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Silence came crawling.
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Týr "Hel" LP Stream
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  • Israel Penaloza
    Israel Penaloza 3 seconds ago

    1:53:33 if Corpsegrinder and Barnes collaborated in a cannibal corpse song, it would be like this

  • david hopkins
    david hopkins 4 minutes ago


  • HB C
    HB C 17 minutes ago

    I've been a fan of King Diamond since the 80s, and while I'm a devout Christian now, i don't like looking at an upside down cross, I know its theatrics. this band is awesome.. takes me back

  • akarin97
    akarin97 29 minutes ago

    I'm so into this 🤤 Sounds awesome

  • Miguel Chavez
    Miguel Chavez 30 minutes ago


  • Ana Ledesma
    Ana Ledesma 41 minute ago


  • Lee Simmons
    Lee Simmons 58 minutes ago

    Vocals suck!!!! Band sounds good.

  • darjo51
    darjo51 Hour ago

    Nice video,super song ,nice band

  • Ghetto Cracker
    Ghetto Cracker Hour ago


  • Ghetto Cracker
    Ghetto Cracker Hour ago

    Best drum intro ever!!!

  • Meh Sugaaar
    Meh Sugaaar Hour ago

    Why it seems they are rush-ing? Did you get it...anyone? No one?

  • Ghetto Cracker
    Ghetto Cracker Hour ago

    Outlast Slayer, Please...

  • Oyster
    Oyster 2 hours ago

    King Diamond is pure candy for the ears, no one sings like him!

  • Chris Townsende
    Chris Townsende 2 hours ago


  • Kyle Hickey
    Kyle Hickey 2 hours ago

    Did I just fucking cream myself or is it the sweet holy nectar my body produces when I’m exposed to this song. I had like 8 types of orgasms throughout the song.

  • stephopal opal
    stephopal opal 2 hours ago

    Beautiful ◇ NOLA◇ StephopalOpal aka Big Mama..Appreciate

  • Kevin Ridel
    Kevin Ridel 3 hours ago

    Metal lives!!

  • Iqbal Hidayat
    Iqbal Hidayat 4 hours ago

    I always sing this song toy baby before he wanna sleep

  • Mariette Suarez
    Mariette Suarez 4 hours ago


  • Sergei S
    Sergei S 4 hours ago

    Video is good this time. Drums sound sampled, that makes whole song a bit dull

    • JordiOnly
      JordiOnly 5 minutes ago

      the review godmaster is back... i'm still waiting to hear your band

  • Edu
    Edu 5 hours ago

    This is outrageous... Edit: I mean that in a good way.

  • Knee Gun
    Knee Gun 5 hours ago

    Holy shit!! Does this mean we can get a vocal performance of “maybe that’s why”?

  • DarkStarPenguin
    DarkStarPenguin 5 hours ago

    When did whitechapel become ffdp...but

  • Ashkan
    Ashkan 5 hours ago

    Who's here from the Demons and Wizards 2019 tour?

  • Atom Nous
    Atom Nous 6 hours ago

    this is my kind of music, finally

    MIGUEL RIOS 6 hours ago

    This is a tried and true metalhead anthem gives me fucking chills!

  • wfp
    wfp 6 hours ago

    I'm Irish, Vikings fascinate me, they touched this land and many others, our capital, Dublin was founded by them, my surname has it's roots in Scotland, Scottish natives mixed with Viking settlers, they then moved to Ireland in the 18th century, some other thoughts about Vikings, apparently during their many raids on Ireland, they would abduct the most beautiful of women and take them to their home in Iceland, it is common knowledge that some of the best looking women in the world today are from Iceland, us Irish seem to mostly cherish our Celtic history and culture but not so much Viking, I think we should. Curious, every country seems to have their poison, be it alcohol, pot etc. Had the Vikings something? Magic mushrooms are plentiful in Ireland, what about Scandinavia, any peculiar plants a plenty up there? Also, correct me if I'm wrong on this one, so, Vikings invaded Britain, they then continued their quest and invaded France, settled in both, then, some time later, they (now called Normans) came up from France and re-invaded and conquered Britain, eventually becoming English etc. What fascinates me is they invaded France as hairy barbaric Vikings, settled and intermarried there, and some time later re-emerged as proper speaking yes sir, no sir, posh as you like, English royalty type people? Strange, but understandable that France had that affect upon them.

  • Jerkicus Maximus
    Jerkicus Maximus 6 hours ago

    Otis!!!! Guard our ships!

  • ch a
    ch a 6 hours ago

    their bass player is ridiculously cute, saw them live a few months ago, smile that can melt stone, just sayin

  • caty moonlight
    caty moonlight 7 hours ago

    ich liebe es weiter so jungs das so geil <3 both of my fav colab die here

  • DjentforJesus
    DjentforJesus 7 hours ago

    ................................... wow!

  • SightLess Wisdom
    SightLess Wisdom 8 hours ago

    A code embedded deep within! Encrypted in vaults of bone and skin! A tug, magnetic, toward the dark. The wolf, voracious! Hath witnessed it's mark. Internal pressure growing, behind your eyes is mounting still. Constant thoughts of evil are coming to a head inside you. Humanity decreasing, blood is strong upon the passing winds. To forsake would be a sin, let the night entrance you. You'll feel the pull of the moonlight equilibrium. Pitch black transmission of the soul. Instincts from within rise! We're all but beasts that hunger from inside. Cannot escape this longing. These symptoms don't remit, for death becoming sick. The long hairs feel them stand, the nigh tworld calls again. Your existence turning black, there'll be no coming back. A desire to tear and hack, it's growing lord please help us! You'll feel the pull of the moonlight equilibrium. Pitch black transmission of the soul. Instincts from within rise! We're all but beasts that hunger from inside. You must subdue this yearning, to feast! That very eve the devil cameth, And his will did force thine idle hands. Open this heart of molten darkness, Floweth foul rivers of the damned. Blood of the lycan, within thee enthroned. Heir to the cosmic fathers unknown. Who traileth not far from where death would increase. Seek they to murder to rid the world clean. A curse by the ancients of bloodline befouled, The clouds they are parting, the moon has come out! Internal pressure growing, behind your eyes is mounting still. Constant thoughts of evil are coming to a head inside you. Humanity decreasing, blood is strong upon the passing winds. To forsake would be a sin, let the night entrance you. You'll feel the pull of the moonlight equilibrium. Pitch black transmission of the soul. Instincts from within rise! We're all but beasts that hunger from inside. Cannot repress these urges to kill! To taste the red, your only will! There's no salvation.

  • Vince Gedeon
    Vince Gedeon 8 hours ago

    Amazing Live Band AS Rules!🤟😈🤟 JB is Top of the line vocalist!

  • THE Batman
    THE Batman 8 hours ago


  • Sven Music
    Sven Music 8 hours ago

    awesome bass line man

  • eberbacher007
    eberbacher007 9 hours ago


  • Pérez Ón
    Pérez Ón 10 hours ago


  • Kirill More
    Kirill More 10 hours ago

    Первая песня Даингов, с которой я начал их слушать )))

  • Bakebaul27
    Bakebaul27 10 hours ago

    My teacher told me about this

  • Felix Coffey
    Felix Coffey 10 hours ago

    >Be me >Just discovered that "brain tentacles" are a thing and crave more metal sax >Search up "heavy metal saxophone" >Finds this Now what I wanted but thanks any way

  • Stefanie Proll
    Stefanie Proll 10 hours ago

    Ich geb Gas ich will Spaß😉

  • ghost emane
    ghost emane 11 hours ago

    Wtf is this?

  • Banehogg
    Banehogg 11 hours ago

    Needs moar vocals

  • Nico Zeta
    Nico Zeta 11 hours ago

    Felicidades si viste un vídeo de Bob esponja metalero bienvenido a la realidad.

  • Springtrap Yugioh
    Springtrap Yugioh 12 hours ago

    *WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY* too edgy, i like this type of rock, but kinda a bit too agressive for my liking

  • DarkTracksRecordings
    DarkTracksRecordings 12 hours ago

    hell of a good song there

  • Levelminded
    Levelminded 12 hours ago

    Such a good performance, but it def needs some dubstep beats to make it a clasic.

  • Semua setara
    Semua setara 12 hours ago

    Thrash metal never die

  • Негрыч
    Негрыч 12 hours ago

    Как же они круто играют. Соло цепляет зха душу. Ребят Жгите!

  • The Notrap
    The Notrap 12 hours ago

    Pretty solid, as expected

  • Mario Karibu
    Mario Karibu 13 hours ago

    WOW! YEAH!

  • Violence Underground
    Violence Underground 13 hours ago

    This sounds more like classic entrails. Fucking love it

  • pavle brkic
    pavle brkic 13 hours ago

    Why is the guitar tone so weak

  • mike olsen
    mike olsen 13 hours ago

    didn't this song have over milions of views back in the days?

    IRINA RANELLI 14 hours ago

    Nice! I adore the bass line

  • ASMarred
    ASMarred 14 hours ago

    God is a Russian Circle

  • Werewolf
    Werewolf 14 hours ago


  • Conejo Famoso
    Conejo Famoso 14 hours ago

    El. Mejor heavy metal de la historia

  • Jonas Falcão
    Jonas Falcão 14 hours ago

    Parabéns por cada composição, curto muito a construção musical de vocês! Torcendo pra um show da Destrage aqui no Brasil!! Será muito louco!!

  • Mario Staller - Torchure

    Wunderschön ♥️🤘😎

  • Dmitri Carapezza
    Dmitri Carapezza 14 hours ago


  • Luca Innocentini
    Luca Innocentini 14 hours ago

    Nice band!!🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • cayhec
    cayhec 14 hours ago

    youtube esta mas loco que una cabra ...como que traducen a los niños rata

  • bernadeta gadek
    bernadeta gadek 14 hours ago

    pozwólmy im się rozwijać aby rozsławiali naszą ziemię nawet gdy nieco pomaga im w tym miły diabełek

  • chilli3724
    chilli3724 14 hours ago

    Aw man this is gonna be awesome, too bad the american vinyl designs are waaay cooler than the ones they have for europe

  • bernadeta gadek
    bernadeta gadek 14 hours ago

    polska to kraj gdzie rodzą się niezwykle utalentowani ludzie bez ciasnych horyzontów

  • ivan cespedes lopez
    ivan cespedes lopez 14 hours ago

    disappointed :(

  • Daniel Murphy
    Daniel Murphy 15 hours ago

    Try listening to it at 1.5X speed...

  • Athanasios Stergiou
    Athanasios Stergiou 15 hours ago

    Welcome back Arizona thrashing bastards !!!

  • Lucas Ravelo Merino
    Lucas Ravelo Merino 15 hours ago


  • Mutilasi Jelangkung
    Mutilasi Jelangkung 15 hours ago

    Next playthrough/official video should be Metaphobia , the solo from that song so mindblowing

  • Mr. pig
    Mr. pig 15 hours ago

    Rise of Tracy ✊

  • Robert M
    Robert M 16 hours ago

    I am here because of WWE and Luke Harper. I am leaving now.

  • Jeffrey Capomaccio
    Jeffrey Capomaccio 16 hours ago

    SO glad to see these guys at SUMMER SLAUGHTER Syracuse NY! love it! come to Rochester NY. some of the sounds remind me of textures and tesseract. love it

  • E Jilpas
    E Jilpas 16 hours ago

    Their tone reminds me so much of Hypocrisy's Osculum Obsenum album!

  • Kayo Vill
    Kayo Vill 16 hours ago


  • Nemo the Fallen Angel
    Nemo the Fallen Angel 16 hours ago

    "Ancient fire fills my raging heart"

  • metal/punk 79
    metal/punk 79 17 hours ago

    Sick! 🤘

  • violent vertigo
    violent vertigo 17 hours ago

    How Fates Warning would be if John Arch had never left the band!!! Absolutely Fantastic!!

  • Kryptic Muzik
    Kryptic Muzik 18 hours ago

    The lyrics make me think that this band likes men.

  • Dishant Kapoor
    Dishant Kapoor 18 hours ago

    At 3:48 I had an eargasm.

  • Martin Korn
    Martin Korn 18 hours ago

    fuck the system

  • Martin Korn
    Martin Korn 18 hours ago


  • Martin Korn
    Martin Korn 18 hours ago

    i like the first album better

  • Ilkvomit
    Ilkvomit 19 hours ago

    Something about this just dont sit right with me...Its the drums....They sound a little to overproduced for my liking.They dont have any warmth at all

  • kyle emil
    kyle emil 19 hours ago

    Should Petri Lindroos becomes the Viking hero ?

  • Morris Arokianather
    Morris Arokianather 20 hours ago

    just wew. i like the clean vocals

  • John Jenley
    John Jenley 20 hours ago

    Only us true men wake up to this at 5:00 in the morning.

  • Better Than Most
    Better Than Most 20 hours ago

    This is such a well put together documentary. Tons and tons of rare pictures and videos.

  • Voice Of Ruin
    Voice Of Ruin 20 hours ago

    Very cool!!!

  • Sunny Penny
    Sunny Penny 20 hours ago

    Oldschool is the future!

  • König Ozymandias
    König Ozymandias 21 hour ago

    My dick just turned into a great hammer of it's hammertime!

  • NotAClue Podcast
    NotAClue Podcast 22 hours ago

    The smoothest of smooth jazz right here.

  • Pavlína K
    Pavlína K 22 hours ago

    I like the video! ))

  • Jaqueline Bolm
    Jaqueline Bolm 23 hours ago

    Sehr stark!

  • Bacon Exists official
    Bacon Exists official 23 hours ago


  • artillery666
    artillery666 Day ago

    Badass song! The album art is sort of cheesy though.

  • Adam
    Adam Day ago

    I'd hide the coke if that fucker walked in!

  • ShiivaWilding
    ShiivaWilding Day ago

    I remember Regret and the Grave being one of the more interesting death metal songs I'd heard, but this takes the piss! So fucking good!