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MASSIVE Laptop Unboxing!
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Pixel 3A - The Better Deal!
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  • TheArtShow
    TheArtShow 34 minutes ago

    I just bought the model with 1660 ti, 16 gigs ram, core i7 9700 for right under 1100 bucks. I was going to build, but the cost of price for just the main components came out to be around 990 and that’s for slightly less specs. Not even including WiFi cards or other small things like that. Considering I bought it from the store that day, pulled it out, fired it up, downloaded steam and ran subnautica on high settings at 120 FPS, all within an hour and a half, I’d say just the time and research it saved alone is worth it. And I can use my left over money to buy the top tier gpu and upgrade it. It’s worth it at 1100. This is in October 2019. $2200 is NOT worth it at the time of your video.

  • PritomPaul BD Gaming
    PritomPaul BD Gaming 35 minutes ago

    Good PC

  • victor Igwe
    victor Igwe Hour ago

    After 5hrs of use, all phones at over 50% 🔥 I remember when 5hrs SOT used to be a batter benchmark. That was like.... last year

  • Rani J77
    Rani J77 Hour ago

    I’m so sad cuz I replaced my iPhone 8 with 11 I now guys no one will believe me but this is a truth I😔

  • Sheryll G. BO
    Sheryll G. BO 3 hours ago

    In terms of data usage using pocket wifi, which is more saving? Surface 3 or iPad?

  • ANkiT जाट
    ANkiT जाट 4 hours ago

    These all are always my dream😥

    SLASH 5 hours ago

    Huawei:I have the best capacity battery life.... Apple:Hold my optimization 👅

  • John Walsh
    John Walsh 5 hours ago

    They marketed this that the AOD didn’t drain battery

  • G•Perm Gaming
    G•Perm Gaming 5 hours ago

    Why not do battery drain for ROG PHONE 2

  • Eric Hjalmarsson
    Eric Hjalmarsson 6 hours ago

    They should bring back the X series! That's were the real value was!

  • Zi Yue
    Zi Yue 6 hours ago

    can u do a all phones comes out this year a Battery Drain Test thnx

  • David Fernandez
    David Fernandez 7 hours ago

    You want more uses? 1- Gaming with rear touch controls L1-R1 2-Saving battery with the smaller display when needed. 3-Multitasking, with both displays working independently... Yes some of us use phones as daily tools. 4-Having an innovative smartphone from time to time man.... Apple fans.... Samsung fans... Pixel fans... No wait....🤯 the last ones are an endangered specie..😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Pukito Kiho
    Pukito Kiho 7 hours ago

    Since the lunch of 1+6 last year, I have been waiting to get a better device. I was just about to buy 1+7t and now here is 1+8 news. Damn!!

  • JoeMilano9
    JoeMilano9 8 hours ago

    All hail Sony

  • Jimz Au
    Jimz Au 8 hours ago

    Wireless charging is overrated

  • Malcolm Black
    Malcolm Black 8 hours ago

    A front camera is pretty much just for selfies, just like the second screen on the Z20. So if the second screen is a gimmick because it's just for selfies, then a front camera is a gimmick too? I wonder why manufacturers are trying so hard to make an under-display front camera then. According to you they should just ditch it because it's obviously a gimmick...

  • Aida Zharmukhametova

    This phone is so expensive in our country. It literally costs 1000 us dollars if to convert. Pro maz is more expensive than this, almost 2000 dollars. Sad story~

  • Tyler
    Tyler 9 hours ago

    when a $400 budget phone has more RAM & a better processor than the upcoming Pixel 4... what. why couldn't Google go with 8GB of RAM AT LEAST & 855+ ... OnePlus 7T has the 855+ & so does this thing.

  • Ernesto Romero
    Ernesto Romero 9 hours ago

    iPad Air it is. Thank you for the tip. I have iPad mini 2nd generation, that I use for school but it’s just not working well anymore for me. Time for an upgrade.

  • MonMon Fiasco
    MonMon Fiasco 9 hours ago

    Portable Vloging Cam

  • Ricky
    Ricky 10 hours ago

    I can buy 2 7ts for a price of 1 pro max. Now I have 16 hours of battery combined hahaha

  • RevineHD
    RevineHD 10 hours ago

    It's nice to see that the first time ever an apple device has the better battery

  • mc robinson
    mc robinson 10 hours ago

    ipad more fast

  • Rusyda Sadida
    Rusyda Sadida 10 hours ago

    maybe changing that noctua to bequiet for all black theme

  • Rusyda Sadida
    Rusyda Sadida 10 hours ago

    hope display can be overclockd

  • MUKRISTU Gabriel
    MUKRISTU Gabriel 10 hours ago

    "I did a fantastic review" haha love your sense of humor!

  • GOAT
    GOAT 11 hours ago

    Drop test

  • GOAT
    GOAT 11 hours ago

    OnePlus oh noes were actually built to be water resistant, but they didn't get official IP testing so the phones could be cheaper.

  • Nguyễn Khoa
    Nguyễn Khoa 11 hours ago

    Buy the G7 has better screen

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy 11 hours ago

    Mathew: Drink soylent. Pewdiepie: SOYYBOYYYYY SOYBOY!

  • Funkentelechy
    Funkentelechy 11 hours ago

    Ok, think again: what is more gimmicky? Notch, punch-hole (no full screen experience), pop-up (durability), in-display camera with extra 2nd low quality front camera or a 2nd display with one high quality main camera (turn the phone around, always on, people actually see themselves)?

  • Antigua Paradise Island

    If apple would make an iPad at the same 10.2 display but with the iPad Pro design and first gen Face ID, and even the A11 chipset at $ 449.00 I think that would be selling like hot cakes

  • Ángeliux
    Ángeliux 12 hours ago

    I really love the size of the 11 pro!

  • Jay Lyrics
    Jay Lyrics 13 hours ago

    I have the 15.6 with carbon fibrate

  • SkullKing Gaming
    SkullKing Gaming 13 hours ago

    He had hitler Stache at one point 😂

  • Mo Dabbas
    Mo Dabbas 15 hours ago

    I like what Nubia is producing lately. I'd be interested to see your full review. How's the camera on it?

  • Turtle
    Turtle 15 hours ago

    I have the black iPhone 11

  • sabian khan
    sabian khan 16 hours ago

    Just buy a magnetic charger

  • Unique Imagination
    Unique Imagination 16 hours ago

    but what was the refresh rate set on 7t... set on 60hz and do the test... then it will be a equal comparison.

  • Von Prater
    Von Prater 16 hours ago

    Ive been doing research like crazy and it's stressing me out. I just need a reliable computer for the next 4-7 years that does basic tasks. Nothing fancy. I dont know which is more future proof, the Air with a 16gb Ram or the Pro with the quad core and only 8gb Ram. Id really appreciate anyones advice here. I cant afford a pro with 16gb of ram so I have to pick.

  • Carl Viernes
    Carl Viernes 17 hours ago

    lol I was hoping for a headphone jack and a pop-up selfie camera. Guess not. 😜

  • z znation
    z znation 17 hours ago

    I have to admit it, IPhone 11 pro max has the best battery in the market

  • Lorenzo Washington
    Lorenzo Washington 18 hours ago

    Apple's AI knows the apps you use the most keeping them open while closing 60% of others(optimization) after a very short time of not being used in the background. Most Androids here keeps most of them open(especially samsung).

  • Bradley Morris
    Bradley Morris 18 hours ago

    For 350 you can get a 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 with an amazing display with pro motion. That is the best deal in tech

  • molimits2
    molimits2 19 hours ago

    It allows to have a full screen on front, no notch

  • Ben Val
    Ben Val 19 hours ago

    id like to get an ipad to take to college and use as a device besides my macbook pro, im looking at this one 329 bucks, and iPad air 3, 460 bucks (though can get 90 dollar monthly payments on amazon for it), the air has an A12, and laminated screen and is 64 gb. what do you think is better? thinking air may be way to go, more storage and for some reason, i really dsont like the look of the nonlaminated screen.

  • Leon Vollebregt
    Leon Vollebregt 19 hours ago

    I would not recommend this. I have the first generation and have a cable failure within a year.

  • Farzad Babazadeh
    Farzad Babazadeh 19 hours ago

    its not true beacuse note 10 plus qhd display and very bigger than iphone 11 pro

  • TroubleBeast
    TroubleBeast 20 hours ago

    It's like calling popup camera phones gimmik because they are used to shoot selfies. I think this is a great idea to avoid the long hated notch.

  • Chikeny chicken
    Chikeny chicken 20 hours ago

    I just found this for 1300$ new😀😀😀

  • Mayank Singh
    Mayank Singh 20 hours ago

    watching in my nitro 5

  • Rajesh Biber
    Rajesh Biber 20 hours ago

    I thought I should say something to you for a long while, your TheXvid Profile photo is Nice Seeing it makes a positive 🙌impression With the hand raised

  • Brandon Moran
    Brandon Moran 20 hours ago

    So we're just gonna ignore the fact that this design is the cure for the notch, punch hole, and motor cameras? Full screen no problem on that main screen yeah?? Just needs the open back bumper case and screen protectors if desired. Know what, had samsung did this first, it would praised and called great. If Apple did it, they'd call it amazing and the best phone ever. Nubia beat them to it, gimmick huh? Throw a pixel, samsung or apple camera on this thing. And samsung's oleds on both sides. Dress it in everyone's favorite flagship banners.... Pretty sure everyone would love it.

    • David Fernandez
      David Fernandez 7 hours ago

      I agree with you two gentleman. This phone has top of the line specs (except for the speaker), an unbeatable price and a lot of options regarding the 📷 and performance in general.... But since it's not a fanboy's phone...😢 this is the kind of reviews it gets.

    • Malcolm Black
      Malcolm Black 8 hours ago

      Exactly! If he's calling this a gimmick, he should call all the notches/punch holes/motor camera gimmicks too. And the front camera itself would have to be a gimmick too, following his logic.

  • Deepak Paharia
    Deepak Paharia 21 hour ago

    Pro is efficient in every aspect.

  • george rapp
    george rapp 21 hour ago

    Gimmick? Gimmick as hell!!!

  • loqman Jamil
    loqman Jamil 21 hour ago

    0:00 bout a week ago, week ago

  • The Flyer
    The Flyer 22 hours ago


    • The Flyer
      The Flyer 20 hours ago

      @Matthew Moniz 🤣🤣🤣🤣 sorry, i guess i just talk loud!!

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz 22 hours ago

      STOP YELLING AT ME!!!!!!!!

  • Anish Sabari
    Anish Sabari 22 hours ago

    I want to know the resolution in which the phones ware on

  • ks rana
    ks rana 22 hours ago

    I am watching this on my new one plus 7t ...🥰🥰🥰

  • 2win Warrior
    2win Warrior 22 hours ago

    titan rtx build please and thanks.

  • Kaustubh Patil
    Kaustubh Patil 23 hours ago

    is it good for programming / coding ????

  • patrick barber
    patrick barber 23 hours ago

    I have a apple XR now this phone is juke I want to know is one plus 7T a good phone I wanted the one plus 7pro but T-Mobile don’t have it no more I want to know is the strain about the same size and same color as one +7 pro

    CHANNEL BLACK 23 hours ago

    D brand skin be like WTF

  • Mohamed El-Gohary

    How can we install a case or a skin on top of it ?🤔😁

    • Mohamed El-Gohary
      Mohamed El-Gohary Day ago

      @Matthew Moniz can you make a durability test for this phone and show off the case in the next video ?

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz Day ago

      The case that comes with it is see through and has touch functionality but it’s not pretty

  • Cesar Calderon

    11 hrs!! Wtf

  • Umer Masood
    Umer Masood Day ago

    1080 p on 6 inches. who needs that already?

  • Pau L
    Pau L Day ago

    It's a gimmick unless u are me leaving a phone always ass up(screen down🤔) on a table+ the second/tiny screen saves battery ( atleast it should)+ no selfie cam clean screen no popups wrapups etc.waterproof? Sad no dual speakers apart from that kinda perfecto phono + price.

  • Charlie Lord
    Charlie Lord Day ago

    I'm looking for a laptop for my 4k video editing, after effects work and general content creation. I have a budget of around £1500. What laptop and which configurations would you recommend? Thanks.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Day ago

    That Second Display Concept Is And Bad Idea... Leaning Rather More Towards Bad Idea...It's A Damned Either Way Situation~Cause Firstly~If One Doesn't Put A Case On It~One May Risk Reducing The Device To 1 Display Device If One Drops It... Secondly~One Can't Out A Cases In It Cause It'll Cover Up The Second Display~Even If One Puts A Clear Case On~One May Not Be Able To Operate The Display With The Cases On...It's Only A Glancing Neat Idea...With More Cons Than Pros...

  • Tom
    Tom Day ago

    This is quite usable in real worl. That dual screen thing from MS is gimmick

  • microwaved chocolate

    90 degrees centigrade is burning hot that will melt the computer

  • Diego Linde
    Diego Linde Day ago

    I purchased the S10 Plus SM-G975F in Europe and it comes with Exynos 9820 - not 9825. What is the difference? I found the battery drained like an hour-clock - right in front of my eyes, inducing panic. I didn't know yet that S10+ comes with Exynos variant and when I re-checked I noticed the seller made a point of hiding this only fact on their spec sheet. Now they're refusing to refund me claiming the battery is fine according to their tests, which of course they would be. In fact battery performance was fine for me also out of the box on wifi only and minimal use. But, after I inserted the sim and real-world use, that's when I was shocked at the performance. I notice the review is based on the 9825 variant and said Exynos had a bad reputation in the past. Would that include the 9820?

  • Ygor Cortes
    Ygor Cortes Day ago

    OnePlus should've improved the camera on the OnePlus 7T Pro. It looks so good though that I think it might justify the price...

  • yaadal
    yaadal Day ago

    It's unique ,i like it.

  • Filip Filip
    Filip Filip Day ago

    Which is better UX481FL or this one?

  • Danilo Conciarelli

    I have noticed that during the all video the iphone 11 pro had the gps turned on...that’s not fair

  • Juan Pedro Martín

    OTHER CASE 2 SCREENS ON: When you open the camera you can switch on secondary screen, so if you're taking pics or recording people, then they can see them in the secondary screen.

  • Jay Tweezy
    Jay Tweezy Day ago

    I don’t use front facing cameras and I have just been waiting for a phone without one. I just want a full screen phone so this is great I would never even use the second screen

  • Ramanan Unboxing

    Mathew moniz fans like

  • Life of Tech
    Life of Tech Day ago

    Enjoyed this, Matt. I'd use to have my daily selfie fix 👋🏻😁

  • RAY NL
    RAY NL Day ago

    Fuck selfies. People should just stop taking selfies. Act like normal people, you know...

  • robertox41
    robertox41 Day ago

    HP - Omen By HP Obelisk Desktop - Intel Core i7-8700 - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA RTX 2080 - 2TB HDD + 256GB SSD - HP Finish In Shadow Black its 1299 rn should I buy?

  • Zyan Khall
    Zyan Khall Day ago

    Other brand: inovasion,featuristik design,new look,something never people see Apple:same design about 3 years Btw nice video matt👍🏻

  • Phalansh Bhatia

    Bro apple is able to last long because it's screen resolution r way bad then those on OnePlus and Samsung and OnePlus with 90 hz is the main reason that OnePlus is draining it's battery fastest

  • Hitori Shiro
    Hitori Shiro Day ago

    Looks like my last nokia phone wallpaper

  • Matthew Moniz
    Matthew Moniz Day ago

    Gimmick or useful? Also, made a mistake regarding the camera, both displays CAN be activated at the same time so that you and the subject can see a display each.

    • Dat Huynh
      Dat Huynh Day ago

      Rarely anyone would buy these new weird phones. lol

    • Joel Conolly
      Joel Conolly Day ago

      I'm more surprised that it's stock-ish Android.

  • Chris M
    Chris M Day ago

    Love the look! Very close to the parts I want. 😊

  • Mateusz Ptaszyński

    Matthew: -A phone which design is different than any other smartphone currently on the market. Nubia X and Vivo Nex Dual Display: -am I a joke to you?

    • David Fernandez
      David Fernandez 7 hours ago

      That was a good one 🤣🤣🤣

    • Itay A
      Itay A 9 hours ago

      Meizu pro 7 also had 2 displays

  • monkey boy
    monkey boy Day ago

    I'm a huge fan of this channel and usually agree with your insight but this time I have to strongly disagree I do not feel that the extra screen is a novelty in any way from the get-go it has three awesome uses Number one the elimination of the front camera allowing for full screen without some ugly notch & for me I've always hated having a selfie camera constantly staring at me for everything I do on the phone Number two the quality of your selfies and videos is now the best in the industry especially at this price point there's no other phone with a wide-angle selfie camera which is excellent especially for videos Number three the use of the second screen for notifications is something you failed to mention there's settings that allow you to have it put up an on screen flashing notification light for which is missing now from most phones Number three another feature which you completely forgot to talk about is the gaming mode you can turn on and map button controls to the back of the screen for multiple buttons during gaming that is something that is very useful for people that play games on their phones . Especially shooters like pubg and call of duty The fact that this phone has top tear specs like Snapdragon 855 plus 8 gigs of RAM and more at this price point make it an excellent purchase the addition of the back screen is basically free of charge Next year Samsung and Huawei and others are going to introduce under the screen selfie camera at a price point of around $1,100 and the quality of the selfie camera is going to be degraded compared to current selfie cameras I feel this is a better option to allow for fullscreen almost 100% screen to body ratio at such an excellent price. Also in the future I'm sure there will be other useful uses like the thing you mentioned about taking pictures of someone and allowing them to see themselves in the screen it can already be done as well . You start on the main screen and the hit the mirror button . . It's another great feature . Plus don't forget about multitasking .

    • monkey boy
      monkey boy 20 hours ago

      @Cruisn Chris yeah I ordered mine last night at midnight can't wait.. sold my old phone for 250 so for three hundred bucks it feels like I'm getting $1,000 phone . The only thing I'm concerned about is I hope they update the phone to Android 10 soon that would be great ✌️❤️🍌..

    • Cruisn Chris
      Cruisn Chris 20 hours ago

      You are right. Most of the time I agree with his insight but this time I strongly disagree and miss the point on this phone. I am strongly considering buying this phone for the reasons you stated.

  • Barrie Moorcroft

    Hi matt. The samsung a80 has a flip up and rotating camera for selfies with all 3 camera lenses.

  • Myat Htoo
    Myat Htoo Day ago

    drop it! and ur screen is cracked!!!!

  • selimsaim
    selimsaim Day ago

    Does it run full windows? Like mainly for me. Chrome browser that supports casting?

    • selimsaim
      selimsaim Day ago

      @Matthew Moniz thanks. Great. I will be switching for the first time from an iPad to this device. Apple drives me nuts trying to cast stuff.. I've been looking at a surface for a few years. I think this one is perfect for what I will use it for. And the duo has me exciting about switch my phone also.. great work mircosoft.:)

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz Day ago


  • Izzy Nobre
    Izzy Nobre Day ago

    That unmistakably Canadian "zed" hehe

    • RAY NL
      RAY NL Day ago

      The whole world says zed or something in that area. The US are the only one that say zee. Only one country amongst almost 200 countries. But I guess/hope you already knew that.

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz Day ago

      haha yup! How's everything with you? Hope you're having a good thanksgiving!

  • Lou Dryka
    Lou Dryka Day ago

    Please cover if this supports LTE in the US. If not you may be giving bad advice to your US audience

  • GreaTMaX32
    GreaTMaX32 Day ago

    Woah! No micro sd card? We'll that sucks!

  • Ronald Collins

    They went the yota phone route, for which the yota phone has a e-ink back screen.

  • Semir Huskic
    Semir Huskic Day ago

    A full review-yes!, why not

  • monkey boy
    monkey boy Day ago

    Is there a dark mode in the settings and also can you turn off the Android on-screen controls buttons

    • monkey boy
      monkey boy 5 hours ago

      @David Fernandez I read a article yesterdaythere is a dark mode but it only makes changes to the drop-down screen for the most part and they are conflicting on what you said they said you cannot turn off the Android three-button control at the bottomI'm not sure if you're confused about what I was talking about the one button that flips the screen but I was talking about the three buttons at the bottom , some phones allow you to disable so you are truly full screen and you use gestures instead . Those are two of my favorite features on my current phone .

    • David Fernandez
      David Fernandez 7 hours ago

      Yes you can turn off the on-screen controls, no dark mode for now, hopefully it'll get Android Q(10) soon.

  • Pacanator
    Pacanator Day ago

    Dual screens phones are a gimmick just like curved screens, plain redundant waterfall displays and full front to back side display. The biggest gimmick worst one of them all is the Xiaomi No Mix Alpha A smartphone made purely of gimmiks . It is change for the sake of change, no benefits added it just looks different and Xiaomi knows most tech TheXvidrs will love it just because it looks futuristic. It has no benefits what so ever but to the company because it makes your phone easier to shatter and break and making the phone even harder to grip and use. MKBHD said on Twitter "I wanted flat screens to come back but now that I seen this (Xioami Mi Mix Alpha) it is the future". I swear most tech TheXvid's are easily influenced by most new tech like the "waterfall displays are the future" UnboxTherapy. Yes I love not being able to grip my phone comfortably and have the video stretch off to the sides of my phones so I can't see it adding no benefit whatsoever to the actual phone. I swear tech companies change a design of a phone and most tech TheXvid's call that innovation Me an intellectual is like that is a useless gimmick. Don't even get me started on 5G. Talosive Tech made a whole video on 5G recently talking about how it is everyone overreacted with 5G taking about youtubers.

  • One 2 Infinity

    Plz do a battery draining & charging test between mate 30 pro ,note 10+, vivo nex 3, Asus Rog phone 2 & iPhone 11 pro max .it will be the best video of 2019