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  • Raven Jane
    Raven Jane 2 years ago

    Is this your video?

  • ࣭
     2 years ago

    Did I miss every single livestream lately or did you just stop for one reason or another?

  • Baby Items List
    Baby Items List 2 years ago

    Awesome channel. Keep up the good work.

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    I like all your videos guys, keep going

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    Can ER 3 years ago

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    Ally ATK 3 years ago

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  • 심재민
    심재민 3 years ago

    안녕하세요~너무 재미있는 영상이라 저희 매체에세 소개 하려고 하는데 어떻게 연락 가능한지요. 답글 부탁드립니다.~

  • Purrnest
    Purrnest 3 years ago

    Thank you for all the cute and funny videos!

    ALPHA TIME 3 years ago

    Hey Friend, I hope you are having a fun day filled with happiness. I love your channel and hope we can become supporters by watching each others content.

  • OMoCha小遊戲
    OMoCha小遊戲 3 years ago

    A very good channel with funny videos!

  • VietkidChannel
    VietkidChannel 3 years ago

    i love baby. thank so much for funny videos!

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  • Health TV Bengali #জিবন হোক নিরাপদ#

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  • Isaac Boisvert
    Isaac Boisvert 3 years ago

    Thank you for your great videos ill be sharing and liking

  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi 4 years ago

    😍What a funny channel👍💝🌞😊🚼😵

  • Sarah Todd
    Sarah Todd 4 years ago

    i love you guys

  • TKR2015
    TKR2015 4 years ago

    Good Clips :)

  • Daisy Donnelly
    Daisy Donnelly 4 years ago

    i wanna take all the BaBys In AlL YoUr YoUtUbE ViDeOs AwAy FrOm ThErE HoMeS To My HoUsE AnD be there foster parents foster brother,fostersister,and foster everything XD

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  • The House of Jokes
    The House of Jokes 4 years ago

    Thank-you for sharing this channel. I really like the appearance of it a whole lot.

  • CatDogGoneWild
    CatDogGoneWild 4 years ago

    Funny Stuff!!!

  • Toymaton
    Toymaton 4 years ago

    Your videos truly have us laughing out loud. Keep it up! We subscribed!

  • ThatType
    ThatType 5 years ago

    Hi :DDD Im Bored. On someone's AMAZING channel when I'm bored is just what I do best =DD KEEP BEING AWESOME! -GT

  • Naeema Albalooshi
    Naeema Albalooshi 5 years ago

    =D= lol guys I want funniest VID in the world

  • karina baluna
    karina baluna 5 years ago


  • Susanne Bender - Constantino

    I just watched "babies eating lemons for the first time" and would like to know something. Why would an adult give a lemon to a baby, knowing how tart it is? Is something wrong with these parents?

    • Health TV Bengali #জিবন হোক নিরাপদ#
      Health TV Bengali #জিবন হোক নিরাপদ# 3 years ago

      +Susanne Bender - Constantino hahaha most funny it is

    • Susanne Bender - Constantino
      Susanne Bender - Constantino 5 years ago

      @funnyplox I see your point ... My bad.

    • funnyplox
      funnyplox 5 years ago

      It is a parent's job to introduce a baby to all the things the world has to offer. Some people enjoy sour things, same as others enjoy sweet things. If you watched the entire video you would see some babies would put it in their mouths 2nd and 3rd times while others would throw it away after the first taste. Just because you personally don't like sour things does that mean you shouldn't let your kids try it? That's an interesting parenting style..

  • Toddler Masterclass
    Toddler Masterclass 5 years ago

    Thanks for the funny videos. Keep up the good work and ignore the negative comments.

  • Arian26
    Arian26 5 years ago

    i subscribe you ...if you like my last video with my nephew Joni (1 yrs old) ,you can use it in babies compilation ;)

  • DiomedesIsHit
    DiomedesIsHit 5 years ago

    I'd just like to say thanks for brightening up my day. Your videos give me a little slice of happiness that I often find myself going without. It's a shame that optimism and joy attracts those who are hateful, who mistake the satisfaction of spite for happiness. But You don't let them get you down. You keep weathering their barbs and venom, because you know that your message will always be the most powerful, and that your positive influence might be just what they need to shake off the shackles of cynicism and embrace the good things in life.

    • funnyplox
      funnyplox 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing Diomedes! Also for acknowledging that I keep going in spite of so many negative commentators! Can never keep everyone happy, that is for sure. I am glad I can bring light to your day and that you are able to enjoy my videos as they were meant to!

  • Fiona Antonello
    Fiona Antonello 5 years ago

    Sou uma bulldoguinha atrapalhada e sou nova no youtube, acompanhe meus videos e se inscreva no meu canal!! Lambeijos

  • Eric Gottlieb
    Eric Gottlieb 5 years ago


  • Cute'n'crazy Cats
    Cute'n'crazy Cats 6 years ago

    what's a plox?

    • BluesBadTom
      BluesBadTom 2 years ago

      LOL, should of used that word when you used my grand-kids video.

    • funnyplox
      funnyplox 5 years ago

      It means please. =]

  • Hirokichi
    Hirokichi 6 years ago


  • Kitty Lover
    Kitty Lover 6 years ago

    LOve your channel and videos VERY FUNNY!! love it!! subed! sub back?!

  • mullai kumaran
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  • IllusionSoundClips
    IllusionSoundClips 7 years ago

    Cool Channel! I like Your Stuff

  • Kennedy Thal
    Kennedy Thal 8 years ago

    Thank you for being a friend. Don't be a stranger.

  • NatePinkyVideos
    NatePinkyVideos 8 years ago

    thanks man!

  • NatePinkyVideos
    NatePinkyVideos 8 years ago

    you rock !

  • MrsDoomguy
    MrsDoomguy 9 years ago

    Hello! :D

  • Brandie Ortiz
    Brandie Ortiz 9 years ago

    No problem (:

  • Brandie Ortiz
    Brandie Ortiz 9 years ago

    Hope you're having a good week and enjoying yourself (: