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yungblud - parents // lyrics
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bazzi - 3:15 // lyrics
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  • Loliii _
    Loliii _ 6 hours ago

    I know I shouldn't

  • Fiona Vlogs
    Fiona Vlogs 6 hours ago

    a person who loves can take the pain just to not lose his/her fave person

  • Brittany Maggs
    Brittany Maggs 7 hours ago

    wow bazzi is amazing.. I just released my own song about heartbreak and loving someone who doesn't love you back... it would mean a lot if you clicked the link and checked it out! much love xx

  • truthcuzii
    truthcuzii 17 hours ago

    Ok bye guys I'm becoming a Satanist💅🏽😈

  • Lizzie Fischer
    Lizzie Fischer 19 hours ago

    These are solid vibes

  • Alyssia -
    Alyssia - 2 days ago


  • Broken clocks
    Broken clocks 3 days ago

    L i s t e n i n g t o t h i s a t 1 0 : 1 0

    • Broken clocks
      Broken clocks 2 days ago

      Erin Woods nothing

    • Erin Woods
      Erin Woods 2 days ago

      What will happen I thought it said listen to 😂sorry

  • Rhonda Doby
    Rhonda Doby 3 days ago

    Tictok stop the clock cause I got the felling is going to get shot



  • CalmVIBEZZ
    CalmVIBEZZ 4 days ago

    2019 in the house gang gang

  • Anna leece Lesley
    Anna leece Lesley 5 days ago

    he is so damn good

  • Dany .G
    Dany .G 5 days ago

    Late 2019 check 👀

  • pixie pxie
    pixie pxie 5 days ago

    0:55 lmao ik someone else said this but it sounds like " OwO " and no im not a furry

  • Animation Girl
    Animation Girl 6 days ago

    Awww poor Brendan... I'm sorry Brendan the high hopes have ended LOVE YA THOUGH😂

  • Its_Yo_Classic_Lemon

    This song is surely a master piece, same with all Melanie's songs 💝💖

  • KakaPutra Ajeh
    KakaPutra Ajeh 6 days ago

    Song is nice ❤️😊

  • Agust D
    Agust D 6 days ago

    I'm bisexual and i know it since i was 11 and i'm 15 now. I haven't told my parents because i'm gonna get shoot:)

    • mai na gioia
      mai na gioia 4 days ago

      It's sad, but I hope that you'll be able to say everything

  • Lanelle Vydian Theofillus

    Relatable AF

  • •Sadness• Tinicos

    Even tho your parents they dont fucking trust me, no reply to all your text girl I do you mad cold.............#Relate

  • sicko bamba
    sicko bamba 6 days ago

    is it okay if i listen but instead im the victim?

  • Jandira Silva
    Jandira Silva 6 days ago

    my parents: *exist* me: aya ya ya ya ya ya my parents: nOOO my brother: nOoOo world: nOoOoOOOO me: PUT A TOASTER IN MY BATH, WATCH MY MUM AND DAD LAUGH- my mum: stop. me: yes, mum.

  • Ka razy Gamer
    Ka razy Gamer 6 days ago

    this is a “look out the car while it’s raining” song

    RISHABH AGRAWAL 6 days ago

    Silhouette through shower, F**k you 24hrs, Damn!

  • Melody Neanover
    Melody Neanover 7 days ago

    who els cant stop listening to this song

  • sara neziri
    sara neziri 8 days ago

    *Player anthem playing*

  • Libby
    Libby 9 days ago

    I'm not even gay but like, this is some crazy awesome stuff

  • totally not a liar
    totally not a liar 9 days ago

    I wish my friends weren't so homophobic. This is a bomb ass song, but it's kinda gay and they would jump to conclusions

  • kristennn5 MSP
    kristennn5 MSP 9 days ago

    𝑰 𝒅𝒐𝒏𝒕 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏 𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘 𝒉𝒐𝒘 𝒕𝒐 𝒅𝒆𝒔𝒄𝒓𝒊𝒃𝒆 𝒉𝒐𝒘 𝒎𝒖𝒄𝒉 𝒊 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒃𝒆𝒈𝒊𝒏𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈, 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒊𝒕'𝒔 𝒈𝒐𝒓𝒈𝒆𝒐𝒖𝒔 𝒊 𝒋𝒖𝒔𝒕- ❥

  • cute potato
    cute potato 9 days ago

    My bf just broke up with me I'm a mess now but I just wanna know why brock up with me?

  • Aleeza Azra
    Aleeza Azra 9 days ago

    Anyone else getting these twenty one pilots vibes?

  • CapDatNoob
    CapDatNoob 9 days ago

    Man only if there was a way to play this on guitar.

  • Javier Gomez
    Javier Gomez 9 days ago


  • Aimee Love
    Aimee Love 10 days ago

    I really love this song but as I was jogging today I realized what it's about and I just want to say to Michael if you're still out there as in not dead yet I don't hate you

  • Prakash Bhatt
    Prakash Bhatt 10 days ago

    who else is listening now?

  • Lupe Moya
    Lupe Moya 10 days ago

    That was mines and my ex's date 3.15.16 & I'm just finding this song 🙁

  • Rainbow Ssky
    Rainbow Ssky 11 days ago


    V WIFFEY 11 days ago

    Me to myself tell why still love him 🙁🙁🙁🙁

  • kekz
    kekz 12 days ago

    I need a gf

  • Siana Rose
    Siana Rose 12 days ago

    Jhene Aiko: 3:16 Bazzi: 3:15

  • ghost toast
    ghost toast 12 days ago

    “Cause my high hopes are getting low” Brendon Urie has left the chat

  • Rainyblu3
    Rainyblu3 13 days ago

    When he wanted to kiss a boy his dad put a gun to his head cuz he didn't want his son kissing someone w bleached teeth get it :)

  • xGoodDaiMaloriex
    xGoodDaiMaloriex 13 days ago

    Reminds me of a twenty one pilots sound. Love Yungblud

  • Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders 13 days ago

    This made me cry (idk whyy)😔....

  • 박 안나
    박 안나 14 days ago

    *"My daddy put a gun to my head* *Said if you kiss a boy I'm gonna shoot you dead* *So I tied him up with gaffa tape* *And I locked him in a shed* *Then I went out to the garden* *And I fucked my best friend."*

  • Queenie Chan
    Queenie Chan 14 days ago

    "All I got is these broken clocks" My clock is working just fine sus. Siza is one of my favorite artist. Ya'll know who kehlani is and you better know Megan thee stallion. I wish kehlani, Megan, and siza did a song collab together that would be fire 😆

  • Sims Meiden
    Sims Meiden 14 days ago

    Is he gay or bi or something?

  • slimsybump092
    slimsybump092 14 days ago


  • CornBread Boi
    CornBread Boi 14 days ago

    669 people disliked this. Why.

  • Louisa Colclough
    Louisa Colclough 15 days ago

    I made a slowed down version of this song please check it out

  • Abii Re
    Abii Re 15 days ago

    I am thankful to a Hoseok edit that brought me here omggg it's amazing

  • Abii Re
    Abii Re 15 days ago

    Omg i love it

  • OrganlessJohn216
    OrganlessJohn216 15 days ago

    I dig this song, but my mom is Never Wong

  • E-L-Gaming
    E-L-Gaming 15 days ago

    this remids me of my boyfriend who cheated on me1 day ago and i havent told him i knoww

  • maya .k
    maya .k 15 days ago

    1:17- 1:27 my fav moment!!

  • XX yourdaddyMaddie XX

    Me the first time listening: paReNTs AiNT alWAys RiGHt, Me now: *sings whole song*

  • Maddierose 201
    Maddierose 201 16 days ago

    Replay button ~~ 00:01 ~~ Thank me later

  • TeresaErtl Ertl
    TeresaErtl Ertl 16 days ago


  • tyanaliyah Rodrigo
    tyanaliyah Rodrigo 16 days ago

    Oof am i hearing a new lgbtq+ anthom

  • Cassandra Tokarski
    Cassandra Tokarski 16 days ago

    i feel like i would listen to this song when im on acid

  • Crybaby Tyler
    Crybaby Tyler 17 days ago

    My dad doesn't approve of me being a raging bisexual I brought my best friend into my house, made out with him in front of my dad, and lost my virginity to that guy. That was like three years ago

  • Dontyou Already know

    Love his voice

  • Omnisaki
    Omnisaki 17 days ago

    Damn I think what hurts the most about this song is that it's sung in HIS perspective and not ours... God my heart just hurts

  • ali owen
    ali owen 18 days ago

    ..... Toibara fans?

  • Ameer Adly
    Ameer Adly 18 days ago

    This hits different at night tho🥴🤤

  • Maud Laseroms
    Maud Laseroms 18 days ago

    Car baretta*

  • Risky Pusi
    Risky Pusi 18 days ago

    Why do you love me

  • aminasagidcan manrulo

    all song about a girl heheh all love

  • skyleea
    skyleea 18 days ago

    every time i listen to this song i imagine my crush singing this to me, even though he cant sing lol.

    LEA FORRESTER 19 days ago

    Me: *is first time listening to the song* Song: "Said if I kissed a boy he'd shoot me dead" *goes on to describe how he banged his friend* Me: My friend was right, I would love this song.

  • taekook/ji-hope/aepete/tincan maddy

    A could play this all the time on replay....and never get tired of it💜

  • JoeTheWWEGuy
    JoeTheWWEGuy 20 days ago


  • Hannah Wurz
    Hannah Wurz 20 days ago

    haven’t seen him in 7 weeksssss

  • Ken Tran
    Ken Tran 20 days ago

    My best friend made me listen to it....i know its just a song that he likes, but I'm still crying

  • Maile Sumabat
    Maile Sumabat 20 days ago

    Damn I feel this song

  • sicko bamba
    sicko bamba 21 day ago

    that is a fine grand cherokee jeep though

  • IIRisenStarII
    IIRisenStarII 21 day ago

    This describes my life. This isn't sarcastic at all either. I live with messed up people. This song hit home for me. For real.

  • munira abdi
    munira abdi 21 day ago

    this song makes me feel a type of way.

  • WikixP
    WikixP 22 days ago

    0:17 You're welcome 😉

  • random lavynyaw content

    Parents sometimes need to sit tf down and try to understand

  • DARLIN msp
    DARLIN msp 22 days ago

    My high hopes are getting low Brendon urie: what!?!

  • Karsuu
    Karsuu 23 days ago

    I love the homophobic parents reference

    MATANGIREIA _. 23 days ago

    You don't know how long I've been searching for this song

  • Anna.dinosaur
    Anna.dinosaur 23 days ago

    Even though I'm a girl my great grandpa and grandma hate me because I'm bisexual

  • Karen please come back I’ll un-vaccinate the kids

    There’s a few people in the comments who have admitted their family doesn’t accept them for being LGBTQ+ or their parents are horrible/abusive/etc. so I want to say I’m here for anyone who needs to talk! I’m totally against bigotry of any kind so if anyone would like some support, I’m here for you 😊

  • Tatiana Alexandre
    Tatiana Alexandre 24 days ago

    a feeling 😣😣😣😣😣

  • Maj cia
    Maj cia 24 days ago

    Kto słucha w 2020,2021,2022, daje lajka!!!

  • Maj cia
    Maj cia 24 days ago

    Kurwa ale buja

  • alexa hartless
    alexa hartless 24 days ago

    I jsut typed in bazzi no offense but I thought he was black no offense I am not rasict

  • Tidal Trickster
    Tidal Trickster 24 days ago

    im not even gay , trans, or a rebel but this shit is lit

  • Rachel
    Rachel 25 days ago

    Does anyone else see yungblud as the dude in background...💖💖💖

  • Dacey Marston
    Dacey Marston 25 days ago

    It's car, Beretta (<might be spelt wrong oops)

  • Evilstewie
    Evilstewie 25 days ago

    By far his best song

  • scott mcleary
    scott mcleary 26 days ago

    Wat a tune

  • Alanna boyne
    Alanna boyne 26 days ago

    Reminds me how single I am 😂💔💔

  • Lindsay GOMES
    Lindsay GOMES 26 days ago

    Parents ain't always right.

  • Destiny Alvarenga
    Destiny Alvarenga 27 days ago


    FELICIA ALLEN 27 days ago

    Dis a bop

  • Fr3ya_wh1te
    Fr3ya_wh1te 27 days ago

    I would have died to have seen this live