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  • Matias Suzart
    Matias Suzart 3 minutes ago

    16” MacBook x dell xps15”

  • Paras Arya
    Paras Arya 5 minutes ago

    Virgin girls enters the chat

  • Arifur Rahman
    Arifur Rahman 7 minutes ago

    Plz do video on the big brother... 15 inch one...

  • Evolution of Everything

    "The 90 Hz screen is so smooth" "You uploaded it as a 30 fps video" "Shut up, click my affiliate links"

  • Saptadip Malakar
    Saptadip Malakar 12 minutes ago

    Review msi Modern 14.

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown 14 minutes ago

    So this is kind of an ideal eGPU laptop?

  • Ifkar Alhaq
    Ifkar Alhaq 20 minutes ago

    Actually im playing dota and use pudge as my hero and when i died i open youtube and end up in this video with pudge intro #truestory

  • Odin Asgard
    Odin Asgard 20 minutes ago

    I was just about to comment “That’s what she said” until I scrolled down lol.

  • Jonathan Jiang
    Jonathan Jiang 22 minutes ago

    Nobody: Comments: “EvErY iNcH mAtTeRs”

  • shiyuan lin
    shiyuan lin 25 minutes ago

    how to undervolt the 10th gen cpu? the xtu does't work and throttlestop can't run on my laptop

    AKSHAYE VAID 25 minutes ago

    Hey dave, how about adding a cooling pad and let it rip instead of underclocking ?

  • Michael Garry
    Michael Garry 27 minutes ago

    This is a very interesting option for people who need “enough” power on the move but have an eGPU at their desk.

  • Sriram Cheenu
    Sriram Cheenu 30 minutes ago

    Every in matters🤣🤣

  • Pj Gill
    Pj Gill 31 minute ago

    can you do a updated one? maybe for 16 inch ?

  • phuntsok angmo
    phuntsok angmo 39 minutes ago

    Hey Dave where is you MacBook 16 inch review Waiting for your review to buy it Please make it

  • Eat_toast
    Eat_toast 40 minutes ago

    does anyone know if undervolting will void my laptop's warranty?

  • Satyanarayana
    Satyanarayana 42 minutes ago

    This will be perfect laptop for many.

  • Hung Quang Tran
    Hung Quang Tran 42 minutes ago

    Holy shiete Dave, I've never clicked a video so fast in my life. The lingering question between this and new late 2019 Razer Blade Stealth.

  • bliz xavier
    bliz xavier 42 minutes ago

    Hi sir. Can u make a video on nvidia settings for gaming Laptop for smooth gaming experience ? Thanks.

  • Parth Parmar
    Parth Parmar 43 minutes ago

    Make a video on best laptops for architects..

  • Ethan Obial
    Ethan Obial 43 minutes ago

    nobody: dave2d on his title: *every inch matters*

  • Michael Collison
    Michael Collison 44 minutes ago

    Can we see a Razer Basilisk Ultimate Review? I am torn between the Viper and Basilisk.

  • Bekbol Bolatov
    Bekbol Bolatov 45 minutes ago

    where do u get so many laptops?

  • Jayden Gaming and more!
    Jayden Gaming and more! 52 minutes ago

    From the non low profile perspective and wireless perspective, it’s good, and I got it..

  • All Tech
    All Tech 54 minutes ago

    My boi Dave brought back the skechwork design 👌

  • Amol Mategaonkar
    Amol Mategaonkar 56 minutes ago

    Where is Surface Book2 ? Surprized to see no mention of it.

  • Nilesh Kumar Routray
    Nilesh Kumar Routray 59 minutes ago

    Dave Lee - "every inch matters!!!!"

  • なみ
    なみ 59 minutes ago

    Dave be making "inch" jokes since the MacBook 16"

  • Half Alligator
    Half Alligator Hour ago

    I have XR and can't really make out the pixels unless I'm like a few inches away... prefer the longer battery.

  • Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin

    MSI's keyboard font choice is awful, don't know why, always hated it. Looks tacky.

  • Sherif Aziz
    Sherif Aziz Hour ago

    Have you tried using eGPU on it via TB3? How's the performance? Particularly the thermal performance.

  • Jahid Anowar
    Jahid Anowar Hour ago

    Linus's line getting famous.

  • Chxse Wrld
    Chxse Wrld Hour ago

    we just gonna ignore the mf iphone 5 chillin on the table.

  • Player1original
    Player1original Hour ago

    I'm drunk and it's almost 5 in the morning here. But an excellent video from Dave2D is still an excellent video!!!

  • kapuchinoe
    kapuchinoe Hour ago

    Would be nice to see your opinion on the Dell G5 5590 RTX

  • Jayan Mago
    Jayan Mago Hour ago

    Do a review on the MSI Modern 14 laptop i7 variant. It's cheap and has reasonably good specifications. A lot of price conscious buyers might consider that device too.

  • Tornado Prince
    Tornado Prince Hour ago

    Me watching D2D It's gonna be so calming and silent and clean. Intro : GET OVER HERE!!! Me : WTF??

  • Ronit Satapathy
    Ronit Satapathy Hour ago

    Finally drawings are back, yay!!

  • Fried Meth
    Fried Meth Hour ago

    "every inch matters" *I'm not gonna say it* *I'm not gonna say it* *I'm not gonna say it* *I'm not gonna... Oh fuck it... That's what she said.

  • Anne Diche
    Anne Diche Hour ago

    You look like you took drugs you ok man?

  • Sudhanva Ganesh
    Sudhanva Ganesh Hour ago

    Hey Dave love your reviews! Are you gonna review it’s twin the P15? I’m interested in that or the PS63

  • xxnike629xx
    xxnike629xx Hour ago

    I've never used an MSI device. However, if a laptop has lots of ports, good battery life, and has user upgradable components (at least RAM and internal storage) ... Then personally I'd be satisfied. With that said, if I were to get a laptop, I'd go with _at least_ a 15" or 16" device. 14" seems too small and 17" seems like it'd be too big.

  • Ken Chapman
    Ken Chapman Hour ago

    There's no 4k option on the link in your description. Is the 4k screen available yet?

  • Tlotlo Senai
    Tlotlo Senai Hour ago

    Please send me a Windows laptop you aren't using 😭 I have a MSI CR 640 which I've had for about 6/7 years but its charger broke 😭

  • devan johnson
    devan johnson Hour ago

    and how does a grill cutout make a laptop look cheap. ur buying it for the hardware

  • S K
    S K Hour ago

    These laptops are still 1.7k despite being 2 years later?

  • devan johnson
    devan johnson Hour ago

    lol such a low price.....1500 lol

  • Willy M
    Willy M Hour ago

    wish I can afford one.. oh, well...

  • Hinata Tobio
    Hinata Tobio Hour ago

    Im confused what laptop to buy, my choices are the lenovo yoga c930, 520 (corei7), or should i go for a zenbook? Or does anyone have a better suggestion? I need a laptop for video editing and photoshop

  • MultiKhairullah
    MultiKhairullah Hour ago

    What if we use external under fan?

  • Arch-FX Gaming
    Arch-FX Gaming Hour ago

    - Better thermals - better keyboards - actual ESC key - Moar Powah - gpu is basically gtx 1660ti - 8 damn tb of storage - 64 gb ram - large ass battery - 16 inch in a " 15 inch " form factor - core i9 Yep , if i had money , i wouldnt regret buying this

  • Ayylon Musk
    Ayylon Musk Hour ago

    5:33, ahh so that's why every inch matters, huh?

  • Leon Ho
    Leon Ho Hour ago

    Always love your reviews! Please do a review on prestige 15!

  • Nikil Ragav
    Nikil Ragav Hour ago

    How did you get the 4k display at $1300?

  • María R.
    María R. 2 hours ago

    Just saw your "Back to School Laptops" and it was SO good, damn. 😍 Hit so many points & I felt that. I discovered the Acer Aspire 5 (NOW WITH BACKLIT KEYBOARD, I'm in love)....🥰🥰 Left me thinking, it'd be dope if you made a "BUDGET LAPTOPS TO BUY ON 2019" 🤩 or you know: best bang for your buck, etc, etc. You're the RIGHT guy for this! 💻 Regardless, within some videos of having discovered your channel, you got a new subscriber! 😀

  • Obra Ata
    Obra Ata 2 hours ago

    can you review also thinkpad laptops

  • Karthik Garimella
    Karthik Garimella 2 hours ago

    David uses other people's videos rather than his Respect, no other TheXvidr does this

  • STAN
    STAN 2 hours ago

    After infidelity ,d2d 's title:

  • Rabin
    Rabin 2 hours ago

    "Every Inch matters" TELL HER 😧

  • Faris Salman
    Faris Salman 2 hours ago

    *Liquid Metal enters the chat*

  • Smart Phone Fix
    Smart Phone Fix 2 hours ago

    now all laptop manufs started copy asus with lifting laptop when opening lid..

  • The Deviant Developer

    Somebody's been watching South Park.... #IDW

  • Aymen Haily
    Aymen Haily 2 hours ago

    When she's really considerate

  • Go Raid
    Go Raid 2 hours ago

    I bought intel 9th gen i7 gaming laptop

  • Sanketh B
    Sanketh B 2 hours ago

    ELAN touchpads always stop working!

  • kolozac
    kolozac 2 hours ago

    Mostly due to the 90W power adapter. The CPU can take 45W and GPU need 35W. When GPU is fully loaded the CPU is limited to 25W or less.

  • Minh Lê
    Minh Lê 2 hours ago

    Try harder Dave. Just haft pass No Nut November. :))))

  • Usama Bhatti
    Usama Bhatti 2 hours ago

    How did you undervolt gpu?

  • Foofy
    Foofy 2 hours ago

    I didn't feel like I would need to see a video. I was going to get a MacBook. Not someone who needed a budget option. Then I went online. Didn't realize MacBooks were starting at $2300 nowdays. Jesus Christ

  • Ti M
    Ti M 2 hours ago

    My older 13.3" LG N450 had an i7 3612QM and a Radeon 7650M. The i7 3612QM was a 35W TDP CPU, but it ran slightly overclocked. The Radeon 7650M used to draw 20W. So... In total it was a 55W TDP system and it could ran at maximum speed and overclocked indefinitely without throttling. The i7 and i5 10th Gen U are both 15W TDP with a minimum 12.5W and maximum 25W configurable TDP. The GTX 1650 is supposed to be a 35W TDP GPU. It the CPU is limited to 15W, the whole system is 50W, but if the system runs with maximum power, it could reach 60W, which is probably the same power consumed by my old LG N450 13.3" laptop. In other words, it's quite disappointing to see a poor cooling solution on this new system, when older laptops with similar size and power dissipation could sustain full speeds without throttling and also with some overclocking or TurboBoost.

  • Rama Mishra
    Rama Mishra 2 hours ago

    Did he just say '8 Megs' of video memory?? Welcome to the early 90s baby!!!!! 😄😄😄

  • Eli Santana
    Eli Santana 2 hours ago

    Single fan? Come on MSI.

  • MiguelPpM
    MiguelPpM 2 hours ago

    Damn, can’t afford.

  • Ricky Siu
    Ricky Siu 2 hours ago

    Does its track pad use Windows Precision driver?

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    崔效畅 2 hours ago

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  • Elbpirat1
    Elbpirat1 2 hours ago

    Wieso Deutsche Texte und dann in Englisch labern.

  • Sreeram P
    Sreeram P 2 hours ago

    wallpaper pls?

  • Nayre
    Nayre 2 hours ago

    MSI's laptop overheating? Nothing new here.

  • edwin k
    edwin k 2 hours ago

    Can you explain how to undervolt a intel processor and what are the hazzards.

  • A Hasan
    A Hasan 2 hours ago

    U r fucking confusing

  • Wesley
    Wesley 2 hours ago

    Dear Windows manufacturers, 16:9 panel on a creator oriented laptop is stupid! Where is 16:10 or 4:3?!

  • Berkay Umut Yesildagli

    People may think that detailed reviews such as talking about pkrt are not deep enough, they are wrong. It is highly appreciated.

  • Charger Sheen
    Charger Sheen 2 hours ago


  • Malligrub 1
    Malligrub 1 2 hours ago

    Can't tell much difference between the screens? That comparison is night and day in quality - the 4K looked amazing, the 1080p looks like a 90's film in comparison😄

  • Amina
    Amina 2 hours ago

    You have no idea how happy this title made me happy!

  • Diko Project Photography & Films

    Where ca I download those Wallpaper??? Please

  • Jamie
    Jamie 2 hours ago

    Was just gonna get the G-pro too. The viper ultimate just arrived in the post lol.

  • Aaron Carandang
    Aaron Carandang 3 hours ago

    "Every Inch Matters" - Dave Lee 2019

  • Kafeya Jahan
    Kafeya Jahan 3 hours ago

    I think dave is sitting on a chair maybe :p

  • 桜木明
    桜木明 3 hours ago

    My macbook air butterfly keyboard is so low profile

  • ant l
    ant l 3 hours ago

    Dave: ...every inch matters Me: that's what she said

  • ShinPachi The Straight

    Yea, what she said...

  • Max Do
    Max Do 3 hours ago

    So how do I undervolt it? Intel XTU doesn't work very well.

  • Anang Sulistyono
    Anang Sulistyono 3 hours ago

    Dave you make some very great videos. But please, make some with different backgrounds.

  • JFTWynn
    JFTWynn 3 hours ago

    Will this work with the razer core?

  • Logan Poe
    Logan Poe 3 hours ago

    That fucking title has me dying 😭

  • Varene Huy
    Varene Huy 3 hours ago

    Whar about the Prestige 15?

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    Parvesh Khatri 3 hours ago

    Great laptop assembly animation

  • Yeetininthe 90’s
    Yeetininthe 90’s 3 hours ago

    Every inch matters-Dave 2D

  • María R.
    María R. 3 hours ago

    did he just mentioned refurbished or used? Finally a down to earth laptop reviewer! I'll cry 😭 tysm