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if KFC became ANIME
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the NEW FNaF 2020 game
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  • Rachel Gurung
    Rachel Gurung 59 minutes ago

    I know some au storeshift dust tale spong tale undersell underswap swapfell epictale outertale hyper tale dustfell pooptale

  • Hatching Winner
    Hatching Winner Hour ago

    I love anime for some reason

  • Ng Nizon
    Ng Nizon Hour ago

    This is bad of your eyes

  • Team Gaming
    Team Gaming 2 hours ago

    Pen pineapple apple pen

  • katherine stirling
    katherine stirling 3 hours ago

    10:10 Bruh how tf does he not know this hitman reference?

  • katherine stirling
    katherine stirling 3 hours ago

    Quality content

    • katherine stirling
      katherine stirling 2 hours ago

      @Mairusu may i give you a suggestion on what you should play if you want to be demonitized forever.. koikatsu party

    • Mairusu
      Mairusu 2 hours ago


  • Digital Coder
    Digital Coder 3 hours ago

    9:32 when my alarm clock goes off in the morning

  • Felipe rePlay
    Felipe rePlay 4 hours ago

    Is it difficult to create a mobile FNIA?

    • Mairusu
      Mairusu 3 hours ago

      I think fan games on mobile aren’t alowd, or something

  • Halo Angel
    Halo Angel 4 hours ago


    • Mairusu
      Mairusu 4 hours ago

      Unfair to compare yet in my opinion. We haven’t seen everything there is to be had with deltarune

  • KamenRider Decade
    KamenRider Decade 5 hours ago

    She know you recording this channel

  • Sullynoxion's Show
    Sullynoxion's Show 5 hours ago


  • Ash Kami
    Ash Kami 6 hours ago

    Ball bag is Mario comfirmed he held ghasts fire ball and he thrown it back like mario

  • Alphonse plays
    Alphonse plays 6 hours ago

    I like the name cup- A better then the real one

  • Lps Fresh
    Lps Fresh 7 hours ago

    *gets an idea* Luigi's mansion in anime

  • DoggoDestroyer 9821
    DoggoDestroyer 9821 7 hours ago


  • Emperor Louis The Retard

    What in God's Pot Roast is this

  • bruh I i got Ebola and arthritis

    Low key I feel bad for monika like, yeah they are deleted and killed and exposed by her, but in reality they are just ai.monika is sentient and is drived crazy by the silence from in the computer and all the lighting and repetition of they days set by the game

  • Honoria Tamayo
    Honoria Tamayo 8 hours ago

    Cupa look stacked as Steve with 5 vitamin gummies

  • Brody Z.2011
    Brody Z.2011 8 hours ago

    Btw chara is from Storyshift

  • Jaydin Heederik
    Jaydin Heederik 8 hours ago

    do i hear "sans' Theme" in the background at the beginning??????or is it just me

  • Guadalupe Contreras
    Guadalupe Contreras 8 hours ago

    K.I.A is killed in action

  • More RollTGW
    More RollTGW 8 hours ago


  • samdaboss Gaming
    samdaboss Gaming 9 hours ago

    nightmarrione? More like the guy in my hentais

  • Davion Palmer
    Davion Palmer 9 hours ago

    At the end of the genocide wrote Secrets is quora and then after that and then after they go back to good road or either way I'm the first time if you go to the good route she was still up here and possessed you and then you then anyone that sees you doing this you think that you have a smart personality and all that but you don't that's why you don't know I'm not Sophie got Cora she's apparently a human that looks like her but very different in many ways and also because she has red eyes and she wants to kill monsters human and all that and she really hate you play the song Suit let it slide and she is dream shirt but some of it is yellow and you don't know this because you don't watch me because you didn't play the game I want to know split please play the game and then grew back here and then Judas again because you're an idiot and stupid and retarded

  • Dead Lock
    Dead Lock 9 hours ago

    Been like a year or two since a watched mairusu and see like he is still playing these weird game but hey I enjoy it

  •, That one guy who makes everyone mad.

    Just wanna say that TheXvid considers this as a RPG. ( , _ ,) ... (' _ ')

  • LaTrell Brown
    LaTrell Brown 10 hours ago

    I just... don't understand, but Ok I'll just play along. I guess.

  • Nate Seed
    Nate Seed 10 hours ago

    Both the cloud novel and mairaso stoped

  • Pinpurple Kid
    Pinpurple Kid 10 hours ago

    wow that was so funny o0o

  • Halalfresselp
    Halalfresselp 11 hours ago

    I saw this video at 5:00 AM

  • Rose
    Rose 11 hours ago

    23:29 *wait who’s that?*

  • Halalfresselp
    Halalfresselp 11 hours ago

    I love chicken breast... To eat!🐣

  • Andrea Dan
    Andrea Dan 11 hours ago

    You really mean ssjb or super saying blue

  • Phantom the Bunny
    Phantom the Bunny 11 hours ago


  • gilly bling
    gilly bling 11 hours ago

    X’s and O’s ? That’s tix tax toe

  • ROBLOXkelsey2018 :pp
    ROBLOXkelsey2018 :pp 11 hours ago

    I will murder myself for no reason

  • 99mark47
    99mark47 11 hours ago

    The C is Coffon like in Scott Coffon

  • Wanted TNT
    Wanted TNT 12 hours ago

    “Undertale II” dElTaRuNe

  • Sonic
    Sonic 12 hours ago

    Before the "XL" part, that was the best looking in-game Classic Amy sprite I ever saw

    • Mairusu
      Mairusu 4 hours ago

      Yeah it was lol

  • Quinton Craig
    Quinton Craig 12 hours ago

    Really, that's what you want to do? Fat isn't good, chubby sure, but that's tangential.

  • will 713251093
    will 713251093 12 hours ago

    I kinda feel like ballbag would be a guardian...

  • Angel Wolf
    Angel Wolf 12 hours ago

    I subbed because I absolutely love your editing I laughed throughout your vids so pls dont stop being random

  • o l e P
    o l e P 12 hours ago

    "in development" -things i hate

  • Sonic
    Sonic 13 hours ago

    0:03 Anyone know of that Classic Amy sprite? It is pretty good

  • its flowey
    its flowey 13 hours ago

    she needs to go in the gym

  • Gavin Jones
    Gavin Jones 13 hours ago

    Cupa: awwwww yeah! Me: no it’s aww man

  • Blake Eslick
    Blake Eslick 13 hours ago

    oh dear god...

  • TheToxxikSylveon
    TheToxxikSylveon 13 hours ago

    6:23 That's actually a face that didn't make it into the final game.

  • Hacker Man
    Hacker Man 13 hours ago

    They said bum bum so many times that now I just die laughing during the sad part

  • Delonta Henderson
    Delonta Henderson 14 hours ago


  • dedjoozXD
    dedjoozXD 14 hours ago

    *Nothing survives an encounter with DeviantArt...*

  • The_watermelonsharky In roblox

    Is that an anime pillow on the back from kobiyashis dragon maid

  • ROBLOXkelsey2018 :pp
    ROBLOXkelsey2018 :pp 15 hours ago

    USSR final day

  • Prince59
    Prince59 15 hours ago


  • Dreadementous [Fawfuls TNT]

    So this is Sonic2XL, but with permanent obesity and no heartattack based deaths or fattening onion rings? Major disappointment, I HAVE.

  • Daniel Lugo
    Daniel Lugo 15 hours ago

    You feel like ur gonna have a bad *TEM*

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 15 hours ago

    Okay... I like the XL contents, but why Amy..?

  • ROBLOXkelsey2018 :pp
    ROBLOXkelsey2018 :pp 16 hours ago

    New intro doki doki player in kazoo

  • SurgDexil Main Channel

    Phat sonic

  • ROBLOXkelsey2018 :pp
    ROBLOXkelsey2018 :pp 16 hours ago

    Aye YuRI sAiD cAn I HaVe YoU AyE I hAD tO pLaY dAT iN SlOw AYe


    This actually tells me Why they can teleport... They ate chorcus fruits

  • Pat Uhl
    Pat Uhl 16 hours ago


  • Vergames 2
    Vergames 2 16 hours ago


    • warlock 118
      warlock 118 15 hours ago


  • Francisca Moreno
    Francisca Moreno 16 hours ago

    So butyful

  • JiaQir
    JiaQir 16 hours ago

    wot a ending

  • JiaQir
    JiaQir 17 hours ago

    4:55 does baby's have hair? i mean when they just got out you know

  • Foxyfan 55
    Foxyfan 55 17 hours ago

    The source of the Amy picture in the thumbnail??

    • Mairusu
      Mairusu 16 hours ago

      Something like fat Amy on google lead me to the modders twitter with this pic

  • Caramel drop
    Caramel drop 17 hours ago

    This is suprisingly thariputic to me and orvil sounds like Dumbledore

  • Studio Plume Bleue
    Studio Plume Bleue 17 hours ago

    "Today's modders are tomorrow's developers! Except if you do this" - Funke

  • StilleWillem
    StilleWillem 17 hours ago

    Just Monika would taste like Cinnamon

  • FBI
    FBI 17 hours ago


  • JVC YTc
    JVC YTc 17 hours ago

    This is a cursed model at it's finest

  • Vonic the rabbit Superstar

    How’s five nights at anime boi

  • Sans The skeleton
    Sans The skeleton 17 hours ago

    . . .

  • Dr. Pan
    Dr. Pan 17 hours ago

    *why?* *just why?*

  • Your Favorite Canadian Youtuber, Eh!

    Hey Mairusu, when are you gonna play HDoom?

    • Your Favorite Canadian Youtuber, Eh!
      Your Favorite Canadian Youtuber, Eh! 15 hours ago

      @Mairusu Why not?... Is it because it's too graphic for TheXvid? Well, that's why Censoring was invented! XD BTW did you get the Email I sent you?

    • Mairusu
      Mairusu 16 hours ago

      Probably won’t tbh

  • Justin Richard EX
    Justin Richard EX 18 hours ago

    Why did I came here? ・_・

  • Rachael Fixico
    Rachael Fixico 18 hours ago

    I feel dirty...

    • Mairusu
      Mairusu 16 hours ago

      Don’t blame you lol

  • Devonte Edwards
    Devonte Edwards 18 hours ago

    Gotta say... that's really messed up

  • ShadowDragonGamer 476
    ShadowDragonGamer 476 18 hours ago


  • majorathe temmie
    majorathe temmie 18 hours ago

    No comment.

  • patrick harris
    patrick harris 18 hours ago

    you should play the mod "Sonic mania repainted PLUS" i don't know if you did a vid on the original version of sonic mania repainted but it got an update!

    • Mairusu
      Mairusu 16 hours ago

      Maybe I’ll look into it

  • kingEUGENE 123
    kingEUGENE 123 18 hours ago

    This is when Amy eats to many of "Sonic's chilly dogs"

  • TheFacebiters
    TheFacebiters 18 hours ago


    MLG GAMER 18 hours ago

    +Mairusu Even funnier than the Onion Rings mod where he got fatter as he ate them. Poor Amy. What's funny is that so much time has passed since you last did this and in that time somehow she gained weight. That must be a result of not playing the game for too long. When they don't run enough they gain weight! Finally some realism to this game! I'm kidding but it is one way of thinking about it 😂😂😂😂😂

  • revolverman
    revolverman 18 hours ago

    Gotta love the internet at times right? Or outright hate it at times?

  • Brandon Boucher
    Brandon Boucher 18 hours ago

    Who made that thumbnail? My boi Mairusu looking a little sus with the thumbnails. (I would actually like to know who made that thumbnail)

    • Brandon Boucher
      Brandon Boucher 12 hours ago

      I can understand those reasons ;)

    • Mairusu
      Mairusu 16 hours ago

      Found it on modders Twitter. I didn’t link it due to... reasons lol

  • Yoink Doinkerstien
    Yoink Doinkerstien 18 hours ago

    Amy L00kin Thicccccccccccccccccccc in 3D

  • Tristhegamingthug The Savage

    Its been a while since ive watched this channel the last time I did was on a stream where my comment got read

  • Springles1987
    Springles1987 18 hours ago

    Amy be thicc af

  • TheBlackDemon
    TheBlackDemon 19 hours ago


  • son Goku Mitchell
    son Goku Mitchell 19 hours ago

    Her ass though 🤤

  • Davin Perrera
    Davin Perrera 19 hours ago

    One Question... *_W H Y ? !_*

    • Mairusu
      Mairusu 16 hours ago

      I have know clue

  • True Black Knight
    True Black Knight 19 hours ago


  • Springtrap
    Springtrap 19 hours ago

    oh no

  • DeltaCap Mode
    DeltaCap Mode 19 hours ago

    Deviant art meets sonic It arlready did that look at the fandom

  • Caleb Pulliam
    Caleb Pulliam 19 hours ago

    100th THICCCCCCCC comment

  • Gacha_Galaxy
    Gacha_Galaxy 19 hours ago

    *see's title* me:oh lord why do ppl do this xD

  • toad the mushroom
    toad the mushroom 19 hours ago

    Can I ask why?