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  • Nutella tubby
    Nutella tubby 6 hours ago

    Ooo yall remember that one pc game called purple world or purple kingdom

  • Code Breaker
    Code Breaker 6 hours ago

    Legit got a hooked add while I watched this

  • donniecatalano
    donniecatalano 6 hours ago

    thanks for this video, do not get me started on these crap remakes. grabbing a few dollars which also means ruining something that was good. typical big industry

  • JamesonWilde
    JamesonWilde 6 hours ago

    "Kidz Bop officially sponsored by Subway." Oh boy.

  • AGgirl77
    AGgirl77 6 hours ago

    I have the same shirt as you... target?

  • Sebastian Checa
    Sebastian Checa 6 hours ago

    This is why pewdipie has the most subscribers. He is still the same humble dude even tho he has millions upon millions of dollars more then he used to

  • _._AlexIsAWeirdoz_._

    alright, y’all know what to do: create your script!

  • WhyDoiExist
    WhyDoiExist 6 hours ago

    I’m glad fame and money didn’t change bts :’)

  • kabob at tiffanys
    kabob at tiffanys 6 hours ago

    team 1000 is like team 10 but with more zeros (zeros as in losers, zeros? get it?) i'll see myself out

  • Fern and Bacon
    Fern and Bacon 6 hours ago

    How fucking high am I right now that I understood the guy at 10:10 "Oh good lord no no I shouldn't think that." "Oh, why not?" "Well poor old man he works too hard the wife will have nothing to do" I think the guy might be Irish

  • Mike Wagner
    Mike Wagner 6 hours ago

    Team 1000 sounds like a class action lawsuit

  • parkourHG
    parkourHG 6 hours ago

    Danny Gonzalaz got a new room makeover

  • techwiz81
    techwiz81 6 hours ago

    Late night shows do tell the audience to laugh loud regardless of if you think the joke is funny, or at least Craig Ferguson’s late late show did

  • Kas Plush Productions

    Yooooo I *REMEMBER* Gooby!!

  • EMM98AJP
    EMM98AJP 6 hours ago

    One time my mom gave my money to buy a news paper, and I kept the $0.27 change I got back.

  • Ryan Akwar
    Ryan Akwar 6 hours ago

    I really liked this video but I accidentally pressed the dislike button. When I undid the dislike, it showed 999. So, sadly, I am your 1,000th dislike

  • Axel C
    Axel C 6 hours ago

    Gay......clout chaser

  • Nastashia Young
    Nastashia Young 6 hours ago

    Love your Martinnnnnnn shirt.

  • Esmeé Halberstadt
    Esmeé Halberstadt 6 hours ago

    Also, they all actually sleep on air mattresses? Yeah. Sure.

  • Zelda Boss21
    Zelda Boss21 6 hours ago

    Nobody: Danny’s wrist:🟣🟣🟣🟣🟠🟣🟣🟣🟣🟠

  • Dr. KARAN
    Dr. KARAN 6 hours ago

    no matter what! but she was the one thousands of women and men around the globe come out of depression. we can never thank her enough for it!

  • Lilypad
    Lilypad 6 hours ago

    This video is flustrating.

  • spindletea
    spindletea 6 hours ago

    I got 6 ”Normal” I have fucking aspergers

  • Trevor Sedis
    Trevor Sedis 6 hours ago

    Vin Diesel is Yogi Berra...without the humor. www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/79014.Yogi_Berra

  • Kiwi Bird
    Kiwi Bird 7 hours ago


  • Delta
    Delta 7 hours ago

    really well constructed video.

  • Issaca Pomerance-Trifts

    OH MY GOD MY ALEXA PICKED UP YOUR JOKE AT 0:09 AND SUDDENLY WENT "I can't find 'The national anthem with fireworks' in your music library" AND I GOT SO STARTLED

  • Javeria J.
    Javeria J. 7 hours ago

    * has a house in Las Vegas * * stays in a hotel instead *

  • Nastashia Young
    Nastashia Young 7 hours ago

    Rubs hands* “Yea I see what you mean...shit dawg...” 😩

  • Toxic Relief
    Toxic Relief 7 hours ago

    Is Drew wearing Eddie Burbacks merch? (Sorry if i spelled his last name wrong)

  • DunDun Productions
    DunDun Productions 7 hours ago


  • Nina
    Nina 7 hours ago

    Next video: Follow Up on The Jeremy Renner App

  • Michael Mell
    Michael Mell 7 hours ago

    Great video Danny!

  • October
    October 7 hours ago

    Video good

  • Noah Julian
    Noah Julian 7 hours ago

    Dang, I guess Jake Paul is a bigger scammer than Teejayx6

  • Erin Hardwick
    Erin Hardwick 7 hours ago

    correct me if i’m wrong but i think he might be doing a live??

  • yeLLow
    yeLLow 7 hours ago


  • Lukus Cannon
    Lukus Cannon 7 hours ago

    I was here before the class-action lawsuit

  • yeLLow
    yeLLow 7 hours ago

    Adore this human. Points out shit that drives me crazy glad to see that others get driven WooHoo too! Ahaha.

  • Captain Pineapple
    Captain Pineapple 7 hours ago

    Of course I'd still bathe my teeth. I am an avid tooth bather, afterall; red paste or not, it's twice a day. *winks whilst duel-wielding fingerguns*

  • Delphine, the worst Blade ever

    I always grab shit from the back. Now I know it's just never safe to shop, no matter what.

  • who8myfish
    who8myfish 7 hours ago

    the cringe is beyond comprehension

  • Born in Wrong Generator

    Lily poo eater

  • Zombie 221
    Zombie 221 7 hours ago

    I know I seem like one of those stick up their arses but like, people would be offended if you just walked around with a fake hearing aid in because you thought it looked trendy- it’s the exact same with glasses. One of my senses is permanently impaired, it feels like people are glorifying not being able to see

  • Natalie Brese
    Natalie Brese 7 hours ago

    The Office is 100% better

  • Imouto- Chan
    Imouto- Chan 7 hours ago

    I find Drew's flexing during the house tour disgusting. Good ol "flex" Gooden strikes again. Unsubbed and reported.

  • zhaquiri
    zhaquiri 7 hours ago

    Lilly Singh is so unlikeable, I don't know why she EVER became a thing. She's so goddamn obnoxious with the tongue, so pompous, so full of herself, so arrogant, just all around unpleasant. Shoo. Go away.

  • Cal McCandless
    Cal McCandless 7 hours ago

    It’s actually my data ARE my favorite. Data is plural. Downvoted and reported and unsubscribed. Jk ❤️

  • Sammi Quinn
    Sammi Quinn 7 hours ago

    When you think about it drew and Danny’s videos are both structured like a persuasive essay but in a video format. And I love it. Can I do this for my English essay?

  • Zombie 221
    Zombie 221 7 hours ago

    Sorry I love ur channel but I literally cannot see anything w/out my glasses on and it is really annoying when people wear glasses cuz they think it’s ‘trendy’ like ahhh it’s so annoying

  • nat m
    nat m 7 hours ago

    pls review killer bean forever it’s available on youtube pls

  • Cire Soprano
    Cire Soprano 7 hours ago


  • That Penguin Pengii
    That Penguin Pengii 7 hours ago

    I hate red lights and traffic xd

  • Ariana M.
    Ariana M. 7 hours ago

    That Eddy Burback merch tho 😍

  • alien rat
    alien rat 7 hours ago

    ok so drew looks like my teacher and they both sound and act the same idkk...

  • Just A Girl
    Just A Girl 7 hours ago

    9:10 truly a question for the ages.

  • Beck Elmore
    Beck Elmore 7 hours ago

    Something about Drew reminds me so much of John Mulaney it's almost scary 😂 Drew is basically just John if John had a TheXvid channel instead of being in stand up.

  • Kenneth Brando
    Kenneth Brando 7 hours ago

    his life is a scam

  • mic legend gaming
    mic legend gaming 7 hours ago

    Sue them!! I'm sure you'll get money

  • Freaking loser
    Freaking loser 7 hours ago

    You see, it was a terrible, dark, stormy night, and I had run out of Danny Gonzales videos to watch. So I said; "Wait, what's that other guy?" and so I found you. Oh and then I branched off to watching Kurtis Conner too, so.

  • Crab Apple
    Crab Apple 7 hours ago

    Honestly, the girl that tweeted "there's no need to apologize" to the Dobre brothers doesn't have the right to say that. She wasn't the one treated that way, the only one who could say that is the girl in the video and even then she would be too nice.

  • Fæbsie ø:ø
    Fæbsie ø:ø 7 hours ago

    *Congrats on the pregnancy Danny*

  • Mahomie 69
    Mahomie 69 7 hours ago


  • Cheesy Peetus
    Cheesy Peetus 7 hours ago

    10:22 I'm crying

  • LarsonFX
    LarsonFX 8 hours ago

    The jake paul voice "team 1000" over the dial up tone got me!

  • Rachel Marie
    Rachel Marie 8 hours ago

    That guy makes me afraid to become a adult

  • Jess V
    Jess V 8 hours ago

    where did you get your yikes sweater ??

  • VoluntaryismIsTheAnswer

    I picked the wrong video to drink this shitty cup of reheated ☕😝 are there any for Lysol douche or were those just print ads?

  • mitsuki juni
    mitsuki juni 8 hours ago

    Ngl, thought they were about to react to gay porn

  • Mia Exim
    Mia Exim 8 hours ago

    Guys, Hard rock nick reacted to your video! Go watch it it's kinda cringy

  • Rajrupa Bhattacharjee

    His brit accent! Its awesome!

  • FfunnyFfiend
    FfunnyFfiend 8 hours ago

    His wife's ugly af

  • ekmore
    ekmore 8 hours ago

    I found this poorly edited. -posted from my jailPod 11

  • Ino
    Ino 8 hours ago

    So much for this being the last video on the topic

  • Ori Voss
    Ori Voss 8 hours ago

    Amanda needs to be in more skits...she's hilarious.

  • VoluntaryismIsTheAnswer

    I once defriended someone purely over minions memes, I couldn't

  • Bndr
    Bndr 8 hours ago

    Can someone tell creators with content like this to just shut the fuck up, we’ve already begun a new decade with a war, countless deaths and an infectious virus in China. what happened to planting trees guyss lmao

  • Steller RPGs
    Steller RPGs 8 hours ago

    I love how it only goes for women in the first one,like gays or anything else exists.

  • Claire Rousell
    Claire Rousell 8 hours ago

    You remind me a bit of John Mulaney!

  • hello
    hello 8 hours ago

    ah, I have globophobia as well.

  • Death Watch Gaming
    Death Watch Gaming 8 hours ago

    The Logan family is a family of bitches

  • Viktor Madar
    Viktor Madar 8 hours ago

    This dude thinking is spot on. Can’t argue with anything he said. Impressive.

  • KirstieLovesYou2229
    KirstieLovesYou2229 8 hours ago

    Man I miss Jason Sedakis

  • Tess.623
    Tess.623 8 hours ago

    "We also learned that My Chemical Romance fucking bangs and always will." - Drew This better not have been sarcasm Drew lol

  • Sabina Wasilewski
    Sabina Wasilewski 8 hours ago

    I thought your name was Danny???

  • Ino
    Ino 8 hours ago

    Can we get your take on second sequel that isn't a sequel to the first two movies that were never meant to be a trilogy and the sequel being successful too was the reason why someone somewhere decided to make a third part that clearly was just capitalizing on the first two parts, and they even tried to pass it off as a real sequel by keeping names, even though it makes zero sense because the main character in the third part of the trilogy is younger than the main character in the second part of the trilogy, but older than the first part, so is this meant to be in the middle, between parts 1 and 2, or is it so obviously something stupider? Home Alone 4.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 8 hours ago

    I deadass thought that was you in a wig and makeup in the thumbnail lol

  • Elizabeth Hillman
    Elizabeth Hillman 8 hours ago

    One time, I left a comment on his page. When I went back to the page, HE HAD DELETED IT. THE REASON WHY HE DIDNT HAVE ANY BAD COMMENTS IS BECAUSE HE DELETES THEM ALL.

  • Chupa ɐdnɥɔ
    Chupa ɐdnɥɔ 8 hours ago

    Why do you look like white Obama

  • Thomas Seddon
    Thomas Seddon 8 hours ago

    Honestly a really good video thanks

  • Ryan Akwar
    Ryan Akwar 8 hours ago

    Also, the number 1 worst thing in 2001 was 9/11, for those slow keyboard bots

  • Ryan Dear
    Ryan Dear 8 hours ago

    Frick you idiot

  • RavenclAwesome
    RavenclAwesome 8 hours ago

    *Gabbie Hannah* : THIS TheXvidR WAS SO RUDE HE WAS JUST HATING ON LILLY SINGH AND AND SAID ALL THESE HORRIBLE THINGS! *Literally the only thing Drew said that could remotely come close to that* : Hey guy. Lilly Singh's talk show is bad.

  • ZKlack
    ZKlack 8 hours ago

    When the ad started I forgot the reaction and saw it as if it’s just the ad

  • Matt
    Matt 8 hours ago

    I love this. Rick's videos are so cringe

  • mustafa shohayet
    mustafa shohayet 8 hours ago

    This video made more money than the movie 😂😂

  • Tyler Manning
    Tyler Manning 8 hours ago

    Drew plays guitar hmm

  • buckbeak14
    buckbeak14 8 hours ago

    I feel bad for the actors. I bet they watched Kim possible and were pretty excited. From what I’ve seen they seem like good actors it’s just the writing and script is total crap

  • KiRuR
    KiRuR 8 hours ago

    honestly doesnt even seem that bad...

  • WryScorpion2410
    WryScorpion2410 8 hours ago

    Drew, I’m the littlest stinker, but also the biggest stinker