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    MMEEMMEE :v 8 minutes ago

    Roman Riquelme did not appear

  • Eduardo Soares
    Eduardo Soares 9 minutes ago

    Kaka muito rapido

  • mstf-Z waytroz
    mstf-Z waytroz 10 minutes ago

    Özil and bergkamp gives me CHİLLSS

  • Alfredo Moreno
    Alfredo Moreno 14 minutes ago

    The best is when dirty marcelo elbows Messi then he kills real madrid with his lip almost falling off!! epic!!

  • Cannadoen
    Cannadoen 16 minutes ago

    Good video What’s the name of the 2nd song?

  • O boe
    O boe 19 minutes ago

    Scholes at 60 gets into the vid 😂😂😂😂 says something about the player he was (is???😂)

  • TheAbdullah213
    TheAbdullah213 22 minutes ago

    it called Football not soccer

  • Sweet little lies ٰ
    Sweet little lies ٰ 22 minutes ago

    ابي احط تعليق عربي بس 🙃

  • MiGI YT
    MiGI YT 23 minutes ago


  • Mc Fly
    Mc Fly 25 minutes ago

    Dope video, gay music

  • Keko jones Jones
    Keko jones Jones 25 minutes ago

    en qué minuto salió messi? 😲 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Leonid Barrientos Mityakova

    Faltó Cesar Cueto

  • X.sophieX.ameliaX.maddie xx

    I wish women’s football would get noticed 😢

    MOLOY SINHA 34 minutes ago

    songs ??

  • ŇÁŇĎÔBj 2019
    ŇÁŇĎÔBj 2019 38 minutes ago

    No ví el video pero si no está la de Riquelme haciéndole el pase a Palermo contra el Real no le doy like


    Buen video

  • crazy -crazy
    crazy -crazy 41 minute ago

    Blind on van Persie WK 2014?

    • crazy -crazy
      crazy -crazy 34 minutes ago This is the link

  • njldst2007
    njldst2007 43 minutes ago

    Laudrup and Effenberg should have appeared a few times in this

  • ejemplo 77000
    ejemplo 77000 44 minutes ago

    Es una porquería de video, no deja terminar las jugadas y pone efectos en sima de las jugadas, pésima edición.

  • Daniel Ziri
    Daniel Ziri 50 minutes ago

    Messi has more legendary passes, like against real madrid in 2010/11 and suoercopa 2012

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname 52 minutes ago

    The video is over edited. Let the passes speak for themselves.

  • Justin Bela
    Justin Bela 54 minutes ago

    Cool 😊😊😊

  • Heinrich Vreken
    Heinrich Vreken 55 minutes ago

    2 52 best one

  • PlasticWheels
    PlasticWheels 57 minutes ago

    best footballer ever lived

  • Dom Molyare
    Dom Molyare Hour ago

    Roberto Carlos is the best for me always🤘

  • Güven Yurtseven

    The game which these guys play is not football. They live in another game.

  • Jozef
    Jozef Hour ago

    I fucking hate music

  • JaLa
    JaLa Hour ago


  • aldo provenzano
    aldo provenzano Hour ago

    This could be a video with just passes From Messi

  • Kerem Çetin
    Kerem Çetin Hour ago

    What is the first music?

  • Diego Renzi
    Diego Renzi Hour ago

    Todavia no vi el video pero faltan como 10 pases de riquelme


    this guy hates messi... i dare say messi is far better than these number of passes.

  • tu amigo cincero

    No mames vino más gente ala presentación de chicharito que ala de Vinicius

  • Zeeshan Khan
    Zeeshan Khan Hour ago

    You forgot Messi's pass to Iniesta against juventus in 2nd leg of 2016-17 Champions League That was a magical pass how many of y'all remember?

  • Conner Kauffman
    Conner Kauffman Hour ago

    I miss daley blind's pass on van Persie against spain in the wc 2014

  • Zeeshan Khan
    Zeeshan Khan Hour ago

    1:10 Amazing pass, astonishing finish

  • Fares Dz Dz
    Fares Dz Dz Hour ago

    جزائري مر من هنا مكاش انتخابات ههههههههه

  • Yahaira Joya
    Yahaira Joya Hour ago

    Quién vino por terestege

  • trucker287
    trucker287 Hour ago

    Too bitty and stupid music.

  • Daniel Blanco
    Daniel Blanco Hour ago

    A lot of Magic 🎩🔮

  • Nazarene Christian Soldier

    Dislike for unnecessary editing

  • aseem khan
    aseem khan Hour ago

    De bruyne pass to Sane

  • Atwar Hussain
    Atwar Hussain Hour ago

    The video could have done without the special effects

  • WWE
    WWE Hour ago

    WWE SmackDown 19 Nov 2019 Full Show HD | WWE SmackDown 11/19/19 Full Highlights This Week

  • CêTaDoido_ Doido?

    Um absurdo não ter do Aloísio Chulapa na final do mundial de 2005 contra Liverpool que resultou em gol e atual do Iniesta no time do Japão 🇯🇵 restante perfeito

  • luchito escoba
    luchito escoba Hour ago

    Y el del coto Sierra contra Inglaterra????

    EDITH GUZMAN 2 hours ago

    Alguien le ha visto un pase legendario al empujabalones? 😂 😂 😂 Siuuuuu siuuuuu 😂 😂

  • Milesyehyeh
    Milesyehyeh 2 hours ago

    Some of these passes shouldnt be allowed on the internet

  • MasterOfMartyrs
    MasterOfMartyrs 2 hours ago

    Shows how good ozil really is.. pass after pass, shame most of the time they can't put them away.

  • Kevin Suaz
    Kevin Suaz 2 hours ago

    Like]Messi. Comenta]CR7. ⬇

  • Tomi C
    Tomi C 2 hours ago

    Bergkamp assist vs. Chelsea, 2004 Stamford Bridge goal is badly missing from this great video

  • Tommy TwoTimes
    Tommy TwoTimes 2 hours ago

    Gerrard long balls?

  • Arsenal FC
    Arsenal FC 2 hours ago


  • Gibby Requires coochie

    Goal scorers who don’t immediately praise assists (that are beautiful) annoy me

  • Andrés Mateo Buitrago

    Faltaron de James Rodríguez, uno de ellos el pase a Cuadrado en el partido de Colombia vs Polonia (Mundial 2018)

  • Kevin Pereira
    Kevin Pereira 2 hours ago

    Nombre de la cancion? Name the music?

  • La Casa De los Metales

    you missed the two volleys of Pity Martinez to Boca Juniors

  • Yeison Riera
    Yeison Riera 2 hours ago

    estuvo muy bueno... solo que le faltó poner los pases de Iniesta y Xavi

  • Billeholm
    Billeholm 3 hours ago

    German World Cup winning player and coach Franz Beckenbauer summed him up best: “Pele was the best in the ‘60s, Cruyff in the ‘70s, Maradona in the ‘80s and Laudrup in the ‘90s.”

  • Salil Bhargava
    Salil Bhargava 3 hours ago

    Beckham the lengend of football

  • Benglap TV
    Benglap TV 3 hours ago

    Bantu subscribe kaka :)

  • Benglap TV
    Benglap TV 3 hours ago

  • Flo __
    Flo __ 3 hours ago


  • Luiguie diego Mendoza barrera

    8:19 para el mejor

  • Nelson Viana
    Nelson Viana 3 hours ago

    Ai era crack

  • Gök Türk
    Gök Türk 3 hours ago

    Messi effect

  • Billeholm
    Billeholm 3 hours ago

    Legends are of time....I can give you an hour video with this amount of class from one player alone...Michael Laudrup.

  • Sebastian Aros
    Sebastian Aros 3 hours ago

    El pase a van Persie mundial Brasil 2014 Holanda vs españa

  • Medo
    Medo 3 hours ago

    Legendary passes From Legendary Player

  • Marcelo Strange
    Marcelo Strange 3 hours ago

    mas mas mas mas mas maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

  • Kennedy Diaz
    Kennedy Diaz 3 hours ago

    Devemos agradecer ao número 3 da Venezuela por não ter atrapalhado a grande pintura do bruxo. Obg

  • Amar Achi
    Amar Achi 3 hours ago

    Why you do not put Arabic and African Dribles?

  • Joydeb Das Biswas
    Joydeb Das Biswas 3 hours ago

    Really real madrid galacticos were god in passing

  • Raul Hasselbank
    Raul Hasselbank 3 hours ago

    Top! Muito foda!

  • Bernat Pascual
    Bernat Pascual 3 hours ago

    Whoever did this video is obviously not a Barça fan, that's all. But some really good ones in there....

  • Future Legend
    Future Legend 4 hours ago

    6:00 that wasn't the original commentary

  • Zdzisiek Woźnicki
    Zdzisiek Woźnicki 4 hours ago

    WOW AMAZING! 9:16 HE LOST A BALL. Amazing pass

  • Ganjamarco85
    Ganjamarco85 4 hours ago

    Where is TOTTI !!!!! Only 1 pass ???

  • Future Legend
    Future Legend 4 hours ago

    Ronaldos passing is so underrated

  • Rishabh Saraswat
    Rishabh Saraswat 4 hours ago

    Guti is soooooo under rated

  • Abhro Dhar
    Abhro Dhar 4 hours ago

    0:39 - OMG! Look at that spin & the ball skidding perfectly! R10 was a true genius!!

  • I make Ps
    I make Ps 4 hours ago

    The attackers vs defenders

  • david hidalgo santana

    k verga monton de brasileros

  • Jesse Nathanael Selvanayagam

    3.55 brilliant

  • nick Wilson
    nick Wilson 4 hours ago


  • Jesse Nathanael Selvanayagam

    Marcelo..beautiful passing..

  • Jesse Nathanael Selvanayagam

    Rooney wat a pass to rvp..sensational

  • Adam Nagy
    Adam Nagy 4 hours ago

    9:16 How is that a legendary pass?

    S.C.PERFORMANCE 4 hours ago

    Geez, why do the best videos have the gayest music.

  • Peterausmwald 1980
    Peterausmwald 1980 4 hours ago


    MONSTER TRUCK R.I.P 4 hours ago

    Team work is better than individual play that is what messi always say. MESSI I the most humble player when he retires football will end. Football will have less viewers

  • Nikhil Jain
    Nikhil Jain 4 hours ago

    Beckham long balls were a piece of work !

  • Ari Julio Gabriel Agollo Rosas

    no ga y music plz

  • Lonely Twinky
    Lonely Twinky 4 hours ago

    Messi must really keep some rented room in Ronaldo's head lol

  • officialhsn
    officialhsn 4 hours ago

    My eyes hurt with this over edited video. Can’t even enjoy a single pass without effect

  • Carlos Andres Perez Parada

    Like sie eres de bolivia y viste la bandera

  • Antonio Marcelo
    Antonio Marcelo 5 hours ago

    Neymar é um bosta