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The Dog Piano!
Views 884KMonth ago
The Teehee Song! (Dear Ryan)
Views 2.8M6 months ago
I Made an Energy Drink!?
Views 1.5M8 months ago
Tablecloth Tricks! (Dear Ryan)
Views 4.5M10 months ago
Revealing My Not-So-Secret GF!
Views 4.5M11 months ago
DJ on a Budget! (Dear Ryan)
Views 2.8M11 months ago
If I Quit Youtube...
Views 3.2MYear ago
Goodbye Sean...
Views 8MYear ago
The Pun Challenge!?
Views 6MYear ago
Will You Fight Me?
Views 6MYear ago
Rant on Award Shows!
Views 2.7MYear ago
The Nintendoe Paper!
Views 8MYear ago
YouTube ReRyan FAIL!
Views 4.3M2 years ago
I Dare You: GOING BALD!?
Views 4.7M2 years ago
"IT" Parody (Dear Ryan)
Views 12M2 years ago
How to be Gangster 2.0
Views 8M2 years ago
The RHPC Squad!
Views 4.6M2 years ago
Over Dramatic People!
Views 8M2 years ago
Fidget Spinner Haters!
Views 6M2 years ago
Life of a Youtuber!
Views 4.8M2 years ago
Musicals in Real Life!
Views 6M2 years ago


  • SpazzyMemer
    SpazzyMemer 2 hours ago

    Dear Regina can you tell us about the after math of the last skitzo

  • Barry Loy
    Barry Loy 2 hours ago

    I dare you to squeaz your balls

  • Drone Video footage
    Drone Video footage 2 hours ago

    Man I relate to all of the above

  • Gold
    Gold 2 hours ago

    그냥 갤럭시 사야겠다.

  • One Sparky
    One Sparky 2 hours ago


  • Happy LuckyGamer
    Happy LuckyGamer 2 hours ago

    When you see the chocolate floating look closely there is a white string type to it .

  • Living Tribunal
    Living Tribunal 2 hours ago

    All these celebs dying in the last year "my mourning routine goes a little something like this"

  • Sejal Shah
    Sejal Shah 2 hours ago

    I didn’t get my FWP helper kit -My FWP

  • Thien Cubing
    Thien Cubing 2 hours ago

    Dear Ryan say teehee when you somebody comes in

  • katscandance
    katscandance 2 hours ago

    Please put time stamps for the podcast !

  • Julianne Bui
    Julianne Bui 2 hours ago

    i dare you to get spanked with a belt by everyone

  • Vaibhav Sood
    Vaibhav Sood 2 hours ago

    Any Bollywood dance number?

  • Julianne Bui
    Julianne Bui 2 hours ago

    I dare you to duck tape yourself in the most uncomfortable way possible for one round and then let everyone else rip it off.

  • Bailey King
    Bailey King 2 hours ago

    11:19 Ryan: “we don’t own big books because we don’t read” me: but you have about 6 books?

    SUSHMITA RAI 2 hours ago

    This is more like a movie

  • lookatmeimedgy
    lookatmeimedgy 2 hours ago

    Dear ryan, how are you?

  • Cool Corner
    Cool Corner 2 hours ago

    This is the least hyper I've ever seen Ryan

  • Niko Frkanec
    Niko Frkanec 2 hours ago

    what about g1r2a3p4e5

  • Arly Destura
    Arly Destura 2 hours ago


  • Aidan Park789
    Aidan Park789 2 hours ago

    Dear ryan can you fart in front of your gf

  • Mr. T3DS73R
    Mr. T3DS73R 2 hours ago

    Dear Ryan, can you do a full frozen rap song that’s 4-5 mins

  • WATERS Is good
    WATERS Is good 2 hours ago

    It’s sad how bob ross is dead now

  • Jacqueline Nam
    Jacqueline Nam 2 hours ago

    I wish there was actually a movie about this...

  • Kevin Lu
    Kevin Lu 3 hours ago

    I'm so edgy

  • WiiBox 360
    WiiBox 360 3 hours ago

    I found it, I first found this flipnote studio, but I found the real version

  • Hael Park
    Hael Park 3 hours ago

    Who's watching after frozen 2

  • roman amores
    roman amores 3 hours ago

    Ryan steped on a brown one He is racist

  • Gobi Pakora
    Gobi Pakora 3 hours ago

    Rip Kobe

  • Gobi Pakora
    Gobi Pakora 3 hours ago

    Rip kobe

  • Kevan Trenkle
    Kevan Trenkle 3 hours ago

    great videos ryan

  • Dylan Rik
    Dylan Rik 3 hours ago

    Why was this so convincing

  • Cool Corner
    Cool Corner 3 hours ago

    Were you just... DABBING??

  • Julianne Bui
    Julianne Bui 3 hours ago

    people in my class: ArE YoU ASiaN? Me: i'm Vietnamese People in my class: BuT ArE yOu Still AsiAN?

  • ScytheyBoi
    ScytheyBoi 3 hours ago

    6:44 ASS-NO-JUITSU *Mortal Kombat music intensifies*

  • Michael Liu
    Michael Liu 3 hours ago

    Can this be on Spotify?

  • AndyCoolFart
    AndyCoolFart 3 hours ago

    At 7:03 when Regenar shoved her face against the light it made me LAUGH 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣

  • Animation Break
    Animation Break 3 hours ago

    Dear Ryan, Can you make a lamp parody of Eminem’s new song godzilla? Lampzilla?

  • Sliver Dragon
    Sliver Dragon 4 hours ago

    Fake and Gay

  • JS Music
    JS Music 4 hours ago

    ryan has so much talent

  • Cool Corner
    Cool Corner 4 hours ago

    I like watching these videos still even though the trends they talk about in them are long dead

  • Lex Three Kings
    Lex Three Kings 4 hours ago

    dear Ryan try to learn 10 card tricks

  • AndyCoolFart
    AndyCoolFart 4 hours ago

    Have you realised that Ryan has hade that green ball for more than 12 years, if you wanna see the proof go to Ryan’s how to be ninja video

  • Neil Li
    Neil Li 4 hours ago

    Dear Ryan can you play a full game of monopoly?

  • Cool Corner
    Cool Corner 4 hours ago

    Well, this didn't age well...

  • Gia Duran
    Gia Duran 4 hours ago

    I love this!!!!

  • Cringey Uploads
    Cringey Uploads 4 hours ago

    What is a filler again? I forgot

  • EZFM
    EZFM 4 hours ago

    Green hair girl givin out them Tatsumaki vibes-

  • Remi Leitner
    Remi Leitner 4 hours ago

    Nut gonna lie that that speech was pretty sexy

  • woah calm down eleven

    "I didnt fit in, because i was really short, skinny, and asian" "I don't know how, but i scored really well on that test." "I was known as the small, nerdy, asian kid that sometimes funny." Litterally me

  • Solving cube bros Li


  • Sebastian Vue
    Sebastian Vue 4 hours ago

    That camera quality is better than my phones camera quality...

  • Chheang gaming
    Chheang gaming 4 hours ago

    I am a Samsung person tho

  • Ryland Pimentel
    Ryland Pimentel 5 hours ago

    Dear Ryan may you teach us some pigeon/slang you use?

  • Serena Lee
    Serena Lee 5 hours ago

    I think highschools actually have that now like for extra curriculars they give u finance classes cause my old highschool had that and the early college I'm at has something like that

  • W Hurst
    W Hurst 5 hours ago

    Derek's beard is magnificent

  • Aquatic Sans
    Aquatic Sans 5 hours ago


  • Allie B
    Allie B 5 hours ago


  • G lampro Productions

    Join byte

  • ttnntt777
    ttnntt777 5 hours ago

    Can you make the movei please

    GRISELDA ARAUJO 5 hours ago

    This is so funny 😂 I love this video

  • Beck Sholakis
    Beck Sholakis 5 hours ago

    may you complete this quest of my own that will photosynthesis

  • Zackary St Onge
    Zackary St Onge 5 hours ago

    Dear ryan, Can you do card trick shots

  • ttnntt777
    ttnntt777 5 hours ago

    Can you make the movei please

  • G lampro Productions

    Join byte

  • JamaicanRain
    JamaicanRain 5 hours ago

    I doubt Ryan reads comments, but if you do...maybe tweet or IG something about this. (1:35 and onward)😩

  • Nancy Georges
    Nancy Georges 5 hours ago

    Make sure you vote for yang 2020

  • Souromi Sen
    Souromi Sen 5 hours ago

    0:42 I think they cut the part where it fell down

  • Saher Anwar
    Saher Anwar 5 hours ago

    Dear Ryan can you make an Attack On Titan trailer/Movie?

  • Caleb Esteves
    Caleb Esteves 5 hours ago


  • Adi
    Adi 5 hours ago

    3:10 LMAO btw 2020 gang :) ?

  • Juan Galan
    Juan Galan 5 hours ago

    This mad lad!

  • Villian Deku
    Villian Deku 5 hours ago

    "Its a circus Georgie, its a f***** circus."

  • VampyCatYJ :3
    VampyCatYJ :3 5 hours ago

    And now... It's actually claimed Actual bruh moment.

  • Mo Reqasse
    Mo Reqasse 5 hours ago

    Try 4k shaders mr gay knowing all

  • Chris Rivas
    Chris Rivas 5 hours ago

    Rip Coby Briant

  • Gacha_girl_1230
    Gacha_girl_1230 5 hours ago

    I will hakuna her tatas

  • JayJay Aviation
    JayJay Aviation 5 hours ago

    737 MAX is our primary aircraft

  • Archelle Galaxy
    Archelle Galaxy 6 hours ago

    Dear ryan: can you dance

  • daniel ferreira
    daniel ferreira 6 hours ago

    -_- if ur in 2020

  • Tripp Show
    Tripp Show 6 hours ago

    Dear Ryan, Answer my question!!!! “Drink a cup of vinegar”

  • MrAshton
    MrAshton 6 hours ago

    Please do an all star game where u bring back winners first to 20 points instead of 10 All the losers have to do the winner’s loser dare

  • Colorful Codes
    Colorful Codes 6 hours ago

    Omg you're so finnneeee. I haven't watched you in 5 years. ❤❤❤

  • Lelo Tours
    Lelo Tours 6 hours ago

    Things that ruin Thanksgiving 👇 Ryan