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  • BlackRosePirate
    BlackRosePirate 4 minutes ago

    Looks like a naff five guys

  • LadyStephyLynn
    LadyStephyLynn 11 minutes ago

    How do you wash it though.

  • Bot Harry
    Bot Harry 24 minutes ago

    Being woken up like that literally ruins your day

  • mackenzie tetlow
    mackenzie tetlow 42 minutes ago

    Contractions are never right after each other

  • Nicholas Bustillos
    Nicholas Bustillos 57 minutes ago

    Or take the lid off and drink it like that

  • Samantha Chisholm

    Was really looking forward to the outcome of that silly thing! Haha

  • stacythaboss
    stacythaboss Hour ago

    Me Not Even Listening To The Im Just Trying To Watch The Movie like Or Sub If You Want I Post Good Content

  • Iam Nique
    Iam Nique Hour ago

    Mark is an amazing dad he’s super happy about everything he invents for the boys 💪🏽

  • Darkness 1090
    Darkness 1090 Hour ago

    Honestly from watching this has cheered me right up not gonna lie

  • Nelly Doyley
    Nelly Doyley Hour ago

    Absolutely buzzing with himself 😂

  • poisonousnut
    poisonousnut Hour ago

    that hair bugging anyone else?

  • Sam Gallagher
    Sam Gallagher Hour ago

    God bless you and ur family 🙏❤️🙏❤️

  • Syfiix
    Syfiix Hour ago

    But isn’t the cups lid plastic

  • kathrynjmc303
    kathrynjmc303 Hour ago

    By far best hack ever

  • kathrynjmc303
    kathrynjmc303 Hour ago

    Hold on I thought mark wasn’t superstitious 🤔

  • Ellie May Baker
    Ellie May Baker Hour ago

    “ I can’t go back without it she won’t let me through the front door”😂😂🤣

  • Matt From wii sports

    They already made the straw might as well just use it

  • HowToEpic
    HowToEpic 2 hours ago

    Can you make a video on how to sneak a gun into school

  • Samantha Brack
    Samantha Brack 2 hours ago

    I was born on Friday the 13th of October on a full moon!! 🤣

  • Reborninlondonuk Phillpot

    Use a dummy clip or lanyard and tie toy to it then u wont lose it also don't let them take the one toy they wont sleep without out the house try to get them at least two toys one for travel one for home

  • Yolo YT
    Yolo YT 2 hours ago

    Plot twist the kid grow up to be Collins key

  • logan bolland
    logan bolland 2 hours ago

    Just get a metal straw

  • GxD Tricky
    GxD Tricky 2 hours ago

    I use that pencil case

  • Jorge Boán Sobrado
    Jorge Boán Sobrado 2 hours ago

    Yes mate

  • Brennan Newport
    Brennan Newport 2 hours ago

    What is it 20 degrease

  • Jennifer Jessup
    Jennifer Jessup 3 hours ago

    You guys need a new camera. New sub. Love you guys

  • Sarah Xx
    Sarah Xx 3 hours ago

    I can't load the video!! 🤬🤬

  • Hollieplayz YT
    Hollieplayz YT 3 hours ago

    1:12 when you see a spider

  • Louis H
    Louis H 3 hours ago


  • Anne Findley
    Anne Findley 3 hours ago

    My son left his blankie at a restaurant during a 1000 mile road trip and didn’t realize until the next morning. I was dreading how he was going to sleep without it. Thankfully he was ok and on our way home we stopped at the same restaurant and picked it up.

  • mackenzie tetlow
    mackenzie tetlow 3 hours ago

    Why do american burgers look fake

  • Jennifer Jessup
    Jennifer Jessup 3 hours ago

    Sooo funny!

  • Amanda Davies
    Amanda Davies 3 hours ago

    Genius hack that

  • Louis H
    Louis H 3 hours ago


  • Sassy Girl
    Sassy Girl 3 hours ago

    Good job Mark in finding the comforter. And better job with your idea to never lose the comforter again. I love your hack!

  • Emily Clarke
    Emily Clarke 3 hours ago

    You can tell he’s acc angry 😂

  • Crystal Gay
    Crystal Gay 3 hours ago

    1:23 when you’re Michael Jackson

  • xSpectreSxx
    xSpectreSxx 3 hours ago

    I thought that was Callux first 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Francis Ogboro
    Francis Ogboro 4 hours ago

    It’s all fun and games until 2030 when you find out that space has been polluted by Buzzes, Garlic Bread etc

  • TheMost Random
    TheMost Random 4 hours ago

    I remember when I was a kid i smashed a mirror and my grandad said it bad luck, then a few minutes later my grandad got a phone call from hospital to tell hem that hes sister had passed away :(

  • Jakeyboi
    Jakeyboi 4 hours ago

    Hunger-exists Dad-ima bought this mans whole career

  • Queen Barista Vlogs
    Queen Barista Vlogs 4 hours ago

    Thats what u get for trying all the Friday 13th superstitions and tempting fate! This is karma getting you back

  • S U P R E M Ez
    S U P R E M Ez 4 hours ago

    **vsco girls entered the chat**

    Holly MACINTYRE 4 hours ago

    Well hack ever👏

  • camron_games
    camron_games 4 hours ago

    6:16 can’t stop laughing

  • NinjaCyborgs - {Subbing}

    Had no idea you lived in Watford xD

  • Blue Cary
    Blue Cary 4 hours ago

    Here Before 300 Will increace views

  • Blikzy
    Blikzy 4 hours ago


  • Gemma Inwood
    Gemma Inwood 4 hours ago

    I’m 13 and I still have my baby one I can’t sleep without it and I lost it in Essex 2 HOURS AWAY FROM ME we got him maild back tho thanks god

  • Rachel Fisher
    Rachel Fisher 5 hours ago

    That is a brilliant parenting hack and I haven’t even got any kids yet! 😆😆

  • Dilly Dalie
    Dilly Dalie 5 hours ago

    lolol... I hope it comes off in a few days..

  • Amyy.Louise32
    Amyy.Louise32 5 hours ago

    My daughter has "bunny" always loosing it! I brought trackers! Cut bunnies stitches... put a tracker in it and we have a remote for it she has no idea I did it

  • Martha Hanley
    Martha Hanley 5 hours ago

    Why isn't at least one electrode down in his groin? How about the other in his area between his ball sac and bung hole? :P

  • Jenny Harvey
    Jenny Harvey 5 hours ago

    I need to put one on my partner lol brilliant 👌💖 love you guys 😜💖 Thumbs good 👍

  • Archie and Biscuit
    Archie and Biscuit 5 hours ago


  • spamvicious
    spamvicious 5 hours ago

    Yes Rox with the Freddie shirt <3

  • Rohan Prasad
    Rohan Prasad 5 hours ago


  • Rohan Prasad
    Rohan Prasad 5 hours ago

    Why is it always WHEN in the title

  • Awesome Amy
    Awesome Amy 5 hours ago

    Aww bless him

  • Kate Rider
    Kate Rider 5 hours ago

    If that starts beeping in a shop thats deffo gonna be treated as a bomb threat haha

  • Elaine Parrish
    Elaine Parrish 5 hours ago

    Fyi- the batteries die pretty quickly.

  • Steffan
    Steffan 6 hours ago

    Fake had conversations with people who never replied totally fake. Kid plays with toy puts tracker in mouth chokes. Yes Mate

  • Terri Moore
    Terri Moore 6 hours ago


  • Jae Kay
    Jae Kay 6 hours ago

    Genius just need 1 small enough for the remote.

  • olloe 123
    olloe 123 6 hours ago

    Imma just think that's a bomb and rub tbh

  • Dilly Dalie
    Dilly Dalie 6 hours ago

    Rox... I have been Binge watching you guys for hours.. you are such a beautiful.. Plump lady..! ( hope you do not mind that) ( I am plump too and ONLY wish I could look as good as you do)... You look awesome all the time.. I wish I could have outfits like you.. !!! You and him crack me up..! You really make my day.. !!! I am almost 60 now.. and think you both are such wonderful parents and people !!!! Hugs to you all.. Keep it up .. Mates.. !!!

  • Liberty S.
    Liberty S. 6 hours ago

    It's okay I live in the US and honestly it's not that great

  • teddyzen09
    teddyzen09 6 hours ago

    Is it not sponsored?

  • Lynn Rose
    Lynn Rose 6 hours ago

    Best internet dad ever

  • Chaz Baz
    Chaz Baz 7 hours ago

    He made a cuddly toy sound like a bomb.

  • Sally Jepson
    Sally Jepson 7 hours ago

    I was born on friday 13th Dec at 7:09am and was 7lbs 9oz.... 👻☠

    • Chicken Nugget
      Chicken Nugget 2 hours ago

      Sally Jepson and your birthday is a Friday this year 😂💀

  • Frecklez4 Dayz
    Frecklez4 Dayz 7 hours ago

    I have one on each set of keys, and one in my wallet! Tiles are the best!!! Great job Ladbaby

  • Brett S-B
    Brett S-B 7 hours ago

    This guy is a legend 😂

  • Dillen 123
    Dillen 123 7 hours ago


  • Issy Xoxo
    Issy Xoxo 7 hours ago

    Proof that Friday 13th superstitions DO give bad luck !🤣

  • Humpty Dumpty
    Humpty Dumpty 7 hours ago

    What if someone think of it as a bomb, and calls Police?

  • Wilson18
    Wilson18 7 hours ago


  • Opal Eye
    Opal Eye 7 hours ago

    what are you thinking by wearing that t-shirt.

  • Jay Ara
    Jay Ara 7 hours ago

    But where are the snacks? Lol Bring me the damn snackssssssssss

  • Gizem Baslamisli
    Gizem Baslamisli 8 hours ago

    I saw u guys at town yesterday but was too shy to say hi

  • SummerRein
    SummerRein 8 hours ago

    ..HACKED.. for the win 😂

  • Since 1878
    Since 1878 8 hours ago

    Ppl will think it’s a bomb

  • WayneWelly
    WayneWelly 8 hours ago

    This is the reason why i wont let my daughter go out with hers as it would be the end of the world if lost it

  • thehooverguy101
    thehooverguy101 8 hours ago

    Next on bbc news; a kids comforter found in a soft play area beeping. Suspected to be a bomb 😂😂

  • jonathan christensen

    I was confused when I heard comforter in the states that’s a large blanket for your bed

  • sandi
    sandi 8 hours ago

    I know your pain! One of my kids has a bear that’s lost it’s stuffing but he still carries that damn bear around 😂

  • Beth Dwyer
    Beth Dwyer 8 hours ago

    Brilliant 😃

  • Ellie Treweeke
    Ellie Treweeke 8 hours ago

    but surely if your. kids have the teddy in their room and you aren’t in the same room as them is will beep

  • Ian Barnett
    Ian Barnett 8 hours ago

    You're amazing you've earned yourself a new subscriber

  • Ian Barnett
    Ian Barnett 9 hours ago

    His face was priceless haha 😂

  • SharShar
    SharShar 9 hours ago

    The relief is palpable.

  • Lucy Morris
    Lucy Morris 9 hours ago

    All I want to know is..... did you win anything on the euro millions?

  • Kirsty Turnbull
    Kirsty Turnbull 9 hours ago

    OMG this has saved my life🥰

  • ZDM 07
    ZDM 07 9 hours ago

    Me and my dad have a flat in Cyprus

  • SilentKillerz13
    SilentKillerz13 9 hours ago

    Plz sub to me it would mean a lot. Have a great day

  • mandy lalonde
    mandy lalonde 9 hours ago

    What a brilliant idea