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  • Bgboy123
    Bgboy123 Minute ago

    If he was supposed 2 go he at least could have left the show not die 😭😭

  • km 2005 games
    km 2005 games 35 minutes ago

    Guess their is a donovon curse 😭

  • Demi Crooke
    Demi Crooke 2 hours ago

    Noooo jessie as so sad he is gone why did they let him 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • Kian Excell
    Kian Excell 3 hours ago

    I don’t think he’s dead it’s not like hollyoaks ( from my knowledge) to announce the death of a character right at the beggining of an episode if it is the end for Jesse then wow hollyoaks why don’t you just add wizards because the Donovan’s are clearly cursed and poor Courtney 😢😢

  • Wavy
    Wavy 5 hours ago

    Idk what this show is but why does she suck at acting

  • harry ross
    harry ross 6 hours ago

    This has nothing to do with this episode but can u remember when Brodie saw hunter and neeta having sex but why didn’t he stop it because he no’s how that feels like so am confused

  • iLoVe cHiCkEnS yEEet

    Whos here when jesses dead😭😭😭

  • Abbie Hazel Florence Hunter

    No sympathy for Mandy now she knows how it feels like because that's what she did to Luke and Nancy

  • Amy
    Amy 9 hours ago

    it’s getting to the point where a death on this show just feel expected and normal, it’s getting boring now, your yearly death count is literally the same number as the other 3 soaps combined...

  • Tina Bates
    Tina Bates 9 hours ago

    Omg that was a shocking hollyoaks tonight fucking wot a shame and wot a fantastic actor will be missed RIP JESSE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • bb bb
    bb bb 10 hours ago

    Darn you hollyoaks....deathoaks it should be called...such a stupid storyline...hate this show now. Since when jesse decided to drink like an alcoholic?? Hes been through alot and never done this...so out of character for him....what a waste of what could of been a banger of a reveal story, If Jesse had the chance to tell. But nooooo the writers screw it up again.

    • Irfan Iqbal
      Irfan Iqbal 6 hours ago

      bb bb He felt sick cuz grace lied to his face on his wedding day he was clearly already so uneasy he wanted to be a normal family. I feel today finding out nothing changes and how toxic his family is triggered something in him and he couldn’t help it. That’s the only way I see it hate this as well

  • Taylor Tiley
    Taylor Tiley 11 hours ago

    He’s dead he got hyperthermia to the head after he passed out

  • babyrosexx
    babyrosexx 11 hours ago

    Hollyoaks was my favourite but im now starting to dislike it now your cutting good people of your basically telling every story like over and over again your not letting people have their happy ending for every story line now

    • bb bb
      bb bb 10 hours ago

      Exactly, they stink for killing off jesse

  • alice woodhouse
    alice woodhouse 11 hours ago

    Romeo in his boxers 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍

  • stuart wilson
    stuart wilson 11 hours ago

    Was glenn a villain with this actor

  • Jack the Lad
    Jack the Lad 11 hours ago


  • Sara Johnson
    Sara Johnson 12 hours ago

    Sienna's isn't dead

  • Suppertimepuss2
    Suppertimepuss2 12 hours ago

    James is toxic as hell. Harry deserved better than that cancer James.

  • Queen Murleema
    Queen Murleema 12 hours ago

    wowww why tf did they kill him off, all the originals are going and are being replaced its just annoying, the most saddest part is that Jesse said I don't wanna bury another brother but little did he know it would be him who was gonna be buried next... I don't want the Donovan family to just disappear like the Roscoe family -_-

    • Bgboy123
      Bgboy123 7 minutes ago

      IKR 100% VERY TRUE

    • leanne 2020
      leanne 2020 23 minutes ago

      @It’z Itzy Everglow I stopped watching it when they killed all Roscoe off only just started watching again

    • Irfan Iqbal
      Irfan Iqbal 6 hours ago

      Queen Murleema it’s not fair on fans of the show.

    • bb bb
      bb bb 10 hours ago

      Sentiments exactly

    • It’z Itzy Everglow
      It’z Itzy Everglow 10 hours ago

      I literally thought this was like the roscoes too!

  • solar flame11321
    solar flame11321 12 hours ago

    I am completely broken rn. 😭 poor jesse. I'm gonna miss him

  • Cyan Records
    Cyan Records 12 hours ago

    Omg I remember this too much from years ago

  • Who am i
    Who am i 12 hours ago

    Yall just couldn’t let them have there happy ending

  • K_Howard_1542
    K_Howard_1542 12 hours ago

    Totally unexpected

  • Marlise Alengila
    Marlise Alengila 12 hours ago

    They should date

  • Blue Army
    Blue Army 12 hours ago

    Well that's hollyoaks for you

  • Lacey Cochrane-kirby
    Lacey Cochrane-kirby 12 hours ago

    I prefer both put together b ut instead of dialling the juice put lemon ade in

  • Welly
    Welly 13 hours ago

    with all that alcohol inside him he shouldn't have frozen...🍺🍺🍺 and nearly everyone has to pop their clogs on the same patch where Jesse is 😂😂😂😂

  • Gatcha Angel
    Gatcha Angel 13 hours ago

    0:11 love the face 😂

  • Chelsey Linden
    Chelsey Linden 13 hours ago

    I just hope that Jesse's not dead!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Joseph Rolando
      Joseph Rolando Hour ago

      @Junior Quintero great, another Donvovan dead. We've already lost Adam.

    • Tina Bates
      Tina Bates 9 hours ago

      Fucking shame he was the only fucking normal one in the fucking family fucking shame course he would of died in fucking shock with wot he has just found out so drinking to much it would of had that affect on him fucking fantastic actor will be missed l was a acolic woman for 22 year all my life bab now l am 4 month clean today 👍👍👍👍🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • itslittle_ellie 12
      itslittle_ellie 12 12 hours ago

      Sorry to say this then he is

    • Junior Quintero
      Junior Quintero 13 hours ago

      he is

  • The Bloody wolf lol
    The Bloody wolf lol 13 hours ago

    It’s sad cause jesse dead 😭😭

  • Chelsey Linden
    Chelsey Linden 13 hours ago

    I just hope when Bobby, Courtney, Curtis, Iona, John Paul, Mercedes, Nana, Sally St. Claire, Scott or Sylver find out that Grace and James "McQueen ❤️" shot Mercedes none of them will press charges against James "McQueen ❤️" but they will press charges against Grace!!!!! 😠😠😠😠😠 And please don't let Jesse die!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Blitz
    Blitz 13 hours ago

    Lmao what is this storyline?! Jesse is acting as if him and Mercedes were in love or something. Why is he getting into this much of a state over it? It makes no sense. He would either go to the police or just keep his mouth shut. Ridiculous storyline. Then again, it is Hollyoaks.

    • Tina Bates
      Tina Bates 9 minutes ago

      @Irfan Iqbal fucking so true

    • Irfan Iqbal
      Irfan Iqbal 6 hours ago

      Blitz fedup over him dying all the good characters get killed off it’s so depressing.

    • Tina Bates
      Tina Bates 9 hours ago

      Fucking shame the only fucking normal one in the family fucking shame course he would die fucking in shock with wot he heard with grace and james then fucking pissed you was a fantastic actor sorry to see you go RIP JESSE 😯😯😯😯💖💖💖

    • itslittle_ellie 12
      itslittle_ellie 12 12 hours ago

      Because he wanted a normal family life 😐

    • DarkPenguinYT
      DarkPenguinYT 12 hours ago

      he's dead

  • Kami Tenchi
    Kami Tenchi 13 hours ago

    His hair and face is similar to what Tom Holland has.

    • Kami Tenchi
      Kami Tenchi 12 hours ago

      @Ben Mitchell Because Jesse is dead now, this is the last time I will say this as I can see its getting nowhere.

    • Alfie Pickering
      Alfie Pickering 12 hours ago

      Kami Tenchi I actually thought that too

    • Ben Mitchell
      Ben Mitchell 13 hours ago

      Kami Tenchi Why do you feel the need to comment this on every Hollyoaks video? Like I ain't looking for a row but you've made your point. Why do you need to keep saying it?

  • Meggiecharles 45
    Meggiecharles 45 13 hours ago

    Nooooooo I am crying why jessy

  • Phoebe Spencer
    Phoebe Spencer 13 hours ago

    Person who plays breda is an absolute shocking actress, worst I’ve seen in a while tbh. Couldn’t bare to watch her🤨

  • Isabella Fellows Year 7 Clifton

    First xxxxxx

  • TalkFastClifford
    TalkFastClifford 13 hours ago

    Can’t believe Jesse’s gone :( tonight’s episode was absolutely heartbreaking

    • Bgboy123
      Bgboy123 9 minutes ago

      unknown Jesse was no snitch btw how could u say dat when he just died

    • Leona Lewis
      Leona Lewis 12 hours ago

      @unknown Are you for real saying that Mercedes deserves it no she doesn't and if Grace Black wasn't in bed with sylver he would have stayed with Mercedes in the hospital and yeah she bad things in the past that's was 2019 this 2020 and the only person committed murder is breda and Grace black and James because they shot Mercedes and I just wish Jesse told Sylver about Grace and James shot Mercedes sooner

    • unknown
      unknown 13 hours ago

      @Leona Lewis yh but mercedes deserved it and its hollyoaks lots of murders happen

    • Leona Lewis
      Leona Lewis 13 hours ago

      @unknownOne Jesse wasn't being a snitch he has to do what is right he is not let his flash and blood sister and James get away with it murder on Mercedes. Also if you were in the situation wouldn't you go to ex wife or your Ex husband if someone shot your ex wife.

    • unknown
      unknown 13 hours ago

      he was a snitch he deserved trying to grass his own blood

  • Macie Walters
    Macie Walters 13 hours ago

    I love this anyone else xx

  • Adjj15
    Adjj15 13 hours ago

    When you can’t keep a secret... YOU DIE🤣that’s what he gets for trying to snitch

    • Tina Bates
      Tina Bates 9 hours ago

      @Rebecca Hughes fucking dam right he was the only fucking normal one in the fucking family fucking shame fantastic actor will be missed 👍👍👍

    • Rebecca Hughes
      Rebecca Hughes 12 hours ago

      @Merima-Gabriella Tropoja hi yeah I know I wasn't really meant to say that I meant shot. But jessie did mention that to grace though when he said he was going to 4n silver.

    • Merima-Gabriella Tropoja
      Merima-Gabriella Tropoja 12 hours ago

      @Rebecca Hughes Mercedes didn't die so it wasn't murder.

    • Rebecca Hughes
      Rebecca Hughes 13 hours ago

      No n9 he done that his self. He got drunk he had too many because he couldn't face that his sister grace was a murderer.

  • Tina Ndlovu
    Tina Ndlovu 13 hours ago

    Why was Jesse killed off the show

    • Random Comments Douche
      Random Comments Douche 12 hours ago

      @Lorna Watts they could of at least announced it

    • Lorna Watts
      Lorna Watts 13 hours ago

      Tina Ndlovu he wanted to leave and do other stuff, but a decision was made for him to die.

    • Rebecca Hughes
      Rebecca Hughes 13 hours ago

      Grace is jessie sister

    • Rebecca Hughes
      Rebecca Hughes 13 hours ago

      Because he over heard grace saying about her shooting mercedes

  • Tegan vlogs
    Tegan vlogs 13 hours ago

    why kill off jessie?!!!?!? are you serious?!?!?!?!

  • Spill the tea Movie and shows

    First yall

  • Meggiecharles 45
    Meggiecharles 45 13 hours ago


  • Nicole McKenzie
    Nicole McKenzie 13 hours ago

    He can't report to the police because he's dead

  • K W
    K W 14 hours ago

    This is why I love Hollyoaks. You want to save Grace and James but we have to sacrifice Jesse to do it. Talk about torn loyalty. Good luck to Luke Jerdy. Long live the Hollyoaks bombshells.

  • Tina Bates
    Tina Bates 14 hours ago

    Fucking out of order fucking wankers 😡😡😡😡

  • x_Erin_x XD
    x_Erin_x XD 14 hours ago

    Hey. I just wanted to say I really enjoy watching your videos.

  • Kami Tenchi
    Kami Tenchi 14 hours ago

    RIP British Tom Holland ❤️😢

    • Laelien
      Laelien 13 hours ago

      faded glow he also doesn’t even look like Tom Holland

    • faded glow
      faded glow 14 hours ago

      Tom Holland is British

  • Welly
    Welly 14 hours ago

    bumping off Jesse like that is just not on....😥😥😥😥

    • Tina Bates
      Tina Bates 14 hours ago

      Fucking hell l thought he was walking out of the pub fucking pissed and fall to the floor please tal me the fucking truth x 👍👍💖💖💖😡😡😡😡

  • Peter Burke
    Peter Burke 14 hours ago

    now theyve killed off adam, glenn, jessie and tracey how long till they kill off liam?

    • Bells
      Bells 13 hours ago

      They can’t kill off Liam because of how popular James and Liam are as a couple. Besides, they don’t like killing off entire families. They usually leave one or two alive.

  • Leona Lewis
    Leona Lewis 14 hours ago

    Jesse has to tell the truth to sylver and Grace saying that Jesse need knock some sense but no offence and I want Jesse to tell Grace and James little secret to sylver and I don't care if Grace gets mad and start shouting because Grace deserves it and Grace can be heartbroken and see how she feels Because that's how Mercedes felt when Grace and started to being in relationships with Mercedes Ex husband.

    • Nicole McKenzie
      Nicole McKenzie 13 hours ago

      He's already dead

    • Ben Gaming
      Ben Gaming 14 hours ago

      Leona Lewis if you looked on e4 first look, you would know

    • Leona Lewis
      Leona Lewis 14 hours ago

      @Ben Gaming How is dead I just watched Grace and James are worried about Jesse telling the truth just now

    • Ben Gaming
      Ben Gaming 14 hours ago

      Leona Lewis Jesse is dead unfortunately

  • Crescent Transit 54 Studios

    Alfie sees the image of Mac being vile and horrible to James back in the years leaning that James was telling the truth all along.

  • Ruby Knott
    Ruby Knott 14 hours ago

    have they actually killed him off?

    • Bells
      Bells 13 hours ago

      Cardiac arrest

    • sophie Skelton
      sophie Skelton 14 hours ago

      Yeah it was confirmed on E4 hollyoaks Jessie died they think due to hypothermia

    • Ruby Knott
      Ruby Knott 14 hours ago

      Kevin mcleary okay tyy

    • Kevin mcleary
      Kevin mcleary 14 hours ago

      he passed out (after drinking so much alcohol) people are assuming he died

  • Peter Burke
    Peter Burke 14 hours ago

    ionas so cute

  • Ricardo Fernandes
    Ricardo Fernandes 14 hours ago

    RIP Jesse

  • TheGachaPotatø
    TheGachaPotatø 14 hours ago

    Whos here when jesse died ? Im so sad 😭😭

  • Peter Burke
    Peter Burke 14 hours ago

    hes like an aussie version of patrick blake

  • Peter Burke
    Peter Burke 14 hours ago

    they should really give tom a new girlfriend one that isnt already mates with peri

  • It’z Itzy Everglow
    It’z Itzy Everglow 14 hours ago

    Everytime a character with less screen time like Jesse gets a whole episode to themselves is when they get killed off... sad to see him go.

  • Ellie Louise
    Ellie Louise 14 hours ago

    I love this 😍

  • Peter Burke
    Peter Burke 15 hours ago

    its like he never knew that riley was his dad with the way he calls sylver dad

  • the comic book connoisseur

    Why the hell did they kill Jessie, my man did not deserve to die

    • Naj A-Ali
      Naj A-Ali 9 hours ago

      the comic book connoisseur mannn Hollyoaks is fucked, I like how they just kill of characters u like kmt 🙄 😂

    • the comic book connoisseur
      the comic book connoisseur 13 hours ago

      Naj A-Ali he fell and hit his head

    • Naj A-Ali
      Naj A-Ali 14 hours ago

      the comic book connoisseur what?!? Who killed Jesse???!

    • the comic book connoisseur
      the comic book connoisseur 14 hours ago

      Kami Tenchi oh yeah, cos deadpool is gonna show up on hollyoaks

    • Kami Tenchi
      Kami Tenchi 14 hours ago

      The Writers are evil! I hope there a character that can break the 4th wall

  • LP I
    LP I 15 hours ago

    RIP Jesse Donovan💔💔💔

    • Chelsey Linden
      Chelsey Linden 13 hours ago

      LP I Wait HE'S DEAD???!!! 😱😱😱😱😱

  • Kiah Saunders
    Kiah Saunders 15 hours ago


  • Crescent Transit 54 Studios

    Abuse does cause a family estrangment of breaking a child's confidence, esteem, and trust.

  • Zach Campbell
    Zach Campbell 16 hours ago

    I want a skunk to spray Stephanie waring covering her in its scent making her stink badly and smell rotten as the stench wofts around her.

  • Zach Campbell
    Zach Campbell 16 hours ago

    I want a skunk to spray Stephanie waring covering her in its scent making her stink badly and smell rotten as the stench wofts around her.

  • Hollyoaks
    Hollyoaks 17 hours ago

    Will Jesse tell Courtney the truth?? Watch Hollyoaks on All 4: bit.ly/2IZ3Ohd

  • Hollyoaks
    Hollyoaks 17 hours ago

    Watch Hollyoaks on All 4: bit.ly/2IZ3Ohd

  • Morgan Meehan xox

    Oh come on

  • Morgan Meehan xox

    Why just why

  • Jay Thrower
    Jay Thrower Day ago

    What happned

  • Blush Amir
    Blush Amir Day ago

    Ptsd is very serious thing and very hard I have it but have control over it now and god hope Tony dad that evil asshole get caught by Diane or dies and Diane fucking the dad worse thing ever that disgusting even if your man did really leave you

  • Anglus Patria
    Anglus Patria Day ago

    This has to be a comedy sketch

  • tribefenatic
    tribefenatic Day ago

    She's like hollyoaks scary version of it, Steven king

  • barbie_shadow
    barbie_shadow Day ago

    Yes finally warren see how she feels

  • Frozen Caitlin

    I think Cindy's mum is really good and nice

  • barbie_shadow
    barbie_shadow Day ago

    I missed u so much warren

  • Soriah Mohammed

    Is this a reality series or just a show?

  • courtney m
    courtney m Day ago

    Hi 👋 guys are you doing now

  • Sarah Yeates
    Sarah Yeates Day ago

    Grace hasn't got the right to stop Mercedes from seeing Sylver I mean she's got some nerve for sleeping with him the same night she and James shot her. I really hope Sylver finds out the truth and he and Mercedes get together again

  • Lauryn Hall
    Lauryn Hall 2 days ago

    OMG Warren you are so annoying

  • Willow Trees
    Willow Trees 2 days ago

    When I watched the full hour version, It was so cool UwU

  • More Arts
    More Arts 2 days ago

    Breda although she is a murder, she bought tears to my eyes as I get abused

  • More Arts
    More Arts 2 days ago

    I loved when sylver just stood up like a zombie and stabbed breda in the head then groaned and collapsed! It creeped me out as I'm probs the youngest hollyoaks viewer I'm only 12

  • Brinelle Moseley
    Brinelle Moseley 2 days ago

    I hate cleo

  • Mario
    Mario 2 days ago

    at the beginning of the video, if I was brody I'd say "mate you're making me motion sick, stop walking left to right"

  • Lisa Cottrell
    Lisa Cottrell 2 days ago

    can you do more

  • Katya Walls
    Katya Walls 2 days ago

    I just want to know why he changed his name

  • x_Erin_x XD
    x_Erin_x XD 2 days ago

    They didn't even call the police how did they get there in like 5 seconds😂😂😂

  • Aleana Harris
    Aleana Harris 2 days ago

    This totally unrelated topic does anyone have clips of Tilly and Chloe

  • Baby Kaur
    Baby Kaur 2 days ago

    This is the Merecedes I love. I feel like when Merecedes displays her nuturing I get more drawn to her character.

  • Jamie Jones
    Jamie Jones 2 days ago

    What’s he on the run for again

  • brooke lawless
    brooke lawless 2 days ago

    Hi this my favorite xxxxx

  • Ella Heeney
    Ella Heeney 2 days ago

    Warren is my favourite

  • Chelsey Linden
    Chelsey Linden 2 days ago


    • Chelsey Linden
      Chelsey Linden Day ago

      @Lozzy 25 Tell me about it!!!!!! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    • Lozzy 25
      Lozzy 25 2 days ago

      And we thought Breda was annoying 😠 Edward needs to go! Tony has been through enough.