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  • ShloKing
    ShloKing 46 seconds ago

    ... 30 mil isn't that low. It's not big budget, but it's not that low.

  • Tomato Play
    Tomato Play Minute ago

    Man im EXACTLY like you

  • L V Y-C-C
    L V Y-C-C 2 minutes ago

    You guy's should check out 13 hours, especially the scene of the first assault on the American compound.

  • Nathan’s The1
    Nathan’s The1 3 minutes ago

    I mean “we were soldiers”was made supervised by an actual Vietnam veteran

  • TikTok Tutorial
    TikTok Tutorial 5 minutes ago

    the rock please a challenge where you run from enemy's, jump from sky scraper to another and moving a girl before being crushed by a building

  • Scott Hamilton
    Scott Hamilton 9 minutes ago

    Very informative and awesome that you guys share this for aspiring film makers on a budget. Love it!

  • Vig Saminathan
    Vig Saminathan 11 minutes ago

    Great video. Another TED talk in the making?

  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith 15 minutes ago

    i have a movie which is japan chinese i dont know. It is called Rise of the Legend

  • Retro Bit
    Retro Bit 15 minutes ago

    Bro, I did not realize that Anthony was targeting the big screens

  • Trav Pots
    Trav Pots 15 minutes ago

    Good job

  • Austen Bundy
    Austen Bundy 18 minutes ago

    I think filmmaking is starting to take some cues from TV news. While they hardly produce movie quality footage, the crew format is very much minimalist in the field if not a one-man band scenario. In studio there's more hands but still probably not anywhere near a traditional film studio. Loved this explainer vid.

  • Jon Paul Hart
    Jon Paul Hart 19 minutes ago

    I've been waiting for a video like this to come out for soooo long. The short film looks amazing! Plus, its got Anthony Padilla, which is a surprising, but extremely welcome bonus. Definitely gonna have to start saving for the Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K

  • Drshockfreeze
    Drshockfreeze 19 minutes ago

    You guys at Corridor want a bunch of Amiibos? I don't don't need them and they're collecting dust. I'm local, I can drop them off if ya'll like.

  • Retro Bit
    Retro Bit 19 minutes ago

    Uhhh...did anyone notice Anthony from former Smosh guy in thumbnail cause I don't see no one talking about him.

  • evotech
    evotech 22 minutes ago

    You are the only channel i have notifications on for.

  • Trancilian
    Trancilian 24 minutes ago

    Please react to 6 Underground. New Netflix movie with Ryan Reynolds that is just one big insane stunt choreography

  • WITS asmr
    WITS asmr 25 minutes ago

    I love it when you guys make these kind of videos

  • Brennan Eason
    Brennan Eason 25 minutes ago

    do you reckon you do a live action video of the xiao xiao stick fight series?

  • Hannes Jacobsson
    Hannes Jacobsson 30 minutes ago

    Wait, are they playing all three audio channels at once? Wouldn't that sound really weird?

  • Neozzzy
    Neozzzy 31 minute ago

    React to Joyner lugas Revenge intro pls

  • Zero
    Zero 32 minutes ago

    The only reason Hollywood are slow to change is job security. That's it, nothing more. I see it all the time being in the tech industry, we want to show what is available and what it can do and 1 out of 4 people talking to me about it will say "Another job lost"... Awesome video btw, can't wait to watch the short film.

  • Ibrahim Niazi
    Ibrahim Niazi 41 minute ago

    What about ksi then

  • Ethan McGloin
    Ethan McGloin 43 minutes ago

    I got a question for last pass! Why should i use last pass instead of just writing my passwords down on a piece of paper and hiding that shit? I never forget my password, i just forget which password i used for a specific site based on if they wanted upper case with numbers and random numerals or not. How is using last pass more secure then running the risk of someone breaking into my house and somehow finding the tiny piece of paper i have with my passwords written on it?

  • Evan
    Evan 43 minutes ago

    Can you do a reaction to the opening shot of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith?

  • Antti Sartanen
    Antti Sartanen 43 minutes ago

    I'm sure this has been mentioned already but I learned two weeks ago that you can do the same audio sync with Premiere Pro! It was a lifesaver!

    J BOURNE 46 minutes ago

    2:08 Corridor You scared me Just it you gonna scared to death oh my god

  • Testsubject276
    Testsubject276 51 minute ago

    I've never had my credit card information stolen because I don't trust credit cards. But my sister does, so I just pay her back whatever she grabs for me in cash.

  • Anthony Hanna
    Anthony Hanna 53 minutes ago

    I recommend you review detective picaku, the moment when they capture Mewtew in the jungle, the textures didn't match on back to back scenes. Was that just laziness, rendering problem or what

  • whyisblue923taken
    whyisblue923taken 53 minutes ago

    Wren is just egging Clint on. lol Clint has dominated until he's failed badly on one thing each time. I think Clint can be The Rock. Wren is more of a Nic Cage.

  • Waffle King
    Waffle King 56 minutes ago

    Make an r-rated incredibles!

  • ༺ᎦᏐᏋᏩᏋ ᎽᎢ༻ [ᎦԍᎦŦ]

    Jarjar dying was the best thing

  • Thomas Vlaskamp III
    Thomas Vlaskamp III 57 minutes ago

    Try this on for size. Make Kill Bill (both volumes) G rated. That'd be an exercise in futility right there

  • Daria
    Daria Hour ago

    Where's the actual thing

  • Hazem A
    Hazem A Hour ago

    Which equipment are u using for the audio? I dont see it on the list

  • Aaron Worthing
    Aaron Worthing Hour ago

    Can we do a bad cgi video on whatever happened to Hillary’s face? I don’t want to make this political, but she does look weird, and I actually think that you guys might have insight into why she looks weird drawn from your experience with CGI. And the sad thing is, she looked perfectly nice before she did this to herself. Yes, she looked old, but not ugly

  • Shailendra Singh Rathore

    waiting for a bollywood video

  • Bjørn Sjøgren
    Bjørn Sjøgren Hour ago

    '3 legs' minus '1/3 of legs' = '1 leg'? Does not compute. '3 legs' minus '2/3 of legs' would equal '1 leg'

  • Ramdeen Studios
    Ramdeen Studios Hour ago

    Please look at Transformers: The Last Knight - Quintessa talks to Optimus Prime about the knights stealing the staff at the tiny pool.

  • Young Blood
    Young Blood Hour ago

    i Can Be your BTS Camera man...but i just need passport and stuff to go to your place and also i dont have a house there but would you mind letting me stay in your place

  • Nitin Rathod
    Nitin Rathod Hour ago


  • romeo415 lol
    romeo415 lol Hour ago

    React to mortal kombat the journey begins!!

  • Brinks
    Brinks Hour ago

    Please make more videos like this guys! I really enjoyed the spill of knowledge

  • Hazib Latif
    Hazib Latif Hour ago

    I thought it was Antony Padilla in the thumbnail

  • VexingCarcass
    VexingCarcass Hour ago

    I would love to see a breakdown of my new favorite terrible movie, 6 Underground, the most Michael Bay movie that Michael Bay ever Michael Bayed. I'd especially like to see you guys break down the magnetic boat scene or the car chase at the beginning of the movie.

  • Dilan Rajapaksha

    Finally a good old corridor vlog

  • Alehj Artista
    Alehj Artista Hour ago

    Tech ending careers again. I was just in s movie set this week and yes. Like 25 just crew in a small room set. Imma be coming back to this vid a couple dozen times. Thanks, guys!

  • Yeddie
    Yeddie Hour ago

    What is the Mic that you have running under your shirt?

  • Tombo
    Tombo Hour ago

    You are Groundbreaking!!!

  • Kapilan Naidu
    Kapilan Naidu Hour ago

    You know for all the lack of love FCPX gets, it did auto audio syncing pretty much right out the gate.

  • Ryan Playing Piano

    Now that you guys are talking about the types of camera and audio and everything to make a film, i’d love to see a reacting video to Chronicle. Was it really filmed with just the cameras the characters were holding? And how did everyone just wear mics? Even if this is how they did it, i’d love to hear what you guys have to say about it

  • FanaticalDrummer

    Unions hate this guy 😂

  • Tyrone Burns
    Tyrone Burns Hour ago

    Do Star Trek: first contact. 1996. It has some real interesting and unique special effects and cgi.

  • FanaticalDrummer
    FanaticalDrummer 2 hours ago

    You guys should get the Came TV Pro LEDs

  • Christopher Adam
    Christopher Adam 2 hours ago

    There is something ironic about his shirt at 4:00 on hhaha

  • Ricardo Rivera
    Ricardo Rivera 2 hours ago

    Hollywood productions: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

  • Kenneth Mwiti
    Kenneth Mwiti 2 hours ago

    IWLTBAP = I Would Love To Be A Pony. Great LUTs

  • Ravisankar v
    Ravisankar v 2 hours ago

    Please review Jalikkatu CG bull

  • Groot
    Groot 2 hours ago

    When he was talking while riding the skateboard he sounded like me speaking infront of an audience

  • Woozy
    Woozy 2 hours ago

    15:32 the emo is back

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan 2 hours ago

    14:03 "only $1000"😂

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan 2 hours ago

    11:29 It's funny when I was in animation school we used another device called a lunchbox because it was literally the same size and shape as one. For stop motion it would take the still pictures and sequence them, then output to a VCR (yes this was back in the VHS days).

  • Simon Todd
    Simon Todd 2 hours ago

    "I want to keep that idea of being 14 and going hey that really worked" "Cameras aren't that expensive these days, the black magic is around $1000" Um.....

  • TheZCGamer
    TheZCGamer 2 hours ago

    Me: see anthony on thumbnail. Also me: **immediately clicks!**

    • Retro Bit
      Retro Bit 17 minutes ago

      Finally, I had to dig deep to find someone who recognized Anthony.

  • WO .W
    WO .W 2 hours ago

    There is a problem with using LED for colours with film making. Indy Mogul went into this with a "Colour Scientist" watch the video here: Like so Corridor sees this.

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan 2 hours ago

    9:04 HitFilm does this too. Syncs up your good audio with your in-camera audio.

  • Max Suhin
    Max Suhin 2 hours ago

    Is it blackmagic ad?

  • Ali Taimoor
    Ali Taimoor 2 hours ago

    Why you people dont make your own vfx movies? If you are real vfx artists

  • L U K K Y Anims
    L U K K Y Anims 2 hours ago

    Am i the only one who thought it was anthony padilla in the thumbnail?

  • Parm jassar
    Parm jassar 2 hours ago

    Ra one has very good vfx

  • Mark Job
    Mark Job 2 hours ago

    Dude I respect the spirit in which you want to simplify your film making life :) *However, I think your premise and your attempts to try and dispell tried and true basic film making techniques come across as somewhat disingenuous. A blackmagic 4K Pocket Camera is NOT just a $1,000.00 ! (**** - It's at least $1,295.00, and that's just for a naked camera body. This means no lens, no mounting cage. Zhiyun Crane Gimbal @ $899.00 USD on top of that (****.* OK. So how about that LED Light you showed us ? *$885.05 USD (*** Are we done yet ? - *Nope ! - Basic minimal audio gear to go single system sound direct recording in camera wirelessly - Rode Wireless Go @ $ 278.00 USD. (****, Deity V-Lav Lappel Mic @ $ 49.99 USD (****, and we need at least one wired shotgun Mic to go with this @ $ 266.88 USD (****, Plus an on camera mixer, so you don't need a sound guy @ $ 229.00 USD (****, now you need a boom pole with XLR cable already inside it, so you don't have to lug around extra XLR cables, @ $ 266.00 USD (****, Camera mounting cage for Black Magic Pocket Cine camera @ $ 190.40 USD (****, BMPCC Batteris @ $ 229.99 USD (*** - So what we're really looking at is *North of $10,000.00 USD to get that pro movie look and audio.* This is a far cry from how easy, affordable and straight forward it all is ! *I haven't even talked about your auto-syncing audio post editor setup yet.* EDIT: *Oh ! What about lenses for the BMPCC ? Add $ 5,000.00 USD right there to get that pro movie look.* There's more, but the list gets ridiculously long ;)

  •  2 hours ago

    Nico, frozen crossing in 2020!

  • Dylan Peck
    Dylan Peck 2 hours ago


  • kirennair1998
    kirennair1998 2 hours ago

    Pls react to 2.0 cgi scenes.. (its the sequel to the robot movie)

  • Rockdogz87
    Rockdogz87 2 hours ago

    Anthony Padilla is in it cool

  • Austin Dunn
    Austin Dunn 3 hours ago

    Yo react to the teleportations and bullet freeze in the first episode of tomorrow people tv show

  • Kr8t
    Kr8t 3 hours ago

    Would love to see you edit this movie .

  • PapiWeast
    PapiWeast 3 hours ago


  • Mattia Sangiorgi
    Mattia Sangiorgi 3 hours ago

    Always funny when we remember how shid the pauls actually are

  • Dana Dana
    Dana Dana 3 hours ago

    I love how the ads in the middle of the video mess up my signal, and have to replay the video over again.

  • Chris Fer
    Chris Fer 3 hours ago

    Okay the alien is freaky

  • Masketta Man
    Masketta Man 3 hours ago

    Is he speaking English

  • Matthew Beland
    Matthew Beland 3 hours ago

    That's a nice Serenity Jacket.

  • Sir WafflesXX
    Sir WafflesXX 3 hours ago

    Robert Downey junior challenge... Four stages of sarcastic comments and correcting others

  • Milvanus
    Milvanus 3 hours ago

    This video's title should be Corridor's slogan

  • Tylet Rose
    Tylet Rose 3 hours ago

    0:06. The cameraman when Jack Black farted on set.

  • KAEK Productions
    KAEK Productions 3 hours ago

    Watching this in 2019 and my middle name is Anthony...

  • DHPshow
    DHPshow 3 hours ago

    What a gem of a video. Maybe a bit more info on the hazer like a picture or how you used it. Which one do you own and why.

  • Trick Van Dyke
    Trick Van Dyke 3 hours ago

    There’s something about how Niko says warm.

  • Averagegamer 16
    Averagegamer 16 3 hours ago

    React to Joyner Lucas' Revenge Intro YOU WILL LOVE THE SCENE TRANSITIONS TRUST ME

  • Fluffy FUF
    Fluffy FUF 3 hours ago

    What Lav mics are you using in this video? I have recently bought some cheap Lav mics just to get by and was wondering what some good ones are

  • Pi
    Pi 3 hours ago

    Niko "Ja Rule" I died laughing.

  • Guillaume Laflamme
    Guillaume Laflamme 3 hours ago

    I'm really loving the story boarding as Niko talks.

  • Ray_or_Matt Pontanillo

    I loved this video and can’t wait to use some of these tips :)

  • Pi
    Pi 3 hours ago

    This is why I love Corridor they teach and do not show off their excellent skills.

  • MrRichieface
    MrRichieface 3 hours ago

    great episode, looking forward to the film ✌