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  • Lord JS
    Lord JS 16 seconds ago

    Nice video.

  • Jasper Van Landeghem
    Jasper Van Landeghem 44 seconds ago

    Does anyone know when the game will be released in Europe? Or to be specific in Belgium ?

  • Elijah Mills
    Elijah Mills 46 seconds ago

    39:02 Making a baby?

  • Kapilesh Kale
    Kapilesh Kale 3 minutes ago

    Just me or does anyone get the Willy Wonka feels from MandJTV

  • Austin Crumbley
    Austin Crumbley 3 minutes ago

    magikarp,scorbunny and meltan

  • HybridPlayz YT
    HybridPlayz YT 5 minutes ago

    Slaking and sudos

  • Aidan Hanks
    Aidan Hanks 6 minutes ago

    Did anyone else hear Mikey say "general userface"?

  • Jude Bamford
    Jude Bamford 6 minutes ago

    Mandjtv: CAN YOU BEAT POKEMON WITHOUT CATCHING ANY POKEMON People who beat the games with a starter and an HM slave: *am I a joke to you?*

  • GraylyHen94
    GraylyHen94 7 minutes ago

    Did you ever hit puberty?

  • Rabbit Soup
    Rabbit Soup 10 minutes ago

    Mega evolutions are supposed to be "too much". Like come on man

  • Offthedeck 91
    Offthedeck 91 12 minutes ago

    A least it’s not a Nuzlocke...

  • 787 unity
    787 unity 14 minutes ago

    I had the game an had saved up 3000 gems and transferred my account to a new phone and the gems didn't transfer I tried to connect DNA an they wouldn't respond so don't transfer accounts

  • reggie is a good boy
    reggie is a good boy 19 minutes ago

    5:15 thats a fitting amount of exp for Ludachrist

  • robert lupa
    robert lupa 20 minutes ago

    5:15 Nice (and ironic) number of EXP.

  • eva addo
    eva addo 20 minutes ago

    We need ASPITAPIAY please micheal

  • Random Person
    Random Person 20 minutes ago

    14:39 Don’t You Mean Wat - er

  • Weisritter Mk2
    Weisritter Mk2 21 minute ago

    For friendship, hardest is happiny and phione. At low level, level said pokemon DO NOT let it faint more than 5 times and feed vits. Slightly faster and less painful, also healing it on your own also improves friendship level

  • eva addo
    eva addo 21 minute ago

    Leave an entries in the subreddit poke fans and enter your submission in the next episode ASPITAPIAY

  • Jose
    Jose 22 minutes ago

    the story in gachas is basically nonsense

  • Slawomir Drapinski
    Slawomir Drapinski 23 minutes ago

    Yes. By grinding

  • Supa Animegal
    Supa Animegal 24 minutes ago

    I wanna play it, but the downloading specifications are complete bullshit. I have to upgrade my phone, just so I can play it. Also, I don't trust APKs, because: 1. Don't know how to root them 2. I've tried downloading one a long time ago, for a different game, and I got malware on that phone.

  • Lord Slamzer
    Lord Slamzer 26 minutes ago

    Can we get one of these for every Pokemon game?

  • Adam Feliciano
    Adam Feliciano 29 minutes ago

    "Misma-jee-us" 😂 MismaGius, as in G pronounced like "Good" jesus

  • steven hower
    steven hower 31 minute ago

    I think the concept itself is a good one, but the game itself lacks a lot and there are some major issues with balancing, when they gave the we messed up gems, i got blue and he is broken with two support pokemon, with him rosa and phoebe it was easy to roll through the story

  • The Sezenians
    The Sezenians 31 minute ago

    RIP Dutch Pokémon Masters

  • BG
    BG 33 minutes ago

    in the mainstream games, I havent used magneton or Lapras

  • Person that existsss
    Person that existsss 34 minutes ago


  • AJ Steele
    AJ Steele 36 minutes ago

    Why is there 6 ads on a 14 minute video?

  • Helio_Soundz PokeVids
    Helio_Soundz PokeVids 36 minutes ago

    It’s sounds like you are saying “Ramen” !!!!!

  • Wesley Santana
    Wesley Santana 39 minutes ago

    This is just my respective opinion, but, for Sylveon, it makes a little sense to have it where Eevee should have a Fairy-type to evolve since it'll probably guarantee a Sylveon instead of one of the day and night duo. Now that I say this, it would also make sense to have a certain move to more guarantee the chances of a Leafeon or Glaceon. But yeah, just saying that.

  • King Blue Flare
    King Blue Flare 39 minutes ago

    DelPHox iS tHe wORst staRTeR Stfu

  • Sanchu Gamer
    Sanchu Gamer 40 minutes ago

    I've never notived that Donphan looks like a tire (until now...)

  • Igor Fifka
    Igor Fifka 41 minute ago

    I personally very dislike the gameplay/combat system

  • RandomiZer
    RandomiZer 41 minute ago

    To sum up your 11 minute video for your before watching it the answer is no

    • RandomiZer
      RandomiZer 27 minutes ago

      @Dmillz so you basically just agreed

    • Dmillz
      Dmillz 34 minutes ago

      That's your opinion. I for one am enjoying it. I'll probably grow board of it soon (mobile games hardly keep my attention for more than a couple weeks) I'm having fun with it right now.

  • Andrew Van Baren
    Andrew Van Baren 42 minutes ago

    Unfortunnally cant download and play in the netherlands Keep on the good work Michael!! Much greets from the netherlands

  • King Blue Flare
    King Blue Flare 44 minutes ago

    I probably wouldn't notice if Jynx was removed 😂😂😂

  • Remuj 6
    Remuj 6 45 minutes ago

    I've played many gacha games. We're talking dokkan, onepiece treasure cruise, bravefrontier,puzzles and dragons, etc. Pokemon masters doesn't stack up. It honestly pretty bad. The gameplay just isnt fun to me, and the paid banner thing is so dumb. The best gacha game I've played is probably dragonball z dokkan battle. Its f2p friendly and has cool arts and units

  • Elijah Mills
    Elijah Mills 46 minutes ago

    Still used my Master Ball on Necrozma.

  • Tim Fountain
    Tim Fountain 47 minutes ago

    Wow. I actually agreed with mike on a few things.

  • Jayden Mentor
    Jayden Mentor 47 minutes ago

    You should try Pokémon Planet. Maybe make it into a series?

  • PoolKid75
    PoolKid75 48 minutes ago

    That is so cool! You need to do this challenge again using a different game(s).

  • sabastian manfredi
    sabastian manfredi 49 minutes ago

    Is there still gonna be a video tomorrow

  • agent don
    agent don 51 minute ago

    When you want to get the game but your phone isent combatable *T H I S I S F I N E*

  • Elijah Mills
    Elijah Mills 51 minute ago

    UEE HEE HEE! I used my Master Ball on Necrozma. I caught Tapu Fini first and quite comfortably.

  • Mister Myron
    Mister Myron 52 minutes ago

    wtf my animations are so trash......check em out pls

  • Nate Bukowski
    Nate Bukowski 52 minutes ago

    love the biblicle names

  • Weisritter Mk2
    Weisritter Mk2 54 minutes ago

    Femme lux with rivalry is a nuke x0x

  • King Blue Flare
    King Blue Flare 54 minutes ago

    I actually like some of these.

  • JMYT worldWide
    JMYT worldWide 55 minutes ago

    I cannot have it on my tablet :(

  • tvcLob
    tvcLob 55 minutes ago

    Can you beat Mario without touching a coin

  • Knight1725
    Knight1725 56 minutes ago

    Definitely not biased

  • SapphireSonicfan
    SapphireSonicfan 57 minutes ago

    Prinplup looks awesome

  • Konnor Cochran
    Konnor Cochran 57 minutes ago

    I tried to play Pokemon Masters, but during the tutorial, when I got to the Sync Pairs, I kept getting a sync error and it wouldn't let me progress. It never worked so I removed it from my phone.

  • Lautaro Omar Lamalfa
    Lautaro Omar Lamalfa 57 minutes ago

    My only critic is a circle that appears middle-to-top right corner of the screen: Scout Points. Unless you buy the special gems, reaching 400 points is REALLY HARD, and it resets every month. My actual question is: Why does it exists? 🤔

  • fisasif2002
    fisasif2002 58 minutes ago

    Do more Pokemon game review

  • 50 subs with no vidoes?
    50 subs with no vidoes? 59 minutes ago

    I want to download but its not in my country:(

  • Anna Starks
    Anna Starks Hour ago

    Thank you for the very honest review. When I tried it I didn’t like it the best, but I’m a fan of more exploring games where I’m more in control, so it wasn’t my cup of tea

  • Master NER D
    Master NER D Hour ago

    Its opinion time!

  • FiveGreenBottles

    pokemon crucifix

  • Brian the Trainer

    Hmm is it good (High leveled Misty) well there's my proof

  • BettyCreeper / Sayuri-Chan

    *Many* people confuse Gacha games with Pay-To-Win games. GUYS, THEY'RE COMPLETLY DIFFERENT TYPES OF GAMES! Gacha games are completly possible to finish without spending money. Though, if you want a 100%, you probably Will have to pay some cents. Pay-To-Win games on the other hand, cannot. At some point there, you get the option to pay or *delete the app from the existance and forget about it almost immediatly.* The fact that people confuse these two really bugs me. Also, in Pokemon Masters the chance of finding Five Stars in a "gacha" is actually pretty good. I mean, 7%? It's pretty high unlike FEH's (...I'm still looking for Norh Azura or Lute and still never found neither. I got her Shigure tho. Which is Azura's Son. _Son._ )

  • Aquoyea jones
    Aquoyea jones Hour ago

    Dawn *am i a joke to you*

  • The Necromancer
    The Necromancer Hour ago

    I’m new here, and this is a good video

  • Cal Cre
    Cal Cre Hour ago

    i really liked seeing Barry back- i squealed-

  • Classic Sans
    Classic Sans Hour ago

    What the f#@# happend to bulbasaur is he deadpool

  • Ryan theblaziken101

    Hey Michael u should make a starter squad/ Pokémon talk crossover

  • jasmin klein
    jasmin klein Hour ago

    Tasteful? For a fish Pokémon? Nom? 🤤🤤🤤

  • Matrix
    Matrix Hour ago

    I played it like 30 minutes and didn't like it so much but I don't know how it is later in the game

  • Derrick Berhardt

    He talk to much. Put gun in his mouth and pull trigger

  • Thraben Innistrad

    8:52 So basically you shouldn't be worried but then you explain why one should be worried.. It will slow down alot and then later they'll add new sync pairs, events and the game will power creep spike pretty hard so that you probably won't manage well with the units you get now that you start and spend all the gems for them. This is very typical for games like these and sadly while the signs aren't there that's probably what will happen. In other words, eventually the game will reward players who spend money and either introduce huge grind or blockages for those who don't spend anything so they are encouraged to do so. Unless the game is particularly generous like One Piece Treasure Cruise, I don't think this game will stay enjoyable for people who don't spend money on it, sadly.

  • the real minionboy


  • Gnomehuts
    Gnomehuts Hour ago

    take a shot every time he says 'not about to'

  • EoE
    EoE Hour ago

    Wtf is your intro?😂 are you supposed to be a pirate Good video though

  • mister DAVID
    mister DAVID Hour ago

    I can't play. Phone incompatible

  • Carson Harbin
    Carson Harbin Hour ago

    Ayyy, your using the hype background music. I liked this one a WHOLE lot more 😁

  • Anderson Weir
    Anderson Weir Hour ago

    Not really gf really need lessons from is.too much like overated to me

    • Jacob The Poet
      Jacob The Poet 57 minutes ago

      The game is ok, not really that fun imo.

  • Elijah Mills
    Elijah Mills Hour ago

    The hardest legendary Pokemon to catch is Mewtwo in the originals.

  • Connar DiPiazza
    Connar DiPiazza Hour ago

    Lol I farted

  • Farkas Gabo Beetlegabko

    Thanks Michael for naming Togekiss after my real name (Gabriel)!

  • j g
    j g Hour ago

    THANK YOU mikey for including the old intro music. It's AMAZING!!!!!!

  • Elite Trainer
    Elite Trainer Hour ago

    21 out of 30 pretty good

  • Luke Wong
    Luke Wong Hour ago

    I'm your 489th like!

  • Luke Wong
    Luke Wong Hour ago

    The trailer of Pokémon Masters was sooo cool, but.... It's not...

  • Elite Trainer
    Elite Trainer Hour ago

    I beat the main story and still need 4 5star characters Those are:- 1)Houndoom 2)Chikorita 3)pidgeot 4)Lycanroc

    • Jose
      Jose 23 minutes ago


  • Iñaki Velásquez

    Honestly, this is the best pokemon mobile game on my opinion, and one of the most entertaining side-games ever.

  • LK235
    LK235 Hour ago


  • MoonSong YT
    MoonSong YT Hour ago

    I can't even play it-

  • Origamint
    Origamint Hour ago

    UI/UX goes beyond the two points you mentioned, Gear is awfully coded. The process to upgrade a gear is limited, even if you have the materials to upgrade a gear 5 times in a row, you have to click "upgrade", then click OK, then see the animation, then click "upgrade again", then click Ok, then see the animation........ I mean, isn't it easier to just select the amount of upgrades and do that all at once? You can't see gear in your bag option over at the profile. You have to either upgrade/level up to see them and there's no way to identify immediately what gear has been upgraded and which are new. Meaning you can have a +3 lvl12 bandana and use it as a material for a +0 lvl1 bandana by mistake. Granted, you will end up with a +4 bandanna but you gotta level it up all over again. A Sync pair comparison would be good as well, currently if you want to compare stats between 2 pairs you have to go to the Dex, check one pair, memorize the stats, go to the other pair and compare it there. In battle we need more communication options, at least a "yes", "no", "you blew it!" sticker... so many times a run goes to hell because one guy decided to change a pokemon and do some random move when we are all rushing to fill the unity gauge.

  • jasmin klein
    jasmin klein Hour ago

    I used ALL Kanto Starter. And I always will if I got the chance to catch them! hail to the kings of starter Pokémon!

  • Fry Rice
    Fry Rice Hour ago

    Gets sponsored by the people that made the game. *Says it sucks*

  • Terry Syvertson
    Terry Syvertson Hour ago

    i really like lorelei's model

  • OptimusProvost
    OptimusProvost Hour ago

    Correct answer: NO

  • Angelo Rael
    Angelo Rael Hour ago

    Im not a super religious person but all the nicknames are really fitting and cool that you stayed with the theme

  • Master Gamer
    Master Gamer Hour ago

    If you liked the meme subscribe to me (PLEASE) And MandJTV (Because he is AWESOME)

  • Tabby Scientia
    Tabby Scientia Hour ago

    It's ok so far, but a bit boring and grind heavy.

  • Tobias Black
    Tobias Black Hour ago

    I'm sure its fun...... for those that can download it!!!

    IM BATMAN Hour ago

    Battery Drain : 5/5

  • LoNeBaR
    LoNeBaR Hour ago

    I was going to say first but then I realised there was 95 other comments

  • Nicolai Ehlers
    Nicolai Ehlers Hour ago

    where is packattack?

  • Commander SteelTrap

    I adapted really quickly to the battle mechanics, because it was very similar to a basic version of the Yo-Kai Watch battle mechanics.