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  • Joestradomas
    Joestradomas 2 hours ago

    Ok, so I don't really mind, but just for future reference... this was a summary. You explained nothing that wasn't actually in the movie and minimal commentary. You also summarize the ENTIRE movie... not the ending. So... Ending Explained is just patently and demonstrably false. that said, it was a decent movie.

  • madhatters crafts
    madhatters crafts 2 hours ago

    I thought that the people who saw and still lived were people with mental health issues and evil people the ones that have no Constance?

  • fullmetalninjadog
    fullmetalninjadog 2 hours ago

    A lot of people feel that new ending was a good change

  • Graham TeStroete
    Graham TeStroete 2 hours ago

    Now thinking about these books they probably shouldn’t have been for me to read in 2nd grade

  • Crystal B
    Crystal B 2 hours ago

    GAAAHHHH....that hand scene still gets to me. *CRINGE*

  • CodeNameZang YT
    CodeNameZang YT 2 hours ago

    Please claim your "here before 1mil views" pass

  • MoonCrystalPower19
    MoonCrystalPower19 2 hours ago

    This shit was scaring me like I was actually watching the movie! Lol 😂 😭😭😭 FR

  • JokesGames YT
    JokesGames YT 2 hours ago

    Do S3 please

    ASDFG HJKL 2 hours ago

    Honestly, I saw the movie before watching the trailer, and it was the greatest movie ever. Loved every minute.

  • Cole Meyer
    Cole Meyer 2 hours ago

    Very good summary! Just one point to weigh in on. As far as IT's weakness, it's not totally accurate to say that they are determined by it's current form. The key is belief, and that in IT's case (because of it's metaphysical nature), belief can be turned into a weapon against it. When he shapechanged into the werewolf, the kids were unified in their belief that a silver round would hurt it, and so it did. Focused, weaponized belief. It didn't have to be in the form of a weapon. Richie basically....did one of his impressions at the monster and believed with all his will that it would ward off/hurt the creature. And so it did. Even to the point of causing wounds to it's material avatar. The Ritual of Chud incorporated this idea. Great video!

  • Luciel Choi
    Luciel Choi 2 hours ago

    Personally I think the jokes were quite good. After an unsettling scene or a jump scare it made me feel something like better. I could focus on the story and the next scare was kinda scarier cause I was sorta comfy at the most ridiculous moments. Just because of the jokes I thought like: yeah.. Nice. Good one!.... S#IT WHAT WAS THAT???????

  • Austin Storm
    Austin Storm 3 hours ago

    Please do 'One Hour Photo'! Please do 'One Hour Photo'! Please do 'One Hour Photo'! Please do 'One Hour Photo'!

  • Ken Doggf
    Ken Doggf 3 hours ago

    Prequel to bridbox

  • madhatters crafts
    madhatters crafts 3 hours ago

    These are the kind of movies I love to watch. this is how i rate a movie. The ones where you have to pause or you will miss some vital information, the movies today i could make a cup of tea and still know the plot LOL

  • Macks Castle
    Macks Castle 3 hours ago

    Cyborg noodle regains consuesness Cyborg noodle: *o c t o p u s*

  • Kampfarsch
    Kampfarsch 3 hours ago

    How nice of evil ghosts to always help people get over their trauma

  • Magical girl Unicornia

    I would just steal money and food. Pretty sure that’s what most people would do

  • DeepFried Wat3rMel0n

    did anyone else notice the blue swastikas on the back wall at the end when she throws up the eyeball.

  • random tall person
    random tall person 3 hours ago

    It be great if the next film starts with the bat from hell coming back that would make for some really scary moments if done right

  • America
    America 3 hours ago

    I had high hopes for this movie Sadly it was boring and way too long

  • Patrick
    Patrick 3 hours ago

    You know, many of the things you said is not entirely accurate. I think you just gloss over the movie without properly watching the movie. You also only scratch the surface of the story and the characters. So this review of yours kinda disappointed me. Watch it again. This time concentrate. You keep wanting a strong female character, but that itself is so unrealistic. Any normal person would have react the same way. You are just picky and want a female from 'You're Next' movie and ignore what this movie is about or fail to understand what kind of person the female character is in 'Ready or Not'. You totally fail in reviewing Daniel and Alex characters or the story. Also there is still the stable where all the dead bodies the family killed, but Grace can easily show proof to the police even if the mansion burn down.

  • h V. _
    h V. _ 3 hours ago

    You’ve done it TheXvid, recommending me this before I watched the movie and I don’t have the will to not watch this.

  • Cesar Davila
    Cesar Davila 3 hours ago

    Hey! Can u do an ending explained for Ad Astra?? I know it's not really ur scene but I like the way u explain things

  • Valentin Bulugu
    Valentin Bulugu 3 hours ago

    Need post-credit scene where pewdiepie is in it

  • James Lumba
    James Lumba 3 hours ago

    This dude "And play cards of humanity uhhh this is the future ladies and gentlemen" The whole internet in 2019:and I oop sksksksks

    ALPHA WOLF 3 hours ago

    Great vid! All I need now is the childs play 2019 and I will be complete.

  • The Truth
    The Truth 3 hours ago

    Man you self proclaimed critics pennywise is a shapeshifter a fucking prim a fucking deadlights his true form is closer to a giant spider he is part of the red in the universe of the dark tower.

  • Kylo Dawg
    Kylo Dawg 3 hours ago

    @foundflix At 7:38 you say "whatever material his axe is made of is apparently strong enough to stop bullets". Most people are unaware that most bullets are made of lead ( which is dense yet a soft metal) accompanied by a copper jacket "full metal jacket". Some rare exotic bullets are solid copper but not commonly used. In the movie it was a shotgun shooting at him, presumably using a slug which is unjacketed lead. Below is a link to a video of an average run of the mill axe being shot by various cartridges and I think a lot of you will find it surprising.

  • Brandon Telesky
    Brandon Telesky 4 hours ago

    your not following the rules of hallowing your not wearing a costume

  • Abbi Donovan
    Abbi Donovan 4 hours ago

    Can u do Signs next? 😁

  • Brandon Telesky
    Brandon Telesky 4 hours ago

    did any one realise ginny has the coolest 11 cosplay

  • chandler helt
    chandler helt 4 hours ago

    The ending is a disappointment not the movie itself.

  • Bored Mary Read
    Bored Mary Read 4 hours ago

    So I can finally say that picture is pretty accurate to that whatever the hell it is

  • Gene jordan
    Gene jordan 4 hours ago

    every brother born in the usa knows you go nowhere with white people outside of a major urban environment! STAY AWAY FROM WHITE PEOPLE IN RURAL AREAS....they change.

  • Moonbeam444
    Moonbeam444 4 hours ago

    I noticed a baby gate.... did you have a baby or get a puppy lol? :)

  • On Fleek-a-chu
    On Fleek-a-chu 4 hours ago

    Hahaha you two are adorable dorks :3

  • Becca Barrientos
    Becca Barrientos 4 hours ago

    Ok but... wait. I grew up watching paranormal ghost hunters and what ever else. So dont judge me. but. @FoundFlix think you might have a evp in the backround on your recording. at 13:33 when you talk you can hear a female or young male's voice say something in the backround. like "what" or at least thats what it sounds like. Creepy but fitting for the horror video, is your place haunted or am i just hearing things?

  • Shraddha Sheth
    Shraddha Sheth 4 hours ago

    I feel this is an insane movie without any story and lot of shit just for horror sake. Pity for the ones who watched this movie and wasted thier time and contemplated on it.

  • yash budwal
    yash budwal 4 hours ago

    A satisfying end to this movie

  • madhatters crafts
    madhatters crafts 4 hours ago

    Did we watch the same movie?

  • A2B
    A2B 5 hours ago

    The one attacking the Engineers is the Predator.

  • Joshua Fass
    Joshua Fass 5 hours ago

    I liked the one where he died at the end better because it showed he realized the error of his ways enough to reunite with his Daughter in the afterlife. The ending where he survived is the worst one because even though he reunited with his wife, the voice on the recorder wasn't his daughter but the room intimidating his daughter, there is no closure from that.

  • WhyEXE
    WhyEXE 5 hours ago

    Is Mama really a bad spirit?

  • Arandomguy XD
    Arandomguy XD 5 hours ago

    For me pennywise spider form both the classic and modern are terrifying because I have a spider phobia.

  • A M
    A M 5 hours ago

    I generally. Think that it 2 was better than the 1st one they truly. Did something beautiful

  • Leonardo G
    Leonardo G 5 hours ago

    I'm you're new fallower, I really like how you brake down movie films so easy to understand, thank you for your hard work.

  • K Pierre
    K Pierre 5 hours ago

    I really want to write a script but idk how to. Anybody have any suggestions?

  • Makeup by Desiree C
    Makeup by Desiree C 5 hours ago

    worst movie ever

  • TFPrime217
    TFPrime217 5 hours ago

    The way he pronounces the names of monsters😂

  • Project Nightmare
    Project Nightmare 6 hours ago

    This movie makes me kinda think of frankensteins army

  • Eden erpelding
    Eden erpelding 6 hours ago

    The serum reminds me of a cure for wellness

  • Chandy Boy
    Chandy Boy 6 hours ago

    Tried watching this but his voice is so god damn annoying

  • Travis Griffin
    Travis Griffin 6 hours ago

    This movie will probably find cult status and slowly be considered great cinema 20 years from now

  • n b
    n b 6 hours ago

    One of my favorite movies of all time 🙌

  • Dylan Turley
    Dylan Turley 6 hours ago

    Do a Skinwalker Ranch Ending Explained!!!!!

    IAN SINCLAIR 6 hours ago


  • Fichstar
    Fichstar 6 hours ago

    Honestly one of the most boring movies, I have ever watched. Wasn't even close to being any kind of scare. Weird? Yes, but not scary. Just kind of plain, boring and the story is told is such boring way, the only thing that kept me watching was because of how weird it was, and I wanted to see where the weirdest would go. All in all, pretty much a waste of 2 hours.

  • Prebuilt Chunk
    Prebuilt Chunk 6 hours ago


    LATONYA FUQUA 6 hours ago

    Charlie seems autistic

    LATONYA FUQUA 7 hours ago

    I was creeped out and I've seen it 3x.

  • The Banished Child
    The Banished Child 7 hours ago

    The only thing I didn't like was that 20min in i could already tell that the brother was dead

  • Poetic_Determination_ Ig.


  • A2B
    A2B 7 hours ago

    Basically wahmen in general.

  • Stockwell Santley
    Stockwell Santley 7 hours ago

    Jesus! Dangling participles is the true hell here. 'Coming back inside, the window slams onto his hand' : The window isn't coming back inside, the man is! 'His face obscured, yelling for him to call the police' - The MAN isn't yelling for him to call the police, Mike is! 'When trying the key, it breaks off in the lock': When WHO is trying the key? Can the writers REALLY not hear that these sentences make no grammatical sense? GOD!!!!

  • Kara The Divine
    Kara The Divine 7 hours ago

    IT Chapter two ending: Comedy Central presents - The Roast of Pennywise.

  • IDont LikeTraps
    IDont LikeTraps 7 hours ago

    Pennywise: im hungry. Leta see whats on the menu Some random gay guys: *exists* Pennywise: *maniacal laughter* this will spark controversy

  • jaeD sixx66
    jaeD sixx66 7 hours ago

    Great vid and hate to be that guy but Judith Myers body was never unearthed, just her gravestone

  • Beth Lowery
    Beth Lowery 7 hours ago

    So . . . no mentioning that Richie is gay and in love with Eddie? Anyone? I thought it was super sweet.

  • Kyla Dunlap
    Kyla Dunlap 7 hours ago

    I don’t understand that second ending though because there is a second movie and she did actually make it out. She’s out in the beginning! So that doesn’t make any sense to have her stuck in there.

  • Scott Free
    Scott Free 8 hours ago

    Great video you nailed it definitely answered some things i always thout wern't right nor did i understand but still confused on the newest how is lori still alive n she is a old lady in the new one

  • Jeremy Skelton
    Jeremy Skelton 8 hours ago

    How can the behemoth be over 200 ft tall when you say the legs making up for half it's height is only 18ft? Logic dictates that is a case of not going through your own "findings" before making this video...

  • keito-kun
    keito-kun 8 hours ago

    ive just watched it in my laptop (cam version, i didnt get to see it in d movies coz the local theaters already stopped showing it... missed my chance...) a few minutes ago... and i think i am super glad i did... i can minimize the screen or mute it when something scary's bout to happen... (gv me a brk, i watched it in midnight, no lights, alone) idk if its becoz of d effect of my setting but, hell, it scared d shit out of me .. genuinely terrified, for the first time in a very long while... a horror movie that i actually want to mute ..

  • Ar Ss
    Ar Ss 8 hours ago

    That kind of tenticle with mouth and teeths r exactly the same in berserk manga.

  • Sasha Romano
    Sasha Romano 8 hours ago

    Remember that time Bruce beat the shit outta superman by having Green arrow spray a small dust cloud of kyptonite in his face ? .... Yeah .... The movie aint got shit on the animated series .

  • Aditya Vats
    Aditya Vats 8 hours ago

    So the motherfucker is over 60 ! WHAT THE HELL?

  • Stockwell Santley
    Stockwell Santley 8 hours ago

    Oh, God, writers PLEASE teach yourselves about dangling participles. Cannot STAND those mistakes which ABOUND in this vid.

  • SomeKid IgUess
    SomeKid IgUess 8 hours ago

    Why watch the movie when you can just watch foundflix. That is why I subbed :) <3

  • The idiots are Winning

    There is no murder for hire on the dark web. There are scams advertising hitmen which just try and take money from idiots. However, the hacking in this movie is not improbable and totally doable.

  • The One
    The One 8 hours ago

    Ohmygod yesss thank you!! I love this movie so much

  • Fiddley Fox8991
    Fiddley Fox8991 8 hours ago

    I, for one, believe one is never too old for candy and costumes, on Halloween or otherwise.

  • мυzzιε
    мυzzιε 9 hours ago

    Ben changed alot and i mean... ALOT

  • Tornado 7
    Tornado 7 9 hours ago

    Movie Song(it)

  • The Old Shoes
    The Old Shoes 9 hours ago

    *All this noise about mama* MY BROS ARE ALL THINKIN THE SAME THING.. *WHAT ABOUT PAPA?*

  • Mark Morales
    Mark Morales 9 hours ago

    eddie is gay, that was his secret.

  • Redneck Gamer
    Redneck Gamer 9 hours ago

    What if a person moves in the house has no kids? Baghoul is fucked?

  • Peeter Kalle
    Peeter Kalle 9 hours ago

    hahateh parody tho xd idk for some reason i laughed way too hard

  • jweinrub
    jweinrub 9 hours ago

    Great video. While I enjoyed the movie as a whole, I do understand why you had problems with the film.

  • Cuelynn
    Cuelynn 9 hours ago

    When will there be another vote ?

  • Loki the bird
    Loki the bird 9 hours ago

    I'm German Italian, main language being German, meaning I cant translate limbo, what does it stand for?

  • Skylight
    Skylight 9 hours ago

    The 2nd movie had a great cast and great acting, but it was too long and kinda meh. I don't think I'll ever rewatch it tbh.

  • Sad Bill Clinton
    Sad Bill Clinton 10 hours ago

    Movie was a letdown for me, especially the ending.

  • Kim jong illest
    Kim jong illest 10 hours ago

    Does the ending really need to be explained?

  • Brandon Sutton
    Brandon Sutton 10 hours ago

    This movie suckedddddd if i was stephen king i would denounce this film immediately and let someone who knows what they are doing make the correct adaptation of the books. The books are amazing, but god did this movie suck.

  • Rauhal
    Rauhal 10 hours ago

    Why pay to watch the movie

  • Brandon Sutton
    Brandon Sutton 10 hours ago

    I think DC messed up big when casting the batman. Im pretty sure i wasnt the only one who was pissed that we didnt get the batman who we been with for 3 movies and hes just superior in everyway for the role batman.

  • ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna

    What's up with people in scary movies running to save the day on their own without letting anyone know where they are going?

  • SpeckleHen
    SpeckleHen 10 hours ago

    Arrgghh this such a good film I'm still struggling with it though understanding the time travel etc

  • The A-ron
    The A-ron 10 hours ago

    5:48 we don't ever find out why he's in the game. Go watch the movie again. They clearly state it's for being a drunk teen and causing a car wreck that killed his 2 friends and another driver.

  • Boy L.
    Boy L. 10 hours ago


  • SpawnSp89
    SpawnSp89 11 hours ago

    I think they should have used the Macroverse elements and history between It and Maturin to make the movie feel apart from the 1st one/...