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  • Rounie ralf
    Rounie ralf 5 hours ago

    It was a match that reminded of ballack injury 😌 my favorite ballack miss the world cup because of this match 😔

  • Otavio Silva
    Otavio Silva 5 hours ago

    Arrizabalaga is too slow in defenses.

  • Arjun Mohan
    Arjun Mohan 5 hours ago

    Ballack ☹️

  • Michael Prince
    Michael Prince 5 hours ago

    Who can be like drogba now

  • ifty
    ifty 5 hours ago

    Back when we had a keeper who could actually keep, take me back man

  • Paul B
    Paul B 5 hours ago

    Can't believe the goal against Everton when we won 2-3. Didier took it on his chest and volleyed it pass the keeper from about 30 yards out. A screamer. Look on utube for this clip.

  • Michael Prince
    Michael Prince 5 hours ago

    What a match...

  • I Gede Tias Eka Buana

    Too bad Ballack got injured, and then he failed to go to world cup😅

  • Henri Afari
    Henri Afari 6 hours ago

    Bar, post, crossbar, penalty misses. What a final

  • alinomvo 92
    alinomvo 92 6 hours ago

    Great memories

  • Yusril Xoxo
    Yusril Xoxo 6 hours ago

    Yg rindu kejayaan Chelsea sini kumpul bareng 😫

  • 麻倉葉
    麻倉葉 6 hours ago

    That save from Cech 2:32 !!!!!!

  • jtlampsu2
    jtlampsu2 6 hours ago

    Shock horror, Lampard misses a penalty! Don't think that happened too often?!

  • hasib raiyan
    hasib raiyan 6 hours ago

    Mr Wembley or the man of big occasion

  • Opick CFC1905
    Opick CFC1905 6 hours ago

    chelsea legend 💙

  • Aiyappa MM
    Aiyappa MM 6 hours ago

    Good old days, will we ever see such days again?

  • Peter S H
    Peter S H 6 hours ago

    Do you have to put music on absolutely every video? :) Not everyone enjoys the kind of music that you use. I've sadly stopped watching most of your videos as a result of it.

  • Sean Sutton
    Sean Sutton 6 hours ago

    This was much harder work than it needed to be. Also, what a birthday that turned out to be.

  • I Can’t Think Of A Username

    Didier Drogba and Wembley. Name a more iconic duo.

  • Tom
    Tom 6 hours ago

    Reminds me of the UCL final agaisnt United. Hit the post 3 times. But lost😭

    • William Fazo
      William Fazo 6 hours ago

      Tom so did Bayern atleast it’s even 🔵

    • Matt Lai
      Matt Lai 6 hours ago

      blame anelka

  • Mageto Delton
    Mageto Delton 6 hours ago

    Great cimmentetary ;Chelsea nill, Portsmouth nill, woodwork five🔥😂😂😂

  • Kauan YT
    Kauan YT 6 hours ago

    Oh cheat here go again

  • Chinmay Wagh
    Chinmay Wagh 6 hours ago

    8:44 Cech is surely telling Belleti that " U would not have been standing on the podium, if not for me " 😂😂😂

  • Priyanton
    Priyanton 6 hours ago

    Clas is lagend

  • Muhammad Al-Hafiz
    Muhammad Al-Hafiz 6 hours ago


  • Khalid Duale
    Khalid Duale 6 hours ago

    we missed these legends

  • Chinmay Wagh
    Chinmay Wagh 7 hours ago

    Chelsea - 1 Portsmouth - 0 Woodwork against Chelsea - 6 😂😂

  • Chinmay Wagh
    Chinmay Wagh 7 hours ago

    6:46 why the hell is he sticking his hand out ???😶😶😂😂😂

  • Aubameyang 14
    Aubameyang 14 7 hours ago

    Arsenal will win the Europa league

  • king maanka
    king maanka 7 hours ago

    Blues fun subscribe like

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 7 hours ago

    Portsmouth lambang kereta proton tu HAHAHHAA... ORG MALAYSIA MANE? LIKE AH

  • Chinmay Wagh
    Chinmay Wagh 7 hours ago

    3:14 That just reminded me of Torres's goal against Barca 😂😂

  • Shameema Bhyat
    Shameema Bhyat 7 hours ago

    I’m first not you

  • najma quen
    najma quen 7 hours ago

    ww if u love chelsea like👍😆

  • Kumar M JIL
    Kumar M JIL 7 hours ago


  • Alexander Thompson
    Alexander Thompson 7 hours ago

    Like if we will win the FA Cup again this season

  • Razor Pug
    Razor Pug 7 hours ago

    I say we get didier to be up top for us right now

  • Anas Ali
    Anas Ali 7 hours ago

    Am I the only one who misses Pompey in the Premier League?

    • FT 9
      FT 9 6 hours ago


  • Fernando Sitorus
    Fernando Sitorus 7 hours ago


  • Lewis Hartnett
    Lewis Hartnett 7 hours ago

    Twenty fifth

  • Aneeq Chaudhry
    Aneeq Chaudhry 7 hours ago


    DAZ SOS 7 hours ago

    👑 Didier

  • ma4rz
    ma4rz 7 hours ago


  • David herlihy
    David herlihy 7 hours ago


  • Estação Esportiva
    Estação Esportiva 8 hours ago

    I like Jorginho

  • Unique Media Tv
    Unique Media Tv 8 hours ago

    watch amazing videos here

  • Bishal Saikia
    Bishal Saikia 9 hours ago

    You are great

  • omar faruque
    omar faruque 9 hours ago


  • collin Goldfrey
    collin Goldfrey 9 hours ago

    where was Jorginho when Arsenal break for first goal, why last one was Kante ? is Jorginho scoring regularly headers ?

  • Alleyandra Ruidavilla
    Alleyandra Ruidavilla 10 hours ago

    I love chelsea hope get a tree point for chelsea... 😊

  • Stickler Rapsang
    Stickler Rapsang 10 hours ago

    Chelsea football Club please do visit India for a friendly match ⚽🇮 🇳 🇮🇳

  • matteastwood87
    matteastwood87 10 hours ago

    Drogba is a 94 i think

  • Umar Lele
    Umar Lele 11 hours ago


  • Sam Sharma
    Sam Sharma 11 hours ago

    Sancho at Chelsea

  • Raaxo Muumin
    Raaxo Muumin 11 hours ago


  • Himalay Gogoi
    Himalay Gogoi 12 hours ago

    That was fun.

  • eden kimon
    eden kimon 12 hours ago

    Mustafi makes Phil Jones looks like a legend

  • hello hey
    hello hey 13 hours ago

    Celebrated like Liverpool but they didn't realize they were ranked 10th. Ironic. 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Ashraful Alom
    Ashraful Alom 13 hours ago

    You have the best holding midfielder in the world but you are playing him out of position....

  • Meniru Isaac
    Meniru Isaac 13 hours ago

    Kepa is a mess, we need a new goalie, strong defender's and a new top striker, maybe a winger and an attacking midfielder.....

  • hello hey
    hello hey 13 hours ago

    Martinelli: I want to be the next Macheda. Kante: Ok.

  • Kailal Lhanghal
    Kailal Lhanghal 13 hours ago

    I wish he returns to chelsea

  • Swaroop Kumar
    Swaroop Kumar 13 hours ago

    I am a school level supporter call me for a change

  • Ajmal Km
    Ajmal Km 13 hours ago

    I m Chelseaaa fan India

  • P Singh
    P Singh 14 hours ago

    kante will be a big legend like xavi iniesta zidane 👏👏👏👏

  • Hamza Hassan ibraahin
    Hamza Hassan ibraahin 14 hours ago

    Loftus cheek ⚽️💪

  • Irvan Pratama Putra
    Irvan Pratama Putra 14 hours ago

    seri coy mantep

  • The Shades End
    The Shades End 14 hours ago

    I am 25 year's Chelsea supporter, invite me also.

  • Prasun Roy
    Prasun Roy 14 hours ago

    Chelsea fan from India

  • Tayebwa Julius
    Tayebwa Julius 15 hours ago

    This young boi he's martinel he is amazing

  • Yuliasih Annikma
    Yuliasih Annikma 15 hours ago

    kak kok gak bikin homsale lagi

  • Rikden Lama
    Rikden Lama 16 hours ago

    Humko bhi bulao bhai interview meh....Wanna talk chelsea too

  • José Carlos Eli Hernández Salinas

    Manchester United 20 Premier League 💪💪💪👊

  • Aditya Gaikwad
    Aditya Gaikwad 16 hours ago

    chelsea going big in india or atleast trying to...couldnt be more proud to be a blue

  • Tin Amor
    Tin Amor 16 hours ago

    What a game

    BEHEN COLE 17 hours ago


  • Andika Setiawan
    Andika Setiawan 17 hours ago


  • nitish rampal
    nitish rampal 17 hours ago

    Flop actor giving his expert comments

    • Snappy Ego
      Snappy Ego 16 hours ago

      @Kezetuolie Dziivichii stfu why could you respect someone who comes out of nepotism..

    • nitish rampal
      nitish rampal 16 hours ago

      @Kezetuolie Dziivichii is something wrong with ur grey matter.. Who gives flop movies is a flop actor.. M i abusing him that u talk abt respect.. Where does ur respect go when u say fool

    • Kezetuolie Dziivichii
      Kezetuolie Dziivichii 17 hours ago

      @nitish rampal u have to learn something so called Respect... This man is a fool

    • nitish rampal
      nitish rampal 17 hours ago

      @Kezetuolie Dziivichii who r u.. Probably an immigrant labour who wants to move the States

    D FINAL VILLAGE KING 18 hours ago

    D final .official video .called kisura in my you tube channel

  • BatoZ Crew
    BatoZ Crew 18 hours ago

    Vayan a ver mi temaa

  • Ritvik Shrivastava
    Ritvik Shrivastava 18 hours ago


  • Orang Awam
    Orang Awam 18 hours ago

    Shot on target... Omg... The blues really" need a killer striker like a king drogba

  • Field안
    Field안 18 hours ago


  • Muhammad Rizki
    Muhammad Rizki 18 hours ago


  • Willy123
    Willy123 18 hours ago

    Result aside... Calteck did his ting this game!! Hope the good form continues n he gains more confidence

  • Soham Ghosh
    Soham Ghosh 19 hours ago


  • Cabdi fatah Axmed
    Cabdi fatah Axmed 19 hours ago

    2=2 score is not imposible Chelsea players this game is not active⚽️⚽️🖐✋

  • Rahman Yusuf
    Rahman Yusuf 20 hours ago

    5:20 Luiz and Azpi 😅🤣😂

  • Dadang Rama
    Dadang Rama 21 hour ago

    Laca 😂

  • Tierr Boy Vlogs
    Tierr Boy Vlogs 22 hours ago

    Is it me or didn’t Arsenal and chelsea play 3 times this season 3-2 to 2-1 to 2-2

  • 상하
    상하 22 hours ago


  • Haram Jahanam
    Haram Jahanam 23 hours ago

    KEPA OUT!!!

  • Uoooppp Hope
    Uoooppp Hope 23 hours ago

    Rudiger face vary bad

  • Axel Alan
    Axel Alan Day ago

    Martileni 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Frodo Baggins
    Frodo Baggins Day ago

    I remember when Chelsea fans were like: "KePa Is BeTtEr ThAn AlIsSoN" 😂

    • Frodo Baggins
      Frodo Baggins 10 hours ago

      @Anish Lahiri I agree man I shouldn't be criticizing Kepa in a game/video where there are no mistakes. But still, after they were both purchased back to back, many people made the argument.

    • Anish Lahiri
      Anish Lahiri 21 hour ago

      Frodo Baggins bruh arsenal took two shots and both were solid, especially bellerin’s screamer. You can’t be mad at kepa for letting either of those in. That being said, fair play to leno he did well. Also who’s comparing kepa to allisson? Chelsea fan btw

  • Joe Frost
    Joe Frost Day ago

    Thrilling since 1905, dropping points to a team with ten men and we bang on about it being thrilling.

  • Ferouz masoud
    Ferouz masoud Day ago



    This gabriel martinelli plays a lot, which country is he from?

  • Yese Flores
    Yese Flores Day ago

    Who kepa

  • East L
    East L Day ago

    Im a former spurs fan will u guys allow my conversion to being a chelsea fan😂