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Becoming #1 in PAPER.IO!
Views 2.4M12 days ago
I'm Releasing A MOVIE!
Views 1.2M23 days ago
I ESCAPED in Granny 2!
Views 1.9M26 days ago
GRANNY 2 is out NOW!
Views 2.6MMonth ago
My Minecraft House CAN FLY!
Views 2.1M2 months ago
I Tried To Save THE WORLD!
Views 1.7M2 months ago
The Minecraft MAGIC MIRROR!
Views 1.6M3 months ago
i vlogged something..
Views 1.1M4 months ago
A BIG Minecraft Throwback!
Views 2.4M4 months ago


  • HaiZproductionz RBLX
    HaiZproductionz RBLX 36 seconds ago

    Hey Dan, try Osu! It’s a good game, rhythms, circles + more! :D

  • Shivendra Sai Nutalapati

    Dan is the movie in india

  • DeNoahGaming
    DeNoahGaming Minute ago

    Is it in gonna be in the Netherlands

  • kawaii panda rose amazing

    Hi what's up

  • Louis McDougall
    Louis McDougall 3 minutes ago

    Are you making another video today

  • Cupcakeking1200
    Cupcakeking1200 3 minutes ago

    Can I know it's been 3 years since you played toca Boca game on TheXvid but can you please play toca mystery house😉

  • JoshuaWG21
    JoshuaWG21 3 minutes ago

    Why not? Cause i don't has moneyz 😕

  • Maximilian Zinser
    Maximilian Zinser 3 minutes ago

    Does it is it in Switzerland

  • Alexzisis Gaming
    Alexzisis Gaming 4 minutes ago

    Dan:says smooth stone Me:there is a stone called smooth stone

  • more undertale
    more undertale 5 minutes ago

    To lete

  • Jamie Parker
    Jamie Parker 5 minutes ago


  • Jacob Beach
    Jacob Beach 5 minutes ago

    In the next video it’s praiveit I’m mad at u

  • Annie’s Activities
    Annie’s Activities 5 minutes ago

    Dan middle toe

  • CC Burger
    CC Burger 5 minutes ago

    Enchantment tables dont really work in 1 block high places

  • Prototype Oswald
    Prototype Oswald 6 minutes ago

    13:34 why was there a cave sound?

    JISAN PLAYZ -BANGLA 6 minutes ago

    Bangladesh no tickets here

  • LU footballer
    LU footballer 6 minutes ago

    I went to the live one

  • Kj Richardson
    Kj Richardson 7 minutes ago

    It was his hat Mr. Krabs, he was number one.

  • Dezaan Amazing
    Dezaan Amazing 7 minutes ago

    Minecraft vid please

  • Dorcusss
    Dorcusss 7 minutes ago

    ehh... you've been talking about this app a lot, but i still don't know what you are talking about, or what it does exactly.

  • Night niro
    Night niro 8 minutes ago


  • Francesca Ryde
    Francesca Ryde 8 minutes ago

    I'm going to the cinema and see your show

  • catherine ruairi
    catherine ruairi 8 minutes ago


  • Jamie Eccles
    Jamie Eccles 8 minutes ago

    It’s my b day on November 8th 😂

  • Jack Norby
    Jack Norby 8 minutes ago

    I can’t come because my family is not that rich(low money) so if anyone could please livestream thank you

  • catherine ruairi
    catherine ruairi 8 minutes ago

    No levers

  • Twitch Hi5t0ry
    Twitch Hi5t0ry 9 minutes ago

    United States is that the uk or the Us Dan do I have a feeling u have some explaining to do is that a secret country

  • Spinel
    Spinel 9 minutes ago

    Oh I nearly forgot 😄

  • catherine ruairi
    catherine ruairi 9 minutes ago

    Theres this youtuber called grian and he made a secret base without using a trapdoor and it looks epic and so tide and nomlevers

  • Mudkip Films
    Mudkip Films 9 minutes ago

    Editing feels different

  • the eternal disco
    the eternal disco 9 minutes ago

    I new it was fake because his voice was exactly the same

  • DJBackupthrow30
    DJBackupthrow30 9 minutes ago

    I'm on holiday when it's out

  • Baconstrips streamer
    Baconstrips streamer 9 minutes ago

    No 5:45:12

  • AnnaReese Johnson
    AnnaReese Johnson 9 minutes ago


  • D Z
    D Z 9 minutes ago


  • Dr Redstone
    Dr Redstone 10 minutes ago

    Dan It does not have it in Falkirk what do I do

  • Sage Porter
    Sage Porter 10 minutes ago

    I 💘💘💘💘 Dan tdm

  • amit shenoy
    amit shenoy 10 minutes ago

    Not in India

  • Henri M
    Henri M 10 minutes ago

    There is no Finland... Well... Thats sad.. 😢

  • Chsta005 - Plays
    Chsta005 - Plays 10 minutes ago

    22:35 when u let out a big poop (0,25 speed)

  • Daniel Hunsinger
    Daniel Hunsinger 10 minutes ago

    bring it back

  • Me and Mashups
    Me and Mashups 10 minutes ago

    5:33 "I mean... I'm not sure if I want to use that." Me: has flashbacks: "HAHAHA! Trayaurus! You... got... PRAANNNKKKED" Anybody else?

  • Granit Abazaj
    Granit Abazaj 11 minutes ago

    I think I’m in the team right now cause I don’t really dab ;-; also I don’t really do good dabs lol

  • mr bear
    mr bear 11 minutes ago

    Dantdm real name is daniel roberd i sweard real name

  • Leni Bober
    Leni Bober 11 minutes ago


  • CasperFire289 _YT
    CasperFire289 _YT 11 minutes ago

    I think the shears broke in the dispenser

  • Jakopz
    Jakopz 11 minutes ago

    What about Australia

  • Full House Studios Music
    Full House Studios Music 11 minutes ago

    0:00 "Vryone!! Dan here fr...."

  • Daniel Amans
    Daniel Amans 11 minutes ago

    Build a flying Machine

  • gamer miro
    gamer miro 12 minutes ago

    Is the contests coming to finland pls 😃

  • c sal
    c sal 12 minutes ago

    your shears broke thats what happened with your wool farm

  • mr bear
    mr bear 12 minutes ago

    Hi daniel roberd

  • Zkdhz Khalid
    Zkdhz Khalid 12 minutes ago

    Vat happens to the cloud???

  • The Cute Rose
    The Cute Rose 12 minutes ago

    Do more

  • A Leonard
    A Leonard 13 minutes ago

    You should do acenater

  • Andrew Torres
    Andrew Torres 13 minutes ago

    More tabs pls

  • Farid Radwan
    Farid Radwan 13 minutes ago

    The sheers broke in the wool farm

  • Colin Glennon
    Colin Glennon 13 minutes ago

    It is 2019 dantdm I love your videos ⬇

  • Haribo 67
    Haribo 67 14 minutes ago

    You should call you dog doggo since that's what you called him

  • Michał Lipka
    Michał Lipka 14 minutes ago

    i love you dantdm I think I'm going to the contest

  • S0uL_ K1nG
    S0uL_ K1nG 14 minutes ago

    Can u guys please go to my channell and tell me what intro should i use out of both I would higly appreciate the suggestion

  • Flameboy 890111
    Flameboy 890111 14 minutes ago

    Im not coming becouse i dont have money Dan is it on Kauai

  • Lovely -Light
    Lovely -Light 15 minutes ago

    00:10 U ask why not? It's not in my country

  • Harper Bartlett
    Harper Bartlett 15 minutes ago

    I keep on singen it

  • metal sonic metal mario
    metal sonic metal mario 15 minutes ago

    The neighbors name is Wilson

  • my play time yay
    my play time yay 15 minutes ago

    Seriously please

  • MrTopKay
    MrTopKay 15 minutes ago

    A huge Dam or a Huge Dan?

  • Rodean Raisi
    Rodean Raisi 15 minutes ago

    I can't watch the contest cause I live in Iran😭😭😭

  • Flash and Dash
    Flash and Dash 16 minutes ago

    DanTDM- You can’t kill me with an AXE! Executioner- am I a joke to you?

  • Logan Hagedo
    Logan Hagedo 16 minutes ago

    Spring trap turned into afton

  • Lacey Hellier
    Lacey Hellier 16 minutes ago

    My mum won't let me go to any dantdm related stuff

  • Joel Amani Wandelt
    Joel Amani Wandelt 17 minutes ago

    yay it will be in Sweden thanks dantdm

  • Echo
    Echo 17 minutes ago

    I’ll be heading there in November, hyped to see it!

  • Ronnee Mercer
    Ronnee Mercer 18 minutes ago


  • Yoanna Georgieva
    Yoanna Georgieva 18 minutes ago

    Dan: Your not coming? Why not? Me: Srr I am at finland! 😑

  • Henri Switch
    Henri Switch 18 minutes ago

    Dan in Helsinki there IS no screening

  • Sage Porter
    Sage Porter 18 minutes ago

    I'm the real grim reaper

  • Jay Yay Games
    Jay Yay Games 18 minutes ago


  • Gangstear
    Gangstear 18 minutes ago

    i cant see the contest because im from North of europe

  • Yournojedi
    Yournojedi 18 minutes ago

    i was a little one

  • Yournojedi
    Yournojedi 19 minutes ago

    i watched ur channel since 2012

  • Martin Winfield
    Martin Winfield 19 minutes ago

    I wish I could go

  • Animali 676
    Animali 676 19 minutes ago

    I can’t wait to go next month!

    KING MEMES 19 minutes ago

    Just pls do another mincraft hardcore

  • Annmarie Doherty
    Annmarie Doherty 19 minutes ago

    Please play with thinknoodles

  • Megan Scarborough
    Megan Scarborough 19 minutes ago

    Watching videos from the old days but now it's 2019

  • Sage Porter
    Sage Porter 19 minutes ago

    I'm the real grim reaper

  • Chimchimchicken
    Chimchimchicken 19 minutes ago


  • Avocado231
    Avocado231 20 minutes ago

    use a comparator clock with a comparator, redstone and redstone torch. look it up. btw big fan dan

  • Jhy Eslabra
    Jhy Eslabra 20 minutes ago

    I wanna come to your " The Contest " but I'm from Asia :(

  • DatMinionLover26
    DatMinionLover26 20 minutes ago

    4:34 but All legendary skins are 2,000

  • Kacie Green
    Kacie Green 20 minutes ago

    h i

  • Flamster Dabster
    Flamster Dabster 20 minutes ago

    i hate these comments ☝️just stop

  • Gimmey O banana
    Gimmey O banana 20 minutes ago

    Maybe instead of oak wood trap door do birch? It looks better and blends in more 😀

  • 4 Dolls and a Movie
    4 Dolls and a Movie 20 minutes ago

    Dan the only reason the sheep machine wasn't working was because the grass hadn't grown back yet for the sheep to eat oh and you need to check the shears

  • Foxy Cole
    Foxy Cole 21 minute ago

    Foxy is red dan is blue I’m stupid saying choo choo

  • Megan Scarborough
    Megan Scarborough 21 minute ago

    Dan is the orange killer!!!>=(

  • CC Burger
    CC Burger 21 minute ago

    do a 1 block high base, they're real cool

    • CC Burger
      CC Burger 19 minutes ago

      I just watched the video and realised he did it -_-

  • piotr andraszewicz
    piotr andraszewicz 21 minute ago

    Dan its your own money now so do with it everythink you want