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  • Caleb Pan
    Caleb Pan 50 seconds ago

    Don't mess with Justie when he is mad Adam, he mite punch you like a boss

  • Liam Zack
    Liam Zack Minute ago

    Justin:I lost the love of my life..... French fries:I thought I was your love SIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J2 Prime
    J2 Prime Minute ago

    Ay em ariana you like me jast like jast kering

  • Sharon Page
    Sharon Page Minute ago


  • con Jones
    con Jones 2 minutes ago

    I thought donuts were your favorite food Donuts:NOOO WERE NOT IS FAVORITE FOOD Corndogs:Yay were his favorite food

  • jungkookies bunny
    jungkookies bunny 2 minutes ago

    guys hope u will do a cover of twice new comeback which will come out tomorrow... (Feel special)😉😊

  • Sophia Moura
    Sophia Moura 2 minutes ago


  • lydia ludi
    lydia ludi 3 minutes ago


  • secretly a boy
    secretly a boy 3 minutes ago


  • Mabel Roriguez
    Mabel Roriguez 4 minutes ago

    What 😲

  • lucky 1233999
    lucky 1233999 4 minutes ago

    If adam wins he will get a box of dount If Justin wins he get a thick tatto

  • melynlove Agliam
    melynlove Agliam 5 minutes ago

    If adam win he needs to Play Hello Neighbor If Justie wins he need to Play Resident 7(Biohazard)

  • sharon pandas
    sharon pandas 5 minutes ago

    Justin:if Justin wins than Adam has to get him 5 things that he wants Adam:if Adam wins than he gets to hug Justin for 5 minutes and Justin can't reject it (っ⌒‿⌒)っ

  • RAZY samer
    RAZY samer 5 minutes ago

    🍔🍔🍔 Adam is a hamburger

  • Chop Stick
    Chop Stick 5 minutes ago

    If Adam wins justie gets a donut whit wasabi

  • Don Hastings
    Don Hastings 6 minutes ago

    If Justie wins Adam has to buy him three new friends

  • RAZY samer
    RAZY samer 7 minutes ago


  • Lady Ybanez
    Lady Ybanez 7 minutes ago

    PaPeR AiR pLaNe

  • Evita DeJesus
    Evita DeJesus 7 minutes ago

    😊😆😄😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Hassan Ali
    Hassan Ali 8 minutes ago

    Granny 2!!

  • Isla Carter
    Isla Carter 8 minutes ago


  • Ariane V. Lalla
    Ariane V. Lalla 8 minutes ago


  • romeo Persaud
    romeo Persaud 9 minutes ago

    Wow that was bad

  • melynlove Agliam
    melynlove Agliam 9 minutes ago

    Roses are Red Violet is Blue If you love Lankybox Make this blue 👇

  • Nohemi Cruz
    Nohemi Cruz 10 minutes ago

    Wow Adam sings sooooooooooooooo bad!

  • Princess Angelia
    Princess Angelia 10 minutes ago

    the winner take the phone of the author

  • Nina Waffles
    Nina Waffles 11 minutes ago

    If justie wins : he gets all the money in Adams bank account If Adam wins : he get a penny

  • Jusna Begum
    Jusna Begum 11 minutes ago

    If Adam wins he eat all the donuts

  • Ur Daily 9 year old
    Ur Daily 9 year old 11 minutes ago

    If Adam wins: he gets to touch kookie for one sec If Justin wins: he gets another BT14 doll with Adams money

  • Leigh Bautista
    Leigh Bautista 11 minutes ago

    That's the most epic battle ever HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Melissa Ruiz
    Melissa Ruiz 14 minutes ago

    Yes you got prank 100%

    KIMCHI TAEHYUNG 14 minutes ago


  • Autumn Ballard
    Autumn Ballard 15 minutes ago

    wich video that Adam dus not skreym

  • Vito De Asis
    Vito De Asis 15 minutes ago

    My favorite part is THE One when Adam fell😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Henrich Andre Dela Torre
    Henrich Andre Dela Torre 15 minutes ago

    I play

  • tais sei pré couvoseis aves de oliveira

    eh odeio quando fala mal beleza

  • Betsabe Martinez
    Betsabe Martinez 17 minutes ago

    If Adam wins then he get to slap Justin for every time he was mean to him and if Justin wins then he can pick what ever clothes Adam wears for the rest of the day

  • Its_Olivia_Cat X1
    Its_Olivia_Cat X1 17 minutes ago

    Hahaha😂😂😂😂. And it's so scary but funny.

  • Betsabe Martinez
    Betsabe Martinez 17 minutes ago

    If Adam wins then he get to slap Justin for every time he was mean to him and if Justin wins then he can pick what ever clothes Adam wears for the rest of the day

  • Серафима Орехова

    На русском?!

  • Robert Hennebert
    Robert Hennebert 17 minutes ago

    Hi I'm here for the BTS pop figurines

  • HaziyahRafnye
    HaziyahRafnye 18 minutes ago

    Where did you get all the stuff?

  • Betsabe Martinez
    Betsabe Martinez 18 minutes ago

    If Adam wins then he get to slap Justin for every time he was mean to him and if Justin wins then he can pick what ever clothes Adam wears for the rest of the day

  • Nohemi Cruz
    Nohemi Cruz 18 minutes ago


  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith 19 minutes ago

    If Adam wins he gets to hangout with all of Justin friends If Justin wins he gets a new bts character

  • XxAlly_PlaysxX
    XxAlly_PlaysxX 19 minutes ago

    Dude u at 2.5 million!

  • Lindsay Van de Weerd
    Lindsay Van de Weerd 21 minute ago

    My hero academia🤣

  • Hwang jung ho k-pop
    Hwang jung ho k-pop 21 minute ago

    If Justin wins he get a new friend And if Adam wins Justin still get a new friend 😂

  • Andrei Playz
    Andrei Playz 22 minutes ago

    Ya Guys gettin old?

  • Deirdragean Reyes
    Deirdragean Reyes 23 minutes ago

    This was super awesooome i cant stop laughing right now

  • Hania UnicornYT
    Hania UnicornYT 23 minutes ago

    I like your video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • HaziyahRafnye
    HaziyahRafnye 23 minutes ago

    Where did you buy all this stuff?

  • Hania UnicornYT
    Hania UnicornYT 23 minutes ago

    Adam and Justin can you do dis in TheXvid pleassssssss,,,,,,,,,, Toylor Swift - shake it off

  • OrnGorn Thanachollagorn
    OrnGorn Thanachollagorn 24 minutes ago


  • Rick Fernandez
    Rick Fernandez 25 minutes ago

    If justie wins he gotta eat a 1 color food for 50 hours Here is the options Red Black Pink And if Adam wins ,,justie should give all of hes sweets to adam UWU

  • chaula makwana
    chaula makwana 27 minutes ago

    I have seen this game

  • hazdeanna haizi
    hazdeanna haizi 27 minutes ago

    If justin wins adam will give cookie to justin and let him play with him/her If adam wins justin will give dumbo to him play with him/her

  • Kimberly Bueron
    Kimberly Bueron 27 minutes ago

    if justin wins:adam has to buy everything justin touches. if adam wins :he still buys justin everything he touches

  • Robert Hennebert
    Robert Hennebert 28 minutes ago


  • MR. Paczek
    MR. Paczek 28 minutes ago

    Adam are you polish?

  • Moon tour
    Moon tour 28 minutes ago

    If Adam wins: he had to give Justin $50 If Justin wins: he had to take a selfie with TATA, KOOKIE, AND CHIM CHIM

  • RedBloodX
    RedBloodX 29 minutes ago


  • Fake znpnu ML
    Fake znpnu ML 29 minutes ago

    Why does hello neighbour is free to me

  • RedBloodX
    RedBloodX 29 minutes ago


  • Christine Garrod
    Christine Garrod 30 minutes ago

    👏🙀 you are so funny

  • Betsabe Martinez
    Betsabe Martinez 30 minutes ago

    If Adam wins then he get to slap Justin for every time he was mean to him and if Justin wins then he can pick what ever clothes Adam wears for the rest of the day

  • Matthew Kuiper
    Matthew Kuiper 30 minutes ago

    “ I am quitting “ me:to justie oh that was justie a joke !

    BA FIERCE 31 minute ago

    0:31 one of my fav part

  • MiniMine Productions
    MiniMine Productions 32 minutes ago

    if adam wins: he will hug kookie justin wins: he will have to kiss dumbo just call me jasmine

  • Hanita Mohamed Harun
    Hanita Mohamed Harun 32 minutes ago

    I like Justin he have a cookie

  • Aisyah N
    Aisyah N 32 minutes ago

    Hello neighbour

  • Amy Osik
    Amy Osik 33 minutes ago


  • hazdeanna haizi
    hazdeanna haizi 33 minutes ago

    Stop lying to us You sayed you dont have money guys but you spened 145 dollers *YOUR RICH*

  • Popular Gacha
    Popular Gacha 34 minutes ago

    ,,Hello Neighbor" is cool and little creepy

  • Pauline Hope
    Pauline Hope 35 minutes ago

    Km. hi

  • Ariane V. Lalla
    Ariane V. Lalla 35 minutes ago


  • Daisy Longoria
    Daisy Longoria 35 minutes ago

    no one would unsubscribe to u guys because u are so funny

  • Thai Nguyen
    Thai Nguyen 35 minutes ago

    I WANT THE LED HAT!!!!!!

  • Ariane V. Lalla
    Ariane V. Lalla 36 minutes ago


  • shahid Khan
    shahid Khan 36 minutes ago

    If justin wins he gets to give Adam a makeover with his freinds If Adam wins in the next video he has to dress up as dumbo

  • sandria jones
    sandria jones 37 minutes ago

    I would eat Justies Galaxy sandwich bc I like Galaxys :3

  • Brent Scott
    Brent Scott 37 minutes ago


  • HaziyahRafnye
    HaziyahRafnye 38 minutes ago

    Where did you buy all of them?

  • Amelia Do
    Amelia Do 38 minutes ago

    My brother plays hello neighbor and he’s 7

  • yasmin salah
    yasmin salah 39 minutes ago

    I wate them for my sister

  • Hoai Nhân
    Hoai Nhân 40 minutes ago

    hahahaha is funny

  • itsjust gachamaster
    itsjust gachamaster 40 minutes ago

    if justie wins:he can eat other flavor of donuts but, if adam wins:he gets to be freinds with cookie and the others and they need to be nice and pls pick ne love ya lanky box📦❤

  • idc but thas dooope
    idc but thas dooope 40 minutes ago


  • Francisco Bale
    Francisco Bale 41 minute ago

    Lanky box your my IDOL from TheXvid YOUTOO😆

  • Danial _ez01
    Danial _ez01 41 minute ago

    The balance between Adam and Justin is not stable. Everytime Adam use *ALL* of Justin money. Justin get mad and yell and also get a heart attack. But, when Justin do anything to Adam. Adam hit Justin but Justin just scream. So I have a question. Did Justin hit Adam for *wasting* his money? No. Did Adam hit Justin for doing something wrong? Yes. their relationship of *friend* is not balanced. I don't understand how they are still being friends. Leave a like if you also confuse. Just kidding. No need to leave a like 😀

  • Hugo De La Cr
    Hugo De La Cr 42 minutes ago


  • The Harris family
    The Harris family 42 minutes ago

    He said always be nice to everything and eat lots of chicken wings Justin-2019

  • hawasib77
    hawasib77 44 minutes ago

    I didn’t like your videos

  • Minnie Finnie
    Minnie Finnie 45 minutes ago

    If Justin wins he have to spend

  • Erki Saarts
    Erki Saarts 45 minutes ago


  • Sydney Wheatley
    Sydney Wheatley 46 minutes ago

    Hi I’m a HUGE fan

  • Daisy Longoria
    Daisy Longoria 46 minutes ago

    adam’s puns are not better than justin’s

  • Galaxy girl55 Stanley
    Galaxy girl55 Stanley 47 minutes ago

    I like equals one pray to Justin’s heart👇🍭🍭

  • Rytaa Rychell
    Rytaa Rychell 48 minutes ago

    justin stop annoying adem

  • Raechel Driscoll
    Raechel Driscoll 48 minutes ago

    On my iPad hello neighbor is free