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We Made Marvel R-Rated
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  • Sean Rhoden
    Sean Rhoden Hour ago

    MINE JIGSAW(Jhon kramer)

  • Hadyn
    Hadyn Hour ago

    300 reminded me of mortal kombat because of the close shot

  • zachthegamer2020

    turn toy story rated r

  • Dillon James Locke

    I don't know how many people know this, but ILM is a division of Lucasfilm.

  • Crystal Barnett
    Crystal Barnett Hour ago

    The man steps on nail OWO Ouch

  • shivraj m
    shivraj m Hour ago

    Super explanation

  • Desmond Seow
    Desmond Seow Hour ago

    Ahahhahahhahahhahahahh 'o'

  • Desmond Seow
    Desmond Seow Hour ago


  • Desmond Seow
    Desmond Seow Hour ago

    Omg is for 2019

  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B Hour ago

    Quite amazing that for a video documenting someones "first day" type deal, that they already seemed frustrated with him and he seemed frustrated with them, haha.

  • Mivader
    Mivader Hour ago

    G-rated Korean OldBoy?

  • Stev Swarm survival pvp owner

    G rated porn.

  • Jeremy Lindemann

    DUDE, re-usable pods! NICE I've done the same sort of thing. Pod coffee is nice but the wastage from single use pods is horrendous. You can get better beans and therefore make better coffee to use in re-usable pods anyway.

  • walefish
    walefish Hour ago

    you guys should react to music video vfx

  • Desmond Seow
    Desmond Seow Hour ago


  • Andrew Johnston
    Andrew Johnston Hour ago

    hi i know this might be a weird request or something to ask but can u mage a vfx like game

  • Scott Harbin
    Scott Harbin Hour ago

    That is the most satisfying gimbal I’ve ever seen

  • MarshMelloFan 10000

    Make IT R/G Rated I dare you You Won't YOU WON'T BET

  • Pres Digitation
    Pres Digitation Hour ago

    G RATED ROBOCOP or Judge Dread FROM THE 80s would be hilarious


    Perfect editor

  • Epic Thresher
    Epic Thresher Hour ago

    if they were rated r my parents wouldnt let me watch em even tho im 13 lol

  • Rowen Edogawa
    Rowen Edogawa Hour ago

    I'm easily willing to put it all on the table that all the films would of grossed way more with these kind of effects due to the sheer reaction and after talking people would do with it.

  • Desmond Seow
    Desmond Seow 2 hours ago

    Can you stop it

  • Gajin138
    Gajin138 2 hours ago


  • Jack Henson
    Jack Henson 2 hours ago

    it can e g rated

  • Desmond Seow
    Desmond Seow 2 hours ago

    Omg is for ????

  • Gross and Grosser
    Gross and Grosser 2 hours ago

    React to these movies in your new video: * Space Jam/Looney Tunes: Back in Action * Ice Age franchise * Pitch Black * Sharknado franchise P.s, thanks for mentioning Gemini Man! (Young Will Smith could do with a moustache)

  • Jeremy Lindemann
    Jeremy Lindemann 2 hours ago

    The thumbnail for this video was chosen for obvious reasons.

  • RuDiBaCk
    RuDiBaCk 2 hours ago

    The alarm of your car it's similar at HIMYM alarm 🤔

  • Nera
    Nera 2 hours ago

    Please make these longer! I want to know moooreee about eeverythinggg

  • Tate the Cowman
    Tate the Cowman 2 hours ago


  • AK Media
    AK Media 2 hours ago

    What about Dhoom 3

  • Sami Saleem
    Sami Saleem 2 hours ago

    make a second part too

  • scripted_loaf
    scripted_loaf 2 hours ago

    Do a g rated Chucky

  • Aaron George
    Aaron George 2 hours ago

    I love that you guys really try not to upset indian viewers. Cgi in india just really sucks. Wish it would become better with time.

  • FatherKisame
    FatherKisame 2 hours ago

    Guys please review 'Ctrl Shft Face' interestingly and seamless work

  • Yunai
    Yunai 2 hours ago

    You guys gotta check out robot 2.0 as well

  • Daniel Boyce
    Daniel Boyce 2 hours ago

    Y’all should react to the spider man homecoming mysterio scene

  • Matt Groters
    Matt Groters 2 hours ago

    Easy decision to make in the boardroom....... .............

  • Deepesh Rawat
    Deepesh Rawat 2 hours ago

    Sorry for the trauma our movies have caused y'all 😅

  • Reyboy James Pangan
    Reyboy James Pangan 2 hours ago

    what??😲😲 pewdiepie is one of the corridor crew??

  • James GOWDEY
    James GOWDEY 2 hours ago

    no no nooo my first time watching there chanell and ughhh

  • Xiaohu Faerua
    Xiaohu Faerua 2 hours ago

    have you guys seen the 4 parts of the astartes warhammer cinematic fan video its pretty cool i'd like to see your reactions to the video.

  • Leah Spadina
    Leah Spadina 2 hours ago

    They should make their own movie

  • Arun Keshavadas
    Arun Keshavadas 2 hours ago

    Can you guys do Ra. One, Saaho or Robot 2.0?

  • Devan fortier
    Devan fortier 2 hours ago

    Now this wouldve been a better home alone XD

  • Mikey Stevens
    Mikey Stevens 2 hours ago

    You could make The Purge G rated

  • Max Freelance Police

    Bollywood is the anime of real life

  • Anbu An log
    Anbu An log 2 hours ago

    Try 'kuruvi jump'

  • anjaneyulu a
    anjaneyulu a 2 hours ago

    Super explanation about CGI.good

    TOMMI LAMANEPA 2 hours ago

    nice reaction..

  • Mr. ಕಾಮುಕ
    Mr. ಕಾಮುಕ 2 hours ago


  • viggo templeton
    viggo templeton 2 hours ago

    THEY HAVE A 399 char!!!

  • R.Durga Balaji
    R.Durga Balaji 2 hours ago

    Here is a sample of majestic stunts: Performed by mr.BK

  • Darth Pro
    Darth Pro 2 hours ago

    I really appreciate the sponsored segment timer, thanks

  • Jakey 918
    Jakey 918 2 hours ago

    Make Freddy Krueger G rated.

  • SAV Vlogs
    SAV Vlogs 2 hours ago

    Could you guy go on youtube and type in How to Shoot a Sci-Fi Model on Green Screen

  • Harikrishnan K
    Harikrishnan K 2 hours ago - The good one _ The bad one :D

  • noemi giambattista
    noemi giambattista 2 hours ago

    I love Wren! Really funny when he is hunting for terrorists! When I was a child and I played hide-and-seek I was always agitated like him!

  • Zachary_Plays _Fortnite

    Ur channel,IS R RATED

  • Tøffee Cøffee
    Tøffee Cøffee 3 hours ago

    aww hell nah

  • Tøffee Cøffee
    Tøffee Cøffee 3 hours ago

    aww hell nah

  • Adam Waters
    Adam Waters 3 hours ago

    Cool vid. My suggestion: A video on Paul Verhoeven films. Robocop, Total Recall & Starship Troopers all have pretty ground-breaking practical and digital effects.

  • john barr
    john barr 3 hours ago

    Dude what!! I started watching Corridor Crew a bit late coming from Node. And I just started seeing Carmichael more and more and now he's gone!!? Dude you are hilarious and now you're doing dnd stuff. That's awesome man good luck and I'm going to your channel right now

  • Retro Productions
    Retro Productions 3 hours ago

    MI3 lost compared to the bollywood on,e the bollywood impact was wayyyy harder!

  • Hazwan Shamsul
    Hazwan Shamsul 3 hours ago

    Will you guys be playing this again? The new X-Shot Chaos just came out and it's rivaling the Nerf Rival

  • reubens toys paw patrol and more!

    The hair on the dad XD

  • Lyric
    Lyric 3 hours ago

    Do lollywood

  • Shivam Shipankar
    Shivam Shipankar 3 hours ago, Fan, Zero do it !!!!!!! These are the movies you should have done

  • Joshua Shane
    Joshua Shane 3 hours ago

    I don't want to say it but from when he throws his hat to him landing on the couch his Hat is already on his head before the initial hat thrown can be seen landing

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 3 hours ago

    You can make a whole new video on its second part 2.0

  • Mollie Crompton
    Mollie Crompton 3 hours ago

    This may not be the place to ask and I'm not getting mad or anything, but I'm genuinely curious if Corridor has ever had a woman on their main 'team'? I've seen a few throughout videos working in the background but I was just curious. If not, is there any particular reason or you've just never had someone want to?

  • [pǝʇɔɐpǝɹ]
    [pǝʇɔɐpǝɹ] 3 hours ago

    Wait, what about the rejected Dr Pepper water??

  • Awsomeboi2gamerz 1
    Awsomeboi2gamerz 1 3 hours ago

    Racist fuck

  • Dead X
    Dead X 3 hours ago


  • Yana Cabangon
    Yana Cabangon 3 hours ago

    Hey thats physical abuse.!!!!!

  • moovendran p
    moovendran p 3 hours ago

    Its not Bollywood, Robot = kollywood, Singam=tollywood

    • moovendran p
      moovendran p 3 hours ago

      @Ask to seduce Miss yeah sure , thanks,

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss 3 hours ago

      You should check out Ajay Devgan's movie Shivaye, believe me you will love the action

  • Sanket Saitawdekar
    Sanket Saitawdekar 3 hours ago

    React to vfx of bollywood flims:- 1) ZERO 2) Ra. One 3) FAN

  • Sindicate god
    Sindicate god 3 hours ago

    Do the forest fight in transformers 2

  • Earth Lover
    Earth Lover 3 hours ago

    I can see most of the Hindi people are not correcting that Bahubali and Endhiran are not from Bollywood.....Shameless People...Traitors, acting against India's Diversity.....

    KDS MASHUP 4 hours ago

    Try shivaay best vfx movie in bollywood

  • Colin Jordan
    Colin Jordan 4 hours ago

    Please break down all fight scenes in the 2000 movie "Snatch" staring Brad Pitt

  • Earth Lover
    Earth Lover 4 hours ago

    Please change the title to Indian movies......In India, we have different film Industries for each Indian Language..The movies you reacted to are Bahubali - Telugu Film Industry (Tollywood) Endhiran - Tamil film Industry (Kollywood) Singham - Hindi Film Industry (Bollywood)

  • Mad
    Mad 4 hours ago

    React to Doom 2016's Cinematic Trailer

  • Severin Dechlis Jensen 9B Viby Skole

    make saw 7 g rated

  • Sai sooraj Ramagiri
    Sai sooraj Ramagiri 4 hours ago

    Check out 2.0 and saaho

  • 99r0
    99r0 4 hours ago

    Tilt Sam Tilt!

    AGASTHYA 4 hours ago

    *says "Bollywood" but ends watching something else CLICKBAIT!!*

  • Lowkes Wolf
    Lowkes Wolf 4 hours ago

    my Suggestion for a VFX Artists react Video is Darth Maul Apprentice by T7pro. It is a star wars fan film by a german Team of Stuntman und VFX Artists. It got really famous couse of its high Quality.

  • Nitin Roy
    Nitin Roy 4 hours ago

    Anyways love from India 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Baconator 123
    Baconator 123 4 hours ago

    y dont u sleep at the studio

  • Ed gamer
    Ed gamer 4 hours ago

    It for g rateing

  • BKNplays88
    BKNplays88 4 hours ago

    John Wick is just Prof. Snape with a beard *SINK ABOUS I*

  • Anvesh Pandey
    Anvesh Pandey 4 hours ago


  • Dylan _games
    Dylan _games 4 hours ago

    Well i fill like im as small as a germ

  • Raiez njr
    Raiez njr 4 hours ago

    12:53 Momentum: *am i a joke to you?*

    GAME HUNTER 4 hours ago

    Jaby love baby

    GAME HUNTER 4 hours ago

    Straight from jabs channel to here

  • Kumar Ayush
    Kumar Ayush 4 hours ago

    You guys don't have actual shots. Get vfx shots from 2.0, it's awesome.