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  • Mananoke Muchila

    I feel bad for Spencer, he's working so hard yet his team constantly fails him

  • Juraj Kubek
    Juraj Kubek 8 hours ago

    am I only person who think it was false win from WOO? He was wearing the shoes........

  • Lyndsie Makena Official

    Tasha has always been one of my FAVORITE survivors members.

  • Jimmy The Jet
    Jimmy The Jet 9 hours ago

    Not true eye ball

  • Kini Lavoa
    Kini Lavoa 11 hours ago

    Jtia is doing it late

  • Bryan Alba
    Bryan Alba 12 hours ago

    Rob sucks... It took him 4 times to win.... It took Sandra 3 times to lose.

  • Midna Lazuli
    Midna Lazuli 14 hours ago

    Do you think J'Tia and one of the beauties may have accidentally been put on the wrong tribes during casting?

  • Lemonade WithSnacks
    Lemonade WithSnacks 17 hours ago

    Why is Alexis always sitting it out 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Kittygurl1023
    Kittygurl1023 17 hours ago

    I know Tasha wasn’t the best in the brain tribe but she’s honestly a great leader and did really good leading her tribe in the puzzle

  • Lemonade WithSnacks
    Lemonade WithSnacks 17 hours ago

    J'tia sucks so bad 😭😭😭 I can't take it

  • Unconsciouzone
    Unconsciouzone 18 hours ago

    Here's what I'm curious about. What the hell are they going to do with those enormous busts after the season is over? Wouldn't it be a trip if a pole shift event occurred before they could be moved to the "Survivor Hall of fame Museum" at the 2040 Disney World? 20,000 years from now, some poor sap is going to dig that up and make up all kinds of weird stories..Based on legend of course (-:

  • K-popper love
    K-popper love 19 hours ago

    *Total Drama Island in real life*

  • Benji *
    Benji * 20 hours ago

    The butch old lady bus driver Janet wins this season. #seasonruined sorry not sorry

  • XxBlue NightxX
    XxBlue NightxX 21 hour ago

    I have a feeling that Spencer is a tryhard.

  • Haute Voltage
    Haute Voltage 23 hours ago


  • moonhead538
    moonhead538 23 hours ago

    Okay guys, as much as I hate the fact that there are way too many twists these days, I don't think you guys realize this, but literally having absolutely no twists whatsoever or anything is BORING. Like, do you want to see Borneo and Thailand every season? I'm waiting...

  • Rajendra Bhandari

    What A game i like it 18 sep 2019

  • Rajendra Bhandari

    Sep 18 2019

  • The Tess-Shocker

    Exactly the same answers as aj

    QUKIX Day ago

    4:41 camera went on her and i laughed my ass off that facial expression

  • Midna Lazuli
    Midna Lazuli Day ago

    "He will not know what immunity feels like" Foreshadowing.

  • Nico.bossasaurus

    Where is Russel

  • Lemonade WithSnacks

    Wow. She just nailed that 😂😂😂 all these boys just got beat in about 30 secs by a person who was waaaay behind in the challenge

  • Lemonade WithSnacks

    Survivor weather is paid actress 😂😂😂😂

  • Angus Kart
    Angus Kart Day ago

    What moron thought up this one?

    QUKIX Day ago

    uSuAlLy I aM gOoD aT pUzZlEs. -J'tia

  • Caty Sandy
    Caty Sandy Day ago

    لا تيأس لا تستسلم جازف غامر مرة تلو والأخرى وستنجح في الاخير 😍

  • Elmer Ortiz
    Elmer Ortiz Day ago

    Will finally go back to watch Survivor to watch Sandra and Rob. Two of the best to ever play the game.

  • Gentlemen Team

    Monica and sarah bra and panties must be damn smells. How nice if get to smell with honour.

    • Gentlemen Team
      Gentlemen Team Day ago

      35 days wearing same bra and panties both of them. So nice get to smell those bra and panties of them.

  • Syrenadi Jackson

    Yo the way cliff laughs

  • Andrew Colbert

    In the end they all looked like they are either covered in peanut butter or 💩

  • Txfu
    Txfu Day ago

    Total Drama Island irl

  • Exotic state
    Exotic state Day ago

    War dog more like no dog

  • Kittygurl1023
    Kittygurl1023 Day ago

    Wendy NEEDS to come back for a future season

  • Exotic state
    Exotic state Day ago

    "Guys I'm so tired" she think she the only one tired

    THE DUST Day ago

    I cry honestly. I did.

  • Exotic state
    Exotic state Day ago

    All because of keaith I wouldn't be surprised if he got to go home

  • Over the edge
    Over the edge Day ago

    When is the new season?

  • thetigereyes53

    Survivor winners season 40 will have Boston Rob voted out really early (due to immunity idol play) and Sandra not lasting much longer. Amber has a major beef with Parvati about Boston Rob's voting out. The final three is Kim, Yul, Michelle. Hope this helps!!!

  • Roman B
    Roman B Day ago

    zzzZZzzzZZZzZZ this show is good for sleeping

  • Stephen Sweeney
    Stephen Sweeney 2 days ago

    Spencer called cass A brain dead weasel I just wanted to say look in the mirror buddy your hair is like a hedge hog and punch him

  • Immy Moves
    Immy Moves 2 days ago


  • Cosmic Jerry
    Cosmic Jerry 2 days ago

    🏝️ I hope there's a bug eating challenge. 🐜🐛🐌🐜🐛🐌🐜🐛

  • Alexandra .Willitts

    1:41..............The most powerful group of women we've ever had..............????? Yeah, OK. (8^P

    • TheGrayLink
      TheGrayLink Day ago

      Alexandra .Willitts than that one goes on a rant about women being weak wtf has she never seen the show ?

  • Joey Brown
    Joey Brown 2 days ago

    Russel hantz was right on his TheXvid channel, this season looks like trash

    • TheGrayLink
      TheGrayLink Day ago

      Joey Brown hopefully it’ll be a beautiful train wreck

    QUKIX 2 days ago

    taller people should have been on the front-

  • charliz antonette
    charliz antonette 2 days ago

    is this a live show or pre filmed?

  • The Chosen1
    The Chosen1 2 days ago

    Not sure how these contestants are going to prove themselves when most of their advice are going to come from Rob and Sandra

  • Maddox 30 SC
    Maddox 30 SC 2 days ago

    This is probably the cheapest auction ever in survival history😂

  • fsemuit
    fsemuit 2 days ago

    I need a idol

  • super man
    super man 2 days ago

    It's really cool to see how positive everyone is. The experience must be amazing.

  • David Brunet
    David Brunet 2 days ago

    For the love of GOD ...please stop giving that bloated moron Boston Rob a platform to showcase his massive EGO ! I mean didn’t it take him 3 attempts to win . Give any player 3 attempts and ...wait for it , maybe others can ALSO win . Now you filled his head even more by dragging him back on tv and filling his head that he’s done kind of GOD . Another new low for survivor!

  • brenda cornejo
    brenda cornejo 2 days ago

    Porque en inglés, debería de haber en español

  • Jamila Ali
    Jamila Ali 3 days ago

    Next time run

  • Kweku Ivan Vassall
    Kweku Ivan Vassall 3 days ago

    Hope this is a test to see if Rob+Sandra would make good Survivor hosts (why not have both - Dutch Survivor has two - male/female). Also, whoever wins - weird bc if they got advice throughout can they really take full credit? (unlike traditional seasons)

  • Kittygurl1023
    Kittygurl1023 3 days ago

    Wendy did amazing this time, like she sprinted up that ramp and was the reason they won the puzzle challenges

  • xNational Anthem
    xNational Anthem 3 days ago

    When did spencer call kass a brain dead wessle

  • Inari Toppin
    Inari Toppin 3 days ago

    Jatia rll f**cking stupid I hate her

  • game file plays
    game file plays 3 days ago

    Sarah looking like she met a model when thinking of tony

  • Rc_ KiNg
    Rc_ KiNg 3 days ago

    Are You Allowed To Have Sex?? Or Will It Just Be Way To Gross..Just Wondering

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 3 days ago

    I can’t wait to see more of Missy!!! :D

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 3 days ago

    My friend is on this season!!! I was wondering why she disappeared for a little bit 😅

  • Atom m
    Atom m 3 days ago


  • Lucky Duck
    Lucky Duck 3 days ago

    Jeff54321 Me splash

  • Breona Warren
    Breona Warren 3 days ago

    Did he yell “This way” to blindfolded people

  • Itswichgaming - awsome gameplay and content!

    I love spicy sauce so much I could could eat those bbq ribs in one bite

  • SC Cubing
    SC Cubing 3 days ago

    Not be sexist or anything but all of the girls on Survivor are weak and if was just the guys it would be a lot more entertaining

  • Kayden Ong
    Kayden Ong 3 days ago

    If you don’t like Woo then you have a serious mental problem

  • sunflower gang22
    sunflower gang22 3 days ago

    3:45 thanks Jeff lol

  • Kayden Ong
    Kayden Ong 3 days ago

    Woo almost made it Gj Tasha and Woo

  • xDex
    xDex 3 days ago

    God his gripped shoes didn't MATTER. The freaking wind can tip him over + if water was on the wood as he had swam to the triangle it would be wrt and if you have something stick you know you cannot grip and stick on

  • Nixcy Murage
    Nixcy Murage 3 days ago

    Tina😂😂😂😂😂😂looks like they clogged her head so funny

  • Amy Combs
    Amy Combs 4 days ago

    My bucket list wish is to be on this show. I have applied and I can't stop thinking about the show. It's awesome!

  • Arun Sodhani
    Arun Sodhani 4 days ago

    Purple wali team showoff Kar rahi thi kudhi har gayi inke Saath yahi hi na chahiye

  • Somi mah bae
    Somi mah bae 4 days ago

    lmao 2019

  • SoViEt UnIoN
    SoViEt UnIoN 4 days ago

    CBS: Lauren was great TV! Let’s get another college soccer athlete CBS: *Casts Analyse* CBS: OK no more college athletes now

  • Bunbunny
    Bunbunny 4 days ago

    The moment that the video start I was looking if Spencer was there. When I didnt see him "****".

  • Warren Miranda
    Warren Miranda 4 days ago

    3:13 fck this planet !

  • Kayden Ong
    Kayden Ong 4 days ago

    Who else think they should get different codes ⬇️

  • Bunbunny
    Bunbunny 4 days ago

    Spencer face was like"Thank god! I have new teammates"

  • Kayden Ong
    Kayden Ong 4 days ago

    I thought it was north playing for not worth playing for Like this if you agree ⬇️

  • Kayden Ong
    Kayden Ong 4 days ago

    One of the easiest challenge

  • Kayden Ong
    Kayden Ong 4 days ago

    Spencer did nothing if Woo was changed with Spencer that would be a unabeatable team Woo Tony And Jeremiah

  • Kayden Ong
    Kayden Ong 4 days ago

    Me:This look easy *1 minute later* Me:Nvm

  • Breona Warren
    Breona Warren 4 days ago

    That pizza should have came with a bath

  • Breona Warren
    Breona Warren 4 days ago

    Tony wanted to knock Woo out & take a rib 😂

  • Daniel Natal
    Daniel Natal 4 days ago

    Huge "Survivor" fan. I may not be from the "Island of the Idols," but, as a couch potato, I'm from the Island of the IDLE. I've seen every season. I absolutely love Sandra Diaz-Twine and Boston Rob. That said, the news about this upcoming season scares me. Probst said something to the effect of "A big controversy in the culture is gender, so we're going to take advantage of that this season." I hope to God the franchise isn't going to take the low road and give us a season full of statistically marginal people to be exploited. That would be in poor taste, like inviting viewers to point and laugh at the circus freaks. It's not about "diversity," but making people "rubberneck at the weirdos". It's a cheap way to try and make up for the fact that they didn't cast any charismatic people like Malcolm Freberg, Joe Anglim or Stephenie LaGrossa. "Survivor" has always been hit or miss, being heavily dependent on the charisma of its players. A season with no charismatic people is deadly. You can't get charisma out of a jar. Or out of a "ready-made identity," like some Goth who slaps on make-up and has an over-the-counter personality. Being gay or transgender isn't enough to make you interesting. Sorry. We need more than that. . . . If this season is going to present a bunch of "Little Bus oddities" (in a bid to try and help flagging ratings) I have little faith left in the show. . . . From the cringey (corporately "diverse") players they showcased on this video, I have a sinking feeling about what a snoozefest this season looks like. "Look! It's a boring lady! But whoa: She's a boring LESBIAN!" "Hey, check out the boring accountant. But he's a transgender accountant!" No one wants to see that exploitative garbage. ("But did I mention that it's a PUERTO RICAN transgender accountant?") ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Unicorn King
    Unicorn King 4 days ago

    Those ribs are making me hingry

  • DavidSriracha
    DavidSriracha 4 days ago

    Can't wait

  • Shawanda Jenkins
    Shawanda Jenkins 4 days ago

    They should go on naked and afraid or alone .. Boston Rob or Sandra

  • Gabe Creates
    Gabe Creates 4 days ago

    We need to go back to location rather than these themes

    • TheGrayLink
      TheGrayLink Day ago

      Gabe Creates hoping they go back to Africa or something I’m tired of seeing the same boring ass island they use every season (yes it’s the same island from the last seven seasons)

  • teamsteed1
    teamsteed1 4 days ago

    Can't wait for the season! :)

  • Nathan Hansen
    Nathan Hansen 4 days ago

    Twist prediction: they will eventually be competitors

  • Big Bodie
    Big Bodie 4 days ago

    Get a fat dip of that gauc

  • Epic Gamer girl
    Epic Gamer girl 4 days ago

    I would destroy them statues if I saw dem

  • Inari Toppin
    Inari Toppin 5 days ago

    Not to be rude but what kind of pants jatia got on🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mister GGG
    Mister GGG 5 days ago

    Sandra should have never won at all and is not legendary. Russell Hantz is the best survivor player.

    • Mister GGG
      Mister GGG Day ago

      Sandra was a goat, she was not strategic or cleaver and she won because the flawed jury system was butt hurt against the person who should have won. BOTH TIMES!

    • The Chosen1
      The Chosen1 2 days ago

      Winning twice is not a fluke

  • Natasha Dingalo
    Natasha Dingalo 5 days ago

    Go tasha that's my name

  • Finelle Channel
    Finelle Channel 5 days ago

    I dont like Spencer

  • Eazy Brothers
    Eazy Brothers 5 days ago

    Tony can play John Wick put him some hair and ready to roll