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  • Harry Allen
    Harry Allen 6 minutes ago

    Evan’s getting cutie right

  • Caecilius Gaming
    Caecilius Gaming 19 minutes ago

    I have to do this in 3 years and I’m scared already.

  • Francis DK
    Francis DK 31 minute ago

    This is a rant video but it’s ok🙂 Now I know I’m not alone in my feeling that eating a burger with knife and fork is such a HASSLE! 😂

  • Grace
    Grace 39 minutes ago

    For me it goes Register 15m Subject 1h Subject 1h Break 15m Subject 1h Subject 1h Lunch 1h Subject 1h

  • jasmineharness
    jasmineharness 43 minutes ago

    I'm having to watch with the subtitles on as my partner is next to me asleep, I've given up. I can't read that quick and it just goes on like one long sentence 😂

  • Emilia Bissett
    Emilia Bissett 55 minutes ago

    All these things u said I would have never noticed I am just used to it

  • Emilia Bissett
    Emilia Bissett 57 minutes ago

    Yass we need air conditioning

  • Emilia Bissett
    Emilia Bissett 58 minutes ago

    U Just bag your food when the person is beeping it through the till and if u go to Sainsbury’s we have lots of options at supermarkets

  • The Crippens
    The Crippens 59 minutes ago

    We need air conditioning because of global warming... leading to yet faster global warming.

  • Holly Hunt
    Holly Hunt Hour ago

    Your supposed to put the things in the bag while the guy is scanning them and have your wallet and stuff ready before you get to pay. It's called being prepared, just a heads up for next time 👍🏻👍🏻

  • H Basinhe
    H Basinhe Hour ago

    Are you going to take A-level maths as well? That would be entertaining as it is aimed at 18 year-olds rather than 16 year-olds.

  • Trisha Hugo
    Trisha Hugo Hour ago

    Yorkshire pudding is the same mixture as pancakes. Also American pancakes are way too thick!

  • Mr.AJWorks
    Mr.AJWorks Hour ago


  • Scott Tom
    Scott Tom 2 hours ago

    Someone’s looking at beastiality porn...

  • Hannah Berry
    Hannah Berry 2 hours ago

    McGriddle sounds disgusting

  • Coolcatlover69
    Coolcatlover69 2 hours ago

    I am currently doing my GCSE’s and I’ve honestly never heard of an IGCSE. Also you don’t choose your exam board you choose subject and your school chooses which exam board to go through

  • Hannah Berry
    Hannah Berry 2 hours ago

    Instead of water fountains it is a legal requirement to have free water in every restaurant

  • a mediocre username for a mediocre person

    I could barely understand your Spanish. Also Spain Spanish is used in some parts of south America.

  • Coolcatlover69
    Coolcatlover69 2 hours ago

    Evan I get Noah is your mate and his cool but if you want the realest reflection of what a GCSE is get someone who went to a regular state secondary instead of a boarding/grammar/public/private school.

  • Jeffron71
    Jeffron71 2 hours ago

    As a Brit, I do actually agree about bacon and waiters.

  • Felix Svedenblad
    Felix Svedenblad 2 hours ago

    Bag boy sounds like a slave

  • PandaGirl Vlogs
    PandaGirl Vlogs 2 hours ago

    Maths and language are my favourite things too 😂

  • Roger Barnes
    Roger Barnes 2 hours ago

    When you say “the UK” do you just mean your part of LONDON?

  • Stephanie Trenado
    Stephanie Trenado 2 hours ago

    I like how this is for doulingo and an ad for pimsleur? a different language app popped up. Come on Doulingo, Sponsor the guy!

  • Beth
    Beth 3 hours ago

    As a Brit this made me squirm

  • Gut Instinct
    Gut Instinct 3 hours ago

    All you did was list things you miss about America lol

  • Mr T
    Mr T 3 hours ago

    Not to be Rude or Inconsiderate, Are these two seemed to be into each other. What I'm saying is there Next video is Gay Porn, With them Staring in it. I'm not saying there anything with that. Just an observation.

  • Justin Time
    Justin Time 4 hours ago

    Singing is a good way to start the day.

  • seneca983
    seneca983 4 hours ago

    1:40 "The reason that's really helpful is that if you're a business that's going to take a while to get profitable you might be buying more stuff than you're selling." There's no real difference to a sales tax in this regard. With VAT, you can deduct the tax on what your business bought and with a sales tax, it wasn't there (yet) to begin with.

  • Julian Gainey
    Julian Gainey 4 hours ago

    I cant tell if this is a sponsor or not 😂, loved the video anyways

  • RON776
    RON776 5 hours ago

    You was having Vegemite about the same time you learnt to walk!

  • Tina Guzik
    Tina Guzik 5 hours ago

    How many times can you say the word "like" in this video? 😂

  • FurryWolfDog
    FurryWolfDog 5 hours ago

    What did you use to learn German?

  • Steve Garroutte
    Steve Garroutte 5 hours ago

    He probably forgot to pay his TV tax to the BBC thats why the copper were after him at the end lol

  • Anna Walker
    Anna Walker 6 hours ago

    As a girl who was born in Landstuhl and can translate all of this to English because I moved to the US, Ich bevorzuge weniger scheiße 😂 aber du sprechen meine sprache sehr gut. Ich bin irgendwie👏🏼

  • Shannon Egusquiza
    Shannon Egusquiza 6 hours ago

    That's why I dont go to doctors at all. I have sever lower back pain, need 9k in dental work, and need somethings looked at but refuse to because I know we cant afford it. Pretty bad when you have to prioritize healthcare. Like my kids getting treated first

  • Kris Hughes
    Kris Hughes 6 hours ago

    Sad. Why are you even in the UK?

  • Jakegamer10 Reynolds

    Man this is pretty Farfetche’d

  • J Kay
    J Kay 6 hours ago

    Who stays out for 2 drinks and doesn't want to get drunk that's the point in drinking

  • Libby Broadfoot
    Libby Broadfoot 7 hours ago

    This a an interesting video! But does anyone else think it sounds like this is directed at the government and he's fully expecting change 😂

  • atomiswave1971
    atomiswave1971 7 hours ago

    Your a lot of fun. I'm in for AC units. Hot sticky days are numbering in the 50-60 range now(2 months), if your grass looks burnt you need AC. I can totally relate to waiters that go on a coffee break and that they give you your bill and don't come back for 20 minutes. I actually demand the card machine on the first pass. The UK isn't perfect because we let Americans in, but I'm glad we do :D

  • Alice Honey
    Alice Honey 7 hours ago

    Jag-you wot mate 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rob Buglass
    Rob Buglass 7 hours ago

    For sure there is sooo much fake , one of the king of fakes is hippy Svengali Louis Cole “ fun for Louis “

  • David Wood
    David Wood 7 hours ago

    woooo Kent!

  • David Wood
    David Wood 7 hours ago

    places like Aldi and Lidl will usually only have 2 varieties as they buy bigger bulk orders which makes it cheaper for the customers. so if they had more variety in these places they would be forced to buy less stock of each which will then bump up the bulk price. Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's etc. all stock more options but the prices are more expensive. source: i worked for Lidl.

  • Alice Honey
    Alice Honey 7 hours ago

    Jay is so intelligent I find it so attractive the way he comes across!

  • Amanda Healey
    Amanda Healey 7 hours ago

    I don't really think you can compare American schools to other countries. Every school is different. For example, in 6th grade we had five or six classes in one day (not all of the same), and when I transferred to a magnet school the year afterwards, we had all of our five core classes, and I think two electives all in the same day

  • Charlie Hunter
    Charlie Hunter 7 hours ago

    Things I find annoying about Americans: everything literally everything

  • natalie :D
    natalie :D 8 hours ago

    43 minute lunch ?? I’m from America and mine is 20 minutes ... wtf

  • Katkit
    Katkit 8 hours ago

    Scotland's meals are huge in the highlands

  • Katkit
    Katkit 8 hours ago

    Did I just see a dab in 2020

  • wonpencil
    wonpencil 8 hours ago

    the outlet thing is so whack :0 thats what gfci outlets are for!!!!! to prevent electrocution !!!!

  • Moon
    Moon 8 hours ago

    I just got a 56 on my district algebra assessment. I hate myself because I skipped tutoring and didn't study at all. 😭

  • Joe Campbell
    Joe Campbell 8 hours ago

    Why do you even want a citizenship here if you have so many complaints?

  • court sky
    court sky 8 hours ago

    Also where are you shopping if there’s only two toothpastes??? there’s a shit tone

  • court sky
    court sky 8 hours ago

    and being from the uk i can also say ... bag boy??

  • Jed Ryan
    Jed Ryan 8 hours ago

    I really like your channel, but as a Brit there’s many things I disagree with what you said in this vid, BUT as a typical Brit, it’s the early hours of a Saturday morning, I’ve had too much t9 drink and I haven’t pulled, (hence I’m on TheXvid) and can’t be bothered to point out and note the said things I disagree with. Much love though lol x

  • court sky
    court sky 8 hours ago

    as someone from the uk, I can confirm that we do not know that a mcflurry is meant to be any different from what you described ?

  • Haq Ahmed
    Haq Ahmed 8 hours ago

    Lived in London almost my entire life and I must say, as good as it seems it's also got its downsides which I'd rather not state, yes I love London but honestly its 2020 and the city definitely needs Sky scrapers like New York 400/500+ meters because that's one aspect of New York that London has no chance against.

  • kirsten buckton
    kirsten buckton 8 hours ago

    Too many puns 😂😂😂😂

  • wrorchestra1
    wrorchestra1 9 hours ago

    If you want to see swearing as an art form, watch The Thick Of It

  • MT Yankin
    MT Yankin 9 hours ago

    Sorry, I must apologize. I laughed through the entire video! You were just so hilarious - have you thought about becoming an actor? Anyhoooo .... I have had the same experience as you did when I went to A&E some years a go. Long waits (I lost the whole day), nurses coming and disappearing, blood tests, piss pots, ivy drips, more tests, etc., all good in the end with nothing serious found - just less than £10 lighter in my pocket for pain killers. All in all, however much we complain about the NHS not being efficient, long waiting times and longer appointment times to see a GP, etc. at least nobody has to worry about going broke when seriously sick or having contracted some gruesome disease. Only one thing that worries me about the NHS - I feel they are a bit fast and loose with dispensing painkillers, especially codeine which are opioid analgesics and very addictive. I hope it doesn't come to the kind of opioid epidemic they've been having in the US.

  • Nikki Darke
    Nikki Darke 9 hours ago

    Sooo.. all the things you "enjoy" about life, you dislike in the UK, but you want to stay? Surely if life is so good in the US, go back there 🤷‍♂️ You are in a different country. The world isn't run by American. The rest of the world has been around a lot longer than America. If you did any research on ANY of these complaints or even just went out and talked to other humans you will discover there are reasons for everything you are annoyed by. God help you in parts of Europe where you can't flush paper down the loo or even drink the tap water.

  • kirsten buckton
    kirsten buckton 9 hours ago

    The UK is not america! You want your diners you want your bigger meals fuck off to america.

  • kirsten buckton
    kirsten buckton 9 hours ago

    I 1000000% agree with the fact the waiter just disappears, I dont get it ither 😂😂😂

  • Stefanie Fellows
    Stefanie Fellows 9 hours ago

    I now one german word gesundheit

  • Stefanie Fellows
    Stefanie Fellows 9 hours ago

    I am german

  • PrototypePlatform
    PrototypePlatform 9 hours ago

    waterfountains used to be everywhere. health and safety took them all away. waiters are called waiters because they await your bell, we dont psychically know when someone around the corner or on the other side of the resteraunt needs the bill. if you're "that guy" who gets up or calls for the bill,*you're doing it right.* its not that we are doing the job wrong by disappearing, its just customary in english culture to speak when spoken to. and not to look at people in the eyes unless you have intention to forward an interaction. you dont want someone standing there watching you eat. so dont complain when we're not there. we are not your jester. we are a service. tou have to use a service. so dont complain about the waiters. complain about your friends not getting up or calling for one. also.. mcflurry with stuff all the way through? WHAAAAATTTT??? i need. the "bag boy" is such a strange concept. you complain about not having someone bag your stuff as you go. so what.. you just... stand there? the whole time? let it pile up? then when you go to pay you go "oh shit" and now rush yourself? just dont be lazy man. why would a company spend more money on having extra staff for a job you can do for free by yourself like a considerate human being? and if you cant find you're not looking?

    • PrototypePlatform
      PrototypePlatform 9 hours ago

      'no variety' pfft. if anyone here replies with something they believe theres no options for in a food store. i am prepared to sit here and type out every brand and every version of that item that would be available. and maybe even the multitude of stores you could go to in order to get them. example from the video: pizza -store own brand(tesco, aldi, lidl, watrose, etc all have their own), -chicago town -dr oetker -digiorno -amy's -udi's -pizza express -papajohns the list goes on. they all have almost everything from margherita to the most topping stuffed shit. but yeah. you arent looking if you havent found anything other than 2 brands. like.. thats JUST pizza. nevermind the thousands of products.

  • Aqualynx 144
    Aqualynx 144 9 hours ago

    Your German is good, but you're reading from a script. It's a good way to learn the language but immersion is much better than word learning. Accent is great, keep up the good work

  • ChiefAdem06
    ChiefAdem06 9 hours ago

    Wait, wait, wait. So this man has a degree in maths and is like 24 and is struggling in the SIMPLEST of type of the three maths exams. While 16 year olds are doing this while stressing about 10 other exams. Something ain't right...

  • chloe gray
    chloe gray 9 hours ago

    Lol u should try the further maths paper tho It’s agonising

  • SheepOfGreen
    SheepOfGreen 9 hours ago

    I’m sorry but yanks are the worst people on earth. I can’t stand them.

  • Matt Worthy
    Matt Worthy 9 hours ago

    As a person from the UK and 33 years old In shops there are bag people You have to ask for it.( I worked in a shop for over 10 years) There are takeaways in the UK where you can get everything from make your own pizza to a roast dinner. You can not have plugs in bathrooms because of health and safety and there is a health and safety law what prevents electric outlets in bathrooms In modern buildings there is aircon.

  • Robert Derries
    Robert Derries 9 hours ago

    That bacon comment made me dislike

  • Robert Derries
    Robert Derries 9 hours ago

    Shut up u radge

  • Jungkook-ssi Bangtan
    Jungkook-ssi Bangtan 10 hours ago

    You don’t have to do RE in all schools for GCSEs but I don’t have to do it and I wouldn’t like to 😂😂

  • Alice Barr
    Alice Barr 10 hours ago

    8:18 A&E isn’t the emergency room, it’s just the whole hospital (not including like long stay things but people who come in with like sickness or broken bones/sprains) like the ER is for the people who’ve come in in an ambulance isn’t it? You can rock up to A&E in a car, suspecting a broken arm or something and wait a good few hours before being seen, that’s not really and emergency, just the accident part of A&E

  • Clive Stevens
    Clive Stevens 10 hours ago

    Sounds like he should stay in America!

  • Robert Willoughby
    Robert Willoughby 10 hours ago

    What do you think about Toad in the Hole? (spoiler alert - it's sausages in batter) And what do you think about the british sausage?

  • Kasey Boyce
    Kasey Boyce 10 hours ago

    I’m glad you also briefly brought up the demotivation of the hearts 🤨

  • Finley Kiernan
    Finley Kiernan 10 hours ago

    You've honestly given me so many tips for duo!!! It's really inspired me to want to finish learning Welsh this year!! Thanks!!

  • OhMyHessNess
    OhMyHessNess 10 hours ago

    insurance while you are a provisional driver is super cheap, it just like quadruples when you pass

  • Lauren Mack
    Lauren Mack 10 hours ago

    They are wrong ooooof

  • Lauren Mack
    Lauren Mack 10 hours ago

    Oof 😣

  • Lel E
    Lel E 10 hours ago

    Oh my I forgot how easy Maths Higher GCSE was, I’m doing A Level Maths now😭

  • Anya Watt
    Anya Watt 10 hours ago

    My school (in Dorset, uk) had 8:45 Reg/form room/tutor time 9:00 period one 10:00 break (they figured out that most teens didn’t eat breakfast before school so we had an early break where the canteen did some breakfast type food -also break detentions) 10:15 period two 11:15 period three 12:15 lunch (optional clubs starting at various times also lunch detentions) 13:15 period four (we used to have a afternoon form room/register time ten mins before this but they scrapped it as we were all registered in each class anyway) 14:15 period five 15:15 end of day / start of after school clubs 15:20 occasional Alevel twilight class until 16:15 also After school detentions held now We also had a common room fir sixth formers and sixth formers had free periods and could leave if they wanted

  • John Irby
    John Irby 10 hours ago

    How long is that sustainable? Wouldn't the U.K. eventually go bankrupt?

  • Lel E
    Lel E 10 hours ago

    Forget GCSE’s make him look at my A Level exams. Also just for reference once you see how hard it is, I’m 16 and that’s the work I’m doing and that’s normal.

  • sam
    sam 10 hours ago

    ..there are more than 2 different brands of stuff lol

  • Ryan Davenport
    Ryan Davenport 10 hours ago

    You can go into any restaurant and ask them for a glass of water btw it’s free

  • tonight_bts
    tonight_bts 10 hours ago

    This is why I no longer want to live in the UK. I’m 14 though.

  • Cj
    Cj 10 hours ago

    What a twat oh no you dont have a slave to bag things for you

  • Pippa Lumley
    Pippa Lumley 10 hours ago

    We have 6 periods

  • FireML
    FireML 10 hours ago

    Jesus.. this is funny and annoying at the same time

  • Cj
    Cj 10 hours ago

    Things British people find annoying about Americans your all obnoxious twats and we dont have as many fast foods as you because we are not as fat as you

  • Riley 123
    Riley 123 11 hours ago

    I’m in year 10 and did my mock exams this week and guess what shows up on my recommended 🤔😳

  • Amaria H
    Amaria H 11 hours ago


  • Cj
    Cj 11 hours ago

    Go back then

  • Josh
    Josh 11 hours ago

    I actually almost threw up when you said “Edinburg” 🤮 I know it’s not serious

  • The Spiral of the Scorchin' Sun

    Gotta double A for maths GCSE. I thought it was easy at the time but I wouldn't have been able to pass this test if I done it today