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More Infinite
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  • Krazy ChickenSSS
    Krazy ChickenSSS 12 minutes ago


  • Brittany Byrd
    Brittany Byrd 16 minutes ago

    Infinite army for the win

  • Brittany Byrd
    Brittany Byrd 17 minutes ago


  • GirlyGirl 123
    GirlyGirl 123 17 minutes ago

    Infinite you cant open the chest cause there are blocks on top of it

  • unicorn Gaming
    unicorn Gaming 38 minutes ago

    I cringed so hard, oof, RIP DIAMOND S AND DIAMOND ITEMS

  • Keeley
    Keeley 39 minutes ago

    U r in creative....

  • Michael Leone
    Michael Leone Hour ago

    0:28 my worst nightmare 😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧

  • Jacquelyn Sullivan


  • Maris Emsins
    Maris Emsins Hour ago


  • Thando Mnisi
    Thando Mnisi Hour ago

    U hold shift to duck Or crouch And u use a iron pickaxe to mine diamons

  • Thando Mnisi
    Thando Mnisi Hour ago

    U cant open a chest with a block on top Unless u put stairs

  • Jonas Wild Clay Yt
    Jonas Wild Clay Yt 2 hours ago

    You are a noob

  • Marbelia Alvarez
    Marbelia Alvarez 2 hours ago

    Vault the mec

  • Xlimq
    Xlimq 2 hours ago

    this was anything but cursed

  • dhaain legend
    dhaain legend 2 hours ago

    3:24 chow is a BOT!!!

  • FrutihZero HD
    FrutihZero HD 2 hours ago

    Make more fortnite 👍🏻🤗

  • Dawson Conrad
    Dawson Conrad 2 hours ago

    1like =infinite army is unstopable No army is better than the infinite army!🤩

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy 3 hours ago

    4:06 I thought I’m watching pewdiepie

  • Maaz Faraz
    Maaz Faraz 3 hours ago

    Blees you man 👨

  • game boy
    game boy 3 hours ago

    You need to chop the wood down to open the chest 😆

  • Jeanie Eaker
    Jeanie Eaker 3 hours ago

    You are gay

  • Shane Hattingh
    Shane Hattingh 3 hours ago

    Noob alert

  • Melissa Huiban
    Melissa Huiban 3 hours ago

    Hey Anthony can you play granny Chapter 2

  • Ruby Collier
    Ruby Collier 3 hours ago

    You couldn’t open the chest because there was wood on top of it

  • Koko Kevin
    Koko Kevin 4 hours ago

    You can open the chest if you remove the blocks above it

  • Angela Bunbamrung
    Angela Bunbamrung 4 hours ago

    *i subscribed...* *can I get a shoutout?*

  • Squid Hampton
    Squid Hampton 4 hours ago

    Your noob

  • Nolan Woodworth
    Nolan Woodworth 4 hours ago

    Break the wood

  • Silver Shadow
    Silver Shadow 4 hours ago

    This video was so bad it was hilarious. A++ 😂

  • Nayyer Sultana
    Nayyer Sultana 4 hours ago

    You can't open it because their is wood above it

  • Crazy Cat
    Crazy Cat 4 hours ago

    Why the well Sven? I know it’s pewdiepies bog

  • Andrew Gomez Ruiz
    Andrew Gomez Ruiz 4 hours ago

    Bless u

  • The Biggest Squishy Lover Kimberly

    Lol not trying to hate but you act like a noob lol

  • Kieran Ambrose
    Kieran Ambrose 5 hours ago

    This was planned

  • Aika Espina
    Aika Espina 5 hours ago

    There's wood

  • Eden Upton
    Eden Upton 5 hours ago

    U need a iron pickaxe at least also diamond pickaxe is 3 straight and 2 sticks also mabey u should watch a house tutorial

  • Eden Upton
    Eden Upton 5 hours ago

    Good job but you should always make a diamond pickaxe never a diamond hoe first there useless I've been playing this game for 4 years now

  • ItsJaelyn
    ItsJaelyn 6 hours ago

    You can’t open it because log is on top of it so you need to remove the log

  • luciyana
    luciyana 6 hours ago

    You can’t open a chest with two blocks on them

  • Momo Dockrat
    Momo Dockrat 7 hours ago

    Hi Caylus

  • Star Wars Fan
    Star Wars Fan 7 hours ago


  • Savannah Wai
    Savannah Wai 7 hours ago

    You only use one block

  • Peeyush Padhiary
    Peeyush Padhiary 7 hours ago


  • Peeyush Padhiary
    Peeyush Padhiary 7 hours ago


  • Jeric Navarro vlogs
    Jeric Navarro vlogs 7 hours ago

    you are in creative mode haha😂

  • Black Berry Gaming
    Black Berry Gaming 7 hours ago


  • Black Berry Gaming
    Black Berry Gaming 7 hours ago

    you blocked the up of the large chest

  • Jeric Navarro vlogs
    Jeric Navarro vlogs 7 hours ago

    remove the two blocks on top of the chests i know that coz i'm a pro crafter

  • AJ Lee Gaming
    AJ Lee Gaming 8 hours ago

    can anybody tell caylus switch to peacefull mode pleasssssssssssssssssssssss

  • New lion Junior
    New lion Junior 8 hours ago

    Infinite plays minecraft?

  • Isabeljassies Jassies


  • zainul abid
    zainul abid 9 hours ago

    You can't open your chest because you put wooden blocks on top of the chest so you want to mine the wooden blocks so that is how you open your chest

  • D. Creeper
    D. Creeper 9 hours ago

    If you want no mobs spawning Go to settings ang set peaceful

  • D. Creeper
    D. Creeper 9 hours ago

    Endermens will get block from your ball😂

  • Ethan Singleton
    Ethan Singleton 10 hours ago

    hes actually in creative the whole time.... this idiot thinks he "cant make a pickaxe" and "will die off fall damage" yeah right, i can tell it's editied in...

  • The Hacker
    The Hacker 10 hours ago

    You must remove the wood top of the chest

  • ninja studios
    ninja studios 10 hours ago

    You could turn your difficulty to easy so mobs dont spaun and u could use a potion of night vision to see easier

  • Sophie Belle
    Sophie Belle 11 hours ago

    U NOOB

  • Sophie Belle
    Sophie Belle 11 hours ago

    U can't open chests with block above and u make picks 2 stick on the bottom going up and then 3 diamonds, wood, cobblestone, gold, iron

  • Lesi PlaysHacks
    Lesi PlaysHacks 12 hours ago

    Oh god.

  • John aeron Castillo
    John aeron Castillo 12 hours ago

    No im the #1 fan

  • Not Enderswift
    Not Enderswift 12 hours ago


  • preston gaming3.0
    preston gaming3.0 12 hours ago

    did anyone else realize he scripted all of this

  • estian terblanche
    estian terblanche 12 hours ago

    You are a noob

  • Manuel Pacheco
    Manuel Pacheco 13 hours ago


  • Loizi
    Loizi 13 hours ago

    Does caylus know that youll just shift to go down

  • Kristina Franco
    Kristina Franco 14 hours ago

    Can you get a animal

  • bruce poole
    bruce poole 14 hours ago

    You are the bests

  • Djuane Thompson
    Djuane Thompson 15 hours ago


  • Angelina Tyutyunnik
    Angelina Tyutyunnik 15 hours ago

    PewDiePie made the meatball in survival girl I did in creative

  • Zay _1621
    Zay _1621 15 hours ago

    2019 anyone

  • Emerald
    Emerald 15 hours ago

    It’s subscribe not subskryb

  • Emerald
    Emerald 15 hours ago

    You keep falling into lava because you can’t dig strait down that’s the mincraft rule

  • Emerald
    Emerald 15 hours ago

    The chest has block on top so it will not open

  • Jon Moran
    Jon Moran 16 hours ago


  • Freddy Galindo
    Freddy Galindo 16 hours ago

    To me ur "meatball" looked like a acorn

  • Judith Del rosario
    Judith Del rosario 16 hours ago

    Caylus just chopped trees with a pickaxe bruh

  • Inigo2010 Castillo
    Inigo2010 Castillo 16 hours ago


  • Ivann Rodriguez
    Ivann Rodriguez 16 hours ago

    Blless you

  • Ashley Bailey
    Ashley Bailey 17 hours ago

    You had 1 job

  • KYSON hen
    KYSON hen 17 hours ago

    Fix your chest break the wood on top of the chest

  • Gerald Mendez
    Gerald Mendez 17 hours ago

    Take off the wood

  • Kenji Thao
    Kenji Thao 17 hours ago

    The wood

  • danny downard
    danny downard 17 hours ago

    If blacks are over it you can't open the chest

  • Jay 99
    Jay 99 18 hours ago

    Pls play Roblox with me this sunday

  • Shia and Amare
    Shia and Amare 18 hours ago

    How do you not no how to craft a pick axe???

  • Daniel Oboh
    Daniel Oboh 19 hours ago

    Were is morgz

  • Stewart Blackwell
    Stewart Blackwell 19 hours ago

    Bloks are on you chest you can't do that

  • Vanessa Ruvalcaba
    Vanessa Ruvalcaba 19 hours ago

    yea boy

  • Ronny Koh Kian Heng
    Ronny Koh Kian Heng 19 hours ago

    You cant put log on top of a chest

  • shadowblade941
    shadowblade941 19 hours ago

    Because there some things above of the chest

  • Shea’s ball
    Shea’s ball 19 hours ago

    Bless you

  • Tyeisha Clark
    Tyeisha Clark 20 hours ago

    Stupid idiot that's child abuse Morgan is 16 why you punched him I hope you get sued stupid

  • Shea’s ball
    Shea’s ball 20 hours ago

    You put logs on top of your chest

  • Fridnot  Paulinis
    Fridnot Paulinis 20 hours ago

    Sven what kind of name is that

  • ??
    ?? 20 hours ago

    I’m worse than a noob I’m so bad at building

  • Mandeep Kaur
    Mandeep Kaur 21 hour ago

    pewdiepie named him sven you suck copycater

  • Hunter Beckner
    Hunter Beckner 21 hour ago

    There are block on top

  • Ishahrul Arul
    Ishahrul Arul 21 hour ago

    And the chest is lock because there is 2 block on top of the chest.

  • Ishahrul Arul
    Ishahrul Arul 21 hour ago

    You must use iron pickaxe to mine diamonds