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I'm Done
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The Truth
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  • pizza dash
    pizza dash 45 minutes ago


  • :3 Josichu_The_Gacha_Girl I TommieTordy

    Who else has been having a Shane, Morgan, garret, drew, and rylend marathon?

  • xXWolf_SpiritXx Animates
    xXWolf_SpiritXx Animates 47 minutes ago

    When he “pushed” drew off the building I literally jumped 😂😂😂

  • Xiang Yu Piao
    Xiang Yu Piao 50 minutes ago


  • awoo
    awoo 53 minutes ago


    UGLY NEZZ 53 minutes ago

    Can somebody tell me in a peacefull way what the first commurcial is cuz i was to scared to watch it😂😂

  • Shadow Cat
    Shadow Cat 56 minutes ago

    Why do Garrett and my dad have the same jacket lol 😂

  • michelle vaughan
    michelle vaughan 57 minutes ago

    Shane thinks he has no friends but really he has 23.1million of them. Love you Shane xxx

  • Lizzy Njambali
    Lizzy Njambali Hour ago

    guys if i become ''fanouse'' dont believe im in the illuminati

  • Juliana Carla
    Juliana Carla Hour ago

    why don't you just visit him in jail? maybe he'll open up to you, the true and real story behind that.

  • Rose Potaetoe
    Rose Potaetoe Hour ago

    Yeah i deserved being called creepy girl why? Im watching this at night and im alone and im not scared because i kept watching this and other scary vids

  • Cure Fan Ella
    Cure Fan Ella Hour ago

    6-14 jebemti mati, it means fuck mom ik it bc its serbian that they are speking

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiue Hour ago

    This whole series is literally the greatest marketing campaign I’ve ever seen

  • Karoline Beckett

    hi. i know this video is old, but i really wanted to watch Party Girl, but i live in the UK and dont have acess to Hulu or the Freeform app, is there any other place i can watch the show?

  • Shelby
    Shelby Hour ago

    dude the maths one really fucked me up i had a math teach do the same but with bigger sums for exaple; 123+321 = they would say to get the correct answer add it up vertically? never been good at maths anyways but thats stupid right?

  • jyan tham
    jyan tham Hour ago

    her highlight hits hard

  • Timeless Hope
    Timeless Hope Hour ago

    The audience was cheering on the host trying to kiss the little girls smh!

  • Aubrey Pockford
    Aubrey Pockford Hour ago

    I cringed 7times

  • matureprison. matureprison.

    HE ATE HER ORGANS!??? WTF! 🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤢

  • Harry Magofna
    Harry Magofna Hour ago

    How did you forget about the queen b’s fake following count? 😂

  • Nadya Lizarraga
    Nadya Lizarraga Hour ago


  • Spiritchi24
    Spiritchi24 Hour ago

    I don't know why everyone is attacking her. She had bad experiences already so obviously it would be scary. Garrett is just so immature sometimes. He needs to learn when to be serious sometimes. How was he even mistreated. You people are really stupid. That would be so scary if you were put in that position.

  • saraee1234567
    saraee1234567 Hour ago

    Don’t eat fast food... make yourself a sandwich.

  • Isaiah V.
    Isaiah V. Hour ago

    Obama: "Stay woke, B*tches"

  • Destiny Romero
    Destiny Romero Hour ago

    How he cut the lemon tho😂👌

  • Ashley Macareno
    Ashley Macareno Hour ago

    They kinda look like a good couple xD ! i AM right PERFECT

  •  Hour ago

    13:10 Ryland is wearing a James Charles hoddie...

  • Rhiannon Van Demark

    12:10 is the best part. I love Garrett so much <3 miss him

  • Jessica Kothenbeutel

    My 2yr old loves to eat a tomato like an apple. It grosses me out watchin him devour it

  • Mimi Samat
    Mimi Samat Hour ago

    4:16 “I don’t kill my children ☺️” Shane’s so cute there 🥺

  • Mia Jemima
    Mia Jemima Hour ago

    I hate how these fucking terrorists apparently kill in the name of Allah, WHEN IT'S COMPLETELY AGAINST ISLAM!!!

  • Brea Abdullah
    Brea Abdullah Hour ago

    Spell you name

  • Abbey Ross
    Abbey Ross Hour ago

    Shane: *blood is running down your legs* Me: *"is it that time of the month already??"*

  • Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith Hour ago

    13:55 is actually what I believe and I am amazed that anyone else does so wow

  • Allaesha Lehman
    Allaesha Lehman Hour ago

    Your mom is too pur for this world 😭😭😭

  • Spiritfox Coco
    Spiritfox Coco Hour ago

    1.the flint stone dollars0.0 2.flintstone... city? Sorry never watched it but that sign says”bedrock” HELLO MINECRAFT!!

  • Mystery.
    Mystery. Hour ago

    Go to 4:24 , you can hear someone going "huh" in the background.

  • Lee Lee dodd
    Lee Lee dodd Hour ago

    Omg I scrolled down soo far that I found my old comment

  • Madeline Mahon
    Madeline Mahon Hour ago

    I’m scared of Jeffree star: Literally makes a pallet with him and becomes his best friend

  • Pam Rob
    Pam Rob Hour ago

    No way the Snow White got me so confused I don't remember her saying that I even hate movie I had the movie for years already what

  • Brittany F
    Brittany F Hour ago

    Speaking about a cereal killer here's a song All my friends are dead I shot them in the head

  • LuvGreed
    LuvGreed Hour ago

    Shane doesnt know how attractive of a gay man he is Like real talk


    I want that pig backpack but I don't have USD I only have HKD

  • Vicky Pascual Prizmic

    31:19 Eugenia talks about pewdiepie sending love to her channel

  • Laurice Anne Castillo

    No one: Literally no one: Garrett: RAAAAAANCH?!?!?!

  • Oof Man
    Oof Man Hour ago

    I’m constipated and I hope this scares the literal shit outta me

  • Stallion _Darkness

    I wonder to myself, why tf do ppl love him. I'm like, no thx. If u wanna attack me then u can. K bye

  • tamo neko
    tamo neko Hour ago

    god please protect us🙏✨

  • NorahAnn Bobolakis

    I wonded if you a TheXvid's name three times you get taged Shane Shane Shane 👌

  • Stallion _Darkness

    Gerald... 😶 K bye

  • 悪夢꧁ No u owo

    Cheeto is cute

  • Trap Monster
    Trap Monster Hour ago

    It’s less scary if you think of the fact that he just blowtorched a barbie

  • Scared Girl In The Mirror

    My heart started racing so fast when I heard the poem for no reason

  • Michael Bruene
    Michael Bruene Hour ago

    I would’ve beat the fuck out of the first one

  • Scared Girl In The Mirror

    My best and only friend started the blue whale challenge and she could be stopped before it was too late and there is so much more to the story

  • itsalaat
    itsalaat Hour ago

    Who's watching this with no reason in november 2019🐷🐷

  • Sassy_Gaming TTT

    (How’s ur cat poor thing)😂

  • Gabrė D.
    Gabrė D. Hour ago

    Vsco girl: Saving a sksksksk turtle! Turtoise falls in water: AND I OOP!-

  • Christine Watkins

    I miss drew

  • Ashyo Sings
    Ashyo Sings 2 hours ago

    Shane Dawson having a midlife crisis part 1

    QUXN_YUH 2 hours ago

    This is James😡 he wants you to shut up and stop begging for followers.

  • Vanessa Galdamez
    Vanessa Galdamez 2 hours ago

    0:35 look at what's under the picture😣😣😣

  • Debra Mae Inway
    Debra Mae Inway 2 hours ago

    Omg, Jeffree's staffs are hot and good looking.

  • Jan Vašek
    Jan Vašek 2 hours ago

    11:40is best

  • alischia sandoval
    alischia sandoval 2 hours ago

    They look like a couple of fags lmao

  • America Silva
    America Silva 2 hours ago

    Me finds rat in toilet: MY NEW PET

  • cutie pie lino
    cutie pie lino 2 hours ago

    When Starbucks delivers..... That's what they send out

  • Luna le mad kitty
    Luna le mad kitty 2 hours ago

    They were so cute then shane ruins it all and talks in the background

  • Russell Carter
    Russell Carter 2 hours ago

    I absolutely loved this video it was great! I would like to input some constructive criticism the transitions between different parts were really sudden which was a little off putting but not enough to take the fact away that this was an amazing video! Great stories, played with emotions everything. Thanks for the amazing content! Lots of love a new fan that's spent the last 2 weeks watching nothing but conspiracy videos by you 😂

  • happy2B anoutsider
    happy2B anoutsider 2 hours ago

    who the hell is THAT nasty, vile MELTED WELLY, FACE LIKE A WELDERS BENCH LOOKING MOFO calling ugly.... REALLY!!?? he literally actually LOOKS like Boris Johnsons placenta with a bad lip hob and worse wig pmsl. wow. kettle calling the pan black ass there I think. wow.

  • Annie Tang
    Annie Tang 2 hours ago

    omg I love this video it gives me a whole new perspective on treating everyone I love... Shane please make another video like this one! This is so inspiring!!

  • Bagelqueen101 Hi
    Bagelqueen101 Hi 2 hours ago

    Omg that last message was so cute I loved it

  • Onyi Sunshine Emy
    Onyi Sunshine Emy 2 hours ago

    This was funny, why will I buy viewers? I rather get legit viewers. It's good the way you explained at the end of the video that is not good to buy viewers.

  • Melob
    Melob 2 hours ago

    2nd host: can i kiss u? In summary, punch in the stomach, broken leg, broken thigh, knock out Edit: the reference is from holmes

  • Ky Baum
    Ky Baum 2 hours ago

    I have seen this man

  • Bagelqueen101 Hi
    Bagelqueen101 Hi 2 hours ago

    This is literally Gryffindor and Hufflepuff in a relationship

  • navaeya cayetano
    navaeya cayetano 2 hours ago

    my mom told me this one girl was holding a crescent roll thingy and then it like cracked behind her head she thought she was shot and called 911 XD she thought all her brains were falling out (it was the dough not her brains XD) lets just say it was pretty funny when the cops arrived XD

  • Lyndsay ann
    Lyndsay ann 2 hours ago

    Been binging more on Kendall Cool colab ^^

  • Skskss and i oop-
    Skskss and i oop- 2 hours ago


  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 2 hours ago

    Imagine spitting on a lab sample tube after sucking a dick🙂

  • Aubree Cookie
    Aubree Cookie 2 hours ago

    He is not fat he is all the way thick

  • London chan
    London chan 2 hours ago

    Oh my God the one that was quiet i litery heard a sound . _.

  • I'm tired
    I'm tired 2 hours ago

    The queens lyrics: BRING ME MY BUTTON. Very carefully, lay it down. CAREFUL Uhh, thats heavy;) DON'T TOUCH IT, PEASANTS AREN'T ALLOWED Only me, superwoman. Alright, get me unboxing it! Give me my Tiara! Wait, grab me my book! Both of em. Let me read an abserd of my buuk. Wow, do you have a vxxgina? And i said: maybe. Wuhh, New york times bestseller, pick it up at target. hUrryy! Did my big head break it? IT HAS A LOT OF GENIUS THOUGHTS! Perfect. GrAAAAb me a new diet rootbeer. I want a fresh one, cold from the fridge. While youre out there it wouldnt HURT to change your attitude. Come back with a smile. I'm sorry, did you just put my Soda on top of my PLAY BUTTONNNNNe!? ITS GONNA LEAVE A RING I cant drink that. Its not open. WHOA tap it, tap it. I want the fizz to go away hHh. That's enoUgh! Pur it in. HOOOOOW DAAAAARE YOUUUU! TEAM SUPER WOULD NEVER! Youre lUcky i'm Trash! Hold on! Wich irrelevant piece of shit should i wipe up my root beer with? hMmmmm. A Dan and Phil? A bIngE? Or a MAMRIE HART: you deserve a drink OF MY rOOTbeer i spilled! HAHAHAHAHhAh hHh What a funny buuk! Thank you mames! hHh. I was gonna make a joke, but i'm pretty sure they have more subscribers than me. Good job bois! *Snort* I want them to split me in half :'D Okay here we go! What about a smoke machine? BRING ME MY SMoHoke machine xDD I'm sorry. Did you not HEAR me when i ASKED for my SMOKE. MACHINE. What else. *triple burp* What is this. Oh its your diary, hAh. dEar dIaRy. hAh. Why can' t i be as FAMOUS and RICH and FUNNY as shane. Oh god, why am i gay. Why can't be as BI as shane. He has NINEmillionNINEhundret and NINTYthousand more subscribers. See you soon! Knocks on wood :> That was cute. Did you get my smoke machine, h? Oh gud. Ahh. hMMMM While the smoke machine is loading, whY dont we do a quick mansion tour? *heavy breathing* Those are my mario carts! Neither of them work, but it's fine. I don't drive anyways, i uber hAh👁👄👁 Welcome to my office, hAh. This is, well i like to call it a muSEUUUM of my fame. Now right here you'll se some wigs that ive worn in some of my HILARIOUS skits hAAAh. Uh and a little purse, back when i used to play women. A nice jean jacket i dont fit in anymore. Shanaynay retired. It is, uhm.. i had artist made this for me. It is me holding my playbutton:) Oh weird, its my diary. DEAR DIARY. i dont have time for you;) What else. This is a buuk that significant elder bought. Buuk? READ this if you wanna be instagram famous. Oh, too late. OkaYY. Smoke me. Yes. Here we goo Children at home, wishing that you were a TheXvid Star: get ready Uh, ahHh Okay. What is this? DEAR SHANE hAh. Wow, you are the best youtuber on Pewdiepie, stop quaking. hAh. Still reading. That was nice! hAh Here we go >;) It's dirty :l why is it dirty? :l hhhhAHAH *snort* ssssOOOO heavy, hAAAH Ohhh, i need help! Nevermind, dont touch it. Okay uhhh.. What do you think this is made of? Me. Oh oh, theres something on the back! Ew, i just saw my reflection hAAAhhhh It says shane dawson whooooaaa congratulations for subpassing 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERSSSS hAh I would have picked a diffrent font but i'll take an ariel. A tallica would have been nice. And there it is. 10 years of hard, hard work. Hmmm M-mmm

  • Saree Vogzz
    Saree Vogzz 2 hours ago

    2:51 and a few years later.... HE DID!❤️

  • Jenkkbeauty
    Jenkkbeauty 3 hours ago

    I loved this series so much ❤️ this is such a beautiful friendship between Shane and Jeffree 🥰 I am so happy Jeffree found a friend like Shane who’s actually a true pure soul 💕💕💕💕

  • Ella Franklin
    Ella Franklin 3 hours ago

    Now I wanna know why it isn’t called the starcade

  • ava
    ava 3 hours ago

    shane: “do you think he needs to try again?” christopher: “...who?”

  • Gummy Suga
    Gummy Suga 3 hours ago

    *bObA LiFe !*

  • Kate Schmidt
    Kate Schmidt 3 hours ago

    Shane please come back and do more videos like this..

  • fin ita
    fin ita 3 hours ago

    I dont see any tips that shane gave to bunny taken seriously by her. Poor garette though:(

  • Catrin Nowaczek
    Catrin Nowaczek 3 hours ago

    Those pizzas gives me anxiety

  • FaeNova
    FaeNova 3 hours ago

    *anyone still watching in 2019 November?* 👇🏼

  • Nicholas Harper
    Nicholas Harper 3 hours ago

    WAIT omg can u watch the ones where you say the n word 😃😃??? love you black king 😍

  • Gummy Suga
    Gummy Suga 3 hours ago

    literally, not weird at all. All of them just tastes so freakin’ good- *but I’m Asian.*

  • Lu La
    Lu La 3 hours ago

    I want to sign up to the illuminati too

  • Easier18
    Easier18 3 hours ago

    Is there a ticking noise in the beginning of this video? I love listening to your videos while i commute and the noise I keep hearing in the beginning of this video caused me to switch videos.

  • Sophie Mendoza
    Sophie Mendoza 3 hours ago

    After finishing this in one evening in 2019 I feel each one of them majorly had no understanding of real life outside TheXvid. It was all for TheXvid... the beef, the accusations, the pain inflicting. I believe Alyssa, I believe Nick, I believe Erika, I believe Jake. It was all their truth and they all f***ed up. I do strongly agree with other comments that the father Greg is the catalyst for the Paul brothers relationship. Brothers in general are always in a pissing competition etc but this was next level and it was the parents obligation to stop this but they were too busy riding the wave. (Amy Winehouse's dad did the same thing and she ended up dead RIP). So now knowing he got married to Tana and he is still living in team 10 house, I dont know how much of this experience he digested. I am not a subscriber of his so briefly looking through his Channel it doesn't seem so crazy anymore, but from watching Tana I know she can be pretty wild so I'm not sure honestly. I'm still not a fan but this was truly captivating and throughly documented so well! Shane you really do have a great talent at this. I wish you the best with your cosmetics line but I do hope you come back to documentaries one day as it's brilliant work!

  • Louise Irwin
    Louise Irwin 3 hours ago

    Why??? Must we all be killed??? By nukes??? Because 2 men kids??? Don't agree???

  • JPA
    JPA 3 hours ago

    Holy shit shes an ugly crier!

  • stranger
    stranger 3 hours ago

    i do not mind the hospital at all. the warm blankets, tv, i guess its just because i always go into the pediatric part of the hospital so its better in there and they always make sure you have good food.