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  • d Gtm
    d Gtm Minute ago

    Coward trump

  • Don't Bet on It
    Don't Bet on It 7 minutes ago

    MIGA Make Isis Great Again way to go Donny.

  • Ali Sleem
    Ali Sleem 7 minutes ago

    No wander people go missing or commit suicide cos of the way Britain is.

  • Jonathan Bell
    Jonathan Bell 9 minutes ago

    I thought this was a white-power convention? Not one person of colour to be seen and the auob marches are like a nazi parade, all white and waving flags! No wonder England attracts all the immigrants, Scottish Nazi Party scares them away!

  • David Reeves
    David Reeves 12 minutes ago

    Im sorry on behalf of America . Americans love the kurds

  • Abdu Libya
    Abdu Libya 13 minutes ago

    They couldn't gain an Inch on the ground with out coward air support from Russia and Iran...lots of yellow boxes figting for a "Man" not a cause.

  • itsSusiii
    itsSusiii 13 minutes ago

    seeing these children be go grateful over a pool created by a bomb is heart breaking ): they have nothing. god bless these children

  • Ole Erdmann
    Ole Erdmann 14 minutes ago

    The cowardly US have completly lost theire moral compass.

  • Bran the Broker
    Bran the Broker 15 minutes ago

    It looks like he may not be Labour leader for that much longer. After all is said and done his legacy will be one of personal weakness. Prior to the Referendum result he was a Leaver forced into (mildly) backing the Remain campaign. Post the Referendum result he was supportive of respecting the result but now recently forced into backing Remain again in an ill thought out 2nd referendum (essentially a re-run given Remain would be back on the ballot). He will be remembered as a Benn-ite who didn't have the strength to stand up to those around him. A shame really. He could have gained a lot of respect from all corners (as Tony Benn did) if he outwardly stuck to his principles on the EU and respecting democracy.

  • Kağan Mutlu
    Kağan Mutlu 21 minute ago

    Lord's Army Has Rised ! Nothing Can Change It Anymore ! Dont Fucks With Us Europe, We Are Your Mirror, Hit Us And Return We Hit TWICE ! TR<3

  • Greg Souza
    Greg Souza 22 minutes ago

    As an american I am ashamed,as MOST AMERICANS are of this president.

  • Banacheck Gaming.
    Banacheck Gaming. 29 minutes ago

    "What does history tell us about Brexit" That the EU membership was always about than just trade, a EU empire. They all knew this back in 1971 and was advised to lie to the British public. As they put in, " When the British public figures out what's going on it'll be too late".

  • Brian Lavoie
    Brian Lavoie 30 minutes ago

    Trump needs to get impeached and removed before he can do any more damage.

  • Schehrazad A
    Schehrazad A 31 minute ago

    An anchor baby of immigrants from flipflopistan commits treason against her british homeland to become an ISIS bride is now shocked her citizenship has been revoked mkay

  • Samir Sekkaki
    Samir Sekkaki 33 minutes ago

    Good job Turkey💪💪❤❤

  • Caleb Lim
    Caleb Lim 34 minutes ago

    “[Bannon] is an anti-semite, a white nationalist-” Milo: I’m a gay Jew and my boss hired and promoted me, also he came to London to hire a Muslim commentator to head up the British division of his Jew-staffed organisation. Cathy: right so, these headlines, if I take them as literally as possible, as though context and humour doesn’t exist, are offensive...

  • Sektos Eisenherz
    Sektos Eisenherz 35 minutes ago

    Good thing my granddad was a soldier in WW2 he told me all his stories while I was a young boy.

  • Ray Indra
    Ray Indra 39 minutes ago

    USA is a self-interested nation as they say themselves.

  • raymond
    raymond 42 minutes ago


  • Dee
    Dee 45 minutes ago

    What a mess, no children should have to live like that. What a waste of human lives, I don't know why everyone just can't get along, Money, Power, Greed, Religion, Race wars will kill us all in the end

  • Siddik Momin
    Siddik Momin 52 minutes ago

    India is also banned Muslim refugee by passing low .... Israeli moron support yazidi means something is happening for good future of Egypt

  • William Jones
    William Jones 57 minutes ago

    Welcome lads.Ignore brexit wan*ers.

  • sreekanth v
    sreekanth v Hour ago

    Defend the kurds.its better to deal with Russians than get massacred by terrorist turkey.

  • truth and common sense warrior

    There were 50 soldiers. What kind of bullshit fake news you degenerates trying to spread?

  • paul taylor
    paul taylor Hour ago

    What an embarrassment! I predict a riot !

  • ancietman
    ancietman Hour ago

    Sturgeon always talks as if she is speaking for ALL Scotland but in reality the SNP got less than a million votes in 2017 out of a country of 5.2M people.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 35 minutes ago

      And 5.4Million. Get one thing right ffs

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 36 minutes ago

      2million in the 2016 Scots parlie election though. We get two votes in Scottish elections. and a million in the 2017 'british' imperial union elections. Thanks for missing that bit out. Grudge Scotland even having our own democracy do you? Imperialist dictator

    • joe caterman
      joe caterman 57 minutes ago

      true... but we can't count non voters can we?

  • LeoVids
    LeoVids Hour ago

    This guy was interviewing Malala and she hit him with a flowerpot

  • sreekanth v
    sreekanth v Hour ago

    Turkey -. A rogue state a terrorist state like Pakistan.

  • S SN QN
    S SN QN Hour ago

    Women defending the Islamic regime? LOL that's like Jews fighting for the Nazis.

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez Hour ago

    No oil no back up the U.S model

  • Mangsi Ginting
    Mangsi Ginting Hour ago

    Turkey....Invading other country is wrong period. Fight the invading Turk, Kurdish....Kick their stinky asses.

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez Hour ago

    Those ladies are fearless

  • Broomehall
    Broomehall Hour ago

    He has the audacity to say Boris lies and bluster's ? .... he would be the absolute worst PM this country could ever have, and you remoaners think Boris is bad ? ..... you haven't seen anything until you let this Marxist in.

  • Cedric Stenning
    Cedric Stenning Hour ago

    You reapi ng what you've sown, only lib dems and Labour I do not feel sorry for you.

  • Eddy Coronado
    Eddy Coronado Hour ago


  • Michael Ditch
    Michael Ditch Hour ago

    I do not wanna die.

  • Clive Albert
    Clive Albert Hour ago

    Norsaw you should let the black nation be the judge of the beautiful women in and then you can select from them not you come and tell us because we know that you use a certain type of looking woman and they are far more beautiful women and those women should admit it done themselves that are into modelling

  • Clive Albert
    Clive Albert Hour ago

    This white man is attacking her the industry is clearly racist because the new black models I’m not send it ugly that were good looking but they seem to use the same type of looking women maybe from the same country are the same village because they all look the same to me and we have a very rich facial features of black women in this world and you seem to use one type of facial feature

  • BrexitNow
    BrexitNow Hour ago

    No...the negotiations go past the deadline because the EU are gunning for the extension to Article 50 with the help of the Benn traitor's charter.....they are just giving Boris enough encouragement to last until the Summit then pow! they will knock it back again....!!!!

  • Alivia Roberts
    Alivia Roberts Hour ago


  • Mr. Pancit
    Mr. Pancit Hour ago

    Yes, that Russian cop has the patience, wait did I heard America is with us?

  • Deadweight
    Deadweight Hour ago

    We all know they are just trying to milk the most out of this situation and I'm talking dollar bills

  • LazyJack2003
    LazyJack2003 Hour ago

    "... certain political class suffers from delusion of grandeur! Rational arguing cannot establish the falsity of the BREXITeers message…." Well said, David! I guess the UK first has to suffer through BREXIT to really understand the folly of it.

  • OH MY GOD.
    OH MY GOD. Hour ago

    show us the woman, show us the victims, where's the footage, in an age with everyone with phones and cctv, where is it all. there aint no stabbings without proof.

  • Tyler Akins
    Tyler Akins Hour ago

    Cathy "So what your saying is im to stupid for this conversation?" Jordan "yes"

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar Hour ago

    Pakistan believes they can fool all the people all the time. Whao.

  • ace colnaco
    ace colnaco Hour ago

    hahaha wait is anyone even paying attension to this? i thought it was all a joke untill 2 year ago hahaha scotland is going for inderpendence it makes no difference to England just means we move our nuclear missiles and some of our Nuclear bombs and mines to england haha and one of the British army infantry regiments is scottish it will have to raise another english regiment and the fact that the english make up 85% welsh 5% irish 5% and the military is going to be expanded in manpower and equipment i dont think it would matter haha hey more people live in the capital London than Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland combined 68 million brits 59 million live in England only 5 million in scotland....seriously they dont even have a currency and without English tax payer money haha come on be serious

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss Hour ago

      Inheriting 10% of the wealth of the whole former 'british union' economy &sterling area. Scotlands contribution to the english treasury of 200billion that we get robbed and get 75 back. Thats a higher gdp than 5 eu member nations combined. *Equal To 5 Nations Wealth Leaving the english imperial treasury* Itl cope 10% down im sure. The imperial english government will lose half the landmass. lose lose lose for them.

  • Liz Gichora
    Liz Gichora Hour ago

    Thank you.

  • B Smith
    B Smith Hour ago

    under the Scotland act 1998, the first minister of Scotland has no authority to speak or act on the EU and as such This woman is breaking the law.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss Hour ago

      She does as eu law in incorporated into Scots law. Your Proving how limited and prisoner Scotland is within the imperial 'british union dictatorship' thanks

  • fessells ahmed
    fessells ahmed Hour ago

    Why was a BBC creative Director allowed on Channel 4?

  • luke maddock
    luke maddock Hour ago

    Scotland dept is double the UK and economy is poor so EU you can have them and there dept good by maybe UK have more money ow and Scotland biggest leader of people on the dole so suppose we dont have to pay that for them the eu might give you a better offer I bet

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike Hour ago

      @ScottishRoss You don't have a government and have been under EU control since 1998. It is time to stop lying and blaming Westminster,

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss Hour ago

      Currently 32.4% of taxation collected in Scotland is in the form of taxes under the control of the Scottish parliament and 67.6% of all taxation collected in Scotland goes directly to the UK government in taxation that is a reserved matter of the UK parliament over half of all taxes collected in Scotland remains under the direct control of the UK parliament which has remained a reserved matter to itself all powers over Corporation tax, National Insurance, Value-added tax (VAT), Capital gains tax, Inheritance tax, Aggregates Levy Insurance Premium Tax and Motoring taxes Still think you pay for us? Yet your stealing 67% of tax in Scotland? Imperial 'british union'

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss Hour ago

      We wont have to pay for you. As 60% of tax in Scotland goes to the english government in another country.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss Hour ago

      No its not. Scotgov is not allowed to have debt as its not allowed to borrow. within the limited power Scotparlie has withing the prison 'british union' Btw wastemonsters debt is £2trillion

  • CafDean
    CafDean Hour ago

    If you fucking idiots don’t think Scotland is going to be partitioned 10x more severely than Ireland was you’re delusional. Scotland cannot economically survive without the rest of the UK

  • hugo miranda diaz

    US traitor, as RUSSIA prevented him from achieving trump plans now the Kurds are no longer necessary, so they withdraw their troops from the USA, the US always acts so let others get their hands dirty and then they return to take away the wealth of a country in chaos

  • Blufor 4014
    Blufor 4014 Hour ago

    Nah, the american regime is causing all the problems there.

  • thisthingofours
    thisthingofours Hour ago

    Thank you for coming back Chris, the world has needed you.

  • The Ripped Reaper

    *The Resurrection of the Ottoman Empire*

  • Truthful4ever
    Truthful4ever Hour ago

    I pray that #45 will live to feel the pain that these people are experiencing. Their only downfall was to believe this LYING, HYPOCRITE and TRAITOR who only cares about HIMSELF and MONEY. Putin played this fool like a FIDDLE. He was NEVER a match for Putin and Putin knew it. And just like Judas betrayal of Jesus, Trumps betrayal of these people and others soon to follow he too will face the same destiny. All of this over a 'campaign promise'. And what does he turnaround and do send troops to Saudi Arabia.

  • Shaun Dempsey
    Shaun Dempsey Hour ago

    I wish we could take it back .

  • Fernando VILLARREAL

    He may talk like he cares about the victims but he seems to keen to get the number of dead from victims... Should ask officials these questions.

  • Lalsuong Kaihmang

    Trump biggest mistakes

  • Tyrone Jones
    Tyrone Jones Hour ago

    Maybe Scotland’s should have a referendum every 5 years constitutional.. I don’t say this light hearted, I believe the United Kingdom is great because of its unity and it’s diversity.. yes I understand that unity is fragile and has not always been respected and that’s a good reason for Scotland to reaffirm its desire... And maybe that’s a good reason for making it constitutional we England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales loan our sovereignty to parliament every 5 years or each time there is a GE at the end of service our sovereignty is returned to the ppl.. would that not mean at the end of PMs service Scotland Ireland wales are sovereign ppl and should as part of any GE reconfirm there commitment to the United Kingdom? This idea that a nation is stuck into a commitment that is not of there making seems enforced dictatorship (ish) Is this not why we voted to leave the EU to return sovereignty, and when we say return sovereignty do we mean return sovereignty to parliament or do we mean return sovereignty to the ppl.. personally I voted for a return to the ppl but that’s me.. If Scotland wish to go it alone or as part of the EU it should be there choice, but if that’s the case they should have confirmed during any referendum that there vote will not honour the social contract that democracy requires.. is that not the point of voting you agree to honour majority rule? It gets a little sticky here.. As Scotland as a whole agreed to honour the referendum and Scotland as a whole are honour bound to there word.. this I believe is SNP’s flaw, NS refuses to honour Scotland’s word this calls into question the ethics of the Scottish ppl and the Scottish ppl have a problem with there word being called into question by those supposed to represent them...

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike Hour ago

      @ScottishRoss We are leaving the EU and you are free to move to one of the 27 police states. We will give you a complimentary ferry ticket. Start preparing.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss Hour ago

      The imperial english government think they can take Scotland anywhere against the majority will . Nae chance. Follow through with their brexit absolutly murdering the 312year political union of the 'british union' go on do it lose half the landmass.

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike Hour ago

      @ScottishRoss You are not Scottish and can't decide anything. You will end up getting yourself into trouble with the real Scots.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss Hour ago

      Naw i want a new state entirely. Finished.

  • Dogface 53
    Dogface 53 Hour ago

    You just watch. Whenever a snp person comes on, there faces become contorted lol.

  • AllianceWithChina1
    AllianceWithChina1 2 hours ago

    The Russians and neither the Syrians can remove the USA from Syria. Without being drawn into conflict with USA. Who says the Turks can't play chess lol

  • B Nagy
    B Nagy 2 hours ago

    that’s the problem with their culture - they think it is our responsibility to make peace in their religious and crazyshit war, we are not allies, this is charity what some nations do to them

  • Dogface 53
    Dogface 53 2 hours ago

    Cry more Jimmy

  • anton cock
    anton cock 2 hours ago

    Saudi economy and Oil-Industry will be destroyed by Yemenis soon. Saudis are bleeding and losing many soldiers in Combat against Yemeni fighters.

  • Sir Amic Varze
    Sir Amic Varze 2 hours ago

    This is why you never ally with America.

  • AllianceWithChina1
    AllianceWithChina1 2 hours ago

    Kurdish propaganda. Peddled by the. British

  • Bad Muts
    Bad Muts 2 hours ago

    IS turkye

  • Tony Van Eyk
    Tony Van Eyk 2 hours ago

    channel 4 must be run by Jews with an attitude of hate towards white people. Such is the way of ethnic grievances. Just ask Russia why the Trump-Russia story - is just another example of jewish ethnic grievances. They hate us. The Frankfurt school was a Jewish enclave, and created cultural marxism. They then penetrated upper edu and through group tactics (as opposed to the "atomised" approach to in-group dynamics of white culture) got this abominable philosophy taught in schools. That's quite a coup. Now white people are guilted in to providing kumbaya and open borders to the world while the Jewish protagonists - claim closed borders and uni ethnicity for their own country. It's time to reject Juden reign philosophies.

  • ::
    :: 2 hours ago

    Stab us in the back, and we'll stretch your necks.....

  • Antoine Eric
    Antoine Eric 2 hours ago

    I wish the EU was a confederacy of independant states like Bavaria, Scotland, Catalonia, Normandy harmonizing their rules, trades, military and diplomacy. Each with its own independant government closer to their citizen. Berlin is too far from München, Paris is too far from Bordeaux, Madrid is too far from Barcelona, London is too far from Edinburgh.

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker 2 hours ago

    You are a minority in scotland

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 31 minute ago

      @Albert Pike 2million re elected them in the 2016 Scots parlie elections, we get 2 votes in ours. and a million in the 2017 'british union' colonial parliament. Yeah minority . Michael and alberto grudge Scotland even having our own democracy? Couple of imperialist dictators probably wish Scots in chains orsome fantasy

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike 2 hours ago

      @ScottishRoss The SNP Nazis are a minority supported by a few mentally ill knuckle-draggers..

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 2 hours ago

      Who is?

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown 2 hours ago

    Can't believe Kim Jung Un melted that man with his laser eyes!

  • Harry Truman
    Harry Truman 2 hours ago

    Dude just fire them. It’s 2019.

    DON KAZ 2 hours ago

    It's going to be Kurdish genocide, UK and France must do much more before it's too late

  • anton cock
    anton cock 2 hours ago

    Ther will be more Attacks on Saudi oil-installations in the coming days. Saudi will NOT Export oil anymore in order to buy weapons and bomb innocent Yemeni People.

  • nem diggers
    nem diggers 2 hours ago

    They look so goofy when they clap😂 You already know they get whipped if they dont clap right

  • Miss Shannon
    Miss Shannon 2 hours ago

    This the one that threw the cell phone at her wite female assistant. Hehehehe! 😉

  • Broomehall
    Broomehall 2 hours ago

    Thing is Jo ..... A. ....You're pretty much hated by many of the population, which seems correct if truth be known.... and B .... You will never, read our lips... Never get to be PM ..... there are 2.7 thousand replies to just this post, nearly all against you, not for you ? do you like being delusional, or were you just born that way ?

  • Josh Nim
    Josh Nim 2 hours ago

    You must make an example out of her. Or many other stupid young girls will go with this evil

  • Trucker
    Trucker 2 hours ago

    labour know better than the silly working class plebs that used to vote for them. The Islington luvvies know far better than you silly northerners or grubby working classes who clearly didn’t know what you were voting for 😏

  • Dean Beck
    Dean Beck 2 hours ago

    The point being Brexit is not all about the money money money and they just can't understand it

  • Harry Matthews
    Harry Matthews 2 hours ago

    Channel 4 Arsoles

  • Emperor2Goodyy
    Emperor2Goodyy 2 hours ago

    Men are better leaders.

  • Horace Debacle
    Horace Debacle 2 hours ago

    This is all good and well and indeed it is fantastic that Trump and his cohorts are about to be brought down. The only issues is, they are NOT about to be brought down and will probably go on to another term. The Republican party has now so convincingly assured all Trump supporters that any investigation of Trump is unlawful, that his supporters now believe he is above the law and they love it. There is no longer anything Trump can do that will turn his repugnant supporters against him, although they clearly respect strength and aggression thus the Democrats could start to display these types of behaviours. Oh no wait a minute, the Democrats can't because they are as pathetic as the Republicans are corrupt. What did decent American do to deserve this?

  • Western Unity
    Western Unity 2 hours ago

    Disgraceful the media defending her like this.

  • The Wide Awake Club
    The Wide Awake Club 2 hours ago

    Where are all the birds? Where’s all the insects? Ladybirds, Daddy long legs, moths, bees. Where have they all gone?

  • Allard8
    Allard8 2 hours ago

    I do feel sorry for them. It seems most people here don't. These MP's aren't thwarting democracy. The referendum wasn't binding and even if important politicians said that they would see Brexit through, that still doesn't mean every politician should follow suit. Why? A: Politicians in a party don't always follow what the party leader wants. If they did, Theresa May's Brexit plan would have been agreed by now. MP's views don't perfectly line up with the party, there is no way around that. B: Labour never had a reason to go along with any proposal. Labour (or almost any other party) never had a reason to vote for any Brexit proposal. Why? Because the Brexit plans that have been proposed have been created in a way they have no influence over them. Why should they vote for a version of Brexit that doesn't take what they want into account? If the Tory party wants Labour to vote for a Brexit party, they'll have to sit at the table together. But they won't. - Honestly the fact that Corbyn and May didn't come together 18 months ago is mind boggling. I suspect they didn't because May knew that if she did, the ERG would revolt. But another theory might be that May and Corbyn themselves didn''t want to join forces. Or perhaps more likely, something in between. Either way. If anyone is to blame, it is those that are standing in the way of cross party talks to start. A Tory Brexit will be a disaster, No deal Brexit will be a disaster, Labour Brexit will be a disaster, Revoking article 50 will be a disaster. There is only one way out for the UK. Grow up and start working together. - Knowing this it is incredibly disgusting, lazy, stupid and dangerous to just call normal MP's 'traitors'. Most of them are just victims of circumstance, the blame falls on the architects of our current situation. Boris Johnson, Cummings, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Ring leaders of the ERG. Those people brought us here, they are to blame.

  • The Wide Awake Club
    The Wide Awake Club 2 hours ago


  • Julian EnglIsh
    Julian EnglIsh 2 hours ago

    Interviewer = Bumptious Irritating Little Lard-arsed Dweeb.

  • RR Extra
    RR Extra 2 hours ago


  • Prototype60x6
    Prototype60x6 2 hours ago

    Kill a bee with an flamethrower

  • Mike taerte
    Mike taerte 2 hours ago

    You can use ex-pedophiles to detect other pedophiles. At least they would do some good

  • Joseph Gibson
    Joseph Gibson 2 hours ago

    Many MPs and their cronies make money from the housing market.

  • Robbie 1957
    Robbie 1957 2 hours ago

    The Kurds are on their own now. So is the USA.

  • Anastasia
    Anastasia 2 hours ago

    That “poor me” bullshit...she didn’t have remorse when innocent people were tortured and murdered in most gruesome ways, nooo, she supported it and when things got hard, she expects to go back and have her nice little life back... WTF

  • Crispen Drye
    Crispen Drye 2 hours ago

    haha. no one likes the right or the left.

  • Gavin Mcinally
    Gavin Mcinally 2 hours ago

    Boris offered a GE and you bottled it.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 27 minutes ago

      @Albert Pike Proof? Whats the british colonail parliament that 60+Countries previously left? Your a british union shill. Ironic as your against political unions such as the EU and the 'UK' which is a political union. Bogus? Yep America, Canada.,Ireland,Aussie,New Z 's independence was bogus . Your gony be the only ones stuck with the english imperialistcolonial parliament , good luck

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike Hour ago

      @ScottishRoss Holyrood in an EU regional parliament and the Scotland act is an EU act. Scots law is EU law. They need morons like you to vote for bogus independence to put the final nail in your coffin. Be careful what you wish for.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss Hour ago

      @Gavin Mcinally Croatia joined the eu in 2013. Smaller population , gdp ,exports than Scotland and they take the eu council presidentcy in january. Also Malta is in the eu , it and 60+ Countries previously have ditched the english imperial dictatorship.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss Hour ago

      @Albert Pike Lies as Scots law and English law are separate ie Scotland has different laws than England. for example.... Free Tuition - Students in England face tuition fees up to £27,750 - Scottish students receive university tuition free. Can you give me evidence of what shite yur saying

    • Gavin Mcinally
      Gavin Mcinally Hour ago

      @ScottishRoss imagine your face if you get independence and the EU tells you to do one. Little old Scotland on its own still blaming Westminster. Boo hoo

  • coolHands 95
    coolHands 95 2 hours ago

    Reported this video for child abuse!!!