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Supernanny is NOW CASTING!
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  • Siva Bridge
    Siva Bridge 31 minute ago

    I love this so much! keep up the good work!

  • Gabriella Fotso
    Gabriella Fotso 45 minutes ago

    '' paul s a big marshmello when it comes to being mean and shouting I laughed my pants off when she said that

  • GamerTron_131
    GamerTron_131 46 minutes ago

    Wow..... YOUR BACK!!! :D

  • dragonlover _01
    dragonlover _01 56 minutes ago

    Aww this 'made me cry

  • Beautiz Choices
    Beautiz Choices 59 minutes ago

    They need marriage counseling

  • Roblox Jack
    Roblox Jack Hour ago


  • Michael Bottiglieri

    O my god I don’t want my kid to be like that

  • MooCor. YT
    MooCor. YT Hour ago

    im older and bigger than all of them and I know karate, I’d kung fu all their behinds and get them in submission for the parents

  • Alisha Lester
    Alisha Lester Hour ago

    Oh My God! I'm in such disbeliefed. I think this mom is crazy!!!!! Instead of "Toy Time Out". It should be the children in time out. Wow! Just wow!!!!!

  • Flor Berlinski
    Flor Berlinski Hour ago


  • lexi Muleski
    lexi Muleski Hour ago

    I have ADHD

  • Karen Worlds
    Karen Worlds Hour ago

    I wonder how many marriages Jo has saved through her involvement in these families.

  • Coco Nutty
    Coco Nutty 2 hours ago

    We gonna ignore the fact that Joe didn’t flinch when the kid threw his food at her

  • Aflame Game
    Aflame Game 2 hours ago

    All my videos are clean and kid 🧒 friendly! No clickbait thumbnails (I swear, just see for your self) me giving you guys the content you deserve! WELCOME TO Aflame Game!

  • Aflame Game
    Aflame Game 2 hours ago

    If supernanny has kids, they would be angels 😂

  • G5kids Georges
    G5kids Georges 2 hours ago

    Why are kids acting so badly?!

  • Awesome Person
    Awesome Person 2 hours ago

    When I was 9 I had to sleep in my moms bed with her because I have such bad nightmares about public shootings

  • G5kids Georges
    G5kids Georges 2 hours ago

    Bro,this little kid is so annoying,I’m Lucky I don’t have my brother like Him Pieriad.

  • Justin Flack
    Justin Flack 2 hours ago

    I love ❤️ supper nanny. Your very pretty. I love ❤️ all of your episodes

  • 1,000,000 subscribers without videos

    Why don't you put Tori and Tommy in the same room and then hold the handle? Quote on Quote

  • Malgz20 Boss
    Malgz20 Boss 3 hours ago

    If I flinch at my dad I would be dead let alone bite him or spit on his plate

  • Hound Dog
    Hound Dog 3 hours ago

    My name is Sarah

  • Pickles
    Pickles 3 hours ago

    What family is this?

  • Krystal Davis
    Krystal Davis 4 hours ago

    Supernanny if your reading this I just want to say I absolutely love your channel and everything you do I love watching your episodes

  • fanitercoast67
    fanitercoast67 4 hours ago

    Those kids are very naught at the dinner table when the dad took over.

  • Rose G
    Rose G 4 hours ago

    10 years apart?... Ok

  • Carol Warrender
    Carol Warrender 4 hours ago

    Omg 😮🤭

  • Samantha Martin
    Samantha Martin 4 hours ago

    I feel attached to miss kneeland and I don’t beg her for attention

  • Ujuani Abelsen
    Ujuani Abelsen 4 hours ago

    That Donna isn't very bright.🙄🤦‍♂️

  • SmexyHinata13
    SmexyHinata13 4 hours ago

    *Goins, Goins, gone!*

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens 4 hours ago

    These kids need more sleep

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 4 hours ago

    I think she failed to put the sword in the🗑

  • TheDJHoller
    TheDJHoller 5 hours ago

    18:47 Absolutely finessed XD

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 5 hours ago


  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 5 hours ago

    Take them to jail

  • allison isaacs
    allison isaacs 5 hours ago

    That is funny

  • Courtney Paull
    Courtney Paull 5 hours ago

    I usually agree with Jo, wich I did for the 1st and 3rd one. But the second one! I felt really bad for te Mom. She was trying her best and all Jo was doing was intimidating her!!

  • Eric Essink
    Eric Essink 5 hours ago

    Dont be silly wrap your willy

  • Mia Mooie
    Mia Mooie 5 hours ago

    I am so grateful for my family God thank you so much

    Panda AUSSIE GIRL 5 hours ago

    I cried when mariah said "I wish he would hold me more" I just feel so bad for her

  • Mahnoush Hosein
    Mahnoush Hosein 5 hours ago

    When I heard Nick crying about Paul didn’t spend time with him, it really broke my heart😰

  • Rebecca Griffith
    Rebecca Griffith 6 hours ago

    "Nina's shoulders all the responsibilities" really Jo?! 😆 love you Super Nanny

  • Edna Ripley
    Edna Ripley 6 hours ago

    my fam is nice and good

  • Edna Ripley
    Edna Ripley 6 hours ago

    OMG GO TO BED!!!

  • Ashley Elisea
    Ashley Elisea 6 hours ago

    I hope the 2 year is good 😮

  • frankveloz1
    frankveloz1 6 hours ago

    If there were my brothers they would not be acting like this or saying bad words

  • Nathalia Montiel
    Nathalia Montiel 7 hours ago

    Her daughter in the chair she is the best person there

  • Matab Qassim
    Matab Qassim 7 hours ago

    Donna is annoying she does the oppesit

  • Josh Summerlin
    Josh Summerlin 8 hours ago

    I made up my mind no kids for me😬

    ELLIE GITTINS 8 hours ago

    When the kids were in trouble and then 1 of them tried to stop him it meant that the kids really loved eachouther. that's so cute!!!

  • Karla Trevino
    Karla Trevino 8 hours ago

    Dad:good cop Mom:bad cop Me:EL CHANGLETA🥿>:3

  • Katerina Moran
    Katerina Moran 8 hours ago


  • Chimmy Chimmy
    Chimmy Chimmy 8 hours ago


  • Molls Moments
    Molls Moments 8 hours ago

    When nick fell at the start I died😂😂😂

  • Brooklynn Shaw
    Brooklynn Shaw 8 hours ago

    also giana is more cuter than gabriella no offense and why did gaberiella say i am the boss for some reason it's just so funny!

  • Brooklynn Shaw
    Brooklynn Shaw 8 hours ago

    since she is 3 she is wearing those and if she dosen't like it i know what that means, she is growing up and dosen't need those sorry if i am being rude its just change to humans and etc.

  • Jessy Cassidy
    Jessy Cassidy 8 hours ago

    Good idea! I just "lost" the binki with our two year old....fits and crying for days. This may have made it easier.

  • My Singing Edamimi #TeamEarth

    kids tantrums are so entertaining to watch. like if u agree

  • Shanna Davis
    Shanna Davis 9 hours ago

    does she still help

  • Bob Bobbertson
    Bob Bobbertson 9 hours ago

    That ADHD is just an exscuse,I know people with that anD they learned to behave. I couldn't be on that show cause I believe in spankings...light ones but spankings none the less. Everyone that I know that was spanked as kids grew up just fine.

  • Joni Smith
    Joni Smith 9 hours ago


  • Joni Smith
    Joni Smith 10 hours ago

    She wants her way that's what tantrums are all about

  • Danielle Collins
    Danielle Collins 10 hours ago

    My name is Caitlyn

  • Joni Smith
    Joni Smith 10 hours ago

    She's three n diapers all my kids were out of them by 15 months

    • Jailene Ramos
      Jailene Ramos 6 hours ago

      Joni Smith every kid is different and if parents don’t potty train them they will will never get out of diapers until they just go on their own

  • Julz Rama
    Julz Rama 10 hours ago

    Grant gives me low key life, his yelling and how he kicks whenever his gets carried

  • Joni Smith
    Joni Smith 10 hours ago

    juices have alot of sugar in them ,water would be better than juice close to bedtime

  • Joni Smith
    Joni Smith 10 hours ago

    Biting is awful

  • Camron Kindrick
    Camron Kindrick 10 hours ago

    Me when I get mad at my mom when I was 3:hits mom and trys to knock her out:I'm now 9 years old and I learned not to do that and I'm now mature people who are watching dont and up like the 5 year old and the 3 year old. Act mature kids.btw like if ur watching in 2020 btw 2020 is almost here.

  • Jun Delorne
    Jun Delorne 10 hours ago

    I'm bad at lip reading, somebody tell me what Riley called her

  • Norma McCombs
    Norma McCombs 10 hours ago


  • Family sables
    Family sables 10 hours ago


  • Phillip Carlyle
    Phillip Carlyle 10 hours ago

    Kate behaves more maturely than most teenagers

  • Justice Duchovny
    Justice Duchovny 10 hours ago

    The emo teen needs to get over herself

  • Darren Stauffer
    Darren Stauffer 10 hours ago

    Question: How does the mother change shirts with that cast on?

  • Teigan Jade
    Teigan Jade 11 hours ago

    What did the toys do

  • Pop Bob
    Pop Bob 11 hours ago

    Four Letters "Belt"

  • Jay
    Jay 11 hours ago

    The boys scream kinda sounds like a t-Rex 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Luis Porras
    Luis Porras 11 hours ago

    When Taylor and John (Her Dad) Reconnected with each other...Was amazing I’ve never thought of that type of thing ever...The fact that he would always say that he didn’t like the way she looked....

  • Shairis Ortiz
    Shairis Ortiz 12 hours ago

    Like video

  • Shairis Ortiz
    Shairis Ortiz 12 hours ago

    Love video

  • Shairis Ortiz
    Shairis Ortiz 12 hours ago

    Love you so much video

  • Shairis Ortiz
    Shairis Ortiz 12 hours ago

    Thanks watching subescrden

  • Kerry Pentlow
    Kerry Pentlow 12 hours ago

    Will you include the Terrill Family, the Marko Family and the Griswold Family?

  • briony hicking
    briony hicking 12 hours ago

    Why didn't Jo beep out the swearing of both parents xx

  • YourgirlRAM
    YourgirlRAM 12 hours ago

    I love the victory yay when mom got done disciplining the boys!

  • Lewis Keys
    Lewis Keys 13 hours ago


  • G-Max
    G-Max 13 hours ago

    Is Gabriella another kid who has trouble sleeping? Or did she just want something while bedtime?

  • Olivia Weaver
    Olivia Weaver 13 hours ago

    When she says I’m on my way and touches the thing that helps people in the car does she yell at the driver or is she looking

  • Abinuo Makritsu
    Abinuo Makritsu 14 hours ago

    Ik it's wrong but I would've smacked these kids 😒

  • Laura Coulson
    Laura Coulson 14 hours ago

    I cried watching this

  • Dewi van Wessel
    Dewi van Wessel 15 hours ago

    Little kids close in age are nightmares. My brother was 6 when I was born, so while he was causing havoc i was chilling in my crib.

  • Braelynn Hill
    Braelynn Hill 15 hours ago

    Kelsee: I WANT CHICKEN NUGGETS! Me:guess who just got grounded and is having veggies for dinner

  • rentsamo murry
    rentsamo murry 16 hours ago

    Dad..I am the

  • Jherimica Angeles
    Jherimica Angeles 16 hours ago

    What family is this?

  • Lilly Lazer
    Lilly Lazer 16 hours ago

    The mom is trying but the dad doesn't seem to take her serious. He wants the kids to love him. So he undermines her.

  • Braelynn Hill
    Braelynn Hill 16 hours ago

    Bella: I don't think I should be in the naughty chair because I dont start the fight usually. Me:then who does

  • Cøsmicc_ Harû
    Cøsmicc_ Harû 17 hours ago

    “This is my territory” Girl you don’t pay for the bills. Or groceries. You didn’t even buy the house. All you do is wipe the kid’s arses all day. So shut it. Sorry had to rant because that really got on my nerves 😂

  • Sohan Gola
    Sohan Gola 17 hours ago

    I love Jo's reaction

  • Petal Pinkton
    Petal Pinkton 18 hours ago

    Italians really spoil their children rotten. Yes they do. They make terrible parents.

  • sydnees world
    sydnees world 18 hours ago

    if I hit my parents its game over