Kitchen Nightmares
Kitchen Nightmares
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  • JuniorPython816
    JuniorPython816 3 minutes ago

    Bruh 666 dislikes

  • NitSUj
    NitSUj 7 minutes ago

    You would be suprised about how may restaurants close down because they are to afraid to fire their head chef

  • Bofuu
    Bofuu 8 minutes ago

    Why throw my lemons lik dat

  • Ravi Sharma
    Ravi Sharma 12 minutes ago

    Stupid people eating filth!

  • Capt. Levi
    Capt. Levi 13 minutes ago

    Julius Randle is a chef? At the last part

  • Zombogo 481
    Zombogo 481 16 minutes ago


  • Ronaldo Killergod
    Ronaldo Killergod 17 minutes ago

    Waitress is hot

  • GXTHL0RD -
    GXTHL0RD - 18 minutes ago


  • AtlasMoon
    AtlasMoon 21 minute ago

    Keone is so cute omg

  • kara
    kara 21 minute ago

    I would eat that

  • I need Attention
    I need Attention 21 minute ago

    2:59 birth of a meme

  • Vela S
    Vela S 23 minutes ago

    I hope these pieces of shit shaped liked humans had to file for bankruptcy, divorced, and are alcoholics living in run down over priced apartments run by abusive landlords.

  • ckj1103
    ckj1103 23 minutes ago

    Ol Gordy wanted to hit that. He was dropping some solid game there. 😘😘

  • Firequake Hotplate
    Firequake Hotplate 25 minutes ago

    “Mmmm... it’s hideous” 😂

  • Kermit #
    Kermit # 26 minutes ago

    The last part was like in a school chef Ramsey was the teacher saying it’s 👍

  • Ash Crow
    Ash Crow 28 minutes ago

    Every 60 seconds a minute passes in Africa

  • Tharunyha Kumar
    Tharunyha Kumar 29 minutes ago

    I don't understand how can Gordan being chef in this way abt the food. If it is not good then the chef is at the fault.dont say silly things about the food

    TUSSHAR SARKAR 30 minutes ago

    Let's gift Gordon a pair of gloves

  • Southern Bass UK
    Southern Bass UK 33 minutes ago

    To be honest I would eat the first pizza like if you agree

  • Ezilrahc Nayatal
    Ezilrahc Nayatal 36 minutes ago

    Gen: I’m facing a *Bully* that’s been *Abusive* to me- I’m a *64* year old woman I’m a *Medium Rare* girl *cough* *cough* what is that *strong* taste that I’m tasting I’m *not* that’s powerful Alen: A lot of different celebrities tasted my burgers and said it was *fantastic* *TAKES 250K FROM HIS SON* *Waygoo*

  • Clare Artworks
    Clare Artworks 38 minutes ago

    Boy was he wrong when he said Gordon was going to be surprised. 😂

  • Andre Jordan
    Andre Jordan 42 minutes ago

    Oh nino please

  • Lunatic Void
    Lunatic Void 45 minutes ago

    1:21 I'm diabetic aswell and I hate waiting that long to eat

  • Dr. Bright
    Dr. Bright 52 minutes ago

    The waiter is from Sparta. Ramsay's being served by a Spartan.

  • zarathustra
    zarathustra 54 minutes ago

    This whole series doesn't make any sence. If you no you are bad you do not call Ramsey nor if you know you are good.

  • Yvelle Bradley
    Yvelle Bradley 55 minutes ago

    HOW can Ramsey touch gross food without gloves?! 🧤😷🦠

  • Abysmal Gaming
    Abysmal Gaming 55 minutes ago

    That is NOT what our meat pies look like.

  • Robert Freeman
    Robert Freeman 56 minutes ago

    The Chef needs a good kick in the nuts

  • Rolando Recinos
    Rolando Recinos 56 minutes ago

    Ohhhh how yummy its fresh frozen out the Can never heard that one before

  • Pumitri II
    Pumitri II 56 minutes ago

    I feel like someone might have gotten fired after this

  • Elijah Jonas
    Elijah Jonas 56 minutes ago

    I would deepthroat that pizza right now

  • シMajken
    シMajken 58 minutes ago

    As a 13 year old swedish kid, im disappointed..

  • 808
    808 58 minutes ago

    why does he try to put it in his mouth upside down? i deadass thought he was trying to bite into it vertically at first

  • Fish y
    Fish y 59 minutes ago

    1:07 Gordon Ramsay as a villager

  • Dr. Bright
    Dr. Bright Hour ago

    He said it was like piss *Confused looks* He said the flavor was not good *Upset body gestures*

  • Ashley Tosh
    Ashley Tosh Hour ago

    He looks so overwhelmed....he needs extra help to take the pressure off his shoulders

  • sxn maya
    sxn maya Hour ago

    Do you have water? NO.

  • LOL
    LOL Hour ago

    "Do what you guys normally do!". *IMMEDIATELY DROPS PLATE*

  • Kelly Lunar
    Kelly Lunar Hour ago

    Damn is that bad for gordon ramsay to spit out the food BTW WHY WOULD SHE RATE HER RESTRAUNT A 10 OUT OF 10 WHEN SHE DOESNT MAN THE GRILL Fun Fact:IF SHE CALLS IT CRISPY CALAMARI WHY WOULD SHE SAUCE IT●>● ps the waiters have more respect than her

  • Eddie Rojo
    Eddie Rojo Hour ago

    Fckn all white people cops shireffand seals. Pussy mother fckers

  • Eddie Rojo
    Eddie Rojo Hour ago

    Straight garbage if u got a problem handles santa fe and dominguez fcken pussys

  • Eddie Rojo
    Eddie Rojo Hour ago

    They say latin. Doing shjt fck these white people

    XD GAMER Hour ago

    Fuck u gordon

  • Eddie Rojo
    Eddie Rojo Hour ago

    They always do that

  • L4anky_
    L4anky_ Hour ago

    That’s not even close to an Australian meet pie

  • The Lorax
    The Lorax Hour ago

    *not that powerful* *But forces a person who knows to cook what to cook*

  • lily edwards
    lily edwards Hour ago

    7:06 me and my sibling watching our other sibling get in trouble for something that we did

  • Prive BBH
    Prive BBH Hour ago

    Amy is afraid of bullying and trolls

  • And I Oop
    And I Oop Hour ago

    The fact that Gordan Ramsay, the most blunt with brutal honesty kind of person, came into an empty resturant and loved the food SO much that he basically went "I cant even make this better g'bye" means either everyone in that whole ignore the building entirely, or iust dont notice its there. Gotta' get these guys one of those neon signs that hands off a pole, but the poles gotta be 15 feet long to compete with the building hiding it.

  • Daft 909
    Daft 909 Hour ago

    waitress is gorgeous

  • Abhinav Rogers
    Abhinav Rogers Hour ago

    Wo invites chief Ramsay ??

  • Lowela Cervantes

    It's kinda cringey and also they were eating

  • pedro F
    pedro F Hour ago

    My god, I’m so underpaid 😂

  • thecahn
    thecahn Hour ago

    That waitress is so cute.

  • goodbadbill
    goodbadbill Hour ago

    Who the hell is that Susan @ 8:09?

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 2 hours ago

    That girl has no business being that cute without trying

  • lily edwards
    lily edwards 2 hours ago

    i’ve watched so many of these videos that i have a fear of eating out at public restaurants

  • bunny love
    bunny love 2 hours ago

    Oh god i don't if i eat it or go somewhere else and eat cuz Gordon Ramsay out here judging Pizza good thing I don't work at a restaurant

  • BDツ- NotSoBiju -
    BDツ- NotSoBiju - 2 hours ago

    Someone please remove dat dough off that guy's eyes!

  • MXK
    MXK 2 hours ago

    Looks delicious to me

  • RobloxIs HavingHIV896


  • Lord Night Villain
    Lord Night Villain 2 hours ago

    Oh hail no. E. Coli. All up in that lettuce bud.

  • Sir borris and Football Entertainment politics show

    This is his burger people 0:16

  • Enric Domingo
    Enric Domingo 2 hours ago

    Me: gets food from fridge Gordon Ramsay: it’s mold!!!!!!

  • kevin cosgrove
    kevin cosgrove 2 hours ago

    The little waitress is cute as a speckled pup. Whats the xtra thick crust like?Holy!@××÷

  • finbar osullivan
    finbar osullivan 2 hours ago

    Fuck you ramsay

  • 이리갔다 저리갔다

    00:32 wtf is a waygyo

    DRC VLOGS 2 hours ago

    The worst parents in the world.

  • The Expandables
    The Expandables 2 hours ago

    the word i was waiting for hes famous quote 1:13

  • nicola johnson
    nicola johnson 2 hours ago

    Even after a night out I'd pass on that pizza, it looks horrid.

    HEEJIN JUNG 2 hours ago

    Jen:"whats that strong taste im tasting?" Its call A fake flavour that never existed

  • lemontaku19
    lemontaku19 2 hours ago

    i love how gordon enters his bar-fighting englishman persona when things get serious

  • Oonald Le
    Oonald Le 2 hours ago

    Without all the oil. Personally I would eat it

  • Hydanz Topboi
    Hydanz Topboi 2 hours ago

    well i know who's at the top 1 for us kitchen nightmares. NinoOoOoOo

  • Venice Legaspi
    Venice Legaspi 2 hours ago

    Customer: "It tastes like lemonade." Waiter: "Lemon aid..."

  • Steve Silvas
    Steve Silvas 2 hours ago

    BREAD PUDDING!! Good Feel Good Old Fashioned Dessert..My Mom & Grandmother Made Great Bread Pudding & Rice Pudding Too!

  • Basic mat
    Basic mat 2 hours ago

    Before ramsey Owner:"so how the food?" Worker:"......good.." After ramsey Owner:"this food was good my worker not complaining this meatloaf was the one that put us on the map,right guy?" Worker:no its full of shet disgusthang,mediocre talented food never come here nymore

  • Iosua an duine Albannach

    I ate at Las Vegas HK. His steak was not that good. Sorry Ramsey

  • Steve Silvas
    Steve Silvas 2 hours ago


  • jasmine amer
    jasmine amer 2 hours ago

    looks disgusting yuck.

  • Basic mat
    Basic mat 2 hours ago

    Worker angry and fight back their boss *comunism* *happy* *stalin* *noise*

  • Steve Silvas
    Steve Silvas 2 hours ago

    Shepard's Pie?..More Like Shepards Shit!!💩

  • Zalty Gaming
    Zalty Gaming 2 hours ago

    I would eat that

  • Venice Legaspi
    Venice Legaspi 2 hours ago

    Chef Scott came in like a pissed off drill sergeant.

  • Dr. Bright
    Dr. Bright 2 hours ago

    Owner's son: put it in the microwave. Owner: I can cook any dish he wants. Sounds like we already know how has the passion for cooking.

  • Basic mat
    Basic mat 3 hours ago

    Summary The white bald glasses chef was piss off on ramsey and say busy of doing :preperation" The black dude chef charles was unnable to tell the expression bcause he was smiling and laugh a bit but soemtimes he just "meh" and edgy The owner was burned by ramsey The lady was saying the restraunt was 95/100 clean Ramsey touching all the disgusthang thing on the kitchen no *gloves* The funniest moment is when charlie was scolded by ramsey bcause laughing idk but charlie was actually edgy

  • ØtåkuChu ÙnÚ
    ØtåkuChu ÙnÚ 3 hours ago

    Her cough is faker then my life 🤦‍♀️

  • Arindam S. Roy
    Arindam S. Roy 3 hours ago

    She'll be a very demanding person in bed... "Let me finish. Let me finish!"

  • Dr. Bright
    Dr. Bright 3 hours ago

    That place looks like the cellar of a house that's survived multiple earthquakes and battles from the Civil War.

  • Gacha Lance_YT
    Gacha Lance_YT 3 hours ago

    XD the best balls in town

  • Solqueen86
    Solqueen86 3 hours ago

    When the chef tells the waitress to shut up and ignores her. It's time to get a new chef

  • runningkirk walk
    runningkirk walk 3 hours ago

    Poor duckies

  • smiley anime fan
    smiley anime fan 3 hours ago

    I still would have ate that pizza 🍕

  • runningkirk walk
    runningkirk walk 3 hours ago

    Throw it away, the American way

  • norlens noel
    norlens noel 3 hours ago

    Gordon is a little dramatic

  • Rc Garage ph
    Rc Garage ph 3 hours ago

    Anyone 2019? Microwave meme

  • [?] Question Block
    [?] Question Block 3 hours ago

    "Three years ago...." * shows sepia old-style photo *

  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown 3 hours ago

    The turtle is so undercook it's still looking for it's 3 brothers to fight shredder

  • Stryker Ramirez
    Stryker Ramirez 3 hours ago

    Anyone else jumped and shit bricks at 2:32.

  • April Fields
    April Fields 3 hours ago

    That pizza honestly looks like the pizza at my school