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  • Paulo Fortza
    Paulo Fortza Hour ago

    Your labour bias reeks stronger than milk left at room temperature for 6 weeks

  • cristina lexy
    cristina lexy Hour ago

    Fresh Brexit Referendum👍 😇

  • Sue Marshall
    Sue Marshall Hour ago

    Nigel is a pragmatist. His candidates have been out knocking on doors for a few weeks now, so he must have a clearer view of the voting intentions in Tory areas. With Boris promising no political alignment, it makes it harder to condemn his treaty. Nigel is no fool. Keep the faith!!!

  • something else
    something else 2 hours ago

    Tories might also push for a No deal. So no one should oppose No deal too if Tories win the majority

  • Tidbit
    Tidbit 2 hours ago

    I think everyone who votes should get 100 or 200 quid, but the ballot must have a spot that says "I don't know" with all the other names of people to vote for, that way the dummies wont ruin the vote just for money. I also think that a political license should exist and people should have to prove that they understand at least some basic politics in order to get the license, which they'd need to vote.

  • Khalid D
    Khalid D 2 hours ago

    Pls do a video of how many governments can form a coalition

  • Alamkan Countryball
    Alamkan Countryball 2 hours ago

    If Northern Ireland and Scotland live, is it Engxit?

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee 2 hours ago


  • Edward Burrell
    Edward Burrell 3 hours ago

    If i ever wanted to write for TLDR or do any political research how would go about enquiring?

  • Standaardnaam
    Standaardnaam 3 hours ago

    Correctly predicting the winning party in an election where the result differed by 20 votes, does not really mean you did well. It was (partly) a lucky guess. You did well if you predicted a close to equal number of votes for those two candidates, even if you got the end result wrong.

  • fisher barrie
    fisher barrie 3 hours ago

    You can dislike people for who they are, etc. But you can also like them for what they have done

  • Adam Filinovich
    Adam Filinovich 4 hours ago

    The pollsters weren't wrong in US2016 or the referendum. They correctly showed that they were close races and got the NPV in the US pretty much exactly right. Also, UK2017 was accurate, but public opinion changed so rapidly during the campaign, so people *think* the polls were wrong. Poll results aren't contradictory, they're random representative samples, one should EXPECT variance. 75 people per constituency is enough to bring the *MAXIMUM* margin of error to around 11 points. In constituencies which have a single large party, or many parties that split the vote up, the error will be even less

  • SkyEcho7
    SkyEcho7 4 hours ago

    Nope! 👍

  • Dario M
    Dario M 5 hours ago


  • MrBoliao98
    MrBoliao98 6 hours ago

    It's clear, if the last time the Lib Dems did btr vote them, if the Greens did better vote them, if Labour did better vote them, or plaid cymru

  • André Somers
    André Somers 6 hours ago

    So, basically polling is steering the election outcome by fooling people into a sense of a need to vote tactically. This gets worsened by the fptp system but also happens in representational systems unfortunately. Some countries forbid publishing polling results for a period before the election in an effort to decrease that effect. I think I like that.

  • Richard Yang
    Richard Yang 6 hours ago

    When you assume you make an ass of u and me

  • adam foster
    adam foster 6 hours ago

    TLDR is so pro labour lmao

  • Karl Marx
    Karl Marx 6 hours ago

    I hate that people forget who they vote for if just shows they did it for a bad reason and didn't really think about it

  • magicleopard1
    magicleopard1 8 hours ago

    Stay in the EU. Czechs not checks

  • SneakyBadger JD
    SneakyBadger JD 8 hours ago

    I think you should definitely talk about labour and their misleading conservative figures, for fairness

  • magicleopard1
    magicleopard1 8 hours ago

    Why does Johnson sound like he's even more wankered than usual?

  • Chordeiles Major
    Chordeiles Major 8 hours ago

    online poling is not more reliable then random calls as some groups are more online then others like young more the old... also certain groups take less online polls then others.

  • AllyTank-ity Kitty
    AllyTank-ity Kitty 9 hours ago

    hearing the first bit and how he spoke during that i would not trust him to lead a flock of sheep. he sounds completely uninformed and is making shit up on the spot. "imports from N. ireland to Bg wont have checks" so why is his purposed plan to put the checks over the Irish sea??

  • kjrocker
    kjrocker 9 hours ago

    sad that even in the examples in this video, one can see this hopeful remainer fantasy that only if the nonpolitical people vote that brexit would not happen or only if FPTP did not exist brexit could be stopped. what can you expect from a supposed unbiased news explainer who worships bercow and hopes that ppl would be woke to the horror of eurosceptics

  • sephus99
    sephus99 9 hours ago

    It would have been good to cover what the pollsters do with people who say they don't know who they are going to vote for (it's best to think of that group as haven't decided yet). The 2017 polls are always brought up as being poor but that was more that they changed throughout the campaign, at least a part of that was UKIP voters deciding where to move to so out of the don't know pot. Certain techniques will work better in certain situations so it's probably good that different companies take different approaches.

  • Isla Durrant
    Isla Durrant 9 hours ago

    Is Kensington where the Grenfell fire took place? ... just asking.

  • Bryan M.
    Bryan M. 9 hours ago

    Britsh people have much more in common with Australians/Canadians than with germans/french, so The CANZUK is RIGHT

  • Stuart D
    Stuart D 10 hours ago

    What you have to understand with polling is this. It is used to extend the narrative of a [biased] political view. The media use polling to manipulate the public by showing the "national mood" in a poll which in all likelihood is artificial due to the weighted question(s) in favour of a certain result. Polling helps extend a political view beyond a media platform's reach. And thus, I believe, why they are always way off. It is alledged Rupert Murdoch was pissed he couldn't "swing" the vote in favour of the conservatives in '17 election As traditional in print media. For this reason and other commenters have said. There shouldn't be any polling during an election. As an aside. Most current polls indicate a % swing in favour of the conservatives The daily fail is also claiming a total collapse of the Labour votes in the north/country? Hmm, 🤔 .

  • wildsurfer12
    wildsurfer12 10 hours ago

    Farage is doing this as Arron Bank threatened to pull his financial backing if he didn’t.

  • gary Hinchliffe
    gary Hinchliffe 10 hours ago

    Hey sado !!!! Your wrong ...the BREXIT PARTY . Will clean out labour seats and a lot conservative seats if he stood BREXIT PARTY 🥂

    DEMONETISE ME 11 hours ago

    Corbyn is a pleb! Has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to the NHS. Also Privatisation of healthcare isn’t all doom and gloom like he alludes to. They are actually better at managing their money and supplies while getting people out of hospital quicker without reducing quality of care. I would know I have worked in Borge the NHS and private healthcare in the UK. The NHS could learn a lot from private HC. And Privare HC settings use A LOT of NHS policy and guidance to drive what they do...why be use it’s all NHS consultants that work in the private sector!

  • Nick Wash
    Nick Wash 11 hours ago

    Will u just Listen to yourelves ?....THis is NOT only about how SEXY or FUNNY or Non Politically correct the President is now during his rallies etc. your GOD-LIKE SWAMP CREATURE Trump IS THE PREZ OF THE USA ....And look at what TREASONOUS THINGS He's doing in FRONT OF OUR OWN EYES !!!! SEEING IS BELIEVING MATE ... And I REALLY don't give a rat's ass about Biden and son making money ...It's about going against our Constitution , about grabbing women's privates, it's about decency, about lying , about throwing your own people under the bus , about making up bullshit about an IMPENETRABLE WALL which can be cut open in a few minutes by a cheap saw, is about mocking mentally challenged people ...., About inciting people to violence.., is about RASCISM , is about LOWER TAXES FOR THE RICH, ...about PUTTING KIDS IN about Fucking a pornstar while your wife is PREGNANT. ..about drawing FAKE SHARPIES, ...about EXTORTION...about considering HIS OWN DAUGHTER as HOT in a live interview.., about GUN CONTROL......THIS IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES , YOU DICKS...! WAKE THE FUCK UP..!!

  • Fatman to Ironman Again!

    Polling is next to useless worldwide. They get paid a fortune but are consistently wrong and should be banned. Just look at the Australian elections, how the political parties changed leaders based on polling causing untold chaos, yet when it came to Election Day the results were exactly opposite of the pollsters 'crap'

  • R Vanzo
    R Vanzo 12 hours ago

    Most of the time yes.

  • Alan Hunt
    Alan Hunt 12 hours ago

    This is a pointless topic. the answer is simple NO.

  • MyOther Soul
    MyOther Soul 12 hours ago

    Predicting the outcome of an election that decided by 20 votes should not count as a correct prediction. Unless the pollster had a large enough sample to narrow their prediction down to a very narrow range, the correct call would have been: too close to call.

  • Don Buddha
    Don Buddha 12 hours ago

    Pliable Farage

  • William Walker
    William Walker 13 hours ago

    Every other video title makes you look like a massive labour voter, and it's funny because I blocked this channel but it's still constantly suggested to my feed 🤔

  • Alexander MacLeod
    Alexander MacLeod 13 hours ago

    Scottish bloke here. My main concern is the NHS privatisation. Under the current government, and for a while now, the NHS has been getting dismantled without the public having an opportunity to stop backdoor deals from destroying the NHS. I dont know if it is too late, but if there is the slightest sniff that the conservatives remain in power and continue as they have thus far, I would begrudgingly vote for independence to spare Scottish citizens the disastrous healthcare model present in america which the privatisation of the NHS would create. I would love for TLDR News to do a video on the realistic ways in which the NHS can be preserved as a public service.

  • Tisna Dwija
    Tisna Dwija 13 hours ago

    Boris make a great job

  • DavidJMa
    DavidJMa 13 hours ago

    Panel data can be very unreliable unless they are maintained and refreshed regularly.

  • DynaMike
    DynaMike 14 hours ago

    I think the real question is can we trust Jack and his dreamy accent? 🤔

  • MLennholm
    MLennholm 15 hours ago

    Boris giving that speech reminds of how, in the _Bean_ movie, Mr. Bean had to improvise a speech about Whistler's Mother.

  • tony kleib
    tony kleib 15 hours ago

    Very misleading and inaccurate explanation, very biased and everything is factually incorrect

  • wdmc2012
    wdmc2012 15 hours ago

    There's an impeachment going on, and TLDR US hasn't been updated in 2 months. =(

  • Clifford Bryan john Wilson

    Question: How do polling companies make money?

    • sephus99
      sephus99 9 hours ago

      They are usually market research companies as well so they'll have loads of businesses as clients. News outlets are usually paying for polls to be done and sometimes political parties when it's at a constituency level.

  • eric pone
    eric pone 16 hours ago

    It's not that polls are wrong so much as most people know little to nothing about statistics.

  • Brent Evans
    Brent Evans 16 hours ago

    When speaking about multiplication It is improper to say “times by,” or times it by.” The proper language is “a times B” or “a multiplied by b,” or variations like ‘multiply It by.”

  • Huw Grossmith
    Huw Grossmith 16 hours ago

    Can we trust polls. NO. Aussie is an excellent example of this. Polls are easily rigged. 1. rig the questions (Yes PM scene between Sir Humpy and Bernard - Conscription) or 2. The Electoral Commission releases info often isolated to polling stations. If you want a Labour result ring strong Labour areas. They are bullshit. Ask a taxi driver.

  • OopsFailedArt
    OopsFailedArt 16 hours ago

    Are things different in the UK? I work in finance and buyouts rarely ever cost less than a 30% mark up... That assumption sounds rather reasonable.. I'm in the USA though is this different?

  • Vann Junkins
    Vann Junkins 17 hours ago

    I say UK+US+New Zealand+Australia +Ireland+Canada. Let's go BIG.

  • The Dave
    The Dave 17 hours ago

    A far right deal?? What a liar... The irony is that the UK has stricter work rights and human rights legislation than the EU lol

  • Mateusz Sosnowicz
    Mateusz Sosnowicz 18 hours ago

    "Socialism solving problems unkown in any other political system" Janusz Korwin Mikkie firebrand conservative libertarian, freedom party.

  • mcheartw
    mcheartw 18 hours ago

    Are you a liberal? The way you describe - he masters campaigning instead of governing. You must be blind to say the least

  • CuriosityKilledTheMartianCat

    I'm very suspicious of MRP because it's a very complicated model with one example of possibly being more correct than other, more simple models. Often with things like this, they perform far better in a few cases, and far worse in others, rather than being genuinely better overall. The predictions for this election seem a long way out from reasonable range, like predicting lib dems suddenly gaining huge amounts in constituencies where they were previously a distant third. It's possible that this is a real effect, but given the low per constituency sample count and extreme extrapolation required, I suspect that the modelling is overfitting the data.

  • Ray Sinclair
    Ray Sinclair 18 hours ago

    This sounds like the conservative manifesto. Population is the real problem in the world yet they ignore it. No money incentives or tax cuts to tackle the problem. All the other problems are centred on this. The only way to make money In the uk now is through real estate, which increases in value, to no surprise by population. I predict massive protests in the next five years if this is all we have to look forward too. This is not radical enough and too vague

  • Ryan Talbot
    Ryan Talbot 18 hours ago

    Completely bull

  • diggins1989
    diggins1989 19 hours ago

    Two ads in the video? So annoying.

  • McBende
    McBende 19 hours ago

    *headdesk* As an America who hates Trump, I hate to burst people's bubble but the polling WAS accurate. ALL political polls are based on statistics and they are not 100% accurate. With the number of people polled and depending on which company does the polling, they're accurate with a +/-4% or +/-6% margin of error. The American polls were accurate going into the 2016 election. It's just the polls assumed Hillary at 52% and Trump at 47%. Hillary lost with 48% and Trump at 52%. The winning percentages were will within the margins of error. But people don't know statistics, don't want to do the match with the margin of error, and just wanted to remain in their own little bubble and be confused about how this could have happened.

  • marcus boxall
    marcus boxall 19 hours ago

    How many will the EU give an extension videos will TLDR make? 😂

  • 7lllll
    7lllll 20 hours ago

    polls, right or wrong, skew the results, and they should be banned altogether for any election

  • Donna Schneider
    Donna Schneider 20 hours ago

    You need to look again. There are quite a few hundred miles of wall built

    • MiketheYung God
      MiketheYung God 15 hours ago

      Donna Schneider parts of the wall are being built. Because the funds are hard to come by, its not being built as quickly he would like.

  • Martin Fearn
    Martin Fearn 20 hours ago

    Two things. 1. We dont have control over most taxation 2. We don't need a new currency. The pound is our currency too. Not that it's worth anything now anyway. Other than that great video

  • apostolado1
    apostolado1 21 hour ago

    2020 Trump 2020 Trump. democRATS is the greatest corrupted party in USA history

  • Zauba
    Zauba 21 hour ago

    so... why does polling work a lot better in Germany and other countries? pls make a video comparing methods

    • Matthew Hemmings
      Matthew Hemmings 18 hours ago

      Isn’t Germany a proportional system? If yes, you got your answer... because strategic voting means many people will make a last minute swap.

  • JorbyBlorby
    JorbyBlorby 21 hour ago

    You should do more in-depth coverage on the mechanics of British politics like this! This was the most interesting video I've ever watched on this channel. Well done.

  • g s
    g s 21 hour ago

    Which pollsters have been the most accurate historically?


    Conservative will win hands down!

  • justBinia
    justBinia 22 hours ago

    1:40 I literally don't answer my phone unless I know the caller. If its important, they'll leave a voice mail and I'll return the call. I'll never be a poll target at that rate - clear flaw in the system.

  • zaphodbeeblerock
    zaphodbeeblerock 22 hours ago

    You know, that your sytem of million, billion, trillion is mathematically wrong ?!

  • gamefever90
    gamefever90 22 hours ago

    4:47 per year*

  • Ian Chambers
    Ian Chambers 22 hours ago

    If they keep increasing tax on the top 5% they will just leave so who going to pay then. The rest of us

  • Dewex Dewex
    Dewex Dewex 22 hours ago

    The pollsters should give Facebook a call and save themselves a lot of bovver. Or just give up.

  • Wong Sifu
    Wong Sifu 22 hours ago

    Wow some theories. If the polls that even a dumb dumb like Biden will beat Trump, what are the chances for Trump to be re elected ?

  • Brody-Andrew Mulligan
    Brody-Andrew Mulligan 22 hours ago

    Jack sounds sad in this video.

  • Chalky White
    Chalky White 22 hours ago

    You have to be popular to be elected right? ....The “super rich” is just a code within labour for “the middle classes”.

  • Danny Thirkill
    Danny Thirkill 23 hours ago

    Beginning to believe your “un bias” videos are not “un biased” and more anti conservatives! Is this video aimed at the torys because there actually heading the polls?

  • bwci BO
    bwci BO 23 hours ago

    Awww i hoped Bryant would win :(

  • Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares

    I thought May's deal crossed Labour's 6 red lines

  • Carl Wakeling
    Carl Wakeling 23 hours ago


  • Mustang
    Mustang 23 hours ago

    Ripe for some machine learning me thinks.

  • wishkahzyricks
    wishkahzyricks 23 hours ago

    Thanks a lot for a great video. But I can't help but conclude that if the polls are truly that oversimplified in their projections, it's no surprise they are complete BS.

  • aries mel
    aries mel Day ago

    6:40 Why would Canada try and trade with Aus and NZ through the Atlantic? you stretch the line all the way across Europe and Africa when they could just trade through the pacific....

  • JE Hoyes
    JE Hoyes Day ago

    I don’t think I can trust the polls. But I’m prepared to trust Corbyn and a Labour Government.

    • JE Hoyes
      JE Hoyes 7 hours ago

      Mai Bảo Linh And for the environment.

    • Mai Bảo Linh
      Mai Bảo Linh 18 hours ago

      Go Labour, go :v For the workers :v

  • Archibald Belanus

    I believe political polling should be illegal during campains.

    • Stuart D
      Stuart D 13 hours ago

      Yes absolutely. I feel polling is used to Manipulate people.

  • carol mason
    carol mason Day ago

    Hey remainers, I’m a brexiteer and this Chanel clearly has a remain audience so I thought it’d be best to voice my opinion and facts here. It’s the general election so I’ll talk more about domestic policy rather than foreign ones like brexit. First off, Jeremy Corbyn didn’t even attend a remembrance that most politicians attended on Remembrance Day. The thought that we could have a pm that can’t even attend a remembrance festival if you voted for him makes me shudder. Second, labour claim to be the party protecting the nhs and stopping it from becoming a privatised organisation. But they have a new policy that will affect the nhs more than anything. They want to introduce a 4 day working week which would include 4 days of the nhs operating. Originally Jonathan ashwood., the shadow health secretary of labour went on bbc breakfast and said that this policy would not include the nhs but at a labour conference John McDonald confirmed that this would happen to the nhs and Jonathan ashwood looked horrified. Now labour have aid that they will pump 6 billion pounds into the nhs, just a little more than the conservatives but investigation shows that this investment will be more that gobbled up by the new 4 day policy. Labour claimed fake news but it really isn’t. The people who work in healthcare will either lose money due to the cut in working days or will be pushed to work even more hours a day to get more money which is ridiculous considering how many hours they already work. And patients will be told that they won’t be able to be ill from Thursday to Sunday, for example. Finally on the whole privatising nhs thing, Jonathan ashwood said that he wouldn’t rule out making the nhs private because he’s a “pragmatist”

  • Benjamin Hanna

    No word on the lib dem false poll info leaflets

  • lifewhatsoever

    If it were up to me, polls would be banned during the election period

  • jnss.7
    jnss.7 Day ago

    Love from Bath! I do have to admit that maybe labour should get more votes but this is improbable as most of those votes are probably from students. I do believe that the majority of actual voters in Bath would vote Lib Dem

  • Shane Hull
    Shane Hull Day ago

    How much would the conservatives spending plans costs since their not costing them maybe labour will tell us 🙄 Lol Dominic nooooo more democracy noooooo

  • Alfie Nelson
    Alfie Nelson Day ago

    Why don't people remember the 1970s, we don't ever want a socialist government again after what they did. Labour spend money, conservatives have to save money to keep the country going and then get blamed.

  • Ed SR
    Ed SR Day ago

    I find it amazing that people choose NOT to vote. Voting should be mandatory just like jury service

    MrRRHHMM Day ago

    IMO the worst Prime Minister this Country has ever had... She SHAMED her office and SHAMED our Country... Vote BREXIT Party.. DRAIN THIS SWAMP.

  • Res Publica
    Res Publica Day ago

    I don't know what is worse, increasing taxes to cover your spending or be dishonest and use money you don't have.

  • Patrick Hilhorst

    FPTP is shite. In other news: water is wet.

  • TFC 343
    TFC 343 Day ago

    who knew you could say 'Margret Thatcher' so angrily?

  • James Parker
    James Parker Day ago

    0:19 US 2016 polls were accurate. It's just he pundits who got it wrong. The polls were only off by 1% in 2016.

  • Laur Bee
    Laur Bee Day ago

    Does the fact that YouGov was started and still owned by oil tycoon and Tori MP Nadhim Zahawi have anything to do with it?

  • James Parker
    James Parker Day ago

    UK elections polls are less accurate then American polls. American polls tend to be off by about 1% while UK polls tend to be off by about 5%. That being said it isn't a conspiracy against any one politician or any party. As the polls are off in both directions pretty evenly. Half the time they're off by 5 points in the rights favor and half the time in the lefts.