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  • chris melendez
    chris melendez Hour ago

    Typical American road work...why did the guy in blue even have to be there pointing like it's rocket science....and usually it's 6 guys standing around 1 guy in a hole working....American unions at their finest...

  • James Billingham
    James Billingham 2 hours ago

    What a waste of time and money

  • Путешествие с одним чемоданом

    Пилка ! - Были показаны только удачные сцены !!!! ))))

  • Путешествие с одним чемоданом

    Слабовато продуманная техника . - но это лучше чем ручной неэффективный труд .

  • 大崎梓美
    大崎梓美 5 hours ago

    1:38 ~ I pray for him "(- . -)" Otherwise、this video looks like more of a gain of sensationalism and we probably need of budget to get those elevators "(¬ . ¬)"

  • abcd abcd
    abcd abcd 5 hours ago

    hoverbord is good for cutting some heads 👿😈👿😈👿😈👿😈👿😈👿😈👿😈👿👿😈👿😈👿

  • Alexis Tosta
    Alexis Tosta 5 hours ago

    Side tyre table is the best one

  • jeff sam
    jeff sam 6 hours ago

    I think Italian and Canadian designs are far more superior than American ones!!!

  • MCHamii
    MCHamii 6 hours ago

    I am a steelworker (laser, bending) but this makes my heart happy

  • fernando antonio cabrera manriquez

    Lo bueno seria que indicaran la procedencia de cada maquina

  • 바닷마을 다이어리


  • 바닷마을 다이어리


  • HyperRyuu420 and RYHK HYPE

    From what I could tell from the comments it seems that you are not really wanting to buy these items...

  • Troy Hendrickson
    Troy Hendrickson 11 hours ago

    It's 2019, and none of these were ever cutting edge in 2015

  • Brandon Paige
    Brandon Paige 11 hours ago

    so their autonomous? 2:00

  • payal Tibrewal
    payal Tibrewal 11 hours ago


  • Nyrgun Sivtsev
    Nyrgun Sivtsev 12 hours ago

    10:50 fucking pedophil

    xMETALHEART137x 12 hours ago

    patents. some called these patents. amateurs for their amusement and cheap tools, professionals have no business ...

  • Sonder
    Sonder 12 hours ago

    If they can come up with a device that gets rid of politics and religion I'm sold.

  • Adil Yermakhanov
    Adil Yermakhanov 12 hours ago

    Я никому ничего не должен, автор иди ты на уйх со своим названием.

  • Vugate Silva
    Vugate Silva 13 hours ago

    Nota 9.0

  • Tony Carver
    Tony Carver 16 hours ago

    ah ya went and had to put a second ad in!....bye

  • Рынцев Андрей

    Волк в Ну погоди круче

  • Simply Subliminal
    Simply Subliminal 17 hours ago

    I'd love to run up on a traffic jam and just be able to fly over them while giving everyone the finger...😞

    TONG LI 18 hours ago

    How could I submit an invention to Freezlist?

  • Christopher Morrissey
    Christopher Morrissey 20 hours ago

    I really cant see how the Mayu can remove the chlorine in 9 minutes when things like air pumps, that work a lot better, take up to 24 hours. im a gardener and do this everyday to remove it for my plants so I find it hard to believe it works so quick.

  • Devaldir Ferreira
    Devaldir Ferreira 21 hour ago

    Palhaçada , o mundo é movido por máquinas

  • Jayvie cris Alvarez
    Jayvie cris Alvarez 23 hours ago

    even a 10 mile drive is really a number, i only ride upto 60 kilometer going back and fort from home town back home.😮😮😮

  • Patrick Healy
    Patrick Healy 23 hours ago

    This might be my favorite one of your videos to date

  • Carl Jacob Payumo

    I love cats

  • MproductionB
    MproductionB Day ago

    My video tree removal with elicopter:

  • Giovanni Donatelli

    For more info

  • Ion Ganciu
    Ion Ganciu Day ago

    bullshit !

  • Ultronic Shadow Johnson

    Hey freeze lists I love your channel especially because I love techy stuff and except for your channel,there is no other channel which makes me feel comfortable, I mean,you know what mean.

  • Dusk Dawg
    Dusk Dawg Day ago

    At 8:05, that's actually how POT HOLES are created. Why would anyone want to accelerate the process?

  • Dusk Dawg
    Dusk Dawg Day ago

    At 6:29, I have that already on my old busted TV, it's called a Chromecast.. 😜

  • Βασιλική Δρακωνακη

    4:46 I bought it and my dog is so happy to see me when I'm not home!!

  • Christopher Anderson

    Omg these machines are so intricate I'm really amazed and facinated about them... just can't believe people can make this stuff

  • Ооалалла Алаоа

    1969: In the future we will have flying cars 2019: *Flying cars*

    • BatoreQ
      BatoreQ Day ago

      I went there only for your comment

  • SantaFe19484
    SantaFe19484 Day ago

    Do you? Do you?

  • Qiuyuan Chen
    Qiuyuan Chen Day ago

    The bed's main purpose is to prevent initial injury and sustain a secure space around the body, in most burial incident the puncture of an object through or into the body causing the initial injury and that combines with lack of food and water makes rescue more challenge.

  • SantaFe19484
    SantaFe19484 Day ago

    How about a robot dog like from the Jetsons!

  • Michael Patrick

    Gallagher used to peel watermelons much faster.

  • Pure Fish is Thic

    My watch bracelet comes undone within a few minutes

  • Vamshi Krishna

    Instead of salmon beheader, I would like to see Human beheader 🤗

  • Tony V
    Tony V Day ago

    That arch forming jig was a cluster......we’ve been doing that for over 200 years with clamps and forms. Someone got sold a white elephant just to save twisting some clamps but still untangling a mile of air hose

  • Woody Woodrum
    Woody Woodrum Day ago

    Does any body know the artist for the music in the video?

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith Day ago

    You commercialized a stir plate. Fascinating.

  • Shailesh sj Upadhyay changwar

    Please watch this video and subscribe my channel and support me bhai

  • Максим Стецко

    Супер технология всыпать из корыта раствор

  • Zzzloi 666
    Zzzloi 666 Day ago

    Автор наверное дебил!? этим технологиям как минимум лет так 1000

  • Tony Pate
    Tony Pate Day ago

    Very master race .....must be the team behind Das Audi Auto A2 and Neu Kettenkrad Ski Panzer MK XXVII Half sink.....was the team not taken from ze bunker and shot ?

  • Slytherin Forever

    If a computer drives and flys cars ( flying cars and self driving cars ) it takes one person to hack the computer then we are all dead

  • Chris Kane
    Chris Kane Day ago

    the drywall taping tool, only $600 and it'll save you... minutes.

  • حفیظ ہموار


  • James Edwards
    James Edwards 2 days ago

    Bags and laptops first!

  • Marcel Aarts
    Marcel Aarts 2 days ago

    That water bottle is ridiculous!!! It just sturs water. Removing bacteria and adding oxigen and now its the most healthy water in the world......yeah right.....

  • Si Pass
    Si Pass 2 days ago

    4bumpers is the tool for the awful driver. Don't be so lazy and learn to actually drive.

    • Peyton mac
      Peyton mac 10 hours ago

      I think the idea is to stop OTHER people from banging into your car when it's parked.

  • Aleksey Kolesnikovich

    Ноу-хау китайские не плохо, но это для новичков, для тех, кто только учится

  • krenis keren dan manis


  • Darshna Soni
    Darshna Soni 2 days ago

    Now no one will use that meme(1960 we will have flying cars)

  • vadim47244
    vadim47244 2 days ago And "Niva"can Svimming too.

  • Мерзкий Дед

    WTF is this at 5:44 ? looks like dumb from "TV shop"

  • Далекий Замкадыш

    Ничего сверестественного не увидел. Разве что прикольнула мясорубка с защитой от распиливания руки в перчатке. Главное не забавать эти перчатки надевать)).

    • Shailesh sj Upadhyay changwar
      Shailesh sj Upadhyay changwar Day ago

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  • M Sahil
    M Sahil 2 days ago


  • Ono Licious
    Ono Licious 2 days ago

    What the hell is that last guy pressing? Wet paper into less-wet paper brickoids? For what?

    HAZEK 2 days ago

    Very cool, Kanye

  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia 2 days ago

    The instrumental where the coffee is being bagged is lit, any one know the beat?

  • Thicc Fungus
    Thicc Fungus 2 days ago

    I had 5 ads only in 6:31 out of 16:47 :((

    • shar gsale
      shar gsale 2 days ago

      I know! it's driving me crazy!

  • crimdell
    crimdell 2 days ago

    What's the matter, don't know how to pronounce viscose?

  • David Rice
    David Rice 2 days ago

    Yo, the Mayu is not an invention lol. Chemistry anyone???

  • Known2God
    Known2God 2 days ago

    Those trucks of the future make me want to puke, so, if that is the future of trucking... stuck it to fuck where the sun don't shine!

  • Philippe Agat
    Philippe Agat 2 days ago

    what is the link of the pool built at 3:20 ? From which company it is from ? Thank you 😊

  • Cameron J
    Cameron J 2 days ago

    If I had that Porsche and watched that guy not even start the lug nuts and go right through the whole thread with that impact I would completely lose my shit

  • Kent Salsby
    Kent Salsby 2 days ago

    Next level? LOL!!!

    • shar gsale
      shar gsale 2 days ago

      some of it is.. but the unobrush could have radiation in it i'm sure because who put's electronic's in there mouth?

  • John
    John 2 days ago

    These are some useful tools!!! But really, u can do it way better with some basic woodworking step-by-step instructions!!! Here are 50 FREE detailed woodworking plans for you--> Build your own shed, conservatory, furniture... with these beginner-friendly woodworking plans!!

  • JackDaniels
    JackDaniels 2 days ago

    Удивила машина, которая отключается при контакте с пальцем оператора. Браво!)

    • Далекий Замкадыш
      Далекий Замкадыш 2 days ago

      при контакте с инородным телом - с латексом(резиной). Перчатки не наденешь и прощай рука)).

  • MM Raceware
    MM Raceware 2 days ago

    Oil is never mixed with nitrogen in accumulator

  • Dragonfly5280
    Dragonfly5280 2 days ago

    8:05 Stupid expensive and after 6 months the pavement gets plugged with dust, dirt, and other debris and all of a sudden you have regular asphalt...

  • Leaguer _
    Leaguer _ 2 days ago

    4:45 Farming Simulator 2020.

  • Muhammad Qayyum Amran

    7:22 what a donkey, not cost efficient, take more time... dont they know how stick tiles/brick to walls??? Or the simplest way is, just use a real brick u fuking donkey....

  • Bloody Pommel Studios

    The forkless bike isn't really anything new, do a search for cargo bikes.

  • Valdimiro Nogueira Da Silva

    Muita tecnologia! ficou um luxo!!

  • Mộc Art
    Mộc Art 3 days ago

    great video

  • Thomas&FriendsandCaillouFTW LittleBillFTL

    GTA Spano is known because we play Asphalt 8 and Forza and we watch Need For Speed

  • павел 11111
    павел 11111 3 days ago

    станки придумали русские ... сделали их немцы .. работают китайцы ... деньги идут американцам ... всё по честному !

  • Mike King
    Mike King 3 days ago

    The ultimate vehicle for robbing a bank !

  • kurt franklin
    kurt franklin 3 days ago

    I really liked the 4bumpers shown. I’d like them even better if they stuck out even farther for pickup style rear bumpers

  • Daniel Vences
    Daniel Vences 3 days ago

    Tecnología mexicana!

  • Patrick Evans
    Patrick Evans 3 days ago

    Music is horrible just like his dancing 😂

  • Justin M
    Justin M 3 days ago

    What kinda pussy cant change a tire? He must be hourly. Flat rate is when your paid by the value you produce. His shop must be his safe place. Any one using that tire lift will never get my money or work on anything i own.

  • Thingsthingyisthat
    Thingsthingyisthat 3 days ago

    Are you saying we want tsunamis now?

  • givemeaforkingname
    givemeaforkingname 3 days ago

    Samsung Ambient Mode... aka burn out the TV even faster to sell you a new one sooner ! BRILLIANT ! ...from a marketing perspective.

  • CDawg Playz
    CDawg Playz 3 days ago


  • Maple Leafs
    Maple Leafs 3 days ago

    The Canadian tree puller takes it to the next level! Pull the tree and replant it like no other! Green Machine.

  • Kenny Jones
    Kenny Jones 3 days ago

    I like the pools 👍

  • Alberto Vargas
    Alberto Vargas 3 days ago

    Muy buenas máquinas,y el hombre donde quedó.

  • Bald Bird Barry
    Bald Bird Barry 3 days ago

    F'n Effie