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  • Steven
    Steven Hour ago

    Traduzcan este video porfavorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

  • tylerhall818
    tylerhall818 Hour ago

    I think this is maybe the 6th time watching and I crack up every time. Thank you for entertaining me my entire life

  • Sydney Kong
    Sydney Kong Hour ago


  • Steven
    Steven Hour ago

    Pero si es Joshi!!!

  • E.T. Mayer
    E.T. Mayer Hour ago

    Y the comments move?

  • Brayan Santana
    Brayan Santana Hour ago


  • Francisco Blancas
    Francisco Blancas 2 hours ago

    Wow how have you grown

  • Féřńàńđó Tòpèťè

    A cabron no son Mexicanos alaverga jajaja

  • Liana Mondragón
    Liana Mondragón 2 hours ago

    Ellos no piensan en los fans latinos

  • Peace_Løve_Art
    Peace_Løve_Art 2 hours ago

    *It's not strawberry it's cherry...* Also has Noah watched his show🤣🤣

  • Kortney Gilmore
    Kortney Gilmore 2 hours ago

    Josh says “nothing makes me happier, I’m like a Jewish mother.” 😂😂

  • Keira Bee
    Keira Bee 2 hours ago

    It’s cherry not strawberry u melts😂😂

  • Evelyn Hersman
    Evelyn Hersman 3 hours ago

    Lol I’m in 7th grade too!!

  • Jennifer Rodriguez
    Jennifer Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    pls don’t feed him too much fast food lol 😬😬😬💔

  • Jennifer Rodriguez
    Jennifer Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    “I love a school type of pizza” LOL 😂😂😂😂😂

  • K K
    K K 3 hours ago

    No alexei likes CHERRY not “sh** strawberry”

  • Sydney Kong
    Sydney Kong 3 hours ago

    "i kept seeing all your beach photos of you looking all cut. like this sucks. i'm supposed to be the hot one" AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA I'M DED

  • Famous Jaylah
    Famous Jaylah 3 hours ago

    Y’all look like drake and josh 🤭

  • Sydney Kong
    Sydney Kong 3 hours ago

    "this was just like prepararion for my life with david dobrik" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH DED

  • SHAMS Alnusyrat
    SHAMS Alnusyrat 3 hours ago

    Vardan this is for all the invesebele people cause I was invisible once

  • Soysauce Theboss
    Soysauce Theboss 3 hours ago

    They look like giant hickies

  • NachoAverageFamily
    NachoAverageFamily 3 hours ago

    i literally met noah yesterday and im getting all of these videos in my recommendation section now 🤧😭

  • Kelly :v López
    Kelly :v López 4 hours ago

    Soy la única que Abla español

  • Rvnc oficial
    Rvnc oficial 4 hours ago

    The cheetos cheetah’s name is Chester!!

  • The Daring Divas
    The Daring Divas 4 hours ago

    Noah:” I forget, I forget, it was from a while ago Josh:YOUR FUNNY

  • Jennifer Rodriguez
    Jennifer Rodriguez 4 hours ago


  • Krloz Droid
    Krloz Droid 4 hours ago

    It would be something fantastic for someone to make a pure channel to re-cover Josh's videos but to the Spanish Like If You Would Like It Also 👍

  • The Daring Divas
    The Daring Divas 4 hours ago

    The collab I never knew I needed

  • Kay J
    Kay J 4 hours ago

    Why didnt u put her a red bow on it 😢

  • Junior14 Cruz
    Junior14 Cruz 4 hours ago

    Wow soy uno de los pocos que hablan español saludos desde México😄

  • Iowa&theother49
    Iowa&theother49 4 hours ago

    who else rechecked the thumbnail lmao

  • Emad Ansar
    Emad Ansar 4 hours ago


  • M.arsenal 22
    M.arsenal 22 5 hours ago

    Soy el otro comentario en español

  • Cabeça de Gelo
    Cabeça de Gelo 5 hours ago

    Top 10 animes OVAs

  • Henry Grand
    Henry Grand 6 hours ago

    I sincerely hope this was scripted lol

  • Paola Mtz
    Paola Mtz 6 hours ago

    Me: My birthday is in April, it's the best month ever Josh: Nobody likes April Me: April? What's that?

  • G Molin
    G Molin 6 hours ago

    Alguien mexicano? 🇲🇽

  • Mike the God Gamer
    Mike the God Gamer 6 hours ago

    You are just amazing!😀😀

  • Simply Riya
    Simply Riya 6 hours ago

    I thought it was cherry

  • Sofia Solorzano
    Sofia Solorzano 6 hours ago

    Hola,soy de México 😅te conozco por Drake u Josh

  • Adiann
    Adiann 6 hours ago

    No takis why?

  • Злой Kлоун
    Злой Kлоун 6 hours ago

    "Do i look like Wikipedia" LMAO

  • Sergio Torrez
    Sergio Torrez 6 hours ago

    Halguien habla ESPAÑOL XD

  • Tatevik Simonian
    Tatevik Simonian 7 hours ago

    how did I even end up here?

  • Evan Childs
    Evan Childs 7 hours ago

    I wonder if these were replaced by the cinnabon donuts

  • YessirItsClint
    YessirItsClint 7 hours ago

    Very wholesome

  • Tomas Cardenas
    Tomas Cardenas 7 hours ago

    alguien que traduzca estoo

  • shikeridoo
    shikeridoo 7 hours ago

    burgers i do understand. but this. how? lol.

  • Cristal Appice
    Cristal Appice 8 hours ago

    Who keeps giving Josh all these gift cards all the time 😂

  • Alexis Franci
    Alexis Franci 8 hours ago

    El gruñon de josh es todo gruñon tun tun

  • Joudi Kattabeh
    Joudi Kattabeh 8 hours ago

    It's cherry not strawberry noah

  • lu15 v1ll3ga5
    lu15 v1ll3ga5 8 hours ago

    Can i get a heart

  • April Bush
    April Bush 8 hours ago

    My Name is April and you’re right nobody likes April

  • Owen Racker
    Owen Racker 8 hours ago

    This is the moment i've been waiting for.

  • Corporativo Sensorcon

    Josh nicoles es Iluminati

  • Bilal Aslam
    Bilal Aslam 8 hours ago

    9:09 yeah I've never even heard you like touch a creep before Oh I used to touch 'em all the time

  • Bilal Aslam
    Bilal Aslam 8 hours ago

    0:13 Scott got protective when he saw Josh reach in that area

  • JM Felix
    JM Felix 9 hours ago

    Nice Q & A hahahaha

  • Kayson
    Kayson 10 hours ago

    Okay cool video and all but I need a video finding out how much is on the Target gift card. 😂

  • Matt Bein
    Matt Bein 11 hours ago

    Treating lunchables as a gourmet meal

  • Anna Mellor
    Anna Mellor 11 hours ago

    I cannot

  • Rɛkwɪəm Lusith
    Rɛkwɪəm Lusith 11 hours ago

    This is beautiful 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Hannia Briceño
    Hannia Briceño 11 hours ago

    Lo ve a Noa de la serie de netflix

  • Amelie Mahoney
    Amelie Mahoney 11 hours ago

    Josh: *what's up hate yourself crew!* Me: Hi

  • Allyssa Gaile Nolasco
    Allyssa Gaile Nolasco 11 hours ago

    David is like a baby! I love him💕💕💕💕

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 12 hours ago

    Es hermoso jaja

    KOTSFAIL 12 hours ago

    Saquen una temporada nueva v':

  • Алиса Алиса
    Алиса Алиса 12 hours ago

    Вау вот это да))

  • Melissa Jane
    Melissa Jane 13 hours ago

    Watching feeling sad that they're using ranch instead of blue cheese and eating boneless wings all bc I'm from Buffalo NY 👀😂

  • Kayla Johnson
    Kayla Johnson 13 hours ago

    It’s a letter that comes after b it’s a wizard

  • Randa Ayache
    Randa Ayache 14 hours ago

    Why does this seem so awkward

  • abc
    abc 15 hours ago

    Is Jonah kidding or does he actually not know anything? 😂

  • Nick McKeezy
    Nick McKeezy 15 hours ago

    This is honestly just my regular chipotle meal

  • chxrrycola
    chxrrycola 16 hours ago

    “people like to say my name jeff to me” HAHAHA I LOST IT

  • chxrrycola
    chxrrycola 16 hours ago

    jeff is so cute kill me

  • Fernando Aguilar
    Fernando Aguilar 16 hours ago

    DAM is becoming sexy

  • Barbara
    Barbara 17 hours ago

    Did they forget the punishment lol

  • Tendered l0lz
    Tendered l0lz 17 hours ago

    u should eat it and drink hot water

    HOTSHOT GAMING 17 hours ago

    Who is that @2:33 in blue on left ?

  • kymb adamson
    kymb adamson 18 hours ago

    i think josh wanted to do this video only so he can say he spoon fed jeff.

  • idkjho
    idkjho 18 hours ago

    josh please follow your true passion and create COOKIN W JOSH shit would be great and u can have guests and jonah can taste tests and bro just hire me @purpleshroomies lets work

  • Trinity Livingston
    Trinity Livingston 18 hours ago

    Oh dear Lord...

  • Rick Kyoto
    Rick Kyoto 18 hours ago

    They need to react to the memes

  • Nicksperiments
    Nicksperiments 19 hours ago

    Kid Josh looks like a young Jay Leno

  • James Jensen
    James Jensen 19 hours ago

    i think i might’ve done better than josh and noah abt their own shows. gotta rethink my time management

  • Meli Namihira
    Meli Namihira 19 hours ago

    Albin yaquitori and jeferson gutierritos 😶

  • Nadia Rosales
    Nadia Rosales 19 hours ago

    Omg he was soo young to do that guys don’t do it until after marriage good advice it’s what my cousin that has a kid tells me lol

  • JustCallMeDope
    JustCallMeDope 19 hours ago

    Miranda Cosgrove probably disliked this video... cause i just saw the video where you finally saw her after 4 years, and you apologized to her for not inviting her to the wedding 😓😂

  • JD G
    JD G 19 hours ago

    Josh is a young Ron Jeremy..... The stache totally makes it!

  • lucy s
    lucy s 19 hours ago

    noah seemed so over it the whole time, josh kept trying to joke around with him and have fun and noah was not even attempting

  • Sahara Sankoh
    Sahara Sankoh 19 hours ago

    Love ya josh

  • Chimpo
    Chimpo 19 hours ago

    Jason really is that dad that wants nothing to do with the youngsters shenanigans

  • samuel olvera
    samuel olvera 20 hours ago

    Y loa billetes ? Como han pasado los años ! : (

  • Beatriz Diaz
    Beatriz Diaz 20 hours ago

    Josh's laugh is like ZZZzZzz

  • Ray Miller
    Ray Miller 20 hours ago

    U could do name brand and cheap shit like coco pebbles vs coco diamonds

  • Emily aldrich #puthinator

    My old favorite show with my new fav show ( Drake and Josh ) now ( stranger things )

  • Emanuel Ruiz
    Emanuel Ruiz 21 hour ago

    Hello josh

  • Brayan Sánchez
    Brayan Sánchez 21 hour ago

    Y los billetes :v

  • Salvador gnz
    Salvador gnz 21 hour ago

    No entendi ni verg@ xd

  • Jacob tech Pro
    Jacob tech Pro 21 hour ago

    No you’re right I didn’t get to five I got shoot 11 million views