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  • Joni English
    Joni English 39 minutes ago

    TESLA Model S and Cyber Punk will Eat Them Both up

  • Marco Sandoval
    Marco Sandoval 45 minutes ago

    Dam nice lambo but you shift to early my boy

  • Eldest Pasirula
    Eldest Pasirula 45 minutes ago

    Fun way of e car review... :thumbsup

  • Likena
    Likena 48 minutes ago

    Where is the EK9?

  • Oxazepam65
    Oxazepam65 48 minutes ago

    Tesla is to car what Vodka is to drink. It has no flavor but objectively gets the job done faster.

  • Mark Gaudie Founder of Northwest England EV Owners

    Your videos get funnier and funnier. Keep them coming 👍

  • Liao Alex
    Liao Alex 54 minutes ago

    Some does look similar I don’t deny on that , but others doesn’t. The rest of the videos just like you are trying to blame every each Chinese brand as a copy of other auto makers. You know what’s more similar to Chinese made cars? They have 4 wheels just like the other brands, get your mouth on that.

  • Gytis Pranskunas
    Gytis Pranskunas 55 minutes ago

    100k for a BMW is a joke.

  • Aditya pundir
    Aditya pundir 55 minutes ago

    btw. my 1.2 does 12 sec. 2009 model

  • Ghost God
    Ghost God 57 minutes ago

    That last test from 30mph to 110 was not accurate the Porsche won because it reached 110 quicker although it was still behind the Tesla (I say this because it was catching up even before the Tesla got to 110 which means it had reached a higher speed than the Tesla before the Tesla got to 110).

  • M K
    M K 58 minutes ago

    Awesome and important test car wow! Hope you guys reported that debris to the Highways agency! I almost died on the motor because of shed load. When I reported it the highway agency said no one reported it.

  • Aditya pundir
    Aditya pundir 59 minutes ago

    just because it is cheap you don't have to ill treat him . second- it is way more well engineered then the British cars.

  • SRSGMaggus
    SRSGMaggus Hour ago

    When do you drag race with the new A45S?

  • Old Soul
    Old Soul Hour ago

    When kids age 30+years and have money but are still kids at heart. ☺️👍

  • Cricket Wireless

    Almost as long as crickets phones 📲

  • chedid schedid
    chedid schedid Hour ago

    your talking about 40 mpg is OK!!!! i drive a 328xi with the straight 6 and when o get 20 mpg i throw a party lol

  • E Shock Lifestyle Vlogs

    If manufacturers can turn the whole roof or at least the space of sunroof into solar panels and generate power, I guess it will be a bit more practical.

  • E Shock Lifestyle Vlogs

    We need a Samsung electric car with Power Saving Mode Super Power Saving Mode Reserve Charge etc

  • Balls Deep
    Balls Deep Hour ago

    Looks very feminine

  • Ghost God
    Ghost God Hour ago

    So 200kgs lighter is “not much lighter”??? Wow bro that’s two fully grown and heavy men or 3 middle sized men

  • Ashvin Baboullah

    Bmw will win

  • Dr. Q
    Dr. Q Hour ago

    That thumbnail car looks insane.

  • chedid schedid
    chedid schedid Hour ago

    im in love with this car but i cant find it in usa

  • Lufreu90
    Lufreu90 Hour ago

    Best road to drive in Portugal - right car, great road!

  • Donovahnn Duhaney

    The M5 pissed it’s self

  • Ben Ezekiel
    Ben Ezekiel Hour ago

    Porsche is better!!

  • PaulusSANtosoCI Widjaja

    Waiting for a small foot print Free Energy Gadget installed in Electric Cars. Hahahahah. Cheers!

  • Marc Showfit
    Marc Showfit Hour ago

    why not just buy an ipad and fit it with 4 wheels

  • Cali Dodger
    Cali Dodger Hour ago

    M6 is beautiful

  • Danny Chai
    Danny Chai Hour ago

    If u can afford a 100k Porsche, I'm sure u can afford another RS4....

  • abdullah dabas
    abdullah dabas Hour ago

    no matter what still would get porsche over the tesla, if i can afford one :D

  • bryce spoonercrash

    So the mk7 had 170 hp and the mk8 has 150 hp WHAT? It LOST horsePOWER.


    Chiron is a two door coupe sport car. It has a dual clutch 7 speed transmission. Chiron has a Quad-turbo charged w16 8L engine which is capable of giving an 1,578 horse powers power output. During a test drive in 2019 the Super sport 300+ model of Chiron hit a top speed of 490 Km/h. This is the top speed a commercially available car ever made. So, this super powered beast remains in the first place of the fastest cars.

  • Nico Steffen
    Nico Steffen Hour ago

    Thats the reason why Mrrcedes didnt offer it as a Taxi! The range is not much longer than of the ZOE 40!

  • Pedro Marin
    Pedro Marin Hour ago

    Honda make the Type R AWD and i will surely trade my WRX for one..

  • Donna Lee
    Donna Lee Hour ago

    7:43 When you spend 400 grand on a speed machine only just to find out a much cheaper car is in a WAY different league of speed faster still.

  • Robbie Shipley
    Robbie Shipley Hour ago

    The whole metric and imperial unit complaint: "Do it 'my' way." Who should care! Hold to your traditions and conform temporarily for mutual benefits only (e.g.: There is beauty in difference; coerced conformity is ugly.

  • SJ
    SJ Hour ago

    should be a Carrera 4S... not 2S... idiots.

  • SoloCamo
    SoloCamo Hour ago

    00:25 - owner, doesn't even know car's HP figures

  • Lukas Baardson
    Lukas Baardson Hour ago

    Anyone else notice the camera mirrors?!?

  • SoloCamo
    SoloCamo Hour ago

    Don't even have to watch, would take the NSX either way. Way more potential and doesn't look like a shit I took in the morning.

  • Sjrick
    Sjrick 2 hours ago

    I dunno. Seems a little gimmicky

  • Noah Jonas
    Noah Jonas 2 hours ago

    Legend says that to this day the guy in the Renault Zoe has already circulated the globe and is still waiting for it to stop

  • Taz Mod
    Taz Mod 2 hours ago

    Great review. I wonder if they would do better in the USA. Lol

    RPDBY 2 hours ago

    SO why do they make them like they used to? No explanation in the video, cheap click bait

  • vimaldob
    vimaldob 2 hours ago

    Taycan vs Tesla model s next pls

  • jajuan green
    jajuan green 2 hours ago

    Matt needs to drive the new Lincoln's

  • Mohemmed Yesser
    Mohemmed Yesser 2 hours ago

    They should make a universal charger for electric cars.

  • Richard Joyce
    Richard Joyce 2 hours ago

    All of these criticisms are from a person who doesn’t understand what a muscle car is

  • Assaulter Gaming
    Assaulter Gaming 2 hours ago

    I’m so fudging mad We DONT get this in the United States I would buy that and I’ve sent this video to many ppl that have st’s and they all want this larger engine and they love the looks 😭

    BLACK COSMOS 2 hours ago

    He drove a sedan!!

  • AS 2212
    AS 2212 2 hours ago

    Most gorgeous spec.

  • Taureanwarrior
    Taureanwarrior 2 hours ago

    Your supermodel girlfriend does not need to check her makeup, she does not need or wear any.

  • GoldenRule
    GoldenRule 2 hours ago

    I like all of them. But if I have to pick one, I'd pick the Audi.

  • Mxxd rn
    Mxxd rn 2 hours ago

    Toyota (Supra) straight stole the design from Lexus LC500... wow

  • PTSD53 out n about
    PTSD53 out n about 2 hours ago

    Love the jeep wrangler, they most certainly need to improve battery power or at least ' back up' ones..😩

  • H Von Steen
    H Von Steen 2 hours ago

    One of the big motor industry scams. This whole test is based on the accuracy of the vehicles odometers? Every ice vehicle I have owned in my life had a margin of error. At speed sometimes up to 10%. That distance can add up quickly. Getting 10 miles less true distance out of your battery every indicated 100miles? Dealers/manufacturers must love that. Your warranty expires early, and you have to service more often, your vehicle loose value faster, you have to charge more often! Just think how much money and time motorists are loosing!

  • Daxton Brown
    Daxton Brown 2 hours ago

    I bought my 1957 Chevy Bel Air 10 years ago for $3500 and I guess it has 300,000 miles on it. I've put in another $8000 restoring it, and will do another $4000 for interior and some body work. Total cost will be about $15,000 and I can re-engne and retransmission it for about $7000. That will take it to about 90 years old for $21,000 with all the best modern upgrade parts and 18mpg on the highway. So should I buy a modern electric, which will get me to the grocery store at the same speed, while I have essentially indefinite highway range? $100,000 or 60,000 Brit pounds will buy me 36,6000 gallons of gasoline, enough to go about 550,000 miles. And by the way, yes I can get parts, more easily and cheaply than most of these cars.

  • Russell Parrish
    Russell Parrish 2 hours ago

    I’m a little confused about some of your numbers for the Tesla. Model 3 LR’s claimed range is 322 miles, not the 348 as you said in the review. So getting 270 miles of range on this trip would place you at 84% of the claimed range not 78%. It’s is an error and should be adjusted. I don’t disagree with the results, though theTesla would get even closer to 322 miles on you trip if weren’t on the motorway (though useful knowledge for road tripping). We all know highway speeds gives EVs the worse efficiency not using the regenerative breaking, kinda the opposite of ICE vehicles that have better mpg on highways vs city roads. Overall good video, just fix that one point on the actual claimed range of the Tesla.

  • Kishan Patel
    Kishan Patel 2 hours ago

    6:41 hahahahaha me all the time

  • Piyush Rahi
    Piyush Rahi 2 hours ago


  • Alberto Llorca
    Alberto Llorca 2 hours ago

    The Jeep won, you screwed up by putting the transmission in manual mode and never coming out of first gear which cost speed & momentum, you didn't do that with the G3. The Jeep would have taken them all. As a side note, I really wanted the Jimmy to win, I love how much value you get from that little fellow.

  • psychogodly
    psychogodly 2 hours ago

    I don't think there worth the price that they want over priced for that crappy time. The ep3 is worth i have a mate that, has this and he put a turbo on it running 400bhp. Stuff the new ones when you can achieve that with no more then 4000$ extra for a turbo and fitted with intercooler.

  • Malcon Rodrigues
    Malcon Rodrigues 2 hours ago


    • Motor Persona
      Motor Persona 2 hours ago

      They're definitely great cars and very accessible to a broader market which is a great thing! We filmed a range of different Audi's and cars, and I can tell you, there will always be a car that excites you in almost any price range which is the beauty of cars!

    LAZYEMIRATI 3 hours ago

    Should’ve used VAR for the brake test

  • Pedro Felipe
    Pedro Felipe 3 hours ago

    I live in china and i bought one 2020 and i like it well built.

  • Harvey Gordon
    Harvey Gordon 3 hours ago

    That was fun!

  • James Leonard Panes
    James Leonard Panes 3 hours ago

    I wasn't going to give you a like because you asked for it before I saw any content, but this vid was cool. Thumbs up.

  • Dauniki Dhar
    Dauniki Dhar 3 hours ago

    I would prefer BMW cuzz it look brand

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson 3 hours ago

    One thing I disagree on is the fact that Matt assumes everyone uses their phone. I drive an x3M40d and with the I drive 6 or 7 whatever it is, I find it more than capable of traffic avoidance. I also don’t like to use my phone whilst driving. I prefer to just plug in the postcode and go on my Sat Nav. Not arguing, just merely suggesting that he keeps reviewing infotainment systems.

  • Kibira Njoroge
    Kibira Njoroge 3 hours ago

    The nsx is simply music to my ears when reaching vtech. I previously owned an 8th gen civic si (k20z motor) that must have been heavily influenced by the nsx. All I can think of is Initial D stage 1-5 🔥

  • 高嘉洋
    高嘉洋 3 hours ago

    Japanese cars are crap. Hyundai and Kia are definitely better

  • John Shaw
    John Shaw 3 hours ago

    Add Blue is pig piss! Harvested for free and then sold on... Not alcoholic human piss 🤣

  • ChrisCarGuy -
    ChrisCarGuy - 3 hours ago

    It bothered be they we’re driving on the wrong sons of the road. Obviously it’s right for England, but not for US

  • 3506Dodge
    3506Dodge 3 hours ago

    Tesla wins!

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor 3 hours ago

    of all the cars I have owned over the years nothing has ever made me smile like my Boxster did.

  • 3506Dodge
    3506Dodge 3 hours ago

    this is interesting. Why does he think it's 'scary"?

  • Samar's Gadgets World

    Which place is it?

  • XO Adez
    XO Adez 3 hours ago

    The Law: *DO NOT USE YOUR MOBILE PHONE WHILST DRIVING* 😡 Car Companies: But please enjoy these large screens and complex button sequence operations to distract you... but please abide the law and *DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE* ... Connect your phone to the car and use the screen instead 😌

  • Ernesto Vargas Ramirez

    VOLVO.... The best car

  • Klop CodeZ
    Klop CodeZ 3 hours ago

    Damn that Rc is moving wtf lmao I need to get one

  • Too Sense Wirth
    Too Sense Wirth 3 hours ago

    I've run petrol cars till they died plenty of times.

  • diogo soares
    diogo soares 3 hours ago

    Hello was this episode filmed in Portugal ?

  • Street Rider
    Street Rider 3 hours ago

    civic is a letdown.....for all the turbo, it doesnt better the original civics with NA engines by much

  • tech
    tech 3 hours ago

    Wait do they have those seat speakers in the US is that really new? Is it any good?

  • Street Rider
    Street Rider 3 hours ago

    YAWN-----> my suzuki bandit 1250fi , does 11.1s and it doesnt even try.

  • Álvaro GG
    Álvaro GG 3 hours ago

    Single clutch vs Dual Clutch... Not fair at all

  • tech
    tech 3 hours ago

    What I get jelly over is how many cars in the uk still offer a manual dying ultimately but definitely seem slower in Europe and the UK

  • Zach Milekic
    Zach Milekic 3 hours ago

    Yianni can’t except the fact that the 720s is just a faster car 😂

  • Razor's Edge
    Razor's Edge 3 hours ago

    Need a track time, the NSX was built for handling not raw power.

  • Michael King
    Michael King 3 hours ago

    Thought the nissan had a 3.8 tt?

  • livey oone
    livey oone 3 hours ago

    Available in Australia?

  • A.R.P. Management
    A.R.P. Management 3 hours ago

    NSX vs Honda Civic Type R It's like Grandpa vs Grandson

  • eyesalooking
    eyesalooking 3 hours ago

    If I did a lot of offroading I would choose the Jeep but for the best all around vehicle I would choose the Jimny since it would be more fun to drive and cost far less.

  • Lee Robinson
    Lee Robinson 3 hours ago

    Were you all glued in the Middle Lane.

  • Zorbzz Sterio
    Zorbzz Sterio 3 hours ago

    You should have helped them push u lazy @$$ :)

  • Real M
    Real M 3 hours ago

    So Kia is the true winner with 90% of the claimed range. Impressive, considering the price.

  • 161ns
    161ns 3 hours ago

    Absolutely pointless doing a rolling start with cars outside of their powerbands.

  • Christopher De Freitas

    Calling this a Honda is like calling a Lexus a Toyota 💀

  • roberto villa
    roberto villa 4 hours ago

    More races with 911

    • Motor Persona
      Motor Persona 2 hours ago

      Such a beautiful car! We are personally about to release a video with the new 911 next week! If you ever get the chance to see one in person, go and do it! They're so amazing.