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Phil Hughes | A Tribute
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LIVE! Netball Fast 5 Draw!
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  • VOIP Portland
    VOIP Portland Hour ago

    When Klitschko's gravy train ended, so did his engagement to the Hollywood gold digger.

  • NewHopeAlana ___

    Can we just appreciate how small Lando looks next to Alex and George 😂😂

  • TraMaChi
    TraMaChi 2 hours ago

    I love that Sainz and Norris are having their 2020 seat already safed and in place :)

  • eshketit
    eshketit 3 hours ago


  • magic mirror
    magic mirror 5 hours ago

    Klitschko is much more tough than AJ. It’s a fact.

  • Lee Designer
    Lee Designer 6 hours ago

    I want you guys and girls to pull Claire Williams in on the fun. Start including her with these little clips and skits.

  • Aarti Krishnan
    Aarti Krishnan 7 hours ago

    I’ll cry for a century

  • ks babyg
    ks babyg 8 hours ago

    Vladimir Klitschko can still fight like a beast at 42yrs old!!! HE IS A LIVING LEGEND🏆❤️ respect from🇬🇧

  • Dan
    Dan 11 hours ago

    Big deal. Anthony Joshua won against an out of prime Wladimir Klitschko. Anthony Joshua will not win Saturday

  • Aisha Kearney
    Aisha Kearney 11 hours ago

    This is my favorite AJ fight

  • Radovan Škultéty
    Radovan Škultéty 11 hours ago

    When watching this fight, I can't help thinking how long gone are the times of Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and George Foreman.

  • Rockstar Mgtow
    Rockstar Mgtow 16 hours ago

    K. Was not mindful of an uppercut. That's what put the bees in his brain. Hence, losing

  • RagnarokVI
    RagnarokVI 16 hours ago

    Both of them are absolutely class acts. Awesome fight.

  • Luis Donado
    Luis Donado 18 hours ago

    Joshua finished gassed out. I say that if the ref didn't stop it, Joshua falls down from exhaustion. I think in this rematch against Ruiz Joshua will be gassed out again just like the first time. He's a great boxer but what can a great boxer do without cardio?

  • Chizzy Chinedu
    Chizzy Chinedu 18 hours ago

    Some hours to go who is here

  • Lu ke
    Lu ke 19 hours ago

    The fight was awesome, but how Joshua and Klitchsko showed each other so much respect afterward was even better. Great men, exceptional character.

  • jack lyke
    jack lyke 20 hours ago

    41 years old vs 28 years old...

  • Stephen Hartley Brundrett

    Have you ever noticed aj catches people alot but as soon as he gets anything in his face he starts blowing wobbling and just looks fucked & If this was in Klitschko's prime then I know it'd be lights out for aj 👍

  • Ijaz Ul-haq
    Ijaz Ul-haq 21 hour ago

    oh andy andy

  • Zeronality
    Zeronality 21 hour ago

    1:58 Kimi predicted the future with Ferrari and their struggle with Seb and Charles.

  • Asa
    Asa 22 hours ago

    Why am i watching this?? Haha

    LABICHI 22 hours ago

    who's here after watching..tom and jerry?

  • yabadoo
    yabadoo 22 hours ago

    I can remember my dad coming upstairs in the morning to tell me of the passing of Phil Hughes. What a truly sad day for the real beautiful game. Rip Phil 63 not out forever and always.

  • DerbyDay
    DerbyDay 22 hours ago

    Я не фанат Кличко ,но уровень чувствуете ? А ?

  • Shane B.
    Shane B. 23 hours ago

    42:26 Deontay Wilder was licking his chops seeing that. If he connects with that punch, fight's over. AJ isn't getting up.

    STONEY WAN-KENOBI 23 hours ago

    But Toto drove?

  • Dutch van der linde

    Great work from Adam Smith, that lift off for AJ line was spine tingling.

  • Rocky fish
    Rocky fish Day ago

    Klitcko went out like a real HW champion at 41 yrs old as well legend as for ruiz rematch ruiz wins between 5th and 8th

  • Mydas Knight
    Mydas Knight Day ago

    i think this is my favorite fight of all time

  • boxerfan2
    boxerfan2 Day ago

    42:26 Imagine if wilder lands that.

  • Ormancıbaşı

    Ikea Ibebauchi could kill Joshua, both nigerian

  • Ormancıbaşı

    Demolition of the legend!

  • DannyBeazzt
    DannyBeazzt Day ago

    I already saw it 10x times, but when I watch it I'm still nervous like I never see it before.. :D I wish Klitschko return

  • manamal769
    manamal769 Day ago

    Joshua have little spurts of aggressiveness, speed, power, and fury but then suddenly it’s seems he becomes tired and worn out fast. At times seemingly lost and as if he lost the will to fight.. like he’s out of breath and one punch away from being knocked out. His punches becomes weak and powerless. I can see why Ruiz beat him and if he doesn’t make the necessary improvements, he will get knocked out again most definitely.

  • Жылдызбек Момунов

    Джошуа наверное очень и очень просили довести бой до 11 раунда

  • Alleyup1994USA

    With a 5 years younger Klitschko, AJ would have been forced to retire after this fight

  • manamal769
    manamal769 Day ago

    Who’s here trying to get likes with The Who’s here because this is that bullshit? Smfh 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️Pathetic! I hate that crap it’s overdone already!

  • SoulFire
    SoulFire Day ago

    Seems to me that the only reason it's hard is because the player thinks it's hard.

  • Travis the chimp

    Hard to believe that nobody ever taught Wladimir to grab his face tightly with his gloves and tuck his arms in when someone is punching on him. He could firer his punches back from the safety of this position after the opponent is done throwing but instead he has his arms/hands just hanging out there flailing around with his face/head wide open.

  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas Day ago

    What a video wyane u r class coiln is wicked

  • legalise nature

    Lol that beards embarrassing bro shave it off

  • Leo Tabayoyong

    still respect wladir imagine 40 plus still have power punch

  • Pepe Arenas
    Pepe Arenas Day ago

    Andy Ruiz the avenger my hero takes this monster down 4 times

  • Pepe Arenas
    Pepe Arenas Day ago

    Mr. Wladimir a real warrior he proofed never gave up..

  • Pepe Arenas
    Pepe Arenas Day ago

    1:03.55 gold diggers

  • jack sparrow
    jack sparrow Day ago

    Who is Jesus?? God or son of god (your christian😊) and man same with you or messenger of god (your moslem/islam😊). christian or moslem of to you🤔🤔🤔

  • John Norris
    John Norris Day ago

    Too bad he never made it into F1.

  • davd horta ramirez

    Bastante malito el Joshua.

  • Angus Bennett
    Angus Bennett Day ago

    R.I.P you will always be remembered

  • Mikeycfc 46
    Mikeycfc 46 Day ago

    MVG v RVB 2016 is hands down the best darts match I’ve ever watched. An absolute spectacle

  • Faton Ademi
    Faton Ademi Day ago

    Dude, Klitschko would have destroyed you in his prime.

  • Leon Čarapović

    I hope i see THIS Joshua on the ruiz rematch

  • Sumit giri
    Sumit giri Day ago

    Are they not supposed to shot on middle

  • TheSiwy117
    TheSiwy117 Day ago

    song name? 09:11

  • Wallis
    Wallis Day ago

    Who is this woman who did the interview? She’s not good.

  • JHD heARTist
    JHD heARTist Day ago

    Great fight! Great sportsmanship. Mighty bloke Anthony Joshua showed his lion heart.

    ALCHEMIST 2 days ago

    You are my brother. My blood is your blood my flesh is your flesh ☝🏽❤

  • j c
    j c 2 days ago

    Oh how sweet

  • fessells ahmed
    fessells ahmed 2 days ago

    His death sent shock waves of sadness across the cricketing world including Pakistan. Very deep sorrow. Indian cricketer Raman Lamba died fielding close in. It broke my heart

  • Aaron Aamir
    Aaron Aamir 2 days ago

    the age difference in boxing plays such a big part..i never really understand why they decide to let older fighters fight younger fighters or why they'd even agree to do it.

  • Ufk BYR
    Ufk BYR 2 days ago

    Wladimir Klitschko: Best in boxing history !!

    ISAAC NEWTON 2 days ago

    Joshua got lucky to fight and beat Wladimir. If Vitali was Joshua's challenger, I believe it will be a different fight. I bet Joshua will get smashed. Wilder waited for Vitali to retire from boxing instead of personally challenging him for the WBC belt. He instead opted to fight the obese Stiverne who is shorter, obese, and has rare head movements.

  • Сева Штольцман

    Доктор ,Обнимашка' оставил здесь свои мозги(( печалька,но возраст даёт о себе знать!!обнимашки не сработали,так как защиты никогда у Кличко не было!

  • Asad Khan
    Asad Khan 2 days ago

    Be good to have a rugby pundit doing this interview talking about the tournament, the final, the evolution of the team and their strengths as a unit. How they overcame the defeat to the all blacks to become the first team to win a World Cup having lost a group stage game etc.

  • Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews

    Gotta love SBW God Bless you brother

  • Барсик
    Барсик 2 days ago

    Судья чёрный пидарас

  • Phineas Kiriinya
    Phineas Kiriinya 2 days ago

    Watching three days before as aj en Ruiz match.

  • El Gallo Decente
    El Gallo Decente 2 days ago

    Que putiza le pusieron al ruso!!!

  • Nova Scotian BoxingFan

    13:20 THAT WAS DISGUSTING UK I can't believed they booed the lady singing her national anthem. That is not British behavior that is American behavior.

  • Mario Glodek
    Mario Glodek 2 days ago

    RIP to an awesome player... When Archer hit Smith at the back of the head, and he went Down, Archer was seen in the background shaking his head with such disregard to the Safety of Smith, I lost all my respect for Archer, as a Fast bowler when a player goes down, you should be the first to check whether the batsmen is okay... Just my two cents.

  • Nova Scotian BoxingFan

    OMG Carl Froch letting on like he never soaked it in LMAO

  • Nova Scotian BoxingFan

    WOW DW on commentary!!

  • Ad Greenwood
    Ad Greenwood 2 days ago

    I was in hospital after having a bad concussion that I was questioning myself about where I’m going or if I’m going to be able to shine, then Phillip has taken a bouncer, the doctors are telling me that no cognitive damage got a crome done but otherwise no different very humbling was already two days out of the coma back at it without being able to walk was about the only difference and rehab bruising of the brain learnt to slow the pace down and do things more like coming to the crease for a test

  • Rod William
    Rod William 2 days ago

    What 2 gentlemen

  • R V
    R V 2 days ago

    Luka will be the greatest player ever ,sorry MJ KB LJ.

  • Odin The Gamer
    Odin The Gamer 2 days ago

    What I love about this is the moment where Tony bellew Eddie hearn hug in the background after Joshua wins that's when you know they were really rooting for him to win!

  • Zinedine Prime
    Zinedine Prime 2 days ago

    The interviewer was so nervous his mic was shaking, lol. He needed to calm down and be himself

  • zak ikbu
    zak ikbu 2 days ago


  • Bosnian Gamer
    Bosnian Gamer 2 days ago

    barney the legend. i was going to the same highschool in an place called Voorburg where his daughter and son did go aswell

  • Homes Foryou
    Homes Foryou 2 days ago

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  • DatOneBoii
    DatOneBoii 2 days ago

    I have much respect for Klitchko because he is 41 years old and still boxing so it was kind of unfair but keep in mind that Klitchko also has much more experience than Anthony so at the same time that was a disadvantage for AJ. Much respect for both boxers

  • jeffery wade
    jeffery wade 2 days ago

    Cardio is lacking in Joshua .His big muscles eat up to much oxygen..

  • One Two
    One Two 2 days ago

    What a bloke

  • mert balbal
    mert balbal 2 days ago

    2:07 was hilarious, well thought

  • Beer98 J
    Beer98 J 2 days ago

    Music spoils it all

  • A V
    A V 2 days ago


  • EasyTM
    EasyTM 3 days ago

    Brothers Klitschko are one of the most boring boxers ever.

  • Leigh Taylor
    Leigh Taylor 3 days ago


    AAZI SHEHLU 3 days ago

    england bowlers pakistani fielding

    RIPPLE 3 days ago

    Simply amazing to watch 2 top teams. So much to learn for us Pakistanis. Lots of love for both teams from Pakistan.

  • Peet Pelser
    Peet Pelser 3 days ago

    It will never pass away best game I've ever watched SA play period God blessed us to help us to win .

  • neev Neevo
    neev Neevo 3 days ago

    Pakistan are watching denlys replay and laughing their balls off....i thought it was just pakistan who dropped easy catches 😂

  • Nalim Timur
    Nalim Timur 3 days ago

    KlitschKO G.O.A.T

  • Parmjeet Singh
    Parmjeet Singh 3 days ago

    Poor bowling

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith 3 days ago

    Joshua got exposed 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐. Stamina issues, he looked real vulnerable too. Poor defense, his offense was his best defense.

  • Mack Boy
    Mack Boy 3 days ago

    I like wladimir,, 👍🏻💪🏻🤛🏻

  • Beautiful Roofer
    Beautiful Roofer 3 days ago

    Still only a boy, good on ya Sonny.

  • TrisXan TV
    TrisXan TV 3 days ago

    I just notice that most of the people who join this competition are fat men

  • J
    J 3 days ago


  • Logan Blake
    Logan Blake 3 days ago

    Extremely unfortunate that he was taken from us and he had a lot left in him. 63 not out forever 🥺😔😭