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  • Bryan Fong
    Bryan Fong 4 hours ago

    Shit, i had the the voice control while watching this video and the phone was pretty much following the commands in the video. Basically the phone was following commands from the phone. This is some skynet shit lvl.

  • Com Bat
    Com Bat 4 hours ago

    It's a trap. The moon will be used as a Deathstar

  • Miles Campbell
    Miles Campbell 4 hours ago

    Um, look at a Samsung? 🤗

  • World Domination Community Channel

    It wont work for me

  • echoeee
    echoeee 4 hours ago

    Go home

  • Carson Lujan
    Carson Lujan 4 hours ago

    Missed one thing, in wallpapers In settings You can choose to have dark mode dim the background.

  • Kamiha Helberg
    Kamiha Helberg 4 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure this is exactly what is happening right now because like we know the earth has tilted witch means the earth is gonna flip

  • Black Diamond
    Black Diamond 4 hours ago

    I usually need 9 hours of sleep in order to function normally.. at the end of my bachelor studies I was getting 2-3 hours of sleep every night for 3 weeks (no naps in daytime; purely 20 hours of working every day), not because studies were hard, but because I missed the deadline for submitting a most I've got was 4-5 hours of sleep and that was once per week. I noticed all these symptoms - deterioration, heartbeat and so on. However there was one more thing - either because of lack of sleep or stress, I temporarily had something like breathing issues, leading to choking. Also, I must say that the whole time I was feeling exhausted, but my cognitive skills were almost the same as usual. When I had to present my thesis and respond to jury's questions, I stood there and did everything right, as if I was in a completely normal physical condition. Then on the next day had to take some exams, again it went well. I didn't really feel that much of a difference (if not at all) in my mental state, except being stressed. when employers ask me if I can work under pressure, I'll almost feel like saying "hell yeah".

  • Joseph Lawrence
    Joseph Lawrence 4 hours ago

    The scientific method requires repeatable experiments to analyze results and draw valid conclusions. Miracles and one off occurrences do not lend themselves to scrutiny by the scientific method. Scientists have to remain skeptical and request more evidence or forfeit their objectivity. An honest scientist (most of them) has to admit there is much in the universe we don't understand. In contrast to those less disciplined in their beliefs who jump at ascribing supernatural or alien origins to every phenomena not understood, scientist have a strong track record of moving the supernatural into the realm of testable theories. Even as science expands the boundaries of knowledge, we recognize the perimeter of that knowledge interfaces with an ever expanding surface of unknowns to explore.

  • Richard Brandt
    Richard Brandt 4 hours ago

    Time to retire a nearly 60 year old design and start with a clean sheet of paper......

  • hyuck.
    hyuck. 4 hours ago

    its ugly.

  • Poj Dia Vaj
    Poj Dia Vaj 4 hours ago

    Jeff still paying pawn move Elon is the king and queen

    YOURか TRASH 4 hours ago

    *apples new car.* Me: Where are the wheel's *You have to pay an extra 1000.*

  • Alpha 97
    Alpha 97 4 hours ago

    scientists always know better.. smd

  • Ashley Ain't Epic
    Ashley Ain't Epic 4 hours ago


  • Leopard Heck
    Leopard Heck 4 hours ago

    Please no one show this to whoever controls evolution

  • Renatas Samuchovas
    Renatas Samuchovas 4 hours ago

    She talks like that guy at the end of commercial, term and conditions apply.......

  • Brian Garland
    Brian Garland 4 hours ago

    The lack of an easy reach back button for IOS is wack. Apple should do it like oneplus gestures. Swipe up from the bottom right or left corner to go back. Not reach upper left corner.

  • Poj Dia Vaj
    Poj Dia Vaj 5 hours ago

    Old rocket companies that throws away the first stage will bankrupt.

  • Flame _F1yer2037
    Flame _F1yer2037 5 hours ago

    Im scared that if im in the sun too long the shoes wil melt on my feet

  • bf3bestpilot forever

    It's funny that it's only americans who see ufos 🧐🙄

  • bounsiarz001
    bounsiarz001 5 hours ago

    beacause NASA is freemason cheating organization not astronauts killer xD

  • Pedro Reis
    Pedro Reis 5 hours ago

    Really! Are this two scientist... Lol lol.... The want to do test and document to say those are fake.... Lol... Probably this two come from the family of scientists that said we couldn't have a machine that flies... They even seemed interested in the mater ( for a science person) We human need science people like Tony stark ( unfortunately he is not real).

  • Yabgu
    Yabgu 5 hours ago

    2023 yılını bekleyin,uyuyan kedi hücrelerimiz harekete geçecek.

  • tarkan U
    tarkan U 5 hours ago

    Noone cares Imessage outside of America enough with that shit

  • malenursenyc
    malenursenyc 5 hours ago

    Scientist dont have to confirm it they just need to stop calling people crazy who believe its from outside of this world.

  • Er dinç
    Er dinç 5 hours ago

    To all Turkish friends and other lovely people of the world ... First , as a Turkish man I need to note; that happened bc 8000-10000 and none of living races on earth now were not yet born at that moment. So , we didn't do that, but we all love cats and probably istanbul has the most cat population / m2 in the world. Now people living in Turkey are not just Turks came from Middle Asia, we are are mixture of genes of Turks, Hititian, Lidians, Ionians, Romans, Greeks, Troyians, Urartus, even Persians, Krimerians and many more. Anatolia is the mixture of many civilizations and sub-races. And all they are mixed in history. For instance what happened when rome conquered persepolis, did 1 million lidians died? No, they mixed with people of persepolis .Every conquer add a new ingredient to the soup. Politics make us think that we are so different but evolution proves opposite. So Please humanity grow up and stop racism in every way .

  • Gökalp Yoleri
    Gökalp Yoleri 5 hours ago

    Yabancı youtuber vs neden turkiyede bu kadar çok kedi var sorularına yanıt olmuş.

  • one
    one 5 hours ago

    In the little street where my home is located in Istanbul, there are more then 50 cats. Just in a small street

  • Cristian Montesinos
    Cristian Montesinos 5 hours ago

    I didn't subscribe to an apple channel, bye

  • Damocles
    Damocles 5 hours ago

    Cats are the owner of Turkiye.

  • Red Dog
    Red Dog 6 hours ago

    1980s: i bet that in 30-40 years we'll have flying cars 2019: okay for the last time, the earth is round, vaccines work, and science isn't fake.

  • Achmad Nur Hidayat
    Achmad Nur Hidayat 6 hours ago

    It's just for American accent

  • Cedric Townes
    Cedric Townes 6 hours ago

    What is this song on the video?

  • The Labib Life
    The Labib Life 6 hours ago

    sksksksk and I oop- and I oop-

  • RollexCars
    RollexCars 6 hours ago

    Why not use an Falcón heavy, would be a fraction of the cost

  • jllouie
    jllouie 6 hours ago

    Can you open google maps with it?

  • Johnathan Roan
    Johnathan Roan 6 hours ago

    They’re all too small

  • XyZ CwP
    XyZ CwP 6 hours ago

    Basically we don’t know shit

  • Paul
    Paul 6 hours ago

    But what was the Canadian prime minister’s Halloween costume 20 years ago?

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell 6 hours ago

    13.1?! I just got 13!

    • Azarianfa
      Azarianfa 5 hours ago

      David Campbell beta program

  • witnessedflea
    witnessedflea 6 hours ago

    why i say stripes over checks

  • parkourHG
    parkourHG 6 hours ago

    Why does it have so many nipples

  • Mohammed Adebayo
    Mohammed Adebayo 6 hours ago

    My teacher was real awful she said if I swallow gum it can grow and stop my heart and haunted me

  • A Man From 80s
    A Man From 80s 6 hours ago

    Yeah we are Turks. Send cats all around the world proudly.

    • Er dinç
      Er dinç 5 hours ago

      @monkey d luffy Yes the first know is gobeklitepe but whole anatolia can be considered as the first place that humanity started moving to an agricultural life.

    • monkey d luffy
      monkey d luffy 5 hours ago

      @Er dinç gobeklitepe?

    • Er dinç
      Er dinç 5 hours ago

      As a Turkish man I need to note; indeed that happened bc 8000-10000. No known human group were there.

  • Edgedable
    Edgedable 6 hours ago

    Instructions not clear, penis stuck in Maps ☹️

  • Kermit
    Kermit 6 hours ago

    Damn I love iPhone insider

  • Moo Moo
    Moo Moo 6 hours ago

    Please let this work with Netflix

  • Yaseen The Great
    Yaseen The Great 6 hours ago

    Wow these features are useless cos i am still stuck on a broken iphone 6 :(

    • Tomass Osmanis
      Tomass Osmanis 5 hours ago

      Yaseen The Great just buy iPhone Se for 160€

  • Communist Cat
    Communist Cat 6 hours ago


  • Peter Francis
    Peter Francis 6 hours ago

    Boeing $30 Billion Mission !

  • delhigod
    delhigod 6 hours ago

    Stupid title and video.

  • M K
    M K 6 hours ago

    No vertical video

  • Kwabena Amanfoh
    Kwabena Amanfoh 6 hours ago

    Don’t not play video when feature is active it will perform the task haha

  • SonicDash57
    SonicDash57 6 hours ago

    Splinter Cell Chaos Theory brought me here.

  • Mac man
    Mac man 7 hours ago

    In this video: Exposing the Greatest Deception of all time! • The Earth is flat.

  • hectorj32
    hectorj32 7 hours ago


  • Vincent
    Vincent 7 hours ago

    Everytime he says a command my phone follows

  • Le Kobiashvili
    Le Kobiashvili 7 hours ago

    I know a method with a tape wrapped around the cap and connected to a stick to act as a lever.

  • Mahesh Adhikari
    Mahesh Adhikari 7 hours ago

    iPhone is pretty

  • Just a sweaty try hard

    Another feature android has had for years

  • STNL_Stainless
    STNL_Stainless 7 hours ago

    so now instead of listening for a keyword, then processing it just listens to you all the time and tries to process EVERYTHING YOU SAY

    • Jack P
      Jack P 4 hours ago

      Ohh they were already listening to everything anyway

  • Leizel Boiser
    Leizel Boiser 7 hours ago

    In photos you can make video using your still photos there is an option edit? How do you edit??

  • j g
    j g 7 hours ago

    Imagine in the TV it says," play -"who let the dogs out" on spotify" and your phone does it, when you didn't even speak

  • snurk agurk
    snurk agurk 7 hours ago

    If a tree falls in the forest, but noone saw it, did it still fall

  • Anthony Toronov
    Anthony Toronov 7 hours ago

    just put water on it and it'll turn into obsidian

  • Everything Tech
    Everything Tech 7 hours ago

    It's just a Tomahawk kind of missile or drone.

  • too hamm
    too hamm 7 hours ago

    Who is here after watching videos on how only 200 people made it to the gate at area 51 when two million signed up

  • Moistifier
    Moistifier 7 hours ago


  • Braden Boyko
    Braden Boyko 7 hours ago


  • Duke's LR
    Duke's LR 7 hours ago

    Very helpful 🙌

  • potatomato :p
    potatomato :p 7 hours ago

    Me: *open wallet* Me: i don't even have money for a wallet

  • the duck in the mask

    I'm surprised this wasent his last upload your not really not supposed be on here

  • M Invernessity
    M Invernessity 7 hours ago

    This is one big advertisement for Apple! It's actually not difficult to switch because most Android phones include instructions on how to move your data or an app to do it for you. There is a learning curve to Android, though, if you want to customize your device - but it is well worth it to personalize your device so it functions and looks just as you want it to! And, unlike Apple which has virtually no customization options at all, those on Android are endless.

  • Artifical Human
    Artifical Human 7 hours ago

    I tried this and it’s function is pretty slow i would rather use the conventional way

  • Issa Vibe
    Issa Vibe 7 hours ago

    Mmmm android been had this

    • PAK
      PAK 4 hours ago

      @DJ Phil But will it let you zoom, scroll, tap specific things inside apps?

    • Issa Vibe
      Issa Vibe 6 hours ago

      @DJ Phil Note 9 here💖💖💖

    • DJ Phil
      DJ Phil 6 hours ago

      I've been using voice commands on my Note 9 for 12 months particularly when I'm driving. Hey Google. Open Samsung Music. Hey Google. Play. Bixby is great for changing settings. Eg. Bixby. Set screen brightness to 10 %.

    • PAK
      PAK 6 hours ago

      @Issa Vibe This is different from voice assistants Hey Siri, Hey Google, etc. I don't know how Google's assistant work but this let you control your phone and actions and gives you more control. A nice feature for disabled people.

    • Issa Vibe
      Issa Vibe 7 hours ago

      @Barack O. Llama well why is dude making it like it's a NEW thing??

  • Groo t
    Groo t 7 hours ago

    And I'm un subbed apple insider no on gives a shit about these videos

  • kevin miranda
    kevin miranda 7 hours ago

    So basically google

  • Nicolas Andrade
    Nicolas Andrade 7 hours ago

    I still prefer Disney+. There are a bunch of better animes out there than Crapflix. I mean look at the new Cringe Seiya! .... I mean saint seiya.

    • Nicolas Andrade
      Nicolas Andrade 7 hours ago

      ➕ their new licensed Animes need to have Live action movies... Plus they suck. ➕ WHERE THE HELL IS JOJO!!!!! Edit: there will be a Disney+ bindle with ESPN+ and HULU so.... I can watch OPM again

  • The Great CooLite
    The Great CooLite 7 hours ago

    Cool, now my phone can listen to me screaming while I’m on the toilet

    • Jack P
      Jack P 5 hours ago

      H10hunter apparently, you’ve never celebrated taco Tuesday

    • H10hunter
      H10hunter 6 hours ago

      Why do you scream while on a toilet

    • Kleropunt YEET
      Kleropunt YEET 7 hours ago

      * you screaming on toilet * Phone: *Open recorder*

  • DZ X
    DZ X 7 hours ago

    Sick! My family have a foundation for disability. And this is a really great feature for them.

    • PAK
      PAK 7 hours ago

      That's very nice to hear. God bless you and your family.

  • Fun and Joy
    Fun and Joy 7 hours ago See the future

  • Barack Obammer
    Barack Obammer 7 hours ago

    would you like some cram?

  • Calamari Fan
    Calamari Fan 7 hours ago

    What's the point? You can touch and do one of the actions faster than voice.

    • Miles Campbell
      Miles Campbell 4 hours ago

      @Fast doggo Wanking 🤗

    • Jack P
      Jack P 4 hours ago

      Calamari Fan when you’re wiping but want to scroll down on an article

    • Moo Moo
      Moo Moo 6 hours ago

      The clue is in the word Accessibility. It’s ideal for people who may be handicapped, whether they’re amputees or everyday people doing the washing up while watching TheXvid/Netflix

    • J C
      J C 7 hours ago

      You can also call it Universal Design, also useful for people with hand disability. Sometimes you will never know the importance of something until you lose it.

  • Mystery M
    Mystery M 7 hours ago

    So I commented on the previous video that I was gonna unsubscribe if you guys posted one more iPhone video, so I'm going to now...

    • Mystery M
      Mystery M 4 hours ago

      @Jack P And you look like you're gonna hurt someone haha, nice gains man 🔥

    • Jack P
      Jack P 4 hours ago

      Mystery M bro you really need to relax. Get a tea, take a walk. You sound like you’re about to hurt someone

    • Papaya
      Papaya 7 hours ago


  • XxShaKxX
    XxShaKxX 7 hours ago

    any small yourubers want to support each other

  • Zubayer Islam Rezoan

    "Apple Insider"

  • ian stubbs
    ian stubbs 7 hours ago

    This is what the entire world should look like not just one city

  • Gadget corner
    Gadget corner 7 hours ago

    Eminem be like am i joke to you?

  • The Content Table
    The Content Table 7 hours ago

    Ima put on one of these in school under my clothes to surprise my classmates

  • Daiki Cipolloni
    Daiki Cipolloni 7 hours ago

    People from 2019: 2:58 : what the frick is this?

  • AudibleGalaxy
    AudibleGalaxy 7 hours ago


  • Lunala 1
    Lunala 1 7 hours ago

    Who else is a true fan of tech 👇🏻 I’m gifting my next 67 Loyal sûßs

  • Kelly Fisk
    Kelly Fisk 7 hours ago

    How can Earth's scientists know how ALIEN technology works?

  • SARAH Lee
    SARAH Lee 8 hours ago

    I never eaten one

  • The Aviation Channel

    It should be: "why don't US toilets have a lota?"

  • Nigel May
    Nigel May 8 hours ago

    keep the 4g cellar away from your testicles, millennial's with their doubling rate of myopia...

  • Autumn Flowers
    Autumn Flowers 8 hours ago

    light pollution

  • Mr Breezos
    Mr Breezos 8 hours ago

    It’s not a hack