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  • Sean Morris
    Sean Morris 18 seconds ago

    This should be episode #150 you skipped a day bro

  • RowDe
    RowDe 11 minutes ago

    Thank you greatly for allowing us to come along with you on your amazing and beautiful adventure's. they help me ease anxiety and overall relax, continue to enjoy life the way you do best man! The young bloods journey.

  • Bail-638-ey :0
    Bail-638-ey :0 16 minutes ago

    0:35 hahahaha

  • Callum Smith
    Callum Smith 18 minutes ago

    I got an urchin spine way under my finger nail once while diving, while we were camping, so we were trying to get it out with tweezers, and couldn’t so we tried getting it out by cutting my nail with a Stanley knife. Farrr out it hurt. Ended up having to go to the hospital and get it dug out while under local anaesthetic.

  • The only Regito!
    The only Regito! 18 minutes ago

    Im from Vieques, and one time when I was 12 years old I was on some rocks searching for sea snails to cook up with some rice. Urchins are everywhere there. Red ones, and black ones. But I accidentally stepped on a bunch of urchins and had over 30 needles in each foot. It was the worst pain ever, and my mom took them all out with a sewing needle. Sucked.

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin 20 minutes ago

    The subs are only goin higher!! Last episode:1.18m This episode:1.19m!!! Let’s go Brodie!!!!

  • Додик Вальцман

    Чуть слюной не подавился..... Красава.

  • Tony Stephens
    Tony Stephens 37 minutes ago

    50 Degrees... i think your cat thermometer might be off..

  • Darion Hall
    Darion Hall 37 minutes ago

    Man, what is in the secret sauce?

  • jessxxy
    jessxxy 38 minutes ago

    Yo Brody, not many bloke's would admit to eating a male sex organ bro lol.. You crack me up! Hey, when you get five check out an English Fisherman called John on the channel, The Fish Locker.. The guys a bloody legend in my book bro, vast knowledge of the English coast. Other than nice to be nice I'm sure he would appreciate the support, do you think you could add him to the list, at very least pop by and say hi.. The Trolls on here have been giving him some flack, he doesn't deserve it, he's an absolute Gentleman.. Be a Gent yourself and give him a go please dudes, if you can't make an effort at Christmas when can you right.. Thanks bud 😉

  • Ted Kauri
    Ted Kauri 38 minutes ago

    Yous are amazing dayuuummmn

  • Evrod Chin
    Evrod Chin 46 minutes ago

    Russia roulette on the sea urchin 😂

  • iridefast1
    iridefast1 48 minutes ago

    Take scissors and give a quick trim. Sea stars eat urchins.

  • Soulsz ahaha
    Soulsz ahaha 56 minutes ago

    Yo compared to the car and kayak you look 5’0

  • Simon S.
    Simon S. 57 minutes ago

    Maybe u guys should take them with a knife or a little spear and not with your hands, to provide getting stung😂 Love your videos, greetings from austria :)

  • MrBuckaroonie
    MrBuckaroonie Hour ago

    Liking the Gonad Brodie. You would have fit in well in the Navy mate!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • Lewy Taylor
    Lewy Taylor Hour ago

    50 degrees I got burnt in 18 degrees in New Zealand

  • Adrian Mammoliti


  • Yobert Kando
    Yobert Kando Hour ago

    Hey Brody what’s the brand of those glasses ur wearing..

  • Animal KinGdom
    Animal KinGdom Hour ago

    im in even if im far away from this place so i can come one day visit it france is not for me but australia a dream for me but we need to stop all those industrialisation

  • Yobert Kando
    Yobert Kando Hour ago

    Does anyone know what type of glasses Brody and Jackson r wearing.. I think there the same

  • My World
    My World Hour ago

    Come to newzealand. They are called kinas here and not as spikey as the ones over there. Absolutely delicious!!😍😍

  • James Tyler
    James Tyler Hour ago

    So I’m living in Sydney at the moment and it’s 30 degrees at best.. where the hell is it 50c at the moment?!

  • sidney pearson
    sidney pearson Hour ago

    New Zealand call them Kina

  • Barry Hemmy
    Barry Hemmy Hour ago

    Brodie,Im a big fan but you guys should buy cut resistant gloves before handling these bad boys!

  • Paul Dwyer
    Paul Dwyer Hour ago

    You definitely ate balls on the first one. I was chuckling to myself because you were sucking on obvious balls and describing the texture as "creamy". They were old balls too. It is worth noting that you both didn't enjoy sucking on the old balls too but there is probably a small, older demographic of your fan base that is slightly disappointed.

  • Siccunt Maddog
    Siccunt Maddog Hour ago

    It’s a lot better on crusty bread with lemon juice

  • jannis joplin
    jannis joplin Hour ago

    LMFAO all that work for a little cahk n bawahls.. Seems like a waste man. Lol

  • qwerty123627
    qwerty123627 Hour ago

    hit up the smaller ones

  • Harrison Graetz
    Harrison Graetz Hour ago

    “There the sexual reductive organs that where going to be eating”🤣🤤

  • Judd H
    Judd H Hour ago

    when with the spearguns be for sale ??

  • Daniel Stucci
    Daniel Stucci Hour ago

    with sea urchins the rule is that all girls like jewelry so if they have shells and stuff on there spikes they are girls.

  • qwerty123627
    qwerty123627 Hour ago


  • Kierzaah2.0
    Kierzaah2.0 2 hours ago

    Yo those are a delicacy in NZ we call them kinas..gotta love them! 🤤😍

  • J -
    J - 2 hours ago

    Man ate urchin cum from the first one for sure

  • Bodhi Campbell
    Bodhi Campbell 2 hours ago


  • Ladi Riché
    Ladi Riché 2 hours ago

    I love Sea Urchin

  • Jacob Yeet
    Jacob Yeet 2 hours ago

    Sorry I was asleep when u posted

  • E Olson
    E Olson 2 hours ago

    Wow. Ive seen thousand of these snorkling and diving, had no idea they had a mouth like that.

  • Dietmar L.
    Dietmar L. 2 hours ago

    Where is your girl mate.

  • Kaden Wallis
    Kaden Wallis 2 hours ago

    YBS!! yo you should make sea urchin sushi rolls the are the best love your vids mate keep it up!

  • Saan Pomare
    Saan Pomare 2 hours ago

    Dont need the ice! They do taste a little sweeter after a hour or so but definitely dont let them get hot. We been eating what we call Kina's here in NZ for generations my family like to let it sit in the fridge for at least 5 days befor shelling and eating there so good this way, it's just hard leaving them alone for so long there soo yummy

  • ExplicitPlayz 1
    ExplicitPlayz 1 2 hours ago

    Who is here since 275k

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy 2 hours ago

    Another awesome awesome video honestly so blessed and lucky to be able to do this for your job! While I’ve got strepthroat and I am In bed great job👍🏽

  • Jack Silcock
    Jack Silcock 2 hours ago

    Did you end up saving you place

  • jorge rio
    jorge rio 2 hours ago

    only one holy sh*t in your whole video you are improving thanks

  • FPS Tr1gg3rd
    FPS Tr1gg3rd 2 hours ago

    7:28 giant fidget spinner

  • Blazing42047
    Blazing42047 2 hours ago

    And they say the black tongues are better than the yellow ones lol

  • Andrew McWilliam
    Andrew McWilliam 2 hours ago

    We got uni, baby!

  • Blazing42047
    Blazing42047 2 hours ago

    Been waiting for one of these vids 😂 nice bro, in NZ we call them kina

  • Cameron Lee
    Cameron Lee 2 hours ago

    What are u scared off

    CM MOTO 2 hours ago

    im so glad i found this channel

  • Kaikala DeCoite-Peters

    In Hawaii we call them vana bt best way to get them out of your hand or foot is to pee on it

  • Skymen 026
    Skymen 026 3 hours ago

    Love it wish to be you when I’m older

  • InYourFace 2day
    InYourFace 2day 3 hours ago

    Who is disliking this??? Wtf is there not to like mate?

  • Michael Noda
    Michael Noda 3 hours ago

    Try using the teeth to pull the spikes out of your fingers.

  • Earth Souljah
    Earth Souljah 3 hours ago

    Pls keep your marine life safe. Keep your country Green.. Keep your country clean.. Grow more tree.. Happy country.. Happy people.

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin 20 minutes ago

      are we even on the same earth?

  • Harley Drummond
    Harley Drummond 3 hours ago

    There called kina in new Zealand Maori`s love them

  • Ralph van der Eb
    Ralph van der Eb 3 hours ago

    not cool, dude

  • Peter H-a
    Peter H-a 3 hours ago

    Hi Brodie, would you be so nice and look at this ? Maybe share it ... It will help me a lot. Thank you gogetfunding.com/victim-of-scam-my-lifetime-savings-are-gone/

  • Sunny Kui
    Sunny Kui 3 hours ago

    There called kina in nz

  • Spearfishing Life
    Spearfishing Life 3 hours ago

    Cool thing about Urchins...their mouth is also their butt! 😅

  • zore440 hernandez
    zore440 hernandez 3 hours ago

    13:12 how you know what balls tast like lol you gaggen bro

  • Tamas Kiss
    Tamas Kiss 3 hours ago

    No mate i rather just keep eating pussy and not the brown ones just the pink nice tender ones and no damn eggs. I hope you dont get sick. Man i just would love to have a few of them stickers.

  • Dad_Of_Two
    Dad_Of_Two 3 hours ago

    Ive been wanting to try sea urchin for a while now. And never got around to doing it. But if brodie can i can. Ybs baby

  • Ange Andzue
    Ange Andzue 3 hours ago

    I'm a kiwi. .we call them kina....ours aren't so spikey well they've got short spikes...wen u open it just give it a quick thrust n all the gunk should fall out..maori delicacy over here...great clip ...keep up the good work love watching u n your brother n especially Stryder 🐶👬

  • Giuse cappello
    Giuse cappello 3 hours ago

    Nice one, but the Black Sea urchin are male and so not so good to eat, brown and purple ish once yes. 😋

  • Ronnie Stringer
    Ronnie Stringer 3 hours ago

    They called kina, in new Zealand.

  • Maj -Berlec
    Maj -Berlec 3 hours ago

    i tried it its actualy pretty good

  • Cameron Hill
    Cameron Hill 4 hours ago

    Dude make a youngblood boonie

  • Ironclad Tutorials
    Ironclad Tutorials 4 hours ago

    Nearly 1.2m subs, yeww!

  • michael welch
    michael welch 4 hours ago

    Hey bro, I dont wanna be that guy but please man.. wear a shirt. You are honestly a champion of our generation, getting people to see the beauty of nature, keeping Australia beautiful and stopping unnecessary industrialisation but with 2/3 aussies getting skin cancer we would hate to lose you early. Another member of my family just got the big C and bro its a rough ride. Maybe consider it as a new merch idea the spf 50+ rashies could even save some people make some nice YBS rashies rather than the typical ugly af jet black ones.

  • Wannes De Backer
    Wannes De Backer 4 hours ago

    You are the biggest douchebag ever

  • OGvNaruto 808
    OGvNaruto 808 4 hours ago

    The best ways to get a sea urchin out is to pee on it or put your hand in vinegar

  • Grant Wyness
    Grant Wyness 4 hours ago

    Brodie is definitely with fire in this vid - the man would make a fine teacher.

  • jittaz1
    jittaz1 4 hours ago

    You can use the teeth to get the spikes out👍

  • Алексей Чапцев

    the best bag for lobster crabs Lobster and all sorts of different shellfish thexvid.com/video/53RfhhqLoC8/video.html

  • Coast Tripz
    Coast Tripz 4 hours ago

    Unreel! 😃🐟🐟🐟👍

  • 10k subs without any videos

    What knife is that

    TRITON FPV 4 hours ago

    LMAO! YBS Gonads merch now available for $2.99. Use special discount code: #URCHINBALLSACK ~ Nothing but love Brodie.

      TRITON FPV 4 hours ago

      Seriously though, I was just coming out from a dive and we have way too many sea urchins here in Southern California and didnt see one of the bright blue ones and bam, right thru my hand. Hurt like shiat for over a week. Good times :)

  • Blue Savage
    Blue Savage 4 hours ago

    1:17 "I was a bit scared with the big dad bod on board" ? did I hear that correctly hahahahaha

  • Wyatt Alani
    Wyatt Alani 4 hours ago

    We call it wanna. Here in Hawaii. If you get spiked we pee on it it melts away.

  • Tristan Henriques
    Tristan Henriques 5 hours ago

    Sea urchin is really good with soy sauce or peanut sauce 🤙🏻

  • Mackie P
    Mackie P 5 hours ago

    50 degrees Celsius!! That’s insane!

  • David Stolarski
    David Stolarski 5 hours ago

    What the heck is secret sauce anyway??

  • lxTheErr0r
    lxTheErr0r 5 hours ago

    The bright yellow ones are the males 😭😭

  • Andrew Hale
    Andrew Hale 5 hours ago

    Call it Uni hahaha

  • Velmurugan Kandasamy

    Sea urchins doesn't have any meat.even not enough for snack, no not worth.I REJECTED.

  • Жак Морозoв

    I'm glad I was one of those 85,000 <3 Love from America

  • AfricanCichlidFish
    AfricanCichlidFish 5 hours ago

    We call them Kina here in NZ

  • Gian Real Cruz
    Gian Real Cruz 5 hours ago

    Here in Philippines when you get stung by the orchin you just pee on that wound and it will help you heal from that pain 👌no jokes

  • Richard Rossetti
    Richard Rossetti 5 hours ago

    Catch and COOOK WTF🤣

  • JC Baily
    JC Baily 5 hours ago

    Amazing....the drone shots outstanding and that food made my mouth water....thanks so much!!!!

  • Sarp Şardan
    Sarp Şardan 5 hours ago

    Hope you have a girlfriend Brodie hahaha

  • David Goldsen
    David Goldsen 5 hours ago

    Amazing! Great job.

  • tomas sola
    tomas sola 5 hours ago

    Brodi, when you going to surf?

  • Ethan Coble
    Ethan Coble 5 hours ago

    You guys gotta show us how to cook fish like that! Looks amazing!

  • Benjamin Martinez
    Benjamin Martinez 5 hours ago

    Love ya Brodie!🙏❤🔥

  • Benjamin Martinez
    Benjamin Martinez 5 hours ago

    Yo hold on 50 degrees! Dude i'm dying on 33!😂😂😂

    NZL_BALLIN 5 hours ago

    we eat them in new zealand alot bro well people i know eat them.. we call them KINA.. yummy