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  • Hypebeast21
    Hypebeast21 5 minutes ago

    They missed strawberry

  • Zahra Ibrar
    Zahra Ibrar 11 minutes ago

    Joe's nike slipper looked exactly like the real one

  • Zahra Ibrar
    Zahra Ibrar 12 minutes ago

    The first one Oli made look good but when Josh messed it up...(Josh your so mean)

  • Zoe D
    Zoe D 20 minutes ago

    The older father one deffo has an attitude with the younger thinner one 😂

  • Zahra Ibrar
    Zahra Ibrar 24 minutes ago

    For the emoji one Oli won but Casper's one is pretty decent

  • Solo WolvezZz
    Solo WolvezZz 28 minutes ago

    this is suuch a great vid well done !

  • Adam Choudhry
    Adam Choudhry 45 minutes ago

    Oli white looks like British Bryce walker🤔🤔🤔

  • Ethan Westwood
    Ethan Westwood Hour ago

    I stg, rn I am staying at this exact hotel. I was like no way 😂

  • Ben Brennan
    Ben Brennan 2 hours ago

    Jeez oli thinks hes fare hard

  • Emily Bowe
    Emily Bowe 2 hours ago

    Brenda the blender!!!

  • Rubes Kaye
    Rubes Kaye 3 hours ago

    You should do another all you can eat challenge Please!,

  • Harrycorti
    Harrycorti 3 hours ago

    Now I just wanna knock out James he thinkin he’s bad looool💀💀💀

  • myth kid
    myth kid 3 hours ago


  • Illuminous Rade
    Illuminous Rade 3 hours ago

    Add ketchup to the noodles

  • Mr NuK3
    Mr NuK3 3 hours ago


  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets 3 hours ago

    2020? Ahaha

  • Matin Cader
    Matin Cader 4 hours ago

    Do we got clickbaited

  • Reece Jones
    Reece Jones 4 hours ago

    I can't listen to James without cringing like his voice

  • Mobstxr Xx
    Mobstxr Xx 4 hours ago

    Order everything from a chienise restaurant

  • KLpicturesGaming
    KLpicturesGaming 5 hours ago

    You didn’t do the black currant flavour it’s hard to find but it’s the best one

  • aaron platt
    aaron platt 5 hours ago

    lool loving watching theses guys so funny

  • Wisdom ABB
    Wisdom ABB 5 hours ago

    Got he's getting chubby

    • RowanMatt04
      RowanMatt04 2 hours ago

      R x calm down🤣

    • R x
      R x 4 hours ago

      keep your nasty comments to yourself. was there actually any need to say that

  • Juliet Ford
    Juliet Ford 5 hours ago

    Mcdonalds is better

  • Phoebe Hugheas
    Phoebe Hugheas 7 hours ago

    i from Australia so i love Marmite

  • Yung Chip
    Yung Chip 7 hours ago

    Do u think oli realised there was a five guys on Coventry street

    KIANO 10 hours ago

    Me: 3 meals a day Hobbit: About 6 meals a day Oli: 50 meals a day...

  • Branden Clark
    Branden Clark 12 hours ago

    James definitely has some kind of special needs

    • Brody Glydr
      Brody Glydr 8 hours ago

      Branden Clark he just doesn’t like people touching his food. I’m the same I don’t want food and a side of spit lol

  • Shaun Sykes
    Shaun Sykes 12 hours ago

    Trying every flavour of m&m’s

  • Kenny McCormick
    Kenny McCormick 13 hours ago

    Shut up georgette

  • Unicorns and Friends
    Unicorns and Friends 13 hours ago

    Has anybody noticed oli’s head is rectangular

  • Leonie Godsall
    Leonie Godsall 14 hours ago

    I don’t like avocados

  • Brian Parent
    Brian Parent 15 hours ago

    Oli, gave you a BIG THUMB up for the video, but I would never ever go to Dubai. I will NOT set foot in an Arab country.

  • Zoe Lanaghan
    Zoe Lanaghan 15 hours ago

    Yes I would

  • Emma Dawson
    Emma Dawson 16 hours ago

    Why would you need to blend a liquid that’s got no bits to blend

  • I'm dead inside
    I'm dead inside 17 hours ago

    Oi my g got trapstar

  • Ben plays
    Ben plays 17 hours ago

    Pepsi max cherry

  • Laura Smith
    Laura Smith 17 hours ago

    Beef space raiders are my favourite 👌🏻👽

  • Kirsty Carter
    Kirsty Carter 17 hours ago

    I now remember why I stopped watching this channel. James is a moaning, whingy little kid that acts depressed!!

  • Hannah Drinkwater
    Hannah Drinkwater 17 hours ago

    Its pronounced 'chureetzo'😅

  • Hannah Drinkwater
    Hannah Drinkwater 17 hours ago

    Garlic mayo wrap is class

  • Joseph Bird
    Joseph Bird 18 hours ago

    Ksi one was awful

  • Kayla Kayla
    Kayla Kayla 18 hours ago

    I love how I saw one of his books at the dollar tree 💀💀

  • Team LMO
    Team LMO 18 hours ago

    Ha !!! This is such an amazing channel !!

  • D- Mynee
    D- Mynee 19 hours ago

    All I’m gonna say...

  • Samuel Smith
    Samuel Smith 19 hours ago


  • Joshua Blower
    Joshua Blower 19 hours ago

    James ask to do my second name to him but he didn’t pay the tramp

  • Iman Zahra Ishmail
    Iman Zahra Ishmail 20 hours ago

    Where's this weeks vid ahhhh causing. Me pain

  • Kendall Wootton
    Kendall Wootton 20 hours ago


  • RoCk Hbomb
    RoCk Hbomb 21 hour ago

    I used this video and got a boyfriend

  • Alfie Boardman
    Alfie Boardman 21 hour ago

    Where’s the new vid

  • gracelouisephillipsx

    why do they blend drinks

  • Abby Lacey
    Abby Lacey 21 hour ago

    James is hilarious

  • Hannah Drinkwater
    Hannah Drinkwater 21 hour ago

    Crunchwrap supreme was pretty good and I absolutely loved the cheesy sour cream fries!!

  • savan dilzar
    savan dilzar 22 hours ago

    Oli how do you keep up with james

  • Harriet Poole
    Harriet Poole 23 hours ago


  • Shaun Sykes
    Shaun Sykes 23 hours ago

    Where is your new video

  • Jimmy 135647
    Jimmy 135647 23 hours ago

    Why did Evie sound like alexa at 17:50

  • April Murphy
    April Murphy Day ago

    I love them all

  • Hannah Drinkwater

    I love the original glazed krispy kreme's

  • khyati desai
    khyati desai Day ago

    I loveee mango

  • ej reeves
    ej reeves Day ago


    • SH1FT3R
      SH1FT3R 19 hours ago


  • danny power
    danny power Day ago

    James: shush Oli: no dont say that, thats mean. James :stfu Oli :thats more like it 😂😂 Read more

  • Ytfahimahyaan Pro1

    Burger King all the way

  • Woosher
    Woosher Day ago

    17:26 😂😂 wtf my man ate it

  • Bethan Rhiain Mclen-Howells

    i would also love to see oli and james try every flavour of kitkat or every flavour of bubblegum or something like that love u oli

  • Bethan Rhiain Mclen-Howells

    I would love to see a super noodle one as I am more of a supernoodle fan as well and it would be great to see also

  • enjay63
    enjay63 Day ago

    Oli really needs to grow up, compared with James he’s so immature, constantly accusing his little brother of cheating just because he loses a round. James is also at a disadvantage cos he probably doesn’t do the shopping whereas Oli does.

  • living.with.yorkies Teacup yorkies

    You should do this with Alex

  • living.with.yorkies Teacup yorkies

    You need to do the ghost pepper challenge

  • midnightgamer 44

    U two honestly sorta look like the peely skin in fortnite when u wore the yellow

  • cameron joseph

    I love 💖 Fanta

  • cameron joseph

    I like watermelon and my twin brother and my sister

  • Veronika
    Veronika Day ago

    they should have had a piramid each ... cos how is it fair when one says ooh thats horrible and then the other says i dont mind that one and they compromise!! i would like to see a pyramid each ... please re-shoot video!!! : ) thanks for sharing!!! x o x

  • Zak
    Zak Day ago

    has he never heard of comme de garcons lmao what a wet guy

  • Zak
    Zak Day ago

    both gimps

  • David Wood
    David Wood Day ago

    you'd swear james was on some tucker trial on im a celebrity

  • Rhys Roberts
    Rhys Roberts Day ago

    Try James favourite foods,

  • Starky66639
    Starky66639 Day ago

    5 ads through the video. Why!

  • taylor Weaver
    taylor Weaver Day ago

    I think josh is too old he is like 18

  • Claudia Keen
    Claudia Keen Day ago

    So he ACTUALLY does like some food.... I mean my 4 year old likes all of that too 😂 but please... eating and drinking like that 🤯 off putting.

  • Anna Coles
    Anna Coles Day ago

    I can't believe he's only 24!

  • Volcanic Pizza

    Is James special Ed

  • Ethan
    Ethan Day ago

    James is so funny

  • Rosie Morris
    Rosie Morris Day ago

    I love raw carrots and I hate cooked carrots

  • Cringe productions Productions

    Why does oli not like James touching their food is he a germaphobe ¿

  • Mobstxr Xx
    Mobstxr Xx Day ago


  • Lou Lou
    Lou Lou Day ago

    James is a Strange one !

  • Lian Derey
    Lian Derey Day ago

    It's not EVERY taste tho, you forgot the peach one. Btw peach is my favorite.

  • Aram Aram
    Aram Aram Day ago

    I hate mangoes there are my torture thing I hate fish shrimp lobster everything seafood

  • Jessica Shorthouse

    You should do every flavour of Sauce Cheese Skittles Pizza

  • Jessica Shorthouse

    I dont like veg like James

  • Jessica Shorthouse

    I like original curry

  • Aaron Terry
    Aaron Terry Day ago

    I’m not being funny but I don’t think oli eats that healthy I mean he’s not really in good shape

  • Team LMO
    Team LMO Day ago

    I laugh soooooo much on these sorta vids 😂

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda Day ago

    You have started to be like morgz

  • Darragh Farrell

    Omg I'm liking this video my favourite snack

  • Team LMO
    Team LMO Day ago

    Watching your videos make me smile every time you upload !!!!!!!!!!😁😁

  • Izze
    Izze Day ago

    I love cheese. My favorite cheese is mozzarella i also like alot of brie cheese