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  • Gopi Gandhi
    Gopi Gandhi 35 seconds ago

    Thanks for reminding us of this important chapter in history.

  • Finguranna NASAA
    Finguranna NASAA 2 minutes ago

    Our caste people have special blood cells... Andhra Pradesh casteists

  • vip129870
    vip129870 4 minutes ago

    Ask questions about homophobia in a Muslim neighborhood

  • Pezz Beats
    Pezz Beats 6 minutes ago

    India was partitioned way back with Afghanistan.

  • Hindol Pathak9113
    Hindol Pathak9113 7 minutes ago

    BCCi is full of corrupt people bjp control but dada Ko mohara bonake Shah loot chalu.dada should not have slipped in hand of notoreous gang .dada has enough popularity because of his honesty n charming nature.may god save him from this notoreous gang of BCCI n kholi shastri group.ah group best beneficiarey gang of double orop system will end cricket of India Ipl has no more popularity like Modi Shah houdy because politics too much now in indian cricket.kovk out game wining now far away become dream like rojegar of modi bankruptcy.only Kashmir n senna like British colonialism.

  • Ayush Gagneja
    Ayush Gagneja 7 minutes ago


  • hanuman dehru
    hanuman dehru 11 minutes ago

    isko 50rs. do ye sala ek time ki saaji nahi la sakta 4 member family ki. rubbish ko inam mila isi tarah is ko. salo theory se kuch pahle bhi noble mila tha kuch hua .ye gol mal baat karte. haramiyo asli production farmer karta h. uske baad industry.

  • E19 Media
    E19 Media 12 minutes ago


  • naughty arsh
    naughty arsh 13 minutes ago

    This clearly shows that they know that India is full of idiots and they (bjp and party) know it really well.

  • Roshan Zameer
    Roshan Zameer 17 minutes ago

    Indians are they response to quint by saying that it was a typo mistake....authentic*

  • Ashish
    Ashish 18 minutes ago

    Wah Modi ji Wah!

  • Parth Chauhan
    Parth Chauhan 19 minutes ago

    Zijah is such a cool name

  • Shafik Rahman
    Shafik Rahman 19 minutes ago

    I used to get annoyed when Americans, Brits, other western countries calling us a Third world Democracy but now I understand what they really mean..

  • Prashant Jha
    Prashant Jha 20 minutes ago

    So arrogant attitude.... Atleast she shud hv listened to criticism and instrospect... Shame on dis kind of attitde....😏😏😏😏

  • Reeves Nayagam
    Reeves Nayagam 21 minute ago

    Scamgress I hope they never come to Power

  • rao bb
    rao bb 23 minutes ago

    Dont worry. All businesses sailing in the same boat, thanks to Modinomics!

  • ishan sharma
    ishan sharma 24 minutes ago

    A lot of clips like this are spread about other party to, please bother to make videos about them too, quint!

  • Karan Cool boy
    Karan Cool boy 27 minutes ago

    Yaar ye kese neta h...... Pgl ho gye h kyaaa.... Ab Rahul Gandhi ki clip aise krke kyaa mil jyega inhe.... Ab gussa aata h BC....😠😠

  • Deepak Garia
    Deepak Garia 27 minutes ago

    Ex leader bolo

  • Ajoy R
    Ajoy R 28 minutes ago

    Indians before voting : modi Indians after modi sarkar : yaar dhoka Classic indians

  • Nishil Bright
    Nishil Bright 28 minutes ago

    Ganguly is the right person but he's gonna be the puppet under Anurag Thakur And Amit Shah

    TASWEER AHMED 31 minute ago

    Mera pyare bharath vasiyo ise hi nalayak kaam kar ne ko kabil ho tum bus modi hai aap ka vo kidar bhi nahi jaraha par bharat kidar ja raha hai

  • Shawn Eshwara
    Shawn Eshwara 31 minute ago

    Rahul Gandhi sleep with money 🤑 for him money is everything.

  • A R
    A R 32 minutes ago

    BJP is very good at doing this, good news reporting by Quint! Truth is always good to hear.

  • Madhusudhan Gopal
    Madhusudhan Gopal 32 minutes ago

    When no news to show during election time from quint, quint will come out with non sense news for the salary they take, i dont understand y this channel is not showing any news on Rafale scam which they wre shouting during last election, fools below commenting will not question that to quint because fools has subscribed this channel without knowing truth of this channel

    SK . ARSHED HOSSAIN 32 minutes ago

    Don't worry nirmala aunty we agreed with your eligibility as FM 🤨

    PRASANNA KINAGI 35 minutes ago

    Congress sponsored QUINT

  • Midship Sport
    Midship Sport 36 minutes ago

    Nothing wrong in changing the name, because it's was the original name before the Nizam's changed it. Just like how the British 1st changed cities like - Bangalore, Bombay, Madras, Calcutta. :-) This is just a another case of minorities playing victim. 😂

  • Praharsh Bhatt
    Praharsh Bhatt 36 minutes ago

    Pizza burger republic

  • REHAN khan
    REHAN khan 39 minutes ago

    Sharm bech kr kha gai h BJP

  • Amtul Baseer
    Amtul Baseer 40 minutes ago

    Spreading fake news and raising useless issues is what bjp has done throughout its 5 years

  • Human Being
    Human Being 41 minute ago

    দাদাকে আর ধারাভাষ্যে দেখা যাবে না!😥😥😥😥

  • Tinto Skaria
    Tinto Skaria 42 minutes ago

    Illiteratecy written all over it....SON OF BULL'S

  • Anagha Acharekar
    Anagha Acharekar 44 minutes ago

    Sad Media decency.

  • manpura nengnong
    manpura nengnong 44 minutes ago

    British conquer India through east India company start from Bengal.and now to build new network from east India.

    MEENU D 45 minutes ago

    If all channels were like Quint.. Eye opening and factual.

  • kanathur
    kanathur 45 minutes ago

    If you cannot run your business, why blame Modi. You cannot have a tax free country. GST has to be paid, no cheating on taxes. Business used to cheat Government by not paying taxes. Now you have to pay.

  • Harry J
    Harry J 45 minutes ago

    Yar log itne bhi bewkoof kaise ho sakte hai? But in Sab ke confidence ke daatt deni padegi.

  • Virendra Kumar
    Virendra Kumar 46 minutes ago

    Bjp bhagao desh bachao.

  • bharath sekhar
    bharath sekhar 49 minutes ago

    It's similar to his condition so people will believe it

  • manpura nengnong
    manpura nengnong 49 minutes ago

    British conquer India through east India company which starts from Bengal.

  • king of kings
    king of kings 52 minutes ago

    Yrr,I don't have the courage to see this...

    TOXIC GAMING 56 minutes ago

    I have many friend muslim here in philippines who eats pork. They say its a freedom and there choice to eat as long as they dont harm other people.

  • nobin ahmed
    nobin ahmed 57 minutes ago

    Quint editors are so cunning. They change the caption after four months of its upload just to get attention

  • Sagar
    Sagar Hour ago

    I support dada,people are looking at it as West Bengal election tactis

  • Lal ji Karsal
    Lal ji Karsal Hour ago

    दहाड़ के बोल मेरे शेर और आगे बढ़

  • malar vizhi Namasivayam


  • Kaushil Kundalia

    There have been 100s of fake videos floating about Modi. Why is quint not making any video on those ?

  • Md Kalimullah
    Md Kalimullah Hour ago

    Grih yudh hoga yhi halaat rahe to


    Best news channel! !

  • Soch
    Soch Hour ago

    Modi is not in Delhi for pleasure dear...he is there for a task that fills a lot of time in his life......Y is an experienced journalist like Karan Thapar behaving like an upset teenage girl

  • IND MWC 16MIS1084

    Hey everyone?? Why not just tag UN with everyVideo?? Just to get their attention! Lets do this who care for INDIA♥️ #UN

  • himanshu piprikar

    sirf aur sirf DADA ke liye happy,dada bcci ko sahi kar do aur baki sports ko bhi badhao especially football in india....

  • Sri Iyer
    Sri Iyer Hour ago

    pretty sure the Rs. 10000/day is charged back to the producer of the film. 🤣🤣🤣

  • sanjay tiwary
    sanjay tiwary Hour ago

    Yes strict law needed as leftist media use more fake news

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma Hour ago

    Cricket and Bollywood are the main distracting reason that India is poor.

  • Azad Sak
    Azad Sak Hour ago

    If MLA s are also spreading fake news then ohh god how these tv news channels are going to survive.

  • Ankit Choudhary
    Ankit Choudhary Hour ago

    Whether edited or not he is still a fool..!!

  • Prasad Kv
    Prasad Kv Hour ago

    Still denial mode. Under illusions that this government has done for the progress. One can expect what this government will do for the people. When there is a demand issue, solution is provided for supply! It is all most certain Our economy is not going to improve. Only voters can save this situation by voting to right candidates MLAs MPs and not to PM as per parliamentary democracy.

  • Santosh Kumar
    Santosh Kumar Hour ago

    Rahul gandhi is secret agent for BJP

  • Craigs List
    Craigs List Hour ago

    Come to Tamil Nadu and see the number of fake news against bjp. It's alarming

  • Rahul Bharvad
    Rahul Bharvad Hour ago

    and then Anjana om modi: Rahul Gandhi ne diya bhadkau bayaan, kya wo Jane wale hain Pakistan ? Dekhiye aajtak par. 😄

  • Chisti taju
    Chisti taju Hour ago

    Simple logic whoever is going to ask tough questions don't let them speak or make them anti-nation 🤔

  • kishor kamble
    kishor kamble Hour ago

    Tell the army to give some acting lessons as well..

  • amit mishra
    amit mishra Hour ago

    Ye tab Mar gayi thi budhi jab Kashmir se Hindu ko nikala ja raha ta

  • akshay kothari
    akshay kothari 2 hours ago

    She is fucking whore in Quint. She is just a Fuck Toy and she bangs around the office guys. Hit LIKE and COMMENT for this hot WHORE.

  • Shivam Thakkar
    Shivam Thakkar 2 hours ago

    Quint shows it's true colours Thier boss Gandhi family Worst media . Always against Bjp and right wing

  • 3min Fun
    3min Fun 2 hours ago

    Bjp ka kuch smjh nhi aata .ajib party hai

  • Abhishek Yadav
    Abhishek Yadav 2 hours ago


  • IND MWC 16MIS1084
    IND MWC 16MIS1084 2 hours ago

    ALL IS WELL😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣!

  • Cook and travel with J3

    These people who come to help others are real heroes.

  • Sam
    Sam 2 hours ago

    The world we live. Where the aggressor calls the victim a terrorist

  • Napoleon Bonaparte 🔥

    I will believe on u if u can start cricket between pakistan and india btw good luck

  • Abhishek Yadav
    Abhishek Yadav 2 hours ago

    Quint ki maa ka bhosda.. please post about video of mamatha Banerjee also if this channel have balls.. I know you won't post it after all it's is a Islamic extremist channel

  • Pradeep Gangwar
    Pradeep Gangwar 2 hours ago

    Look at the karan johar filmography, he made worst movies and his movies are super bad.

  • pratik jain
    pratik jain 2 hours ago

    Ye insaan baba saheb ka natto nahi ho saktaa

  • chris s
    chris s 2 hours ago

    They r accusing the juvenile of murder since they know he will be released in few years, no matter wat he did.

  • Asif Haque
    Asif Haque 2 hours ago

    Dual sim is available.

  • chris s
    chris s 2 hours ago

    The way this video is made is really bad. N also Hindi version should be there,

  • nobin ahmed
    nobin ahmed 2 hours ago

    Everybody socks jai shah rocks😆😆😆... Asli business to yeh hai

  • suresh chikati
    suresh chikati 2 hours ago

    Shame to ur Proffesion and u not even a human being..

  • amar pahuja
    amar pahuja 2 hours ago

    If a party apprehends bias, y can't judge recuse. Likewise if a single voter doubt EVM, y not have ballot paper.

  • Amol Gawalkar
    Amol Gawalkar 2 hours ago

    Ok go with China fully what's wait we Indian asking answer fast 😀😀😀 joker chokidar.?

  • Amol Gawalkar
    Amol Gawalkar 2 hours ago

    Totally mad Nepal ok there mind

  • Chuba Ozzy
    Chuba Ozzy 2 hours ago

    As far as I know BJP government is a terriosts formed for terriozing its own people and my spreading fake news and letting people to hate among themselves .i think it is the reason for the Hindus to lynch people of minority communities i.e muslims

  • Lokesh Lok
    Lokesh Lok 2 hours ago

    This is how Congress has lost both elections so badly. Spreading of fake edited stories about Congress has taken its toll. Rahul has been made Pappu by BJP since the majority of Indian people are dumb and believe what is shown on edited fake videos and have perceptions then. They don't have common sense of what is right and wrong. They just blindly follow. So India deserves this economic slowdown, demonatization and motor vehicle act. Jaisa boege wohi paoge. If you write a letter to the PM, you will be arrested ? I wonder if we are in democracy or under dictatorship.

  • kishor kamble
    kishor kamble 2 hours ago

    I agree about theatre etiquette people treat theatre like a movie you need popcorn,gf/bf msg,call it's doesn't affect the movie while your are doing but it does affect theatre artist a small mistake can cost that moment the artist is in or switching luckily artist have accepted everything and are so much into portraying character... Subodh bhave once left the act in between and asked the person sitting on front seat to leave. Great interview and really great people you won quint.

  • tanmay podder
    tanmay podder 3 hours ago

    Passed by parliament which is full of uneducated people ...

  • reprisal dzi
    reprisal dzi 3 hours ago

    Achaaee din finally aagaye !

  • Kunal Kumar
    Kunal Kumar 3 hours ago

    are koi inko gst par modiji ka bhashan sunao jab wo opposition me the....

  • Warriorcat Enthusiast

    That comforting arm rub was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen all day❤️❤️

  • Amit Rao
    Amit Rao 3 hours ago

    Border dekh kr deshbhakti nahi jagti mc ki......kabir Singh dekh kr......bahut chutiya hai bhai

  • tanmay podder
    tanmay podder 3 hours ago

    Mandir toh yehi banega... Mitrooo

  • kishor kamble
    kishor kamble 3 hours ago

    This is the lady I would love to meet and talk to she has an aura which is so subtle yet intense and powerful.. she shows a composed nature yet she is filled with energy and she is honest with herself thank you for every movie I know it's hard to get out of characters when you are switching from taapsee to characters keep giving us the movies.

  • I Shaikh
    I Shaikh 3 hours ago

    I love my India..🤗 I am well Educated person from university of Mumbai now i am well settled Just Because of My education... Then though i Faced Lot of Partiality on daily basis Just because i am Muslim

  • Tushar Joshi
    Tushar Joshi 3 hours ago

    Not as qualitative as IE's 3 things

  • dream destination
    dream destination 3 hours ago

    no body is voting bjp .bjp government did frod and won elections every body knows that

  • Aman beniwal
    Aman beniwal 3 hours ago

    Congo To Ganguly , a true Leader. Not some cunt chosen By BJP to Lead the BCCI.

  • muhammad durrani
    muhammad durrani 3 hours ago

    They should all also write chutiya on the vehicle as well, because that's what they look like.

  • Sandipan Chatterjee
    Sandipan Chatterjee 3 hours ago

    So, basically Ganguly is being elected when the situation in BCCI is topsy-turvy,the same way he was given the position of captaincy when Indian team was infested with drugs and fixing!! Okay.. excel in this position also as you did before as Captain..