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  • Martyn Taylor
    Martyn Taylor 8 hours ago

    Squirming worm is my favourite worm

  • kemo sabe
    kemo sabe 7 days ago

    1:41:17 "YOU TREACHEROUS FUCKING SNAKE! FUCK YOUUU!" to "..hmyees?' lol 😂

  • Jordan Jenkins
    Jordan Jenkins 9 days ago

    Two were in SEAL Team-5

  • gugl acownt
    gugl acownt 12 days ago

    i'd fuck bonnie

  • s s
    s s 13 days ago

    Colins slams are absolutely soul crushing

  • Shawn Newcomer
    Shawn Newcomer 14 days ago

    I'm so relieved Greg is not a working "jock" anymore.

  • Joseph Edwards
    Joseph Edwards 17 days ago

    Dann man, I'm deeply sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing this sir. God bless you and yours ...

  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 18 days ago

    31:07 That is alarming, no pun intended, Kurt never brushed his hair. Also, why did Courtney "randomly" have a security system installed on a room they supposedly never used? Ouch.

  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 18 days ago

    Kurt bought the gun with Dylan before he went to Exodus. Courtney was already in L.A. How would she know he bought the shotgun? She was in contact with someone that was well aware of where he was and what he was doing.

    • john berry
      john berry 16 days ago

      I timelined that between March 30 and April 3, Dylan let that information slip to Courtney. Either Dylan or someone he told. I believe Dylan and Cali hold many pieces to this puzzle.

  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 18 days ago

    10:00 Case closed, that's it.

  • J. Patrick Boyce
    J. Patrick Boyce 20 days ago

    4:27 I spit my drink

  • Roselli Tv
    Roselli Tv 21 day ago


  • Tax Free Productions

    I don't like how shit dick pretends to be smarter than vos

  • TylerNorCal
    TylerNorCal 22 days ago

    'You look like a great looking hot guy baked inside a giant pie' is the greatest description of Bobby ever lmfao

  • Tax Free Productions

    Bonnie stinks. nice hat stupid

  • Dassa Besso
    Dassa Besso 23 days ago

    2:59:12 Missed a good horse pulling a carriage opportunity.

  • Justin Boulanger
    Justin Boulanger 23 days ago

    Shut up and continue...

    AUGUSTUS CAESAR 24 days ago

    I fucking hate this worm.

    • Martyn Taylor
      Martyn Taylor 8 hours ago

      But he stopped all those comics getting a 'muthauckering'

  • thelolmaster1997
    thelolmaster1997 Month ago

    1:38:45 colin says Bobby looks like a great looking hot guy.. baked inside a giant pie

  • farak braak
    farak braak Month ago


  • RanThaMan
    RanThaMan Month ago

    Colin is so sweet with bobo and lady di and he’s vicious with jimmy, it’s great

  • Frank DAgosto
    Frank DAgosto Month ago

    When You Get On Space Mountain You’ll Be Like This... 0:09

  • Old Dutch van der Linde

    Still enjoying this

  • marissac870
    marissac870 Month ago

    Came here to hear Jim's old stance on Hillary. From the jim and sam podcast about Epstein shit recently ! And not surprised. Sad to not be a fan of new jim. He s fishy

  • Jari
    Jari Month ago

    dude was the image of kurt flashing his eyes really necessary i had just smoked a fat jay and that shit freaked me out

  • EricLynchSucks
    EricLynchSucks Month ago

    It's not "vs", it's Colin destroying a wingleed moth.

  • Dren Archer
    Dren Archer Month ago

    Why Trump won in a landslide in 2016 and will win again in 2020. God bless you and all families of deployed personnel. I had no idea the depth of Extortion 17, this very much criminal and needs to exposed to every day Americans. If only we had a real media and not a leftist propaganda outlet that gives marching orders to the DNC! After these two Presidential Admins, Bush and obama, the shenanigans that they perpetrated on our military is horrific. God bless our military, God bless American exceptionalism, God bless Donald Trump!

  • King Poopra
    King Poopra Month ago

    1:54:54 long island at its classiest

  • Tax Free Productions

    11:20 "what am I going to say fuck Louis?" yep. pretty much what you did you chinless shit dick. die of aids alone

    • farak braak
      farak braak Month ago

      Tax Free Productions hes a faggot

  • peonmyhall
    peonmyhall Month ago

    Love how the worm pushes out a legend like norm for some fucking mma guy nobody even cares about anymore. Good job you weasel.

  • Southern N Crazy
    Southern N Crazy Month ago

    I went to school with Tommy.. he was a great person. He is dearly missed. 🙏🏻 🇺🇸

  • Waldo P. Schmeer
    Waldo P. Schmeer Month ago

    Rich “If It’s Honest You Gotta Do It” Vos.

  • Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez Month ago


  • Womannequin Reviews

    1:01:10 colins sigh lmao!

  • Timothy Price
    Timothy Price Month ago

    11:50 William P. Barr?

  • Josh Valle
    Josh Valle Month ago

    Colin the gent in the phone booth was hilarious!!!!!!!

  • farak braak
    farak braak Month ago

    TYFYS. also fuck MODS

  • Strength AndHonor

    And Biden is now running for president... smh

  • Adam Vaughan
    Adam Vaughan Month ago

    ''Brushing up.... needs a first coat''!!!

  • zvonimir lokas
    zvonimir lokas Month ago

    They both had the same attorney facepalm

  • Chris Binion
    Chris Binion Month ago

    If you're ever feeling down, just type "Artie Lange Laughing" on TheXvid.

  • Edward Tivrusky
    Edward Tivrusky Month ago

    This comment section is rife with malicious idiots. The reason Colin burns Jimmy so hard is because they are best friends who love sticking it to each other. Colin is one of the only people on earth that Jim actually looks up to. Just because you never had any good friends doesn't mean no one else does.

    • theflanman86
      theflanman86 7 days ago

      Ahh you sound like a real woman

    • ichiban308
      ichiban308 12 days ago

      Thanks man, you really broke it down for us. WE GET IT

    • Shane Stephens
      Shane Stephens 13 days ago

      Edward Tivrusky That’s a lie and you know it. Jimmy has looked up to every tranny he’s ever blown. You can’t look at the feet. That shit’ll fuck you up.

    • Robert Villanueva
      Robert Villanueva 20 days ago

      Edward Tivrusky shut the fuck up

  • Chip Chipperson
    Chip Chipperson Month ago


    • Arjun Raj
      Arjun Raj 17 days ago

      Chip Chipperson Is this the real chip?

  • Maclain Hunter
    Maclain Hunter Month ago

    I love the concept of Bobby being Buddha’s fuckup younger brother lolol....shit like that is why Colin’s the best comic ever!

  • dreaded360
    dreaded360 Month ago

    26:30 way to earn your money bitch tits.. picked his nose in silence for 20 mins.. now wonder it was good

  • dreaded360
    dreaded360 Month ago

    Norton really is a stupid fuck.. on full display on jim and sam

  • dreaded360
    dreaded360 Month ago

    3:18:50 so cool when bitch tits says exactly what the caller is about to say.. we get to hear it twice and opie gets to be the cool guy who said it first

  • Leo L
    Leo L Month ago

    “To what do we owe this unprecedented corpulence?”

  • Drop the Chalupa!

    Colin Quinn destroys all especially this piece of shit worm.

    • farak braak
      farak braak Month ago

      Drop the Chalupa! Fuck that faggot norton

  • Fredrick Miller
    Fredrick Miller Month ago

    Anthony thinking he's good on that fucking flute thing is goddamn annoying as shit. It's Opie level awfulness.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 2 months ago

    JIMMY TO VOS: "How much have you spent on your teeth so far?" ANTHONY: "15 bucks"

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 2 months ago

    "Rich Vos is the K-Fed of comedy"

  • J Isbister
    J Isbister 2 months ago

    1:11:00 - Bonnie's fucking hilarious

  • mrnintendo88
    mrnintendo88 2 months ago

    Howard jung un

  • Dan The Man Ross
    Dan The Man Ross 2 months ago

    8:32 Ant smash his guy!

  • Dan The Man Ross
    Dan The Man Ross 2 months ago

    18:26 GGG GETTING LOVE!!

  • Pyramid
    Pyramid 2 months ago

    *Kurt was murdered.* Someone was in that room with him, drugged him, fatally shot him and set up the scene. It's so obvious. I want to know who the second plane ticket that he bought was for.

  • Pyramid
    Pyramid 2 months ago

    From the way it sounds, Kurt knew something was up and that's why he escaped the rehab and went silent to get away from Courtney. I think they tried to make him overdose and stage it as a suicide in Rome and when he came to, he realized that there was something nefarious going on and wanted to get away asap.

  • Live Wire
    Live Wire 2 months ago

    Howard gave up a funny guy like Daniel Carver, for boring hollywood douchebags

  • Charles F.
    Charles F. 2 months ago

    The human whoopie cushion

  • topher nolastname
    topher nolastname 2 months ago

    "Either do charity or learn an instrument. You're just boring and sad, at least when you were into porn you were kind of exciting. Instead of reading a book or taking a class, this is what dumb people do to feel like an intellectual." - Colin Quinn giving Jim Norton the life-changing advice he's desperately needed but avoided, 15 years ago.

  • Gagandeep Singh
    Gagandeep Singh 2 months ago

    bonnie is an average comedian, pretty funny, idk why people show her so much hate, she's alright... she can be a bit cunty at times, but that's every woman alive. It's hard not to be what your genetic makeup tells you to be...

  • M CJ
    M CJ 2 months ago

    'shut up cat noise' 😂.

  • dreaded360
    dreaded360 2 months ago

    if you listen to this ,, then listen to bobby Kelly and sometimes colin quinn , it seems that quinn really doesn't like jim.. and yes jim sucks when he tries to be smart .. stick to chip

  • dreaded360
    dreaded360 2 months ago

    28:25 thank you mr quinn .. call that fag jim out

  • Yusuf Amplifice
    Yusuf Amplifice 2 months ago

    Vos is unforgivably dumb and terrible. Colin Quinn has to be the funniest guy in the world.

  • flamesfall89
    flamesfall89 2 months ago


  • benniez14
    benniez14 2 months ago


  • derek carter
    derek carter 2 months ago

    Flair snatching that guy's mic and shoving him lmfao.... And is it just me or does Arn look like a giant baby?

  • SWC revived
    SWC revived 2 months ago

    I still wish I could find that one part where Colin is plugging something, I think Unconstitutional (or The Toosh as he called it) and Jimmy says "I hope there's a fire in the theater" and Colin says "but somebody could be seriously injured!" It's a little sad because I liked Norton for a long time, but Colin is a thousand times the comedian that Jimmy ever was, and Jimmy's celebrity worship and weird touchiness is pathetic.

    • Bedgypooks
      Bedgypooks 2 days ago

      @Nathaniel Oakleaves What are you talking about you idiot?

    • Nathaniel Oakleaves
      Nathaniel Oakleaves 22 days ago

      @SWC revived "It's a little sad because I liked Norton for a long time, but Colin is a thousand times the comedian that Jimmy ever was, and Jimmy's celebrity worship and weird touchiness is pathetic." "It's a little sad because I liked Norton." Holy fuck, no one gives a shit. Just give your fucking opinion already with the "I love him but..." "Don't hurt me, but I think..." but but but but but. People are such fucking pussies with their opinions. So afraid of even ONE opposing opinion.

  • Mary
    Mary 2 months ago

    I know they were set up. This is so very sad! 😪

  • Martin Latour
    Martin Latour 2 months ago

    This might be the best video on YT. Watched it countless times

  • rob garci
    rob garci 2 months ago

    Rich "down's basset hound" vos

  • Hidden America
    Hidden America 2 months ago

    Is there an original source video/audio of these conversations, with the names of the individuals speaking, and also more of their conversations? Thanks.

  • Harriet Bosley
    Harriet Bosley 3 months ago

    "All publicity is good publicity", "selfishly, this might help to sell my record".... Kurt's death benefitted Courtney in more than one way 🤯🤬

    MELEKH HA OLAM 3 months ago

    Well, Charles Dutton is a killer.

  • Ryan Mizell
    Ryan Mizell 3 months ago

    Wish I had a time machine

  • Old Dutch van der Linde


  • Kiefer Jones
    Kiefer Jones 3 months ago

    Bonnie annoys me

    • crunch9876
      crunch9876 2 months ago

      Kiefer Jones I think she is funny

  • Frank Anderson
    Frank Anderson 3 months ago


  • Frank Anderson
    Frank Anderson 3 months ago

    Vos is awesome 2:03:50

    • Dassa Besso
      Dassa Besso 23 days ago

      That was a good one and he managed to get through it without popping a tire and skidding into the median.

    • Flip More
      Flip More 2 months ago

      Quinn is awesome from 00:01 - 2:03:49

  • Frank Anderson
    Frank Anderson 3 months ago


  • dreaded360
    dreaded360 3 months ago

    3:29:40 thank you for cutting out whatever hack response sherod was about to give..

  • dreaded360
    dreaded360 3 months ago

    imagine how hard bitch tits was laughing at himself in that pitch meeting for the balls show.. you know he said "balls" in the stupid way bitch tits talks and did his stupid laugh every time 2:12:30 and you KNOW that was an opie bit... Ant would have never thought to do that hacky , fuck in random places , bit.. the radio genius is a fucking hack hole

  • opprobriousness
    opprobriousness 3 months ago

    Bobby is quite fat.

  • Frank Anderson
    Frank Anderson 3 months ago


  • Raul Moreno
    Raul Moreno 3 months ago

    It's the best when Jim Norton gets attacked, its the best radio hearing him fight back

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 3 months ago

    1:21:43...HA...Colin is the best...what a funny mick cocksucker

  • miladymignonne
    miladymignonne 3 months ago


    • john berry
      john berry 3 months ago

      Billy and Karen were at the 1st presidential debate in 2016. Trump invited them there. The Vaughns said that then-candidate Trump met with the parents of the murdered SEALS, and gave them each all the time needed to explain Operation Lefty Grove to him. President Trump is well aware of this treasonous action.

  • E G
    E G 3 months ago

    All Opie can contribute is an "oooohhhhhh" over and over and over

  • brandon242
    brandon242 3 months ago

    so some real guy named Bill Bailey sitting in a Motel 6 doing God knows what got a random call from Courtney Love? Kidding aside i blame Kurt a little for even becoming involved with a skank like Courtney when he could have had almost any cute girl out there..imagine being him and realizing that you have basically set yourself up to be stripped clean by a wolf pack...hell maybe he did kill himself.

  • Mongoloid Mike
    Mongoloid Mike 3 months ago

    Why does this podcast sound like two Chechen warlords discussing war tactics?

  • Pennyroyal_T19 1975
    Pennyroyal_T19 1975 3 months ago

    Your husband is dead. Your friend (Kristen) is dead too and.... YOU DON'T CRY?!? CL phone conversations with Tom show that she didn't feel pain. It seems so weird!! I was emotionally K.O. during these days and... he wasn't MY husband! 😦🤔

  • Elvisisalive
    Elvisisalive 3 months ago

    Jim stabs everyone in the back who took him along for the ride, what a piece of shit.

  • NPC #303
    NPC #303 3 months ago


  • Mongoloid Mike
    Mongoloid Mike 3 months ago

    You should get ya head cut off lmaoo holy shit

  • Big Lou
    Big Lou 3 months ago

    Vos is a complete idiot and they are just as dumb for listening to Vos and trying to be positive. The man married that cunt and hasn't had a good idea, EVER!

  • Jeff Cockmann
    Jeff Cockmann 3 months ago

    i wish colin would go on J&S and totally deconstruct their fucking horrible show like he did about jim's stand up act

  • hoya03
    hoya03 3 months ago

    This goes much deeper that Courtney Love but she is 100 percent involved in the conspiracy to commit his murder.

  • Womannequin Reviews
    Womannequin Reviews 3 months ago