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I'm officially a big deal
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Say aloe to my little friend
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The Truth about Destiny 2
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Rainbow Six Cowboys
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New Bad Juju is "SUPER"
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  • The_Lazy_Guy
    The_Lazy_Guy Minute ago

    I have a feeling that these guys are the reason for having custom workshop games today

  • Rebel_Kid97
    Rebel_Kid97 31 minute ago

    Show of hands 🖐 Who watched beginning to end. No stops. If so I salute you

  • Cypher Elite
    Cypher Elite 32 minutes ago

    Mr Fruit you should do voice acting either in anime’s or certainly have the talent to do it.

  • vinegar
    vinegar 41 minute ago

    Ava just couldnt fuckin listen huh?

    LORD CLAYMORE 52 minutes ago

    When you hype that you finally have time to watch the sickest video ever, and the first 8 minutes is them roasting your favorite character... Feels bad.

  • Harshit Verma
    Harshit Verma 54 minutes ago

    NGL zombie mode in this game might just be great. (Not sure if it will ever be a thing)

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 57 minutes ago

    Mr.Fruit.... I love you

  • Rodzinski Hyppolite

    Part 1 is 8 hours

  • y u do dis
    y u do dis Hour ago

    *fruit gets almost one shot* *charges right into everyone*

    OLEWORD Hour ago

    I do hope you change tanjiro back in the later episodes, because is disgusting

  • Blacky of MelonKnight

    *sees title* "Oh cool, Mr.Fruit is doing a Borderlands 3 lets play" *Clicks on the video* "Normal introduction, cool cool." *sees the unnormal ammount of ads* "Wait, why are there so many...." *sees video lenght for the first time* Me:*faints*

  • The Spider Web
    The Spider Web Hour ago

    I think the only thing that sucks is Fruit wasn't using alt-fire modes.

  • Oscar
    Oscar Hour ago

    finally the girls are hopping on the TTT train

  • Joshua Yong
    Joshua Yong Hour ago

    when he makes a star wars reference :O

  • OwnZ
    OwnZ Hour ago

    A lot of people hating on this cod but I really enjoy it glad you are too

  • Helpz
    Helpz 2 hours ago

    Took me 1 day to get recluse went on a 10 win streak

  • Brendan Padden
    Brendan Padden 2 hours ago

    Yeah when you use nvgs you have a laser on the barrel to see. Great vid man.

  • EnterTheFenix
    EnterTheFenix 2 hours ago

    why is there radar on this supposedly immersive mode

  • Aleksandar lord
    Aleksandar lord 2 hours ago

    #AskFruit's what are your pc specs

  • O smedema
    O smedema 2 hours ago

    Zo bad no zane

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart 2 hours ago

    Loving the C A H N T E N T MISTER FROOOOOTTT! :D Also you seem to have a Shroud on your team :O

  • Zesty Pancakes
    Zesty Pancakes 2 hours ago

    no zane? rookie mistake

  • Bogota beans32 Yeeterson

    Good anime choice rob

  • C4Yourself
    C4Yourself 3 hours ago

    20:50 someone make that moan a ringtone

  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris 3 hours ago

    Imagine going against Mr fruit when your playing ps4 that wouldn't go to well

  • Nathaniel B
    Nathaniel B 3 hours ago

    Hey Mr. Fruit! In case you want to check out what has become a hilariously fun loadout, try out the 725 shotgun, with stopping power rounds and double time, ghost, and tune up for perks Get ready to go REALLY fast

  • Spike Banks
    Spike Banks 3 hours ago

    Please play more pvz, it's so much fun to watch. Those games are criminally underrated. Good video tho

  • Killer Zeus
    Killer Zeus 3 hours ago

    I love Dungeons and Dragons because it is a great tabletop rpg and i play DNDO which is Dungeons and Dragons online

  • Pacfam42 YT
    Pacfam42 YT 4 hours ago

    Anybody else notice that he was playing with Shroud?

  • Hillel Rudy
    Hillel Rudy 4 hours ago

    Holy fucking A D S boi

  • Surid AT
    Surid AT 4 hours ago

    You are the best TheXvidr

  • 【608】
    【608】 4 hours ago

    As soon as I heard payload I freaked out a little because I didn't click on an Overwatch video.

  • Whi te
    Whi te 4 hours ago

    I tried the beta, and it’s just not for me. I’m a battlefield player, and this game makes me feel like I need a Mtdew IV drip while snorting Dorito powder.

  • The Storyteller
    The Storyteller 4 hours ago

    You’ve played this before...

  • Embodiment of Evil
    Embodiment of Evil 5 hours ago

    I appreciate this video even more with all the Kimetsu No Yaiba(Demon Slayer) references.

  • Kobe Lawrence
    Kobe Lawrence 5 hours ago

    i live for this content mr fruit

  • cheetahboy 3
    cheetahboy 3 5 hours ago

    Did anyone else catch him say "unless you jump from 10ft or greater you die"

    MOTOJOEL 5 hours ago

    Yeah bruh, IRL with night vision you use an IR laser to aim and being IR only other people with night vision can see the laser. Thats how the seals took out Osama.

  • Carlos Bracamonte
    Carlos Bracamonte 5 hours ago

    Holy f*ck i nesrly died when i seen all those ads, but then i seen 8 hours so it made a bit reasonable

    KRYPTONIAN MD 5 hours ago

    "these are so low level" *literally all weapons are better than his currently equipped ones*

  • Fei_Ling Bob
    Fei_Ling Bob 5 hours ago

    Mishter Frewt yu hwon shawt him becauche yu had frontal ashalt 😡

  • SeniorMeow
    SeniorMeow 5 hours ago

    Man, poor Datto. He suffered so much during this stream

  • NexverZ LocO
    NexverZ LocO 5 hours ago

    Me and my pal just spent like 3 hours doing this and WE FUCKINGN LOVE IT NOW

  • Alkafelts
    Alkafelts 5 hours ago

    Your commentary is entertaining but sometimes overly exaggerated and confusing.

  • Antonov A-40
    Antonov A-40 5 hours ago

    Fruit 6 going dark.

  • Vivimander
    Vivimander 5 hours ago

    They’re not piñatas because they’re not hanging smh

  • Double Helix
    Double Helix 5 hours ago

    This game has the most shit feminist story, smdh

  • Anand Chokshi
    Anand Chokshi 5 hours ago

    your commentary is hilarious, awesome.

  • Light Speed Boost
    Light Speed Boost 6 hours ago

    this sound dumb but the announcer kinda sounds like natsu's voice actor but i could be wrong so watever?!

  • Cosmic Nerd
    Cosmic Nerd 6 hours ago


  • LOLOLOLAS teh weeb
    LOLOLOLAS teh weeb 6 hours ago

    Getting this tomorrow :D

  • Daddy Long Legs
    Daddy Long Legs 6 hours ago

    5:03 You are very strong and wise, and I am very proud of you. I have trained you since you were a small boy, and I have taught you everything I know. You have become a far greater jedi than I could ever hope to be

  • that random white kid

    Y’all sleepin on my boy Zane he isn’t generic at all since if you build him right he can pretty much play any role you need since he’s versatile as hell

  • Zer0Hour17
    Zer0Hour17 6 hours ago

    This is the first vid of yours I'm seeing and I don't know whos who, but that one guy needs to learn some friggin patience. You guys stop to look at your menu for a minute and he starts bitching.

  • Everton Roger
    Everton Roger 6 hours ago

    Mr fruit always remember to pick up loot tink bags when they die, love you 💙

  • Mystro B
    Mystro B 6 hours ago

    You should try shinobi striker. It just got an update and looks pretty dope

  • Carlos Chaparro
    Carlos Chaparro 6 hours ago

    6:46 hahahah! lol hailululululululululu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • not sorry
    not sorry 6 hours ago

    If you use a sniper scope on your gun you can aim down sights in nightvison mode the laser doesent even show up

  • MKWaterandEarth Smith

    Ur good at imitating trumpets

  • Gavin Tracy
    Gavin Tracy 6 hours ago

    Hey fruit how did you get the skeleton skins

  • Mcblazer 201
    Mcblazer 201 6 hours ago

    I bought yt premium for this

  • Christopher Rampant
    Christopher Rampant 6 hours ago

    Holy shit Mr. Fruit knows Woodkid songs. I knew I subbed for a reason.

  • Ben The biggest boy
    Ben The biggest boy 6 hours ago

    Omg finally someone who has the same problem as me. You’re like super hot but your hands and feet hurt from them being so cold and then you try to warm them up but it just makes everything worse 😂. I feel that fruit. I feel that

  • Wiz Ard
    Wiz Ard 6 hours ago

    Idk how I’m gonna watch all of these 🥵

  • Vinsmoke Sanji
    Vinsmoke Sanji 6 hours ago

    These new borderlands players are wack not saying this video but they play like they’re having a stroke

  • Sonic
    Sonic 7 hours ago

    1:22 the ol' seananners reference lol. I miss spooky Morgan Freeman

  • Garrett Greer
    Garrett Greer 7 hours ago

    Fruit boutta make Borderland 4 with this add rev

  • Philip Seitz
    Philip Seitz 7 hours ago

    4:47:07 berserker was the best. Once fully upgraded he was a unkillable-never reloading- insane damage dealing- beast of a character.

  • Sakura Wind
    Sakura Wind 7 hours ago

    This is probably the only cod I’ve been excited for in a while

  • Z-beast Bos
    Z-beast Bos 7 hours ago

    Play more call of duty

  • OwnedGolem 9751
    OwnedGolem 9751 7 hours ago

    2:10 not trying to be that kind of person, but the new night vision that militaries use are a mix of night vision and thermal

  • OwnedGolem 9751
    OwnedGolem 9751 7 hours ago

    This mode is actually fucking awesome

  • theCDiZZLeMAn
    theCDiZZLeMAn 7 hours ago

    I’m so sad how bad the game looks on console relative to pc

    • Jd Davis
      Jd Davis 6 hours ago

      theCDiZZLeMAn I thought I was the only one that thought this

  • NewLegend 27
    NewLegend 27 7 hours ago

    It is such a pain to get if you’re horrible in Crucible

  • Motion Kavanaugh
    Motion Kavanaugh 7 hours ago

    As soon as I see all the ad’s I thought it was like 2 hours at MOST.. I.. was completely wrong, but I’m not complaining- see you all at 6 am

  • jay lav
    jay lav 7 hours ago

    Kinda bummed no one chose Zane.... hes not bad.

  • Shad0w5carab
    Shad0w5carab 7 hours ago

    Imagine search and destroy or elimination on this map without night vision goggles. Would be both dope and terrifying.

  • Magic Manticore
    Magic Manticore 7 hours ago

    When you watched the stream but still watch the video.

  • stewart54 watson18
    stewart54 watson18 7 hours ago

    Please start playing cod more

  • Ember Fox
    Ember Fox 7 hours ago

    Knowing the lore, this video triggers me highly.

  • Tait Samansky
    Tait Samansky 7 hours ago

    Sorry but I gotta say a quick fuck you for boring out Zane, he is an awesome character

  • Alex Rini
    Alex Rini 7 hours ago

    who keep getting mad he keeps switching out his shields for worse ones

  • Elias Boyd
    Elias Boyd 7 hours ago

    Comments not disabled dislike

  • Oscar Rodriguez
    Oscar Rodriguez 7 hours ago

    This is what you get when you crutch OEM Bottom tree Striker. Yet for some reason you feel you're better than shotgunners.

  • Spectrum_Diamond YT
    Spectrum_Diamond YT 7 hours ago

    My real question is why is sonic in the background?

  • Daniel Vasquez
    Daniel Vasquez 7 hours ago

    Mr.Fruit I love your videos but I will 1v3 the dream team and win wanna bet? Are my psn Epic_Doge101

  • Roark The Red
    Roark The Red 7 hours ago

    Mr. Fruit, this is indeed how you use night vision in real life. The reason you don't use the sight is because not only do you have some sort of device in front of your eye (not necessarily goggles in the traditional sense) but also because there will likely be no reticle in that sight. Most modern sights use light-activated chemicals inside (usually tritium) so if it's dark, there is no light to make the reticle bright enough to see. The lasers use infra-red light, which NVGs pick up on, to show where your gun is pointed. The only inaccurate part is that NVGs don't make the *bweeyooop* sound when you turn them on. Fun fact: In a perfectly dark room, NVGs will not work. Sincerely, a guy who's Marine Corps job was to work on NVGs.

  • Joshua Lake
    Joshua Lake 8 hours ago

    Did anybody notice that at the beginning cinematic for the second match the swole dudes didn’t have headbands for their NVGs

  • Joe Hill
    Joe Hill 8 hours ago

    Hey man. I'm LOVING this format. I think it will help with potential drop off like past play throughs. Well done, and thanks for the CON-TENT

  • Ewerboweski
    Ewerboweski 8 hours ago

    Wait.. did they add a minimap back to all modes? If so I will actually get this game.

  • n0b0_official
    n0b0_official 8 hours ago

    Yes the laser is a real thing

  • Charmedpluto
    Charmedpluto 8 hours ago

    As someone who has to shoot with NVGs annually, yes, you can see the lasers from any weapon, yes NVGs give you a massive headache after a while, no NVGs do not give you that great a field of vision. You want more immersion? Figure a way to straight up delete your depth perception while wearing NVGs, at least the older models. The newer ones my unit uses aren't as bad but the field of view is still pretty garbage.

  • Vrexion
    Vrexion 8 hours ago

    I'm sorry 8 hours without a Irish man is a nono for me

  • Keaton Spell
    Keaton Spell 8 hours ago

    Dilly Dilly.

  • vszlavakov
    vszlavakov 8 hours ago

    Hey Mr.Fruit, the laser that you see with the night vision on is a real thing that the military uses when we have NVG on

  • Bradley Barthorpe
    Bradley Barthorpe 8 hours ago

    I love that game mode

  • Arsenal3k Gaming
    Arsenal3k Gaming 8 hours ago

    Crazy how many more views the first part has, idk if everyone else is like me but I’m not even halfway through the game so I just haven’t watched the others because I wanna play it first. Just hope fruit doesn’t think interest isn’t there 💙

  • BadRabbit
    BadRabbit 8 hours ago

    @Mr. Fruit, IRL you either put the NVG on your weapon by your red dot or you put the NVG on your helmet and a PEQ-15 infrared light/laser on your wespon to use that to aim. Pretty realistic in this game, other than lights are painfully blinding through NVGs.

  • Jonathan Mejia
    Jonathan Mejia 8 hours ago

    I dont get tired of this videos lol

  • Ethan Miller
    Ethan Miller 9 hours ago

    Why is there like a light source in front of you whenever you have on your NVGs? It’s not like you have a flashlight on your head...

    • Charmedpluto
      Charmedpluto 8 hours ago

      Because NVGs are, in essence, an infrared camera attached to you face.