DRUMMERWORLD by Bernhard Castiglioni
DRUMMERWORLD by Bernhard Castiglioni
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Steve Gadd: Lucky 13
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Frank Bellucci: Drum Solo
Views 17K25 days ago
Eric Moore: DRUM SOLO
Views 7K2 months ago
Ray Luzier: RAIN
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Views 2.8K2 months ago
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Views 1.1K2 months ago
Barry Altschul: Drum Solo 2
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  • Cristian Villegas
    Cristian Villegas 33 seconds ago

    Genio atemporal !!!!!! Chaffee is god!!!!!!

  • David Sullivan
    David Sullivan Minute ago

    That guy's face says it all, totally astonished

  • Hary Kurup
    Hary Kurup Hour ago

    Wah, what a performance

  • DeAngelo Ealom
    DeAngelo Ealom Hour ago

    This man went crazy. The last time I seen him go off like this is when he played you are my friend for Patti Labelle. Wow, he is an amazing drummer. I got some more practicing to do. I would love to get lessons from him

  • Dan Batzlaff
    Dan Batzlaff Hour ago

    A master percussionist at work

  • Jaswant Singh
    Jaswant Singh Hour ago

    Wah kya baat👍 ustaad ji apne tou 440 volts bijli bi fail kr dyi.....etna shoking prfomance..❤❤

  • Crown Corners
    Crown Corners 2 hours ago

    Millennials " Tom Hanks is pretty good on drums".

  • Deon Van der Westhuizen

    There are more talent in 10 seconds of this video than an entire year of Grammy winning modern computer / Autotune music.

  • novola1972
    novola1972 2 hours ago

    Travis Barker is better

  • Christopher Wildrick

    Nussbaum is a beast. Conducted one of the best masterclasses I've ever attended.

  • Tyrone Jeff O'Reilly Ramirez

    I like Peart a lot. I think he's a fantastic drummer but this is bad, plain and simple

  • deadburnit
    deadburnit 3 hours ago

    I quit.

  • Robert Boyle
    Robert Boyle 3 hours ago

    I talked to billy at night trains in cleve ohio....i also bought the bass player and the guitarist a drink..they were very nice people...no egos

  • David Suprenant
    David Suprenant 4 hours ago

    Smoking Joe,the man the real legend.!!!

  • Androk Koi
    Androk Koi 5 hours ago

    The James Jamerson on drums!!

  • Ashraful Rahman
    Ashraful Rahman 5 hours ago

    Loved it

  • Yousef DQR
    Yousef DQR 5 hours ago

    Just when you think this guy did something cant be topped, the other start displaying something tottaly different and unparalleled. Tremendous amout of talent in all three of these legends

  • heatherdaydream
    heatherdaydream 5 hours ago

    Now I known why I love the sound of the motor at the jungle camp in Predator.

  • begotten59
    begotten59 5 hours ago

    Fantastic 🏆🏆🏆

  • Paul Torrisi
    Paul Torrisi 5 hours ago

    I often wonder what Eddie Van Halen on guitar, Neil Peart on drums, John Lord on Hammond and maybe Steve Harris on bass would have produced in the 80's?

  • Giovanni Di Martino
    Giovanni Di Martino 6 hours ago

    That high Tom's speaking!!!

  • sai krishna
    sai krishna 6 hours ago

    Waah Taj 😂😂

  • Piauí Bateras - Kessio Drums

    Faz muita falta 😕

  • The Artist Formally Known As Shitlord

    Extra kudos awarded for playing whilst having a mullet.

  • Tomi Igo
    Tomi Igo 7 hours ago

    Steve have straight thumb just like mine. Vinnie has a bent thumb.

  • Paulo de Tarso Porrelli


  • wayne jones
    wayne jones 8 hours ago

    👍 😎

  • Michael Fox
    Michael Fox 8 hours ago

    Watching this reminds me of the no talent entertainers we have today

  • Scott Sycamore
    Scott Sycamore 9 hours ago

    Peart just represents human excellence. What this man accomplishes behind that kit is nothing short of phenomenal. History will look back at Neil as a true "New World Man."

  • Nick Lewis
    Nick Lewis 9 hours ago

    Absolutely one of the greatest drummers..

  • Leonid Logak
    Leonid Logak 9 hours ago

    Amazing !

  • DRUMatthias
    DRUMatthias 10 hours ago

    The guru Originator, the Zappa Master and the breakout Shooting Star. These 3 tux'd and mulleted gents will forever be 3 of my top 5 fav drummers to ever walk the earth. To see them play side by side by side, even all these years after the fact is mind blowing, jaw dropping and utterly awe inspiring.

  • Kmarty2000
    Kmarty2000 10 hours ago

    Mad respect for the skills of John Blackwell. R.I.P.

  • jeki2552
    jeki2552 11 hours ago

    Интересно..КТО ставит дизлайки...полные дебилы или тролли?

  • augenbutter
    augenbutter 11 hours ago

    Can't take sides!

  • bjfdog
    bjfdog 11 hours ago

    Why does a drummer wear a watch? To tell the time. Why did the vegetarian drummer get kicked out of the band? Because he was always eating beets.

  • bjfdog
    bjfdog 11 hours ago

    Oh. Bowties and cufflinks cuz Buddy Rich wore those and probably yelled at his band on the bus.

  • Chris Michaels
    Chris Michaels 12 hours ago

    Great drummer gone WAY TOO SOON!!!😢 RIP, JB 🙏🕇

  • Zach Stanard
    Zach Stanard 12 hours ago

    When playing drums in general - and especially when soloing - it's critical to keep musicality. Otherwise it's just like watching someone run through a few pages of rudiments. I have never heard of this guy before, but he does exactly what one should do when soloing: keep the musicality and vibe going while telling a story. Very tasty - has the old-school chops. If you were to take Elvin Jones, Art Blakey, Roy Haynes, and Chico Hamilton, with a bit of Rufus "Speedy" Jones mixed together, this would likely be the result. Good job!

  • onemoremisfit
    onemoremisfit 12 hours ago

    That china has a pretty big bite taken out of it.

  • Wadsmitter
    Wadsmitter 13 hours ago

    From 2:50- Benny Greb made a cover of this, right?

  • Psychedelic Love
    Psychedelic Love 13 hours ago

    His shirt is sick as fuck

  • Vince Stefanetti
    Vince Stefanetti 14 hours ago

    Wow this is great!!

  • snorgisborg2
    snorgisborg2 14 hours ago


  • 65TossPowerTrap L
    65TossPowerTrap L 14 hours ago

    Three greats from the golden age of ENTERTAINMENT!

  • Diamondbackf1
    Diamondbackf1 14 hours ago


  • Tony LaMont Billings
    Tony LaMont Billings 15 hours ago

    In addition to playing with Prince and Frankie Beverley. He also was the drummer for Cameo. You have to have a funky drummer to hold down Larry Blackmon grooves. Him and Prince are making some great music on the other side. R.I.P 🥁

  • Diego Rosada
    Diego Rosada 15 hours ago


  • MrKayaker69
    MrKayaker69 15 hours ago

    Now this is what you call FUCKING TALENT .......MIND BLOWING 😱✌️🤘🦡💀☮️✌🏽🐶

  • Jickmady Kulkarnisteakbacon


  • Steve Carlson
    Steve Carlson 16 hours ago

    Wow. mad skills. I agree with mike Patton..Reminds me of when Bela and Victor start running on different time schedules, but they all keep it together. Awesome and inspiring.

  • 55baltimoreboy
    55baltimoreboy 16 hours ago

    Damn !!!!!!!!!

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat 16 hours ago

    Anyone notice no one played Ludwig drums?

  • David Gulik
    David Gulik 16 hours ago

    At like 4:08 I thought that was steam coming off his cymbal

  • Geilson Costa
    Geilson Costa 17 hours ago


  • firedrum8
    firedrum8 17 hours ago

    Notice how he never hold the sticks the old Jazz fashion way? The power punch behind every note had some much feel. Even some Metal. Omg I love it. Tx

  • Zeusren
    Zeusren 17 hours ago

    La verdad que son 3 maestros

  • motox947
    motox947 18 hours ago

    I did sound for these guys at GC in carle place probably in 99 or 2000. They did a clinic for us and what an awesome couple guys. super nice and we had a blast. I still have the signed cd from it.

  • Keith Sanders
    Keith Sanders 18 hours ago


  • Hugo Andrés Núñez González

    Nooo noooooooooooooooooooooo!!! 😈

  • steve jenkins
    steve jenkins 18 hours ago

    Steve just goes w/o sayin'! And I sure miss Richard. Steve went with Richard like hand and glove. Outstanding!!

  • Albano Lico
    Albano Lico 19 hours ago


  • Robert Hurless
    Robert Hurless 19 hours ago

    Wow, is there anything this man cannot play?

  • Daniel_Alan_ Music
    Daniel_Alan_ Music 19 hours ago

    What year was this? These guys are amazing, and the hair?? even better 🤣🤘🏼

  • kasHkan
    kasHkan 19 hours ago

    How did it happened , he was so young and lot to play . Man this is sad , Rest In Peace

  • Vanila Blue
    Vanila Blue 20 hours ago

    Oh my lord to awesome

  • uwizeyimana Elie
    uwizeyimana Elie 20 hours ago

    The bass is killing omg

  • holnrew
    holnrew 20 hours ago

    He's amazing to watch, his arms just fly around his relatively still torso.

  • knifeguy Rob
    knifeguy Rob 20 hours ago

    What a Rush!!!

  • russell kidner
    russell kidner 20 hours ago


    ROBERT WILLIAMS 20 hours ago

    Worlds greatest Drummer

  • David Lee
    David Lee 21 hour ago

    I carefullly shook gads hand. Nice guy

  • many querque
    many querque 21 hour ago

    Rock and jazz!

  • Jeremy Coppin
    Jeremy Coppin 21 hour ago

    Wow. Phenomenal playing. Beautifully recorded esp since it's a live recording in '89.

  • Raypower Obuks
    Raypower Obuks 21 hour ago

    Rest in Peace JB. God bless your Soul

  • Andrew Kosiba
    Andrew Kosiba 21 hour ago

    Nice Lady Madonna quote.

  • Rob October
    Rob October 21 hour ago

    i was at this show back in the day!

  • MANгуст
    MANгуст 21 hour ago

    В чьих руках?!-в умелых руках и х...й балалайка!!!!!☝️

  • Peter Charles
    Peter Charles 21 hour ago

    Another genius taken too soon !!

  • Nick Casabona
    Nick Casabona 21 hour ago

    241 people didn't like it. haha

  • Tad Petrie
    Tad Petrie 21 hour ago

    Hands down, the BEST solo I've ever seen him do!!! I wish I had seen this show instead of that god-awful "Test For Echo" tour!

  • Andy A
    Andy A 21 hour ago

    I think Neal does better in big band than in Rush. Nice.

  • Spencer Jessee
    Spencer Jessee 22 hours ago

    I haven’t been rattled by the technique of someone’s double stroke roll control like that since I first saw Tony Williams. What a fucking insanely talented player

  • Whit Gurley
    Whit Gurley 22 hours ago

    Ahead sticks weren't developed until 1992 - anybody know what black sticks Steve is slinging here?

    • Whit Gurley
      Whit Gurley Hour ago

      Got it, thanks.

    • Jordi Baselmans
      Jordi Baselmans 11 hours ago

      Whit Gurley Vic Firth signature sticks bro come on you can google that I used to always play those.

  • kaadauwgg
    kaadauwgg 22 hours ago

    At around 4:50 or so, I thought he was about to jump in to Hot for Teacher.

    • James Reeno
      James Reeno 14 hours ago

      Alex Van Halen got it from Billy Cobham.

  • iron fist
    iron fist 23 hours ago

    Grande Peart! Ma questo genere non é nelle sue corde, secondo me.

  • barrie
    barrie 23 hours ago

    I don’t know much about drumming..but I know that was great..

  • Kevin Hudson
    Kevin Hudson 23 hours ago

    Theres only one buddy rich and one neil peart. I was fortunate to see neil in concert 21 times Always a learning experience, even got his autograph. I miss seeing him behind the kit but he gave us years of great drumming. Big influence in a lot of lives .thanks neil you rock🎓

  • pallavanimator
    pallavanimator 23 hours ago

    Imagine suddenly tabla catches fire and he still not stops playing

  • Retired Early 53

    What do you have today, that even comes close to these Three Guys ?????????????????

  • Dan Koning
    Dan Koning Day ago

    Buddy, you blew Krupa-out-of-the-park; it wasn't even close. It isn't that Krupa isn't good, its just that Buddy is exceptional.



  • David Alexander

    All the showboating even the best has to jump into it folks it ain't what it used to br

  • Mike Kelly
    Mike Kelly Day ago

    Steve should have told them "I didn't interrupt you two when you played, let me play my thing".

  • Tony Stokes
    Tony Stokes Day ago

    Nice big heavy boots for extra power to pummel the life out of the bass drum.

  • Auto Focus
    Auto Focus Day ago

    Camera man must have heard Robin William’s farting wife joke.

  • Norman Clature

    I played some Stage Band in high school and enjoyed it but this stuff I just don't get.

  • Alfredo Montenegro

    ideal para el día del Profesor!!! muy bueno!!!

  • bergschoorsteen