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Look What We Built!!!
Views 619K21 day ago
Construction Begins!!!
Views 826KMonth ago
Views 786KMonth ago
In the Hospital, Cancer...
Views 994K2 months ago
Ripping Apart My Humvee...
Views 519K2 months ago
Bad News on the Humvee...
Views 852K2 months ago
For Sale....Pile of Junk
Views 945K2 months ago
The Expansion!!!
Views 862K3 months ago
We Got a Pet Fox!!!
Views 953K3 months ago
My Scope Collection!!!
Views 665K3 months ago
Her New Range Rover Arrived!
Views 773K4 months ago
He Messed Up....
Views 388K4 months ago
She’s Stuck Up There...
Views 311K4 months ago
My new Arrival is HUGE!!!
Views 665K4 months ago
Can We Keep It?!?!
Views 351K5 months ago
Views 1.6M5 months ago
The Runaway Car Aftermath...
Views 583K6 months ago
The Most Dangerous Glove
Views 736K6 months ago
Dozer's Last Video...
Views 1.2M6 months ago
Views 319K7 months ago
The New Camper...
Views 981K7 months ago
The Dream Garage!!!
Views 542K8 months ago
We Have The Worst News...
Views 832K8 months ago


  • Smarter Gaming
    Smarter Gaming 4 minutes ago

    I moved out into the country... only to have subdivisions, apartment complexes and developments for "city" people fleeing the big city ruin my country place. So, I am not in a city limits, but, lost all the advantages of being out in the country away from people...

  • Harold Warner
    Harold Warner 16 minutes ago

    Far Western Suburb of Chicago. City is still too close but country not that far. Want to be more in the country.

  • Robby Copeland
    Robby Copeland 21 minute ago

    Country Coldspring tx

    GAMERKID5000 YEET 21 minute ago

    I am gonna stay in the country #southernlife

  • Joshua Dodson
    Joshua Dodson 21 minute ago

    Huntland Tennessee country and love it

  • chickensfloat_ on_dirtbikes

    I currently line around corn feilds but i was born in a real ghetto crap hole part of Milwaukee. I still work there but its just a high school job so its not real permanent. I do prefer more trees less buildings then more buildings less trees. But im not much of a people person.

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 21 minute ago

    east coast

  • Jolly Joe Rants
    Jolly Joe Rants 22 minutes ago

    So glad you put 1 Ton axles under it.

  • Jack Buck
    Jack Buck 22 minutes ago

    Apparently Matt takes payment in tacos.

  • chickensfloat_ on_dirtbikes

    A happy chicken is a free range chicken

  • Ron Goose
    Ron Goose 25 minutes ago

    Small town in Canada

  • smjtx
    smjtx 28 minutes ago

  • Larry Preston
    Larry Preston 28 minutes ago

    1/2 the year in St Thomas, USVI and 1/2 the year in NH....suburban. Lived in the Big "D", Dallas for 8 years in the late 80's and early 90's.

  • Kimberlee 4luv_of_paws
    Kimberlee 4luv_of_paws 28 minutes ago

    Long Island, NY very suburban, very crowded. Can’t wait to be done with my pension career, become a Veterinarian, and go to some Fly Over State with more open space

  • Jo Mara
    Jo Mara 32 minutes ago

    Dude, WT farm girl video is using your intro song!

  • billcharlene1450
    billcharlene1450 33 minutes ago

    South Florida, farming community dangerously close to Miami, rather be deep in the country, like population 1000 and neighbor a few miles away.

  • David Lanning
    David Lanning 34 minutes ago

    Out in the country in Central California.

  • arizflash
    arizflash 34 minutes ago

    In the country outside a town of 5500. 120 miles from the interstate. 140 miles from the nearest airport with airlines that fly out of the state.

  • alonzo symalla
    alonzo symalla 35 minutes ago

    North country! Tropical Minnesota. Closest town is the county seat. Population 3200.

  • Barry Soetorro
    Barry Soetorro 37 minutes ago

    4:35 nice editing

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown 39 minutes ago

    Watching from Alaska

  • d135
    d135 41 minute ago

    Hill country outside of Dripping Springs, Tx.

  • Mark Crockett
    Mark Crockett 41 minute ago

    Country boy on the outskirts of a city

    DiRRTYSiX BJR 42 minutes ago

    South Padre Island 🤙🏻

  • David Lanning
    David Lanning 42 minutes ago

    I cant wait to see this beast finished!

  • Blake Noble
    Blake Noble 43 minutes ago

    I'm from Hazard, Kentucky. Nothing much around here but drug addicts, pain clinics, and fast food restaurants. Can't wait to move away. Oh, and by the way Matt, what about the chickens?🤣🤣

  • Grady Graham
    Grady Graham 53 minutes ago

    Country boy

  • Ryan Pitre
    Ryan Pitre 55 minutes ago

    Always lived in the city or right outside it but my grandpa lived far enough outside the city that it was peaceful but not really in the country and had horses so I grew up loving that kind of environment and between the guns, humor, bad innuendos, country, and Texan vernacular your videos are like a taste of home especially since I moved from Texas to Mississippi. Keep doing what you do best Demo. Hook'em Horns P.S. (the Aggies aren't that bad)

  • Jake ONeill
    Jake ONeill 56 minutes ago

    Kentucky hollers!!!

  • Giana Hernandez
    Giana Hernandez 58 minutes ago

    Lubbock, TX super flat here not a huge city but in the panhandle so we're pretty much country lol

  • West Virginia Proud
    West Virginia Proud 59 minutes ago

    I’m a county boy living in West Virginia

  • Luke McNeill
    Luke McNeill Hour ago

    Small town Apache oklahoma

  • bruh bruh
    bruh bruh Hour ago

    :kills thousands of ants with a flamethrower Girl: you're scaring the chickens!!

  • J.K. Cooke
    J.K. Cooke Hour ago

    Ocean View, Delaware 1 mile from Atlantic Ocean but have farm land around my Log Home

  • Sarah Bathurst
    Sarah Bathurst Hour ago

    Country girl all the way

  • James Grafton
    James Grafton Hour ago

    I'm surprised you didn't try to shoot through the support beams lol

  • Kyle Rothschild
    Kyle Rothschild Hour ago

    Im from downstate New York so basically city but go to school upstate in the middle of nowhere and i love upstate 100 times more than the city

  • It’s Yah Boy Chris

    When Matt’s ring bit that wheel I almost cried... I work in a tire shop lmao

  • Wiley Branch Farms

    Farm in west Tennessee but right now I am at college staying with my aunt and uncle in a neighborhood

  • Barb Gedling
    Barb Gedling Hour ago

    Born and raised in the country. Still in the country.

  • Sean Young
    Sean Young Hour ago

    County boy here. 35 min from city or deep country. I watch cuz you're someone to emulate and topics are interesting. Keep up the awesome!

  • Links revenge
    Links revenge Hour ago

    Oklahoma county

  • Samhane
    Samhane Hour ago

    Chicago Il, could go ether way city or country.

  • Eric Ruiz
    Eric Ruiz Hour ago

    I found t-Rex in my home town in a car lot

  • Allidoispoo
    Allidoispoo Hour ago

    Country. Small town... Really small. Look up Washago Ontario.

  • Doro Hiro
    Doro Hiro Hour ago

    I am a German country girl, living in Tacoma Washington

  • J Marion harper
    J Marion harper Hour ago

    In answer to your question: City! And from the vicinity of the "Greatest Rodeo on Earth" (Calgary, Alberta, Canada). I'm from a Western Canadian entrepreneurial spirited family. We are a no nonsense people who love Jesus, family and outdoor life! Personally I find your channel appealing because you appear to hold similar values and exploit the hell out of anything fun and legal (although I sometimes question the legality) but hey your from Texas, so that explains it! Oh and when I heard you say, "Don't tell Mar" I liked you (but my sympathies align with Mar!)

  • Reese Davis
    Reese Davis Hour ago

    i'm in the middle. kind of in the city but we have over and acre of land and have chickens.

  • TheTrueGamer 2332

    Im in the city in Missouri wanna move to Texas out in the country

  • Reese Davis
    Reese Davis Hour ago

    i want a sweater that smells like fire ball

  • Crx Turbo
    Crx Turbo Hour ago

    Ha lol I'm a city boy for the capital of new Jersey Trenton this is crazy out here bullets flying all over the place I'm so sick of it you and your family stay in the country it's safer out there

  • Memphis Macias
    Memphis Macias Hour ago

    RIP dozer if you are gone we will miss you.

  • Reese Davis
    Reese Davis Hour ago

    i want a bottle of fireball

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez Hour ago

    Your on "Trending" dude!

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez Hour ago

    Your on "Trending" dude!

  • Links revenge
    Links revenge Hour ago

    Yesss finaly

  • Brandon Swallow
    Brandon Swallow Hour ago

    I moved to the city from the country and want to move back to the country

  • Dungeons And Dumb Stupid Idiots

    My dozer lay and sleep in the heavenly sun. He’s free now for eternity. Hallelujah.

  • Bigshowinachevy
    Bigshowinachevy Hour ago

    #CountryLifeAndLovingIt Darlington, SC

  • Schoon_93
    Schoon_93 Hour ago

    Mannhattan Born, New Zealand or Swiss contry is the dream

  • Little Bear
    Little Bear Hour ago

    4:02 the song 😂

  • Mat Van Donselaar

    I am a country boy from southeastern Iowa and wouldn't dream of changing it

  • Jackson Perrault

    Keep in line with the trending vids great job Matt love all your videos Every day is made so much better from your awesome videos

  • Billy Jack
    Billy Jack Hour ago

    Soccer is a gay European "sport".

  • airmandan916
    airmandan916 Hour ago

    From Kansas City, MO but made a home in Sacramento, CA

  • Allen Rangel
    Allen Rangel Hour ago

    i have lived in both

  • Matt Chaston
    Matt Chaston Hour ago

    Originally Utah, currently Barbados. Going back to the country eventually

  • Alexander Edwards

    Edmonton Alberta (Texas North)

  • Zack Bynum
    Zack Bynum Hour ago

    My house is surrounded by trees 😂

  • Dan D
    Dan D Hour ago

    “Where’s the bronco?” Have you tried checking your huge fat fucking ass. How dare you

  • Frank Holding
    Frank Holding Hour ago


  • Nathaniel Knopps


  • Eric Gray
    Eric Gray Hour ago

    Being in the heart if a big city and having grown up on the outskirts of a pretty small town I'd kill to be out in the countryside

  • Sharon Horton
    Sharon Horton 2 hours ago

    Small city girl, from Burleson Texas ,but like to see other life styles ,yours seems to be pretty awesome .

  • Lawrence Pulaski
    Lawrence Pulaski 2 hours ago

    Country, farmland mostly....celina ohio

  • Noel Munoz
    Noel Munoz 2 hours ago

    Living in Downtown Dallas Texas!

  • Cory Schmitt
    Cory Schmitt 2 hours ago

    Farm boy! nothing but iowa corn fields all around me..I love the county and will stay county ol son..but would love to move to Wyoming but my wife wont move away from iowa..I might have to move from my iowa wife!..just joking

  • Shooter Mckay
    Shooter Mckay 2 hours ago

    Weber County, Utah

  • Casey West
    Casey West 2 hours ago

    I’m glad you are back to the bronco and doing right by your boy, so glad you are able to complete the project he had a vision of and I can’t think of a better thing to keep his vision alive and there I hope you guys enjoy it like you did when he was young

  • William Cooper
    William Cooper 2 hours ago

    Big cities are good to visit but nothing beats the country. A Country boy can survive!

  • cameron hollobaugh
    cameron hollobaugh 2 hours ago


  • Corbin Keith
    Corbin Keith 2 hours ago

    I’m a country bro stuck in Sacramento California

  • Simon Morales
    Simon Morales 2 hours ago

    I was born in the country

  • MrAbro42
    MrAbro42 2 hours ago

    jackson california. I am in the country but was born in the city near san francisco. I prefer the country but like to visit city occasionally

  • Marcos Torres
    Marcos Torres 2 hours ago

    Will be the second biggest when I move back hahahaha. 20 inch calves here.

  • Eric Kauffman
    Eric Kauffman 2 hours ago


  • sleep and dream is all I crave j.g

    Texas country

  • Michael Mueller
    Michael Mueller 2 hours ago

    Middle of suburbia - but we have a good amount of family land and hunting land in the country.

  • matthew beamer
    matthew beamer 2 hours ago

    Texas country boys over here.

  • jeff murphy
    jeff murphy 2 hours ago

    I understand the tires were free, but how can anyone in their right mind put the white letters in on BF Goodriches, white letters for life!

  • Dominate
    Dominate 2 hours ago

    Hi from Kuwait ✌🏼

  • tyler&angie Slayton
    tyler&angie Slayton 2 hours ago

    Check out my drift buggy

  • Hunting XD
    Hunting XD 2 hours ago

    god bless dozer

  • Jason Hutchinson
    Jason Hutchinson 2 hours ago

    Wyoming's what made me who I am, it's only country here so I can relate!

  • Janna Vickers
    Janna Vickers 2 hours ago

    Watching you from Nesbit Mississippi! My family loves your videos! ♥️

  • AshaaToLast
    AshaaToLast 2 hours ago

    Country life over here! :) I definitely relate. 👌🏻

  • danny4013
    danny4013 2 hours ago

    Pink hill,North Carolina Nothing but tobacco and corn fields and pig farms

  • Brookelynn Hogan
    Brookelynn Hogan 2 hours ago

    Please make one room a Trampoline ROOM! Watch Dharma and Greg TV show so you can see what Im talking about

  • WujekSamaSiara
    WujekSamaSiara 2 hours ago

    Cheers from Regensburg City, Bavaria :P

  • Devan Watkins
    Devan Watkins 2 hours ago

    Country boy here