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I'm a Dad now!
Views 4.4M8 days ago
Who KILLED Santa?!
Views 2.3M29 days ago
Let's Talk
Views 2.1MMonth ago
I'm a FISH!
Views 2.3M2 months ago
Views 2.3M2 months ago
Views 2.4M2 months ago
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The UNFAIR Minecraft Door..
Views 2.8M3 months ago
Becoming #1 in PAPER.IO!
Views 3.8M3 months ago
I'm Releasing A MOVIE!
Views 1.3M3 months ago
I ESCAPED in Granny 2!
Views 2.3M3 months ago
ME vs 100 ANGRY Ragdolls!
Views 4.3M4 months ago
I had a Minecraft DREAM..
Views 2.3M4 months ago
GRANNY 2 is out NOW!
Views 2.9M4 months ago


  • alex
    alex 2 hours ago

    There's another achievement to shot 5 different mobs with a crossbow with a piercing arrow

  • DoomThePro
    DoomThePro 2 hours ago

    Skinny died again in a raid.... By dans bow of course

  • Diamond King
    Diamond King 2 hours ago


    ATOMIC FART 2 hours ago

    Do more goat simulator

  • Louie Jean Roble
    Louie Jean Roble 2 hours ago

    In pocket edition, when your loading a new world you sometimes see in the loading screen that in says "Gold ore is mostly common in a Mesa Biome" And correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that, that was a Mesa Biome. Just a little fact that nobody else but me will read!

  • Aynsley Swainson
    Aynsley Swainson 2 hours ago

    Congrats on a new little boy 😉

  • Zaidi 99
    Zaidi 99 2 hours ago

    Isn't it vex he is saying hex😂😂

  • frostie9411
    frostie9411 2 hours ago


  • EmmaDrawsStuff
    EmmaDrawsStuff 2 hours ago

    could have gotten hunger with rotten flesh-

  • Angela Spieler
    Angela Spieler 2 hours ago

    Question what if they add more?

  • Joshua Adamson
    Joshua Adamson 2 hours ago

    Would someone please pop up and tell me what another achievement there is that needs to be done

  • Jenny_Playz
    Jenny_Playz 2 hours ago

    Dan you should try to find the “Atlantis” because its super rare!

  • Mhairi Doty
    Mhairi Doty 2 hours ago

    Dantdm: Look at 'em, they're all yellow! sees a white one

  • Pie
    Pie 2 hours ago

    Remenber when dan thought he completed getting over it *Its happening again boiz*

  • J B
    J B 2 hours ago


  • Iceburger two
    Iceburger two 2 hours ago

    Dan : the hexes are after me Me : omg it’s vexes lol a vex is after you

  • the secret gold squad's

    plzzz the name of the dog is grim

  • GamingwithS 21
    GamingwithS 21 2 hours ago

    30:09 "sweet" "we NAKED" uh... dan...?

  • AlphaMC
    AlphaMC 2 hours ago

    are you going to make more hardcore

  • TheGaming Mike
    TheGaming Mike 2 hours ago

    He once made a survival that he is supposed to achieve every advancement.But He, Forgot about it

  • Vannira Chea
    Vannira Chea 2 hours ago


  • Diverse Ace
    Diverse Ace 2 hours ago

    Wait so the dogs name is now unnamed dogo still

  • Crazy Rhiannon
    Crazy Rhiannon 2 hours ago

    It's meh birthday the day this was published

  • J B
    J B 2 hours ago

    I haven't seen you this happy since Subnautica

  • Hamoda Infian
    Hamoda Infian 2 hours ago

    1 love for skinny😭😭😭 l I l I I

  • Amada Emenanjo
    Amada Emenanjo 2 hours ago

    Right when I saw Skinny die an actual tear ran down my face😭

  • S Edwards
    S Edwards 2 hours ago

    You got to make Asher a TheXvidr!

  • Colin McAlister
    Colin McAlister 2 hours ago


  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 2 hours ago

    What is the game’s name

  • Teddy gacha kids Mangwane

    hi there DanTDM

  • Sebastian Thaliumova


  • Brandon Yang Jia Wei


  • Sau Rav
    Sau Rav 2 hours ago

    the or was it at the end is a real question

  • Hollan plays
    Hollan plays 2 hours ago

    The unnamed doggo should be named grim

  • R.Cherbones the Ender

    dan... u dare to put a "or was it" at the end of the vid... I hope it will be Skinny's appreciation memorial... D ,X (jK)

  • Zian Saguid
    Zian Saguid 2 hours ago

    Yes he posted i missed u :(

  • Gavin Massimini
    Gavin Massimini 2 hours ago

    Nickit was female and he said this bad boy

  • Amber Van Cleef
    Amber Van Cleef 2 hours ago

    What is the or is it?? at the end??

  • RyanIsDying2008
    RyanIsDying2008 2 hours ago

    Wait.... DID DAN SMASH JEMMA?!

  • goodduckling34
    goodduckling34 2 hours ago

    5:42 nobody Minecraft:since this is hardcore and u cant respawn lets put in chat respawn point set

  • Shadow Plays
    Shadow Plays 2 hours ago


  • Buttered Bun
    Buttered Bun 2 hours ago

    This is y Dan is the best Minecrafter and will always be

    MBA OKINDAH 2 hours ago

    Where did he stream

  • Chadi TV
    Chadi TV 2 hours ago

    at the end: that was the last one or was it?

  • ronaldo mahen
    ronaldo mahen 2 hours ago

    Congrats bro

  • Tharieq Aziz
    Tharieq Aziz 2 hours ago

    Fact dolfin and whale dies cause they 2 heivy

  • Basic Magic
    Basic Magic 2 hours ago

    there is a another crossbow ACHIEVEMENT

  • Gabrielle Bilog
    Gabrielle Bilog 2 hours ago

    Im am still watching this in 2021

  • TheNinjaGaming
    TheNinjaGaming 2 hours ago

    What is name of the game?

  • Alex DA youtuber: REBOOTED!

    Good thing you’re doing this now Minecraft may or may not shut down by december

  • fr_ostyyy
    fr_ostyyy 2 hours ago

    Someone sign this man. He hit one of the best trickshots I’ve seen XD. Jk RIP Skinny

  • Yussif Tamer
    Yussif Tamer 2 hours ago

    Says skinny was killed by him and then celebrates

  • Raven Queen
    Raven Queen 2 hours ago

    This is more or less dan roasting himself

    LEOS MAD BOI 2 hours ago

    Dan, you do know the nether update is coming right?

  • Chellsea Douglas
    Chellsea Douglas 2 hours ago


  • Decker Perrin
    Decker Perrin 2 hours ago

    I am eight years old and I love your videos you make me happy

  • Timika Lucas
    Timika Lucas 2 hours ago

    I catches the evaluation of hatentana

  • omer peretz
    omer peretz 2 hours ago

    When it took him a lot of time to brake the glass imagine doing that under water.

  • Barry Fralick
    Barry Fralick 2 hours ago

    Hope you get better, at least you helped Peggy.

  • Naturic Gamer
    Naturic Gamer 2 hours ago

    Congrats man! I new you could do it!

  • SL Eox
    SL Eox 2 hours ago

    I dont watch you that of often and dont really enjoy your content, but congrats and hope you nd you family the best dan.

  • Craig McMorris
    Craig McMorris 2 hours ago

    name ur dog grim

  • sharlene white
    sharlene white 2 hours ago

    RIP Skinny

  • Hashim Mohammed
    Hashim Mohammed 2 hours ago

    Dan die or come back in 2 years to revisit it really want you to die i thought you would and i thought you messed up congrats on your baby when he's older can we see his real face , Love u and vids R.I.P. SKINNY

  • David Funnell
    David Funnell 2 hours ago

    Omg I have waited for this for soooooooooo long

  • erikas saurusevicius

    you don't know what is super mario 3d world 2014 on wii u??

  • Jaco Van wyk
    Jaco Van wyk 2 hours ago

    Well Done!

  • JacobSTE Steel
    JacobSTE Steel 2 hours ago

    Dan I went to steal my friends sticker and it fell in his pocket and he got a new one😁😅

  • 2024 student7
    2024 student7 2 hours ago

    Dan! You stole his things so he was broke. He had to sell his house. He was homeless, but he has a doctor's degree. He still lives in the subway.

  • Tahir Sajid
    Tahir Sajid 2 hours ago


  • Altan Gerel
    Altan Gerel 2 hours ago

    Play with ssundee

  • Benjirob234 Robinson


  • Mohammed Almulla
    Mohammed Almulla 2 hours ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue The part your looking for is 39:59

  • Mohammed Almulla
    Mohammed Almulla 2 hours ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue The part your looking for is 39:59

  • Benjirob234 Robinson


  • gunshycurve
    gunshycurve 2 hours ago

    dantdm the king of Minecraft

  • Levi McA.
    Levi McA. 2 hours ago


  • NW Proper Bass Fishing

    Dan is the alien at Area 51 👽 we are the illagers or whatever they’re called, we are raiding Area 51 in a way.

  • FireHaul 12
    FireHaul 12 2 hours ago

    What are the chances that when the arrow missed it hit skinny over the bridge so far away

  • Benjirob234 Robinson

    I wish I can add you on Minecraft I am your biggest fan

  • RandomnessArLizu
    RandomnessArLizu 2 hours ago

    i've been watching you for around 7 years since you didn't even have a million subscribers you've come a long way, dan, and i'm proud of you.

  • Gianne Charlotte Aguinaldo

    And until now he's inventory are still organized..... I'm a proud Fan

  • Othman Moha
    Othman Moha 2 hours ago

    RT NO R2

  • O’arry
    O’arry 2 hours ago

    Play The Game RAFT :p

  • Beenie HD
    Beenie HD 2 hours ago


  • Mia Ricketts
    Mia Ricketts 2 hours ago

    Dan, the doll you called a sir is a ma'am

  • DawG KinG
    DawG KinG 2 hours ago

    his garden is the size of a house

  • Benjirob234 Robinson


  • Virgin Roblox Player

    Who here after he beat minecraft

  • Char_ Z
    Char_ Z 2 hours ago

    Good job

  • mariam Che daud
    mariam Che daud 2 hours ago

    NOOOOOOO skinny :( RIP skinny (killed by DanTDM)

  • Mikolaj Lukasik
    Mikolaj Lukasik 2 hours ago

    2020 boiiiiiiiii

  • Kar Seng Kong
    Kar Seng Kong 2 hours ago

    Skinny sacrifices themselves to protect DanTDM

  • HwiththeN hany amer
    HwiththeN hany amer 2 hours ago

    Dan out of context: Three great things happened, Skinny was slain in battle by me... LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! 43:07

  • Angela Richardson's
    Angela Richardson's 2 hours ago

    SKINNY not skinny I'm so sad skinny is gone on the last time

  • mason Parker
    mason Parker 2 hours ago

    SOO happy for him!

  • mc gaming
    mc gaming 2 hours ago

    Rip skinny 2019. - 2020

  • CBminer 67
    CBminer 67 2 hours ago

    Dan I was the100k liker on this video

  • Reese and Hayden Blogs

    Make a stardew valley series

  • Matthew Lim
    Matthew Lim 2 hours ago

    "Every pokemon can dynamax, some can gigantamax" Players that have seen the game ending: Laughs in Eternatus