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  • Оля Шулепова


  • Vid Prasad
    Vid Prasad 4 hours ago

    What size did you get the top shop skirt in? :)

  • Vid Prasad
    Vid Prasad 4 hours ago

    How tall are you?

  • Joanna Kim Doll
    Joanna Kim Doll 4 hours ago

    Loved it! Also finally someone who doesn’t just advertise buying more and more but working with what you already have 💗

  • Alicia Miller-Springs

    more fashion videos plz

  • Neha Sharma
    Neha Sharma 7 hours ago

    Would the head chain look nice on me bcz i make side partition in hair ?like pearl head chain

  • Elnure Agalarova
    Elnure Agalarova 10 hours ago

    Come to Azerbaijan as well

  • Elnure Agalarova
    Elnure Agalarova 10 hours ago

    from Azerbaijan hello

  • Yana Thienpondt
    Yana Thienpondt 12 hours ago

    finally a fashion video! loved it

  • Luca Banks
    Luca Banks 13 hours ago

    Any small vlogger wanna support each other?:)

  • Luca Banks
    Luca Banks 13 hours ago

    Any small vlogger wanna support each other?

    MUJAHID MOHIUDDIN 16 hours ago

    Love from karachi 😍😍 Waiting for you amazing travelvlogs,😍😍😍

  • control_alt_delete
    control_alt_delete 18 hours ago

    whats up with your eyebrows

  • CatSn00p1
    CatSn00p1 19 hours ago

    this last outfit is EVERYTHING!

  • Charlee D.
    Charlee D. 19 hours ago

    Guys do you realize how frustrating it would be to take the time on THEIR vacation to film for us, and all the comments are harping and criticizing the video? They filmed and uploaded this for us. Maybe you should consider that before telling how disappointed you are...

  • Sara Goulding
    Sara Goulding 19 hours ago

    I love this sweater but $305 CA 😱

  • Veronica M
    Veronica M 20 hours ago

    I miss these kinds of videos Tess😍

  • Sarah van Hees
    Sarah van Hees 22 hours ago

    yesss love friendsgiving and ♥ this video!

  • Tiny Sarah
    Tiny Sarah Day ago

    All Tess' videos make me feel so much better and show me how friendships and relationships should be... Just being yourself and supporting each other, and if you don't fully enjoying yourself and these times, you should probably let all this go.

  • Emily 25
    Emily 25 Day ago

    Are you pregnant my girl ? You are so sweet and I'm wondering...

    • Emily 25
      Emily 25 Hour ago

      @Vid Prasad I just said that she seems very sweet and happy. More than other times. Nothing else. Don't get mad...

    • Vid Prasad
      Vid Prasad 4 hours ago

      Emily 25 that’s very rude

    • Adriana Arias
      Adriana Arias 18 hours ago

      I was scrolling down for this comment... She looks so different 💕

  • Clemence Delhome

    Whoua I love look number 3 😍😍 The bow in your hair is to cute I want one 🥰

  • Jacqueline Y
    Jacqueline Y Day ago

    Ooh I loved the last outfit but never would've thought to pair those together, I love these videos!!

  • el profeta
    el profeta Day ago


  • Ingy Bahaa
    Ingy Bahaa Day ago

    Pls do winter outfits for a date pleees

  • Riya Tiwari
    Riya Tiwari Day ago

    She is damn cute...n looks preety in every style..even that first with the messy bun after the bed

  • Kyra Agustin
    Kyra Agustin Day ago

    Similar/cheaper sweater option?

  • mollie howells

    outfit 4 my fave

  • annie 12397
    annie 12397 Day ago

    Tess you look so beautiful ❤️

  • Cool Glitter
    Cool Glitter Day ago

    When you have thick, flat and long hair

  • Nil Bal
    Nil Bal Day ago

    this reminds me of your old "looks for less" videos!!

  • Alice Kingsley

    What size are you in that H&M coat?

  • Alyssa Rodriguez

    Yes!!!! I miss your fashion videos. 💗

  • WeLoggerDXB
    WeLoggerDXB Day ago

    Nice Work #weloggerdxb

  • Ali Anderson
    Ali Anderson Day ago

    I am HERE for the amount of Tess Christine content we’ve gotten this past like week! 🙌🏼 keep it up girl!

  • team ARMY
    team ARMY Day ago

    I loved the video because it didn't waste my time in intros or unnecessary comments from her

  • Valerie Leann
    Valerie Leann Day ago

    Need more fashion videos from you!!!

  • Amilkamil
    Amilkamil Day ago

    I’ve missed THIS so much ❤️

  • Boldly Girl
    Boldly Girl Day ago

    Love this kind of video and the last look 😍

  • NS ALH
    NS ALH Day ago

    Good series to start in your channel how to wear something multiple times or how to style two pieces in multiple outfits “lets say you have one top and one pant how to wear them together put differently”

  • lilkirsche
    lilkirsche Day ago

    Loooove ALL outfits and the jewelry. 😍 Really miss those videos. Hope to see more in the future. 🤗

  • Jenn Peters
    Jenn Peters Day ago

    Great ideas, and I love the gold jewelry!! You make these look so effortless 😊

  • Ms. Earp
    Ms. Earp Day ago

    Thank you for the insperation. My favorite is number 4. Love the video💕

  • lauren tretter

    don't get me wrong i love your week in my life videos but i miss the fashion videos so much please do more!!!!

  • Voice of Kashmir

    I have to buy dress for my mom please tell me name of these clothes

  • Sophie T
    Sophie T Day ago

    Could you do a styling vid on how to style a puffer coat? That’s all I can wear these days it’s so cold but I feel like it ruins my outfit every time!

  • reginesimonee
    reginesimonee Day ago

    Every time you post a picture or video in this sweater I cry a little because they sold out in my size

  • Kayla Varney
    Kayla Varney Day ago

    I've been missing your fashion and beauty videos so bad lately 😭 please bring them back!

  • Katarzyna Grzejda

    Omg this is what I’ve been missing! My heart is pumped ❤️

  • Amanda C
    Amanda C Day ago

    love this! i hope that you do another celebrity looks for less video soon. they are my fave!

  • Vanessa McGrory

    all the outfits are stunning! such good inspo for the holidays🥰

  • Sush Larwood
    Sush Larwood Day ago

    Tessa u are the definition of fashion queen and aesthetic!! LOVE U!!

  • magicalair
    magicalair 2 days ago

    Love your styling vids! Please do more! I would honestly wear all these outfits. <3

  • Josephine Jackson
    Josephine Jackson 2 days ago

    I've been dying for some black Levi's!

  • Alexa Tobias
    Alexa Tobias 2 days ago

    I love all of your videos 😍 But to be honest also I’m missing these types of videos and also anything about beauty videos you don’t doing so often.😔

  • Michelle Villalobos

    where are the black boots from? 😩

  • Vaishali Singh
    Vaishali Singh 2 days ago

    Bring more of these kindaa videos...! So much fun to watch..!! 😍❤

  • Anna-Louise Cecil
    Anna-Louise Cecil 2 days ago

    I did find the HM sweater to be very itchy when I bought it :/ still cute! But something to keep I’m mind

  • Nicole
    Nicole 2 days ago

    always killing it, tess. you’re amazing!!

  • talkingtoalison
    talkingtoalison 2 days ago

    You should do a style video where you and the lady speed sticks swap styles amongst yourselves

  • Renée Lynn
    Renée Lynn 2 days ago

    I absolutely love the 4th outfit!

  • talkingtoalison
    talkingtoalison 2 days ago

    Your outfit/style videos are my favorite

  • kitkatakat
    kitkatakat 2 days ago

    please do more of these 😍

  • Xiomara Ayon
    Xiomara Ayon 2 days ago

    This took me back to your older videos where you used to rent out a studio to film your lookbooks or "look for less" videos!! Miss those!

  • Anna Sophie Kodesova

    ♥️ love and this idea is amazing!

  • Alessi MM
    Alessi MM 2 days ago

    Re watching this playlist because I miss these so much :(

  • Skit Tle
    Skit Tle 2 days ago

    Ugh love this video tess!!!

  • Louise Caney
    Louise Caney 2 days ago

    Gorgeous !! this is such a good idea, love it xxx I also have a channel, would love it if anyone checked it out 💓

  • Angel Jessica
    Angel Jessica 2 days ago

    Apartment tour pls!!!😍

  • savanni .x
    savanni .x 2 days ago

    Those ASOS pants aren’t even close to being similar😔

    • back then
      back then Day ago

      they are though? they just look like it's just in a different color lmao

  • savanni .x
    savanni .x 2 days ago

    So so cute!!

    MELANIE Guts STYLE 2 days ago

    Omg 😍 you're so natural🤗🤗🤗

  • Megan Bartkowski
    Megan Bartkowski 2 days ago

    Not going to lie, I never ever wear leopard print anything but that belt is so cute in the second outfit!!! Looks gorgeous as always, Tess!

  • Anna Ozment
    Anna Ozment 2 days ago


  • LittleMissHailey
    LittleMissHailey 2 days ago

    Ahh I love this

  • Parps
    Parps 2 days ago

    I always love dressing up during spring and summer and the layering during fall is great but I seriously lack inspiration during winter so this video could not come at a better time!! 💓💓

  • Maddy R
    Maddy R 2 days ago

    The Carrie jumped out with the skirt

  • Ola Zajkowska
    Ola Zajkowska 2 days ago

    You look so good in everything! Can't wait for the winter haul!

  • Sophia Müller
    Sophia Müller 2 days ago

    I am a new subscriber and i Love all of your videos 😍 Sending you Love from Germany ❤️

  • Χαρά Ά.
    Χαρά Ά. 2 days ago

    Finally!!!!outfit ideas!!! Enough with the vlogs please ☹❤

  • Debi Ramos
    Debi Ramos 2 days ago

    OMG!!! This is super exciting!!!! Love your videos 💕

  • Romina
    Romina 2 days ago

    The second outfit is a very Carrie outfit! Loved them all!!!

  • Caroline German
    Caroline German 2 days ago


  • Maya Ochs
    Maya Ochs 2 days ago

    Never clicked on a video so fast

  • Ella Mitchell-Sutton

    An icon

  • Camilla Langsbakken

    Obsessed with these looks 😍

  • stranger capricorn
    stranger capricorn 2 days ago

    Loooove the video, I always get inspiration from your outfits 🥰🥰 I would really like to see more videos with Pat bc you know we love you guys. Just a fun and cute video like cooking your fave recipes or a music related video

    • Louise Caney
      Louise Caney 2 days ago

      stranger capricorn I have a channel too would appreciate it if u checked it out c

  • Ann Helen
    Ann Helen 2 days ago

    U look good in everything!! So crazy beautiful!

  • InfiniteBeauty7
    InfiniteBeauty7 2 days ago

    In love with how you edit 😍

  • meghanplum
    meghanplum 2 days ago

    why do you look amazing in everything! my fav outfit is definitely outfit number 4 <3!

  • Edmarie Rivera
    Edmarie Rivera 2 days ago

    Literally the only jewelry I own and I believe match with everything is GOLD jewelry 😅 I love it!!

  • Carmela R
    Carmela R 2 days ago

    I’ve been dying for a look book but this works too lol love your fashion content!

  • Charlotte Rowlands
    Charlotte Rowlands 2 days ago


  • Aliathan
    Aliathan 2 days ago

    Yesss!!!! I just finished watching the Norwegian cruise vlog for the 10th time!

  • Jas Dhanota
    Jas Dhanota 2 days ago

    I literally get so excited when I see you’ve uploaded ❤️

    • Louise Caney
      Louise Caney 2 days ago

      Jasdeep Dhanota I have a channel too ! X

  • Tala Al Ahdab
    Tala Al Ahdab 2 days ago

    Love youu and your videos ❤️❤️❤️

  • ana valencia
    ana valencia 2 days ago

    Love you Tess 💗💗

  • meangirls
    meangirls 2 days ago

    i've been waiting for this video from you since like two months ago. HI HOW ARE YA.

  • Lejla Huric
    Lejla Huric 2 days ago

    Yaas queen 👸

  • ciel kt
    ciel kt 2 days ago


  • Ninë Spa
    Ninë Spa 2 days ago

    Love you ♥️