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    BLUE COFFEE 4 hours ago

    kepa out..I think if he make a good response to that second ball coming, I think there was no goal usual, ball watching again and again.....I'm not disappointed to other player, because we can see the stats.. it proven that chelsea own the game only lack of finishing....not worth for the 60 million keeper...

  • Rabah Taha
    Rabah Taha 4 hours ago

    🤢👎🙄🤔😬 🏃

  • INDOMOG - Master Of Games

    Whats wrong???, Chelsea need Striker???, need AMF???. need new players???. I think Chelsea need lucky.

  • Afrifa kwaku
    Afrifa kwaku 4 hours ago

    The boys are not serious.They fear to shoot or what? What kind of training is Lampard taking them through? So disappointing. Come on Blues. This is not how we play our games.

  • James Blond
    James Blond 4 hours ago


  • opoja5e
    opoja5e 4 hours ago

    I don't like mount and Abraham ... especially mount

  • Gain Chung
    Gain Chung 4 hours ago

    We should’ve won blues and played better so disappointing just like Manchester United, Arsenal and Spurs not good.

  • EliasGamerZ
    EliasGamerZ 4 hours ago

    How we actually could win a match: Score on our chances.

  • ZionThaGoatt
    ZionThaGoatt 4 hours ago

    Take this down!

  • Mauricio Morales
    Mauricio Morales 4 hours ago

    De locales y pocas opciones de goles, equipo mediocre..

  • zee1unknown
    zee1unknown 4 hours ago

    I’m so pissed

  • Affan Hemed
    Affan Hemed 4 hours ago

    Carabao cup in thumbnail?

  • Art2 Norrman
    Art2 Norrman 4 hours ago

    We really screwed this up ourselves

  • Edughaen Success
    Edughaen Success 4 hours ago

    Just like what's happening to us. I don't really understand Chelsea football club anymore well we need to do something.

  • Dea Ariesta
    Dea Ariesta 4 hours ago

    Again??? 🙈🙉🙊

  • AJB
    AJB 4 hours ago


  • That one guy
    That one guy 4 hours ago

    U know what's shameful all these plastic fans, damn it's just a phase we'll return stronger. It's the part of winning

    • Kaneki Ken
      Kaneki Ken 4 hours ago

      When we win they are so happy , chanting and literally doing everything, but when we lose they say lampard out and go to support liverpool or something

    • Kaneki Ken
      Kaneki Ken 4 hours ago

      Yup exactly

  • B.B.J.
    B.B.J. 4 hours ago

    teams like this that play low block and defensive against us cry out for creative player that will make something out of nothing and that will get a minimum of 10+ assists each season. City have: The two silvas, De Bruyne and Mahrez Liverpool: Firminio Tottenham: Eriksen Arsenal: Ozil Leicester: Maddison And we have Mount?? for a big team like Chelsea he just isn't good enough o play that creative role. Hence why we need ZIYECH, he already has 20 assists in all competitions this season. We need a world class CB and also another striker that can challenge and push Tammy. January is make it or break it for Chelsea to get top 4 this season.

  • feri setiawan
    feri setiawan 4 hours ago


  • LIFT AND Cheat
    LIFT AND Cheat 4 hours ago

    We miss fikayo tomori

  • Henry Baabereyir
    Henry Baabereyir 4 hours ago

    Whats happeing to chelsea lampard do something to fix chelsea

  • Xusen cali Maxamuud
    Xusen cali Maxamuud 4 hours ago

    Chelsea football club. The laughing stock club in London

  • Yazan
    Yazan 4 hours ago

    lampard out

  • Ar1yan
    Ar1yan 4 hours ago


  • Hidayat Huday
    Hidayat Huday 4 hours ago

    So sad 😭

  • Jose joe
    Jose joe 4 hours ago

    im starting to feel vulnerable as a chelsea fan

  • Aaryan Chouhan
    Aaryan Chouhan 4 hours ago

    Disappointing but let's try better in our next game, let's go blues🔵

  • BetaMap
    BetaMap 4 hours ago

    Really uploading highlights of this game? Disgraceful

  • Muslim Brown
    Muslim Brown 4 hours ago

    Get rid of lampard

  • Samuel Zanny
    Samuel Zanny 4 hours ago

    Disappointing result today, but we'll bounce back stronger.... Mon Ami 💙

    • atk .17
      atk .17 4 hours ago

      Samuel Zanny we said the same thing about the West Ham loss and look what happened... something needs to change

  • Borun Gogoi
    Borun Gogoi 4 hours ago

    TRAIN THEM to take CORNERS properly plz its so darn frustrating

  • WedgiegoYT
    WedgiegoYT 4 hours ago

    Forget the fact we lost 1-0, why can’t we score at least 3 goals every match!

  • Evan Poole
    Evan Poole 4 hours ago

    No excuses. We were terrible, they were the better side. Onto the next game.

  • Álvaro IBañez Clemente

    Very bad chelsea

  • Tomi888
    Tomi888 4 hours ago


  • N0Sc0p3 Dan
    N0Sc0p3 Dan 4 hours ago

    Depressing moment

  • arief boediyanto
    arief boediyanto 4 hours ago


  • Armin00
    Armin00 4 hours ago

    Delete this.

  • Solomon Bonsu
    Solomon Bonsu 4 hours ago

    I think you’re okay small/struggling teams continues to make fun of us

  • Armin Rose
    Armin Rose 4 hours ago

    embarrassing performance

  • Reece West
    Reece West 4 hours ago


  • TheDeludedBlue
    TheDeludedBlue 4 hours ago

    This was an absolutely embarrassing performance. sarriball 2.0

  • Minikkh Shaaan
    Minikkh Shaaan 4 hours ago

    Hope mount bounces back from this current poor form

  • 5K subs before Christmas

    Who else loves *Chelsea* 👇 Im trying to hit 5K, any help is appreciated

  • DarioX200
    DarioX200 4 hours ago

    i love the chelsea

  • Luke
    Luke 4 hours ago

    Kovacic has to play every game

    • Luke
      Luke 4 hours ago

      @yeldarb ! Yep. Dunno why Lampard brought Jorginho off. We finally had control of the game when all 3 were playing.

    • yeldarb !
      yeldarb ! 4 hours ago

      Agree, Kovacic, Jorginho, Kante need to be the middle 3

  • Zuhaib Iqbal
    Zuhaib Iqbal 4 hours ago

    Y Chelsea why

  • shahadat745
    shahadat745 4 hours ago

    Why would you upload this 🤦‍♂️

  • Andreas
    Andreas 4 hours ago

    This match was hard to watch

  • Khalifa J,vchgjc
    Khalifa J,vchgjc 4 hours ago

    Please use kante like conte used him

    • Khalifa J,vchgjc
      Khalifa J,vchgjc 4 hours ago

      Zuhaib Iqbal kante won player of the season in the conte role but never was as good in the sarri role

    • Zuhaib Iqbal
      Zuhaib Iqbal 4 hours ago

      Khalifa J,vchgjc nah man he’s too good for sitting back 24/7

  • TheRocketKid
    TheRocketKid 4 hours ago

    uhhhh i'm getting annoyed now

  • RasenRendan
    RasenRendan 4 hours ago

    Why do you think we want to relive this?

  • Technoblud
    Technoblud 5 hours ago


  • UraStr
    UraStr 5 hours ago

    btw this reminds me of Liverpool 4 years ago...goodluck Frank...he sounds like smart manager, and also looks like it when his team is one the pitch...

  • Reuben Fernandes
    Reuben Fernandes 6 hours ago

    Both useless as of now pace no final result We need reliable no 10, not moody Willian

  • juma david
    juma david 6 hours ago

    Lampard did mistake of changing willia n unstated of bringing basuuya

  • ya mum
    ya mum 7 hours ago

    I didn't realise he had made 5 saves

  • Afif Mohdfauzi
    Afif Mohdfauzi 7 hours ago

    Am I the only that DOESNT think Lampard is to blame for the 0-1 loss.

  • Wanye Kest
    Wanye Kest 7 hours ago

    Out of all the shots in the men’s training I’m pretty sure only 5 went in 🤣🤣🤣 my god we really are shocking

  • Blake Davis
    Blake Davis 8 hours ago

    Let’s go boys step up your game a bit.

  • Christopher Ucup
    Christopher Ucup 8 hours ago

    Very embarrassing lose at Stamford Bridge

  • Okure Enock
    Okure Enock 8 hours ago

    So they convert free kicks in training

  • Sarthak Chaurasia
    Sarthak Chaurasia 8 hours ago

    Guess what guys you all lost again.

  • Anthony De Freitas
    Anthony De Freitas 8 hours ago

    Another loss and everyones gonna blame Lampard, but the reality is... we need new marquee signings if we want to compete properly again. Strikers - Werner, Tammy, Bats Wingers - Sancho, Pulisic, CHO, Boga CM - Jorginho, kante, RLC, kovacic, mount, Ampadu, Gilmour LB - Emerson, Chilwell, Azpi CB - Romagnoli, Tomori, Rudiger, Zouma, Azpi RB - Reece, Atal, Azpi GK - Kepa, Dubravka Sell - Giroud, Pedro, Willian, Barkley, Alonso, Christensen

  • Jimmy D
    Jimmy D 9 hours ago

    super frank 👑👑

  • Mohd Ayaan
    Mohd Ayaan 9 hours ago

    Do Alonso vs Emerson

  • Aan Panuntun
    Aan Panuntun 9 hours ago

    I always blues but this team make me gone deeper in to the game

  • Ronny Sterling
    Ronny Sterling 9 hours ago

    Looks like the Blues are useless anymore

  • tia wilson
    tia wilson 9 hours ago

    They’re all equally as bad

  • Halim Nangi
    Halim Nangi 9 hours ago

    come on chelsea. where is your enthusiasm and how to play when you rose from defeat when you met ajax amsterdam? (4-4). Come on, Frank Lampard. you can definitely pass this

  • Oscar Kasalile
    Oscar Kasalile 9 hours ago

    If your really blue like here

  • Oleg Chrysanov
    Oleg Chrysanov 9 hours ago

    Lampard out!

  • Advan Chelsis
    Advan Chelsis 9 hours ago

    I LoVE chelsea

  • Isa
    Isa 9 hours ago

    Where is the one where it hit his face ? Oh wait

  • Halim Nangi
    Halim Nangi 9 hours ago

    Chelsea is my idol club. lately the performance of the blues (chelsea) is very disappointing. if you want to stay comfortable in the top four, you have to plan a new strategy. strategy that can break apart your opponent's defense.

  • Siddhart Nongbet
    Siddhart Nongbet 9 hours ago

    We just lost ....

  • TakeYourPills
    TakeYourPills 9 hours ago

    Most overrated goalkeeper I've ever seen

  • young joe
    young joe 9 hours ago

    Poor management f.k

  • Oboro Folusho
    Oboro Folusho 9 hours ago

    Mhen Chelsea better do something good today, they needs to play with a little heart

  • Khaing Nay
    Khaing Nay 9 hours ago

    What the hell is happening, Losing last 4 league game out of five, playing so many passes between two CBs, for what? What is the tatics to break through two defensive line. Tonight was very very disappointed. Watching the game was really like a hell. Come on! Stop passing between two CBs for boring, Wasting time, Try to pass from midfielders to forwards.

  • atk .17
    atk .17 9 hours ago

    Pedro,Mount, giroud and Willian and need to get sold

  • Didier Drogba
    Didier Drogba 9 hours ago

    Lampard should rotate more..... put back Alonso Giroud and Pedro in the starting 11!!

  • MoF
    MoF 9 hours ago

    Not pulishit

  • JE vx
    JE vx 9 hours ago

    Nadeo argawinata vs kepa arizabalaga

  • Meme Nation
    Meme Nation 9 hours ago

    That was a dumb match...dominated but couldn't win sighs....Blues forever

  • Gmmy Dalughu
    Gmmy Dalughu 9 hours ago

    Chelsea kalah terus ganti lampart

  • A R
    A R 9 hours ago

    Rating all 4.0 v bournemouth

  • Hmue Aung
    Hmue Aung 9 hours ago

    Mother guck chelsea 0

    VIWE MBANDE 10 hours ago

    Still waiting for Loftus Cheek

  • Abidine Zino
    Abidine Zino 10 hours ago

    Good maTch 👊

  • Kamar Atas
    Kamar Atas 10 hours ago


  • agung sanjaya
    agung sanjaya 10 hours ago


  • Aditiya bagas
    Aditiya bagas 11 hours ago

    indonesia mana suaranya?

  • Oliver CQ Giroud
    Oliver CQ Giroud 12 hours ago

    Who is watching 2020

  • Jeron Gaskin
    Jeron Gaskin 12 hours ago

    Willian to good with free kicks

  • Lemon Apple
    Lemon Apple 12 hours ago

    Hope we will win against Bournemouth

  • Daniel1Park
    Daniel1Park 12 hours ago


  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 12 hours ago


  • Shaun Dsilva
    Shaun Dsilva 12 hours ago

    4:16 if you have decent knowledge on some Spanish

  • PirateRadioDude
    PirateRadioDude 12 hours ago

    The best free kick taker we have is Frank Lampard