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Ruben Pol - too late
Views 130KMonth ago
Elina - Free
Views 159KMonth ago
MyKey - Homesick Remedy
Views 240KMonth ago
Noah Kahan - Cynic (Lyrics)
Views 406K4 months ago
Boy In Space - 7UP
Views 552K4 months ago
SYML - Wildfire
Views 1.8M6 months ago
MISSIO - I See You
Views 1.3M7 months ago
Ruben - Lay By Me
Views 2.1M7 months ago
Conan Gray - Lookalike
Views 2M8 months ago
SYML - Clean Eyes (Acoustic)
Views 3.8M9 months ago
Mt. Joy - Jenny Jenkins
Views 755K9 months ago
Chance Peña - Bad Days
Views 913K9 months ago
Dustin Tebbutt - Chasing Gold
Views 1.5M11 months ago
Sasha Sloan - Older
Views 478K11 months ago
WILD - Make It Alright
Views 433K11 months ago
Chelsea Cutler - AF1s
Views 402K11 months ago
Lewis Capaldi - Grace
Views 448KYear ago
SYML - Girl (Acoustic)
Views 1.9MYear ago
Rence - Baby Blue
Views 463KYear ago
Elina - Here With Me
Views 2.4MYear ago
Chris Noah - River
Views 505KYear ago
John.K - OT
Views 384KYear ago
Glded - Could Be
Views 336KYear ago
Dean Lewis - Be Alright
Views 717KYear ago
Ashe - Real Love
Views 583KYear ago
Tom Walker - My Way
Views 332KYear ago
Chelsea Cutler - Hell
Views 490KYear ago
Thomston - Acid Rain
Views 441KYear ago
WILD - Here We Go
Views 982KYear ago
Lewis Capaldi - Tough
Views 414KYear ago
Elina - Wild Enough
Views 1.5MYear ago
Emily Warren - Paranoid
Views 442KYear ago
Lauv - Bracelet
Views 238KYear ago
Harry Hudson - No Good
Views 1.3MYear ago
Lauv - Getting Over You
Views 246KYear ago
Sasha Sloan - Normal
Views 1.7MYear ago
SYML - Body
Views 7MYear ago
Greyson Chance - Low
Views 624KYear ago
Sasha Sloan - Runaway
Views 2.8MYear ago
Vance Joy - Like Gold
Views 856KYear ago
gabriel black - sad boy
Views 455K2 years ago
Jeremy Zucker - End
Views 469K2 years ago
Noah Kahan - Hurt Somebody
Views 318K2 years ago
Emily Warren - Hurt By You
Views 1.4M2 years ago
TYNE - Crawl
Views 794K2 years ago
November Lights - Talk
Views 4.1M2 years ago
Stonefox - Talk Me Home
Views 283K2 years ago
WILD - All My Life
Views 2.1M2 years ago
Halsey - Sorry
Views 53M2 years ago
Matt Maeson - Tribulation
Views 526K2 years ago
Juke Ross - Colour Me
Views 467K2 years ago
Jome - Snow
Views 1.2M2 years ago
Lewis Capaldi - Bruises
Views 3.4M2 years ago


  • Blimp Nova
    Blimp Nova 3 hours ago

    Thought my old phone broke. Suddenly got it to work and in it were messages that meant something but now mean nothing, promises that then were hope for the future but now mock the present. I went on to youtube on the account and this was first page.

  • mery yudini
    mery yudini 4 hours ago

    Whos destroy you? Whos leaving you? Did shes leaving you? Go ahead! Run for her. Take her back!

  • Only a sad ghost
    Only a sad ghost 8 hours ago

    Guys if you like sad songs, please give a look on my channel and pls subscribe.

  • Moonlight X
    Moonlight X 11 hours ago

    wow.. this song just brought me in so so many deep moments.

  • Nikky Nichols
    Nikky Nichols 11 hours ago

    Looks like a mother is singing it to her lost daughter. So sad😕

  • guilherme
    guilherme 13 hours ago

    Essa música foi muito importante para minha mudança de vida.

  • avinash gupta
    avinash gupta 13 hours ago

    these type of songs makes me live alone and enjoy such songs and life.

  • wtf is happening
    wtf is happening 18 hours ago

    I really love the backgrounds of these songs, where do you get them and do you guys take the photos?

  • Elizabeth Emily
    Elizabeth Emily 22 hours ago

    Indie Air has been my home, my energy💜

  • shiela berces
    shiela berces 22 hours ago

  • mery yudini
    mery yudini 23 hours ago

    If im scared did you on your way? Ya that we bleed the same. Just come home pls

  • Cristal Darby
    Cristal Darby Day ago

    Beautiful song

  • Kevin Knaus
    Kevin Knaus Day ago

    Beautiful song!

  • Sava
    Sava Day ago

    Listening to this after losing 6-1 or 5-0 etc.

  • valerio menghini

    Guys, did you undesteand that society, work, school, war, countries, presidents etc. Are just stupid things comprised to LIFE, to what *REALLY* matters like enjoying every SINGLE DAMN MOMENT

  • szubidubi dance

    tik tok???

  • Tahira Sadiq
    Tahira Sadiq Day ago

    Favourite song of the week/month can’t get enough ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hugo Daniel Zamorano Gil

  • Kirza
    Kirza Day ago

    It's night, there is snow everywhere, lights of all colors everywhere, you're enjoying a fantastic moment with your friends, laughing, giving presents and affection. Everything is okay, just enjoy this moment

  • Natali Reis
    Natali Reis Day ago

    Love it

  • Natali Reis
    Natali Reis Day ago

    Love it

  • Anikaa Ds
    Anikaa Ds Day ago

    Beautifull song😢

  • White Eagle Music Network

    Amazing Vocals !!!! 😎

  • light
    light Day ago

    I love the way this song makes me feel

  • Sanya
    Sanya Day ago

    I am leaving this comment as a proof that I was here before fame... I seriously want her to get the acknowledgment she deserves for such nice music...let's support such artists guys


    2 0 1 9 ? 👇🙋‍♂️

  • FrickDiscoMusic

    This is so nostalgic, idk why

  • carrie veo
    carrie veo Day ago

    is it me or she is saying and i- opp

  • Three Months
    Three Months 2 days ago

    Scream brought me here

  • archedheda
    archedheda 2 days ago

    this song means so much to me.

  • cynthia Smith
    cynthia Smith 2 days ago

    Found this song by watching Julia and hunter havens vlog. So nice!

  • Naledi Mkhulise
    Naledi Mkhulise 2 days ago

    I am dealing with depression and anxiety and somehow this song seem to comfort me because i guess we take music how we feel it

  • Lilly Watkin
    Lilly Watkin 2 days ago

    I listened to this song two years ago when I first discovered it and it is still to this day my favourite song. I save it for those really bad moment or times when I need to cry and forget about my problems. I recently moved to another city and when it says come back home I feel like my friends are calling me back cause we’re all having a terrible time and this song is an escape

  • li ght
    li ght 2 days ago

    listen to this song when its very cold outside and ur sleeping in ur room is the best thing

  • Kuellar Ayelet
    Kuellar Ayelet 2 days ago

    3:25 *plot twist -N0

  • Patricia Thomas
    Patricia Thomas 2 days ago

    No one is ever alone, we got each other!!! 💚😊😘

  • swebbmann
    swebbmann 2 days ago

    Had a great run to this yesterday. Looked in the mirror like...I See You. 💪

  • LUX
    LUX 2 days ago

    This song is so relatable. I feel that way about this town too

  • TheBest OtakuEver
    TheBest OtakuEver 2 days ago

    song: i see you john cena: im about to ruin this man's whole career

  • Raman Preet
    Raman Preet 2 days ago

    I am grateful for Joshua Radin songs..Thank you!!💕❣️💓💞❤️

  • lill tighe
    lill tighe 3 days ago

    Hits your heart this song

  • Luminara Melody
    Luminara Melody 3 days ago

    I can't help it.... i just have to dance to this song!!!

  • Tyrel Tugade
    Tyrel Tugade 3 days ago

    Hi! Hope you can feature songs of Cheryl Tugade.

  • Levi Cavanagh
    Levi Cavanagh 3 days ago

    I cannot get enough of this😭 his concert I'm going to is going to be so overwhelming... If I can feel like this, what will his live voice evoke!

  • Jagoda
    Jagoda 3 days ago

    I wanna do a cover of a song but idk which can someone suggest anything?

  • mekker zegtdekoe
    mekker zegtdekoe 3 days ago

    I miss my girl :/ its for the best for now but I will come and get you.

  • Bibisfirra 313
    Bibisfirra 313 3 days ago

    Please do not touch! This is art ♥️

  • Bibisfirra 313
    Bibisfirra 313 3 days ago

    headphones: on Eyes: off This song brings memories to my mind

  • MrLight
    MrLight 3 days ago

    What a voice man what a voice

  • Арсения Балкич

    So beautiful... when i'm sad, i leasen this song( it's right now ) I am so....😢

  • Name
    Name 3 days ago

    Hey man could you like upload these songs to a playlist on mediafire or somewhere so we can download it!! Please really love your videos and helps me sleep

  • Oscar The Hunter
    Oscar The Hunter 3 days ago

    I luv you <3

  • dReamy
    dReamy 3 days ago

    This channel is like... EVERYTHING 4 ME

  • Mia Zapata
    Mia Zapata 3 days ago

    I'm trying to prove I don't need this shit! Your trying to prove you don't want this shit!

  • Topher Md
    Topher Md 3 days ago

    Can I just for a moment take break from all the pain?

  • ladybugg vids
    ladybugg vids 4 days ago

    2:19 this part for some reason makes me just wanna repeat the song just to here this idk with its just so perfect...

    SHXPS EDITS 4 days ago

    thanks Shane for making me bawl my eyes out😭❤️

  • Shubham Sarkate
    Shubham Sarkate 4 days ago

    This song reminds me my sis in law. She is lovely and takes so much care of everyone. She is 10 yrs older than me. I wish I was born 10 years earlier. I loved her. But I will never be able to tell her how much I loved her. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sally
    Sally 4 days ago

    I trust this channel so much to always upload beautiful songs & let me tell you this trust just gets stronger with every upload♥️✨

  • Indy2Tones
    Indy2Tones 4 days ago


  • AirMusic
    AirMusic 4 days ago

    Very nice friend :)

  • Zeenat Ullah
    Zeenat Ullah 4 days ago

    Amazing song :D

  • Sudath de Groot
    Sudath de Groot 4 days ago


  • MariaC lucky13Me
    MariaC lucky13Me 4 days ago

    AWESOME !! 😎 You are OmJ! 😘😍♥️ Only that ‘one’ voice for me ☝️✌️🤟

  • Leonora Simões
    Leonora Simões 4 days ago


  • Efraín Mercado
    Efraín Mercado 4 days ago

    Indie air. I couldnt live without you. Your taste in music is

  • Illumi Music
    Illumi Music 4 days ago

    Vibes ❤️

  • Yulia Oleynik
    Yulia Oleynik 4 days ago

    I have been listening this music for 2 years. But I still like her

  • Mimistone Tshanda
    Mimistone Tshanda 4 days ago

    Baby I’ve got scars from wishing you could hold me...

  • Gold Coast Music
    Gold Coast Music 4 days ago

    beautiful upload

  • No One
    No One 4 days ago

    i wish i could spend only one more summer night with you...

  • BlackPommes🌴
    BlackPommes🌴 4 days ago


  • Brayden Poovey
    Brayden Poovey 4 days ago

    I don't know if it is just me, but this song brings me a lit/dreamy vibe in a sense...

  • Safire blossom
    Safire blossom 4 days ago


  • Wasim Akhtar
    Wasim Akhtar 4 days ago

    Damn those wallpapers matches with the mood perfectly...

  • Evi Moon
    Evi Moon 4 days ago


  • 10K Subscribers Without Videos - Prodixy

    We can all agree that we cannot survive a night without IndieAir 😍

  • The Music Worm
    The Music Worm 4 days ago

    Another 6 days without indieair. #ifyouknowyouknow

  • Aminium Music
    Aminium Music 4 days ago

    another upload from IndieAir to make me feel good <3

    • IndieAir
      IndieAir 4 days ago

      Means a lot coming from you! Thank you!

    A BINBADA NEGRA 4 days ago

    Responsa maior som pra fuma vários

  • IndieAir
    IndieAir 4 days ago

    Can't stop listening to this gem after hearing it on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack. Hope you like it as much as I do! Question: do you watch 13 Reasons Why? Is it good?

    • Sumayyah Begum
      Sumayyah Begum 3 days ago

      IndieAir 13 reasons why the first season was amazing! It went so shit after that

    • Zeenat Ullah
      Zeenat Ullah 4 days ago

      The song is beautiful, and I love 13 reasons why x

    • Peppi
      Peppi 4 days ago

      First of all, love the song, it's most definitely going on repeat Second, love 13 reasons why, it really deals with some serious issues, but in an entertaining and relatable way Thank you for all the good songs

  • Kuba Hermann
    Kuba Hermann 4 days ago

    Very cool thank you

  • Traxionn
    Traxionn 4 days ago

    Awesome song and btw I am the first one

  • Tasnim jarafle
    Tasnim jarafle 4 days ago

    indie air notification gang :)

  • Ashanti Poulina
    Ashanti Poulina 4 days ago

    Yeas 😍

  • Clara Quiñones
    Clara Quiñones 4 days ago

    Amo tus videos!♡♡

  • Abdelaziz Khlaifat
    Abdelaziz Khlaifat 4 days ago


  • Ghost
    Ghost 4 days ago

    Words from the soul

  • Astrid Holly
    Astrid Holly 4 days ago

    Heard for the first time in 2019. Solid bop, sad I could’ve been listening for years!

    BOB CRIED WOLF 4 days ago

    Good job

  • AmyCamilleri1
    AmyCamilleri1 4 days ago

    Dermot is incredible !! Not one song of his is disappointing! Amazing!!!!

  • Savannah Graham
    Savannah Graham 4 days ago

    I love indie music

  • Darya Alexandrova
    Darya Alexandrova 4 days ago

    Hello , I sent a message to your email but I didn’t get an answer. Please, could you tell me how can I contact you? Thanks for any answer in advance.

  • Joy Chang
    Joy Chang 4 days ago

    I don't know why but my eyes are full of tears when I realize.

  • Yu-Han Chang
    Yu-Han Chang 4 days ago

    I have been loving this song for a while. Recently gone through sth that knocks myself down and feel very sad. Especially, hearing "Cause I don't want another heart to fill the holes" really reflects my current mood. recall good old times with you and wish I still had you.

  • Sumit Paudel
    Sumit Paudel 5 days ago

    Herdai xau ? ;)

  • Epik Hell Sword
    Epik Hell Sword 5 days ago

    Another genre of music I like. Started with Louis Prince Half Acres thanks to Hayley Williams IG story. That's at least 5 different genres I like

  • José Carlos Henriques de Sousa

    que pena que só pode deixar um like :(

  • Ricardo Lopes
    Ricardo Lopes 5 days ago


  • george sarofim
    george sarofim 5 days ago

    I love these song 😇😇😇😇😇😍😍😍😘😘😋😋😎😇👌👌👌👍👍👍👍🌟🌟🌟👋👋👋✌✌✌🙋💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑💗💗💗💗💗💗💗