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  • Kevin dukic
    Kevin dukic 5 seconds ago

    idrive left the chat

  • Solveig Fia Bjornstad

    so far car practicality in carwow cannot match the TESLA

  • michael gill
    michael gill Minute ago

    what a ponsy pile of shit. what happened to buying a good old hatch, saloon or estate ?

  • Carman Aston1
    Carman Aston1 2 minutes ago

    I’m using carwow now

  • Carman Aston1
    Carman Aston1 3 minutes ago

    Nearly at 3 mil subs car wow deserves it

  • Jordan Fransman
    Jordan Fransman 3 minutes ago

    Pity the app is not available in South Africa. 🙄

  • ARGM
    ARGM 4 minutes ago

    That internal cam quality left a lot to be desired!

  • BlackWind
    BlackWind 5 minutes ago

    Looks uglier than before but it's so much better in every other area that I'm willing to look past the design.

  • ozboz33
    ozboz33 7 minutes ago

    Where did the pop out banner see

  • Hari Baskar
    Hari Baskar 8 minutes ago

    Waiting for the 3M subs drag race!!!!!!!

  • M V
    M V 8 minutes ago

    The interior is much more impressive compared to the Golf 8. Unfortunately the Golf's interior quality is now more on a Japan level, far from upmarket. Golf 8? A disaster...

  • Al904cc
    Al904cc 9 minutes ago

    Sportback's, the new pointless addition to SUV's!

  • Eric Grimm
    Eric Grimm 11 minutes ago

    the interior is so ugly

  • Jay Mac
    Jay Mac 11 minutes ago

    I’m conflicted. It looks kinda eggy like the X4 but also sloped like the Q8. I don’t know if I like it or not

  • Bernhard Tsuballa
    Bernhard Tsuballa 11 minutes ago

    I am driving that kind of camper since more than 30 years. The first 2 years I was happy and liked to sleep in. But since that time it is only a comfortable touring car. Remember you have a toilet, a shower and a bed in it. But that is only for cases you can not get a comfortable hotel because it is still a car and you have to accept the barrack clima: At summer too hot and at winter time too cold. So believe me, it is still a car and to spend your holidays in it is not a good idea. Unless you love to be gypsy.

  • Mairis Berzins
    Mairis Berzins 12 minutes ago


  • Zayn Azimov
    Zayn Azimov 12 minutes ago

    Why you used of "British" but in generaly you don't tell nationality of the car makers !

  • MADDS G1
    MADDS G1 13 minutes ago

    Damn i have to admit it Volvo look supercool both from interior and exterior

  • Nikolay Pavlov
    Nikolay Pavlov 13 minutes ago

    Shame on you Skoda! It looks like a cheap chinese copy of new 3 series of BMW

  • James Wallace
    James Wallace 13 minutes ago

    80k for a defender bahahahahaha

  • DriftKingNL
    DriftKingNL 14 minutes ago

    Please tell me of any manufacturer that sells a 1000HP car, for £80000 or less. Technically neither did Toyota, but if this is what the costs were, it's worth it, innit?

  • Pound Beats
    Pound Beats 15 minutes ago

    Looks like a BTEC Q8 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • GerryManning1
    GerryManning1 16 minutes ago

    Partial leather?? In a s line?? Move man Full leather or none! Fuck that partial shit

  • ARGM
    ARGM 18 minutes ago

    WHAT is the point.

  • Martin Karlsson
    Martin Karlsson 18 minutes ago

    Why isn't this guy in Top Gear?

  • Sahdan Mamat
    Sahdan Mamat 18 minutes ago

    Volkswagen the best

  • Ömer Faruk Turhan
    Ömer Faruk Turhan 20 minutes ago

    Very very cheap but Very expensive in turkey

  • Eli Kinzie
    Eli Kinzie 22 minutes ago

    Love the review Matt have to say though sorry no one cares about android auto 🤷‍♂️

  • Cam
    Cam 22 minutes ago

    That scan plates to get info on car is terrifying and awesome - would it work in the US or just UK?

  • Mark Bennett
    Mark Bennett 22 minutes ago

    Flawed looks.... Just too small for anything but small children.. Yet it wants to pretend it's a big car... Oh dear.... Buy a A3 or if funds allow an A4 avant - looks good, handles better and has much better space.. These daft SUVs must have had their day soon... A proper 4x4 for real heavy duty use is fine, but these cars and their siblings are a waste of money...

  • Rob Ajob
    Rob Ajob 24 minutes ago

    Anyone get the point of this? If you want sporty buy an a3 if you want an suv buy a normal q3.

  • Thuto Saul
    Thuto Saul 25 minutes ago


  • battycowboy
    battycowboy 25 minutes ago

    I love the gray moss color

  • FutureGohanLifeStyle
    FutureGohanLifeStyle 26 minutes ago


  • Vali Valentin
    Vali Valentin 27 minutes ago

    Hi CarWoW. Would like to see in your future videos (when talking about consumption etc) a pop-up with the converted measurement in metrics. Usually I pause the video and look for an online converter, witch breaks my immersion. Thank you for the awesome job you guys are doing.

  • Joshua Spagnoletti
    Joshua Spagnoletti 29 minutes ago

    Audi: Hey can I borrow your homework? BMW X4: Yeah, just change it a little so the teacher doesn't notice.

  • John Jerrehian
    John Jerrehian 29 minutes ago

    Good looking sportback.

  • Tony C
    Tony C 30 minutes ago

    mercedes can not do anything

  • Mo Masters
    Mo Masters 33 minutes ago

    Amazing Matt. I had the 2010 VW Golf but this one a much better change.

  • A Awad
    A Awad 33 minutes ago

    Mat! Better than BMW infotainment system?! Are you mad blud

  • Hai Fisch
    Hai Fisch 34 minutes ago

    a sporty SUV = Why ?

    • JΛMΛ
      JΛMΛ 31 minute ago

      Because people are idiots

  • Jonny Boy
    Jonny Boy 37 minutes ago

    Oh, it's a $70k van..? Let's rummage through it like a bull in a China shop...

  • JT 22
    JT 22 37 minutes ago

    There is just one car it is Mercedes, everything else is just vehicle.

  • H C
    H C 37 minutes ago

    Actually I like the old four-headlight layout.

  • Badri Zhgenti
    Badri Zhgenti 39 minutes ago

    Overall it's good, but the Jeep is starting to move very slowly, so it's difficult to climb. Winer is Jeep Wrangler

  • Anonymous Gamer
    Anonymous Gamer 40 minutes ago

    This is like seeing leaked items in the game files and seeing the price

  • Eugene Richter
    Eugene Richter 40 minutes ago

    Thanks for the show. I am and have been my whole life a car enthusiast and I try to be as objective as possible. It bothers me that 90% of the videos and reviews I watched and read online about the M5 conflicts with your tests and driving results. It has been tested and generally internationally labeled as a consistent launching vehicle with the competition derivative reaching 0-100 km/h in a consistent average of 2.9 seconds and quarter mile times in a consistent average of 10.9 - 11 seconds. Even being as fast as 2.8 & 10.7/10.8 respectively. Calling out everyone as Beemer fan boys for arguing with race results inconsistent with the majority is a bit narly. I know that car shows needs to be entertaining, but please check your facts about a certain car's figures or racing results before officially putting in a video. Thanks and cheers.

  • Andrei Luca
    Andrei Luca 43 minutes ago

    12:26 Thank me later

  • Linda
    Linda 43 minutes ago

    Would you drive this or an X4?

  • Zenxon
    Zenxon 43 minutes ago

    4:27 matt puts in a postcode of presumably where hes from, Walsall WS1 ____

  • Arham Lakhani
    Arham Lakhani 46 minutes ago

    bmws idrive is still the best not mercedes

  • Ahmad Al-Ajeel
    Ahmad Al-Ajeel 46 minutes ago

    Please do a review of the RSQ3. And please do a comparison between the RSQ3 and Macan turbo

  • Bahroz Nazari
    Bahroz Nazari 47 minutes ago

    Weird how the Audi WINKS😉 when he says avoid it! 14:55 14:55 14:55

  • Hai Fisch
    Hai Fisch 47 minutes ago

    the Q3 is a low premium car, that why it has a lot off cheap plastic inside, premium begins by Q7, A6, A7, A8, R8.

  • Neil Masterman
    Neil Masterman 47 minutes ago

    YES! It’s an extender!

  • hafiz adruce
    hafiz adruce 48 minutes ago

    Horrible color. Looks like our Malaysian roads.

  • Nils Kaufmann
    Nils Kaufmann 49 minutes ago

    Almost 3 million subs. I realy love yoer vids. Keep on the good work. ❤

  • V3RY P!NK L!FE
    V3RY P!NK L!FE 49 minutes ago

    KY69 DIFF.....noiceee

  • rabit818
    rabit818 50 minutes ago

    SUV’s roofline is getting lower. Soon we will get regular car height.

  • Shree deshmukh
    Shree deshmukh 51 minute ago

    Lllloovee it!!!! One of the most superior SUVs I've ever heard of, love Matt's reviews and also not to forget the stick poke test🤣🤣

  • Nils Kaufmann
    Nils Kaufmann 51 minute ago

    Almost 3 million subs

  • Andres Felipe Borrero
    Andres Felipe Borrero 52 minutes ago

    Change the Jimny's tires!

  • Mehdi Diouri
    Mehdi Diouri 52 minutes ago

    I freakin' love this new Q3 Sportback!

  • Javier pereira rodriguez
    Javier pereira rodriguez 53 minutes ago

    Whats the stupidity of paying more for a car that takes the same space in the road and parking spaced but is less practical?

  • Bob The Goat
    Bob The Goat 53 minutes ago

    You shoud

  • Konstantinos hadjiagapiou

    Who will drink tea or something like that in this car you kidding me

  • P. Thomas
    P. Thomas 54 minutes ago

    1:36 Me whenever I see a Honda

  • Tom Brien
    Tom Brien 56 minutes ago

    I'll have the 2020 Evoque thanks

  • Abbaz Ali
    Abbaz Ali 56 minutes ago

    That rear part at side profile is probably more of a design lift-off from Lexus RX350.

  • Stelian Nenkov
    Stelian Nenkov 57 minutes ago

    179cm, instead of inches. Finally, thank you!

  • Jamal-745
    Jamal-745 57 minutes ago

    Like bmw x6

  • Awungshi Enzo
    Awungshi Enzo 57 minutes ago

    The alloys r frm the TT-RS 👎👎👎

  • Awungshi Enzo
    Awungshi Enzo 57 minutes ago

    The alloys r frm the TT-RS 👎👎👎

  • gabriel ralls
    gabriel ralls 58 minutes ago

    I’m sorry Matt, but you acted like a complete twat during that review. You made anyone who likes this type vehicle feel like they were stupid, and were unnecessarily rude about a well designed product (it’s like buying a mini and then you complaining that it’s not as big as a Range Rover). I’m also astounded that CarWow would sign off and upload a review that makes your entire organisation come over as opinionated dicks, your job is to have an opinion on the design of a product, not just tell people to have a proper holiday. If I was VW I would ban you from reviewing any of their products or offering prices on their models, because that is the least professional review I’ve ever seen!

  • Standly UA
    Standly UA 59 minutes ago

    The best Exhaust, The best Fuel Economy, The best acceleration have a Giulia QV!!!

  • Γιωργος Γιαννουδης

    Please review the new Hyundai i10 2020

  • TwingoLiebhaber187
    TwingoLiebhaber187 59 minutes ago

    I mean you're practically getting a car, a mobile apartment and everything that comes with it for just 70k. That's cheap in comparison

  • MillaGamestrong 1

    With alcantara👀

  • lynn mcgonigle
    lynn mcgonigle Hour ago

    Those reclining seats are not really German, Something like us Brits would of done with Rover.

  • Ministrul Afacerilor Interne M.A.I.

    Two off roaders vs a luxury SUV, uhmmm.... interesting

  • Squishy Ermine
    Squishy Ermine Hour ago

    Yall talking trash about bmw grills but look at this giant thing in the audi

  • 00CaldinaGTT
    00CaldinaGTT Hour ago

    Its like Vw tried their hand at Pimp my ride but at least they would have stuck a 70'' tv somewhere

  • arjav shah
    arjav shah Hour ago

    Finally! It happened in my life. Something better than an idrive. 🤯

  • w3t80y123
    w3t80y123 Hour ago

    damn, that backside is ugly


    Downloading the app now

  • stem ster
    stem ster Hour ago

    Also the interior is a million times better than the last one

  • JP Gaming
    JP Gaming Hour ago

    Crappy android auto

  • portknoxxa
    portknoxxa Hour ago

    Looks like a rebadged Toyota Venza

  • Crispy Crunchy Cookie

    The back looks like a volvo

  • Gokul Singh
    Gokul Singh Hour ago

    Looks like big version of Hyundai i20

  • stem ster
    stem ster Hour ago

    Compared to the other 3 the discovery all day long

  • unni kannan
    unni kannan Hour ago

    Seriously man, what do you get by being in the better car (of the lot) every single time? And childishly celebrating of course 😂😂

  • Jamoliddin Nosirov

    Almost 3M ✅

  • dwkrx2
    dwkrx2 Hour ago

    Finally you have an app 😁

  • Jack Raj
    Jack Raj Hour ago

    Jimny 😍❤❤

  • RoadZerix
    RoadZerix Hour ago

    Audi's infontainment is better from my point of view. At least when we're talking about digital dials. But the center one is cool too! The A8's is best tho

  • Vidyadhar Navale

    The grill is huge, looks like the BMW design department has been handed to a 8 year old!

  • KeNbLoCk_ XD
    KeNbLoCk_ XD Hour ago

    Look at mat's phone... It's pretty messed up

  • SnappyHappy
    SnappyHappy Hour ago

    Does this car come in a manual transmission?

  • Elixs Mxshxbelx
    Elixs Mxshxbelx Hour ago

    0:43 Your video editors are sleeping on the job.