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  • EDWR FLE, Chef
    EDWR FLE, Chef 2 hours ago

    Love a good clever

  • EDWR FLE, Chef
    EDWR FLE, Chef 2 hours ago

    Nice work

  • Jason Cohenour
    Jason Cohenour 2 hours ago

    Bad to the Bone !! Show us how you make the handle so nice, layering materials....

  • Mark Bradley
    Mark Bradley 4 hours ago

    Tis a beauty

  • Defend the Belt
    Defend the Belt 6 hours ago

    Great type of knife.may i ask what type of file you use for the back of the knife? I just found the video for the chekering file ✌️

  • Bradford Palmer
    Bradford Palmer 11 hours ago

    Grt video and even better idea about teaching your kids. Awesome

  • bjiles7
    bjiles7 11 hours ago

    you took the length and divided by 9? I know I am late to the party but where did you come up with the number 9? by the way, it looks awesome...once again I will be copying a SLL project. lol

  • Wester von Burgermeister

    The measurement of a drill press is the distance from the center of the spindle to the edge of the column, then doubled. So if you measure 5 inches, you have a 10 inch drill press. This is referred to as the swing of the drill press which is the largest diameter piece the drill can handle.

  • Aaron R. Williams
    Aaron R. Williams 18 hours ago

    Shouldn't you be making knives? Just asking? lol You should have just left the final shot of your hat landing on the rack and left it up to us to figure out if you truly did it in one shot.

  • ***STEIL***
    ***STEIL*** 19 hours ago

    Hi, if it’s not difficult, please say what kind of file you used to fill the notch if you can please tell me its name or please give a link to its purchase

  • Sebastian Pereira.
    Sebastian Pereira. 22 hours ago

    👍😊 👍👍👍

  • avago2day
    avago2day Day ago

    I wouldn't want to plunge my hands into the washing up bowl if that was in there!!

  • humanity's voice

    Not a fan of that type of sight old iron sights are more accurate and easier for everyone this hope it hits sight is stupid and more dangerous to both user and bystander

  • Евгений Шуликин

    С задним винтом промахнулся?

  • Zachary Canright

    Use a torch to carbonize the latex paint, it will come off easier.

  • HopperRox
    HopperRox Day ago

    Perhaaps you have figured out at this point the knives are copy cats of the Grohmann Jump knife, made in Pictou Nova Scotia, Canada. They make beautiful knives still in Pictou.

  • Ryan McCrossan
    Ryan McCrossan 2 days ago

    Similar belt grinder to do this?

  • Marcos Crivellisilva

    Eu quero 1 dezse

  • أسـدُ المُـرتضٰـى


  • Noneya Frigginbezwax

    First video of yours I've seen, but admitting that you'r 100% wrong when someone explained a new way to look at the issue was enough for me to subscribe. Kudos. So many people refuse to ever admit that they are wrong. My father was one of them for the most part. He could argue and convince a calculator that 2+2=5.

  • Omer Mallhi
    Omer Mallhi 2 days ago

    That is so beautiful ❤️

  • Jeff Funk
    Jeff Funk 2 days ago

    Little hard to follow for the beginners, slow it down it's not a foot race.

  • Diego Roblez
    Diego Roblez 3 days ago

    If you would sell something like that, how much would you charge? Very nice work by the way!

    • Diego Roblez
      Diego Roblez Day ago

      Well damn nice knife you made there sir!

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 2 days ago

      Thank you. This one was a commissioned piece. I make sure not to put prices in comments. I just don’t want someone seeing it in 3 years and thinking it’s still a valid price. 👍

  • James Liebig
    James Liebig 3 days ago

    It's your channel brother, do what you want with it. Those of us that love you will stick with you no matter what. I watch your channel because you are an honest, well-spoken gentleman. I do love your knife making vids, but I will watch you do anything. I hope all is well and we are looking forward to some new vids.

  • Josh Turner
    Josh Turner 3 days ago

    What size small wheel was used on your fuller?

  • M
    M 3 days ago


  • Agent One
    Agent One 3 days ago

    Beautiful project... I hope to make knives as well as this was finished.

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez 3 days ago

    What does that foil looking wrap do?

  • Justin Topp
    Justin Topp 3 days ago

    Great work! Kinda gives me Swiss army vibes

  • Tj Robinson
    Tj Robinson 3 days ago

    For sale??

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 2 days ago

      You can email me at Jeremy at homesteadknives dot com That’s also my website but I rarely have knives available as I’m quite busy with custom orders.👍

    • Tj Robinson
      Tj Robinson 3 days ago

      @Simple Little Life do you have a website for orders? That knife was a peice of art!!.. I would of loved to have it in my kitchen

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 3 days ago

      This one sold already 👍

  • TheTl33
    TheTl33 4 days ago

    So not finding any more videos after this. First thing I thought of after the last video ( when you didn't have enough stock for the flipper tab) is to make it a front flipper. Just need a little tab on the front of blade going up taller instead of out fatter. Just a thought though.

  • Sven Jahnich
    Sven Jahnich 4 days ago

    The bit is what we in Europe call a wood drill bit

  • walter pernumian
    walter pernumian 4 days ago

    Excellent, good job¡¡, beautiful ¡¡

  • david mcmutrtey
    david mcmutrtey 4 days ago

    Great video of thank you for the inspiration

  • Blue Salamander
    Blue Salamander 4 days ago

    I enjoy your content ! Question-a couple of years back you posted a video of the installation of a wind turbine on your farm. What have been the benefits and what were the disappointments? I live on a family farm-500 acres with a perfect hilltop layout where barn is located for a wind turbine. The goal is to create off grid capability. We have a good well also. Have you considered installing an array of solar panels in conjunction with the wind power generated from turbine? Curious to know if the costs of the turbine have been repaid through energy created. Your thoughts? Thank you !!!

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 3 days ago

      Thank you! That was a multi blade windmill we installed and technically they’re different than what is considered a wind turbine. The multi-blade is better for work that requires higher torque/heavier loads like a water pump. That’s what we used it for at my dads place. I wish I could help but other than research I have no experience with wind turbines 👍

  • ch
    ch 4 days ago

    I’ll never complain anymore about the price of handmade knife !! So much work !!!

  • relybigguns bigguns

    You can throw it in your emergency "beg"lol

  • Randy G Wheeler
    Randy G Wheeler 4 days ago

    Dumb does the screw mount or hold what when you screw it in? Due you screw it into the kydex?

  • jim sbarglia
    jim sbarglia 4 days ago

    For the same money as this base model i can gaet a tormek t4 base model neither has a advantage they both are awesome but the tormek is quicker and easier

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 4 days ago

      And you’ve tried both of those on the same blade to know it’s quicker and easier?

  • m. Kozal
    m. Kozal 5 days ago

    You are the best

  • Cameron Essary
    Cameron Essary 5 days ago

    I own a giantmouse gmf1 and I like it but your version looks much improved

  • Jarrell Thoms
    Jarrell Thoms 5 days ago

    Mid video I bought one off Amazon. Saw Wranglerstar's video too. Thanks @simplelittlelife

  • Mohammed Ghouse
    Mohammed Ghouse 5 days ago

    Great job bro I like it 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  • Glenn Reggie
    Glenn Reggie 5 days ago

    Your video is an excellent example of when fine workmanship & creativity merge together and a work of art is born. Bravo 👏🏼

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 4 days ago

      Thank you very much, I appreciate the kind words! Cheers👍

  • jer ikeda
    jer ikeda 6 days ago

    change direction of wheel

  • Shannon Moore
    Shannon Moore 6 days ago

    Beautiful knife .. would love to see the shealth build

  • MsG
    MsG 6 days ago

    brass is the metal

    • MsG
      MsG 4 days ago

      ​@Simple Little Life just sometimes

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 4 days ago

      Hahaha. So you’re that guy

  • Amadeusz Prokop
    Amadeusz Prokop 6 days ago

    How to make a kydex sheath for this knife?

  • un pastor aleman
    un pastor aleman 6 days ago

    Why this rifle and not any handgun?

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 4 days ago

      You can’t legally carry a handgun in Canada. Unless you have very special trapping permits which are difficult to obtain.

    • Elijah Monn
      Elijah Monn 5 days ago

      un pastor aleman , because in the folded position it cannot operate. In NZ 30” is the minimum length of a legal firearm. The badger is just over 30” when unfolded. Cheers

  • ilumina tu
    ilumina tu 6 days ago

    My litlle brother ask for a link to buy this rifle on internet

  • Alex Glassman
    Alex Glassman 6 days ago

    So, I take it the Wicked Edge is for the edge only; that, you need to first shave and shape the bevel of your knife first? If so, what do you suggest for the garage builder to shape the bevel first?

  • redsaw 90
    redsaw 90 6 days ago

    sweet anvil ...i am trying to find a way to smooth my track down ...i got 2 im going to place one out at the shop and one in the yard ....i think ill follow your way with the thick flat stock i can get my hands on some ..but idk maybe ill just try grinding a bit first well anyway i just subscribed !!!!!

  • Chris Wenkle
    Chris Wenkle 7 days ago

    Now I want tacos

  • zero g templar
    zero g templar 7 days ago

    Work Sharp Ken Onion addition is the best!

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 4 days ago

      Cool. I’ve never tried the Ken onion version but I have the original work sharp and I’m not a fan. Having said that, you could take 100 guys that can get razor sharp blades, give them all every single sharpening method out there, and they‘ll all gravitate to one being better than others. And it’s a sure thing they’ll all chose something different. 😆👍 Nice to have options for sure.

    • zero g templar
      zero g templar 5 days ago

      @Simple Little Life I've tried several tho not all sharpening systems, from Japanese wheat stones, to several different grinders and the previous version of the work-sharp, and out of all of those in my opinion the Ken onion Work-sharp has been the easiest sharpening system to obtain a razor sharp edge on my knifes.

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 5 days ago

      And you’ve tried all of these?

  • itspeterpanbitch
    itspeterpanbitch 7 days ago

    great video. handle looks great!!!

  • Damir Horvat
    Damir Horvat 7 days ago

    Great content, I am wondering what is the durability of thatknofe on rockwell scale?

  • Craig Connors
    Craig Connors 7 days ago

    Cool that they put numbers on the wires for those who are color blind can still enjoy the tools. I am going to have to pick up the speed control, thanks!!

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 5 days ago

      Yeah I never thought of the numbers being that useful but makes sense, my dad is colour blind. These have been super rough and reliable for me and after using them I highly recommend them to anyone. Cheers👍

  • Randy G Wheeler
    Randy G Wheeler 7 days ago

    So I've never touched Kydex before and I like to do the same thing are those rivets that are going into the eyelets to hold the sheets on. I'm trying to follow

  • Bone Tactical
    Bone Tactical 7 days ago

    great vid and cool knife, camera and knifemaking skills!

  • Andy Rice
    Andy Rice 7 days ago

    Fine work sir ! Now make me a fork and cook me steak!!!

  • aravind micro
    aravind micro 7 days ago

    Wow how much for 1 piece

  • Greg Stabryla
    Greg Stabryla 7 days ago

    Try watching the guy that works for work sharp, no point ruins put painters tape against angle. No marring. Really watch this guy. He goes on the road for them, knows all the correct way to use them. (And I don't even own one) .

  • Melanie Cantin
    Melanie Cantin 8 days ago

    I have the TOAKS Titanium Pot 750 ml Cup. Is the circumference of my pot big enough to go over the stove?

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 4 days ago

      I have no idea what the circumference of that pot is so I can’t help you with that.

  • Arvand Afsanehbaf
    Arvand Afsanehbaf 8 days ago

    Wow this is one sharp and beautiful cleaver! 🙌✨

  • Henry Van Noy
    Henry Van Noy 8 days ago

    What are the chances of you making one of those knives for me Sir? New to your channel so I’m not sure if I should even ask lol

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 7 days ago

      Hahaha, always worth an ask 😀👍 If you want to email me Jeremy at homesteadknives dot com we can chat there. Thanks for checking out my videos 👍

  • Марат Сагидов

    Реально крутой нож!

  • Руслан Леурдо

    Пиратций нож какой-то.

  • Carl Sprocket
    Carl Sprocket 8 days ago

    Ive been looking into different options for my sheath, but i have lots of questions. Hoping to get in touch with someone that could answer.

  • Houston B
    Houston B 8 days ago

    Jeremy! How do you keep from sanding the tip off your blades during the finishing process? I've made 2 knives so far and I want a more precise tip than what I have come up with.

  • Amrik Singh
    Amrik Singh 8 days ago

    Very very nice

  • Clint Johnson
    Clint Johnson 8 days ago

    nice videos brother, I enjoy your detailed vids! with this video you really like this sharpener, which one do you use more often WE or the PW? I'm torn between the two for sharpening knives for customers. thanks for your time.

    • Clint Johnson
      Clint Johnson 7 days ago

      Simple Little Life thanks a ton for your reply!

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 7 days ago

      Thank you very much! That’s a really hard one. The PW do an amazing job for less money and they’re fast. Bummer is there’s a learning curve and it’s easy to overhear the blade. WE is a way “safer” way to go in terms of not wrecking a knife, but it’s also slower. If I could only have that I have a few years experience with them....I’d go PW. Saving sharp in very little time 👍

  • 嘘禁评
    嘘禁评 8 days ago

    how much money

  • Алик Гусейнов

    Super!!! ШЕМКИР ДЗЕГАМ 👏👏👏🇦🇿

  • Justin Timefortea
    Justin Timefortea 8 days ago

    Brilliant! Thanks for taking the time to explain it mate. I would kill for a workshop with a lathe and milling machine 😁. I have just finished my second knife... a birthday present for my son's 30th, and realised I am now addicted lol

    • Justin Timefortea
      Justin Timefortea 7 days ago

      @Simple Little Life ... Pictures are on their way to you my friend 👍👍😎

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 7 days ago

      Thank you. I like to old version of TheXvid before “TheXvid celebrities”. It’s hard to get to all the comments but I really enjoy the conversation and community that can come from having a TheXvid channel. I feel very lucky to have it. If you’re not talking with the people who watch your videos why did you make a video in the first place? I appreciate your comment and would love to see pictures of your knives. Cheers 👍

    • Justin Timefortea
      Justin Timefortea 8 days ago

      @Simple Little Life wow... Didn't expect a reply! That is Class... Respect! 👍

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 8 days ago

      Right on! I’ll bet he’s going to love it! Once you get that feeling of making your first and second knife, look out!! Cheers 👍

  • LBenn302
    LBenn302 8 days ago

    Super weird story how I got mine. My crazy ex girlfriend bought it for me even after we broke up. I won’t get too into detail just how nuts she is but she bought it for me for my birthday which is tomorrow and I haven’t seen her since I received the gift. No clue how I’m supposed to thank her for it so wish me luck lol


    2 years... still a good one! Thanks again

  • Norberto Ramirez
    Norberto Ramirez 9 days ago

    Excelente trabajo Simple Little Life... excelente idea, gracias por compartirla...Saludos desde Colombia!!!

  • Entrop Ron
    Entrop Ron 9 days ago

    If you delete the video with ‘the lie’, you also have to delete this one because there will be nothing to correct! On the other hand, a lie is not the same as a misunderstanding and in my believe it was just that!

  • Capt. Bob
    Capt. Bob 9 days ago

    The manufacturer recommends that the wheels go in the opposite direction where the wheels turn up and away from you. Opposite the way you normally would use it for safty reasons. When I bought my wheels it was stressed many times not to Use it in the conversational way. You might check your literature. Thanks I'm going to use mine for the first time today.

  • Mike The Maker
    Mike The Maker 9 days ago

    I love tacos


    Simple little knife

  • Al xxx
    Al xxx 9 days ago

    Etch your name or logo on knife.

  • Сергей Жуков

    Нож должен быть кованный, а это просто балавство !

  • Dane Hansen
    Dane Hansen 9 days ago

    So relaxing to see a master of their craft. Sharpest knives on yt!

  • Khánh Nguyễn
    Khánh Nguyễn 9 days ago

    Nhìn mê quá

  • neilyeag
    neilyeag 9 days ago

    What do you use for layout on really dark woods? Excellent tutorial on the lay out process.

  • son up
    son up 9 days ago

    I use Wicked Edge to set or change my bevel. Use power leather strop wheel to maintain. Great combo.

  • Ac 719
    Ac 719 10 days ago

    Very nice work my friend

  • Eddie King
    Eddie King 10 days ago

    Lighter than my wallet come Monday😉👍

  • valvuy
    valvuy 10 days ago

    8:00 *Precision tools !!!*

  • Holy Crusades Knights Templar

    Another inexpensive tool that you can add to your blacksmithing setup is to get a small section of railroad track and use it as a flatter for flattening out forged knives, etc. It works really well. I would like to say that I came up with this idea but I saw it somewhere and it's really a cheap, economical way to get the same result without spending over $100 for a cheap flatter from a blacksmithing supplier.

  • Tin Tin71
    Tin Tin71 10 days ago

    Leave the video up. Best sharpening video ever.

  • Ananya Chakravarti
    Ananya Chakravarti 10 days ago

    Can I get a template.

  • Marin Capital
    Marin Capital 10 days ago


  • A Woodworker's Life
    A Woodworker's Life 10 days ago

    So for a price comparison, I roast my own and I have worked out that I save around $2,300 / year by roasting and blending for myself.

    • A Woodworker's Life
      A Woodworker's Life 10 days ago

      Simple Little Life That is the best payoff of all!

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 10 days ago

      That’s crazy! Nice work! And the fresh roasted flavour....hmmm hmmm hmmm ☕️👌

  • xXVintersorgXx
    xXVintersorgXx 10 days ago

    How well does it cut meat and bones though

  • Mickey & Melissa Ison

    Great job, great video.

  • SlashtaCross
    SlashtaCross 11 days ago

    How much for you to make me one!?

  • john fitzgerald
    john fitzgerald 11 days ago

    nice - might be good to have in the workshop too

    • Simple Little Life
      Simple Little Life 10 days ago

      Thanks. I was wondering about that too. I think if you wipe the metal dust that would build up on it off it would work fairly well 👍

  • Süleyman Poyraz
    Süleyman Poyraz 11 days ago

    Very nice