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  • Kay Gerritsen - Blaney

    Suzie you crack me up! The list you gave regarding using our nails as a tool, I’m guilty of every single one.

  • Unicorn Fairy Nails
    Unicorn Fairy Nails 24 minutes ago

    I suzie I love watching ur channel I'm from the UK I was wondering have u any advise on how to make utube videos better and how u get ur inspo for doing nails I've been doing nails videos for ages and I'm always running out of ideas what to do xx

  • Amy Gibson
    Amy Gibson 44 minutes ago

    I don’t really have money for forms but i use duct tape and put on like a form. ( after cutting a circle and then a long u shape) hope this helps more people!!!

  • Jerrad Trahan
    Jerrad Trahan Hour ago

    Would anyone else go for "history of nail enhancement" from Susie?

  • lacee weeden
    lacee weeden 2 hours ago

    Hey Suzie , love your work, thanks for making nails such a nice enviroment to apart of. My question is every time I go to get my nails done my skin around my nails always peels. Does this mean anything??

  • Luisa Vazquez
    Luisa Vazquez 2 hours ago

    Where’s the link to the dried flowers?

  • Destiny Vargas
    Destiny Vargas 3 hours ago

    You give me the therapy that I need. Watching these videos relaxes me so well🖤

  • BeautyDaughtMom
    BeautyDaughtMom 3 hours ago

    I’m curious...why don’t you use his first name, rather than calling him “cameraman?” Just wondering... 😘

  • bgte401
    bgte401 4 hours ago

    It would be nice to see nails from people of different nationalities. You can what looks work with different skin tones.

  • 73Stargazer
    73Stargazer 4 hours ago

    I literally dont get nails like this because I often put *zero* effort into my outfit for the day and my own nails would think they're too good for me

  • sonerscorner
    sonerscorner 4 hours ago

    she gives off a mother goose vibe. i like it. her talking is kinda comforting. she's like the mother goose of nails

  • C Connolly
    C Connolly 5 hours ago

    Suzie is one of the only youtubers who can show the result right at the top of the video and I’ll still watch the whole way through

  • Erica Farkas
    Erica Farkas 5 hours ago

    Where do you get your monomer jar?

  • Erica Farkas
    Erica Farkas 5 hours ago

    I am in LOVE with that chrome color!!!! OMG, I need to order some.

  • sleep. less
    sleep. less 7 hours ago

    They be using the drill on my nail bed all the time ?? Is that bad?

  • Smuncho31
    Smuncho31 7 hours ago

    Where do all your cute dishes and bowls come from!!??

  • Hooked On Glitter - Tanya Sanders

    Lol. Suzie, I don't scold my clients either. I also work over other people's work.

  • FoxHeart 13
    FoxHeart 13 7 hours ago

    I love the video, but had to skip the demolition. The noise was uncomfortable to my ears. Still great video

  • valery lau nails
    valery lau nails 8 hours ago

    ❤️😍😍😍que hermosas uñas 💅🏻

  • The Emma Show
    The Emma Show 8 hours ago

    I watch her channel every night. It's so soothing

  • Kara Vaughn
    Kara Vaughn 8 hours ago


  • At Home With Tia
    At Home With Tia 8 hours ago

    I need to try dip nails because I’m allergic to gel nails! 😭

  • Diana Herron
    Diana Herron 8 hours ago

    It was satisfying to watch this. Very pretty

  • Shirley Landry
    Shirley Landry 9 hours ago

    I’m so happy most of our tips I already do on myself 😊

  • Littlebit Lauren
    Littlebit Lauren 9 hours ago

    They look great❤! How much time would you book a client for if you were doing a nail renovation like this?

  • tabitha harjo
    tabitha harjo 9 hours ago

    I have a problem with keeping long nails, they always break. I hate it when they be breaking on me.

  • Kasumi Chin
    Kasumi Chin 10 hours ago

    I absolutely love your voice. As a beginner I love watching and learning from someone that atleast has a calm voice and explains why and how as they go along. Love that! I'm just starting off and you've taught me so much. I'm bout to watch the rest of your videos! 💕 Subbed

  • internal optometrist
    internal optometrist 10 hours ago

    I’d like to see polygel and dual forms from Suzie.

  • Pai Pug
    Pai Pug 10 hours ago

    I'm obsessed with Max!!!!!!!!!

  • Unfading Passion
    Unfading Passion 11 hours ago

    Order this thanks

  • Camilla Forgachi Santos

    I love your videos! 💕 I'm from Brazil and acrylic nails are not very popular around here 😓 people still prefer natural nails... But I have to say it would be a DREAM having my nails done with you! Your work is amazing! Xoxo

  • Lucy Kane
    Lucy Kane 12 hours ago

    I loved this real upload and including how to price. Great as always 👌

  • Lucy Kane
    Lucy Kane 12 hours ago

    I agree Suzie turn no one away

  • The Delos Reyes Vlog
    The Delos Reyes Vlog 12 hours ago

    oh my i first saw your product to Long Hair Pretty nails channel i can feel that you are a very warm and kind person(: new subbie here lots of love from 🇯🇵

  • Kirstin Davis
    Kirstin Davis 12 hours ago

    Can you do a video on thin natural nails? I have paper thin nails and I haven’t been able to find a technician that won’t buff them too much. I’ve started doing some nail care at home but I’d like to start doing my own acrylics. How do I go about nail prep and care without damaging my natural nails?

  • Tina Mayo
    Tina Mayo 13 hours ago

    not good at artwork.. used to seeing Kirsty Meakin and others.. haven't seen Suzie in awhile.. that accent nail, very messy done.. glitter all over and stuck onto capping layer when applying.. not used to seeing that.. those buffing files the shine one can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply.. i love it.. it's a 4 level shine product..

  • David Newark
    David Newark 13 hours ago

    Hey Susie just wanted to say first that I love all of your videos, It's so calming...I just wanted to tell you about the moment in the video where you said he or she would like their nail length shortened...A lot of people would find that somewhat offensive because that wouldn't be their gender pronoun..It seems to be different for different individuals but I would keep them vague like referring to your client base as a whole they or them ...I would never want to see hate spewed period because I think you are a wonderful person..

  • Larisa Pfleegor
    Larisa Pfleegor 14 hours ago

    I have very wide Cuticles so I like tips that have wider ones so I don’t have gaps.

  • Marsha Rc
    Marsha Rc 14 hours ago

    Prefer d hybrid hands down

  • Margaret Howard
    Margaret Howard 14 hours ago

    So so helpful x

  • Lukas Fierens
    Lukas Fierens 14 hours ago

    Can Someone explain the Belgian law thing at around 25:00 Edit: 25:38

  • Faith amy
    Faith amy 14 hours ago

    Do you need a lamp for acrylic?

  • Vicky ferguson
    Vicky ferguson 14 hours ago

    Yayyyyyyyy for critter hez sooooo cute 💕thankyou suzie and camera man for a glimpse of the fury fur ball

  • Tabatha Gibson
    Tabatha Gibson 15 hours ago

    You do amazing work.And the price point is unbelievable. I pay alot more for the regular service.

  • Saitaina Malfoy
    Saitaina Malfoy 15 hours ago

    "Don't use your nails as tools" Sorry, I failed punching human biology and evolution in the face and used them we what they were meant to be (which is why I'm currently replacing the polish I chipped off working on my car last night).

  • Amilia Savage- Urban Spaceman

    I love this colour! 😍😍😍

  • Victoria Feasey
    Victoria Feasey 16 hours ago

    Wow how have I never seen ur channel before those nails look beautiful thank u for helping me do it x

  • Lukas Fierens
    Lukas Fierens 16 hours ago

    Who did the Dutch translation for the title? It’s wrong

  • lynn b
    lynn b 16 hours ago

    To do a french use a sharpie and draw lines on outside and then fill like coloring by numbers... takes practice but it works... this also works for acrylic ..good for dyi as as a professional if acrylic is your love then there is no need to use these ... yes I am licensed 30 years love acrylic but always open to learning more.. this is a good way to learn proper form of bridge ect because if you can do it this way other is very easy

  • Dianey Flores
    Dianey Flores 16 hours ago

    What powder and liquid are you using?

  • lelechim
    lelechim 16 hours ago

    So gorgeous! I have a nail polish that looks just like that. I wear it every Christmas :)

  • Ichrak Elhajji
    Ichrak Elhajji 17 hours ago

    I love the way u talk. Thats a professional nail artist s voice. Not like those talking loud. Ughh annoying. I love u btw

  • Evelyn Rivera
    Evelyn Rivera 17 hours ago


  • Yamini Kaura
    Yamini Kaura 17 hours ago

    I just hate that sound when ur nail filer machine do..... Plss plssss when ever u do that dnt give tips just give ur a background music.. Pls..

  • gacha fan
    gacha fan 18 hours ago

    I know it's gross but i peel off the skin around my nails

  • Michael Max Gierl
    Michael Max Gierl 18 hours ago

    I love these Reno videos! Also the pricing aspect. It’s good to have some perspective.

  • Arrialah Stock
    Arrialah Stock 18 hours ago

    Thank you ma’am! I took my time to watch the video cause these Vietnamese people apply the acrylic all the time instead of the gel. They barely use the gel. Wow!!! What a shame?

  • Marika Luis
    Marika Luis 18 hours ago

    Suzie, do you recomend the portable e-file or you still suggest to get tabletop version for the beginner mani/pedi nail teck specialist? Im on the lookout for affordable not loud and low vibration nailo drills ( we over here still call them like that .. ) ..Saw You Melody Susie vide and now Kupa one and im torn... since even for used Kupa , the price is deep ... plus added shipping to EU.. Also i have one suggestion, about the videos You do,. Could You do a health hazards one, your observations about it and how you suggest to avoid all those health related issues , what are actual concern when you work in nail beauty industry.. ( dust from nails, allergies, Hepatitis C, fungus etc ) Have been hearing complaints from my workmates, about these actually ( allergy and dust issues mainly thankfully!!! ) but those who want to start out or looking for information about future occupation and also seasoned doers.. who do not have maybe knowledge about these things either.

  • Rosie Gonzalez
    Rosie Gonzalez 18 hours ago

    Its very hard to find a nail tech who will actually take the time to see what each and every individual needs and doesn't need. Around here it's just another set of nails, a quick get in get out routine. They try to be so fast that they chop at your cuticles and thin out your nails so bad.

  • IveGot Moxie
    IveGot Moxie 19 hours ago

    Cars and nails, two of my favorite things. Now I want to go out and get a set that matches MY car. O_O (I am still a little chicken and haven't gone to a salon to get mine done. I really want to though.) Any advice for someone with anxiety?

  • Yentl Van Breugel
    Yentl Van Breugel 19 hours ago

    I will be starting my nail technician learning course in a few months! Im so excited

  • Andrinna Brown
    Andrinna Brown 19 hours ago

    Makartt don't sell this in the UK... since they love and sponsored you, can you please mention this little slight to them ........ had to make do with other polygels, clarity isn't the same. Lots of love Scotland xx

  • Revena Ashkebee
    Revena Ashkebee 20 hours ago

    AMAZING! Love the accent nail, stars are so cute. What kind of glitters were used? It's sooooo pretty! I love the new nail Reno series!

  • Baobai Vue
    Baobai Vue 20 hours ago

    I just got my nails yanked off and I think I have PTSD now because even when I had them put on, I got burnt three times too. Im literally afraid and never want to do my nails anymore

  • Spela Sagadin
    Spela Sagadin 22 hours ago

    Here in Slovenia(europe) any type of refill will cost me 25€ that about 35 canadian dollars :) and this is the price for fancy salon :)

  • Larisa Pfleegor
    Larisa Pfleegor 22 hours ago

    I am going to try this with my new poly gel kit. It has been three years since I had nails on and honestly my biting habit has been bad again.

  • Jaden Mitchell
    Jaden Mitchell 22 hours ago

    Thheeesseee were stunning Suzie !

  • Joyce Susan
    Joyce Susan 22 hours ago

    I only pay pay $40 for a I was surprised when you said $60.

  • Leah Elaine
    Leah Elaine 22 hours ago

    I love your Ragdoll kitty, I've got a Ragdoll also which is in my picture and his name is Toby💙 a Seal Point Ragdoll.

  • Leah Elaine
    Leah Elaine 22 hours ago

    That Koko gel is a gorgeous color and the pigment powder on top was stunning😍 good job.

  • Brittany Bowen

    Can you please do nails

  • Christine Lafleur

    Fantastic! I love all your TheXvid channel

  • J Mid
    J Mid Day ago

    I wanted to see the car :(

  • Roland Deda
    Roland Deda Day ago


  • Evah La'porch
    Evah La'porch Day ago

    this is simply WOOOOOWWO! I love the nails. gonna recreate someday soon.. lots of love from Nigeria 💖💋

  • Loris Martinovic

    So lowley, I want them too for my wedding

  • Aqualew
    Aqualew Day ago


  • Carla Andrade
    Carla Andrade Day ago

    Hi I have the Segminismart electric nail drill machine and I can't get the drill heads out of the machine. Can someone tell me how to do it? It doesn't have my bottom

  • 73Stargazer
    73Stargazer Day ago

    Anyone else hear Christine at 29:12 ?

  • 73Stargazer
    73Stargazer Day ago

    So happy for christine!

  • 73Stargazer
    73Stargazer Day ago

    Now I want to meet your cat