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Interesting Facts
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  • Ash Waugh
    Ash Waugh 14 minutes ago

    My dobie was the sweetest. My horse died in 2009 when I was 3 so I used to walk around with her and pretend to play ‘horsey’ (never sitting right on her back btw). Our guinea pigs would get out and she would round them all up in her paws, and cry until we got there to put them back away. She was that mum friend to me up until I was 7 and we had to leave. I miss her so dearly, she protected me from many mean people and I could walk her on a loose lead from the age of 5.

  • Lee Wagner
    Lee Wagner 25 minutes ago

    Everyone complaining in the comments like a bunch off butthurt nerds..

  • The Customer
    The Customer Hour ago

    I'm watching this without volume, but the Land Rover Defender 90, 100, and 127... ??? I'm a Land Rover nut and the DC100 pictured was a concept vehicle luckily never made. The Defender lineup consists of the 90, the 110, and the 130. And why do they keep showing a Discovery 5? And the interior of a Discovery?

  • Mukabaw Doh
    Mukabaw Doh Hour ago

    Plot twist: Chernobyl sank on the radioactive river

  • Cynthia Hadi
    Cynthia Hadi 3 hours ago

    I remember when I was 3 Years old I saw a rainbow early in the morning

  • Austine Barasa
    Austine Barasa 3 hours ago

    8:51 Tash Rabat, What a beautiful story😁

  • scott left
    scott left 3 hours ago

    Idiots who worry about "climate change' while burning wood scraps in their renovated chimneys, have NO IDEA how many volcanoes exist.

  • Abdul Razzaq Ali Abdul Razzaq Ali

    How can somebody just dislike it ?😣

  • Cpt_Kodai
    Cpt_Kodai 4 hours ago

    It always amazing to me that ships move. I know how that sounds, but when you realize there are ships big enough to be skyscrapers and they can move 50 miles an hour? Huh.

  • Anoni Mouse
    Anoni Mouse 4 hours ago

    Scientists accidentally developed by nature

  • Hugo Morton
    Hugo Morton 4 hours ago

    No dog breed is aggressive it is how they are raised by the humans or by the dog pack if they get treated bad then it’ll come right back at you

  • joe watson
    joe watson 4 hours ago

    Probably the worst and least accurate video I’ve watched on dogs. One of the dogs on the Dobermann section isn’t even a dobermann. Probably made by a cat owner.

  • Marty Gellerman
    Marty Gellerman 4 hours ago

    Spoiler alert the giant loses the fight

  • Joannah Ramirez
    Joannah Ramirez 5 hours ago

    Just want to be an archeologist

  • Francois Grimard
    Francois Grimard 5 hours ago

    Duuuude your story on Harrison is full of mistakes

  • Laird Christie
    Laird Christie 5 hours ago

    Laird What about Alert- the most northerly community in the world?

  • Ismael Miranda
    Ismael Miranda 5 hours ago

    "Yeah we know our viewers are smart so..."

  • Dilawar Sandhu
    Dilawar Sandhu 5 hours ago

    What about the First Anglo-afghan war also known by the British as Disaster in Afghanistan. U should have added that. 4700 soldiers Nd around 12000 camp followers were literally slaughtered by the Ghilzais of Afghanistan. Must have included that.

  • Dennis Lao
    Dennis Lao 5 hours ago

    Plenty of sidewalk vendors in tabora dvsoria Manila Philippines because of corruption

  • Reload Fire
    Reload Fire 6 hours ago


  • Evan Taillefer
    Evan Taillefer 6 hours ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that that girl sprayed her face with bug spray

  • Richard W
    Richard W 6 hours ago

    If people collected planes like cars, the warthog would definetly be on top for what its able to do and its sick @ss looks with those twin jet engines. Get em while their cheap guys.

  • Donnie.
    Donnie. 6 hours ago

    Have none of y’all heard of a funny car? Jesus christ🤦‍♂️

    NNR TEAM 6 hours ago


  • Mason张大仙
    Mason张大仙 6 hours ago

    the first scene is Hong Kong。。。。。。。。。

  • Robert Poole
    Robert Poole 6 hours ago


  • Andy Tang
    Andy Tang 7 hours ago

    Belgium Scientist * drunk, and probably stoned :what if, get me right, made Chad Cows?

  • Shayan Erfanfar
    Shayan Erfanfar 7 hours ago

    This is scary😥

  • kings army
    kings army 7 hours ago

    the car that is on the title card is cool

  • Greg Ricks
    Greg Ricks 7 hours ago

    Unbelievably annoying music.

  • Rich B
    Rich B 7 hours ago

    Have anyone who made this video EVER work any of the listed breeds..?!?! This list blows my mind.... A neo..!?! Over grown cure... The boxer of new absolute joke..!! You have images of Cane Corsos for Tosa's , a True Presa listed way in the back,.... I can go on and on but it would make no sense considering the videos already out... Just do more research, work these breeds or at least see them work.....

  • DRew LUther
    DRew LUther 8 hours ago

    That last car was my Favorite!

  • Justin Durocher
    Justin Durocher 8 hours ago

    Fking imperial measures... you outdated barbaric pple...

  • Cymmo
    Cymmo 9 hours ago

    Disgusting noise, you think its music

  • 407 Kid
    407 Kid 9 hours ago

    I’m surprised German Shepherd isn’t on the list. If they want to they can do some serious damage

  • Parth Patil
    Parth Patil 9 hours ago

    If no one is able to buy those super/hyper cars then what's the meaning of building them.

  • Ken Summerlin
    Ken Summerlin 10 hours ago

    Since I got a German Shepherd, Jehovah Witnesses quit coming. Highly recommend a shepherd.

  • Ken Summerlin
    Ken Summerlin 10 hours ago

    I grew up with Boxers, they are big babys. I have a German Shepard now. I got a shepherd because of coyotes and black bear in the woods behind my house and I have a 10 year old daughter. She loves people, I always carried her to the park when my daughter played softball when she was a pup. After the game I would open the gate and she would run strait to the girls dugout and play with them all. They adopted her as their mascot. Other critters are a problem though. When my neighbors got a Boxer for their boys I had to leash her a walk her over there everyday. I'd put her on her back and put the pup on her. She hated it, but I would hold her down until she submitted. They're best buds now. I have however, had my ass tore up by a Doberman and a Chow.

  • Matthew Percival
    Matthew Percival 11 hours ago

    0:03, WwII?

  • Stephen Haviland
    Stephen Haviland 11 hours ago

    Man that woman with the bugspray?? Wow, and I thought I had a beer belly 😋

  • condesnation1000
    condesnation1000 11 hours ago

    Yea but..... Obviously, steroids gives U an edge.... Although she looks great? I can't respect that. Whilst the OTHER strongest women of the world, are strong on their own. Just saying.....

  • Action Mcbride
    Action Mcbride 11 hours ago

    Nice !!!!

  • Action Mcbride
    Action Mcbride 11 hours ago


  • David Hughes
    David Hughes 12 hours ago

    wont believe exist??, apart from 1 i have seen them all appear at a public airshow except the Russian pak, however that has appeared at MAKS just i havent attended there. so goodness knows what the title is about.

  • Crystal M.
    Crystal M. 12 hours ago

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  • Barron Williams
    Barron Williams 12 hours ago

    I LOVE pit bulls!!!

  • Ilias Attar
    Ilias Attar 12 hours ago

    no joe?

  • roy fields
    roy fields 12 hours ago

    Dedication, hard work and steroids but still impressive.

  • Deron Tanzil
    Deron Tanzil 12 hours ago

    Who found the animals?

  • Sepulchre13
    Sepulchre13 12 hours ago

    When you think about it "illegal" in this case means you can use it, but everyone that signed the treaty not to use it will either cut ties or join against you. So you say "Illegal Weapons" I say Hard Mode

  • FoodieTooGoodie
    FoodieTooGoodie 13 hours ago

    So stupid... spiders and shrimp aren’t even insects!!

  • Liam Blackburn
    Liam Blackburn 13 hours ago

    All sounds very secret

  • Jason Esquibel
    Jason Esquibel 14 hours ago

    The crusher looks like batman's ride on the darknight

  • Grayden Camara
    Grayden Camara 14 hours ago

    no pussy worth all this drama

  • Trevor ilsley
    Trevor ilsley 14 hours ago

    Climate changers

  • muh ibra
    muh ibra 14 hours ago

    Any one can tell me music name or any detail play after 2 min 40 second (2:41) in this vedio during vedio shows sumo wrestlers running. I no am looking full music

  • Dylan Detten
    Dylan Detten 15 hours ago

    The new French tanks now have 18 gears going backwards and 1 going forward Incase they attack from behind

  • Dylan Detten
    Dylan Detten 15 hours ago

    I don’t think automatic is gonna go much further all you gotta do then is just break one loader thing it’s fucked along with the crew

  • Lily Furley
    Lily Furley 15 hours ago

    imma say this now if i see the shitty fuel guzzling abrams at first imma laugh

  • Faith
    Faith 15 hours ago

    Why would you choose this music are you okay

  • dustin jones
    dustin jones 15 hours ago

    under 7ft tall your a midget compared to the real giants

  • john doe
    john doe 15 hours ago

    The Asian woman was the best. If all women looked like her.

  • endurable man
    endurable man 16 hours ago

    I guys too bloodclaat lie

  • Gerard Kielty
    Gerard Kielty 17 hours ago

    I saw at school and I saw this on google for £100

  • raj shankar
    raj shankar 17 hours ago

    I'd light to see a funnel spider fight back against my flamethrower

  • faron tilley
    faron tilley 18 hours ago

    The Eurofighter is undefeated as well.

  • faron tilley
    faron tilley 18 hours ago

    The F-35 is a ( UK - US ) designed and built jet. The speed its 120mph only Mach 1.56 the Engine was designed by Rolls-Royce but under PW name.

  • faron tilley
    faron tilley 18 hours ago

    Out of all the jets in this list the Eurofighter is better. The Eurofighter is faster then most holds more then most Flys higher then all Flys longer then most better turning circle better turn rate then all the British longer long range missiles can see targets longer then all others it's better dive/climb rate then all and pulls higher G's then all.

  • faron tilley
    faron tilley 18 hours ago

    You forget the British missiles on the Eurofighter that are better then the US missiles.

  • faron tilley
    faron tilley 18 hours ago

    Best in the world is the. Eurofighter. The End.

  • Rockfan182fuckyeah
    Rockfan182fuckyeah 19 hours ago

    Yeah they are cool and all but have you seen Volvo 740? Now that's a tank!

  • Naza Nuno
    Naza Nuno 19 hours ago

    the battle of little big horn wasn't really a battle that's what americans like to call a failed attemp of raiding the indians.they were actually planning to slaughter all the tribes while they were celebrating a ceremony little did cluster knew is that they invited all the tribes. when it comes to indian wars all the battles won by the indians are called "massacre" when U.S. army would really masscre the tribes they called them battles.

  • 456swagger
    456swagger 19 hours ago

    These weapons are not "insane" they just have issues.

  • swaggastronomer
    swaggastronomer 20 hours ago


  • Artur Bila
    Artur Bila 20 hours ago

    No Kangal, Caucasian Shepherd and Bandog.

  • Norman Dowser
    Norman Dowser 21 hour ago

    Turn the music down, hard to hear a lot of what you're saying.

  • The U.S Military
    The U.S Military 21 hour ago


  • Mark Jonson
    Mark Jonson 21 hour ago


  • foscor sohil
    foscor sohil 22 hours ago

    I support bringing back animals.

  • Seans Ace of Trades
    Seans Ace of Trades 22 hours ago

    Yes bring them back... But first bring my dog back for less than 50k. I'll let you know if my personality and my dogs dogonality are one and the same... Before you test it on humans

  • Sadman Hasan
    Sadman Hasan Day ago


  • Belestair Mamoru

    that suspension ability of the Japanese tank would be great in warthunder. :D

    • Soundbust 11
      Soundbust 11 3 minutes ago

      @Belestair Mamoru I think it's available on some of the STs, don't remember which though.

    • Belestair Mamoru
      Belestair Mamoru 14 minutes ago

      @Soundbust 11 no way... so i just need to spend a few years grinding and then i can use it. neat

    • Soundbust 11
      Soundbust 11 3 hours ago

      It is in War Thunder...

  • Nathan Frey
    Nathan Frey Day ago

    So secret they are on TheXvid...

  • james nagib
    james nagib Day ago

    send me good add

  • DMT
    DMT Day ago

    Uh, the tank has, a 125 mililimenitemerter smooth bear two - æ æighty two oën em caneonen This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about

  • Simonb1977
    Simonb1977 Day ago

    The Sphinx Observatory is very easy to get to and hunderds visit every years. There is a trainstation (Station Jungfraujoch) just a couple hunderd meter from the observatory. Then you have to walk in a tunnel and take a lift up to the Observatory.

  • David Cross
    David Cross Day ago

    3:05 Don't take the depths of the earth, Mantle BS, as fact. The deepest hole ever dug is about 8 miles. After that, the the heat is impossible. The pie charts of the Earth below us, is all FICTION. 8:05

    • David Cross
      David Cross Day ago

      4:30 Climate change is BS, it's a's made up data. 10:45 Neutrinos , more pseudo science hocus focus myths .

  • Gloom andsketch

    Rule here in my school... 1)if the length of hair is long braid it into two and fold them(for girls) and for boys hair should be short enough and not be styled and should be decent 2) lipbalms are not allowed ... no cosmetic is allowed 3) we may be beaten sometimes for not doing homework or getting low grades or if we have wrong hairstyle or are caught while talking in assembly line 4) we clean up our classes , surroundings even washrooms... 5) packet foods are not allowed in classes 6) no jewellery is allowed ... like earring, pendants ,rings etc 7) strict uniforms uniforms(skirt ,shirt, tie ,badge, socks ,blackshoes ,ribbons, blazor ) on mon ,Tue ,thu, fri and sports uniform (track pant, jacket , house tshirt, white shoes )on wed 8) chewing gums are banned 9)we dont have toilet paper in school you can take it from your home... only water is available at school

  • Farouk ben salah

    no more secrets

  • Ian Kroll
    Ian Kroll Day ago

    U have no clue what ur talkin abt,do u?

  • Radhika S
    Radhika S Day ago

    6:00 what if someone falls from that wall😬

  • The Wandering Guru

    Wow. Homework successfully avoided.

  • Phurpa Thongso

    You forgot to mention the brave Gorkha soldiers who have received Victoria Cross for their valor in the fights of World War II against Japan and Germany.

  • FILAY Bull
    FILAY Bull Day ago

    The kangal is probably the best sheep dog in the world

  • Sadaqat Khan
    Sadaqat Khan Day ago

    I like the kangal still

  • Michell Arc
    Michell Arc Day ago

    You are so uneducated. Spreading lies and personal opinions of people instead of facts. ALL Dogs no matter what breed, can be well behaved IF TRAINED PROPERLY.

  • xL
    xL Day ago

    Project thor is from cod ghost

  • Bernard Micheal

    no actual footage

  • Yusuke Heller
    Yusuke Heller Day ago

    Fuckin Australia...Land of all things deadly.

  • Brice Bennett
    Brice Bennett Day ago

    I am 29 and still look and feel like I am 18.