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The Teehee Song! (Dear Ryan)
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I Made an Energy Drink!?
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DJ on a Budget! (Dear Ryan)
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Inside The Mind of Ryan Higa
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Goodbye Sean...
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The Pun Challenge!?
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Will You Fight Me?
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Rant on Award Shows!
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The Nintendoe Paper!
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I Dare You: GOING BALD!?
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"IT" Parody (Dear Ryan)
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How to be Gangster 2.0
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The RHPC Squad!
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Over Dramatic People!
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Fidget Spinner Haters!
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Life of a Youtuber!
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Musicals in Real Life!
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  • Adam Levin
    Adam Levin 22 seconds ago


  • Courage the Scared dog
    Courage the Scared dog 4 minutes ago

    Martha Mothers

  • M B
    M B 15 minutes ago

    Sean face at 3:00 - 3:03

  • Prakash Y
    Prakash Y 17 minutes ago


    MO WOODS X 21 minute ago


  • Candyyツ
    Candyyツ 22 minutes ago

    4:01 Olaf: :O

  • Reagan Co
    Reagan Co 24 minutes ago

    tf did i just watch

  • Connor Caron
    Connor Caron 27 minutes ago

    Frozen 2 comes out tomorrow

  • Zack White
    Zack White 29 minutes ago

    FIRST KISS: 57:00 Ur welcome :)

  • Spooky
    Spooky 29 minutes ago

    I have returned 🍜🍜

  • TheNapol TheNapol
    TheNapol TheNapol 34 minutes ago

    This video is claimed by disney

  • Your Chinese looking friend

    Wait there’s space jam 2?!?!?

  • 3% respect out of 500%
    3% respect out of 500% 39 minutes ago

    He does it better than me

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla 45 minutes ago

    what the f*ck

  • Puuwai Bueno
    Puuwai Bueno 45 minutes ago

    I shouldve been born in 04 or 06

  • Ruby anne Fresnoza MAMA

    mr higa bless god

  • jaxx yip
    jaxx yip 52 minutes ago

    dannggg that vid made my head hurt so bad

    KHAMAYA SEYMORE 53 minutes ago

    Ryan is so hot, God is a amazing creator! Hallelujah!

  • lianxart YT
    lianxart YT 55 minutes ago

    I want full movie of this,( ;∀;)pls....ಥ‿ಥ

  • Teh Bekfast
    Teh Bekfast 57 minutes ago

    Lol when the guy is mad because of the wrong songs

  • Nhật minh
    Nhật minh Hour ago

    Nooo ruined childhood

  • Docdegen
    Docdegen Hour ago

    4:05 You know you're into Pokémon if you know what's wrong here :)

  • Whoosh if gei
    Whoosh if gei Hour ago

    I just realized he’s now an “asshole” Lmao

  • Shirley Agpaoa
    Shirley Agpaoa Hour ago

    Damn this kinda slapped

  • Alyssa Sabo
    Alyssa Sabo Hour ago

    My grad quote 2020: "don't have kids." -Ryan Higa I'm being legit, this is a viable option for my grad quote

  • meep
    meep Hour ago

    Where can I buy those headphones

  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones Hour ago

    Fri pocket

  • Bizarre Noob
    Bizarre Noob Hour ago

    Autotuned fart XD

  • Christhia Opiana

    Dear Ryan can you eat a poop ?

  • Tori N
    Tori N Hour ago

    Ahhhhhh the Instagram format, so nostalgic

  • Dinner Duo corn
    Dinner Duo corn Hour ago

    so true

  • hellocoby1
    hellocoby1 Hour ago

    Where did annananananananna. Get her fure army???

  • Silver & Gold
    Silver & Gold Hour ago

    I’ll animate this with different characters, I’ll credit you.

  • Wolfie On Clouds

    I do a mixture of the dying laugh,wheezer laugh, and the silent laugh when I really laugh

  • Anime/ YaoiFan15

    I’m here because of a Fairy Tail Bromance video Also because it’s just too beautiful🌺🔥

  • whenDarkAngelsmiles

    Wth, that was pretty damn good! Way to go Rob Boss!

  • palopatrol
    palopatrol Hour ago

    Me: Wait.. his foot was last behind the line, and he got fouled, so he should’ve been able to go the line and shoot 3. Ryan: *GUN NO JUTSU*

  • Angelo ANN
    Angelo ANN Hour ago

    I just hope Justin Bieber doesn't watch this.

  • Mommy Jane
    Mommy Jane Hour ago

    `i wont lie doe this is actualy dope

  • i_is liek_lulipoop

    I swear this is the only "Kpop" grp i like I don't even like kpop

  • Rebecca_Gamerz
    Rebecca_Gamerz 2 hours ago

    Did elsa get a midle fingger

  • Exstella AJ
    Exstella AJ 2 hours ago

    Frozen: The Endgame. 😂

  • Kiel Lamor
    Kiel Lamor 2 hours ago

    I miss shaun

  • jinfires ; bts
    jinfires ; bts 2 hours ago


  • Emerald UwU
    Emerald UwU 2 hours ago

    The Fake trailer is like.. A Knock off of the Actual trailer

  • LittleMiss Mlb
    LittleMiss Mlb 2 hours ago

    Why is this literally ghost adventures lmaooo😂😂💀💀

  • Savvy3tv
    Savvy3tv 2 hours ago

    I loved the cold shoulder part!

  • Kaili Grenier
    Kaili Grenier 2 hours ago

    that should be the real trailer

  • B14z3 15c001
    B14z3 15c001 2 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice the Smosh into ‘shut up’ sound at the end

  • Michael J
    Michael J 2 hours ago

    Why am I here idk

  • Damian Pintado
    Damian Pintado 2 hours ago

    I thought this was one of those clickbaity top ten videos

  • Lysca
    Lysca 2 hours ago

    who animated this???

  • isaac kim
    isaac kim 2 hours ago

    oh no

  • oblivioo
    oblivioo 2 hours ago

    we all know elsa is gonna win when she got greta thunberg on her side

  • Chanakya Naravarjula

    Love the shade on Sanders

  • Lysca
    Lysca 2 hours ago

    why does the fire wizard sound like hollow ichigo but italian

  • Maverick
    Maverick 2 hours ago

    It looks good!

  • xT3ARS x
    xT3ARS x 2 hours ago

    That's crazy, I was 3 when Ryan started.

  • faces ncharcoal
    faces ncharcoal 2 hours ago

    Purple elephants are coming for you

  • Shalini Ramanuja
    Shalini Ramanuja 2 hours ago

    "Ever since Elsa saved Arendelle," Um, you saved Arendelle.

  • Chazahc
    Chazahc 2 hours ago

    *PART 3!!!!!*

  • Katya Solis
    Katya Solis 2 hours ago

    McDonalds vs. Jack in the Box

  • Starwars Slayer
    Starwars Slayer 2 hours ago

    Copyright claims sometimes can but with music you are usually alound to make parades with out getting claimed

  • Vins Playz
    Vins Playz 2 hours ago

    *Dear Reich*

  • Ziink
    Ziink 2 hours ago

    Who has been a fan before 2019? 👇 Gifting my next 19 loyal subs 🎁 💕

  • Mosab Said
    Mosab Said 2 hours ago

    What happenes if you leak your phone number

  • Mosab Said
    Mosab Said 2 hours ago

    Nope my number is 1

  • BostothBear
    BostothBear 2 hours ago

    Tbh that looks like a movie I would spend 2 hours on.

  • Twenlivent
    Twenlivent 2 hours ago

    What is behind TEEHEE story...?

  • mushroompuff
    mushroompuff 2 hours ago

    Dear Ryan,can you make a Regina video

  • Spinel
    Spinel 2 hours ago

    *gasp* I know what accent

  • Mark Kohl
    Mark Kohl 2 hours ago

    I'm from the future in 2019 anyone else?

  • electric wolf
    electric wolf 2 hours ago

    Eminem has a simple rapper name

  • JoshMyke PH
    JoshMyke PH 2 hours ago

    dear Ryan throw phones in a high place

  • CallMeFrankT.
    CallMeFrankT. 3 hours ago

    Anyone get 200k like?

  • Still Existing
    Still Existing 3 hours ago

    McDonald’s vs jack in the box!...

  • Assassinz killez
    Assassinz killez 3 hours ago

    Ok so ryans high school life is my life currently, all my friends arent super close to me anymore💀

  • mushroompuff
    mushroompuff 3 hours ago

    Dear Ryan,Can you make another skitzo please

  • Applepigglediggle
    Applepigglediggle 3 hours ago

    Rip Sean

  • CourtAnimation
    CourtAnimation 3 hours ago

    This video was my introduction to TheXvid. And how youtube became my addiction

  • mushroompuff
    mushroompuff 3 hours ago

    Omg this is so much better!!!

  • Kev The Hippy
    Kev The Hippy 3 hours ago

    "Top quality ass" 😂

  • Lee Jun Seo
    Lee Jun Seo 3 hours ago

    Sausage lol

  • rayMCclane
    rayMCclane 3 hours ago

    Who else got a frozen ll ad?

  • Top10Facts
    Top10Facts 3 hours ago

    Make a full movie

  • Me love Bananaz
    Me love Bananaz 3 hours ago

    This would be better than the original movie that is coming up lol so far I have 3 highlighted comments thanks so much :3

  • Top10Facts
    Top10Facts 3 hours ago

    Make a full movie

  • Top10Facts
    Top10Facts 3 hours ago

    Make a full movie

  • Top10Facts
    Top10Facts 3 hours ago

    Make a full movie

  • Top10Facts
    Top10Facts 3 hours ago

    Make a full movie