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  • B&N fortnite
    B&N fortnite 17 minutes ago

    What hit mopi in the face

  • Adam Greenwood
    Adam Greenwood Hour ago


  • Ryan Young
    Ryan Young Hour ago

    what is that song

  • Lustrals Gaming
    Lustrals Gaming Hour ago

    Bro 2hype lost that because zack he is shit how do you air ball

    CEC HOOPS Hour ago

    All Time Leading Scorer for the Miami Heat... Mopi: Dion Waiters

  • Pilot
    Pilot Hour ago

    Can y’all just play an actual normal game, actual basketball? Y’all got the whole squad cmon g

  • Pilot
    Pilot Hour ago

    Oh brother this guy stinks

  • Official_dukeYT _
    Official_dukeYT _ 2 hours ago

    Every body does a shot: that was amazing! Tjass does a shot: Omg how did he do that

  • nunu tv
    nunu tv 2 hours ago

    You did the dwayne wade part two times

  • Christopher Sarafov
    Christopher Sarafov 2 hours ago

    Zack: "Hey Stance, maybe you can lend me some money so I can buy my guys some cool stuff?" Stance: "Our socks pretty comfy tho"

  • Chris Huppe
    Chris Huppe 2 hours ago


  • Official 3-PEAT
    Official 3-PEAT 2 hours ago

    Mopi: Tom Brady and Lamar Odem. 😂😂

  • Official 3-PEAT
    Official 3-PEAT 2 hours ago

    “Mopi drew male genitalia on his board” 😂😬

  • Official 3-PEAT
    Official 3-PEAT 2 hours ago

    He put Gary Harris instead of Murray

  • Brendan Ortlieb
    Brendan Ortlieb 2 hours ago


  • Declan Knox
    Declan Knox 2 hours ago


  • 316Kam
    316Kam 3 hours ago


  • Noah
    Noah 3 hours ago

    Guess that NBA Player's Number of times on an All-Star team

  • Karin Schreck
    Karin Schreck 3 hours ago

    I had 34 points

  • XehnSZN
    XehnSZN 3 hours ago

    Surprised no sky zone employee got triggered and kicked them out

  • 405 25
    405 25 3 hours ago

    Socks bruh??? S o c k s

  • fallback B
    fallback B 3 hours ago

    I love Zack ❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🙄

  • JustDarlo
    JustDarlo 3 hours ago

    INSERT NAME HERE 3 hours ago

    9:15 they played that part twice😂

  • Lovenson Pierre
    Lovenson Pierre 4 hours ago


  • Kenji Editz
    Kenji Editz 4 hours ago

    Socks my guy

  • Palaash_ Tpark
    Palaash_ Tpark 4 hours ago

    I got 15 points

  • ahsan someone
    ahsan someone 4 hours ago

    2 hype is growing fast

  • Francisco Diaz
    Francisco Diaz 4 hours ago

    Jesser bro drive in

  • Will Butera
    Will Butera 4 hours ago


  • Gas masked
    Gas masked 4 hours ago

    Socks really you can do better than that

  • Soundfreind7096 YT
    Soundfreind7096 YT 4 hours ago

    Glad tjass doing better✊🏼

  • Tall _teen Simmer
    Tall _teen Simmer 4 hours ago

    u should do a 2hype dollgeball fight at skyzone

  • Laarniysabel Gerardo


  • Brandon Perez
    Brandon Perez 4 hours ago

    Who won

  • chronicle beast
    chronicle beast 4 hours ago

    Man Zach loves pg 3s, not gonna blame him tho they my favorite too

  • Megan Isham
    Megan Isham 5 hours ago

    Nice vid

  • leilei
    leilei 5 hours ago

    Flights basketball skills... I’m weak asf

  • HowSway 1
    HowSway 1 5 hours ago

    Upload streak on fleek

  • Keith Davis
    Keith Davis 5 hours ago

    Broke ass nigga said your prize is socks

  • 1vezzy
    1vezzy 5 hours ago

    Y’all should do king of the court here that would be a good video

  • Ibrahim Abdellatif
    Ibrahim Abdellatif 5 hours ago

    I got brooklyn right

  • mussawir bajwa
    mussawir bajwa 5 hours ago

    everyone is going to ignore the random cutouts of volume

  • Tye
    Tye 5 hours ago

    0:00 when you using the water dispenser

  • Tye
    Tye 5 hours ago

    ooh, zack with the consistent uploads. I see you

  • hdurbon32
    hdurbon32 5 hours ago

    What’s up Zach?

  • Joel Landeo-Fernandez

    U said you chose the best shooters but look at jesser kristopher London should’ve been ur Pick

  • kool kid
    kool kid 5 hours ago

    alex english is the greatest nugget

  • Asi & Kassidy
    Asi & Kassidy 6 hours ago

    When they all hit the woah, that was fya 🔥

  • Brady Deschene
    Brady Deschene 6 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice that mopi’s shirt is inside out

  • YWC
    YWC 6 hours ago

    He said youll have flights basketball skills😂

  • EC FameWolf
    EC FameWolf 6 hours ago

    Lmao this jhit gave socks that he got for free, cheap ass

  • SQVDE TONIO back up acc

    Who won

  • Angel Saulsby
    Angel Saulsby 6 hours ago

    I am your biggest fan

  • Official 3-PEAT
    Official 3-PEAT 6 hours ago

    I got 21 not including the double points. I got 23 if we counting doubles

  • Bandit Ned
    Bandit Ned 6 hours ago

    At like 14:20 some kids says shut the fuck up

  • GenesisPlayz YT
    GenesisPlayz YT 7 hours ago

    Yall should’ve let mopi dunk on the small hoop

  • The baseball God 222

    The two heat in a row

  • Ghostkills21
    Ghostkills21 7 hours ago

    Let's go TJass

  • christian Feeley
    christian Feeley 7 hours ago

    Who went to the comments as soon as they saw that mopis shirt was inside out 🔻

  • Damian Elizarraras
    Damian Elizarraras 7 hours ago

    Um glad tjass is ok from his seizure

  • Jarod Tanner
    Jarod Tanner 7 hours ago

    Why is Kris always injured

  • Finesse King
    Finesse King 7 hours ago

    I got 20

  • North Rules
    North Rules 7 hours ago

    Whers the next mycareer plzzzzzzz release

    Kai BATEMAN 7 hours ago

    bro i need these socks, tanner- i need them too, zak laughs

  • Collin Mossberger
    Collin Mossberger 7 hours ago

    Y’all act like some socks are worth a million dollars

  • Ethan Murray
    Ethan Murray 7 hours ago


  • Cammerus Williams
    Cammerus Williams 7 hours ago

    Really gonna click bait with "buy you anything"? Lol

  • x xx
    x xx 8 hours ago

    Please do more mafia

  • Resist 271
    Resist 271 8 hours ago


  • essential anai
    essential anai 8 hours ago

    This is just a suggestion but you should do it on the 3rd rim it would be cool

  • Lucas .A
    Lucas .A 8 hours ago

    Bruh for socks are you kidding me😂

  • alan gael garcia amarillas

    Stop putting “2HYPE” in every fucking video and please dont put the sound effect at the beginning, is trash

  • na kl
    na kl 8 hours ago

    Zack: i’ll buy you anything Also Zack: Ur gonna get stances socks

  • Heath Foster productions

    Brook Lopez plays for bucks are y’all dum

  • Jordan oteba
    Jordan oteba 8 hours ago

    The Rtwins

  • Rhuben Aguilar
    Rhuben Aguilar 9 hours ago


  • Cole Laxton’s
    Cole Laxton’s 9 hours ago


  • Victoria Lind Konráðsdóttir

    Best vodeo ever ❤

  • Mystic Kryptic
    Mystic Kryptic 9 hours ago

    Zack the finesse god...

  • דן בנימין ברנע

    What is the “nba” in the thumbnail stand for?😂

  • Brandon Haripaul
    Brandon Haripaul 9 hours ago

    Roses are red, violets are blue,I got clickbaited, just like you I love too zack tho😂

  • Papi Dann
    Papi Dann 9 hours ago

    15:29 💀

  • GKZx Fam
    GKZx Fam 9 hours ago

    Hold did Chris say Kemba trash or did I hear wrong to lazy to rewind but not to lazy to talk sum shit lol 💯

  • bearshufflincrew34 Mellencamp

    Kris is so like me😂😂😂

  • Ryan Pasola
    Ryan Pasola 9 hours ago

    I got 14 Guess that NBA Players PPG

  • young jumbo
    young jumbo 9 hours ago

    0:01 did you see that

  • GKZx Fam
    GKZx Fam 9 hours ago

    Zach foreal bro drop more VIDS!!! 💯💯💯👌

  • Paul Hunte
    Paul Hunte 9 hours ago

    Kris grow your hair again

  • i
    i 10 hours ago

    What kinda cheap ass has socks as a prize

  • t case
    t case 10 hours ago

    22/30, with the one worth 3 pts at the end i got 26

  • Barelko _sb
    Barelko _sb 10 hours ago

    You so cheap😂😂😂😂

  • Isaac The goat
    Isaac The goat 11 hours ago

    He copied kristopher London with Zackmas And Kris’s actually made sense But no offense Zack you da best

  • Joshy Clem
    Joshy Clem 11 hours ago

    Is cash still in 2hype?

  • QuincyIsTheBeat
    QuincyIsTheBeat 11 hours ago

    Guess that nba height

  • Marc Abelman
    Marc Abelman 11 hours ago

    Zack really out here with the Pinball 2 instrumental love it

  • ssteviewonderr
    ssteviewonderr 12 hours ago

    why is mopis shirt inside out

  • Armandas Kugis
    Armandas Kugis 12 hours ago

    why is everyone with shoes but ya boy Kristopher comin with flipfloppers

  • JFlaker
    JFlaker 12 hours ago

    what are the shorts tjass is wearing, i want to cop those hella bad

  • Noah Alper
    Noah Alper 12 hours ago

    Do this with all of the stats