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The Secrets of Jake Paul
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The World of Jake Paul
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The Enemies of Jake Paul
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The Family of Jake Paul
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The Dark Side of Jake Paul
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I'm Done
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The Truth
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just a message
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  • Kimberly S
    Kimberly S Hour ago

    Jefree you are such an amazing human being with such a bright sole and a beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • aword4world
    aword4world Hour ago

    Whenever I’m hungry (cuz i’m on a diet), I watch this video

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on Hour ago

    We do pee in the sink Morgan :why It's so funny how some times it is really clear that morgan is the only girl.

  • A.2q l
    A.2q l Hour ago

    ش الكذب ذا

  • Something Randomly

    Oh shit Pucci actually reset the universe

  • Whydon’twefan 108

    Shane:I wanna know what the victims family felt like Me:the victims family…… is kids family.

  • Maya And Ed
    Maya And Ed Hour ago

    Hello diabetes 😝

  • I s a b e l l a F o y s t e r

    Shane, idk what Ik I think, the earth is a cube. But scientists have proven the earth spins VERY fast, and when u skin spin a cube or a square quite fast, it looks like a circle or a sphere. So does Mojang know the truth about earth shape.

  • free tree
    free tree Hour ago

    After watching this, I don't know if I want to work in a fast food restaurant as a teenage job 😕😕😕

  • babe brown
    babe brown Hour ago

    Look above your head at 10:28 It looks like the shadow of a hand till you lift your head up

  • It's Rashelle
    It's Rashelle Hour ago

    Why does momo scare me so much like I legit can’t I watched the whole video obviously spooked and sad but when the photo of momo came up for like half a second I shit myself

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones Hour ago

    Bums me out that Shane’s mom is a fan of Kathy griffin. Kathy is a horrible person and constantly saying the most hypocritical things. The things she’s said about Trump, and also those pictures she took are NOT ok. Joking around about MURDERING and Cutting off the freaking head of our president, a person who is doing amazing things for our country and deserves some level of respect, is absolutely unacceptable. If we did that to Obama when he was president could you even imagine? She is just completely ignorant and an incredibly disrespectful, lying, disgusting human. So I don’t know how anyone can overlook that and still give her any attention whatsoever. That’s as bad as saying Jimmy Kimmel is your favorite late night host. Has some funny jokes here and there, but overall a terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE person.. yes 7 terribles. If anything I’m under exaggerating how stupid/bad of a person jimmy kimmel is.

  • Lindsay Sunde
    Lindsay Sunde Hour ago

    I'm binge watching so I'm a little late to this...I can't imagine what mental state a stalker is in. Believing the target "wants" them, obsessing over what they're doing when it has nothing to do with them in the slightest, thinking they're married to the person that's already involved. I just don't get it. The laws for stalking need to be strict, these people are clearly in need of help or shock therapy or something. I'm trying to be nice on the comments here. Innocent people shouldn't have to be plagued by some psychopath that has nothing better to do but mess with people's lives.

  • lil sunny
    lil sunny 2 hours ago

    me:"omg I love frosting" Shane:"omg..I LOVE FOOD"

  • xavier driver
    xavier driver 2 hours ago

    11:40 jweksbhfvberiu

  • Camila Cornejo
    Camila Cornejo 2 hours ago

    0:00 my ear drums died

  • Bubblegum simulator Is a drug

    first hack : it hurts !

  • Sunflower Girl
    Sunflower Girl 2 hours ago

    We Uber in my house omg Shane’s face

  • Andres Chiquito
    Andres Chiquito 2 hours ago

    Please make more conspiracy theory videos

  • Gina Unich
    Gina Unich 2 hours ago

    Eating healthy food while watching Shane devour a fucking OREO MILKSHAKE. It hurts my heart

  • Elena Prsky
    Elena Prsky 2 hours ago

    Shane need to do a video about the Amazon Rainforest fire

  • Danica Tanner
    Danica Tanner 2 hours ago


  • amalia guerrero
    amalia guerrero 2 hours ago

    She's just wearing a plain blue tee and she looks amazing.

  • Nik Nur Aina Amira Binti Nik Ab Hadi

    I love when Garret saya 18.41 "This is Disney" it's cutee

  • Happy Thinking Is Healthy

    Milos and his wifes insta is gone.. What if he trafficked her 🤭😓

  • nightly
    nightly 2 hours ago

    Eugenia is a real life Violet from the Incredibles, and im here for it.

  • Klaram 124
    Klaram 124 2 hours ago

    I am not kidding like a week ago i woke up at night like at 2 am and when I adjusted my eyes to the dark in the corner in my room i see a dark figure, had white glowing eyes and a creepy smile, when i saw it I jumped and closed my eyes praying that what i saw wasn’t real, and when i looked again it wasnt there. I know it’s probably not real but hell it was creepy

  • Elena Prsky
    Elena Prsky 2 hours ago

    I feel like shane needs to talk abt the Amazon rain forest burning down

  • Sketches _By_Evie101 22

    I happen to be a bad kid myself… I stay up past my bed time oh and of course I eat snacks when I’m not suppose to. Be scared your local edgy teenager is coming your way 😂

  • Danica Tanner
    Danica Tanner 2 hours ago

    Building 7

  • OwO PNG
    OwO PNG 2 hours ago

    It has been confirmed that ufos are actually real! When people say they have been taken by aliens, there not lying

  • zay izayah
    zay izayah 2 hours ago

    Shane I love you so much! You are honestly the kindest! Eugenia is so brave for doing this and she has all my respect! I'm sending lots of love her way! Remember you are beautiful! No matter what size you think you are! As long as your heart is big and in the right place its all that matters! You both are amazing in my eyes! I love both of you so much take care of yourself and be kind to yourself please! - With lots of love- -ZAY

  • Eduardo Gaymer
    Eduardo Gaymer 2 hours ago

    Me I'm better

  • Angela Van Elsacker
    Angela Van Elsacker 2 hours ago

    Okaaaaay just a little story here for you today.. so I’ve worked on 3 cruise ships in the spa (all still sailing, not like queen mary). On my last ship I noticed one treatment room always be very cold, then another treatment room I always had a feeling like someone was watching me.. after having this feeling for a couple weeks, I asked my colleagues if they felt the same, or saw the same white shadow as I did. They told me it was the spa ghost and she was just there to make sure everything was clean. So yeah.. not just the old docket ships have ghost, also the new ones that are still sailing 🎉

  • stop it get sum halp

    That ice cream commercial fucks me up what the fuck

  • Ebony rose
    Ebony rose 2 hours ago

    1:38:58 Fire rating: showing High Me living in Australia where high is the second lowest: so that’s just late winter

  • Danica Tanner
    Danica Tanner 2 hours ago

    Area 41. Not 51. Who else?

  • Danica Tanner
    Danica Tanner 2 hours ago

    Witchcraft? What an uninformed ****

  • david brown
    david brown 2 hours ago

    Talk about a certain product then open Facebook and Twitter or go on google

  • Nompumelelo Precious

    She had me at "friends assuming you're gonna pay for dinner and pay for they're plane tickets." If I was Jeffree Star's friend I would do the same...all jokes aside he is filthy rich.

  • Danica Tanner
    Danica Tanner 2 hours ago

    10 yrs not 2

  • A Mystery Girk
    A Mystery Girk 2 hours ago

    Zepeto Zepeto Zepeto Zepeto Zepeto Zepeto Zepedo Zepedo Zepedo Zepedo Zepedo... ZEPEDO. It's called Zepeto because it sounds like ZePEDO because you're being watched by.... ZE PEDOS

  • It’sYaGurl Thingo
    It’sYaGurl Thingo 2 hours ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Dani Crowe
    Dani Crowe 3 hours ago


  • Pearl Fuller
    Pearl Fuller 3 hours ago

    That video before of the girl screaming at 9 11 was really scared me did it scare anyone else

  • Danica Tanner
    Danica Tanner 3 hours ago

    I'm only ok with half of these.

  • DustxyNepptunesRoses ._.

    Amy's story isn't a unsolved case. Someone could have been communicating through telepathically. Or it may have been her angel. If numbers repeat constantly or she have weird oocurance it may be an angel or her passed on loved one

  • Rosalie van Scherpenseel

    the clip you put in for germany was actually luzern in switzerland

  • DJ Neel
    DJ Neel 3 hours ago

    Did ayone else hear iknowexactlywho.youare say "we get about 10000 dms everyday" ? (MORE THAN ONE PERSON)

  • Danica Tanner
    Danica Tanner 3 hours ago

    Quantum physics basically proves parallel realities.

  • Prarthana Krishnamurthy

    Omg. 10:04 I jumped

  • Kyle Billie
    Kyle Billie 3 hours ago

    TheXvid: *This video was mark as inappropriate* Me: My life is inappropriate....why not condemn me and not my therapist (Shane Dawson)

  • Gabby Smith
    Gabby Smith 3 hours ago

    In Canada people get 11 years of prison time for murder 11 years like I know we’re super polite but that’s too nice

  • Avocado Animations
    Avocado Animations 3 hours ago

    6:28 Me: (looks at friends that are spending the night) My friends: •_• •_•

  • Just Pikachu 010
    Just Pikachu 010 3 hours ago

    Something that is even worse than execution... So you're about to be executed and you eat your favourite food. Food you wouldn't eat because you want to stay healthy. And when you're done. You're not getting executed. Instant regret.

  • Xyloh
    Xyloh 3 hours ago

    Uhhh nothing is more scary than being a fat fuck. I’m 12 and obese and I regret every bit but can’t stop. Don’t do it to yourself it’s not worth it

  • xXTayXx lol
    xXTayXx lol 3 hours ago

    Drew is such a mood

  • Sümüklü Bean Paste

    I need them squad videos for my entire life

  • brugerper
    brugerper 3 hours ago

    Documentary on SHAYCARL the vlogfather

  • Tammy Clark
    Tammy Clark 3 hours ago

    12:53 That aint no laptop Have u not seen the little mermaid?? She has the EXACT same box filled with 20 thinga ma bobs. Check yoself befo u wreck yaself

  • xXTayXx lol
    xXTayXx lol 3 hours ago

    I love how he can’t even see what the real picture is because he is so dirty minded 😂😂😂

  • Mirjana Živković
    Mirjana Živković 3 hours ago

    WE WANT AN UPDATE !!!!!!!!

  • IdkWhatToPutHere
    IdkWhatToPutHere 3 hours ago

    The starbucks one is so true because ive never had starbucks not really thinking about it but i wanna see how theyd spell my name (people already do my name weird)

  • Jeezy Da Snowman
    Jeezy Da Snowman 3 hours ago

    There's an episode of Alf where Alf is reading a Berenstein Bears book but it is kind of blurry.

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus 3 hours ago

    7:07 I seen that a couple of times. It's just the bird fighting to fly against the wind.

  • Pravitasari Utami
    Pravitasari Utami 3 hours ago

    i miss yooouuu guuysss shane and squad

  • Makenzye Myles
    Makenzye Myles 3 hours ago

    Omg Shane. Your probably not gonna see this but I found another one y’all look it up too. Killing eve and the act are literally the same

  • Simply Abbie
    Simply Abbie 3 hours ago


  • Arwen Moody
    Arwen Moody 3 hours ago

    I wish I had a Shane in my life. Who needs antidepressants when you have Shane?!

  • Gemma Anderson
    Gemma Anderson 3 hours ago

    Why do you remind me of the annoying humpty Dumpty from puss in boots

  • Eva Fethers
    Eva Fethers 4 hours ago

    6:03 omg ur not just a pig ur a rooster too! 😂😂

  • Galaxy Wolf gacha
    Galaxy Wolf gacha 4 hours ago

    Start singing again

  • Danica Tanner
    Danica Tanner 4 hours ago

    Beastiality on infants! What the holy heck, batman!

  • fabulous killjoy
    fabulous killjoy 4 hours ago

    its 2019 and hes still not a vegan omg i love you shane aha

  • Delux Plays
    Delux Plays 4 hours ago

    If Shane was not gay

  • Dani DaMagna
    Dani DaMagna 4 hours ago

    The thing is I look at my self from my eyes down not from mirror

  • Lil Jam
    Lil Jam 4 hours ago

    My friend and me saw a bird flapping its wings but it wasn’t going anywhere could that be a glitch .?

    YOUTUBER_PIXIE YT 4 hours ago


  • Danica Tanner
    Danica Tanner 4 hours ago

    Just wait... Voldemort IS Harry Potter

  • Fennekin Silver
    Fennekin Silver 4 hours ago

    11 minutes of Shane needing therapy

  • Guns and SHIPS :3
    Guns and SHIPS :3 4 hours ago

    okay, so i might sound crazy, but i'm here to spill some tea some people think that there's a mukbanger that is being held hostage i think her name is "kate yup" and in one of her videos, there are some highlighted captions that spell the word "HELP", which is very concerning some even mentioned that there are bruises on her wrists on some videos

  • Danica Tanner
    Danica Tanner 4 hours ago

    Bird 1 wing speed is matching FPS. Bird 2 is is caught in an wind channel. Happens all the time

  • Sapphira Mutch
    Sapphira Mutch 4 hours ago

    Shane low key looked hot... :D

  • Stirlimyx
    Stirlimyx 4 hours ago

    I'm Scared. What if Shane put a Subliminal message in this video that's really quiet and it says something like 'Subscribe to shane' I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE!

  • Elena Hale
    Elena Hale 4 hours ago

    Mama Dawson from the trenches don’t try her babies

  • Alys Walker
    Alys Walker 4 hours ago

    i just starting watching jeffree and shane and they are my role models they have made me a better person. Jeffree you are not alone i know you know that. i was same way when i was younger i dont wear shorts for the same reason. but watching these videos... watching this video made me cry and i really wanted to just sit there and hold you and cry with you. i love everything you do jeffree and shane.

  • Monster legend Nunn
    Monster legend Nunn 4 hours ago

    Except that I wasn’t I wasn’t waking up in the middle of night it was once I was trying to go to sleep like the first times I’m Tryna go to sleep is appears I didn’t wake up anything is on at start but eventually or other things you can coming at me that wasn’t dark eventually I was just like stop go away any good spirits stay but bad ghosts go go away and it Seem to just go away along with everything else I had seen and that stuff never happening ever again and also my other things I kept getting in my bedroom that somehow things get in there not get in I see them and I actually knew them off by heart there was that black figure it was standing near my door particle affects coming off it there’s the tiny Graham and I look down at the end of the bed that just jumped up whenever I look at it and then disappears and about the dark figer whenever I look the way it went further into the door but then when I look back at it it came out more and there’s like whenever I looked into my curtains when they were closed a a girl with a white dress and like long hair long dark hair just one for my small at the top of my curtains and got bigger and then got bigger and then it just disappeared and for the last and final thing the white Pacman ghost it’s a white goes that only happened once and I went to side then to the other side and then just went into my chest and that kept on happening when ever I look to side to side

  • Kamikosuzki
    Kamikosuzki 4 hours ago

    This gets me. I hate going shopping because I can't find cute shirts or pants that hides my gut. It get me all the time the the point that I hate going outside.

  • Astronimus
    Astronimus 4 hours ago

    8:18 Holy sh**, look at the pillow...UM...WE NEED THE GHOSTBUSTERS HERE??!!!!

  • Monster legend Nunn
    Monster legend Nunn 4 hours ago

    Why isn’t playing tricks on me because I never thought of it before my eyes not playing tricks on me

  • Monster legend Nunn
    Monster legend Nunn 4 hours ago

    That very dark figureI’ve seen plenty of times is actually a start of all of the strange things that happened in like the night

  • Kyle Billie
    Kyle Billie 4 hours ago

    I had a dream about my ex Me: 0:15

  • Monster legend Nunn
    Monster legend Nunn 4 hours ago

    I’ve seen that thing before

  • Avocado Animations
    Avocado Animations 4 hours ago

    *thats a baby*

  • Kpop_ Corn
    Kpop_ Corn 4 hours ago

    I know I’m late but can we just appreciate how far Shane has come?

  • Nicole Anne Carmelyde Ty

    I literally didn't know her until this. She's so fucking beautiful. And she is an angel. Why did she get such hate??! 😭

  • Alicia Miller
    Alicia Miller 4 hours ago

    For this last theory about Jake Paul, it's pretty clear that they're just a bunch of copycats with zero ability to be original or creative. Don't get too close to it, it'll feed their attention complexes 😂😂

  • Jennifer and Elizabeth

    I'm legit eating Doritos watching this 😂😂😂

  • Technical Master
    Technical Master 4 hours ago

    Hey plz sbscribed me i just sbscribe u

  • Elizabeth Juan
    Elizabeth Juan 4 hours ago

    My heart breaks every time i see the park where garret doesn’t get the clip😭