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  • Rebecca Koralewski
    Rebecca Koralewski 5 minutes ago

    I love how James said "no" more than anything else.

  • Matthew Mallcott
    Matthew Mallcott 8 minutes ago

    Oli u said u were cold while drinking the slushie but when u got starbucks u said it was hot

  • Michaelhideandseek 123
    Michaelhideandseek 123 25 minutes ago

    James used to bang his head on the floor when he was younger? Guess we have learnt we James is slow guys 😂😂😂

  • Soham Addanki
    Soham Addanki 3 hours ago

    Why am I watching this at 00:28 on my sister's birthday when I'm meant to be sleeping, I'm even a vegetarian 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Steven and Trinitee1011

    His hair is a 1/10

  • Thedrivingturtle 08
    Thedrivingturtle 08 3 hours ago

    Is it weird that I love eating children combined with dinosaurs

  • XxbrendankoxX
    XxbrendankoxX 3 hours ago

    Where’s fillet o fish and mchicken sandwich and they r missing the hot drinks too

  • XxbrendankoxX
    XxbrendankoxX 3 hours ago

    Il have 3 Big Macs a coke and fries (I’ve had all that before)

  • Joe Prew
    Joe Prew 4 hours ago

    Dog or cat

  • Kianna Ver Steeg
    Kianna Ver Steeg 4 hours ago

    yes we do have crème eggs in America, they are the best

  • Jamie Robertson
    Jamie Robertson 4 hours ago

    You’ve never had hot wings geez

  • Kianna Ver Steeg
    Kianna Ver Steeg 4 hours ago

    I love mangos

  • Callum Coogan
    Callum Coogan 4 hours ago

    Who else likes kfc malteaser Krushem with chips and Wotsits

  • Tracey Rowan
    Tracey Rowan 4 hours ago

    James's emoji is halerious i cant find it this is probs closest😐

  • Harleen
    Harleen 4 hours ago

    I love you'r videos please make James a youtube channel

  • Gracie Brown
    Gracie Brown 5 hours ago

    My one is toxic wast thar are not one bit sower.

  • Banana Split
    Banana Split 5 hours ago

    Please tell me you see that marking James neck

  • Izzy Victor
    Izzy Victor 5 hours ago

    picles and peanutbutter or apple and peanutbutter

  • Carys Ray McDonald
    Carys Ray McDonald 5 hours ago

    Oli can you and James react to the helium challenge and dating advice with a 16 year old please.I have always been subscribed love your channel keep it up

  • Raphael Wilkes
    Raphael Wilkes 6 hours ago

    Yes do it

  • Lyndsey's Journey
    Lyndsey's Journey 6 hours ago

    I love salty crips and chocolate xx I also love peanut butter and Marmite on toast and would love to see what you thought of it

  • Jaydon Williams
    Jaydon Williams 7 hours ago


  • LukeJEJ
    LukeJEJ 7 hours ago

    james is pathetic

  • Shannon Stewart
    Shannon Stewart 7 hours ago

    “22 year old adults” I wouldn’t go that far as saying adults as your eating crayons oli 😂

  • T Barz
    T Barz 8 hours ago

    Im 13 i wrote a song about my mum who passed away pls go check it out and subscribe

  • Saskia_leanneMay _
    Saskia_leanneMay _ 8 hours ago

    Please 😫🙏🙏💓do a trying foods my girlfriend likes 💓

  • Masterstar
    Masterstar 8 hours ago

    Popcorn chicken are equal with there fries

  • Erin Nicholson
    Erin Nicholson 8 hours ago

    Bugs me so much that he calls hummus, hoomas 😫😫😫

  • xo_hols17_ox
    xo_hols17_ox 8 hours ago

    That is my fav pizza from dominos

  • Leoncha Duffy
    Leoncha Duffy 8 hours ago

    Who's better ? Read more

  • X MaddyGaming101 X
    X MaddyGaming101 X 8 hours ago

    I want McDonald’s Fries and a milkshake

  • Rebecca.edits
    Rebecca.edits 9 hours ago

    I have never tried Krispy creams donuts 🍩

  • Advanced Dawg
    Advanced Dawg 9 hours ago

    Yorkshire puddings with Jam

  • Advanced Dawg
    Advanced Dawg 9 hours ago

    Chicken souper noodles , chicken soup with chicken super noodles

  • Demonix Clan
    Demonix Clan 9 hours ago

    I hold the record for 49 water melons brok

  • FaZe Farley123
    FaZe Farley123 9 hours ago


  • BaconXD 55
    BaconXD 55 9 hours ago


  • Tracey T
    Tracey T 10 hours ago

    “Its like that white dog poo, u find sometimes on the floor” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • LukeJEJ
    LukeJEJ 11 hours ago

    Sub to him

  • LukeJEJ
    LukeJEJ 11 hours ago

    He's so cool

  • LukeJEJ
    LukeJEJ 11 hours ago

    Oli is sick

  • Geeta Athwal
    Geeta Athwal 11 hours ago


  • Crispy Bacon
    Crispy Bacon 11 hours ago

    Im drinking a cold starbucks coffee rn lol

  • PewDiePie's mum
    PewDiePie's mum 11 hours ago

    How old is james

  • Sharpish Z
    Sharpish Z 11 hours ago

    Part two: jack Vs Connor Part three: Josh Vs Mickey Part four: Oli Vs James Part five: olis mum Vs his dad

  • lucy Johnson
    lucy Johnson 12 hours ago

    Seafood sauce is just ketchup mayo n paprika

  • Kaitlyn Clement
    Kaitlyn Clement 13 hours ago

    They are missing some but it’s probs all the was available

  • Lillie cloud
    Lillie cloud 13 hours ago

    Urm,i diddnt relise this when i was little and watched this...he put the cactus in the toliet...he ate it like a minute after😅or he could of got 2 cactus🤷‍♀️idk

  • Kaitlyn Clement
    Kaitlyn Clement 13 hours ago

    Gotta go with James on this pen

  • Zuzu Bear
    Zuzu Bear 15 hours ago

    I can’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣17cm mouth wide

  • My name is ОЛЕГ
    My name is ОЛЕГ 15 hours ago

    Привет 👋

  • Eve Griffiths
    Eve Griffiths 15 hours ago

    vannila coke

  • Tamara Blake
    Tamara Blake 15 hours ago

    James looks like he is 8

  • Dustin Bender
    Dustin Bender 17 hours ago

    I look like this 😂 🇦🇺

  • James Collinson
    James Collinson 17 hours ago

    Plus a child on the inside

  • Aiden Burr
    Aiden Burr 18 hours ago

    Ollie you should try toast butter jam and chereeos

  • Ems vlogs
    Ems vlogs 19 hours ago

    9 cm

  • Xx_ItzJJ_xX :3
    Xx_ItzJJ_xX :3 19 hours ago

    .... Meet me. Because I want to and because I don't like avocado or guacamole so don't worry Saffron. Also love watching Strictly, hoping you and AJ win ❤❤

  • Natalie Baylis
    Natalie Baylis 19 hours ago

    Oil your the best of your a awesome can I be in you’re vid

  • cOCo
    cOCo 21 hour ago

    Mango is too sour for me

  • Alexis Leziert
    Alexis Leziert 22 hours ago

    That was Priceless and pretty good when Casper came to scare you.. that was funny 🤣🤣

  • Cara Dillisa
    Cara Dillisa 22 hours ago

    For merch the logo should be joli (James and oli)and you could publish it for Christmas

  • Anna Kate B
    Anna Kate B 23 hours ago

    Lol I had the nerds nail polish when I was little it always peeled off in a day😂🤣😅

  • Amy McCulley
    Amy McCulley Day ago

    Saffron is such a bad liar to get views, I think she forgets you need to have a good memory to be a good liar and what makes it worse is there’s evidence of her saying she loves certain foods that she is claiming that she hates or has never tried in this video... For example, eating ham in the only eating pink for 24hours and saying she hasn’t had it since primary and in her recommenced portion size she said she loves beans and it’s her favourites thing ever... There’s lots more but I’m sure everyone is aware. I’m not hating as I do actually watch her videos but it’s just sad that she’s being caught out for lying over such stupid things for views and attention.

  • It’s Iona
    It’s Iona Day ago

    Hands down no doubt about it JAMES definitely won 👍🏻😁👍🏻🤣👍🏻😁👍🏻😂😁😊

  • Kelsie Webster

    2019 anyone ????

  • Georgia Nelder

    You should ignore your brother or evie for 24 hours can I have a shout out please 🙏

  • Georgia Nelder

    You should eat foods you hate for 24 hours could I have a shout out please

  • Aamena Bhimani

    No one : Literally nobody : Oli : hoooomus !!!!! 😂😂😂

  • Shelby Giles
    Shelby Giles Day ago

    Pringle's and peanut butter is better

  • LetzGo_Xtra 662

    11:38 on a scale to 1 to sour, how sour is it?

  • Bethan Rhiain Mclen-Howells

    I think james is sick his voice is high pitch

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way Day ago

    A kid in my class ate one without hands it was hanging off a string he did it in 0.5 seconds

  • Bethan Rhiain Mclen-Howells

    What happened to oli eye black eye

  • Kiera Smith
    Kiera Smith Day ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the James eats his pizza

  • Calum Greene
    Calum Greene Day ago


  • kiwi gaming13
    kiwi gaming13 Day ago

    When is the 16 year old love advice coming

  • TheClumsy Sisters

    Lol james looks and sounds so different than he does now, Oli on the other hand, no.

  • Utility Gaming

    oli u are a celebrity

  • Ella B
    Ella B Day ago

    James is the most frustrating person to watch eating and eating food .

  • Finola Ovington-stevens

    i got over 100 characters with my nose lols

  • 1,000 subs with no videos


  • 1,000 subs with no videos

    I love watermelon

  • Maddie Bell
    Maddie Bell Day ago

    Mini buttons and sour cream Pringles are the best

  • emma smith
    emma smith Day ago

    Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe joe

  • Bramley Carpenter

    Bakewell tarts

  • 1,000 subs with no videos

    Who misses brothers give tattoos type of James

  • Naomi bdx
    Naomi bdx Day ago

    if ollie ate all these healthy things he would be getting weight love him tho x

  • Lily James
    Lily James Day ago

    Sorry but this is such an underrated video. Still HILARIOUS 🤣🤣

  • Niomi Macro
    Niomi Macro Day ago

    James: why was 6 scared of 9 coz 689 Me:YOU FOGOT THE 6789 wow

    UKMEDIA Day ago

    I love raw carrots james is my guy

  • Mila 03
    Mila 03 Day ago

    I eat all of the things in this video besides coke 😂

  • Evie Mai Ward
    Evie Mai Ward Day ago

    2019 gang, puberty clearly didn’t hit James 2 years ago 😂✌️

  • Izzy Scott
    Izzy Scott Day ago


  • Karen Wingrove

    It really annoys me when one of them gets it right and Ollie freaks out like he won the lottery lol

  • x_harry_potter_ fan_x

    1000th comment check

  • x_harry_potter_ fan_x


  • Daisy Gough
    Daisy Gough Day ago

    I am in ravenclaw and my favourite character is Ginny weasly