Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Hozier: Jackboot Jump
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  • Sonia Sanchez
    Sonia Sanchez Hour ago

    What a shame fake jews the world knows who the real jews are

  • Bob Doubter
    Bob Doubter Hour ago

    One of my newest crushes along with James Acaster and Rachel Riley.

  • Jewel
    Jewel Hour ago


  • Mike CanKill
    Mike CanKill Hour ago

    Quentin looks like he lost weight :)

  • Donovan
    Donovan Hour ago

    *On ♪ the ♬ first ♩ day ♫ of ♪ Christmas ♩ 🎅🎄:* Trump Steak, Trump Vodka, Trump Magazine, Trump Water, Trump University Diploma, Trump Airlines, Trump Mortgage, Trump Charity Foundation, Trump Football Team, Trump Bike Races, Trump Casinos, Trump's Bankruptcies, Trump's Word, .... etc. *Winning!* 🥇🥇🥇

  • KingJames 1611 Galatians 4:16

    He sounds DRUNK....

  • Donovan
    Donovan Hour ago

    *Trump:* Lord of the Lies and a *Wannabe King* with a *"God complex";* An unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or _infallibility._ *"The Chosen One"* with *Delusions of Grandeur,* a surging growth of *Paranoid* Personality Disorder, resentful *Envy,* childish *Entitlement,* an *increasing* prevalence of *Dementia,* spectacular *Narcissistic* Personality Disorder, cringe-worthy *Anti-Social* Personality Disorder, unbridled *Corruption* and a *Swamp of Greed.*

  • Rety Fuller
    Rety Fuller Hour ago

    A crook is always a crook! Trump never paid for his crimes in his entire life. Why would he pay this time? Trump has this "quality" that always runs from reality! Trump creates his own reality and finds his cronies to pay for his crimes! WTH

  • free2express08
    free2express08 Hour ago

    Ari has an odd sexiness about him. SMH. Yeah, um, down with Trump.

  • LD350
    LD350 Hour ago

    It's crazy that nobody went to jail or was impeached when Hillary and obama actually did impeachable and corrupt crap. This is soooooo's in ludacris mode. The corrupt politicians want to keep being corrupt...that's all this is!!

  • Captain Jaws
    Captain Jaws Hour ago

    I always notice that the folks in the background of Trump rallies are uhh.... let's say not the best of us. Eyes are a little close together, arms are little dangly, tummy is a little pouchy, and the haircut is either created by a hat, hidden by a hat or modeled after such. Trailer trash; I'm saying they're trailer trash.

  • SubversiveCitizen

    ....Um... So, I guess all you younger white-people forgot about shows like "In Living color", huh? "MAGA"... You know... Back when every single white person and the country in general was a stereotype for ignorance and racism; a joke to be laughed at but never, ever, ever taken seriously. And then you all act surprised that this is how it ended... WTF did you think this country "used" to be, you delusional fucks? XD

  • Hadassa M. Sylvestre

    Always love when Seth brings his family to the show. They're so cute ⭐💙⭐💙

  • Gojan gojana
    Gojan gojana Hour ago

    Trump for 2020 (⌐■_■)/////////////// (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Jani Laine
    Jani Laine Hour ago

    Just use debit on NFC payment...

  • LazyLamont92
    LazyLamont92 Hour ago

    I still sing that King Kong song

  • RansomeStoddard
    RansomeStoddard Hour ago

    "People say..." Translation: I just made the following statement up...

  • Gustavo Alvarez
    Gustavo Alvarez Hour ago

    The US is a modern day joke

  • RansomeStoddard
    RansomeStoddard Hour ago

    Trump was right about one thing. I am definitely getting tired of "winning". Can we just spray him with an antibiotic so he goes away?

  • esquibelle
    esquibelle Hour ago

    Brad better get him Oscar. So well deserved.

  • Josh M
    Josh M Hour ago

    Probably gonna cost Democrats the election.

  • OneSober Guy
    OneSober Guy Hour ago

    How can you guys elect such a dumbass as your leader? *looks over at Trudeau* Oh right....nevermind.

  • star burst
    star burst Hour ago

    Get the missing rubles first.

  • Cody S
    Cody S Hour ago

    scoops up salt like she's about to do a bump

  • NotedNuance
    NotedNuance Hour ago

    I watch a lot of British panel shows on YT... it is odd when I see those funny folks I've watched so much on American talk shows and have it just be because they've done something for American audiences and it has nothing to do with how absolutely hilarious they are on like 8 out of 10 cats does count down or big fat quiz.

  • 125min
    125min Hour ago

    Move over Michael Cohen, Rudy's coming to stay for awhile!

  • Lauryn Stewart
    Lauryn Stewart Hour ago


  • Charmaine Goulbourne

    Lindsey should read what he said about 45 in the pass since he's reading other people email or texts

  • Salix Nigra
    Salix Nigra Hour ago

    I wonder if his Bible thumping supporters had any issue with him saying the words " God damn" during this rant? Rather hypocritical, don't you think?

  • Jon Emery
    Jon Emery Hour ago

    Oh God, Thank You Mr. President.....My 401k just went up 350 points and now my pet cat purrs whenever I walk into the room. She used to hiss at me when I was broke.....You saved my pet marriage !!!

  • bryan wizz
    bryan wizz Hour ago

    Jack is werid o that couldnt anser simple questions.. or was he out of breath for all that non sence .. werido

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith Hour ago

    trump was asked if he would look at dirt on an opponent if it was offered him to asking for that dirt

  • Veneil
    Veneil Hour ago

    Jezus, how old is he now? He hopped onto that desk in a single jump....

  • Parker Hanson
    Parker Hanson Hour ago

    Bad joke at 15 seconds. I do remember my favorite ever joke by Seth which was "did you know he had zero hotels?"

  • John B
    John B Hour ago

    Admission of corruption if iv ever heard one putting judges into lifetime placements that in itself is a disgrace to the American people who get up n go to work every single 💚✌☝️

  • Tony Cheng
    Tony Cheng Hour ago

    What a idiot!!

  • Brad Cuthill
    Brad Cuthill Hour ago

    President Donald trump of United States now

  • Charmaine Goulbourne

    Only his people not calling it a crime😂😂😂😂

  • Bri D
    Bri D Hour ago

    He's facing impeachment and he's STILL going on about Obama? The only great things this presidency has is the comedic gold being rolled out every day and the obviously seething hatred Melania has for her husband.

  • Desktop Kitty
    Desktop Kitty Hour ago

    Because if you can't handle the heat, you go into the freezer.

  • R Neufeld
    R Neufeld Hour ago

    Canada stopped minting pennies in 2012 and quit distribution of them in early 2013. All cash purchases get either rounded up or rounded down to the closest nickel. If I’m being honest, I think I’d like to get rid of the nickels and dimes too.

  • Reggie 72
    Reggie 72 Hour ago

    All the people standing around Collins are embarrassed as hell... the guy to the right even looks like he’s going to smack his forehead at one point...and the lady to the left looks like she wants to hide......and who the hell is the idiot with a weasel taped to his head, standing on the Whitehouse lawn? What doesTrump do, search for the most odd looking people to hire?

  • Katie Hay
    Katie Hay Hour ago

    most ppl who get foodstamps are actual children. start asking repubs why they push so hard to remove the only reason kids get enough food to eat when the evidence doesnt even support their claims of rampant abuse.

  • byron p
    byron p Hour ago

    My take is that if (probably when) the Senate votes 'not guilty', the House will still have plenty of ways to bring new impeachment charges to the table and just keep the process rolling. Seems smart to me.

  • David Lloyd
    David Lloyd Hour ago

    Our Country has never done better under President Trump, and this is his thank you.

  • Shannell N.
    Shannell N. Hour ago

    I was confused and thought he was interviewing himself for a second

  • Julian Skinner
    Julian Skinner Hour ago


  • Hominini
    Hominini Hour ago

    Who makes fun of the disabled, calls Mexican rapists and thinks there were some very good people in that shameful tiki torch crowd in Charlottesville, Virginia? President Trump.

  • Nancy Chandler
    Nancy Chandler Hour ago

    I watch Ari every night. He really knows his stuff.

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy Hour ago

    Epic various shows entrances: Bill Murray ( David Letterman ) Jim Carey ( from various shows ) Will Smith ( Jimmy Fallon ) Jack Black ( Conan ) Andy Samberg ( Conan ) Chris Farley ( David Letternan )

  • John B
    John B Hour ago

    How did he get in power oh my days 😂😂😂😂❤👌

  • Gareth Keane
    Gareth Keane Hour ago

    I can guarantee you first hand that America has not become more respected by foreign countries because of Trump 😂

  • Roman S
    Roman S Hour ago

    Any idea is his mom still alive?

  • Krystal LP
    Krystal LP Hour ago

    He's not insane. He's not dumb. He says the things he says because his fan base eats it up.

  • trocarcat
    trocarcat Hour ago

    not sure if I should sell the house & move to Europe, or just open a Republican Meth Lab since Laws don't count anymore if you are "pro Trump" I wish I knew the secret was to steal until you are rich, then act like you are better than every body else and insult the people who didn't steal... I miss the 70's..

  • nil by mouth
    nil by mouth Hour ago


  • Margo Mason
    Margo Mason Hour ago

    Rudy Julie is a fall guy.

  • David Potts
    David Potts Hour ago

    Once upon a time in Hollywood was utter bollocks!!!!

  • mizzamystar
    mizzamystar Hour ago

    There's some serious pharmaceuticals at work here. Seriously what drugs are they giving the POTUS to keep him blathering on like that, slurring and rambling. The bastards send him out to humiliate himself and take all the heat, because he's so anaesthetised he can't feel it. Meanwhile while they confirm another 150 republican judges to cement their white supremacist vision. Its a sick affair.

  • Walk-in Mysoes
    Walk-in Mysoes Hour ago

    He needs his ignorant fuel.... (Just look at the ones in the back) so he can continue his babbling.....

  • 82 honda goldwing 1100cc

    Canada got rid of pennies years ago,

  • Lily Jade
    Lily Jade Hour ago

    Was Steve Miller there?

  • Nadi Nadi
    Nadi Nadi Hour ago

    Trumps doesn’t care to act like a normal person, because his deranged followers love his psychosis and will defend it because they are just as just as disposable as he is.

  • Diane Cadeau
    Diane Cadeau Hour ago

    He sounds like a drunk who thinks he's funny but actually sounds like a retard......that's Trump

  • Red Roy
    Red Roy Hour ago

    I think it was a good idea. Use umbrella indictments that contain multiple impeachable offenses.

  • manyonezerometalsmyth 66

    these ass-nutters think I'm headcleaner under the cross they live chasing me like I'm Walter building tall skyscrapers to the fires of Prometheus looking for some kind of croissant so the ascendant today is of Mars and Fire fertility is a goat and science a liar

  • poofy sushi
    poofy sushi Hour ago

    go back to snl

  • edward lee
    edward lee Hour ago

    Oh My GOD, what Trump is talking about ? After 2016 , all the world are laughing us, because we have this dummy sitting in the White House

  • Herufaia
    Herufaia Hour ago

    Ya know, it's funny that watergate will now be replaced on the common lexicon by......whatever the hell this is.

  • Bradden Scott
    Bradden Scott Hour ago

    Whats the difference between "irregular" and "outlandish"? In practical terms, not bullshit.

  • Robert C Hodge
    Robert C Hodge Hour ago

    Sir Rochford (last comment)is spot on and all the persons of interest who have been subpoenaed must as well. They are our employees and all employees have rules as do their employers.

  • Debbie Foster
    Debbie Foster Hour ago

    I have been horrified since the day trump took office.

  • Alice Fair
    Alice Fair Hour ago

    Collins is one crazy guy. He makes me nervous every time he’s on. His only rival is Jordan! Both should be ashamed of themselves

  • ErisRising
    ErisRising Hour ago

    Wow. A ton of the panel show comedians have tried to break America, but I don't think that any of them have managed to make such a positive impression on an audience. She killed it.

  • Carl Parish
    Carl Parish Hour ago

    Trump slurs sometimes like he is having a mini stroke.

  • Ken PH
    Ken PH Hour ago

    (5:26)I guess most of wife’s are happy with their husbands because compared to trump most of us are nearly perfect

  • M Benyossef
    M Benyossef Hour ago

    Lincoln assassination jokes. Too soon.

  • edward lee
    edward lee Hour ago

    This is a Rally of personal attack, very low class of no content

  • Lily Jade
    Lily Jade Hour ago

    Dude, Mueller Report was about candidate dotard. Impeachment is about crimes of current Potus, Ari! I preferred the ABCs of Impeachment.

  • Jenelle W
    Jenelle W Hour ago

    It is legend that not a single boring story, in the history of storytelling included JB.... I have the Seth Myers song in my head now thanks!

  • Billy Anderson
    Billy Anderson Hour ago

    Axe body spray the propellant is butane in a confined space it can induce heart attack.

  • Bob Upanddown
    Bob Upanddown Hour ago

    Love both of these guys. Two class acts.

  • Pauline Jaques
    Pauline Jaques Hour ago

    Why oh why do talk shows always have their guests sitting at a lower level?. It is so disrespectful, and makes them look as though they're in a job interview.

  • fonzarelo
    fonzarelo Hour ago

    She's nice and all but there were streaks of unfunny in this. Unlucky

  • Mr. Chips
    Mr. Chips Hour ago

    He belongs in a straight jacket.

  • Splendid Anomaly

    I wonder if he could get through a rally without the Adderall.

  • Scott Binns
    Scott Binns Hour ago

    A 'ludicrous conspiracy theory" after three years of this geek and the rest of the insane left shouting "RUSSIA!, RUSSIA!, RUSSIA!"

  • Colette Carroll
    Colette Carroll Hour ago

    Windmills - does he mean wind turbines? He doesn't like windmills? He's f*cked if he ever goes to the Netherlands ...

  • General Durandal

    ~ Trump is going after Social Security​​​​​​​ I rely on Social Security, it pays my bills. I have no way to get a job because of where I live, and it's the only place I can afford to live. I'll likely become homeless. ~

  • Olli Oxenfree
    Olli Oxenfree Hour ago

    Yes. Jim Jordan is someone to laugh at...he is a jerk, isn’t he! Ignore Jordan he is an idiot

  • General Durandal

    ~ Trump is going after Social Security​​​​​​​ I rely on Social Security, it pays my bills. I have no way to get a job because of where I live, and it's the only place I can afford to live. I'll likely become homeless. ~

  • General Durandal

    ~ Trump is going after Social Security​​​​​​​ I rely on Social Security, it pays my bills. I have no way to get a job because of where I live, and it's the only place I can afford to live. I'll likely become homeless. ~

  • General Durandal

    ~ Trump is going after Social Security​​​​​​​ I rely on Social Security, it pays my bills. I have no way to get a job because of where I live, and it's the only place I can afford to live. I'll likely become homeless. ~

  • Bev Roberts
    Bev Roberts Hour ago

    Trump lives in an Opposite reality.

  • pct87
    pct87 2 hours ago

    So he pressured the president of Ukraine to claim that he’s not being pressured.

  • Cameron Reyno
    Cameron Reyno 2 hours ago

    Orange man bad

  • YeeSoest
    YeeSoest 2 hours ago

    He's the quirky kind of likeable nerd that Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg would die to be...and are at times desperately trying to be

  • Rick Delgado
    Rick Delgado 2 hours ago

    Looking at the people behind him laughing at the stupidity of this president goes to show how ignorant and easily entertained they are. Like when they watched Trumpft on TV.

  • sij 80
    sij 80 2 hours ago

    It’s funny. Not sure if anyone sees it. But Jack Black reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix. They remind me of each other

  • Antonio Montana
    Antonio Montana 2 hours ago

    Luv you bruvs