 months ago

      Coming on Saturday :)

  • br33z13
    br33z13 2 months ago

    Dude honestly your content is amazing. It's informative, high quality, unbiased, and very entertaining to watch. Watching your videos I've had laughs, felt bad, even teared up at times. This is the kind of stuff I would have expected to see on television. Hopefully you get the recognition that you deserve after completing your Chris-Chan series, and continue to make more documentary-esque videos.

  • HansenPodcast
    HansenPodcast 2 months ago

    More of this pls. This content is amazing

  • Mavrickindigo
    Mavrickindigo 2 months ago

    I posted about a factual error in part IV. Sorry I don't know all the details about who the guy was. He was like Sonichu before we knew about Sonichu, but has sense disappeared.

  • Aran Testa
    Aran Testa 2 months ago

    Love the videos, seeing a new one in my sub box is always exciting due to the level of quality I've come to expect.

  • fuckuppy
    fuckuppy 2 months ago

    this is a really good video you have like jsuat apeared but i really like your stuff it is all quite good my name jeff

  • Bip Bop
    Bip Bop 2 months ago

    thank you for being a thing

  • Sam Garner
    Sam Garner 2 months ago

    I really respect the level of intricacy you put into this series. You tell the story like a documentary should be, presenting the facts as they are. Bless up my dude, looking forward to the future.

  • Gizrap
    Gizrap 2 months ago

    Your vids on Chris-chan are really well done. Keep it up!

  • bright.stripes
    bright.stripes 2 months ago

    Loving the Chris-Chan documentary. You're a great documentarist! I can't wait for the next parts.

  • Alan Stone
    Alan Stone 2 months ago

    Please keep making videos, you have so much potential. I'm subbing and hoping you get the attention you deserve in the future.

  • buffersandbananas
    buffersandbananas 2 months ago

    I need that part 4 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA

  • YukiJudai91
    YukiJudai91 2 months ago

    Love your content. Can't wait for all of it to be around :) Excellent work!

  • A Sack Of Crickets
    A Sack Of Crickets 2 months ago


  • Chris Fox
    Chris Fox 2 months ago

    I'm fascinated by how the internet can affect peoples lives, especially people like Christian. Thank you for your thorough work.

  • Nell Daie
    Nell Daie 2 months ago

    You should keep doing documentaries on weird internet people. Seriously- I can't wait until you finish the Chris chan documentary, lmao

    • Waddled Away
      Waddled Away 9 days ago

      I truly dont see anything funny to LMAO about....this story is truly sad..

    • Spookytube Tube
      Spookytube Tube 24 days ago

      He is covering Chris' entire life. With that in mind, your comment is pretty morbid.

  • seth Zac
    seth Zac 2 months ago

    Keep up the excellent work :)

  • Dustin Trips
    Dustin Trips 2 months ago

    Amazing work!

  • Boeing AH-64 Apache
    Boeing AH-64 Apache 2 months ago

    Looking foward to more videos :)

  • Widdburd
    Widdburd 2 months ago

    Your video's are amazing man! The amount of work you put into them is extremely fascinating!

  • Kprojects Kurt
    Kprojects Kurt 3 months ago

    You came out of nowhere but i really enjoyed your videos!