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Premiere Casting Trailer
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  • Stormy Beth
    Stormy Beth 3 days ago

    when are my agents going to contact me

  • AlbertsHere
    AlbertsHere 15 days ago

    Is fake

  • ArtzシシSavage
    ArtzシシSavage 18 days ago

    I tried going to the premiere but didn’t make it Oop-!

  • Rachel Gbaa
    Rachel Gbaa Month ago

    I’m starting tomorrow.And from what I saw made me think that it was going to be easy!

  • Grace Wright
    Grace Wright Month ago

    WOW!!! When I went to an audition it did not look like that because they did it one by one when I went. Probably because there were only like 14 people there. My agent finds me an audition like every month so i'm busy.

  • Smilie Lyrics
    Smilie Lyrics Month ago

    Can I ask u where is this thing to sign up

  • Victoria_the_queen
    Victoria_the_queen 2 months ago

    Fake but funny

  • Carloyn Thomas
    Carloyn Thomas 2 months ago

    Wow Ski

  • Tiffani Linde
    Tiffani Linde 3 months ago

    Love you Lauren Taylor

  • Emma Jordan
    Emma Jordan 3 months ago


  • Emma Jordan
    Emma Jordan 3 months ago


  • Emma Jordan
    Emma Jordan 3 months ago


  • NCM — No Copyright Movies

    Lucky kids get to meet peyton

  • NCM — No Copyright Movies

    I made it for the 2nd interview but it’s too expensive

    • Mclovin V
      Mclovin V Month ago

      Real auditions dont charge

  • Payton Harasemchuk
    Payton Harasemchuk 3 months ago


  • Gacha masterYTB
    Gacha masterYTB 3 months ago

    I was there too.... but I didnt pass.... after that day I cried so hard bc singing and acting is my life....😟😟😟😟

    • Allyson Estes
      Allyson Estes 12 days ago

      Sorry about that, the most i heard is that this whole things is a scam sadly..

    • Sisters Rocks the World
      Sisters Rocks the World 3 months ago

      Gacha masterYTB same they came to singapore but I did not pass. I was too shy.I was inspired by descendants actors.

  • Victoria_the_queen
    Victoria_the_queen 4 months ago

    So fake 😂

  • Ada Ruby
    Ada Ruby 4 months ago

    Omg I see lilo in the background!

  • Dokkan boss Boy
    Dokkan boss Boy 4 months ago

    I made it last year 😁😁 and starting my sessions

  • yan wong
    yan wong 4 months ago

    do I have to pay in order to audition ?

    • Stormy Beth
      Stormy Beth 3 days ago

      yes its not worth it I sis auditions for $3000 its a scam my agencies haven't replied back its Benn 6 months now

    • Ale arellano
      Ale arellano 24 days ago

      yan wong yes around 2,00 to 7,000 if you pass to second round but remember real auditions are for free

  • uwutaegi
    uwutaegi 5 months ago

    I’m the shy type so I’d back down from 😂

  • Maddalonefarms
    Maddalonefarms 5 months ago

    Does it cost anything to audition

  • lucy boynton
    lucy boynton 5 months ago

    SHE LIP SINGING!!!????

  • Marr Vera
    Marr Vera 5 months ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍💓💓💓💓💟💟😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘💟💟😘 i love you so much skai

  • Georges Nganou
    Georges Nganou 6 months ago


  • The weird Stuff
    The weird Stuff 6 months ago

    Ur just taking copyright vids to a commercial. Ur problably not even friends with the director of Disney channel

  • The weird Stuff
    The weird Stuff 6 months ago

    Hey scammer dry west. Why u trying to get peeps? Paying money for frikin lessons? I’ve been here like 3 times and I haven’t passed. I’m only 9 and I’m fighting my frikin opinion. So money scammer, scam on and get arrested . But if u don’t take a risk , better be safe than sorry . :c

  • мιlĸy cнarм
    мιlĸy cнarм 6 months ago

    If we chose a song what part do we get to sing

  • Mauriciohdlfkksp Herrerahrbwme



    SIr I want to give audtns

  • Lajada Mckinnon
    Lajada Mckinnon 7 months ago

    Wait is she lip singing I thought she was actually singing

  • Lajada Mckinnon
    Lajada Mckinnon 7 months ago

    She sounds just like the girl that sang that song

    • Ben Ismail
      Ben Ismail 7 months ago


  • stan chaeyoung
    stan chaeyoung 7 months ago

    Omg Hayden and Madison both to me won 😂😂

  • Summer Snow
    Summer Snow 7 months ago

    Skai Jackson (she knows how to lipsing)

  • Solene_. crvr
    Solene_. crvr 7 months ago


  • Unicorn girl Plz
    Unicorn girl Plz 7 months ago

    I am doing it

  • •••LØ BÅ•••

    If we pass what happen?

    • Ale arellano
      Ale arellano 24 days ago

      •••LØ BÅ••• they charge your parents from $2,000 to 7,000 dollars ! Real auditions are for free this is a scam

  • Chad Michael White
    Chad Michael White 8 months ago

    I’m an actor , please check out my Instagram to cast me . __chadmichael

  • MacKenzie Annis
    MacKenzie Annis 8 months ago

    The rookies will win

  • Success Abraham
    Success Abraham 8 months ago


  • pics pictures
    pics pictures 8 months ago

    And the black shirt guy got selected?

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 8 months ago

    Wth what just happened

  • Lizakk
    Lizakk 9 months ago

    plz come to koreaa

  • Rocio Losada
    Rocio Losada 9 months ago

    Skai Jackson está haciendo pleyvac

  • Emilythebest youtube
    Emilythebest youtube 9 months ago

    Rip my real name is Ericka

  • Josh Comedy
    Josh Comedy 10 months ago

    I have one on March 16

    • Josh Comedy
      Josh Comedy 9 months ago

      mango111 idk but it’s in Toronto

    • mya
      mya 9 months ago

      What time?

  • Jumpmen Ben
    Jumpmen Ben 10 months ago

    A lot of asian people

    • Gacha Janice vlogs
      Gacha Janice vlogs 6 months ago

      @Andrea When you got in, you'll fly to Orlando Florida for actual acting auditions in front of real industry professionals but I know you can do it! 👍🏻

    • Andrea
      Andrea 6 months ago

      @Gacha Janice vlogs what happened once you got in? My audition is this saturday. Really nervous 😅

    • Gacha Janice vlogs
      Gacha Janice vlogs 6 months ago

      ofc, Hong Kong is in Asia. I'm Asian and I got in Premiere, it was fun.

  • Rute Silva
    Rute Silva 10 months ago

    Amei 😘😘😍

  • Jaak Ruts
    Jaak Ruts 10 months ago

    I only know skai (Zuri), Joey (joey) and that other Guy, sinjin from victorious

  • chris wu
    chris wu 10 months ago

    lol what if I do it..and then do it the most surprisingly shitty way. Then I can be famous for being the most ridiculous audition. like ~ rebecca black..famous for a song that people find the most idiotic.

  • iSxphiea xo
    iSxphiea xo 10 months ago

    There’s only 2 ppl I know there. It’s Skai (ZURI I MISS ZURIII😭❤️) and the guy from liv and Maddie, the dude with the glasses on😂

  • tellno lies
    tellno lies 11 months ago

    not ONE BLACK???

    • Alizé Paredes
      Alizé Paredes 10 months ago

      tellno lies yea as soon as the video starts he’s talking to a black girl

  • Jad Khaddour
    Jad Khaddour 11 months ago

    when is a new one coming up

  • Niamh Ross
    Niamh Ross 11 months ago

    I loveeeeee Paris 😫💖😍

  • Roblox Player
    Roblox Player 11 months ago

    so cool ;

  • Dipper Copper
    Dipper Copper 11 months ago

    How do I sign up for the Disney Premiere auditions? I could not find any auditon dates and can't contact them for more info from them.

    • Jonathan plays games
      Jonathan plays games 10 months ago

      @choco fountain Michael gives you a booklet containing information on how to email him to see if his final decision is to pass you and more info on the premier program

    • Jonathan plays games
      Jonathan plays games 10 months ago

      So I think he is looking for someone who looks unique and is filled with acting potential

    • Jonathan plays games
      Jonathan plays games 10 months ago

      @choco fountain maybe if he doesn't say next immediately after he most likely expects you to improvise. For my scene it ended with Michael's character roasting my character for not having a girlfriend and I imitated my friend and said no girlfriends before marriage and then he commented on my hair which was an afro

    • Jonathan plays games
      Jonathan plays games 10 months ago

      @choco fountain so you go in and they hand you a script and a paper to fill info then you can either memorize them or just read it when you do the evaluation with Michael. I personally memorized the lines because it was just two lines and I have a good memory. Also the lines are from a Disney show and it is based on age group

    • Jonathan plays games
      Jonathan plays games 10 months ago

      There was one just yesterday in the national harbor which I did and passed to the second round just it was a bummer that Peyton list wasn't there

  • Kitten-cat- 23
    Kitten-cat- 23 Year ago

    I auditioned but ..... i dident get the skript correct at the second evaluation

    • Tanisha Moody
      Tanisha Moody 5 months ago

      Gacha-girl-edits EL what are the prices? I guess they only discuss prices once you’re further through ??

    • Kitten-cat- 23
      Kitten-cat- 23 9 months ago

      @Rissa Edmond my mom found auditions on Facebook and sent me to new York for a first evaluation. If you really want to find out more, go to Premiere.info.com for a little more info. They exspect alot, and pretty high prices. Some tips are BE UNIQUE! they dont like mumbling. YOUR WELCOME!😀

    • Rissa Edmond
      Rissa Edmond 11 months ago

      Double.a.v DOLPHIN what website did you got to do you could sign up

  • XXX tentacion
    XXX tentacion Year ago

    I been there 2 times and pass it was scary but the first time but when you do the first time it's not bad at all

    • Josh Comedy
      Josh Comedy 10 months ago

      XXX tentacion What happens if you pass

  • Sydni Brown
    Sydni Brown Year ago

    Madison because she was the bomb and it was the only song I knew

  • ankit singh
    ankit singh Year ago

    i want to face audition..

  • Wezmo C. 14-5 [RO:RP]

    That is my Girlfriend

  • Vivian Price
    Vivian Price Year ago

    I'm acting this weekend😘😘😘

    • Rissa Edmond
      Rissa Edmond 11 months ago

      Vivian Price what website did you go to to sign up

  • benane Mohamed
    benane Mohamed Year ago

    elle se la pete trop comme elle est riche

  • Ji Akira
    Ji Akira Year ago

    Who wants to get molested in Hollywood anyways.

  • tiredmomma734
    tiredmomma734 Year ago

    Hi 👋 is your time for you to pick 👚👩‍👧‍👦

  • Simply.sarena18
    Simply.sarena18 Year ago

    How do I audition?

    • CutestFillie
      CutestFillie 7 months ago

      @•••LØ BÅ••• me tooo! Do we have to sign up or we have to go and they will make the sign up?

    • •••LØ BÅ•••
      •••LØ BÅ••• 7 months ago

      @Its DiDi they go to different country exemple me is gonna be the 4 may my audition and i live in canada montreal

    • Dipper Copper
      Dipper Copper 11 months ago

      @Annie Harvey Here is the website. officialpremiere.com/premiere-disney-audition-singapore

    • Annie Harvey
      Annie Harvey Year ago

      @Alberto Feria what website

    • Alberto Feria
      Alberto Feria Year ago

      You have to go to a website and sign up then expect a phone call from them and they will thell you the details

  • JAY’s Adventures

    Loved your video check out mine thexvid.com/video/3HScfdcqB70/video.html

  • Lil XL
    Lil XL Year ago


  • Clovis Koh
    Clovis Koh Year ago

    I just did it today got to the second round:)

  • shannyn mei
    shannyn mei Year ago

    I have auditioned already. and.. im in premiere now..

  • _ UnknownSpec
    _ UnknownSpec Year ago


  • Ajagbawa Ajagbawa


  • cozielikerosie
    cozielikerosie Year ago

    that girl with bangs were shaking so much

  • cozielikerosie
    cozielikerosie Year ago

    I'm having mine in a month!

  • plantaello
    plantaello Year ago

    If you’re ugly, you’re ugly - Rowan Blanchard

  • PandaGaming: my videos are kinda funny

    Madison made it rain awesome job!!!! XD

  • Ernestina Boaz
    Ernestina Boaz Year ago


  • Docmc Stuffing
    Docmc Stuffing Year ago

    I might do it but i wanna be a singer

    • peachybee
      peachybee Month ago

      Yeah you go through a first one then they call you back for a second one if they like you they let you on premier

    • peachybee
      peachybee 5 months ago

      If you pass the two auditions there isa singing section though it cost more money

    • Avneet Rai
      Avneet Rai Year ago

      Docmc Stuffing same I wnat to become a singer too

  • Marie-Zola A
    Marie-Zola A Year ago

    I have one in 13 days

  • musa Ahmad
    musa Ahmad Year ago

    Very so cute

  • Kitty lover forever 36




  • Stacy Ellis
    Stacy Ellis Year ago

    I love you I'm a big fan my name is shayla

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole Year ago

    So none of these people heard of yes and? Everyone goes against what he says which makes the scene harder to go on

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole Year ago

    Sooo you have to do improv for this😭

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole Year ago

    The girl that kept saying bye was annoying 😭

  • Tatianna de Young

    If your ugly then you are ugly, it is so true

  • MR marvel
    MR marvel Year ago

    How u get in contact with them

    • ArtzシシSavage
      ArtzシシSavage 18 days ago

      Their actually not I tried it and went but didn’t get in

    • Ale arellano
      Ale arellano 24 days ago

      MR marvel they are a scam don’t even bother lol

  • Join The Fun With Maritza

    This is cool

  • Laurneshia Lightbourne

    I was there!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Dalia Miller
    Dalia Miller Year ago

    I wanna audition I just can't I have no way there

    • Ava Hoelzen
      Ava Hoelzen 2 months ago

      Dalia Miller I know this is late but there’s many audition places

  • Gertrude Jones
    Gertrude Jones Year ago

    great job girl

  • AJ’s world 2538 :3

    Debby you rocked out there🤗😍😀❤️

  • Михаела Дречева

    Не пее тя за гледайте се

  • 『 Ruth Therese 』

    Oh mymy!!! when the time that u just woke up and your mom said: Your in a audition!! Its the premiere theyre coming to the philipines! Me: what the ??!! can u pass me my phone?? im searching it! in youtube!!!

  • Diamond Washington

    This script is from bunked

    • MauzzaKate
      MauzzaKate Year ago

      Diamond Washington er...yeah...check out premiere’s website. Eejit.

  • The Adorable Gymnast


  • Maxi y Luchi vallozzi

    es una farza

  • Jeon Masa
    Jeon Masa Year ago

    Omg. I might do it

  • chloe lewis
    chloe lewis Year ago

    I love paris