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  • Isabel Ujano
    Isabel Ujano 6 minutes ago

    Oh wow

  • Asif khan
    Asif khan 11 minutes ago


  • jesseturnip
    jesseturnip 30 minutes ago

    Looks a little twitchy. Was it reacting to when wind?

  • Santal TV
    Santal TV 32 minutes ago

    I don't know why TheXvid recommended this video in September 2019

  • Cameron Hyatt
    Cameron Hyatt 48 minutes ago

    I haved 5000 panic attacks while finding info on this big ball of rock and still am sooooo if it hits I'm gonna be pissed

  • no name mc carl
    no name mc carl 53 minutes ago

    Black people could not do this that easy 😂

  • Justin Lewis
    Justin Lewis 58 minutes ago

    Musk is amazing. They are going to do round trips to mars using methane and oxygen. That is incredible!!!

  • Abraham Bongcher

    I love it. Good stability and balance with perfect maneuver.

  • The Birds
    The Birds Hour ago

    Best hair tutorial ever on you tube!!! You look great Gurl 🌹🌹🌹 Hey everyone why isn't this happening inside the Star Wars space ship couldn't they make the life inside like Astraunauts life for real or one may just dream everything is togged and settled in place 😂😂😂

  • Daniel Bolser
    Daniel Bolser Hour ago

    Inner serenity and cosmic consciousness...

  • Ravi Ojha
    Ravi Ojha 2 hours ago

    Ravi.ojha 🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮💔

  • Ramiro Amador
    Ramiro Amador 2 hours ago


  • ChloéRenée xD
    ChloéRenée xD 3 hours ago

    Ahhh thank you for this tutorial since I’m about to go on a business trip to Jupiter very soon!!😊👌

  • bill webb
    bill webb 3 hours ago

    This is animated no way its real.

  • Baffled An'Deranged
    Baffled An'Deranged 3 hours ago


  • Andy Waxton
    Andy Waxton 3 hours ago

    Warrior intensifies

  • Baffled An'Deranged
    Baffled An'Deranged 3 hours ago

    One hell of a hungry black hole🤪

  • Nikkithecatty
    Nikkithecatty 3 hours ago

    Space struggles: the waters getting away!!

  • Nick Havok
    Nick Havok 4 hours ago

    Retarded.. taking questions from 6th graders. What a bunch of staged crap. Why not questions from scientists? Oh that's right.. because they are not in space. They are actors and cant answer shiet.

  • gutter snipe
    gutter snipe 5 hours ago

    Look at the colour ...thank god we can breath...

  • Orangutan Sevgisi
    Orangutan Sevgisi 5 hours ago

    thats me

  • XHiddenLegendX LOL
    XHiddenLegendX LOL 5 hours ago

    At 2:43 look at the bottom right there is a guy just looking at him lol

    GIULIANO ROSSI 7 hours ago

    I work in AFOSR from many years, this only ridicolous country for America, we don't wrong as Cina EU and India too, is so much te better if they give that money for poor people who haven't food, so many of them death..I Worked to Curiosity program, bat se don't wrong

  • Mark Garduno
    Mark Garduno 7 hours ago

    Do you think that in our strand of galaxy(Milky way) , we are the only ones to hold life? Then you have the whole swirl, and the rest of the galaxies? It's no wonder we see so many ufo's or other phenomena on a global scale.

  • jack larkson
    jack larkson 7 hours ago

    thank you for telling a way that mortals dont understand at all.

  • Kareem Salessi
    Kareem Salessi 8 hours ago

    More E-tertainment in TheXvid::: (The International Space Station (ISS) Flyover March 2018)

  • G. West
    G. West 8 hours ago

    Very impressive.

  • Frank Nagelski
    Frank Nagelski 8 hours ago

    Military’s been terraforming mars for a long time,

  • Waseem Mirza
    Waseem Mirza 8 hours ago

    Hahaha modi kuti KY bachy tum log nakam ho nakm e rahao gay

  • Arsya
    Arsya 8 hours ago

    why am i watching this on 4am?

  • kataboliztic
    kataboliztic 8 hours ago

    8x the mass? Scoliosis as soon as you touch down.

  • 10.000 Subscribers Without Videos

    Am i the single one that is not in space ?

  • Kesar Vlogs
    Kesar Vlogs 9 hours ago

    Us paani ku apni GA***nd me daale bsdk 🖕

  • #droppedthekidsoffatthepool Whiting

    It would be an absolute Miracle if we were the only beings in our universe that are aware of our universe.

  • lonely girl
    lonely girl 9 hours ago

    Our life expectancy is too short and our technology still way too far from traveling light years or even approach to the light speed. So the matter of no use. Also even if our technology developed, we wouldn't be able to reach the light speed since we have a mass. And let's say that we traveled as fast as light- though it's impossible- we would need 100 years to reach that planet which is a period more than our life expectancy!

  • B J
    B J 9 hours ago

    WHY is the Dark Side of the moon SO LIGHT ?

  • John M.
    John M. 10 hours ago

    I feel so special

  • Eric Hardin
    Eric Hardin 10 hours ago


  • Killer Rina World
    Killer Rina World 10 hours ago

    do you wash your body in space and how if you do?

  • Khan Khan
    Khan Khan 10 hours ago

    I am from Afghanistan try again you are the herros. You will be successful.

  • Khan Khan
    Khan Khan 10 hours ago

    I am from Afghanistan try again you are the herros. You will be successful.

  • Desi Family Travelers
    Desi Family Travelers 10 hours ago

    Lesson learnt... Have a backup lander

  • Thomas Mahoney
    Thomas Mahoney 10 hours ago

    I have to ask the question, Why can we have go-pros on skateboards but all imaging of FAKE-X rockets are from miles away? I mean cameras should be attached all over the rockets and landing pad but we only get a distant view and David Copperfield brown dust storm on every landing. Can someone please broom off that landing pad?

  • ツDerpy
    ツDerpy 10 hours ago

    Poor dude.

  • Bruce Razor
    Bruce Razor 10 hours ago

    The future is here

  • Starlynx
    Starlynx 10 hours ago

    I wonder if there are other universes just like there are billions of galaxies....

  • thewrecked one
    thewrecked one 11 hours ago

    Like I'm going to the space :(

  • FeAR Turtle
    FeAR Turtle 11 hours ago

    how did this even manage to get into my recommend?

  • Yara Albushi
    Yara Albushi 11 hours ago

    Does your stomach fly in your body in space (iam asking because iam going to escape school so yea😂=

  • William Wright
    William Wright 11 hours ago

    Fly, beautiful bird, fly!

  • anonymous sucker
    anonymous sucker 11 hours ago

    Everyone commenting about how this got so many views Dude!! Come on guy washed his hands in the space..Not like you're father does after a every morning after shit

  • murugaiyan p
    murugaiyan p 12 hours ago


  • Shahab
    Shahab 12 hours ago

    respect from pak,next time don't worry Sir,,,

  • Dan X2
    Dan X2 12 hours ago

    Featured on Astral Education

  • mark galetti
    mark galetti 12 hours ago

    I have bragging rights to my kids has anybody been inspired by one of the actors films? Nick the astronaut is the inspiration but the actor took the compliment which isn't in reality. Egotistical liberal scum

  • joseph meredith
    joseph meredith 12 hours ago

    It's amazing,grown adults believe this crap is real. They support these morons. Truley pathetic.

  • mark galetti
    mark galetti 12 hours ago

    Navigator's jealous of Jason Bo and I'm third which is a charm

  • arif
    arif 12 hours ago

    Inshallah we will try again and we will get success.

  • jester
    jester 12 hours ago

    cave tech b.s.

  • alexandro diogo
    alexandro diogo 12 hours ago

    Its like super saiya 3

  • Sietse Meter
    Sietse Meter 12 hours ago

    after about one minute i was expecting David Gilmore to come in

  • Jason Bo
    Jason Bo 12 hours ago


  • AskCarRental KassimBoss

    Fuck Dog Face Modi & your Cow Worshippers government.. I think u maybe forgot to worship your Dick God Linggam before sending de space Cow to moon.. pls search for a newer God as your Cow God are too stupid to help your space program so maybe Mr Bulldog Face Modi should try consider other god may a Pig is better

  • D. Grey, MBA
    D. Grey, MBA 12 hours ago

    That was uneventful; guessing that was the whole point.

  • tickle me and I'll Hurt you

    Looks like it would make a good probe Droid for the military

  • Kim Jong Un The Great Leader's looking very erotic🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ashwani kumar
    Ashwani kumar 13 hours ago

    PVC pipes for the support..!! Are you serious.. 🇮🤣🤣🤣

    HESEKLON ISFARON 13 hours ago

  • Neelam Lal
    Neelam Lal 13 hours ago

    *0:43* *_Sounds like growling-hungry zombie..._*

  • Howard Massicotte
    Howard Massicotte 13 hours ago

    what a fucken joke lmao

  • عبدالله خان
    عبدالله خان 13 hours ago

    Lollz so pity 😄😄😄😄😄

  • Bini L
    Bini L 13 hours ago

    @2:37 I really wanna know how the other man's spect is not floating away. He must have attached something at the hind of the spect so as to keep it fixed. Otherwise, even the wrist watch was floating.

  • IamScythed
    IamScythed 13 hours ago


  • Wayne Wonder
    Wayne Wonder 13 hours ago

    The award for the most useless video on TheXvid goes to...

  • Jon
    Jon 14 hours ago

    It's good to know that this black hole has a balanced diet

  • Dr3D
    Dr3D 14 hours ago

    Made in China

  • Dr3D
    Dr3D 14 hours ago

    Okay now enough tests, start using west europe equipment from now and on, since when you did believe china will provide you high grade communication equipment? everyone wants you to fail so be smart next time and use (US OR RUSSIAN Standards) only

  • Saksham Raj
    Saksham Raj 14 hours ago

    Man he looks like Ravi shastri all Indian will get this

  • Luther Martin
    Luther Martin 14 hours ago

    That's no black hole, that is my mother-in-law

  • Fred Hoffman
    Fred Hoffman 14 hours ago

    have bill maher fat shame it so it wont eat so much ..#spacefattie

  • kont in de mond
    kont in de mond 14 hours ago

    So it will eat earth like a cheeseburger

  • NoBurritoZoneXBL
    NoBurritoZoneXBL 14 hours ago

    Great we’re all gonna die!

  • Rainbow Ssky
    Rainbow Ssky 14 hours ago

    And i don’t think that its going to stop being hungry

    • Adio Fimaha
      Adio Fimaha 58 minutes ago

      being the center of the whole galaxy is a hell of a work, so nope gotta eat forever!

    • Luther Martin
      Luther Martin 14 hours ago


  • ้ั่ร เ่ย


  • ForLiverpool
    ForLiverpool 14 hours ago


  • Daniel M Connolly
    Daniel M Connolly 14 hours ago

    These people have a vivid imagination.

    • Michel Ramos
      Michel Ramos 8 hours ago

      All of that "imagination", based on REAL data, science, years of studies, thousands of research and million people involved; all the math and PROVES and so on....BUT, the guardians of "truth" and "reality" are the flat earth "scientists"!😓

    • D
      D 11 hours ago

      Except it's based on real data, math, and physics.

  • Sujal Zone
    Sujal Zone 14 hours ago


  • PetiSiAtat a
    PetiSiAtat a 14 hours ago


  • Mark Laurence
    Mark Laurence 14 hours ago


  • matt gixxer
    matt gixxer 14 hours ago

    Wait .. this is NASA's reusable technology? Maybe they should give they're budget to Elon. Then just sit back and watch the master operate.

  • Venreb Thokchom
    Venreb Thokchom 15 hours ago

    i was there in mercury too...

  • Blissxful Aesthetics
    Blissxful Aesthetics 15 hours ago

    Imagine sound can float in space

  • D C Varghese
    D C Varghese 15 hours ago

    Hot dildoo

  • Arjun Roy
    Arjun Roy 15 hours ago

    New navigation system? Cmon bro spaceX already invented it and had over than 100+ launches with their advanced reusable rocket!.

    • Don Jones
      Don Jones 6 hours ago

      It's new for this company. Had to develop their own, just like Blue Origin and the Chinese, plus several other companies, and I think the ESA.

  • Ranil Thilakaratne
    Ranil Thilakaratne 15 hours ago


  • Lian Pajarillaga
    Lian Pajarillaga 15 hours ago

    That's way too cool

  • Digimon Degidestined
    Digimon Degidestined 15 hours ago

    I would better hold my poop 💩 for a month. Better than pooping in th espace station.

  • Digimon Degidestined
    Digimon Degidestined 15 hours ago

    I dont want to be a astronaut anymore. I thought being astronaut was fun but when i saw this video😳😱🙁.

  • Süleyman Bulut
    Süleyman Bulut 16 hours ago

    Super animation.