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UKIP’s data hijack
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    In other words Noam doesn’t have any answers either, just comments and theories

  • Reza Hematti
    Reza Hematti Hour ago

    You just copied the name in your comment, and we know it😁

  • JO FOX
    JO FOX Hour ago

    Tommy Robinson is brave and a true hero.

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko Hour ago

    Why did they edit out that dumb laugh that he did. “Heeee.”

  • Yashu Kaushik
    Yashu Kaushik Hour ago

    Love from India

  • ein 3248
    ein 3248 Hour ago

    Screw the monarchy dismantle the whole freeloading system

  • John Deeble
    John Deeble Hour ago

    Who cares? Who REALLY cares?

  • Death to the EU regime

    . *Teacher to special needs student* ........ ''' Trade with the EU is going down each year and our £9 Billion fees equate to a 7% tariff on all goods exported to the stagnating single market''......... ''Trade with the free world is increasing year on year with no strings attached''...... ''where is our future best served?''' *Special needs student* ....... ''the EU''. *Teacher* .... ''Idiot!''

  • Meir Wise
    Meir Wise Hour ago

    It's easy (and stupid) to say that we all knew about it. Then why didn't you do something about it. You are all guilty.

  • Frank DeVries
    Frank DeVries Hour ago

    A fool and his ideals are soon silenced. Espousing THEORY and consensus science do not make it right.

  • Anthony Davila
    Anthony Davila Hour ago

    Crazy how they were just soldiers just doing what they were told. Neither of them I’m sure had a choice. One was drafted and the other was forced by a dictator. Nice to see that they could see past the war and become friends.

  • anon for good
    anon for good Hour ago

    Channel 4 - So you have the time to talk to this guy, but not time to report that Tommy Robinson has won a free speech award in Denmark!

  • Scoot Jockey
    Scoot Jockey Hour ago

    A shame it,s not blood in blood out .

  • Vasira Damith
    Vasira Damith Hour ago

    what's that building supposed to be?

  • Mia Ash
    Mia Ash Hour ago

    This is the beginning of the end of the British monarchy!

  • Dane Martin
    Dane Martin Hour ago

    I'm still wondering why weed is illegal 🤔

  • Alexpmgr8 K3
    Alexpmgr8 K3 Hour ago

    Duh , already has ... lol idiots

  • Marie Christie
    Marie Christie Hour ago

    Finally, the trash has taken itself out of the RF.

  • super fly
    super fly Hour ago

    you just know their kids are future gangsters

  • Yvette Torres
    Yvette Torres Hour ago

    Thomas Markle is disgraceful. Heard what he said today. The Queen supports Meghan and Harry so who cares what Thomas says on the matter.

  • MsMinoula
    MsMinoula Hour ago

    9:35 I'm not from the UK but if I visited via train I'd rather be considered mainly a passenger, not a customer. It's not like bying mayonaisse.

  • Sophia Azhiev
    Sophia Azhiev Hour ago

    Hes lost the English accent 😅😜

  • anvesh kumar
    anvesh kumar Hour ago

    Indian trains are very long

  • S M
    S M Hour ago

    The third world is a threat to western civilization.

  • Archive Of My Own

    >people actually believed this

  • Moronky
    Moronky Hour ago

    Charlie goff

  • Yvette Torres
    Yvette Torres 2 hours ago

    Just Shut up Thomas

  • Delores Busher-Miller

    Is Trudeau, saying we can't pay for your security‼️ New titles: Snowflakes... Blaming the media and British isn't the problem, was the actions & the mouth of Harry's wife. Canada will find out. The games have started already, after the marriage Harry's wife said "hitting the ground running" by golly famous words, said it in Canada.

  • Steve Vondran
    Steve Vondran 2 hours ago

    33:10 But he believes in "extraterrestrial aliens" despite the EVIDENCE he seems to require in other areas?? Hmm

  • Florence Kimondo
    Florence Kimondo 2 hours ago


  • Mark Gable
    Mark Gable 2 hours ago

    Look at Megans background . She does this with every bloke. Dopey harry was just the latest mug who fell for it. Ebody warned him. Even her family.

  • peace Harmony
    peace Harmony 2 hours ago

    Princess diana assassination

  • Александр Суровцев

    РОССИЯ - СИЛА!!!

  • Psycho Bear
    Psycho Bear 2 hours ago

    How many times was he invited to Balmoral? He was a f****** kids show presenter that gets knighted gets top jobs and is very good friends with the royal family do you need any more of an explanation or should I draw you a f****** picture

  • crayzk
    crayzk 2 hours ago

    Kids in 2100 when all the usernames are taken

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 2 hours ago

    This are the people that come to USA looking for a better life, but people here don’t have a heart and rejects them. If these people get deported back to their country many times they get kill... it’s not just India it’s everywhere.

  • Mari VALI
    Mari VALI 2 hours ago

    Harry isn't finished He's just begun ! He's bravery has prevailed

  • Jaivishal Gohel
    Jaivishal Gohel 2 hours ago

    It would be good if he keep his mouth shut

  • Thruns Guinneabottle

    Olive Oyl and Bibendum,

  • Banana Republic
    Banana Republic 2 hours ago

    Meghan doesn't have a father

  • Alejandro Kearne
    Alejandro Kearne 2 hours ago

    WTF is the deal with this guy and the violence questions, it's a fucking movie man. When y was a kid I played with toy guns, knifes, etc. and I never had a real weapon in my life. What a moronic way of seeing things.

  • renopa tampubolon
    renopa tampubolon 2 hours ago


  • Brad W
    Brad W 2 hours ago

    Cop pulls you over: where are you coming from this evening? And have you had anything to drink or smoke? Me: Llanfairpwllgwwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, and no sir, not a drop. Cop: step out of the car for me sir.

  • renopa tampubolon
    renopa tampubolon 2 hours ago


  • Businesses A
    Businesses A 2 hours ago

    0:17 dude was getting his sides shaved before all of us

  • skyler hailey
    skyler hailey 2 hours ago

    Password not strong enough Password:

  • ladyP55
    ladyP55 2 hours ago

    ❤Wishing you both together with Lil' Archie all the very best!!...❤ will be good for Harry so he can be happy now witnout all the rules..... and going forward with their independent lives!!!.. you can make it!!...don't listen to fake news or other people opinions!.... you're okay!!!....we love you!!!❤

  • Trousersnake Pliskin

    Harry gets to run interference for the paedophile prince, Uncle Andrew - and he doesn't look happy about it. This poor fool is a patsy for the rest of the elites who know that they have to throw someone to the wolves to keep them from the palace door. If he wasn't such a cuckolded girlie-boi he wouldn't be the laughing stock of the former empire's loyalists. He doesn't have HRH's blessing, just her orders. Anything to save uncle Andrew, the REAL story concerning the monarchical elites.

  • Tyler Mcdonald
    Tyler Mcdonald 2 hours ago

    She looking good

  • John Cassim
    John Cassim 2 hours ago

    What about Prince Andrew i think Prince Harry had no choice but to leave i would not want certain family members were the cause of this.. Prince Harry get a book done then a movie .. Why must prince Harry keep quiet now.. yes go into commercial their racism spoke for the future clearly..

    KAKASHI HATAKE 2 hours ago

    Jordan : I don't like animals Cathy : So u are a vegan

  • Giovanni V
    Giovanni V 2 hours ago


  • Matthew Galter
    Matthew Galter 2 hours ago

    U people are the most disgusting, disturbing, THINGS I've ever seen. U have turned free society into a real life nightmare, way to go! U must step back, look, and be so proud

    "WE THE PEOPLE" 2 hours ago


  • Mayor of Big Daddy’s Pizza

    I just want to hug them

  • Brandon Holmes
    Brandon Holmes 2 hours ago

    When will the mathematics demonstrate that the system nationwide is broken? If the burden of proof is truly on the prosecution, and this burden is mandated by the federal constitution, then perhaps single witness cases need corroboration. Or maybe there must be more than single witnesses in a case where life or liberty is in jeopardy

  • Szpilmann seguel
    Szpilmann seguel 2 hours ago

    She is like my boss, always complaining and blaming others and never giving a solution

  • JuanAndOnly8
    JuanAndOnly8 2 hours ago

    i wonder how long it took to type the title for this video

  • Emanuel Kaufmann
    Emanuel Kaufmann 2 hours ago

    Can please someone give him an Oscar?😂

  • 1 JetGator
    1 JetGator 2 hours ago


  • Xx RaiderX
    Xx RaiderX 2 hours ago


  • maybememory1
    maybememory1 2 hours ago

    I'm sure 90% of us believe her, but for that small percentage who are on the fence, physically acting out an account as you're telling it is a really strong indicator of veracity.

    SOFAR CAINE 2 hours ago

    -----> Dark side of dream City Mumbai.......#damn

  • tonitonifactor
    tonitonifactor 2 hours ago

    It’s always refreshing to hear Kate Williams insights. Her analysis are unbiased and thoughtful. I wish more of the royal commentators were like her.

  • Stan G
    Stan G 2 hours ago

    Very interesting, nicely done video. Thank you!

  • Brooklyn Thomkins
    Brooklyn Thomkins 2 hours ago

    Now you tell me how do you get that kinda power with ppl knowing you yourself is sick messing with underage children this is so sickening EVIL EXIST PPL STOP ACTING LIKE IT DONT. JUST WAIT TILL IT HITS HOME SEE IF YOUR SO QUICK TO SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG

  • steven taylor
    steven taylor 3 hours ago

    Here we go AGAIN!! Sigh.

  • Fancy’s Folly
    Fancy’s Folly 3 hours ago

    This man is a jackass...Meghan’s dad

  • Tara Medrano
    Tara Medrano 3 hours ago

    He is a 😈

  • TikTok khiladi
    TikTok khiladi 3 hours ago

    11:57 ZEE AFLAM

    CYCHIATRIC 3 hours ago

    Funny how the narrative has changed from the bus slogan to prepare or face the consequences.

  • Fantasy Stories
    Fantasy Stories 3 hours ago

    Pretty much he is giving up everything (Including his family) and she is giving up what? Harry you've been cucked man. I predict divorce in 3-5 years.

  • Ruth Amui
    Ruth Amui 3 hours ago

    Meghan was right to cut off her father after all. What kind of father does this? It's always been her white side of her family that has been acting so shamefully. Disgusting piece of humans. I would also cut off my father if he was like this.

  • The Counselor Ace
    The Counselor Ace 3 hours ago

    Everything that's happening in our world is all in the Bible, Jesus said this day was going to come, these elites want to control your very soul, my advise to you people is to seek God, give your life to Him, He is not slacked in His promises, these events are prophetic in nature, that's why they been building these underground cities, that's where they will run and hide, when it's no longer bearable to live above ground, but they want be able to escape the longhand of the Lord, and that's a fact, they have been destroying the O-zone layer for the sake of their greed for wealth,, if you notice that when you drive facing the sun, you are literally blind by the intensity of it, yeah, we are in trouble environmental wise, due to chemicals in the air and God knows whatever else their poisoning us with.

  • Олег см
    Олег см 3 hours ago

    Тупое стадо клоунов!! Надо было колени предателям прострелить!! Эти ублюдки как защитники своей родины должны были подохнуть с оружием в руках!!! А они устроили цирк 😂поэтому Крым это Россия!!!

  • Tom Mcgeachy
    Tom Mcgeachy 3 hours ago

    If the homeless British men say they are seeking assylum they should get free housing, benefits free travel and bills paid most of them have paid tax all of their lives in this country WHY are they homeless and all immigrants living in luxury.????????

  • Marius M
    Marius M 3 hours ago

    her family / sister, and disgusting father is shameless.

  • Devatheriall
    Devatheriall 3 hours ago

    Everybody gangsta till the weatherman starts speaking in Enchantment Table

  • Spooky Stevens
    Spooky Stevens 3 hours ago

    I’m genuinely confused how that guy still has that job. No idea how he even got that job in the first place because he’s literally terrible at it

  • Brooklyn Thomkins
    Brooklyn Thomkins 3 hours ago

    Thos man is a lier and one you ppl over there in the UK are gonna find out just how sick the powers that be are we are finding out more about our sickness here in the US ..GOD is going to turn over every rock before HIS return

  • Patrick Reid
    Patrick Reid 3 hours ago

    This guy is out to lunch which has been proven since this video was made. Climate crisis is a hoax and trump is a proven winner. So much for MIT so called expert.

  • Laura Tineo
    Laura Tineo 3 hours ago

    They are still human beings, they are just ignorant, that's all.

  • McQuade 1
    McQuade 1 3 hours ago

    They look desperately and pathetic haha it is like run of killed headless chicken! They push to run themselves to nowhere as Brexit means brexit! :D

  • PattieCakeeee
    PattieCakeeee 3 hours ago

    I pray for this man ❤️ May his wife , daughter and son Rest In Peace .

  • Brooklyn Thomkins
    Brooklyn Thomkins 3 hours ago

    You whats crazy is that society think we stupid anytime i mean anytime someone is allowed to do what this beast was other ppl know about and covering it up cause that person has somthing on them or the are involved and proof of this is why you wait till the beast is dead i understand the victim im talking about the powers that be and just cause he is dead those who knew about it and did nothing YOU ARE WORST THAN HE WAS CAUSE YOU DID KNOW AND DID NOTHING

  • Chief M
    Chief M 3 hours ago

    The American venteran looks and sounds like Arnold’s grandpa from Hey Arold

  • Diana Connors
    Diana Connors 3 hours ago

    Love the Queen , love Harry, Meghan, William and Kate.....I wish Harry and Meghan all the happiness in their new life, Harry is and will always be a royal....onwards and upwards Harry Meghan and Archie you are all going to be fine .

  • Soffiani Sof-Petersen

    He made their own stupid decisions and get pissed when they are expected to deal with the consequence !! It’s Sicknessing

  • Laura Tineo
    Laura Tineo 3 hours ago

    The interviewer had a sarcastic tone, it really is a sad reality and a vicious cycle for these Romas who haven't been helped in the countries where they have established themselves, like in Romania.

  • Дмитрий Резнов

    They would be like: Let's start a war and fight again in hoi4

  • Sharan Ravigopal
    Sharan Ravigopal 3 hours ago

    I don't know why this video has so many likes. The interviewer is so horrible. Like for Peterson, but dislike for Channel 4 interviewer.

  • Abena Anyama
    Abena Anyama 3 hours ago

    Leave them alone. God will make a way for them.

  • k.o. ed
    k.o. ed 3 hours ago

    Ban Qur'an. All this diseases are part of the teaching.the perfect muslim Muhammad is even worse then all this criminals. Democracy must ban Qur'an.

  • hAsTeOnThAmIc
    hAsTeOnThAmIc 3 hours ago

    Me: " I don't nickname Pokemon!" My weird friend who does:

  • steve
    steve 3 hours ago

    Ok, this is epic

  • Abena Anyama
    Abena Anyama 3 hours ago

    Why dont u talk about Andrew

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 3 hours ago

    He literally could've said anything starting with an L and ending in goch and we would have given full credit

  • mak 10
    mak 10 3 hours ago

    This is so absurd.. It feels like a snl sketch

  • B-Man Tony Tony
    B-Man Tony Tony 3 hours ago

    HK Non stop riots , Rubbish City ......Gangster Knift Fightings everyday . Bloodsheld.....Banks .... Shops ... MTR Trains.....