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  • Cisium
    Cisium 4 minutes ago

    In the States, "gazeboed" actually is a euphenism forr drunkenness.

  • Gail Green
    Gail Green 55 minutes ago

    Michael is So incredibly agile it a delight to watch him as he tells his stories and his face is fabulously mobile.

  • Joyce Qiu
    Joyce Qiu Hour ago

    As an american, people actually jump or go under the ropes.

  • Fiona-Hermione Tsangarides

    You can't do send to all on mobiles now days or ever

  • Ria Ford
    Ria Ford 2 hours ago

    How much more positive would the world be if we all just skipped to work 😂

  • brucedickinson12
    brucedickinson12 2 hours ago


  • jon west
    jon west 3 hours ago


  • Norman Mazlin
    Norman Mazlin 3 hours ago

    You really shouldn't improvise with other people's digits.

  • MrSausagess
    MrSausagess 3 hours ago


  • Ac gaming 999
    Ac gaming 999 3 hours ago

    Love how he walks rapidly across the stage all the time 😂

  • Gelbs
    Gelbs 3 hours ago

    Fat unfunny cunt

  • Lauren McC
    Lauren McC 3 hours ago

    0:31 listen to that with earphones all the way up

  • Janae Clarice
    Janae Clarice 4 hours ago

    Gino may complain a lot but he’s so game for anything. I’m always impressed by him! He even won “I’m a Celebrity”!

  • newgeorge
    newgeorge 4 hours ago

    seen this about four times before and it still sets me off.

  • Darren Petchey
    Darren Petchey 4 hours ago

    If my grandad had a pillow he would have been a bed

  • Shaikul !
    Shaikul ! 5 hours ago


  • Shaikul !
    Shaikul ! 5 hours ago


  • TRAP 101
    TRAP 101 5 hours ago

    There's only 3 comedians I binge watch. Key, Peele and Michael

  • My Favorite Granddaughter

    I missed the "Short Joke." Enjoyed the set but it said "short jokes."

  • John Norris
    John Norris 5 hours ago

    Going to have to find another Supermarket now, wouldn't want to be seen at the same one as Mrs. Michael Mcintyre.

  • Ollie Moss
    Ollie Moss 6 hours ago

    Im thr second one, and the only time ive been stung is when a wafter batted a wasp directly at me 😂

  • fitz1tj
    fitz1tj 8 hours ago

    I watched the first couple jokes and neither was about short people.

  • Courtney Cale-Hurt
    Courtney Cale-Hurt 11 hours ago

    Couldn’t stop laughing! So funny

  • Karolina Kovac
    Karolina Kovac 13 hours ago

    What an awesome man is Gino.. 😂😂😂😂👍👍

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior 13 hours ago

    The reason people walk to seats and then go to the buffet is to make sure they’ve got their seats

  • Zina Stanescu
    Zina Stanescu 13 hours ago

    It is very true about bed sheets it is very tight😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zina Stanescu
    Zina Stanescu 14 hours ago


  • SaraFara
    SaraFara 14 hours ago

    I was dying after the first 30 seconds LOL

  • Mark Hackett
    Mark Hackett 14 hours ago

    7:50, but if you wanted the time from a watch, why not bring one with you?

  • Zina Stanescu
    Zina Stanescu 14 hours ago

    I actually i told her to repeat because did find an pen in the end .that is true.🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Eduard Brichuk
    Eduard Brichuk 15 hours ago

    3:58 Hilarious hahaha!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Paul D
    Paul D 15 hours ago

    If i dont have a pen...i say i dont have a pen. I used to work in a call centre...whenever i asked “do you have a pen ready” - 90% would say they need to get one...most people have them by the phone or have a place in the home where they have pen(s) and paper...it’s a small minority that are always unprepared :-(

  • Nicole Jarman
    Nicole Jarman 16 hours ago

    Yawning is because you are low on oxygen. I theorise that it's a survival instinct, someone else is low, I need to get my fix.

  • Mistress of weirdness 84

    The campiest straight man ever to walk the earth 😂 Michael rules ❤️👑😁

  • einat1622
    einat1622 21 hour ago

    8:45 🤣 why I always preferred digital Casio as a kid/teen.

  • TheBronteSisters
    TheBronteSisters 22 hours ago

    I yawned from just him talking about yawning hahaha

    • Penny Greening
      Penny Greening 5 hours ago

      Was reading comments during vid therefore forewarned, nonetheless started to yawn as he began that joke

  • B T
    B T 22 hours ago

    I find review requests (and writing) outrageous. You did your part by paying for service. You are not a paid sales person or the company's PR officer. Both the company and reviewer should know their place. Wtf?!

  • Kayla M
    Kayla M 23 hours ago

    4:55 my mom can’t see it😂 if they changed the E to something else, she wouldn’t know what it is

  • Lucie Jones
    Lucie Jones 23 hours ago

    Just moved into university dorms today, first time living away from home and was honestly just up at 1:30am still to have a bit of a cry, then this comes up in my youtube feed and now im cheered up 😁

  • pmailkeey
    pmailkeey Day ago

    Would someone mind explaining why people find him funny ? Maybe so many people are just totally thick. Maybe I just need proper jokes rather than bland observations of behaviour accompanied by a stage act. Dave Allen was funny. RIP Dave. Giving this up 3 minutes in.

    • pmailkeey
      pmailkeey 4 hours ago

      @Penny Greening He's been doing that for years.

    • pmailkeey
      pmailkeey 4 hours ago

      @☀️ Sunny Days ☀️ It's far more likely you're wrong !

    • Penny Greening
      Penny Greening 5 hours ago

      Here's a joke for you pmailkeey: Man walks into a bar. Ouch.

    • ☀️ Sunny Days ☀️
      ☀️ Sunny Days ☀️ 18 hours ago

      pmailkeey Humour is actually a sign of intelligence. Maybe YOU are just totally thick.

  • Leanne Blake
    Leanne Blake Day ago

    M.M's Australian accent is fabulous. : ) " We are 13 hrs ahead " Classic. One of my Favourites.

  • The Cosmos
    The Cosmos Day ago

    That is a huge audience wtf

  • Zina Stanescu
    Zina Stanescu Day ago

    I hate when people jump up before the open doors and take them bags, sometimes you get a bag in your head and still not go out.

  • Abbie Parry
    Abbie Parry Day ago

    Me and my dad where driving to a campsite once and we had 4 tractors in front of us. Being in the car with him then was hilarious 😂

  • Bertie Blue
    Bertie Blue Day ago

    I want to I really do but I just cannot understand why this stuff is funny

  • Daisy Norman 123

    Genius 😂😂😂❤️

  • feirouze foufa

    I really needed this break 😂🤣🤣🤣 thanks man 👍

  • Geo Leech
    Geo Leech Day ago

    A video of Michael McIntyres best short jokes should last for less than 2 seconds.

  • Sian Wickenden

    Who wanted attention laughing like that near the end -_-

  • Kit Z
    Kit Z Day ago

    wait. didn't dan howell get his head stuck in the train doors....

  • Simon Mitchell

    I love mm

  • Melany Todd
    Melany Todd Day ago

    Ah, Michael...❣. I live in Johannesburg❣. 🙃

  • Passionate Picker

    I'm dying. This man is hysterical. Free life without kids, pause while zipping up lmao

  • Francis Moran
    Francis Moran Day ago

    What a world. What a loser generation. Pay hard earned money to sit in the dark with your fat, cheap, ugly, horny whore to listen to this ugly, talentless Brit or whatever he may be spew his filth because he has no grasp of his mother tongue and you yourself are a mental midget. When are Brits going to learn to open their mouths?

  • Lucy Sanders
    Lucy Sanders Day ago

    I actually was yawning during that joke

  • See Chun Chong

    Man 1: Excuse me, Sir, can you tell me what time it is now? Man 2: No, I cannot.... Man 1: But you have a watch, don't you? Man 2: Yes, I have a watch...but the time on the damn watch keep changing...

  • Marco Tonta
    Marco Tonta Day ago

    You are a moron if you think the plane won't leave without you ...the has a schedule to respect and they have to free space for other planes coming to land ....

  • Tatsujiro Kurogane

    Michael MIntyre's best jokes........the shortest comedy compilation in history

  • selina04089
    selina04089 Day ago

    Before clicking did anyone else think this video was about short people? No just me?

  • Megan Dakers
    Megan Dakers Day ago

    I’m going to Johannesburg in a few months and can relate to the panic 😂

    • Maraiha
      Maraiha Day ago

      😅 well I grew up there (now in Cape Town lol) Joburg has its good and bad areas but just be careful everywhere. In general best tips I got is locks, gates and burglerbars are your friends so keep them locked at all times (although if someone wants to get in they will even if you think it is impossible), public transport and walking are a bad idea as travel options so avoid at all costs, travel in groups, keep phones cameras and anything expensive out of sight at all times and keep your eyes and ears open. Last thing is stay as far away from protests as possible and don't leave anything unoccupied, for example a handbag, since it will get stolen. Rather be paranoid and safe than the alternative and enjoy Joburg while you are there

  • αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3

    She’s so adorable XD

  • Stuart Wallace

    Got totally McIntyred last night

  • Infinite Inspiration

    OMG absolutely hilarious!! Skipping!! Lordy him Michael is hysterical! A genius😂😂😂😂😂

  • das kann weg
    das kann weg Day ago

    I‘m so glad I got randomly obsessed with Harry Styles 2 weeks ago, watched all the videos he‘s in and found the 1D interview with Michael McIntire! TheXvid‘s weird, man.

  • Simon Gaines
    Simon Gaines Day ago

    Thanks for the one liners Michael,it means I didn't have to wait minutes for an unfunny punchline.Really how easily pleased do you have to be to find this matrial amusing ?

  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar Day ago

    Done that so many times with the pen, end up trying to gouge the number into anything to hand with sharpest object within reach, which usually isn't sharp at all

  • Audrey McLeod
    Audrey McLeod Day ago

    The tight are me, I'm only 5 foot.

  • Charlotte Thorp

    dude last night i got totaly doodled

  • charls joseph
    charls joseph Day ago

    He got amazing energy on the stage 🙌

  • Bonsai Tree
    Bonsai Tree Day ago

    Marvelous 🌹

  • MrTruth111
    MrTruth111 Day ago

    7:14 mmm x

  • MrTruth111
    MrTruth111 Day ago

    omg even after watching this five times, it is still funny...

  • John Striker
    John Striker Day ago

    9:20 About walking..... really true

  • Wenche Karlskov

    I just found out that he will be in Lillehammer here in Norway in November, and I'll be there💚😂 Michael, how about free tickets for me and my daughter🤔😉😂 Just kidding😜

  • αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3

    Im crying oml

  • Captain Coolz
    Captain Coolz Day ago


  • Scott Horsfall

    My name is Scott Btw I’m Australian

  • Scott Horsfall


  • Daz P
    Daz P Day ago

    Do you need a new editor stop recycling old content do a bit more homework

  • KR!RK
    KR!RK Day ago

    He can make jokes about walking. What a comedy genius.

    • Eva Tarida
      Eva Tarida 5 hours ago

      KR!RK exactly! Genius! Every thing is a comedic material. And he done it nicely. Wow.

  • Scott Horsfall

    4:03 DAT FACE THO

  • Scott Horsfall

    I don’t have a tooth embedded in my arse I died XD XD XD

  • Warren NZ
    Warren NZ Day ago

    I've wondered all my life why skipping seems like such an efficient way to get around (even though I would never do it in public now). 8^)

  • marlyn ely
    marlyn ely Day ago

    Thanks I feel better now.

  • Not the Doctor

    The thing about the tights is always so true 💀💀💀 WHY DO THEY GO UP TO YOUR ELBOWS ?

  • simocreations
    simocreations Day ago

    My missisis phone clock is 15 minutes fast. And says she’s used to it so won’t change it. It’s beyond me I really is!

  • Andrew Johnson

    “iPads are magical” No they’re addictive. Screen addiction in children is a serious issue. You know what else shuts your kids up? Pot. But you don’t give them that. Why foster other addictions for your lie-in?

  • DoubleDeckerAnton

    Michael is such a natural...😂🤣🔝👍

  • Asha Ell
    Asha Ell Day ago

    I skip around my house 😁

  • unknown person

    Yo when I was in high school senior year the period before lunch I was far away from the cafeteria enough where I have to speed walk to get there with a half of a long line. So one day I just said fuck it I'm going to skip to lunch and I got there faster than the people running to lunch.

  • karin jones
    karin jones Day ago

    Kylie can't sing, terrible voice

  • Paul Action
    Paul Action Day ago

    Tape a pen to a lighter.....you will run out of ink and gas before it is lost.

  • RiloTheRathlubian98

    “Fucking pyjamad!” 😆

  • soilgrasswaterair

    Have you ever had someone reach out their arm so you can read the time off their clock and since you didn’t know them at all or well enough you didn’t really dared to look properly, but said still said “thank you” and smiled at them and then walked away still not knowing the time?

  • Rachel Hasson
    Rachel Hasson Day ago

    Anyone else click for jokes about short people? 😅

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin Day ago

    Minimum we expect from a book! 🤣

  • Gregory Mahaits

    we yawn because we need a little boost of oxygen as we have slowed down a tad.Or, because we saw or even merely heard someone yawn. Including your cat...

    • Gregory Mahaits
      Gregory Mahaits 7 hours ago

      Job Kramer . Yes Job. and YOU can get your cat to yawn as well. By yawning. make sure kitty sees you and has eye contact.

    • Job Kramer
      Job Kramer 13 hours ago

      You're kidding.. even a yawning cat can set us off??

  • Simon says
    Simon says Day ago

    What's the time? 3 months past 2.

  • iRobot15O6
    iRobot15O6 Day ago

    How about Martin, Mar tin, Matin, Mardin and Mart in? (That's by name by the way)

  • Wewe Mcrhyne
    Wewe Mcrhyne Day ago

    Good job!