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  • Mike Hill
    Mike Hill Year ago

    I live in the states. Is the show on some kind of hiatus? Was concerned with all the censorship from feds arena and youtube threats of same, whether "Hollyoaks" was deemed too something which offended those fibble-minded folks in the echelons the power hungry. If the later be the case I am in total furious !This started September 11, 2017. Great show from all involved!!!

  • Richard Nwosu
    Richard Nwosu Year ago

    warren got stabed by grace just like trevor

  • Francesca and Laurie

    biggest fan I have three fanpages @morehollyoaks @sophieporleyfanx @nathanmorrisfanx


    Please don't take Charlie Clapham away he's too good.

  • Rhianna Ellie
    Rhianna Ellie Year ago

    I live in London and while I babysit my 2 week year old baby bro (every week ) I watch hollyoaks its amazing! Thank you for making it that way xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jinade Angel
    Jinade Angel Year ago

    I wish you added the actual episodes I need to catch up but I don't want to wake up at 3 or 5 to watch the omnibus grr

    TYRONE LIFE 2 years ago

    i think they should have a school fire or a ca crases under the loft

  • Cherries
    Cherries 2 years ago

    love hollyoaks

  • jumlee
    jumlee 3 years ago

    does anyone know where can I get Tony's tropical leaves green white shirt? preety plssss..... Cheers, Lee.

  • Shelley Grant
    Shelley Grant 3 years ago

    Ok this has been killing me for months DOES ANYONE KNOW THE NAME OF THE SONG, PLAYED IN THE DOMINOES TRAILER AT THE WEDDING DANCE, BEFORE HOLLYOAKS STARTS. It's a very small bit of the song but I know I've heard it before I'm just struggling to remember the name and singer. So damn frustrating! HELP!

  • kaniala68
    kaniala68 3 years ago

    Can they bring back Craig Dean!!! I mean really, JP's story seems so dreary!! Bring Craig back to stir up controversy for the baby they were supposed to be raising cause I never see JP with daddy duty, ever! Maybe a paternity suit turned romance for them......just saying....Ste and Harry, no, just like a school teacher and a student kind of deal....don't like that story line either!! I was hoping Harry would fancy a jock in school?? Anyway!!

  • bbhilda
    bbhilda 3 years ago

    Does anybody know how I would find a video of the Mark Gibbs rape trial from 2000 please?

  • Squi Shy
    Squi Shy 3 years ago

    isit true your being cancelled?

  • Danniella Horan
    Danniella Horan 4 years ago

    Hey Hollyoaks is there any video's of when the Lomax's first arrived in Hollyoaks??? i've been searching everywhere and i can't find any :(

  • figur003
    figur003 4 years ago

    Will you be uploading Gemma & Jennifer's goodbye? I'm in the U.S. and can't view on E4. Carmel & Mercy were my favs!

  • 00agg00
    00agg00 4 years ago

    Are you going to upload "#HollyoaksEndOfTheLine: Backstage at the Train Crash!"? thanks in advance

  • Radya Hussain
    Radya Hussain 4 years ago

    you guys are awesome

  • Ellen Frozen
    Ellen Frozen 4 years ago

    Congrats on winning the award for 'Best British Soap'! :DDD

  • Nicola Bannister
    Nicola Bannister 4 years ago

    Time to vote for Hollyoaks everybody as it been our best soap I think it because all the fans of the show wanted Hollyoaks to win we all loved the show but does it remind you of Brookside yes it does Diane O Connor even bad guy Treavor I remember them used to be in Brookside so that's May be why I think Hollyoaks do desteved to be our winner for the H and my good luck everybody out there if you are watching the show do the H think you so much should be good thinks

  • Katie Lindsell
    Katie Lindsell 4 years ago

    I love this show

  • Vicky Mather
    Vicky Mather 5 years ago

    can't wait for Finn to get punished for bullying and raping John Paul McQueen. He really is a sick boy. I watched it and I was nearly in tears.

  • Grace Kennedy
    Grace Kennedy 5 years ago

    Holly oaks is the best programme EVER

  • nadia dogan
    nadia dogan 5 years ago

    OMG why have you closed Plazazuls account!!! I live in Turkey and can only watch it this way 40d need to upload EVERY night ...... I can't remember the last episode I watched from 40d

  • Joeyarhino1
    Joeyarhino1 5 years ago

    I live in America and I don't get Hollyoaks here. TheXvid just cancelled Plazazu|09 account. How am I supposed to watch it now? Is there anyone else who post full episodes? I am freaking out!! Damn you You Tube!!!

    • Cassie86R
      Cassie86R 4 years ago

      I live in the States as well and me & my sis watch it from HOLLYOAKS ALLNIGHTER channel good luck

  • SoapsTVmatthew
    SoapsTVmatthew 5 years ago

    i love hollyoaks

  • IshyB135
    IshyB135 5 years ago

    i love freddie

  • randomness 123
    randomness 123 5 years ago

    can you please subscribe to our channel :D

  • Lexy Hoppy
    Lexy Hoppy 5 years ago


  • Ellie Grace
    Ellie Grace 5 years ago

    Is it possible to be able to watch an episode from 2008? I want to watch the episode where Darren gets shot - 21st February 2008 - but I cant find it anywhere on the internet :( Season 13 Episode 38

  • BethanInChains
    BethanInChains 5 years ago

    im 12'000th <3

  • james hickey
    james hickey 5 years ago

    I really love to play a bad guy two in Holllyoaks my favourite character was Simon Walker

  • Lifeintheslowlane
    Lifeintheslowlane 5 years ago

    As there no webcams on the set i think you should show the world what the studio/ set looks like and do a video tour

  • Ellie vicky
    Ellie vicky 5 years ago

    LOVE this show! Been watching the show for years! Great story lines! Best soap on T.V!

  • john doe
    john doe 5 years ago

    i fucking hate this show i still watch it tho

  • Elisha
    Elisha 5 years ago

    I love hollyoaks it's so good! Love Joseph Thompson:)

  • P A-B
    P A-B 6 years ago

    Where can you see the DocYou videos? You can't view them from out \side the UK on the official website. Can't find them on YT either. Cheers

  • TheLozstar
    TheLozstar 6 years ago

    hi love hollyoaks sooo much but need jelly bck plz missin them so much jellyyay i luv lucy dixon and amy downham so much x

  • barbiegirl1204
    barbiegirl1204 6 years ago

    hiya, i love Hollyoaks its awsome and my fav character is Ste Hay

  • Lightotronic
    Lightotronic 7 years ago

    complete exhale&hold - 25 seconds exercise;35;60. Discretion is advised.

  • Heidi Black
    Heidi Black 7 years ago

    Well I prefer hip-hop and grime, how about you?

  • chaimoss1
    chaimoss1 7 years ago

    Eh bien c'est un canal de belle !!!

  • Megan Grace
    Megan Grace 7 years ago

    Nice Channel

  • iva639
    iva639 7 years ago

    greetings from me

  • Cleo Patra
    Cleo Patra 7 years ago

    Hi - awesome channel

  • Jess Kay
    Jess Kay 7 years ago

    like marmite - love or hate it....?

  • Beyonce Cera
    Beyonce Cera 7 years ago

    Hi - awesome channel

  • Chelsea Barnes
    Chelsea Barnes 7 years ago

    really appreciate those kind words - you have a great channel, too

  • Clint Evans
    Clint Evans 7 years ago

    "Shhhh....it's a Warren Exclusive" - always hate to see a beloved character go.

  • Lex Urban
    Lex Urban 7 years ago

    how's things where you are - weather's beautiful here!

  • eve5033
    eve5033 7 years ago

    Well this is a lovely channel - hope things are ok with you

  • Cheryl Wood
    Cheryl Wood 7 years ago

    I only kick off on Thursdays

  • Helen Cote
    Helen Cote 7 years ago

    really appreciate those kind words - you have a great channel, too

  • Morgan Levitt
    Morgan Levitt 7 years ago

    great page

  • Heidi Luckham
    Heidi Luckham 7 years ago

    Well this is a lovely channel - hope things are ok with you

  • Furball2k
    Furball2k 7 years ago

    Ha! This channel is a riot =^_^=

  • witedragonbaby
    witedragonbaby 7 years ago

    cool channel

  • Sketch Donista
    Sketch Donista 7 years ago

    One love!! Sketch Don

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  • Mike2020able
    Mike2020able 8 years ago

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  • Lord Damianus
    Lord Damianus 8 years ago

    Nice channel.

  • Sam Fitt
    Sam Fitt 8 years ago

    Thanks for posting fine videos.

  • DanyL Peter
    DanyL Peter 8 years ago

    Love Hollyoaks .. Best Programme Eveeeeer !! =) Xx

  • K Pryde
    K Pryde 8 years ago

    Since you brought back Lee and Bombhead I hope you can bring Zara back!

  • Anthony Tripoli
    Anthony Tripoli 8 years ago


  • Ivan Jacob Steinberger


  • Lisa Palmer
    Lisa Palmer 8 years ago

    Have to check out chinasnake tv new presenters wooo wooooo

  • CatherineJane095
    CatherineJane095 8 years ago

    i subbed u...sub back pls! :D

  • 2skyhigh1
    2skyhigh1 8 years ago

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  • antfantasyart
    antfantasyart 8 years ago

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  • Corbin Morgan
    Corbin Morgan 8 years ago

    Hollyoaks Is An Amazing Tv Show Dude !!

  • Cooper Lennox
    Cooper Lennox 9 years ago

    Hollyoaks Sucks! Skins Is Wayyyyyyyyy More Better!!!!!!

  • kinrich30
    kinrich30 9 years ago

    This is good, but we need actual (full) episodes! I hope they post them on here soon!

  • B3ansprout
    B3ansprout 9 years ago

    luv da new series !!!!!! brill

  • HardyCole
    HardyCole 9 years ago

    I lOVE Hollyoacks so much.Love the new show it rocks .I Love Josh

  • PunjabYT
    PunjabYT 9 years ago

    Do people act in this show

  • littlebluueyedbabii
    littlebluueyedbabii 9 years ago

    how would you know unless you watched it everyday?

  • littlebluueyedbabii
    littlebluueyedbabii 9 years ago

    HOLLYOAKS <33333333

  • Danny Dyer
    Danny Dyer 9 years ago

    i liked da episode when the chruch Blown up that was a good one

    FREAK ONLINE 9 years ago

    Loving Hollyoaks. For other great drama check out FREAK...

    POUNDZZZ2 9 years ago


  • Shaun Wilson
    Shaun Wilson 9 years ago

    I like Hollyoaks, but The Morning After The Night before is a bit boring!!!!

  • taqqi786
    taqqi786 9 years ago

    gilly's the only decent one in this :(

  • First_Name Last_Name

    @willmanhi1, family guy is just as crap as this bullshit. everything after season 3 sucked ass.

  • Will Sharp
    Will Sharp 9 years ago

    hollyoaks is soo fucking shit replace your programme with family guy or something

  • Antonia Harrison
    Antonia Harrison 9 years ago

    people in hollyoaks can't freakin' act!

  • glenwoofit
    glenwoofit 9 years ago

    What a total load of crap...........

  • Angela Morgan
    Angela Morgan 9 years ago

    Wha? This is weird.