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HOT FUZZ - "Judge Judy" Clip
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  • Tanya Gopie
    Tanya Gopie 6 minutes ago

    Can’t wait!!!!!

  • Stanley Sylvain
    Stanley Sylvain 12 minutes ago

    Looks good. I’m so in.

  • Erin Zoltanski
    Erin Zoltanski 53 minutes ago

    I am very excited about this movie.

  • Rykiro
    Rykiro Hour ago

    Here we go again, another “make the white man feel bad movie”. Who abolished slavery? Oh yeah..Abraham Lincoln...A WHITE MAN!!!

  • ShaySuper BlackBeauty

    The Black Moses

  • Slev
    Slev 2 hours ago

    omg this annoying shitty music in the background....

  • King Rooks
    King Rooks 2 hours ago

    Def a must see 👀

  • Pigmiwarrior Entertainment

    Great stuff! I can't believe The Winchester is gone, sad times. So many great films shot on the streets of London I imagine this video could've lasted hours. I still haven't gotten around to seeing Darkest Hour or Atonement unfortunately but I really enjoyed Phantom Thread. Was that the same church from Lydia's wedding in the BBC Pride & Prejudice?

  • kellie corner
    kellie corner 3 hours ago

    One of my favorite women in history. Glad to hear theres a movie about her. A woman not afraid to take risks in order to save so many slaves.

  • Tyra Renae
    Tyra Renae 3 hours ago

    This movie will be epic ! Cant wait to see it!

  • M. S
    M. S 3 hours ago

    Das Beste was Großbritannien je erschaffen hat !!

  • Xun Ma
    Xun Ma 6 hours ago

    now i wanna rewatch Phantom Thread.

  • Xun Ma
    Xun Ma 6 hours ago

    Alicia Malone is amazing!

  • Jukiwi Espinosa
    Jukiwi Espinosa 7 hours ago

    cynthia erivo is one of the most remarkable talents around. i’m so excited to see what she does with this role.

  • T M
    T M 7 hours ago

    So excited!!! 💖💖💖💖

  • Linda Poole
    Linda Poole 7 hours ago

    I saw the movie last night at a local theater , and I really enjoyed it. I was worried I would not be able to follow the movie because I didn't watch much of the series on television, But the story line was great, the actors were so good. It was well worth the time, and I saw it for a super Tuesday discount price at the theater.

  • Wm.
    Wm. 8 hours ago

    The reason this movie was never made before is because the way this is being portrayed never happened. Back when United States history was still taught and taught truthfully, the story of Harriet Tubman was taught and she was a true inspiration for children. Why the LIARS in Hollywood have to try and rewrite history is beyond me. Truth is that she was a hero but she was NEVER an action hero. She probably never touched a firearm here entire life and she definitely didn't openly venture into the Southern States again after escaping slavery.

  • Jarquez Nichols
    Jarquez Nichols 8 hours ago

    Finally have a movie about us blacks been though and what our creation is all about I can’t wait too see this movie she open up alot of doors for us black Americans and we thank HARRIET for that

  • David Behsman
    David Behsman 8 hours ago

    This looks good. I like seeing movies about famous Republicans.

  • Digital Duece
    Digital Duece 9 hours ago

    NOMORE SLAVE MOVIES‼️ why do they keep bashing our horrific past in our face

  • Tough Flowers
    Tough Flowers 9 hours ago

    Anyone know the name of that song and singer? Sounds like Beyonce.

  • TheDoctorwho747
    TheDoctorwho747 9 hours ago

    Omg this looks amazing! I can't believe their hasn't been a movie about this amazing badass women yet, at least not one that I know of. The only time I've ever seen her depicted on screen was in the second season of the short loved series Underground, check it out it's great. I remember learning about her in school and her story having a profound effect on me I for one cant wait to see this

  • Jerry Gossett jr.
    Jerry Gossett jr. 9 hours ago

    Lol. Guys its been over for a long time. Let it go

  • Jerry Gossett jr.
    Jerry Gossett jr. 9 hours ago

    Just another day of racists entitled black people trying to rub it in our white faces

  • Jerry Gossett jr.
    Jerry Gossett jr. 9 hours ago

    Its just a phase itll pass like every other trend

  • Carla Brown
    Carla Brown 10 hours ago

    I am tried of these slave movies make a movie on the history of African kingdoms before the slave trade.

  • Gernald
    Gernald 10 hours ago

    FINALLY she deserved a good film long before this!!!!

  • Allen Penn
    Allen Penn 10 hours ago

    Just thinking about watching this movie Bring tears of joy to my eyes

  • LaMont Melrose
    LaMont Melrose 11 hours ago

    Awwwww Hell Yeah!!! From Exodus to America...LET F R E E D O M RING!!!

  • jay thosonmp
    jay thosonmp 11 hours ago

    its like return of the living dead if it was god awful it seems

  • Marie Loves
    Marie Loves 11 hours ago

    I love it ❤️

  • Kell Brigan
    Kell Brigan 11 hours ago

    This series has always struck me as sloppy seconds of Upstairs/Downstairs. After seeing an American CURTSEY to somebody else's queen, I now think of it as evil on purpose. It always stank of lefty social programming, and they've just turned up the BS.

  • Katrenia Stephens
    Katrenia Stephens 12 hours ago

    Thank you Ancestor Tubman for freeing our people!

  • Katrenia Stephens
    Katrenia Stephens 12 hours ago

    Ase to this Great Ancestor!!!

  • Eric Hodge
    Eric Hodge 12 hours ago


  • Juvu Lol467
    Juvu Lol467 12 hours ago

    I’m a weirdo but I want to see how the slaves hair smell back than 🧐😕 I’m weird :/

  • Gee
    Gee 14 hours ago

    Yessss cnt wait to see this. It just sad our brothers nd sisters risk their life for this world we live in. We killing eachother i kno they are Rollin in their graves

  • SmolShyKitsune meep meep

    Dudes one of the history teachers at my school is in this holy frick 1:34

  • Nicola Marsh
    Nicola Marsh 14 hours ago

    Wonderful movie!

  • Lawrence Andrews jr.
    Lawrence Andrews jr. 15 hours ago


    LEIGH JOHNSON 15 hours ago

    Ummm they should have got someone else to play her. She has made bad remarks about African Americans (as if sh was better). She can sing is good. But she is NOT the one until she has several seats and understands what African Americans have gone through

  • Lode Star
    Lode Star 15 hours ago

    I was about to see the movie until I saw that the only couple kissing were men.

  • The Coddiwompler
    The Coddiwompler 15 hours ago

    This is really cool! London is such a beautiful city to film in. Thanks for sharing!

  • I'm Bored
    I'm Bored 15 hours ago

    Fuck fuck I NEED to watch this.

  • Senziecookie
    Senziecookie 15 hours ago

    finally!! 😭😭

  • Talia Loew
    Talia Loew 15 hours ago

    Chills rolled down my spine 🙏🏾i cant wait for this miracle of a movie to come out.

  • Bernadette Tamondong
    Bernadette Tamondong 15 hours ago

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned Leslie Odom Jr., and that nobody has made any Hamilton references.

  • Be More Hamilton
    Be More Hamilton 16 hours ago

    Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr sir?

  • elisa dsouza
    elisa dsouza 17 hours ago

    Ngl I wish our history teacher can take us to this movie it look rlly good and interesting

  • Jeana Albert
    Jeana Albert 18 hours ago

    This looks like a MUST SEE movie for me! Just the trailer made me cry! Why for the life of me there are over 1k thumbs down on this I will never understand unless you all are a bunch of bigots! Be gone with you!

  • Dontea'u Jae'El
    Dontea'u Jae'El 18 hours ago

    I am here for this movie

  • M Soda
    M Soda 18 hours ago

    We all know who the thumbs downs are coming from.

  • Shane Foster
    Shane Foster 18 hours ago

    Not my Harriet

  • Maceo Leon Thomas
    Maceo Leon Thomas 19 hours ago

    Powerful Trailer! "The Great Harriet Tubman" was an awesome Ancestor! I am extremely elated about this movie! Because she deserves to have a her story told for the whole world to see! She did so much for our people! She dedicated her entire life to the liberation of our people! Cynthia Erivo, you are magnificent! They could not have chosen a better actress to portray "The Great Harriet Tubman!" I can't wait to see this movie!

  • Amazing Gracie
    Amazing Gracie 19 hours ago

    Black women had and still have to do everythang.

  • Cedric Shepherd
    Cedric Shepherd 19 hours ago

    Moses told pharaohs magicians to perform thier magic first & GOD'S staff swallowed up the falsehood they displayed to the people. Make a movie of why the people were enslaved again & again & again so they don't keep making the same mistake of believing only in what they see; not what IS!

  • Epkurnis /Sheoway
    Epkurnis /Sheoway 19 hours ago

    Absolute chills came here from an ad cuz I thought it looked neat. I hope the movie is as good as this trailer cuz I'm hyped and really want this to be good

  • Loel Kito
    Loel Kito 19 hours ago

    La expiación fue bueno.

  • Elizabeth Anne
    Elizabeth Anne 20 hours ago

    Harriet Tubman was a beautiful, strong, determined person. If ever anyone ever gets the chance to go to Auburn NY please visit her homestead and learn about everything this woman, this ultimate patriot and pioneer, did for slaves and this country. I cannot wait to see this. Finally a good movie. 😭🙌🏻❤️✊

  • L J D
    L J D 20 hours ago

    I hope they feature her holding slaves at gunpoint to force them to escape. Would that be some sort of weird involuntary freedom?

  • Ivan Yordanov
    Ivan Yordanov 21 hour ago

    Worst movie ever lol. I watched it. I feel like they spent like 10k$ to make it. Jesus. So bad.

  • Rico Michael Jackson

    What a way to screw up history insted of telling the truth. That's why kids today don't know shyt

  • Katelyn Marie
    Katelyn Marie 21 hour ago

    no women ever made history by following the rules.

  • Ifini Sheppard
    Ifini Sheppard 22 hours ago

    It's about time!! This trailer brought tears to my eyes... Can't wait to see this movie!!

  • Kwaku 11
    Kwaku 11 22 hours ago

    Black Panther: The 1800s version And when will they put her on the $20 Bill?

  • The Jam and Berries
    The Jam and Berries 22 hours ago

    November can't come fast enough

  • inspiration
    inspiration 22 hours ago

    I feel this movie all the way 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • OOF X
    OOF X Day ago


  • Grum Pee
    Grum Pee Day ago

    Another slave movie?

    • Grum Pee
      Grum Pee 22 hours ago

      Dignified Black Man eye c.

    • Dignified Black Man
      Dignified Black Man 22 hours ago

      @Grum Pee We have plenty of films on them as well.

    • Grum Pee
      Grum Pee 22 hours ago

      There were also scientists, engineers, authors, mathematicians, explorers, agriculturalists etc. that were pivotal to the history of the US.

    • Dignified Black Man
      Dignified Black Man 23 hours ago

      Yep in case you forgot we were slaves for 300+ years in this country

  • falling Angel
    falling Angel Day ago

    2019 people still about this slave crap shits been over with for years now geezzzz

    • Shawn D
      Shawn D 21 hour ago

      falling Angel it’s 2019 and white people still worrying about what other races doing?

  • Truth Wisdom Knowledge 1994

    When are they going to make The Haitain Revolution ? Gulleh Wars ? Seminole wars ? John Brown ? Over 100 different revolts (These revolts are what ended slavery). Stop giving us these damn slave movies to divide the people and keep us at a lower frequency if you arent going to show the victories we won through battle. The powers that be are such cowards the shit isnt even funny. This movie going to be so watered and dumbed down and sadly you people wont realize it. A bunch of Plants and Zombies

    • Dignified Black Man
      Dignified Black Man 22 hours ago

      There are plenty of films on the revolts Check out Tula The Revolt, A House Divided (Denmark Vesey film) and Toussaint Louverture IDK why ppl despise the truth we were slaves for 300 years why get upset when those ppl stories are told if you don't want to watch or know keep it moving

  • woop123457
    woop123457 Day ago

    Anyone remember Harriet Tubman’s Thimble?

  • SuperLetout
    SuperLetout Day ago

    This movie can cure insomnia! I wonder how this great cast agreed to play in this stupid movie

  • Brando Diaz
    Brando Diaz Day ago

    Let’s support this movie more than black panther

  • Brando Diaz
    Brando Diaz Day ago

    This is a must see

  • Renuga Devi
    Renuga Devi Day ago

    Mark ruffalo fans hit like . robert downey jr fans comment

  • Sasori of the Red Sand

    I'm 31 years old now .. yes I'm going to watch it again 😍

  •  Day ago

    The man of the century No Doubt!

  • TheLWebb100
    TheLWebb100 Day ago

    Tired of slave movies, if liberals want to cater to me than make laws that punish cops who shoot unarmed blacks!

    • Truth Wisdom Knowledge 1994
      Truth Wisdom Knowledge 1994 Day ago

      Facts. Or show the movies with succesful revolts. The gullah wars, Haitain Revolution, Seminole wars. These people at the top are some sick fucks

  • Aero Melena
    Aero Melena Day ago

    Pardon me are you Arron But, sir? Sorry I had to

    CDABLUE Day ago

    Slave movies, the only kinds of movies hollywood wants to send to the Oscars every year

  • Eddy Sealy
    Eddy Sealy Day ago

    If only every black person had Harriet's mind set we would have never experienced slavery.

  • falling Angel
    falling Angel Day ago

    Here we go another slave movie 🤦

  • Roberto Lerma
    Roberto Lerma Day ago

    What’s the song??? I’ve been looking for it

  • 5Mariner
    5Mariner Day ago

    For an actress who hasn't been in many movies, Shira Haas really did a great job.

  • dilc
    dilc Day ago


  • Bluecoat Patriot

    Hasn't this movie been made several times already? They are all the same; they all look alike.........WTF....

  • Alexand alexander

    Saw the trailer and it looks like a suckish movie but I can guarantee you you'd love it from start to end full of suspense n leaves u wanting more

  • Chart Chan
    Chart Chan Day ago

    I have been trying to find the song playing in the trailer, even Shazam hasn't identified the song yet. It's a powerful song that hits your feelings. I wish they would release the song already so we can listen to it entirely <3

  • Ahmed Mbaku
    Ahmed Mbaku Day ago

    ADOS here and fuck Cynthia and her anti black American comments that's not what Harriet T fought 4 so love my hero's but fuck these infiltrators

  • Normal Kehinde

    *takes out guns* Harriet: Ready? *takes a whole army of guns* Me: LMAFO DEY BOUT TO GET REKT HARD ASF

  • T J
    T J Day ago

    Damn! Powerful! It's about time! Can't wait to see it.

  • Ungrateful Ninja

    A real American shero!

  • Mathunkis
    Mathunkis Day ago

    For some reason I just remembered this movie today

  • ComicICONS Gaming

    Greatest hero of all time!! 💪💪💕💕.

  • Nitin Kataria
    Nitin Kataria Day ago

    Tax free in porkistan.....

  • Claudia mariani

    I can’t wait to watch this . Nothing is better than a good film about real history and real heroes . This is going to bring out a lot of emotions

    • Truth Wisdom Knowledge 1994
      Truth Wisdom Knowledge 1994 Day ago

      Sadly there were many more..these people are feeding us bullshit thats been done already. Give us the Haitain Revolution, Gullah Wars, Seminole wars

  • buddy hill
    buddy hill Day ago

    Finally ! I love this lady 💪 yes yes yes

  • A J
    A J Day ago

    She was part of the movement to stop slavery and now they are trying to take us back. We cannot let this happen! Be free or die trying!

  • sivusaraiva
    sivusaraiva Day ago

    I just love this show! And yesterday I finish for the 4 time! Can't wait for the movie! Love from Brazil!!