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UKIP’s data hijack
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  • Gill Munchen
    Gill Munchen 33 seconds ago

    The father is a mother f†*†*†***er

  • Elliott Funkhouser
    Elliott Funkhouser 2 minutes ago

    In my blood I am English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish. I may have been born in America but I am more British than he will ever be.

  • Wladyslaw Hardek
    Wladyslaw Hardek 3 minutes ago

    Jeremy Corbyn IS NOT TONY BLAIR.... THANKS GOOD.

  • Gill Munchen
    Gill Munchen 6 minutes ago

    The charter should be taken away from channel 4 - it is a Nazi toilet

  • Stephen Crowther
    Stephen Crowther 7 minutes ago


  • pin hazaam
    pin hazaam 9 minutes ago

    Alaah yar Hamamuh Osama pin laden wlhy wuxuu ahaa dheeman ey dadka Muslimiinta kumana ilowno apid

  • Orlando Rodrigues
    Orlando Rodrigues 10 minutes ago

    "Part and parcel of living in a major city huh Sadiq Khan? Wonder if I would ever hear any Mayor's in Saudi Arabia saying that?

  • JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    So sootha mooda sollu potta obama n buzz too😄😃😀

  • JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    If Nt give da money then United wud hv become like Unite 😄😃😀😍

  • JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    Great msg for Osama historical man none can b replaced n da main reason to bcame by USA almost da people well knon 😃😄😀😍

  • Carl Wakeling
    Carl Wakeling 15 minutes ago


  • Abraham Tsfaye
    Abraham Tsfaye 17 minutes ago

    I was in the UK in 2017. I was shocked by the squalor and homelessness I saw. Austerity has hit them hard whilst their millionaire class multiples.

  • JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    Took their flights to hit their properties, attack by their own staff 😃😄😀😍

  • JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    Osama Bin Laden Well educated & Richest of in below 20 in da world 👍🏾Dan all da USA presidents👎 u can watch almost say by USA presidents when they speak abt him da master Mind 😃😄😀😍

  • Nigel1048
    Nigel1048 20 minutes ago

    Why do people give this idiot airtime?

  • Nigel1048
    Nigel1048 21 minute ago

    Thank God this woman has effect on anything at all and what she thinks is completely unimportant. May she stop talking in the very near future.

  • Grand Old Soul
    Grand Old Soul 24 minutes ago

    i am on this spiritual path to. i am tired of SM. when i look around everyone is usually on their phones. crazy to see. i imagine myself walking through a crowd surrounded by ppl who are not present. i look around at the zombies. i feel different. more in the moment. i see afew ppl glance by way but quickly look away or back to their phones. then i lock eyes with a woman. her eyes look different. her eyes are alive, present. we share this connection that so many are longing for but cannot find. in that moment we are connected. we see each other for who the other is. no phone in sight. clear mind. and she smiles. a genuwine smile. i can't help but smile back.

  • Dinesh Birendra
    Dinesh Birendra 26 minutes ago

    In drug case: if there is common international law Why There can't be a international common law on rape case ? 🤔

  • hopethisworks1212
    hopethisworks1212 29 minutes ago

    Just get the government to release the original documents. Compare them with Corbyn's and if they are the same it matters not a jot WHO leaked them.

  • Brian McCutcheon
    Brian McCutcheon 30 minutes ago

    watch and see the truth about climate change

  • Jen loves life
    Jen loves life 34 minutes ago

    to say- I know many Indian men- they are all lovely; but they are not in this social circumstances... Just to say ; because of Globalisation there are not enough well paid jobs in all countries anymore; many people don´t find jobs in "normal" ecomomics; we have to see the source of the problems which are growing bigger and bigger...

  • Filip Niko
    Filip Niko 35 minutes ago

    1:20 "TheXvid is a male domain" (2:41) > 50 % of audience is female 2:41 "tumblr is female" male : female = 47 : 53 (2011)

  • Anon Anon
    Anon Anon 36 minutes ago

  • Elisa Ben
    Elisa Ben 36 minutes ago

    Why we don't ask the same questions to the other party. Why the Torrie's didn't find solutions between Palestinian and Israelied

  • ella
    ella 41 minute ago

    Couldn't agree more about what they said about a physical CD. I love this!

  • The Leprechaun
    The Leprechaun 43 minutes ago

    Scientist's have discovered that Diane Abbott has a very very very small brain 🧠=🥔 PEANUT SIZE 😂😅🤣😂😁🤡🤡🤡

  • Gus Gone
    Gus Gone 43 minutes ago

    Labour's hoax announcement about the Tories selling off the NHS could indeed have started as a Russian disinformation campaign which, "could point to potential foreign interference in the upcoming UK election."

  • zulfiqar Tareen
    zulfiqar Tareen 45 minutes ago

    Thank God, the pipe dream of Brexit is dead. it is Berxiteers themselves who killed the pipe dream. in their foolishness of chasing a clean break, they kept rejecting and delaying the passage of Brexit bill in the house and that gave the opposition time to recover, regroup and re-architect their strategy. now all opposition is united against Tories who have no allies today, not even DUP. on 12 Dec. 2019, the British will have the sigh of relief because this sword of Brexit that has been hanging over their head for the last 3 1/2 years will be lifted off and the window of opportunities for the new generation to find a job and get an education in any EU country that Brexiteers wanted to shut down will remain open. thank god, the lack of cognitive activity on the part of Brexiteers became their undoing. Zulfiqar Tareen, a friend of all, the enemy of none.

    • MelanieZ E
      MelanieZ E 27 minutes ago

      Alright Dave come find me friday morning 😁🇬🇧🍾🍻🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

    • zulfiqar Tareen
      zulfiqar Tareen 40 minutes ago

      @MelanieZ E B...R...E...X...I...T...E...E...R...S a generation of spoiled nasty brats. --------------------------------------------------------- they did nothing to build today's Europe or European union. they got everything already made for them from their fathers and grandfathers. the only way to deal with these SOBs is for the good people with reason and common sense to organise and unite against them in order to defeat them at the polling booths. Decent British must turn them into an outcast and never let them hold the office ever again. they don't deserve to be running the Westminster. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zulfiqar Tareen, a friend of all, the enemy of none.

    • MelanieZ E
      MelanieZ E 43 minutes ago

      Your names really Dave i think.

  • terry phidaheights
    terry phidaheights 46 minutes ago

    i do not use amazon like most companies in the uk they do not pay their taxes

  • Jen loves life
    Jen loves life 46 minutes ago

    for all this people who are saying The earth is not over populated- that´s what it looks like when there a many people so many that one is no mor precious; That´s why I am saying the earth is over populated- because it´s like with all "things" so much and humans see it as worthless...

  • divvy1400yam600
    divvy1400yam600 58 minutes ago

    It is NOT anti semitic to criticise the existence of Israel bearing in mind it came about by mass immigration and terror. Memories of the holocaust and years of propaganda have convinced many of basic untruths. In America a sea change has occured re displacement of the Red Indians, We wiil see the influence of Zionist politics to see if a similar change happens re Israel. Not likely I would say ! As Ashkenazis have 'gone white' and are not descendants of Hebrews so in 100 years time England will have 'gone Black' and will not be descendants of historical Englishmen

  • coda creator
    coda creator Hour ago

    Separating immigrant children from "families" at the border is more complex than that. Law enforcement has discovered that many of the children in the company of adults do not in fact belong to the adults they're travelling with. Many of them have been or will be sold. While I disagree with the general accomodations and nutrition they're being provided, I don't know how to more reasonably solve the issue of human trafficking in this context. I'm annoyed by the media suggesting that whole segments of the law enforcement community are evil, heartless, jackbooted thugs. They're not. They're in a ridiculously difficult position. Would be nice if someone would take a seriously objective look at the issue.

  • Albert Pike
    Albert Pike Hour ago

    'M R' = EU paid content.

  • ami ngum
    ami ngum Hour ago

    If Russia is going make Boris Johnson win the general election he not going to say anything about it so long Russia is on his side

  • runedegard
    runedegard Hour ago

    As a result of duely planned social engineering we are currently witnessing the birth of a new global climate religion, hatched by a conspiratory power elite and pushed by UN. The recent selected prophet being a mentally disoriented child, lies and fearmongering being the gospel, pseudoscience it's saviour, politicians and MSM the disciples, while a geopolitical power elite being the hidden God. The unprecedented conspiracy in modern times is the precursor of the New World Order being financed by offering their slaves forgiveness of sins upon paying ever increasing CO2 taxes at the gas stations. Among these conspirators are the ultra-rich dynasty blood-line families that systematically have been suppressing advanced none-polluting quantum technologies introduced by Nicholas Tesla and other inventors during the last century. Residing at the top of the power pyramid, they are controlling all aspects of geopolitics, including global corporations, financial, political, civil and military institutions, MMS and governments worldwide. Among those are the ones president Eisenhower and JFK warned about... Gullible and ignorant people are recently being brainwashed into ignoring the real dangers to Mother Earth and her dwellers, namely pollution of our food, drinking water, air, rivers, seas, forests and land (engineered by the same parasitic power elite in the first place). Thus climate alarmists are misled into attacking an illusory foe, something that our collective human existence depend upon, namely the CO2 ingredient of photosynthesis - the basis for the growth of our foods and in regenerating the polluted air we are breathing. How deep shall humanity fall before realising it is actually feeding cancerous tumors of our suffering world? How dear these misguided pawns call themselves scientists, not even having the basic spiritual capability to grasp the fact that Mother Earth is a self-regulating living planetary entity that would thrive tremendously without them?

  • Amanda Lauren
    Amanda Lauren Hour ago

    Guantanamo send them there

  • Amanda Lauren
    Amanda Lauren Hour ago

    Stupid religion

  • Hugh Hammell
    Hugh Hammell Hour ago


  • Andrew Macaulay
    Andrew Macaulay Hour ago

    We don't want to live under UNITED NATIONS they are nazi royal paedophiles

  • James Brown
    James Brown Hour ago

    I'm not religious but find absolutism just as dangerous, if not more so, than religion. I'd argue that has had more of a negative effect to Western society at least, over the past decade or so. Also another couple of points would be that clashes of secular philosophy have proven to be equally as dangerous throughout history. In Western society, the decline of Christianity has coincided with a more divisive, and bitter environment I would suggest. I always find it ironic when many people argue how the lack of religion improves things, and then act like the world is about to end, depending on what suits whatever they are talking about.

  • Thomas Timk
    Thomas Timk Hour ago

    Divine police wow

  • Cliff Roberts
    Cliff Roberts Hour ago

    Soon this is most of our fate.

  • Public Public
    Public Public Hour ago

    The Trump Hydra calls someone two faced? Looks like self inflicted egg on his several faces.

  • Jesse A.
    Jesse A. Hour ago

    Can't stand listening to that blonde.

  • Bhawna Tiwari
    Bhawna Tiwari Hour ago

    This interviewer is offending...

  • Toffee BlueNose
    Toffee BlueNose Hour ago

    This is what david icke meant about the system repeating and highlighting bad situations but really they dont care because ignorance is bliss.

  • Bhawna Tiwari
    Bhawna Tiwari Hour ago

    This man wants Marxism...moron

    NO NAME Hour ago

    There is 407ppm CO2 in the atmosphere which is calculated to 0,0407% and there is 99% water vapor in the atmosphere... So just by using simple math and a little bit of logic, then the CO2, needs to be at least 3 times higher before it can change anything... and dont forget about the SUN!!! and our orbit around the sun and earths spin around it self... But todays scientists, neither dont mention that, or say it has no meaning to the climate, but they do say that the smallest part of our climate controls everything, the 0,0407%... That means CO2 have now become more powerful than GOD and the Sun and gravity... HURRAY for mankind, most of you have now developed into cavemen with no brain....

  • Taye
    Taye Hour ago

    Reparations is, to me, a foolish idea. This is because it undermines a basic concept in law that "the sins of the father are not the sins of the sun". Basically, no British person alive today has personally taken any action to enslave, own slaves or otherwise partake in the unofficial, later 19th century indentured service that, for example caused the Morant Bay Rebellion. Yes, I understand that Jamaicans today are still negatively affected by actions of past Britons. However, by that logic you would also have to concede that if a man robbed a family and left them in poverty for decades , if that man died his children should then have a responsibility to pay the family back. This seems to be a result of reparations movements everywhere promoting a view of the UK as this giant, age old institution and forgetting that we are people too, that any reparations are going to have to be raised through tax revenue, taxes on people just as innocent as those that our ancestors enslaved.The reparations campaigner in this video claims that we are "denying [their] humanity", and yet seems to forget that British people are also human. That's not some attempt at guilt tripping, it is simply common sense. It's also, just an "eye for an eye" argument, forgetting that such action would make the whole world blind. I also find it a flawed argument to say that "Briton has huge influence" therefore we should grant reparations, which would surely give us even more influence? I find it interesting that she seems to want us to be even more involved in Jamaican affairs than she claims we are. Or have I misunderstood what she means by that? I will imagine I will get quite a few responses to this, most will probably disagree with me. However if you do, I'd ask that you please actually try to counter my arguments rather than just throwing facts and figures about British impact on Jamaica at me.

  • Martin Warne
    Martin Warne Hour ago

    The secret is to say it in a welsh accent whilst making love to a sheep.

  • d dd
    d dd Hour ago

    Never one reason for war. Who knows which tortured souls join to organized violence. Although this is about wales they make it sound like the French foreign legion.

  • Farhaan
    Farhaan Hour ago

    Maybe all countries should get rid of the black people, and peace and harmony would thrive ;)

  • Pete Hamann
    Pete Hamann Hour ago

    Neither candidate should have been possible, and it remains that way in 2020.

  • Blaise Morris
    Blaise Morris Hour ago


  • Purge187
    Purge187 Hour ago

    And now Amazon is thinking about getting into healthcare. I don't like where this is going.

  • M R
    M R Hour ago

    How strange. I call out Putinbitz and a new account pops up to berate me! I wonder what the connection could be ...

  • Adam Vee
    Adam Vee Hour ago

    reddit hahah all time low from channel 4.. a forum for kids. who cares where they came from its whats in them!!

  • that_pac12
    that_pac12 Hour ago

    I'm tired of sitting around and waiting, the only way the timing could have been better is if this was 3 years ago.

  • Brian Hyde
    Brian Hyde Hour ago

    Why none of this will work

  • Rahul P V
    Rahul P V Hour ago

    നിൻറെ അമ്മേന്റെ നായർ ...പലതാണോടാ ....പൂറി മോനെ......

  • Peter T
    Peter T Hour ago

    Trump complains about being two faced. How funny, coming from the king of clowns. Time for Mar Lago and more golf from a guy who stated he would play less than Obama.

  • Георгий Колосов

    A dirty, smelly, leftist hole this Hollywood $ 💩💩💩😈🔯🐐🐐🐐🐐👎 is for them a sloppy killer, a maniac ruining Mexico, degrading U.S. youth, whose scumbags cut off living heads -hero. and Trump who is trying to protect the country from the left Satanism is the enemy of humanity! :( Sean Penn, De Niro and other-f...n idiots🙉🙉🙉

  • Rahul P V
    Rahul P V 2 hours ago

    KUKKURASYA PUTHRAHA............. sanskrit.......anyone able to translate..........?.......

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler 2 hours ago

    hahaha dumb british lefties

  • Ninja Please
    Ninja Please 2 hours ago

    Jordan: I enjoy long walks on the beach. Cathy: So you’re saying you club baby seals in your spare time?

  • Rahul P V
    Rahul P V 2 hours ago

    എടാ .....ശശി തരൂരെ ...ബ്രിട്ടീഷുകാരെക്കുറിച്ച് എന്തെങ്കിലും പറഞ്ഞാൽ ....നിന്റെ അമ്മേന്റെ പൂറിൽ തോട്ടി കേറ്റും ഞാൻ ...കേട്ടോടാ ...പുല്യാടച്ചീന്റെ മോനെ ....

  • Георгий Колосов

    Грязная вонючая,левацкая дыра этот голливуд$💩💩💩😈🔯🐐🐐🐐🐐👎 для них эль чяпо-убийца,маньяк разваливающий мексику,деградирующий молодежь США ,чьи отморозки отрезают живым людям головы-герой,а Трамп который пытается защитить страну от левого сатанизма-враг человечества!:(

  • Vicky Bowe
    Vicky Bowe 2 hours ago

    Thanks for the upload. I'm really enjoying this series of interviews, thanks!

    • M R
      M R Hour ago

      You are also enjoying making allegations about people and substances and then deleting the post. I can do that too - but I don't!

  • Orange Roughy
    Orange Roughy 2 hours ago

    Of course they never get some of the far left groups on for an interview.

  • R. Charles Allsopp
    R. Charles Allsopp 2 hours ago

    Singapore has a flat rate of 20% income tax no matter what your income. Local Singaporeans are truly looked after. Their apartments are huge, and they even have a "baby bonus". Talk of 50% 70% is extreme madness especially as someone might have started their own business.

  • Les James
    Les James 2 hours ago

    Aaron Bank's Digital Army now working for Johnson - HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

  • hydra66
    hydra66 2 hours ago

    I'd be truly surprised if the leak was from Russia- they've got more to benefit from a conservative government distancing us from the EU with no deal than a labour one. From my research watching Yes Minister, it's a leak from the civil service- that's far more credible than 'Reddit says.

  • Mark Davids
    Mark Davids 2 hours ago

    I’ve not paid the TV licence since this happened

  • M R
    M R 2 hours ago

    A quick listing of 19 active sockpuppet accounts that are paid content from Putinbotz. All of these accounts have lapsed into English than no Brit would ever use. Some of them - like the Robert Collier account - even admit it before they continue their deceit. Joe Bloggs claims to have gone to a 'public shool' in the UK but misses the jibe about getting schooled in Rampton - as does K MT whose main talent is missing UK cultural allusions and making false accusations to distract from what he is. Here goes: Albert Pike (a female serial shitposter who will try aping people who show her up) Anna Hunt cary bary Corbyn therapist Death to the EU Regime (AKA Russian Troll So Im Told) generic username Jackie Cooksey Jason Devon (parrots tabloid news stories and occasionally lapses into weirdly phrased English) Joe Bloggs [] - that guy deletes his own posts and then tries to make people who have referred to them look bad. Dishonest. Johnny Caruthers K MT (main talent is missing UK cultural allusions and making false accusations to distract from what he is) Mr Cheesy Chips Plain English Rachel White Robert Collier (admits to not being British when challenged hard enough and then pops up again pretending to be British) Roger Stubbs Russian Troll So Im Told (AKA Death to the EU Regime) Sheila Butterworth Snowy Owel I might post this list fairly often. They're easy enough to spot with a little effort. I'll see some of these people next Tuesday.

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike 51 minute ago

      MR You were exposed as an EU paid shill. Your deranged Russia stories are laughable.

  • Rahul P V
    Rahul P V 2 hours ago

    british love HINDUISM............dear BRITAIN...........will you please attack india AGAIN..........?.....BRITAIN really help lower caste people.....and DESTROY................. CASTE SYSTEM..........

  • David Baird
    David Baird 2 hours ago

    A man with wise words & a huge heart. I'd love to sink a few pints with him. But Jim "won't" fix it for us though!!

  • Trainspotter82
    Trainspotter82 2 hours ago

    Hate Dundee, looks depressing AF grey city, grey people. total drag

  • jsbart96
    jsbart96 2 hours ago

    We need to make the very important distinction between state and private mixed economies, capitalism, and a democratic worker led and owned economy

    HARSHIT JOSHI 2 hours ago

    Wooow what an english

  • Nabil Farah
    Nabil Farah 2 hours ago

    Look yur eyes there blood liar ediot

  • Gin Toki
    Gin Toki 2 hours ago

    My mate: sl where do you plan to go in your holidays Me: llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Teacher : English please

  • Deputy Van Halen
    Deputy Van Halen 2 hours ago

    Haha more food banks than McDonalds, Gregg's in the UK hahaha. Great job Conservatives.

  • Gin Toki
    Gin Toki 2 hours ago

    Man: llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch TheXvid caption: Plan buyer to push winger to go get oakland robert lanza sileo go go go

  • Apolo Creed
    Apolo Creed 2 hours ago

    IMagine if every bystander had a gun. There will be no terrorism.

  • Apolo Creed
    Apolo Creed 2 hours ago

    You need guns. Every citicens armed. END OF TERRORISM.

  • longrider
    longrider 2 hours ago

    Thanks for the heads up. I haven't shopped at Amazon yet and now I never will. I'll take my dollars elsewhere. We all vote with our way or another.

  • Sam Innit
    Sam Innit 2 hours ago

    It’s a new beautiful moment in life, when a News channel uses a video about the dangers of social media to promote their social media presence. Silk Cut anyone? Mmmmmm self harming

  • GonkeyBoyz
    GonkeyBoyz 2 hours ago

    Tunnel snakes? Fallout?

  • buddah bless
    buddah bless 3 hours ago

    Britain biggest complaint about trains that are on average only 8% late and usually by 30 mins. I implore you to visit Me in America and take ANY Amtrak train Outside the NEC, IF and when you can find one ! Average late trains 40%, and time ? usually late by 2.5 hours and that's WITH significant PADDING ( adding extra time to the trains schedule) to accommodate delays ! Britain consider yourself luck no matter which operational model your rail lines take. As of 2017 Amtrak no longer records On-Time Performance for "Short distance (<400 miles)" or "Long Distance (>=400 miles)" and instead records three new categories of "Northeast corridor aka NEC," "State supported," and "Long distance." This posted by an avid rail fan, I WISH all we had was the UK's problems when it comes to rail service , we have it much worst.

  • Jogaila Slekys
    Jogaila Slekys 3 hours ago

    If the God doesn't exist, why Mr. Dawkins are putting so much energy in to denying it? Wouldn't be more simple just to let go and have a peaceful mind... I think it's not intelligent for such intelligent man to waste so much time by chasing the ideas that he doesn't believe in to. You don't walk on the streets claiming that unicorns are not real and they do not exist. But why God then?

  • Jamal Ahmed
    Jamal Ahmed 3 hours ago

    Welsh or Scottish independence is just as bad as brexit. But Irish reunification will actually be economically beneficial for Northern Irish people as Ireland has a higher GDP per capita than UK.

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike Hour ago

      MR You were exposed as an EU paid shill.

    • M R
      M R 2 hours ago

      @Jamal Ahmed Al Pike's an FSB troll who shitposts. It's the fountain of falsehood technique.

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike 2 hours ago

      @Jamal Ahmed I am talking about ROI, Einstein. ps The North was part of a UK vote and the UK voted to leave.

    • Jamal Ahmed
      Jamal Ahmed 2 hours ago

      @Albert Pike Are you deluded? Northern Ireland voted to stay in the EU

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike 2 hours ago

      The Irish people want to leave the EU dictatorship. The second referendum was rigged and the people will fight back.

  • DeathCreepsSilently
    DeathCreepsSilently 3 hours ago

    Note there was no mention of companies owned by foreign parent companies, such as Abellio Later Angier, who plough a significant amount of their profits back into the Dutch national railway. This is why European railways are so much better, because we are paying for them!

  • Antenna Wilde
    Antenna Wilde 3 hours ago

    He should change his name to Johnny Blossom. What a treasure.

  • SosaOtto300
    SosaOtto300 3 hours ago

    Trump ain’t no snitch I like that in president

  • Mr Kajja
    Mr Kajja 3 hours ago

    "Less kids would be roaming the streets at night and inside a warm environment" Maybe if mom wasn't a crackhead and dad wasnt awol this environment might exist more frequently.

  • Jamal Ahmed
    Jamal Ahmed 3 hours ago

    Tories only have 8 seats in Wales - what difference will 8 seats make?

  • Ralph Hekscher
    Ralph Hekscher 3 hours ago

    Shall I use black or blue fingernail polish. Heck I’ll do both.

  • Kevin Pickford
    Kevin Pickford 3 hours ago

    Notice how all the people who dont live in christian countries are in war? maybe due to the fact that they worship a religion that glorifies war and pedophilia.

    POLICIA SANDO 3 hours ago

    the USA is the master , Canada ,France ,Germany etc are slaves to the USA. if they dare say no the us , there will be a violence in those country.

  • JC4PM4Christmas
    JC4PM4Christmas 3 hours ago

    Unusual to see Harry Hill without that big white collar.